Socialite arrested for assault after alleged Jew-bashing meltdown

Jacqueline Kent Cooke — the millionaire socialite daughter of former Washington Redskins owner Jack Kent Cooke — was arrested for assault Wednesday after allegedly making an anti-Semitic slur to a stranger at a fancy Manhattan restaurant and then bashing him with her heavy glass purse on New Year’s Eve, sources told The Post.

Cooke, 29, allegedly whacked Matthew Haberkorn, 52, outside the Upper East Side restaurant Caravaggio and left him with a bloody gash on his head, law enforcement sources told The Post.

(Didn't green this as a lot of green text seems annoying.)

Wow…what a woman. Millionaire socialite daughter of former NFL owner. Power level. Guts. Beauty. Sticking it to kikes in their home turf on the Upper East Side. Heart eyes emoji.

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She's pretty hot as long as I don't look directly at her face.

Slide thread

She's cute. And amazing personality and guts…


checked and keked

What a weird video.

You see beauty in this face?

Should have yelled thief while doing it.

Like a Lohan wax museum mannequin.

I'm part Dutch, so yes, we have a genetic inclination for horse face.

Note the six-point star in background of video. Right there in enemy territory.



Literally Star of David decoration in the background.

"Hurry up, you Jew"
The quote about naming the kike is reinforced once again


I guess her skin isn't dark enough for your tastes either?

For what fucking purpose?

After a few generations of proper breeding that face will be a thing of the past. Go for it


Have you never had to glass someone in a self defense situation? I'm not sure where you grew up but I should probably move there when I start a family.


mongrels and spics don't have an appreciation for beauty, they are only impressed by neotony. same reason why they lust after japs.

she's a beauty

Did anyone stop to make sure it wasn't foreskin blood on his head?

She looks like she’s on drugs.
But I must commend her for glassing a jew without spilling her champagne.


guess how i know youre a shitskin
also some drunk bint attacking a male at a bar because muh pussy pass doesnt make her wife material, cuck
sage for meaningless thread
that the guy happened to be a child-eating rabbi is actually purely coincidential

A bump for you, jew.

Stop judging all women through your ideal internet pictures standards. Shes young and thin, shes already in best 10% lookwise.


Oh shit, you're right

Stop making this so easy for me.

Based. She fucked him up pretty good.

Just a wild stab in the dark but I look at her eyes I notice the purse is in fact mirrored not glassed and my brain goes "cocaine".
She also has the kabbala bracelet, so she is at least an honorary jew herself. Indeed this is probably just another public exhibition of the validity of the jewish victim complex. And they both go home and count their shekels and laugh.
How come there's no picture of the gash? I mean the scratch on the jews bonce, not this rich thots vag.

Yeah this must have hurt a little.


Imagine her smashing the disco bowl on his head.

Now that I would pay for

Use the Makeapp son. It'll save you a lot of heartache and time.

Top fucking Kek

What was that quote that gobbles said call him a jew and watch him recoil

29 is not "young" for a woman, in fact in terms of reproductive age it's well beyond middle-aged. By age 30 the average woman has lost 90% of her reproductive capacity and what remains is of severely degraded quality.

Women aren't supposed to be "thin" like this. The trend of male-level bodyfat on women is a work of the kike intended to reduce female fertility.
In fact this "socialite" appears to be a transvestite working for the kikes as a negative role model.

She, like Hitler, did nothing wrong. I'm in fucking love. Her (((anti-Semitic))) actions make her a 10/10 hottie. Cute face and body, plus glass to a kike's face make her Eva Braun 2.0.

Holla Forums talks a lot of shit about finding based women. Cooke named the Jew and went full Kristallnacht on a kike. I'm in love and would commence breeding with her to spawn based children.

Anyone hating this cute (((anti-Semitic))) woman is a kike shill or (((Shareblue))). Fucking amazing, we're memeing this shit into reality. She even looks cute af at her b arraignment. pic related.

This cutie attacking a kike in Kristallnacht style makes Cooke a fucking 10/10, Eva Braun, /ourgirl/. as stated, I would have a litter of children with her and Sieg Heil every fucking day.

I'd impregnate her immediately and teach our kids about the Jew.

Slide thread but fuck it
Kikes dont like being called kikes :^)

it implies (((their))) camouflage isn't effective, which is really troubling if you've already been kicked out of 150 nations



So some faggot couldn't defend himself over a woman? I guess the inbreeding and foreskin diet caught up with him.

She could do without the sharpie eyebrows
Nope, she is most likely culturally a spic and just turned feral throwing whatever slur she could think of.

Of course the jew shrinks back in injury and gets media involved.

The kabbala thing is a single red string on the left arm, you gas lighting kike.



Anecdote incoming; my grandmother had children between the ages 19 - 40 (my mother was the youngest - my grandmother being 40 at that time). My aunts also have several children in between those ages. Everything is fine if you start early, what you don't want to do is have your first child at 30.


It's great when you jews blatantly lie, so you can be shown to be the ones who like to use "kike" and the various other jewish alt right buzzwords like gaslighting.
Here's the proof you and the scabby slag from the story are both jews up to your usual tricks. Numerous string styles doesn't even have to be red but usually is, worn on either arm.
Now go munch a foreskin while your boss admonishes you for being useless at this.

Rolling Stones are so fucking terrible, they have to have sucked some jew dick to still be famous or even be pushed so hard back them to be made famous. They were an experiment to see if the jew media could make someone famous just by saying there were famous to being with. The kike that sings "I'm only one call away" is another manufactured kike with no talent.

No, they were pushed to subvert the relatively conservative youth back then into doing drugs, sex and alcohol.

You know, Rock n' Roll was really the first succesful attempt at subverting the youth of that age into becoming degenerates instead of actually doing something worthy with their lives. I would say most of the problems with single mothers and fathers stems from the 60's and the culture around that time had a lot to do with it.

How do you like this goy? Cry some more.

You're a small man.

You don't like my lithe bone structure? Too bad. I've got the red bracelet and that's all that matters.

what is this suppose to be?

It's just a red string. I don't see what's so special about it….unless it was made for a certain purpose.

I don't care for your bracelet or your tone. I would imagine both your breath and magic string smell rather bad, and therefore it is you that resembles a lowly farm animal. You better be a decent guitarist or that hand is pointlessly deformed.

so basically every teenage girl? got it.

Pretty solid post here.

Thank you. Somebody has some damn taste in this thread.

Yes, this.

Good taste.


Wood dew

He meant your micropenis

The world is getting stranger by the day.

Kike literally follows her down the street and attacks her to the ground. She gets up swings her purse at him then the kike harasses her and follows her down the street again. This is an anti-Gentile hate crime.

This post is, ironically, a clear example of gaslighting.

total butherface. if you look, but don't focus, then she's cute, tho, which means you'll just have to have a few beers to be able to go the mile

She did

What is this magic string?
Is it like a Mormon's magic underwear or something?

So a filthy, ferret-faced kike tried to Weinstein her, and she cracked him over the head?

But they're blaming HER for it?

It's jewish mysticism, kaballah (sp?) stuff. Don't know what it means or what it is supposed to do.