Alaskan infant's DNA tells story of 'first Americans'

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No surprise, there.

But race isn't real.


Probably neanderthal.

Just some more bullshit to cover up the Kinnewick Man, which should be a scientific outrage that the "Natives" would dare to try and reclaim it as theirs to cover it up like they've already done the "White Giants" and their attempts to now change their "White Gods". They've tainted their history permanently siding with the jewish lies and should no longer be treated with any dignity save a few honorable tribes.

The numbers game is a deliberate act of trying to one-up the Solutreans while simultaneously not looking into either the Kinnewick man or Solutreans. Good luck getting to the white giants, ancient mounds admitted in the 1700's by Indians they were before their time, or the white gods. All just "conveniently" looked over as mythology by the highly credible scientific community and their loyalist herds in the spiritual community who bend over backwards sucking the natives cock who betray their own true heritage as well as the amerindians do their own.

but can it happen again?
can whites go locally extinct again?
i mean i guess it is possible but will it happen again,i wonder.

Whether they went "extinct" depends on your personal esoteric beliefs. I don't think they all went extinct, simply disappeared or hid. Mountains are a constant theme spiritually and have a lot of esoteric importance. I do however think incredibly amounts perished as stated by tribesmen in the Appalachia areas. Kentucky was known and celebrated, yet cursed land by the "natives" as being the final extermination point of the white giants where it was known as the land/river of blood. Gives you the scale on the level of the genocide. More pressing is how they offer no details for why they did it only that they saw them as "bad". We know how the non-whites get when whitey doesn't give them the world so that means literally nothing to me.

If it will happen again? If life truly is cyclical then likely in some shape or form. As above so below. The myths of the heavens are being played out on earth if only you can see it and interpret it through the right lens.

How is that possible?

Do you have a links the legends you're referring to?

The Final Battalion is a good overall general understanding of everything stated above. Serrano explains the white giants and white gods in a very esoteric sense that carries onward to current mythology about the giants, mountains, and subterranean world. Understanding that you'd then follow the "Third Sargon Prophcies" and Untersberg role as the "Midnight Mountain". Not surprisingly where the Eagle's Nest was overlooking the mythical mountain.

Another good start would be Hermann Wieland's Atlantis, Edda, and Bible. It costs money but it's worth it because it explains the mystery through a purely Aryan perspective without being judiezed then you can just do google searches and follow the spiritual hipsters and interpret their data more accurately. They're completely blind to the origins of the topics they're covering. Without the key to unlock the data they're stuck debating stupid shit like Enki and Enlil, the Annunaki and other stupid shit on were they good or bad.



In the 1700s the church asserted that the earth was only 10,000 years old. The church dominated European culture. The church is never going to abide a theory that completely undermines young earth creationism and the hold of Christianity over the souls of the European. Christianity is the shackles that hold the European in check. A slave to money, a
slave to middle eastern philosophies and religions. How do you overthrow something that powerful?

Kek Christcucks are dumb but your ahistorical New Atheist tier account of scientific history is dumber torcuck.

The world does not count north and south america only Americans and Canadians think there is two continents. To the rest of the world America is North and south America.

Meh, it's only a single child. How can that possibly "strongly support the idea that a single wave of migrants moved into the continent"? One fucking individual!

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Fake and gay. Races are not real. Its a social construction.

Also. Everyone is equally smart.

Only nazis claims otherwise.

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Cry more, intl. Reported.

In Alaska that makes sense. Whites being the first in the Americas doesn't also mean that feather niggers didn't come over the Bering land bridge as asserted in mainstream anthropology. This find is unrelated entirely, but does support the claim that natives came from Asia (surprising nobody).

That doesn't explain how south americans indians have different DNA than north american natives.

didn't some asians sail across to south america?