Can we make a thread of best to worst of the european countries that are best for a nazi to live in...

Can we make a thread of best to worst of the european countries that are best for a nazi to live in? Will be leaving my canadian shithole soon. Also keep in mind i Might make millions from cryptocurrency so would like To cash out with no tax. Please help me!

My first impression right now:

S tier: Ireland, Scotland, Norway
A: tier Poland lithuania Ukraine.

shit tier: sweden germany spain portugal

Why not stay in Canada? Move far north, buy lots of land and be somewhat self sufficient.

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Hungary is probably number 1. Get citizenship, become a borderhunter and get paid to hunt migrants, carry guns, and plant pig heads around their great fence. Lots of NS groups there and you can be one openly. Poland is cuck tier in comparison. See their tranny army.

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you guys on this board are all fucking retards, just shut the fuck up and do what I asked in my thread. I'm looking for the best countries to move to. Yeah cause Canada is my ancestral homeland and stuff. fucking dumbass

Thanks for your idea.

I have british ancestry and irish but UK doesnt give a fuck if you have ancestry from there. It doesnt matter where i go, so shut the fuck up and answer my question

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Like I said, move far north niggers don't like cold. You already know the language of the country you're in. If you plan to move to Eastern Europe you'll have to learn their language and it's hard.

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why portugal? and since when i ireland good?

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Personally, I'm going to go live in Mexico. Less pozzed and easier buy a home. Naturally will use my dollars.

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I wanna move to USA and join the fight. The problem is all the Holla Forums cities are pozzholes. What do?

Isn't central america better? I know buying a car costs around the same in canada as in the US

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Stay on your own continent, please
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OR I continue what I've been doing and have a lot of children in an unpozzed country

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That's what I said. Where are you going btw?

I was planning to go live at Belize, but I found out many americans are going that. After researching for a year, I recommend Guatemala (because of the combination between their women and laws).

The house market is a heaven, just buy land (don't go overboard, as that's the first mistake many europeans make) and then get to build the house. You can EASILY get a 1 acre house (5-7 bedrooms, for your children) for under 30K

confirmed teenager

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Posts like this renews my faith in this place. Nice analysis btw

i dont know I need to decide wheich country has best tax laws, which will be most pleasurable to live in as well, and easiest immigration laws. i dont want to have to get married just so my wife can take 1 mil from me

I want that too, like I said, Guatemala looks like an excellent choice.