App to Bail Out Dindus

Got a Dollar ? Give it to a Black Criminal to live in freedom, THATTS RRIITTEE !

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I'm sure breaking the law had nothing to do with it.


Archive your posts op and put more effort in. A summary of the text and any other relevant information such as the app site, who made it, what was their criminal background, etc.

Holy fuck. Look how nasty those boons are, and that's them trying to put on a good impression for "yt". Sloppy office, junk protruding. Very disrespectful.

The audacity of these niggers never cease to amaze me.
And to think that white people out there somewhere are giving money to these coons.
Only reinforces the idea of "traitors get it first" to me.

The kikes have a web site for every fantasy. Reminds me of how that nigger in Roots refused to jump into the boiling water, and talking about how he was always “respectful” to his master, even when he was knocking up his wife.

The bio of one of the creators seems like Holla Forums hyperbole.

Also ((?Ziegler?)), that's rather suspicious sounding…

Risk of losing:
sp>their homes
sp>their jobs
Yeah, sure






Can't tell if serious or shilling

Niggers surprise me almost every damn day. Just when you think that they can't get any worse….

I feel awful for those poor fucking kids.
Their parents deserve the ovens for brainwashing them with guilt.

someone post the original, the drawing is 100% accurate.

Holy shit niggers have the minds of children.

I only have Niggercoins. Does the app support that?


When they say that they "dindu nuffin", what they mean is that they don't think any action they could commit could ever be wrong. Nogs think that they can do no evil even if committing theft or assault, because in their minds only whitey can be evil.

Why are niggers so useless?



Holy shit, I had not seen the inspiration for the drawing before. I am disturbed that this thing exists.

Why not create an app to help white people in some way?

It's not that they don't have $100, it's that they don't want to spend cash on anything but drugs and EBT doesn't cover bail.

How ungrateful can these niggers get?

This. We need exclusively white charities and NGOs. Aryans feel the need to donate to a good cause, but all the charities I see (especially the local and church-affiliated ones) just end up giving money to niggers and spics.
I'm glad we have things like goyfundme and can support /ourguys/ when they have legal problems, but we need charities that support poor and homeless whites.

Smart niggers are even worse. Just as criminal, but actually capable of stringing two thoughts together.

You only get bail back if you manage to not break your bail conditions. Niggers can say goodbye to that money before they reach their apartment.

They got some demigook do to it for them I guarantee it.

It will be banned from every App Store.

This. App banned, paypal shutdown, bank shut down operator thrown in jail for some trumped up charge.

Yeah? Like, were they going to bail out Christopher Cantwell or is it just for feral nigger criminals? Why am I even asking.

Po wypipo stay in jail too.

So who do they have actually putting up the money/vouching for the person they are bailing out? Maybe these are just some evolved monkey learning to steal via an app and a sob story? Because I don't see them walking their lazy asses down and parting with money for a stranger unless they are being paid by kikes to do it and this is just another theater nor do I see jails letting people randomly bail assholes out anonymously. not going to the root to find out


It's called chutzpah.


Manumission Quest. They have the reviewers chicken and crack after they refused sex.

How fucking disgusting.


Jesus Christ

I likw how the cunts in the pic are smiling niggers with full "dindu nuffin" face.


What a grotesque exploitation of charitable spirit. There are children walking around in Appalachia without shoes because their families are so poor and these vermin are pushing huge amounts of money into building technologies to lessen the burden that criminals experience for smashing the cohesion and safety of society.

There is nothing to the right of me but the wall but at this rate I’m going to break through even that. I wonder what’s on the other side.

I've never seen this before. It's like they're trying, very hard, to make sure that anyone who *might* start hating niggers does end up hating niggers.

That is what a biological weapon looks like (also known as useful idiot), other forms of biological weapon include migrants trafficked into Europe. The people wielding these weapons don’t care that their weapons are acting against their personal interests, as they are disposable.

The enemy is social cohesion. Never forget that. The aim is not to have European Americans become subservient to Africans but rather to cause strife between the two races. Both the woman demanding gibs and the audience are unwitting pawns in a war controlled by a third party. The usual suspects.

She's (((black))) like donglekike

It's a combination of having zero self awareness and in many cases having a bunch of beta cuck numale soyboys to back them up. (You really think black men would fuck that?)

Go and be a cuck somewhere else.

people busy being angry at niggers won't notice the merchant


More importantly, why do they not have an existing bail pool? If they could handle this and not lose the money, they wouldn't need this. The need for constant replenishment is unsurprising, but telling.

What is a nigger into fatties doing on Holla Forums?




How the fuck is it that you never see one person snap and tell them to go get lynched?

These aren't forced diversity courses user; they're full of people already sympathetic to these ideas and jews

lol I can see this back firing terribly. Don't crimes committed while out on bail automatically double the punishment for said crime.

This could backfire extremely when we donate to, say, nazi prisoners.

If that were attempted, it would get shut down and your shekels will go to Jamal's bail instead. Also, I don't see anywhere where it says you get to choose where your money goes. I think the nigs get to pick which nigs are let out.

It's just a more or less an indirect way for kikes to recruit nigger criminals.

we wuz doctoral n shiiieeet

That must be the reason.

These kinds of criminals are more part of their narcotic dissemination divisions than the protest ones.

life must realy hate her