I simply CAN'T believe we don't have any Dean Esmay fans out there! He's /ourguy/ personified!

I simply CAN'T believe we don't have any Dean Esmay fans out there! He's /ourguy/ personified!
He BTFO's BOTH feminists and fedoras and doesn't take any shits from anybody. He definitly needs to get a lot more exposure.


1. They're "/ourguy/" or "/ourgirl/"

2. They accuse you of Jewry.

3. They promote the agent like no other thread. All day, every day. Nothing organic to it.

4. They say, "At least agent is doing something – what are you doing basement dweller!"

5. They accuse you of being scared or a shill.

6. They defend the eceleb within seconds using many IPs to control public perception.

7. "reported"

8. Everyone who rejects the "based Jews!" lie is automatically the same person.

9. Mis-use of the term "redpill" when everyone knows the first redpill is out of the Matrix controlled by Jews

10. "He/she wasn't always redpilled but now they're full 1488!"

Can I give you goys a protip about the eceleb spam? They dont care if you call them names. They want attention, video views, and bumps. If you want to hurt them just stop paying them attention.
Let them post and shill their own thread. Stop being newfags and engaging.

Thank you.


I've heard of Esmay, and know that I know he's the kind of person to shill his shit, or at the very least his fans are retarded enough to do it, I'll be sure to avoid anything from this MRA faggot in the future. Thanks, OP!

Hey OP, I want you to breathe, take a deep breath, and go fucking fuck yourself

Not what I meant to say but whatever, this thread is shit anyway and you're getting banned for being trash

Dean, can you have it out with Jim again? I like hearing you get your shit pushed in. Thanks.

Jim is an intelectual lightweight and an atheist coward. Talking with that joke of a human being is a waste of time.

This is really good pasta. Thanks!

You mean the lightweight wrecked you so hard you were quivering like the high-e bitch you are.

This is an athiest board idiot. Why would anyone here follow Jew religions

Isn't that the MRA atheist that got BTFO by Jim so hard that he litterally cried and converted to Religion of Cuck™?

I wouldn't say I'm religious, but I've read the philosophy of ancient aryan (now considered Hindu) texts for 15 years. There's more to existence than is knowable from this point of view that we currently live.

So you're the genuine article, eh? Come on fam, wax autistic on stream. I'm sure Jim is up for it. What else do you have going on? Nothing, not a single thing.


Wait you are actually Esmay? What the fuck you actually refused to debate Jim when he offered money. Then while Jim was calling you out publicly for an hour you were tweeting that Jim is a coward for not settling this in some private chat. Man the fuck up and debate Jim

Meant to sage shit thread

Reported for D&C

jump off a building OP


Wasn't there an explanation of what the triple parenthesis meant when used by feds? You should add that. Otherwise, great image.


Hello Reddit.

Jim ought to drop offering him money to debate and move right to lard, that'll get him involved. Sweet christ, what a lardass.

Not watching that shit, op.

We don't need it. We're not Atheists, we're polytheists. Everyone here has seen that the true gods are not semetic in nature, and no one has a singular claim to their blessings or power. The Ogdoad has proved it's existence to the people of Holla Forums. We always knew that the true fate of the world was out of our hands but now 8 gods have sided with us in our fight against the juden and their degeneracy.

Why would I settle for 1 dead god on a stick, when 8 gods of chaos have been making themselves know in my everyday life, helping guide me. No thanks, jew-lover. Jesus may have been an ok dude, but when push came to shove he rolled over and played dead. That's not the kind of pussy-ass bitch we need to lead a revolution.

stop bumping shit threads, gay nigger