One thing Holla Forums has in common with /leftpol/

is that the mods work very hard to cover-up the fact both sides are controlled by the Rothschild family. Why do you think that it is?

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Holla Forums and Holla Forums are mirror copies of one another.

Starting to agree. But maybe mods just need the next level redpill. Will keep reaching out.




One does not simply go bankrupt multiple times in New York only to bounce back and become God Emperor without fucking and killing kids for kikes.

Rich people use a different form of bankruptcy. It is a little different than when you and your cousin lose your double-wide Cleetus.

Because Holla Forums thinks if you criticize someone who's jewish you're being racist.

One does not simply asspull knowledge about business especially in New York, and doesn't understand that businesses go "bankrupt" a lot to rebound and solve issues.

Trump's record for bankruptcy is actually better than many others.

That's a new one. I bet somebody at Shareblue thought the were really clever for coming up with it. I've got some bad news for them though :^)

Holla Forums has always been that great statue from that episode of Spongebob Squarepants but Squidward has put that long-nose on it. Holla Forums is true statue molded out of the marble. Also note that since /leftpol/ represented by Squidward first put the nose on statue but ultimately destroys the statue is the way the jews are wanting to destroy the works of that white race.

That is what the "lefty" or "left" now has always been, that nose Squidward has put onto Holla Forums.

Oh, sweet summer goy.

>is that the mods work very hard to cover-up the fact both sides are controlled by the (((((Rothschild))))) family. Why do you think that it is?
BEcause the Rothschilds really want to get gassed along with all the other kikes?

Trump has much deeper connections to the Rothschilds, why do you put so much emphasis on that picture of him with Lynn Forester de Rothschild before she was a Rothschild?

The fact these boards for leftist marxists also has the same policies as Holla Forums is rather disconcerting.

How can someone on the left criticise national socialists when they can clearly see that every left-wing theory is a calculated scheme to destroy the West, likewise the Aut-right who threw all their weight into backing ZOG, cheering on zionist jews to destroy America from within.

Both marxist leftist and zionist aut-righters appear to be jew-controlled morons who will happily fight among each other while doing nothing whatsoever against the jews behind all this.

You just outed yourself.

This is Holla Forums
That post he made demonstrated kikery and collusion between the fake democratic left and the fake republican right, the only one that outed themselves as not being National Socialistor Holla Forums is the one who got triggered by his evidence of both sides being in bed with jews, which was you.

Dear fellow anons,
Inb4 fuckoff
I'm desperately searching for Pizza;gate the anime to watch with a friend for keks
It has been shoah'd hardcore
It is an amateur anime-video-edit/resub of Steins;gate
Please, dear sweet anons, don't flame me.
Please, someone, have a backup.
I love you.

It's true that Trump has some pretty direct ties to jewish pedophiles, like his mentor Roy Cohn who trafficked young boys, although there's been a shill attempt to rehabilitate his image with "muh frog collection" and the outright lie that he was a "self-hating jew".

Go to /cbts/. I heard it was the latest Q breadcrubmb.


How is the fact that Mossad pedo entrapment agent and Trump mentor Roy Cohn had a weird frog fetish like the jewish aut-right adopted as their emblem "rehabilitating" Roy Cohn, it only highlights how jewed and long in planning this aut-kike deception really was.

I think it's more that people are tired with being fed TRUMP IS LITERALLY HITLER from onekike arm, and TRUMP IS LITERALLY JEWISH from the other. Trump should be criticized and we should look at his suspicious connections, but butthurt leftists try to use it as a fracture point to turn every conversation into pointless bickering.

Why haven't you posted that in the Investigation Thread 3 ?