(((online dating)))

not. even. once.

every major online dating website is compromised; source? do a little experiment: create a fake profile on okcupid, upload a random picture, save the url of the image, than delete it: the url still works!
this is an image from a profile deleted 4 years ago:

all your personal preferences, tests and quizzes you have answered, were probably stored forever and could be used against you in the future

also, guess what…

Other urls found in this thread:


Do you think anyone here would both use an online dating site and trust it for a fucking second? Nigger how stupid are you?

Did you steal those digits along with a bike, you mouth-breathing nigger?

OkCupid team even kvetched about lack of interracial couples and treated it like (((an issue to be fixed))).

Never used them myself. I've always figured that most of the women on those sites are either really fat or about to hit the wall.

Of course those sites are cancer. The second problem though, is that you don't know how CDN's work. Even on an honest site, there may be a delay between when the image you're referring to is completely purged from all intermediary caches.

You have that much faith in your fellow anons?

I recall there was a dating service that did matching by DNA testing too. My bets are they put all the white women with niggers.


Haha, filtered

Why couldn't the jewish council from hell decide on replacing goyim with down syndrome goyim? Don't they outrank niggers on the victim scale? Send them to law and med school instead of niggers.

Honest question from a no-gf warlock user.

How find gf?


Yeah, I made a fake profile just to see what kind of women in my area. Literally this:
1. Single moms
2. Fat black hogs
Thanks, but no thanks.

If you want a qt:
Lift. Like, no calisthenics faggotry, lift. Then lift more. Fix your diet.
If you just want anything:
Find a girl with a sweet personality and shit looks and make her day. Be really nice with her.

Step 2: make a fucking advance. In both situations you win.

these websites are for losers anyway

Watch some Real Social Dynamics videos. Don't become degenerate scum like them, but do listen to their wisdom on the subjects of how to think about yourself, and what women are really like. Those guys are a wealth of knowledge regardless of what they do with it.

The short version of what you'll conclude from watching them, and learning that they're right, is that all people want to know the truth about who you are, and most will like it once they see it. Once you're able to honestly express yourself without anxiety from whatever social conditioning is hampering you, you will find success with not just romantic relationships, but any other kind as well.

And, of course, lifting is an easy way to prove to yourself that you have worth, and with that evidence of your value your confidence will go up, meaning you'll be able to express yourself easier. Competence is confidence.



Newsflash : Normal women don't need online dating. They can go to any old bar and get picked up.

Only brokebrains use online dating, either because nobody wants them or because they crave male attention.

Thank you, I've got the lifting down, for me its finding a place to meet good women and the initial approach. Just hitting up women on the street or in a bar aren't really my taste and I'd assume it'd come off as kinda creepy?

I've got good face gains, an honest 8/10 when I'm cleaned up. I dont have baggage, debt or addictions. Just nervous about the initial ice breaking part.

You need what normalfags call "networking" - i.e., get into more social circles than you really need to, until the serendipity of destiny manifests.

Naturally, you're not in many social circles because your above-room-temperature IQ makes everything normies do seem boring. But get into some worthwhile normie cause and try to steer it into a positive direction; "do good in the world" and love will come to you.

You can't just talk to women about dating. You must talk to them about

The first step is to improve your self, user.
Do no-fap, lift, and make sure you consume enough protein to actually build muscle.

At the very least do pushups, and maybe body weight exercises. Don't get blackpilled, the shills are constantly trying to convince you to believe "all white women are shit" so you get discouraged and don't try.

To be honest I just want to die in a fight.

In shape, good job, on the course to having no debt in less than a year, decent face gains and can hold eye contact with a female. However my friend circle in town is very limited from having moved around a lot. Being a Holla Forumsack also makes it a little hard since all anyone wants to do is watch goy wars.

I thought about online dating since there's a lot of fragmentation in my town so a homebody girl that doesn't go out and get fucked might seem like she'd use it. That's the kind of girl I'd want.

Only if you think it is. Seriously. What you feel internally will come through no matter how you try to act on the outside. Yes, you WILL be fucking creepy if you think of yourself that way while pretending you're confident. However, if you have the mentality that you're entitled to that woman you're eyeballing, because you're awesome, and any woman who doesn't get that is low quality, then you'll likely do fine. But you have to actually convince yourself that you are awesome first. This comes back to competence breeding confidence. Get good at something by doing it a lot so as to prove your value to yourself. Maybe start with just talking to people without any intention to impregnate them until you're good at that.

Again, this is all RSD advice.

Everybody wants that girl. She's in high demand. The only way to keep women is to be great, and self-satisfied. The cruel joke that is success with women: once you achieve it it means you succeeded in not needing them in the first place.

One more thing: women desperately want you to succeed with them. Internally they are rooting for you to be the cool, confident dude that they can look up to, and because women typically follow a man's lead for what is socially acceptable, this really isn't that hard to achieve so long as you are ok with what you're doing. Fucking crabwalk up to a girl if you can do it genuinely comfortably, and she'll take your attitude for it that what you're doing is ok. She might even fuck you for it.

Why don't you tell them where you got the photo?
Based af.


Looks like the "everyone is a tranny" user is still around. Make any new videos?

You should kill yourself for buying hookup culture lies

go to >>>/fit/
The number one thing a guy brings to the table is his physical form. Personality, money, etc all of that is additional. Improve your base stats.

Paleo/Keto diet, lift heavy, good personal hygiene (shower twice a day, non-aluminum deodorant, no anti-perspirant), wear clothes that fit, not baggy, wear decent shoes not wal-mart tennis shoes. Fashion sense is relatively unimportant, you can dress well from a thrift store. Once you fix yourself, then just be friendly and roll the dice during every social occasion. The most important thing is to not put any importance on it, treat everything lightly in a happy-go-lucky way.
Then you'll be ready for monstergirls to become real (pro-tip: it's happening slowly).

If I want pussy I go to a bar. I don't use kike sites like this so I don't care.


someone post the cap of the user who supposedly approach most women in his university (attempting to get better/confident at it each time), but ultimately was jus relegated to the university creep.


The CONCEPT of online dating ITSELF is compromised. It’s not neurologically healthy.

most online dating show white wimmin having a strong preference for their own kind, so i don''t know why Holla Forumstards think it's a scheme to make niggers look attractive

Only if you're trying to attract other, you faggot. Literally the opposite is true with women.

other *men

My fundamental problem with dating sites, (((obvious issues))) aside, is that by nature women do not go out of their way to recieve male attention. If they are worth even half a fuck, they have to constantly make a conscious decision to avoid it while out in public, as potential mates will approach her from all angles. Any woman who needs to find this online for any reason will be seriously flawed in some crucial respect.

They are trying to destroy this preference with (((media))) advertising.

Waiting for that Shariablue funding. There was a fire at the office recently, so he's just winging it.

This… females almost never make the first move. Even if a male is handsome, and attractive. They'll go with the nigger who aggressively pursues them without any class first.

When i checked out plenty of fish recently, there were many white girls that put right on their bio something like "and no black guys, not because im racist anything, i just dont date them."i was actually surprised at the number of white girls that were saying this. Feels good man


I'm going to assume you like autistic girls.
Tip: You're the one who has to follow through. You can't expect them to continue after their first gaff.

An incomplete picture. Women use dating sites becuase they have exausted or spoiled their local dating pool. They have fucked everything in thier locale and now no guy wants to marry the local slut. Sbe id forced into greener, and more naive, pastures.

get a load of this bluepilled faggot


Holy shit you're a newfag

Not everyone lives in LA, user.

They aren't anons if they willingly deanonymize themselves, are they?

I'm going to bump this, why'd you sage?

I'm pretty sure your example fits pretty squarely into

Don't be ugly and don't be a cuck

Always worked for me


You're not some worthless untermensch, are you? No, you are not, you are a White man, so get over that stupid shit and start to act like the ubermensch you are meant to be striving to be.


Well duh, that was obvious to me years ago when I didn't shoot up the school for loathing every living being there. However building basic social skills from scratch is a hell of a handicap for this.

this is great advice
i do the exact same thing to have sex with tons of men
t. faggot

what you definitly should not do is build a functioning society where the matching of men and women in monogamous marriages is handled on a local societal level
no, just get really good at fucking random whores and be their walking dildo

I’d never consider online dating in much the same way I’d never consider opening a social network account (can you even do one without the other anymore?). But, tfw no wife and it’s a big feel. I don’t think that online dating will be going anywhere for a long time, were I normalfag I would be all over it.

Wow, what a high quality thread, fuck off back to cuckchan.

Bump, (((they))) don't like this topic at all.

If you cannot understand qualifiers, you're definitely too dumb to be on this site. This is the second time I've had to deal with a retarded TOR poster today. It makes me feel better to think you might be the same person.



Have a job and take daily showers. Ask a girl out on a real date. If she says no, ask another.

Wholesome, white activities. Farmer's markets. Hiking. See if you can find group activities with people your age who share your interests. If you don't have friends, work on that.


Women are value sieves, their biological role is to pick valuable men and procreate with them. The way to impress women is to offer them value, of which non-monetary factors are increasingly more important. This is mainly because women are able to earn their own money, and are therefore placing greater selective emphasis on appearance, social skills and ability to entertain (e.g. cool hobbies/like travelling/sense of humour).

t. middle class "game theory" youtube watcher.

Kill yourself, kike.


Black bull-white dove-Great.
Asian woman-white male. Beta.

Am I wrong on how the media projects?

A highly memetic post.
Also OkCupid now requires your name. You can lie, but still.

It's either a vietnam vet or a beta. But I don't see many whites with asians in the media. White men are usually begging bitchy white girls for love with their tale between their legs.

Oh my, this is interesting.

Mods/admins, wanna see something neat? here's a fun trick.




There was a post deleted before these I bet.



It goes on like this through the entire thread.
So, is a bot scraping Holla Forums for posts, or is a bot posting scraped posts on Holla Forums?

Where did you find these user?


I searched the filename OP linked to to see if it was used anywhere else.

And that popped up.

What is your point here?
Are you this fucking new that you dont know about the copy-cat site?

Jesus christ it's going to be a long new-faggy year

It's pretty messed up whichever way it's happening, but sauce plz.

Look at the times. Those img posts were first by 20 hours.

Because WMAF makes everyone mad. Bad TV. White women (primary demographic) get instinctively jealous because asian girls are feminine and small (they don't care about nigresses), and anyone who knows a wmaf couple AFK recalls the unsettling cringe.


Damned checked, even if you are retarded. Also, checking

IAC's board of directors consists of the following members:

Barry Diller, Chairman
Victor Kaufman, Vice Chairman
Chelsea Clinton, Director
Edgar Bronfman Jr., Director
Michael Eisner, Director
Alexander von Fürstenberg, Director
Bonnie Hammer, Director
Joey Levin, Director
Bryan Lourd, Director
David Rosenblatt, Director
Alan Spoon, Director
Richard F. Zannino, Director

It looks like it's archiving from other boards as well. I wonder why this exists.

Thotsplaining much?
Women only care about (beta) bucks when they've ran up their cock odometer. Consider that women are in many cases earning more than men due to hiring discrimination, unless your earning is hypergamic, they won't mind slumming.

I have no gf.

Where do you guys even find one?

I haven't talked to a girl in months to be honest. I'm still young (not underaged, 21) but I have really no clue how I would even get on with a girl now that I'm out of highschool and in university for a while. I don't really bother with faggy clubs, they're for idiots and blackout drinking and they kind of suck anyway (I don't live in the USA).

I had a lot of girls in highschool feeling me up and trying to get on with me they just approached me and it was easy. But I don't really know what to do when I never see girls in the first place. I don't want clubsluts or 80 IQ retarded girls either, I just want a girlfriend not an easy lay.

The only real thing that I feel I can do at this point would be a dating app. I have some good pictures of myself, I looked really fit in the past since I lifted 4 days a week on a powerlifting routine + good diet. Now a bit less but still muscular. So yeah is there anything else to pickup girls besides using dating apps or other kiked up shit because I see no real opportunities for me to get on with girls in any other way.

because after Holla Forums was delisted by jewgle, some random spanish (I believe) small-time jewgle-ads-scammer has made a fake "forum" website that scrapes Holla Forums to generate bogus trafic to his page with procedurally-generated "users" for the purpose of displaying ads to his cpu
the enterprise would be useful as an archive if he kept the post numbers and internal links and if he saved the images, but the dude said 1 or 2 years ago that he didn't have the bandwidth and hardware for that, because it literally runs on an obsolete PC in a closet on borrowed electrons to drain pennies from jews

now stop giving a shit about hollaforum

GO ASK WOMEN OUT. You haven't even fucking tried, if your post is to be believed. Just ask out the first girl you think you might like, and get to know her.

Typically women exist in places outside of your bedroom. Start there, and when you exhaust the rest of the house, try outside.

Honestly, in this condition you should not be looking for a girlfriend. Success in relationships of all types means having success with yourself. You need to improve your state of mind. You need to practice just approaching women for conversation. Do it for fun, and when it actually is fun to strike up conversation with some girl you don't know, you'll know you're doing it for yourself; that's the personal success I'm talking about. The best part is when you genuinely have fun, so does she.


No I never tried. I don't really know any girls. I don't really gain anything from small talk, not a lot of fun. On one hand I want to try but on another I don't really care much.

I don't have problems talking with them or anything, I just don't know them and never encounter them in my day to day life.

Yeah but I won't really go and strike conversations with woman just to have a conversation that's super awkward. The only socially acceptable places to do that are clubs and the like which just suck.

What do you mean with succes with myself? I'm fit, university's going great, it's easy to find a well paying job post graduation for me. The only thing lacking is girls but I don't even bother with them really. I never 'seek them out' or anything like that. The dates that I have had with girls also weren't that amazing, most dates were just feeling shallow overall (not the girl but the overall date) and it just feels to me like I'm wasting time and money for no reason. So I just entertain myself in another way.

I'm not desperate for sex, it's easy to get in this day and age. I'm surprised there still are some virgins on this board really. But the thing that is seemingly a lie is having a decent relation with a girl. Just seems like a massive chore with little actual gain. Which just depresses me since in the future, 10 years from now or so I want kids and a family.

Well you basically contradict yourself. A relationship with a woman in days of yore were always with the goal of having kids. You see, we in this age are still brainwashed by the kikes into thinking relationships is more than creating families, like you say, for sex or just because you're supposed to have a relationship.

Sex is ultimately for making babies, anything less is both disrespectful towards your woman, but also towards life itself. Exactly how the jew wants us to be, disrespectful and foul-mouthed with no sense of place in history, with no regards to our ancestors at all.

Not an argument.

Then don't talk small. Talk about what you want to talk about.

Talking is a tried and true method of getting to know people. Why aren't you interested in getting to know people? You want a girlfriend presumably because you know how great it can be. So why are you not personally interested in discovering another person through conversation? Talking to people is something you do for yourself, not for them.; and I get the impression that you think of a conversation as a favor that you're bad at doing for others, so you avoid it. Change that mindset.

Only if you think it is. If you're genuinely interested in someone, and engage them as you would in a setting that you've been conditioned to think is appropriate, you'll find the results just as positive. The only way it can be awkward is if you don't believe it's acceptable, or the other person is a sperg.

People don't know what's socially acceptable until someone tells them. Stop waiting for permission. You'll be surprised what you can get away with as long as you're ok with what you're doing.

You don't know how to have fun. You've told me over and over that you don't know how to enjoy yourself. You're only having success in things like fitness, and jewniversity; commonly encouraged endeavors. Your expression of yourself, though, is nonexistent from what you're telling me. There's a brick wall of lies, and deceit between the relaxed, fun, genuine you, and the rest of the world. There's stuff written on it like "the only socially acceptable place to talk to girls is at a club", which is easily proven to be bullshit, because there are innumerable settings that girls show up in, and innumerable things to talk about. What are you saying to women that can't be said at the grocery store? Something like "wanna get fucked?" (even that can be said if you're comfortable enough, and talking to the right girl)

Apathy is super helpful in solving a problem like this. Keep it up. /sarcasm

That's because you're shallow. You're literally surface deep right now. If you know how to enjoy yourself alone, there's no reason adding a girl to the mix should suddenly turn things shallow. But you don't know how to have fun.

Not that all girls are great to have relationships with, but you've said nothing to imply you're great to have a relationship with. Your attitude towards conversation says it all ("I don't really care much")

Says the guy who doesn't try.

Listen to this guy, too. A woman's utility to a man is for creating more things like the man, which brings up: what kind of man are you? What kind of man do you want the world to be populated with? Surely not one that waits for other people's permission to pursue what you want in life. Work to be the kind of man you'd follow, and then get a wife, and have kids. Don't try to do it in the reverse order, because you stay low quality, you'll attract low quality, and you'll produce low quality.

Don't let women control the conversation. If you do you'll end up talking about celebrity gossip or some other worthless shit. Her life is already filled with that crap and even she is mostly inured to the jolt she used to get out of it. She just continues out of inertia.

Practice in another town. Just up and talk to women about stuff you're interested in. You might need to do it a million times to get a match; women are incredibly shallow. Don't be alarmed about all the failures. Very few women are ready to consider you for a relationship. If you're getting a lot of interest for no apparent reason, those are just carousel riders; it can be okay to grab one if you get her young enough (like, say, junior high school).

Legitimately kill yourself, newfag.

Thanks, jews.

Not everybody keeps up with every dumb thing. I shouldn't even be wasting time reading this cancerous thread, but I am, and I have been lurking boards for about a decade now. I have never heard of this site.

Don't let anyone keep you from jumping to asinine conclusion and never sharing any knowledge to keep everyone else as dumb and ignorant as possible, though. I'm sure you have a really smart ebin oldfag strategy going on there.

It is tough to meet non-degenerate White women. Hopefully I can get the courting thing I have been helping with started soon.

Thanks for actually explaining what was going on there.

Dude, stop sleeping around. Holy shit, that is degenerate. I wish we could kill 100% of everyone that does that. I guess your problem is not respecting ladies.

That is exactly right and why commitment to your lady is non-optional and violators need the death penalty. There are other things that go into a relationship, but there must always be the goal of White children.

Kek. I was going to go
Until I finished reading that post.

Lol OKCupid is fucking stupid. If you sign up as am $19 yo girl, pay for A-List for a year for $20 then switch to a dude and save yourself about $150 per year or some ass backwards stupid shit.

Sorry, I'm unclear what you find unnatural in the post.

Question for the lift cultists: if lifting is what gets you a gf then why can't most of the /fit/izens get gf?

Nothing, seeing as how I was going to ask why, based on the greentext.

Think long-term i.e. lifetime. Commit to strength and virtue, and it will get easier over time. Not life overall, but the issues you struggle with in each epoch become easier in the next. Right now you're still in the maximal rush of hormones and raw sex drive and the point where it is the most difficult to temper that desire. Develop moral authority and decide on and commit to a mission, and you will eventually be in the position of choosing, not seeking. And though the idea of eventually being able to easily fulfill whatever your current desire is at some future point may be both tempting and motivating, it will appear different when you arrive in the future, as the process shapes and changes you.


Same boat, I'm 23, in University and honestly haven't met anyone since I moved out of my parents house almost 2 years ago. I've been hitting the gym and stuff, but yeah I haven't talked to a girl in like half a year. Used to have girls just approach me in highschool as well, but that is obviously an ass backwards strategy ha..

Because niggers pump and dump, while whites actually settle down with the AF and create supreme gentlemen.

Go to church.
Go to the gym.
Take an exercise/yoga class, learn a martial art, or start another hobby.
Learn to play tennis or another sport that you could play with girls.
Volunteer somewhere.
Hang out around coffee shops, libraries, or jog near public parks.
Best of luck!

Anyone have the stats on how black people are the least responded to group of people on dating sites? I think it was Okcupid that posted study and people got buttmad about it

Will do, I play piano, guitar and cello pretty well. I'll definitely keep going to the gym and start going to church more, but my main problem is my shyness. I'm really good at holding conversations once I know someone, but I never know what to say when talking to a random girl for the first time, so I usually don't say anything.

White women are 100 times more attractive then chinks what are you talking about.

Disregarding the error of race mixing, an ugly white person is not more attractive than the most attractive Asian.

moot, they still perceive them as competition, even other white women are competitors. Women are the niggers of gender, this sexual demography is why they are pro migrant and refugees, moar men =more competition= better for their algorithm, if the migrants were Ukrainian women their enthusiasm would dry up because the calculus is not in their favor, it's in men's favor.

Fitness doesn't get you women, it's supposed to give you confidence by being proof that you're capable. People are largely conditioned to not think of themselves as an authority on anything in this shitty Jewish world, but getting fit is a good step to overcoming a weak mindset.

No shit. If you cherry pick the few hundered attractive ones who almost always have shit tons of surgery and makeup on then you will find ones that look good But your average white person is easily more attractive then 95% of Asians on earth if not more

Oh, fuck this whiny shit. To anyone considering using a dating site, don't let bitchy faggots like the ones on this board dissuade you. Just because OKCupid has been infected with the SJW plague doesn't mean ALL online dating sites are bad.

I'm a very WASP-y looking guy who would be considered very handsome if this were, say, 1950. I'm of reasonable intelligence, and have the build of a a football player because I've lifted and stayed active ever since high school.

However, due to our fucked state of the union and its economy, I'm stuck in a goddamned hick valley where girls of ANY kind, much less decent ones, are extremely few and far between.

There isn't a lot of choice, and I know I'm far from the only one in this predicament. So go for it.

The best is the nerds who go to r/redpill, start lifting because "that's how you get chicks," then end up MGTOW after they still can't get laid because they still have no personality.

Lifting doesn't get you women. Being able to enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror because you're fit feels good and makes you more desirable but ultimately if you don't have some personality, aren't able to converse, don't have some hobbies she can enjoy with you, and can't make a woman laugh then you're fucked. You have to be a complete human being.

Partial problem of jewed society is large amounts of people moving around to an unusual degree for jobs and destroying familial/communal ties. It is so bad that even women move around for jobs and have less time to be in public because they are working. Is it possible that disconnected qts find their way to these apps because they actually aren't whores in a new town or city/getting hit on all the time in transplant beta public? Or are we assuming she is already beyond the pale because she is old enough to be wifed up but is working to the point of being disconnected from her home?

Don't you hate it when you answer your own questions?

It's tragic. Very few people want these guys to fail, and women of eligible age are certainly not among those few. They're dying for any guy who comes up to them to be an expressive new vessel through which to see the world. It's man's enthusiasm, and drive to grapple with life that gives women a taste of purpose. But, unfortunately, these guys mostly act like timid women, because they've been deprived of real masculinity when it was needed.

are you seriously posting a teen gymnast dolled in makeup yet looking like a botoxed basic bitch in her 20s next to a plain but wholesome asian girl as an evidence the average white is better than most asians? mate, i don't know what they put in the burger water but your hormones are fucked up something fierce

All the fags who lift for "confidence" end up as mgtow because their personality still sucks ass. Women don't give a fuck about your confidence, you only need enough confidence to talk.

The truth is there aren't any places to meet girls, if you don't know any women in your social circle you're fucked and you can't get a girlfriend. You can't meet a girlfriend online because those sites are 90% male and full of idiots, there's really only one way to meet women and that's through friends.

Going to church is a total waste of time. The gym? It's the same as church. Women are just there to show off. They meet their husbands at clubs.

Tone it down, megakike.

Please explain.

Protein helps build muscle.

No i get this but what, how much is "enough protein"?


Some say 1 gram per pound of lean body mass. Other's say you can do half that. If you want to leave humanity behind, double it. It also matters what kind of protein. Plant protein is not as easily broken down, and doesn't contain the same - or as many - nutrients or whatever as what you'd get from meat. That's about what I understand.

Ok, thank you.

They probably need to do this or they would be flooded with nothing but niggers "ayy yo gurl" and pajeets "open bobs pls do sex".