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On the High Seas Holla Forums can create their Aryan paradise.



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Or, people could actually fight back against those encroaching on their land. But I guess whatever makes you feel good, user.

No way this could possibly backfire.

Real white men are drawn to forest not some hippie islands

I support both user.

Sounds great until the first storm makes it inaccessible and you run out fresh water. Also where does the pool pool go?

yeah no.

Poo poo*

It will need to be shaped like a giant swastika, naturally.

What's the price tag on one of these babies?

Sure why not. Best to be cryptonazi rather than really open about it though, to avoid open attack.

What happens when there is a storm?

I like the floating self-sufficient cities idea in a perfect world, but what you don't realize is that our enemies will try to kill us no matter where we go. Look at Ruby Ridge, Waco, or even the Bundy Ranch stand-off from Winter 2016. If you're going to have a floating paradise and the kikes are still in power, make sure you have anti-air defenses because kikes hate it when people go off their grid.


This image only makes me hurt, with how they handled all the leaders in Civ 6.

Besides the art direction, the game in general sucked. It totally lost all the addictive factor and pacing of the predecessors. Not to mention the very poor choice of leaders. That kind of bad game design is what happens when you let the game be created by a bunch of pink-haired freaks.

White flight into the ocean? Who the hell with what resources is going to maintain the navy necessary to protect this? What a stupid idea. Possibly a good idea for lebensraum in the distant future though.

I never knew that I needed this until now.

I don't support white flight. I support white fight and white colonization. White flight would be fleeing to South Korea or something… because whites are no longer capable of rational policies and dealing with the 'moral burden' and consequences. I support entrepreneurial white spirit. I support white Oceania and white Britain, ect… no reason to yes to one and no to the other. Both are just causes.


If whites ever made a hoemland in space or at sea the jews would freak and make it so more powerful actors had to either war with the place or for immigration because of some false flag BS. Sanctions maybe. Remember, jews are attacking the West because they are white and not because the West is successful.

Everyone would want to destroy an Aryan New Atlantis… but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be created. The solution is white flight and fight.


Did someone say, ISLAND!

Well if you're being useless hippies like them, you store it on your island boat and ship it off later to avoid polluting the environment. If you wanted to be serious about self sufficiency, you'd set up a leech field on the sea floor and put a kelp forest over it. Then you do all the normal water recycling with graywater and blackwater to get the most out of your limited water supply.

Yea, this idea of building an aryan nation on the ocean is worthless as long as our enemies live. It's far too open for attack.

How long until you are forced to accept the refugees on your floating island? :^)


Improve your own space now. Stop waiting. Get this degenerate utopia gimmedat shit out of here.


Is this the future you choose?

Nothing to see here :^)

Also, don't buy the whole sinking islands (((narrative))).


If we had the budget to build and maintain a floating city we'd have retaken our countries by force already.

I'm not the only one detecting dirty rice in this image, rather than burnt coal. Right?

What I love is that they couldn't make the guy dress half respectable: even in the future in high upper class utopian floating islands, blacks are still going to wear basketball wifebeaters and sneakers.

People don't get it. They don't get it at all.

You could give the non-whites 10 billion paradise planets,but they would be screaming and demanding that they would be given access to a single white only planet even if the climate conditions are like HOTH.

Our first instinct is to take what is shit and make it better. Others first instinct is to move to where it is better. Until we realise this, there can be no proper solution to any of our problems.


Williamsboro holds Klan Aklademy, the largest academic academy in the South. Klan Aklademy is a 7-star academy where people with 98% or higher european ancestry can join in for K-12 all the way to advanced Abstract Algebra.
Harligstad serves as a pre-EU Swedish ethnic neighborhood with Swedish meatball kitchens and key pharmaceuticals for my thriving white Aryan nation.
Alfredhaved serves as a pre-American Rev ethnic-based borough. Anglo-Saxon ethnic borough that focuses on literature and advanced poetry. Keizersgracht serves as a pre-New York borough that focuses on Netherland, Dutch, and every country surrounding Germany's best talents including shipbuilding, oil industries, and biotechnology.
Wolfeshügel serves as a pre-WWI ethnic borough that focuses on German industrial talent, partying with alcohol, and protestant churches.
Thomas Jefferson Trade Center is based off the economic ideals of Thomas Jefferson, a free economy without Union ties or federal corruption. It is the financial door to the outside world with banks like Citi Bank, USBank, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, (((Bank Yahav))), Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and the all notorious Cheil Credit Bank from North Korea.
The Governor's Island borough serves as the commanding center for me (Atlantic) and my connections to all 110 indentifyable Ku Klux Klans of the Entire South. Monument Island carries the founding idea's of the Republic of Mississippi which is "Strength, Purity, and Friendship".
The Governor's Island also contains the Calvin-Knox Lutheran Protestant Amphitheater church with stone pews, portable 55-foot tall golden and iron organ altar set.
The Brentford-Wrightsville borough holds the Augustus Kaiser Int'l airport which has connections with major airports such as John F. Kennedy Int'l Airport in New York, Los Angeles Int'l Airport in California, Hartsfield–Jackson in Atlanta, and Narita Int'l Airport in Tokyo, Japan. There aren't any airlines for my Island Fortress or Republic of Mississippi only spans a width of 30 miles and length of 25 miles. The Rommel-Lee borough hosts the New Augustine Fort which has 80 F-45's, 50 AH-64 Apache's, and the 20 T-14 Armata's from Putin's Russia.
Speaking of Russians, East and West Derbent holds all my United Socialized workers of my massive mile large 955-acre weed plantation that brings in $3,000,000,000 in yearly revenue. Brentford Village serves as a major airport hub and non-degenerate gambling center for my Republic of Mississippi.
River Hills serves as a country-themed suburban area with affordable homes that go as low as 450,000 bucks a pop. New Schönbrunn, named after the Vienna palace, is where films and music are created including the newest "shIT" film based off the escaped "It" clown's brother in a Atlanta prison escaping to rape Californians. It's also where wonderful songs such as "Crying and Pain" and "The Riddle" were created with celebrities such as Nik Kershaw and Eng Damion.
Cotton Mills serves as the fashion district for the Republic of Mississippi. It has American luxury brands such as (((Supreme™, Louis Vuitton™, Prada™))), and The Trump Collection o/. Cotton Mills is also where Mississippian luxury brands such as Goering NON-JEWelry, Eichmann-Heydrich formal wear, Kuniaki-Koiso tohu Caulifla's and Harajuku uniforms.
Sandy Shores borough contains my lead Generals, Borough Governor's, and even high ranking Klansmen such as Thomas Robb, Ryan Lenz, and Chris Barker own luxury riverfront properties in Sandy Shores.
Savage Street is acre solely owned by the Governor of the Republic of Mississippi (me). Savage Street is where I do my daily non-work related activities such as swimming in a Olympics-sized pool, tennis with Larry Riggs, and 400 meters dashes training without manliest.
Antebellum serves as the main technological district with companies that mod electronics such as Edison-Strauss and bio chemical mogul Matthew Fontaine Incorporated.
Victoria serves as a self improvement district with gyms that offer challenges such a 1,500 meter dash race and 700lb squatting while biking at 20 miles per hour challenges. Victoria also is a luxury dining district with American classics such as Frank Pepe Napoletana Pizzeria, Loretta's Northwesterner, Peter Luger's Steakhouse, and Glacé Artisan ice cream.
If you would like to visit the Republic of Mississippi you would need to obtain a genetics test from your corresponding state's Ku Klux Klan with letter of recommendation with around 99.8% European ancestry or a 2000+ SAT/30+ ACT, a $1,500 flat-rate travel fee (we travelled to Juancho E. Yrausquin Airport and Lukla Airport before), and approval from the Governor of Mississippi (Me) and Immigration Congress.
Come over to Holla Forumsynesia

(I did actually lol)

Nice copypasta.

This is America's founding value.

This includes the ==FREEDOM== to live separately from niggers, ect… to live among those you wish, exclude those you don't, and live according to laws the group can abide by.


Make sure you're always on guard for mutos and smokers.


The idea is to steal their idea user.

Pushing niggers everywhere is the norm these days thanks the the blackcubejews as virtue signalling to say… SEE, IT'S FOR THE NIGGERS TOO. WE'RE NOT RACIST OY VEY.

I think it is well also for the man in the street to realise that there is no power on earth that can protect him from being bombed. Whatever people may tell him, the bomber will always get through. The only defence is in offence, which means that you have to kill more women and children more quickly than the enemy if you want to save yourselves…
-Stanley Baldwin, 1932

Floating concentration camps.



looks awesome but what the fuck do you do if a storm or a tsunami happens? You're quite literally dead in the water. Couldn't they just try and pull a Bioshock for water cities?

I don't know how this would weather conditions, either.
Shipwrecks last longer in fresh water instead of salt for a reason.

That's what I was thinking too it be fucking awesome too see water cities in places like the great lakes or the muskoka in Canada. Another cool thing would be terraforming the earth or the moon and mars to make it habitable for whites to live there.

Tsumani's are much less of a concern deep at sea. Large waves only begin to form near the coast. Storms would be an issue though, your floating platforms would likely need to be tethered to the ocean surface.

Waterworld sucked. They only had fish, lemons, and filtered urine water

Dumbass Holla Forums motherfuckers deleted the greatest thing White men ever did.

I'll take a stab at this despite the fact that floating cities is pointless and a waste of money. Money that should be spent on space habitats that are immune to extinction events.

Storm walls, similar to netherlands that would absorb the brunt of the impact of storm waves and surges. In fact that most probable design would be tall walls that form ocean view apartments on the high floors and store utilities and infrastructure on the lower levels.

Sewage is piped to a processing plant that would sterilize the waste and divert into the ocean to be fed on by plankton.

fresh water would be de-salinated during dry periods but would most likely be sustained by rainfall stored in fresh water ballast tanks. Conservation methods like diverting grey water(from washing dishes, hands, clothes). for secondary purposes, like washing a sidewalk or flushing toilets.

This shill thread is embarrassingly low effort

Dumping red pills.









Dumbass newfag. Real hippies are the Men you will meet in the forest.

Get the fuck out

How would a storm and waves not fuck this up completely? What happens if a piece gets disconnected? Flipped?

Damn, for a second there I thought that was going to work out. She actually seemed to fucking comprehend human suffering other than her own in the second post, but her sheer delusion in the first must have been too pervasive to handle being around anymore.

Deep ocean waves–save rogue waves–are generally pretty smooth. These constructions would also have extremely deep keels to stabilize them (and the outer ring segments are breakers).

Typhoons/ hurricanes are biggest concern I have. I can't image the floatation device holding up in hurricane or even tropical storm weather.

This isn't the way.

Redpilling is so easy if you are
coy/humorous about it
So this isn't the time for running,
it is the time for standing up against the (((tide)))
This is the time to use undeniable logic
and statistics to SURREPTITIOUSLY
make people aware of what they could've
easily known all along;
Cultural marxism bad
Natsoc good

It's funny because I don't even have to
talk about the holocaust when making
people aware of how well NatSoc worked
for preWW2 Germany. The proof is the fucking pudding,
considering they carried 6 countries on their back
against basically the whole world.

Maybe consider moving to a state with a
better demographic (if you know what I
mean), but don't up and leave the fight, you pussy.

sure, but we need a base of operations to work from, otherwise the taint continues while the process is ongoing



sorry I forgot the last one


didn't you get the memeo user? 3 stronk, indepyndynt niggra wyminz did it.

Yeah. Becouse beeing an open floating target in the middle of the ocean is exactly whats needed.

This thread in one s-pic

It's fun as an idea, but from the logistical point of view, it's pretty bad.
Since you are at sea, you will need to have a permanent supply route for food, necessities and energy. The same goes for land, but transportation is done a lot easier.

But for an outpost and resupply center for ships, yeah it could be interesting.





The ocean is brimming with food. To be quite frank, if you can't even let go of your fast food lifestyle then you aren't suited to marine life.
Solar panels, wave, with diesel emergency backup. Even running purely on diesel, an installation could easily be designed to require refuelling no more than once in several years. You just have large fuel tanks.
With planned preventative maintenance and competent operators, breakdowns are rare occurrences. Do you think that the staff on oil production platforms etc just sit around until something breaks? No, there are daily inspections of critical systems, monitoring via instrumentation, the use of vibration analysis to determine the state of internal components long before they actually break due to wear, and so on. You would however require an entire technical staff of mechanics, electricians, process controllers and so on. That's what a lot of kids don't realize when the television shows them a tiny female scientist with vocal fry claiming that "we run this Antarctic station/ocean research vessel, we have to service the generators ourselves" etc etc. No, the scientists do none of that stuff, because they wouldn't know how to, they lack the training and knowledge, the maintenance crew keeps everything running smoothly but of course, you never see them because it doesn't fit with the "tiny women can be independent and don't need no man, even in the Antarctic" narrative.
Anyway, the point is that an installation such as the one being described requires a trained crew, a rigid maintenance programme, an inventory of spares, etc, but with proper planning there's no reason it couldn't operate independently for years at a time.

The design in OP looks stupid but there's nothing particularly difficult in engineering a vessel that can survive the 100 year wave. The larger you make it, the less it is affected by the weather.

The reason that so many teenagers fantasize about abandoned ships/space stations/islands/supermarket malls, is that such places (fully stocked with supplies of course) allows them to reconcile their dire want of independence from parents, with their utter inability to create it for themselves (due to lack of marketable skills, or for wild living - survival skills).
There have been entire TV series about this, such as "The Tribe" where a bunch of kids live in an abandoned department store, the unstaffed shops taking the role of parent and supplying everything they need to live.
In reality any such place inhabited by young people would quickly collapse due to a total focus on flirting/sex/peacocking and a total absence of those with the technical ability to keep the society running. The fantasy of liberty and freedom from "chores" doesn't mesh with the grim reality of life at sea, where everyone has numerous jobs, all of which are vital.

it wont be by running to an island

Good post, agree completely.

And you have the audacity to call another a newfag.

BTW deeps sea habitats (3+ km) provide best protection from heaviest cosmological events. In space your tincan habitat can be fried to crisp by sudden gamma burst from nova or pulsar. Underwater you have kilometers of water armor against radiation. (same underground but underwater you don't need to to pricey digging)

Care to analyze Zombie Apocalypse?

That's why i my teenage fantasies I was always on my own.

who /outerheaven/ here?

I have a feeling these would actually be really bad for the environment but would be really nice engineering challenges.




watch this documentary from the 80s about the mall..

there is some commentary from a security guard.. white kids go at the mall to escape diversity not only parents

Someone with better photoshop skills than I should change that to a swastika.

Yes please. Go live in International Waters where nobody will care if you're killed. Nor will they investigate.

CIA suicidal thoughts implant attack on the WN movement example post:

During the golden years of Holla Forums, we had an user that came up with multiple plans (legal, financial, and other crap) to create a Holla Forums nation. This has so much potential how many of us are going overseas; my uncle (who because of him I found Holla Forums) went to live to China.

His wife was going to divorce him and he was going to lose everything. So as he was stalling to "sign" the papers, got everything ready to leave. After moving almost everything, he got some loans from banks and people from some white nationalist group and fled the country. The funniest part out of all this was his ex-wife got a house with 28 years of mortgage to go; SHE THEN TRIED TO PUT MY FAMILY ON CHILD SUPPORT BUT FAILED.

These are These are these are.

Also, this is a CIA agent:

fucksake, the place is fucking crawling

is this what you define as golden? or are you a newfag?

Not if you build a nation or we become a voting block. If you just immigrate to a country and expect you only need to work hard to be safe, then take a look at the polish in the UK (they got brexit), the beaners on the US (they got trump), or even the bangladesh people on sri lanka (they got stones).

You need laws that protect you from the government taking away your land and the property in it!

It won't be here. pol is eternal. New hardware and services are coming, this year, which will be free and unkiked and uncensored.

As far as here, yes, the userbase has been banned. It's always been an operation, and that's obvious. Honestly, it's a yawner, because our hardware is backdoored anyhow. But the kikes are getting the boot, and with them the [[[agencies]]].

Just because we work for the CIA doesn't mean we aren't on your side. Gotta chill out bro, take some of those ssri's your doctor recommended after you 5 minute consultation or smoke some jazz cabbage. Maybe you should watch some CNN. Great reporting over there. You'll level out in no time.

A common CIA tactic is the "go with it" strategy, seen here:

They can't ever quite shake off their generalized loathing of the movements they target. They smell in the dark.

And the reason for this is that they are themselves manipulated (but interestingly are unaware of it, despite being trained in manipulation).

And, since so many are here, why not run an op to redpill them?

>all these obscure female leader choices because (((diversity))) and (((equality))

Fuck civ 6.

< thumbnails
gas yourself, kike

White men are drawn to adventure you faggot



One thing the CIA does is they try to prevent the spread of groups. That's why they controlled this place and kicked the Brits out.


Apologies. This should be better eh?

There an archive or something of it? Could come in handy

< red wine in a champagne glass


I agree. Interested.

If they fucked up major details how can you possibly expect the mouthbreathers to get anything small like that right?

but you do have to deal with incredibly high pressures and underwater currents potentially fucking with your shit.

That fucking SRS wew fucking lad. thanks for dumping by the way user

Pacifidlog Town is real?


You all deserve to die, and people who want to go to go innawoods also gets the bullet. Can't handle some adversity? Run away! Please, do run away from the battle and let people who fucking hate you and want to steal everything your forefathers built. Better yet, do all of that so that when Gen Zyklon gets in charge you're all decapitated for deserting.

Nobody is going to accomplish fuck all by isolating themselves you fucking retards. STOP sperging in threads like this feeding your desire for safe spaces. The most efficient way for us to accomplish anything is to be as active as possible agents in society, preferably away from the keyboard. If i were a heeb, i'd be shilling threads like this HARD. Don't join public institutions goyim! Create yet one more insignificant little party goyim! STAY AWAY FROM ANYBODY AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE GOYIM SPECIALLY OTHER GOYIM LIKE YOU! DON'T SPREAD YOUR IDEAS, STAY CONTAINED IN YOUR CIRCLEJERKING GROUPS!



geee, why would kikes want to slide this particular thread?


Freedom, Innovation, and Expansion is as 'white' as it gets. Asymmetric advance and chaos is the only way anything Holla Forums with stand a chance of success.

Holla ForumsYNESIA

pic related is one of the most jewish things i could think of. No wonder they are called the jews of Asia.
Just imagine, being the 2nd largest country on Earth, and still artificialy make it bigger by literally building a new sea shore. And all for wanting a part of the fucking ocean for yourself.

Hi there, Mr. Glow-In-The-Darkie!