South Boulder Wetlands To Be Destoryed in Order to Save Wildlife

According to the blog Real Climate Science libtards are attempting to genocide millions of species in order to combat the ever growing threat of global warming. The wetlands are at a greater risk than ever due the left's hypocrisy. The left can not see how idiotic this move is because they believe that they are protecting the rain forest from big bad Drumpf. Several hundred trees will be cleared off in order to build over 200 wind turbines in order to save the rainforest.

If we can get this story trending, we can use this against the left in order to further discredit them.

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Not surprising but still enraging.

I don't know if the place yoour talking about will get ==destoryed== but it will most certainly be ==destroyed==.

Newfags can't redtext

several hundred trees will be cleared and you expect me to believe it will genocide millions of species? so like, 10 thousand unique species per tree?

meanwhile, you can't build a hydro damn bc some retarded fish, which almost identically exists elsewhere, may go "extinct." preposterous

Can I get a tl;dr on this?

Not shocking at all. They'd rather destroy one ecosystem to make themselves feel better about pretending to care for another.

I wonder who gets the trees and who gets the build the turbines. It really makes you think…

Sounds great! Let me celebrate by bulldozing a sleepy little forest and then build a big gay environmentally friendly coffee shop on the lot.

They don't care about the environment, they just want to make an ideological statement.

How good were natsoc's conservation laws? Were they actually effective?

Try talking to them about nuclear and thermal they shit on them both despite both being far more ecological and enviromentally friendly.

no, clearly not since op is a huge faggot

Yup. They act like every nuclear power plant is another Chernobyl, and then cry about all the nuclear waste.

The UK has very little nuclear waste because it all gets recycled and turned back into fuel for the reactors. Carter, at the behest of anti-nuke hippies, banned the US from recycling ours, so we have a ton of radioactive waste we're not allowed to recycle into fuel again. So we spent billions building a facility in the middle of fucking nowhere where we could store it without it leaking into the environment. They then blocked us from storing any waste there, AFTER we finished building it and spent all that money. Then they blocked us from paying other countries to recycle or dump it. So we literally have tons of nuclear waste we're not allowed to get rid of, recycle, or store anywhere. The whole point is to force us to abandon nuclear power entirely, when it's one of the cleanest, most reliable energy sources on the planet, and can provide us with cheap energy for centuries.

Thorium plants are just as clean, but have the advantage of being safer (if the reactor breaks open due to an earthquake, terrorist attack, etc. the reaction stops and the radioactivity drops to almost nothing; thorium is safe to hold in your hand with no protective gear. And a thorium reactor can't melt down either.), the fuel is cheaper (uranium is rarer than gold, while thorium is as common as lead), and a thorium reactor can actually take all that nuclear waste and burn it up into harmless materials, producing small quantities of gold, silver, and platinum in the process.

The reason we didn't go with thorium in the first place is that the US wanted uranium reactors so enriching uranium to make bombs would be easier, and we're not building them now because technology/energy kikes are trying to block the cheap, clean alternative to the oil industry and the "green" industry, and environmentalists/global warming cultists hate them because their actual goal is to force us to revert to the stone age or go extinct, not to adopt environmentally friendly technology.

The whole point of the global warming business is to destroy Western nations.
That INCLUDES Western nature and landscapes.
Commies have a lot of blind hate pent up.

Slightly off topic but in the same vein, I was speaking with a leftist who wanted to kill a huge number of cows because apparently they produce so much methane and causes a greenhouse effect. Has anyone read up on this? They told me to look up Cow Planet and it seemed to be more about ending the use of certain fertilizers while also selling their own brand of products on their website. They also talk about something called the "Bron Corrector" which they make many claims similar to paid advertisement channels while speaking nothing of the science behind it except for a vague mention of "magnetism". Has anyone heard of this thing? Apparently it's been a thing since 1950s but I've never heard about it.

Since Nature is White, it's the enemy that must be destroyed. Add to that the insanity of socialism/communism and don't be surprised a desert people in control of Earth will turn Earth into a desert.

Yes, build the new houses. Boulder is possibly the most liberal/commie city in the entire country. It is disgusting. The population is getting denser and denser as California trash flee toward it. It is a concentration camp. More commies. They will be drowned like rats. It's only a matter of time.

Whatever. Boulder sucks. It's all yuppies larping as hippies, non-white students, and homeless. Their zoning laws are retarded so they can't expand outwards, stuck in a loop of knocking down old shit and building taller shit. Google is building an office there. The whole place catastrophically flooded about three years ago and it seems like they want to go for round two. Fuck it, let them drown.

lol Boulder is basically a sub-city of Denver, there are no "wetlands". There are just a few reservoirs. It's a shitty piece of property. Boulder is basically the SJW capital of Colorado, it's a college town full of SJW faggots. I hope the place gets nuked.

t. person from Colorado

Cannot be provided on demand and thus raises the cost of power by about 5 times or so. I hate those fucking (((green))) cunts so much.

Hello, grammar-nazi newfag. Around here we are more interested in the contents of a post than it's spelling or punctuation. Lurk more, newfag. Contribute next time.

Why isn't anyone bringing up examples of the multiple times building on a flood plain caused serious catastrophes for the new development and the existing dwellings. When you fill in a flood plain that water has to go somewhere, which tends to fuck up all previous city planning that didn't account for a couple thousand extra gallons of ground water pouring through the streets, or overflowing a "containment pond". These short sighted fuckers shouldn't be allowed to decide this shit. They should be required to get the approval of Army Corp. of Engineers, or an independent, uninvolved engineer/biologist/specialist that studies this shit full time.

We went there when I went to Colorado to visit my aunt and cousins recently. The fucking street performers going on about how street performance is an ancient, dying art, lol.

They’re the foundation of all modern environmentalism. You tell me.

i like your point. If you happen to be in the houston area then I know exactly what you are talking about. on the southwest side houses are going up like fucking rabbits.

All these houses are being built in what used to be flood plains to protect neighborhoods like the one i live in. Now all these new homeowners whose houses got flooded because they bought a house in the center of a flood plain are trying to sue the builders as if they couldn't have checked this before signing the mortgage.

We have people, one of whom i work with, suing the army core of engineers, because one of our flood plains was approaching peak fill. When it got up this high, the engineers decided to open the flood gates to drain some of the water. Well a neighborhood just happened to be built in the spillway for this aquifer.
It should be criminal for builders to build out these lands, but so long as they line the pockets of local politicians it's all gravy.

Keep in mind the middle east wasn't always a desert. In ancient times the fertile Crescent was actually fertile, hence the garden of Eden and similar stories. Greedy people cut down all the trees, overgrazed the pastures and overfarmed the soil. Primitive humans are the most destructive force on the environment ever seen. Many such examples.

If we can get rid of the waste then the left wouldn't have a talking point,that's why they blocked the reprocessing of the waste, and the use of that nuclear waste storage site.

Check this out!

Fucking geniuses, all of them.

No. Stop repeating commie lies.
The Middle east suffered desertification that had no connection with humans cutting some shitty trees.
It had more to do with changing of the Sun's energy output.

First of all, you collossal cuck, stop using the jewish spin doctor invented terms for terrain.
Swamps not wetlands.
Jungle not rainforests.

Then after lurking for 2 years, perhaps you can begin to post intelligently on the subject.