Sessions comes for the weed

"get baked" (((ovens)))
Attorney General Jeff Sessions is rescinding the Obama-era policy that had paved the way for legalized marijuana to flourish in states across the country, two people with knowledge of the decision told The Associated Press. Sessions will instead let federal prosecutors where pot is legal decide how aggressively to enforce federal marijuana law, the people said.

The people familiar with the plan spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss it before an announcement expected Thursday.

The move by President Donald Trump’s attorney general likely will add to confusion about whether it’s OK to grow, buy or use marijuana in states where pot is legal, since long-standing federal law prohibits it. It comes days after pot shops opened in California, launching what is expected to become the world’s largest market for legal recreational marijuana and as polls show a solid majority of Americans believe the drug should be legal.

While Sessions has been carrying out a Justice Department agenda that follows Trump’s top priorities on such issues as immigration and opioids, the changes to pot policy reflect his own concerns. Trump’s personal views on marijuana remain largely unknown.

Sessions, who has assailed marijuana as comparable to heroin and has blamed it for spikes in violence, had been expected to ramp up enforcement. Pot advocates argue that legalizing the drug eliminates the need for a black market and would likely reduce violence, since criminals would no longer control the marijuana trade.

The Obama administration in 2013 announced it would not stand in the way of states that legalize marijuana, so long as officials acted to keep it from migrating to places where it remained outlawed and out of the hands of criminal gangs and children. Sessions is rescinding that memo, written by then-Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole, which had cleared up some of the uncertainty about how the federal government would respond as states began allowing sales for recreational and medical purposes.

The pot business has since become a sophisticated, multimillion-dollar industry that helps fund schools, educational programs and law enforcement. Eight states and the District of Columbia have legalized marijuana for recreational use, and California’s sales alone are projected to bring in $1 billion annually in tax revenue within several years.

Sessions’ policy will let U.S. attorneys across the country decide what kinds of federal resources to devote to marijuana enforcement based on what they see as priorities in their districts, the people familiar with the decision said.

Sessions and some law enforcement officials in states such as Colorado blame legalization for a number of problems, including drug traffickers that have taken advantage of lax marijuana laws to hide in plain sight, illegally growing and shipping the drug across state lines, where it can sell for much more. The decision was a win for pot opponents who had been urging Sessions to take action.

“There is no more safe haven with regard to the federal government and marijuana, but it’s also the beginning of the story and not the end,” said Kevin Sabet, president and CEO of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, who was among several anti-marijuana advocates who met with Sessions last month. “This is a victory. It’s going to dry up a lot of the institutional investment that has gone toward marijuana in the last five years.”

Threats of a federal crackdown have united liberals who object to the human costs of a war on pot with conservatives who see it as a states’ rights issue. Some in law enforcement support a tougher approach, but a bipartisan group of senators in March urged Sessions to uphold existing marijuana policy. Others in Congress have been seeking ways to protect and promote legal pot businesses.

A task force Sessions convened to study pot policy made no recommendations for upending the legal industry but instead encouraged Justice Department officials to keep reviewing the Obama administration’s more hands-off approach to marijuana enforcement, something Sessions promised to do since he took office.

The change also reflects yet another way in which Sessions, who served as a federal prosecutor at the height of the drug war in Mobile, Alabama, has reversed Obama-era criminal justice policies that aimed to ease overcrowding in federal prisons and contributed to a rethinking of how drug criminals were prosecuted and sentenced. While his Democratic predecessor Eric Holder told federal prosecutors to avoid seeking long mandatory minimum sentences when charging certain lower level drug offenders, for example, Sessions issued an order demanding the opposite, telling them to pursue the most serious charges possible against most suspects.

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judenfrei first post

Creating confusion is one of the most infernal tricks of the synagogue of satan.

found this gem looking for pic related

Sure, I believe that.

More proofs that we elected slightly less cucked cuckservatives. Ban weed, because some jews said it's bad and hollyjew told the goyjim its bad in their (((motion pictures)))

(((Lets ban all almost harmless substances, and promte hard drugs like alcohol and opioids instead! Cause'… …Muh traditions goyjim?)))

Good luck. There's no stopping the weed train at this point. Too many people have decided it's ok to use marijuana.

my god that thing jewish

hopefully it's just bs but the announcement is coming today

it's a literal plant no middle man fermenting or extracting it would be incredibly incredibly STUPID for the DOJ to go after the stoners before the cannibalistic baby rapers

Good goy, now take your (((pills))), smoke your (((tobbaco))) and drink your (((booze))). Maybe take a (((shot))) in the arm as well while we are at it?

I wasn't saying I was against it. I was saying that most of American society at this point is largely in favor of marijuana use.

I figured that's what you meant

Yeah, sarcasm is hard through text. But on your point, the DOJ has a simple reason for busting dispensaries. Cash. They would rather make the black market money on a premium than allow some state dispensary to rake in the money.

I gave in to roommate pressure the other week and watched kingman golden circle and this is exactly the plot. The alcohol empire vs. all illegal drugs. Please don't watch it though its a terribly cheesy movie.

My post at is relevant here as well.

makes sense


lol it was the only argument I had against it

As someone who was MAGA RWDS all through 2015/2016, I'll vote for fucking sHillary next election against Trump if he does something this stupid. It would tell me he is either dumber than I thought or he has less control of his administration than he lets on in his public messaging.

I'd vote sHillary because of two things: we already know she's bad, and because I'd rather have Holla Forums on its toes than comfy in a false Trump-wall dreamland!

Sessions is such a disappointment. What a Keebler elf cuck


You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. Sure, if you grow your own. Ever hear about "Grit-Weed" go look it up. Basically it's what happens when nigger get so desperate they dip their weed in powdered glass in order to add weight to it on the scale. They can also do this in a variety of ways, sometimes with micro-grit and flushing. Do you know how bad that is on your lungs? Horrible and irreversable. I'm not complaining though because most of the people smoking weed are obviously niggers. Decent whites need to stay away from it to preserve your genes to pass down. Also to preserve your intelligence to get ahead of the kikes. If you really want to partake occasionally though to chill out, I get it, grow your own. I'd stick with edibles though as they won't fuck up your lungs.

On the other hand, go ahead and make some grit-weed, go sell it to Jamal and Tyrone. That's probably what Israel is planning on doing soon anyway, why do you think they're investing in it?

Sure he won't recuse himself on this one?

Oh yeah, not to mention Grit-weed is more prevalent in Europe. Wonder why. (Probably because the jihadis know it's a viable vector)

shitskins will destroy anything
go figure the jihadis are doing that in europe i mean they can get away with literal rape and murder so no surprises there
seriously dont smoke glass dipped plants of any kind

also if you're buying weed from niggers kill yourself immediately

Remember, fags: down the road, not across the street!

Wasting so much time and effort over some dumb asses smoking herbs and completely ignoring the child raping elite.

Sessions was a mistake.

Fuckoff. Opioids and hard substances are destroying the northeast because idiots like you can't fix drug laws. Legalizing weed will prevent more people from OD'ing on the street.

The current situation of "it's schedule 1 like heroin but we're just not gonna prosecute it lol" is retarded and unsustainable though, it makes a mockery of federal law. It's especially ridiculous since pharma packaged THC (dronabinol) is schedule 3. Ultimately DUDE WEED needs to be rescheduled to match that, and Sessions forcing the issue like this is probably a step in that direction, given that most Americans believe it should be legal.

Really? Well I had already lost any confidence in this manlet, but that's some completely detached from reality shit.


I'll wait until he clarifies it. If not, then it's bullshit "muh anonymous sources" news.

Sessions is crashing the Trump admin with no survivors.

and now
RIP Trump movement

Bush III incoming

Sessions proves himself once again a scumbag nigger jew kike. I hope Donald Trump personally kicks the fucking shit out of this old cunt bitch.

As long as alcohol and cigarettes are legal, pot should be too. All drugs really.

ill check the digits but the premise is fucked namely because allowing states to decide is in line with the constitution (hahaha i know right?) and the drug scheduling comes from united nations policies and a mixture of our own domestic policies recognizing the UN's drug scheduling

As it stands currently it's a mockery. If they enforce, it becomes a tragedy and a lost election.

By doing what California has done, it must end in either one of two scenarios: California gets BTFO in courts and capitulates, or California uses its national guard to tell the feds to get out and tell its citizens to quit sending federal income taxes in because they can't arrest all 15+ million tax evaders.

It was a shame Lincoln won. This country was in trouble when the Articles of Confederation were superseded by a more tightly binding arrangement. The busy-bodies will always push forward until you're at the point where Comrade comes and tells you to shit, and you better squat and turn cherry red lest you get put up against a wall and widowmakered.

I guess I'll dust off my weed hat. Literally the only thing I've ever marched for was marijuana freedom. I WILL die on this hill if need be. I WILL NOT tolerate a country where people can be imprisoned for taking a mild drug.

California's next step is to draft a petition for the state to create and administer a cryptocurrency token system, which California State could then encourage the use of. If California wants to ignore immigration bad thing and drug laws good thing, then it should also begin ignoring the ban on State-issued money in a process of becoming less dependent on the federal purse.

I'd rather not ban weed either(let the pothead faggots waste their money and render themselves impotent), but this is a positively retarded take. The idea that Jews have been demonizing weed use is stupid beyond words.

Yeah, I'm just saying that this huge conflict between idiotic federal law and what Americans believe has to be confronted before it can be fixed, the Obama policy of ignoring it was just kicking the can down the road. In that respect Jeff "Reefer Madness was an accurate documentary" Sessions is probably going to be a good thing in the end.

Trump is on record as being for medical marijuana, so I doubt it will come to that.


It's always minorities, mixed-raced Americans, and kikes that smoke weed. Fuck them all. Federal law trumps state law. It's illegal in all 50 states. Hopefully blue states will refuse to comply and they will use that to cut all Federal funding to them.

Inefficient as fuck. Too many places for air to enter leaving you with a weak ass hit and you burn half your weed just for that. Should have designed it to use a single bowl and branch off into the different "candles."
Fucking hebes. This is what happens when they attempt creativity. Dildos and broken bongs.

pic related, the post.

point taken

I made a three-bowl metal pipe years ago, had to hit it like a clarinet or recorder by plugging two bowls and hitting the third.

user, think for a moment. Kikes play both sides like they always do. They push for marijuana prohibition to rake in money from the global black market with the help of the CIA, and at the same time push for legalization so they can profit from the up and coming businesses in the US. Not to mention Israel itself has been researching marijuana pretty much since they became a country.


I know many white people (not kikes) who smoke weed. I don't deny that kikes disproportionately smoke weed, but your post is retarded.

Using it and talking about it loudly are different things.

great point if it had a decentralized branching distribution system for multiple individuals to toke at once it might work

There's a PotCoin, so why not a CaliforniaCoin? We have to be on the cusp of a blockchain distributed 'crypto-governance' system! Maybe California could fund its development so it could be the first state… or nation… to operate on a blockchain crypto-government system. If CaliforniaCoin funders/developers were smart, it'd be fungible like Monero so if the feds did ever succeed in taking the state/country back over they couldn't hunt down for tax purposes people who transacted with it during that time.

They already accept pesos.

Sources? Not saying it didn't happen, but sounds about as rare as laced cannabis.

Israel has fucked state legislature across the country to make it legal, and are going to grow in large quantities it to leech even more money from the US. Weed is a degenerate habit that will be used to fund Israel. If you have any respect for your white friends, you'd encourage them to stop too.

do the voting machines have a peso slot where you turn it and out pop the votes?


that's not what i meant at all but I know thats what I described

You are retarded if you vote Hillary even though Trump is a dummy.

That's scaremongering, and because you can't go down to CVS or Walgreens and get it OTC in sealed packaging clean and good.

is an argument from such deep stupidity, I only address it to warn others because saving you is a lost cause at this point.

A Holla Forums-approved(tm) milquetoast turncoat is more dangerous than a known monster like sHillary.

Terror in a nigger’s eyes is a pleasurable thing

Honestly, it's like being stuck between a rock and hard spot right now. Trump at this point is just ruining conservatism in general but at the same time Hillary has no problem with camps for adults that don't agree with her.

What a shit situation but I'd still rather go with the turn coat than some satanic bitch with a history of defending rich pedophiles.

Unless the orthodox rabbbis from across town find a way to sneak on my property and steal my crops without getting shot, I don't think my one remaining degeneracy is going to be funding Israel anytime soon. Thanks for playing tho.

Trump's "great" economy could be in trouble. Services sector growth has slowed, the FED is both increasing rates and 'unwinding their portfolio' of debt they obtained over the QEs. Now may not be the time to go "all in" on the stock market, at least not without a strong risk management strategy.

Housing is still overpriced so bad Millennials will not be able to afford it if they didn't have student loans, meaning expect a flood from blue states to red for affordable housing. Auto loans and student loans went through the same no-standards lending craze housing did 15-20 years ago; auto loans don't have the benefit of nondischarge-ability that student loans have, so my current guess is that auto loans imploding could precipitate the next implosion.

checked dubs confirm

Less harmful than alcohol or tobacco. Less harmful than many prescription and over the counter drugs. Prohibition has never worked and only serves to generate revenue for criminals. Rehabilitation for drugs is stigmatized causing less people to seek help which causes greater societal harm. Prison/jail sentences rather than medical treatment cannot possibly do any good. America's justice system and medical care are truly ridiculous. We hand benzodiazepines and opiates like candy with truly severe personal and societal harm not to even touch on psychiatric drugs, but cannabis with a a good safety profile? When hell freezes over.

Awfully convienent how even though very few anons on Holla Forums support dudeweed, this thread is full of faggots screaming about how much drumpf is already a failure, and dudeweed will be the end of him.

it sure is reddit in here today

Here, take these (You)'s and enjoy negation of your downboats.

psst user come here i have to tell you something
we're all in a shithole world and some of us like to smoke plants tobacco weed whatever can help us deal with the shithole and keep digging a way out


No, but you're using it like one.
That was your line, actually.
That's definitely an intellectually honest depiction of the argument in and I salute you for swaying us all to your side.

bootlicker. legalize it, let the chips fall as they may.

OH WOW, it's nothing.


In illegal states, you have to buy from a nigger. That’s why I’m pro-legalization. Tired of giving money to niggers.

Some people try to recuse themselves and get called “asshole”
This never happened to Jeffy Sessions
He could walk down your street and Dems couldn’t not resist recusal
Jefferson Sessions was never called an “asshole”… not in D.C.

Well he was only 5’3”, but Dems could not resist recusal
Jefferson Sessions was never called an “asshole”… not in the swamp

but mine is grown by a hippie white guy who lives in a trailer and literally looks like pic related but I agree stop giving money to niggers

Here comes Jeffy Yen again
With the war on drugs
He’s a recusal machine
He’s gonna do another Bible tease
Well he’s just a swampy guy

lolwut? You must live in the ghetto, or need to get better connects. I know people who have connects mail them top shit from CA/OR/WA, but if that squicks you out, at least find where the "nerd stoners" get their shit they always have good shit. Buying ditchweed from gang niggers and cartel spics is pleb shit.

Gotta peddle (((pills))) to the goyjim somehow

I’m not getting weed in the fucking mail. Are you out of your mind?

Honestly rather deal with a nigger than a soy cuck.

Sounds like they took the sherm sticks and made an urban legend out of it.

I don't care if the President doesn't touch your DUDE LMAO. You deserve to vote against him anyway, faggot.

We will kill all degenerates.

It's insanely common, but nerve-wracking. I was nervous my first time too.

Enjoy your 6-7% THC scagweed that tastes like shit, while those soycucks are enjoying 25-30% shit that is smooth as fuck. They're faggots, but they got good shit.

just imagine

We will kill all degenerates. No one is falling for your absolute bullshit.

So what if shamanistic tradition has employed the use of psychoactive substances since time immemorial? user likes to roleplay on the internet that he's one of the big boy natsocs and not just an accidental recruit of memes he doesn't understand, we're all supposed to be terrified of his mixie manlet ass now.

Bullshit. Numbing your senses so you can tolerate the shithole doesn't motivate you to escape the shithole.

Pretty sure that some of our ancestors also ate this in confusion for another edible mushroom species.


you're right it's not my motivation and it shouldnt be used as motivation
like in world war 1 when they gave the germans MDA so they wouldnt blow their heads off in the trenches

very good point

No it doesn't you retard, the federal government shouldn't be meddling in state affairs unless its a trade between states.

You can't kill nature. There will always be drugs and people that want to explore. I am not endorsing drug use as most abuse rather than use them as tools or medicine in present times because we have lost a significant portion of our spirituality with that side of drug use.

"Do drugs bro"
"Talk to aliens bro"
"Joe Rogan and Bill Hixx and Terrance McCenna bro"
Esoteric occult mysterious alien no fap bro

"You're enlightened now bro"

Holla Forums is shit now

A supreme court decision in the 1940s laid that one to rest.

>Have huge tax on tomatoes grown for saleinterstate commerce

One of the fucking kikiest SC decisions ever.

If it's not an amendment, it's not legal.
We fought a war over this shit.

And the outcome of that war is:
The feds can do whatever they can twist the surpreme court into approving.

This stupid faggot can't put a corrupt politician in jail but wants to lock people up for using a plant.


Yeah, you said ‘made civilization’, so thanks for playing. You lost.

"I'm a berserker viking now because I eat mushrooms in my video game and anime bedroom I call my temple of the mind, bro!"
Evola bro

Would you care to weigh in on just how little you weigh and how little you are? We haven't settled up yet, my compatriot of indeterminate racial composition.

Reported for supporting degeneracy.

I smell a romeaboo..

Still doesn't make it right

Glad to finally see some pushback against the DUDEWEED LMAO lobby. Strange time to go for it, but I'll take it. Let's hope we can end this garbage before it consumes the lives of even more good aryan men and women.


Piss off kike, someone post the Goebbels purity cap

R-reported? Now that's got me quaking, dwarf. Here I thought I was going to be executed for disagreeing with you by the RWDS in the night, but if I'm dealing with hotpockets I'm going to have to dip real fucking quick.

This one?

You garbage bag wearing normie. You sucked all those DARE dicks like a good SoyGoy didn't you? Bet you jerked off to antibullying campaigns while being a bully yourself too.

Oy vey! Smoke the herbal jew like a good go- I mean guy! But by all means, go vote for hillary, she's sure to protect your dudeweeds. You'd commit every white on the planet to a fate worse than death just for your next hit, this is why we stand against you and the poison you push.

Yes! thank you user. Been looking for it.

No one said to do drugs. No one said to use them to talk to aliens. What do those people have to do with anything? What does that string of word intended to get across? No one I know of claims drug use alone can bring enlightenment just suggesting they can aid you own your way as tools if used properly.

Try posting better content then perhaps it will inspire others. At the very least something coherent.

if you're going to use it don't abuse it
I'm sure if someone was drunk enough they'd vote for hillary

OK, so when is he going to start prosecuting Hillary?
Uranium One?
Top Sectret documents on an unsecured computer?


WTF are you doing fucker?

he's fucking garbage

Sounds like an attempt to back stab Trump backing making him lose points with stoners.

It's never going to happen. There is literally an army of rat kikes protecting her.


The quote in question was in reference to the Vikings not himself.

At least that's a more reasonable stance. Personally, I've seen this shit ruin the lives of too many fellow whites who would have otherwise great assets to reclaiming our homelands. Weed seems almost unique, or at least in the same category as crack in the way it absolutely consumes the lives of the people who use it. Considering the threat is poses, I just don't see it as beneficial to inflict on our people though. Any and all substance abuse needs to be fought, but the dudeweed war is still fresh and ongoing, we nip this thing in the bud if we strike it now, but if we let it establish itself any more than it already has the damage is going to be beyond imagining.

In any event, the rare man able to stay functional while under the effects of this loathsome drug is going to be able to continue his habit, legal or not, so it really doesn't harm them to cut off access to idiots and kids.

It's ok to kill faggots now.

This x1000
I don't give a fuck what your opinion of weed is, ignoring the prosecution of Baby Raping Moloch Cabal to sperg out about the devil's lettuce like some boomer fucktard grandma is just a shameful display of his retarded priorities.

This is exactly the kind of milquetoast cuckservative shit I've been warning you fuckers about.

Genuine Reefer Madness tier bullshit you're slinging here, but it's a step up from the super outdated 'If you disagree with me vote for Hillary, as though there's still an opportunity!' you were giving us earlier. Did your supervisor backhand you for your stupidity and encourage you to try harder?

There were people in this very thread openly championing the vote for hillary, but go ahead and pretend that didn't happen.

Pot is easily one of the worst drugs out there, and if you're the quality of person it attracts, that's reason enough to be rid of it. I'm sure you'd love to see our race as cucked as you are, but that isn't going to happen you fucking degenerate.

Of course, prohibition and the War on Drugs have been so successful in reducing drug use!

At the very least it is partially a medical issue yet rehabilitation for drug abuse has never been part of the law and instead it is entirely punishment. I can understand why some want it to be a criminal issue, but until the medical side is addressed it only makes the situation and lives of abusers worse reenforcing their want to use drugs again. Meet it halfway at least with criminal charges and medical treatment so they are less likely to use drugs again.

Pretty much. As that man I can say that many cannot function and become dependent and slothful. While I'm sure some here would call me a degenerate, I live a normal productive life with a job, home, bills, etc and have no issues. Mainly it helps me not want to go full Roof. Once this country is sorted out I'll be happy to quit. The real issue is people's lack of discipline and willpower. If one has these qualities then a little smoke or beer at the end of the day isn't going to effect them. It's the undisciplined normalfags that lack to will to even quit fapping for a week that ruin everything. I don't really care about pot either way as there are much more important problems at hand but Sessions is a fucking idiot cuckservative since this seems to be the only thing he does anything about. I regret voting for him all these years.

Suck-start a shotgun, kike.

I guess you're a sheltered little tryhard faggot who never had to live around meth heads and junkies then.

I have never had to buy from niggers

not even comparable to crack

You genuinely have no idea what you're talking about at all, it's not even close to one of the worst drugs out there. It's the beer of drugs, and not a particularly strong beer at that. I'd put it at fourth resort if I had to give it a personal grading.
If you are overcome by something like weed, I seriously doubt you would fit in that category. I'm not sure whether to tell you to improve your education or to improve your capacity to be educated, but best of luck existing as you are as you will most certainly need it.

It's so he can
you niggers.

No, Holla Forumslacks just don't go around flaunting it because, well, do you have to make a big self congratulatory post like some reddit faggot every time you have a lager with dinner to relax?
The fact that these cannabis threads always turn into huge shitfests on both sides should tell you that there's no clean cut consensus on the issue.

There’s an objective scientific consensus: weed destroys you. That’s why jews are pushing it. Yes, the plants can be ground up and chemically separated to be used in various medicines. SMOKING the shit has zero medicinal benefits and only medical detriments.

If it was about medical use, I think we'd see a real desire about pursuing the extraction of whatever proposed beneficent substances are supposedly in there, rather than what we have, that is loud cries for bong rips. That said, I do agree, treatment is needed to solve addiction, just throwing people into cages isn't going to fix anything in a white society.

That's why I take pretty much the same stance with it as I do gays. If I otherwise wouldn't know about it, it's not really a problem, at least not one worth chasing down with everything burning down around us. The problem is the culture that's sprung up around it, more than anything else really. Keep it out of the public eye, and away from the people living without it, and it really only becomes your own personal problem rather than society's.

Amphetamine and opioid at least kill them off, solving the problem eventually. Potheads linger on for decades. Not to mention tend to be graphic enough that the scene scares off most ordinary people. Pot's harmless facade does a lot to draw in people who would have otherwise stayed clear.

It's a drug that makes you act like a nigger. Justify to me how this is in any way beneficial.

what happened to indefinite detainment for no cause or reason under the NDAA?


You faggot kikes and your weed pushing is sickening. Kill yourselves already.


The fuck kind of kike wordplay is this supposed to be?


I am not going to work from your false premise, it does not necessarily do any such thing. Misuse by weak minds like your own might produce such a result however, that would not surprise me at all.

I honestly thought that was a faggoty-ass reddit-tier shoop. But fuck no, it's real.

I know how this goes

>>>Holla Forums
In that order.

Not an argument. I bet you think that race doesn’t exist because global warming is fake, right? Reported.

Get smoked nerd.

It destroys your life rather than killing you. Though, the risk of cancer there, so there's always hope.

Tell me then, what good does it do? What beneficial qualities is it imparting? Does a productive white culture benefit from it's introduction into wider society? If so, how?

More empty kike fear mongering.

They'll never answer that.

Explain to me how the kikes benefit from banning weed. As far as I can tell, they're the main investor in the legalisation movement and are posed to make money hand over fist from this. Since you're involved in the subculture perhaps you can point me to information explaining otherwise.

And the leftist exposes himself by being neurologically incapable of separating subjectivity from objectivity! How about that.
Link proves you wrong.

No, keep digging that hole deeper. You’re starting to bury yourself.

So these are the kind of retards Holla Forums has left since the mods banned all the people who read books, huh.

I think it's time to stop kidding ourselves with marijuana too. It has to stop.
It's sedating our countries.

It wasn't illegal until the early 20th century. What about all the white societies before that? Sure some banned it, but a lot did not.

I will agree with you on that. Self proclaimed "stoners" or "potheads" are insufferable faggots that tend to become left leaning parasitic refuse.

So the kikes legalised weed, to ban it, so they could make more money from selling aspirin? Do you have links to any articles going further into depth on this theory? What about the main investors behind the growing pot industry in the western United States, what do the demographics looks like there?

Cocaine was legal and readily available throughout the 19th century as well, as was opium in various forms. Would you argue either of those was a net gain for our people?

Weed grows wild like dandelions in israel. The only thing I would tolerate the legalisation of weed for would be to use it for fibres. Pot head faggots can get thrown from helicopters for all I care.

Yeah and it was the domain of shiftless, skid-row niggers then too. Now we get millionaire niggers and media kikes promoting it along with fucking state governments sanctioning it.

Hemp fibers are pretty shit for anything other than rope and there are better plants for that. I'd love to see a revitalization of flax for linen though. As far as textiles go, it's hard to get more European than linen and it feels fucking amazing against the skin.

When used in a strict medicinal capacity: A resounding yes.

Could you expand on how it ruined their lives?
That is a fairly drastic comparison, but I understand why you would say that. Cannabis is generally regarded as safe or safer than many drugs. Cannabis has thousands of years of use with a great deal of history and culture (not this modern stoner bullshit). Many people in recent times saw it as a way of rebellion and an easy way to find connection and identity as young adults who are struggling.
There are benefits (and negatives which mostly are a result from abuse and mental health issues) though. It isn't benign by any means, but there are much worse things we consume that are legal which need to be addressed. The focus on cannabis is extreme when there are far greater issues. I simply don't see the effort being beneficial when the attention could be applied to much more serious issues.
I agree that abuse of any kind should be treated, but it is not an entirely criminal issue. There is a medical side that needs addressed or nothing will change. The War on Drugs is hardly fresh and it has been a complete failure. You cannot fight nature and people will always seek out way to feel different be it through drugs, sex, or even media. Prohibition has shown itself to be ineffective and detrimental. Education and medical treatment can do the most good, though I do see why criminal charges could be needed in some circumstances.
Most of your low level criminals and children are idiots that get it from the black market and you're back to the fact that prohibition doesn't work.

Hurr durr
You dumb faggot, was I defending that? Disgusting weed addled kike.

It depends on the user and the context of its use, though it generally has a calming effect or mood/sensation enhancing effect which is typically one of the main draws for recreational use similar to the use of alcohol. Used in a similar manner during a productive European's downtime it can aid in relaxation and potentially be less detrimental to overall health than alcohol assuming a reasonable consumption (esp. if done via a means other than smoking) which is generally the hallmark of use vs. abuse with either.
As a psychoactive it provides alternative perspectives on essentially any experience or thought, coupled with varying the context and the individual it can be useful for introspection or meditative ends. This is more of a footnote compared to the relaxation/socialization aspects you see it used for everywhere, as I said it's the beer of drugs. I want to make note of this though, a small perspective shift can have serious implications no matter its source, and this is one of many potential sources. Usually this is wasted on most people, but most things are wasted on most people.

Ebin shitpost.

No, but not a net loss either. Sure, you'll lose some to addiction, but isn't that part of Darwinism and strong surviving and shit?

It was "ok " when you had a strong moral and cultural bedrock to guard against sliding too far down the hole. Now, it's been decades of tearing those bedrocks apart, so now it's fucked.

Also as notes, it was shitskins and shitty whites, so what's the problem? Is it that the culture has made its way "up" to the middle class and above? Well you ARE gonna lose about half a generation right off because of that shit, but we talk about DOTR and "culling" the weak, what if the results after a few years is the strong whites are stronger, and the shitty ones are corralled into their ghettos with the niggers, like it used to be?

holy shit being sober must be a helluva drug because I didn't say that.

a little thing called hemp rope and hemp paper that was owned by rich non jews

the water is full of hardcore sedatives like estrogen and lithium and Hexafluorosilicic acid not saying 2 wrongs make a right but focus on the weaponised chemically produced forced additives to your food and water first please then worry about something voluntary
attempting to post this for hundredth time without images


What are the medical uses for cocaine? Although I'll agree opioids did a lot for medicine at the time, I'm really left to wonder if the ills they've caused since are really worth it as an even trade. That said, you'd agree about THC being equally regulated then?

local anesthetic and combat stimulant

Topical numbing agent

Time for you to go back to reddit.

It has already been done. Look into CBD and various other isolated cannabinoids and terpenes. They have removed all of the THC and there is zero high. Legal in all 50 states.

oh reuben

for the record thc is a cannabinoid

Well, it does make them lazy and less productive. But it also tends to bring them into social circles where negative behaviours are reinforced. The bad influences there then go on to impact them outside of those circles, as no using friends find themselves pushed to away. This leaves them isolated, engaging in dangerous behaviours, and this usually leads to depression or anxiety disorders which in turn leaves them in an inescapable situation working nightshifts at Denny's to fund their habit to stay tight with the few people who still talk to them.

The lifestyle changes it inflicts are of similar caliber I think, so it's not an unfair comparison.
This I consider one of the more dangerous aspects of it. A lot of people turn to the drug thinking it harmless due to it's highly favourable media depiction.
But that doesn't mean we should open the gates to it either.

what you are describing user is abuse the same thing happens with beer

I don’t listen to drug addicts, Shlomo. But you know what? Hopefully every degenerate thing will be legal eventually, so between crime and od’ing, your sub human kind will be eradicated.

Have you have never heard of prescription amphetamines and opiate abusers? They too linger on for decades.

Anesthetic, mostly.

Yeah, but the catch is that we don't know how cannabinoids interact and the psychoactive cannabinoids still have medicinal value.

Only pathetic cowards say that a drug ruined their friends life. Real men accept the truth that their friend just made bad choices.

Blaming the substance is what women do.

There are far less harmful drugs that can be used to calm. In particular I've been hearing great things about Kava in former potheads and alcoholics. I won't say that's safe either, but it certainly warrants a look. I'll agree certain drugs used responsibly can be relatively benign and aid in downtime, but I think the abuse potential for pot is too high to consider it valid for that purpose, at least among the general population.

It's a loss in that this doesn't have to happen to begin with. It will probably always exist on the fringes of society, and if so it's best that it stays there rather than receive any kind of implicit nod by general society.

Hemp paper is a meme. And hemp rope can be made from plants other than pot.

I don't think you'd argue that there are far better options for that though.

I never claimed otherwise. Why would I know about the isolation of cannabinoids, but not know that main component isn't?

Now that's chutzpah.

It actually works incredibly well.

Nigger what?

I think substance abuse is something we need to take a more serious stance on in general. But pot in particular has a very high abuse potential, just looking at the culture surrounding it, it'd be like pushing frat bro keggers as normal drinking habits.

Dealing with the issue of alcohol abuse is going to be an enormous undertaking. I'm not someone who overlooks that. But I do hope we can handle pot before it becomes an equally difficult thing to contain.

Poor phrasing on my part, really. But strains of the plant with no meaningful THC content are usually used for rope making. Though I suppose you're starting to see it done as a by product of drug production now.

For normal everyday use? It's the first thing doctors reach for? Is the cream still psychoactive? I really don't know much on the topic of cocaine as an anaesthetic really so I'm asking in earnest.

Trump is embarrassingly inept. Good luck with RAISE after he already gave McConnell his donor tax cuts. I loved Trump’s campaign, but he surrounded himself with neocons and picking Sessions as his AG was his undoing. The entire Mueller investigation happened because Sessions casually recused himself for no reason.

So you admit pot is not an eaual problem to alcohol. Alcohol being worse. Yet you jerk your pecker to the beat of the anti-weed drum. You're either payed, or you're confused.

Browsing Holla Forums has no medicinal benefit either. What’s your point?

You're putting words in my mouth. I never said that.

Most people using alcohol do so responsibly, I see no reason for total prohibition of alcohol. But I do understand alcohol abuse is a serious problem.

Well, it does make them lazy and less productive. But it also tends to bring them into social circles where negative behaviours are reinforced. The bad influences there then go on to impact them outside of those circles, as no using friends find themselves pushed to away. This leaves them isolated, engaging in dangerous behaviours, and this usually leads to depression or anxiety disorders which in turn leaves them in an inescapable situation working nightshifts at Denny's to fund their habit to stay tight with the few people who still talk to them.
That same description could be applied to abuse of anything. It isn't exclusive to drugs.
It is an unfair comparison. A cannabis abuser might spend a good deal of money on cannabis, but no one is out there robbing people and selling their body for solely cannabis, unlike crack.
I agree. Any drug needs to be respected and the user needs to be educated if you're going to put it into your. Drug education is non existent though and as you said that coupled with its promotion leads to exactly the problems we see today. Children shouldn't be having sex, but abstinence only education does not reflect the real world.
I agree. It should be regulated.

I didn't realize I was talking to a deluded person until this moment. I'll pray your mind finds the healing it needs.

Kill yourself you retarded faggot.

I've been drinking for 15 years and have been employed the entire time. You anti-alcohol people are the worst. Just because you turn into an alcoholic and end up in detox doesn't mean everyone else does.

I don't think he ever said most irresponsible alcohol consumption is done by the unemployed.

Just get a vaporizer like the Magic Flight Launch Box.

Its like you completely ignored that user's post youre responding to, completely.

You are not among friends here.

The real reason Jews are cracking down on Cannabis is to control the risk it poses to the pharmaceutical industry and its monopolization on narcotics and anti-cancer snake oil.

What's your definition of "abusing"? Drinking a glass of wine with a mean? Getting a buzz every day after work is abuse? Getting shitfaced drunk? Or do you just have to never do alcohol to never be an abuser?

How can we ever know if research is severely limited? Still many of them have been studied and we do know interactions. Indeed there are psychoactive cannabinoids which have medicinal potential, but many who are against cannabis are adamant that any alteration of the mind in unacceptable despite possible benefits. If there is something specific about interaction such as binding affinities or toxicology I can try to follow up on this.

I think you need a bong rip user. You seem ass ravaged for some reason.

Plenty of us are high and make lots of money doing important things.

He will be one of them moralfags who says no alcohol at all, zero tolerance, while he goose steps LARPing hard as can be to his bedroom, shouting demands for more tendies.

Pic related is what you boot lickers sound like. Leave it to the states, let burn outs be burn outs and let normal people have a good time once in awhile.


The fuck is wrong with you faggots today? Falling over yourselves over an "anonymous report" bullshit.

It makes me fucking mad that he goes after the pot but not after the IRS over the tea party,and not after Clinton over the uranium.

Legalize cocaine tbh.

I thought it was because they wanted to push it as snake oil of their own instead of letting stoners throw it about freely.

It is hepatotoxic and act on the GABA receptors like benzodiazipines which are extremely addictive. Cannabis won't damage organs if used in a safe ROA such as eating. It also won't cause severe addiction that can lead to death. GABA drugs have the potential to kill from their withdrawal whereas 99% of other drugs might make you feel like shit, but won't kill you unless they're outright poison that cause severe organ damage.
No it can't. Hemp is cannabis with less that

>>(((good time)))
Only kikes need that filth to "have a good time". In fact, "having a good time" is civnat faggots do while filming based Tyrone plowing there red pilled cam sluts. Stop fucking around, we got impossible standards to uphold.

come on… this is just too obvious

Shitfaced drunk, a buzz every day is edging near though - depending on how much buzz we're talking. The former is a genuine health concern and cause of most alcohol related deaths, the latter is just slightly worrisome to me. None of this matters though as I'm not the one you were talking to nor was I suggesting you to be an abuser, only saying that merely being employed does not exclude one from abusing alcohol.

Wrong, and if you peruse my posts you'd see how spectacularly. Apply yourself.

80d996 appears to be pic related.

Them kikes in Hollyjew would be envious of that level of projection.

user you really went into detail there didn't you?

Did you know that Joseph Goebbels himself thinks that you are a retarded tryhard newfag?

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"

I am happy to see Jeff Sessions throwing drug degenerates in jail, where they belong.

Git gassed

Hemlock is a fucking plant too, go eat some.

Trump has spoken out against opioid abuse multiple times, hopefully he finds a way to ban that and alcohol too.

Pot smokers need to be rescheduled to go into an oven.

Go ahead and die.

Yes. It being less harmful than a lot of shit that we should ban too is not an argument for legalizing weed. It's an argument for banning alcohol and tobacco.

Tolerating people's mistakes occasionally does not mean that we should overlook them.

Please get cancer and try this.

About 4 of those 10 girls are qt, wud kiss.

The kind of people who are vehemently against psychedelics are without exception the most foolish and unaware members of society. Psychedelics have been a friend to humanity for thousands of years.

Here's one out of pity, because you tried that hard.

found the jew




Found the Muslim.

You didn't even try to refute any of the rest of the post and missed the point. If more harmful drugs are legal then why is a less harmful one illegal? What of over the counter and prescription drugs? Where is your line or acceptable drug use?


I don't smoke weed, faggot.


Mormons have the right idea with respect to drug use tbh.

t. Jacks off everyday

i unironically want you to kill yourself you plant-addicted hollow waste of flesh.

Git fucked Al Ahmed Shekelberg

t. Addicted to mind-killing drugs and will desperately defend it

The kind of people against it are NPC tier humans who are totally invested in the story that their TV sold them about what a human should be. Muh job muh identity muh social status. Opiates are the best painkillers. Cannabis fan help reduce seizures for some disorders. It helps chemo patients have an appetite. It has direct and scientifically validated benefit for humanity. Then they go even further and go against hemp as well. Look at the founders of usa and they loved hemp.

You moralfags try too hard to cast your own insecurities on others, like kikes do. Eat a shotgun shell you weak faggot.

whether you're for or against a plant is one matter, another matter is why treason isn't in sessions lexicon
article 3 section 3 clearly states what all of our living presidents have done to our nation is treason
not only that but doesn't cannibalistic pedos tick him off at all? even a little? maybe he is one
anyway I have a new name for him,
Jeff "a-joint-murdered-my-family" Sessions

Lol. Expensing your seed is way, way more destructive. Weed makes you lazy at most, because it hijacks the receptors reserved for post work out pleasure. Jacking off turns you into a sissy nu male with no test, for a ten second release.

Might as well just go right to a zog-approved news outlet for 100% of your information if you are this incapable of thinking for yourself.

Cannabis is a nuanced plant. It works differently according to heritage and the uniqueness of the consuming individual. It is extremely impressive in a large area of pharma rx companies profits but requires almost no production markup.

"Herbal Jew" is some nonsense if anything it hurts their prescription mills badly and would be 100% against their interests monetarily.

420chan has a good thread in /cannabis/ right now talking about all the ways the gubmint in CA is trying to subvert as much as they can from weed money back to the sick machine they live off of.

I would really, really love to see someone succinctly spell out how weed itself is inherently degenerate-producing. Please and thank you to remember teen use is declining in legal states.

This place, and every other NatSoc forum, was clearly bought up by Jews. Fuck weed, fuck alcohol. Work out, read, and drink water. If you disagree, fuck you.

Ignoring the fact that they're a cult. Could they receive cancer treatments even though they injury the body? I don't know their beliefs on medicine.

Can you tell me more about Holla Forums in 2009?

We've heard all this before, nigger.

t. dataminer


Yeah, it was originally called /new/. I know that, /new/ hasn't been relevant since 2011.

t. Retard from reddit caught on a lie.
Reported for intl.



Also learn how IDs work rabbi

You may have heard it, but failed to listen. Just because you have an addictive personality doesnt mean everyone else does.

Reported for Intl.

Sup /leftyniggers/, mad about dudeweed it seems.

Literally every single time a weed thread comes up its a giant shit flinging fest. Moralfags completely show their rigid mentalities, weed people try to reason with moralfags, moralfags fag it up double time.

You have to go >>>Holla Forums ack



Idiots like you is why "moralfags" think everyone that smokes weed is an idiot.


user I think you meant know.

Attitudes like yours are what cause earlobe spacing, dumbass.

If you ever have children they will probably turn out to be degenerate family-hating relativists the way you try and push empty rhetoric.

Well, if you moralfags would stop being such faggots, maybe the idea of moralfag wouldnt have ever taken off. But, as your post shows, you moralfags cant help but be gigantic faggots who want to shit everything up for some arbitrary meter of degeneracy. Ultimately what you faggots consider degenerate comes down to shit you personally dont like.

SO go fuck off you Judaism 2.0 lackey.

What the fuck happened to Holla Forums? Half of this thread reads like a bunch of Plebbit shit.


Moralfags about weed are the fucking worst. I don't see any of you out raging against alcohol or hard pharma drugs which are PROVEN to be way worse than weed.

Gas yourself you fucking bootlicker.

Half these moralfags probably got their asses kicked by the stoners back in HS (probably last week, judging by the quality of their posts), so they project hard while crying ass blasted tears on their keyboard while shitposting.

Kek, the commies can't even help but capitalize their ideological roots

Holla Forums always gets involved in dudeweed threads.

Nice IP hop, you fucking commie.

The election happened. We are stuck with these plebbit trumpcucks now.

>Implying Holla Forums remotely supports (((big pherma)))

lol fuck off nigger. Go smoke your weed somewhere else.

B-but muh dejennerusee!

It's just a word filter, I meant r3dd1t spacing

This isn't an argument, and I used to smoke weed in high school 15 years ago. I've been there and done that. It's shit and turns you into a lazy faggot with anxiety.

KYS you tryhard kike. You dont fit in.

But that's you, Holla Forums

Of course Holla Forums supports alcohol, because Holla Forums knows feminists were the first ones to outlaw rotten fruit juice, so the mafia came in brewed it, and gained influence.

>the I SPEAK FOR Holla Forums meme

No rebuttals, just name calling. Neck yourself.

Yes user, Holla Forums is one person.

Hence why the goy must be enticed into the herbal jew

/new/ didn't exist until 2010 or at least I can't remember it existing or find it. Either way you should calm down.

What this thread is devolving into is essentially moralfags claiming Holla Forums is one person, like they always do in their moralfag manner.

Go fuck yourself, you Libertarian cocksucker

Ok let me fix that then

This is what moralfaggotry produces lads.

You've ignored the underlying tenet of my first post and that is that none of you can succinctly say how enjoying cannabis be it for pleasure or medicine makes one turn into a degenerate.

You will probably continue to ignore it because you have no argument other than empty and reaching assumptions about the plant and vain allusions to it being a component of counter-culture.

"Reaching" is too good to describe how shitty your argument goes. "Dumb as fuck and blatantly immature" might be better.

You'll never be white.

Nice try faggot. Go push the pharma agenda elsewhere.

So yeah, you said exactly that. Eat shit.

Poo in it bro, poo in it

Look at all those citations, kike.

Alcohol is absolutely degenerate and more self-destructive than marijuana. (((Big pharma))) is run by kikes so obviously it goes in the oven. So you see there is double standard here. Holla Forums is against all form of degeneracy and kikery implying there's a difference

No weed, no alcohol, no big pharma. It's simple.

Poo in it

nice try you first

Is no double standard, rather

When did I say anything about permanent addiction? What I am saying is that when you are on weed you have a whole bunch of psychological disorders, most of which have been normalized by kikes, like being lazy all of the time, having anxiety, getting paranoid etc… The only option is to quit like I did 5 years ago. It was the best thing I could ever do. I would recommend it. If you still must do drugs, do hallucinogens every once in a while.

You see, moderation (except in the case of big pharma, which is designed to cause addiction) is something this "Holla Forums is one person" entity fails to consider. That is why weed threads turn into shit almost immediately.

Cool astroturfing you Like cocksucker. Terms like "bootlicker" are Libertarian, and you can go back to >>>/liberty/ instead of trying to D&C here. Marijewana cause permanent brain damage. Do you ever wonder why every nigger around smokes it, and why it's being pushed? (((Who))) runs everything in the US? It's clear that the jews want a docile got population.

You're clearly in highschool, and it's good you found Holla Forums, but lurk moar and try to connect the dots.

All these butthurt drug addicts on Holla Forums…

Did you poo in it Pajeet?

Yeah man prohibition on alcohol worked so well and weed prohibition is working so well. But I'm sure you have a magical plan that will make all the problems with prohibition go away and can justify the obscene waste of money that it is. Making everyone out to be comminists because they don't agree with your retarded ass just makes you look like a fucking moron.

They're either high school kids or JIDF

Making broad statements that imply people and their unique physiological differences are irrelevant because "fuck yeah and btw do some shrooms or L If you really must"


Almost as fucking dumb as saying ban booze ban weed puritarianism and all that goes with it.


They are Nietzsche's "last man". They are basically bugmen.

You can't be a pot-smoking nigger in moderation. Weed threads turn to shit because they're instantly flooded by butthurt Holla Forums commies who are forever paranoid that their stash is in danger.



typing like this


you a


It's funnny how the drug addicts are the ones with facts and arguments backing them up and all you can do is call them names.

Ergo you are more retarded than drug addicts.

Yeah, but how will you ban rotten fruit juice, exactly? Besides, alcohol, unlike other drugs, doesn't hijack your receptors = rewires your brain, it's more of a poison, but a relatively harmless one in small quantities. I don't drunk, but it'd be a hypocrite to deny a man a drink, especially since its so embedded into European lad culture.
Why? Some of the greatest men of the 20th century tripped balls on a regular, ahem.

Anything that results in more niggers and leftists dead or in jail is fine by me

I do. I call it the Duterte Method.

More like there is a sizable contingent who are on Holla Forums who arent rigid faggots who think only in black and white on all issues. Guys like you think weed = niggers. Thats some fuckin pleb-tier refer madness ripoff faggotry, and you know it.

I dont even smoke weed anymore, but I loathe moralfaggotry when its done with the sole intent to shut down conversation. Holla Forums wasnt always like that.

No shit so does alcohol. And I'd rather be couch locked than nauseated and talking out of my ass. And because of this, we should still be pouring our tax dollars into trying to bust people for doing something they'd do anyway? We're spending fuckloads of cash on busting up grow operations and do you think it decreases use among users in the slightest?

You first Jose

wew. Come on Holla Forums, it's no fun if you don't even try

Addicts will do anything to justify their addictions. They will get the rope when the time comes

I don't know much about microdosing but I know a lot of hipster fags in Silicon Valley microdose LSD and look what they are doing to our country now…

I'm talking about going into the forest once a month and taking some shrooms to reflect on your life. I used to do that but quit because after I did it for a year or so I didn't need to do it anymore.


Indeed people will do it anyway which is why it should be regulated instead of a black market. Places that have legalized cannabis have shown a reduction in use in the teenage group which is when cannabis can have its most negative side effects while they're still developing. Portugal which has decriminalized drugs and instead treats it as a medical problem not a criminal has seen all of its drug use reduced by half.

It’s funny how you’re going to be killed right alongside them, you fucking degenerate.


this. i know a shiton abought the occult metaphysics, faggots you have a 3rd eye yes pineal dmt psychedelics, you idiot it runs your hormones, yes its spritual but your soul in your solar plexus also the mine. the pineal is not the only spiritual thing you have faggot joe rogan stoners

Literal tinpot dictator tier. Wew.

You’re fooling no one.

Dubs confirm, you are a kiddie fucker.


Alcohol is something you do after work to relax, unless you're a full blown alcoholic. Weed is something most people do all fucking day. I live in Colorado, I witness it for myself everyday. If weed becomes legalized nationwide, this entire country will be turned into mindless zombies who suck kike cock.

The difference between alcohol and weed is, if you get addicted to alcohol you usually end up passed out in a ditch and are sent to detox. If you get addicted to weed you just stay awake and can be a retard all day, every day.

Well done on proving the point knuckle draggers.

Wew lad, grasping at straws.

you're literally comparing
with drinking a beer

You are not in Holla Forums now faggot

Words are now communist terminology. Good to know what level of intellect Im dealing with when dealing with you.

Actually I'm… well, a drug user (mostly a bowl or joint after work). Part of the online community and everything. I've gotten to know a few heads from the Philippines. After all the leftist retards ask them, "AREN'T YOU SCARED OF FLIP HITLER??? DUDEWEEDLMAO!" they've all calmly explained that they support Duterte. That Duterte is about taking out corruption, (drug-dealing) gangs, and targeting heroin, coke, meth, etc.

If you're a functioning adult that occasionally does something recreational it's a non-issue since you're a functioning adult. The problem with weed is stoners and hippies, not the drug itself.

All issues are only black and white. Most can be solved with a firing squad.

Dammit Holla Forums, you're supposed to pretend you aren't a communist. Try it fit in, you know? I can't take pleasure from exposing you when you go and expose yourself like that.

This, it's similar to the Bannon news that the Judenpresse is bandying about now.

Because hes projecting, and projecting HARD

There is no point in arguing with degenerates. You will all get the rope


It leaves you just functional enough to not die. Literal zombie tier.

Welcome to NuPol :) thanks for the 8ch gold kind stranger!


Correlation=/=causation. Take a maths class.

An unregulated market makes it EASIER for children to get their hands on drugs. You are retarded.

You are either a nigger or a leftist. Either way, you do not belong here.

Why are you still trying? It's just sad at this point.

Are you against all drugs in any form or are there some acceptable forms of drug use?

Boy are we dealing with some nigger-tier intelligence from the moralfags ITT

None of them will even touch the fact that it destroys your hormonal production in favor of THC-a activated dopamine releases. Literally ruins people who smoke for more than 4 years.


Thing is, I do belong here. Faggots like you 2 are what have ruined this board. Moralfaggotry is the most effective tried and true D & C method used on this board.

Ok Chaim, now I know you are shilling

His pastor, Reverend Silverstein, told him so


And right here is how I know you're a retard


Sure got some hot opinions there, fagtron. Sam Hyde clearly went over your head, and "no-fap" is supported by science. You stop beating off, your test goes up. Thats good enough reason.
Tits or gtfo is also Holla Forums, not Holla Forums.

Global report, pothead.

Global report, pothead.

Global report, pothead.


Weed is psychologically addictive and it is hard to quit unless you have other drugs to supplement your lack of weed. "Physical addiction" is a meme made up by jewish psychologists.

And niggers. Weed fucks up society so badly that you basically have to throw the baby out with the bathwater. For every "functioning adult" who smokes weed in moderation you have about 10,000 non-functioning adults who don't smoke it in anything even close to moderation, and another 10,000 kids throwing away their future for the chronic. Arguing that weed should be tolerated because a small minority smoke it "responsibly" is like arguing that rapefugees should be tolerated because a small minority of them are nice. Too bad, they all have to go.


In before “it’s just a link so that’s not proof”.

Broken record.

You retards have posted fuck all proof and all you do is call people degenerates.

I'm getting reported for posting facts and arguments to support my position while name calling retards flood the thread. The absolute state of this fucking place.


Go on user…


“Have you used any remedies?” To those who said no because “we wish the Elders to lay hands upon us, and we have faith that we shall be healed,” President Young replied: “That is very inconsistent according to my faith. If we are sick, and ask the Lord to heal us, and to do all for us that is necessary to be done, according to my understanding of the Gospel of salvation, I might as well ask the Lord to cause my wheat and corn to grow, without my plowing the ground and casting in the seed. It appears consistent to me to apply every remedy that comes within the range of my knowledge, and [then] to ask my Father in Heaven … to sanctify that application to the healing of my body.”
-Discourses of Brigham Young, sel. John A. Widtsoe (1954), 163.

tl;dr Faith in healing involves medicine and then prayer.

As an aside old mormonism really hit it on the head with no racemixing (among other things)

Interesting to note is the thought that Israel here is the aryan bloodline of Adam. Similar belief to the New Templars of Adolf Lanz of 1909.

Global report.

yes, imageboards can be psychologically addictive too, same with sex. Same with rocking back and forth like a low functioning autist.


The refugee thing might actually happen is where the two diverge.

shitposting is also psychologically addictive

Any drug that isn't addictive and actually helps people is a-okay, so that rules out 99.99% of everything put out by (((big pharma)))

Would addicts come to a cantonese fish skinning forum just to argue for their hormone disruptor of choice user? :')

Abandon thread guys, global report.


GAS ALL SHITPOSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sarcasm is also psychologically addictive

You are an irredeemable nigger. You will hang on the day of the rope.

At least sage.

alright lets ban this shit

Youre just gonna hang out, at home, in front of your computer, on DOTR. Stop LARPing faggot

Just filter him, it's not worth it.

Yid somewhere else.

Articles from '' hidden behind 200 dollar paywalls

Do not fucking count as scientific evidence.

b-but it cures cancer, my Rabbi told me so

Where I work sent an email informing everyone that just because marijuana was made legal in California(where I live & work) that does not mean company policy towards marijuana has changed. hahah cannafags btfo

He's a paranoid Holla Forums stoner. What do you expect?

Global report, pothead.

It is simply not possible to get medical benefits from cannabis! It isn't like it was used for thousands of years as a medicine and was only recently made prohibited.

You faggots are bitches.


I live in Colorado. All of my co-workers smoke weed all day and my employer doesn't give a shit. Just wait a while.

You didn't even open it kike.

CBD is good for you. THC-A is a hormone disruptor. You can have CBD but not THC.

You're going to be stoned on your couch doing nothing productive and consuming (((junk food))) and (((cartoons))) like a good, passive goy, like you do literally every day, when we come for you with the rope.

do you even know what plant that is?

I smoke weed. And because I smoke weed you make the implication I do it every day which I don't. You then also say that beer is something you enjoy after work when most of us are wagecucking our lives away degree or not and therefore making it look routine. Were you genuinely a zombie when you were high because you probably either never picked up a joint in your life or have been smoking some garbage tier quality. I admit that weed "culture" is absolute cancer when im waiting around the clock for a nigger dealer who passed out and didn't text back letting me know, but then I only see legalization as a benefit knowing that the nigger will eat tommorow anyway because consumerism doesnt go into full effect and he can be as lazy as he wants and still makes sales. If the baddass lazy hippie aesthetic from the 60's is washed away when legalized wouldn't that be beneficial? I mean before prohibition, faggots thought drinking was a degenerate Irish wife beating tonic and if you were granted access to a speakeasy in the 20's you'd think you're the gangster you were hanging out with. Once things become normal again all that retarded noise goes away.

Go smoke some weed and stfu real moon man.

One of your moralfag friends earlier shared his penchant for kiddie fucking earlier. I love seeing you Judaism 2.0 cult member project hard, like your kike rulers.

lel. You're the one with (42) posts, Holla Forums.

You can say global report as many times as you want, all it does is prove that you have no valid point and are trying to silence me for having a different opinion, that is some reddit tier shit.

If you cared to post your same 'scientific paper' in a form that I could access and judge without paying 200 dollars to your shitty website then you might have a leg to stand on.

Do you even know what an argument is? Read posts before replying to them.

Global report.


yes but you don't because you have none

This board is for whites only

Read this nigger. Give me the (you) I deserve

Global report. You were proven objectively wrong.


Then GTFO Pajeet. Theres a street that is in dire need of a shitting on, git


a picture of a coffee plant is a fallacy?

no personal info of mine will be posted on here

Supposedly it's done by spraying a mist of some kind of glue, I've never seen it though. Ground glass is indeed probably a razors-in-Halloween-candies-tier urban myth. Apart from the obvious problem that injuring your customers is bad for business I doubt it would even work very well, tending to settle at the bottom, be visually obvious (glittering) especially when larger chunks made it through unground etc.



I like weed and use it for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Reading 95% of the pro-weed posts in this thread is making me understand how so many of ya'll would disagree.

In a perfect world pot use would only be permitted for medical benefits or otherwise only to those who can exercise the proper self-control not to become a degenerate drug addict. Unfortunately, the dudeweeds are going to win. Rather than marijuana being classified as nothing more than another plant drug, it will continue to be spoken of in mystical terms by pseudo-intellectuals and kikes trying to sell it to you as the cure for anything and everything. Either way, it WILL be legalized, no two ways about it.

The best thing for any Holla Forumslack worth their salt to do about this is ensure that marijuana doesn't negatively affect them or their loved ones. I'm not saying beat up your little brother and flush his weed. I'm saying if your little brother becomes a lazy, degenerate hippie that does nothing but smoke weed all day, you should beat him up and flush his weed. Follow?

Anyone can write shit in a summary, without access to the actual tests and results your paper is not worth wiping my ass with.

did you learn that as your word of the day?
or are you embarrassed you didn't know what a coffee plant looks like?

So thanks for admitting you were wrong and that nothing you have said is scientifically accurate.

You do realize you moralfags are the funnest people to shitpost at? Right? You rigid faggots sperg loud and project loud, EVERY FUCKIN TIME

Dude weed lmao.

Global report.

Not even hard to find. The second link doesn't appear to be the full paper but it contains all the science in the figures and tables.


I live in a state where marijuana is legal. Everytime I walk out of my apartment complex, I smell weed. All day at work, I smell weed. Everywhere I go, I smell weed. I'm saying that if it is legalized in your state, you will see a shit ton of people doing it all day around you.

I smoked it for about a decade. I was even on medical marijuana here. Yes, it turns you into a zombie. You wouldn't know though because you are so used to it. Try to quit for at least two months and see how clear your mind is afterwards.

You are trying to equate booze with weed. Like I said, you can drink booze all day and you'll pass the fuck out and feel like shit the next day. You can smoke weed all day and just stay awake and zombified. It's apples and oranges. Alcohol is bad in its own way, weed is bad in its own way. Weed is worse because you can be a retarded fag all day without passing out.

Global report

Global report for Intl, emailed jim you shameless leftypol goon

Global report.

Im sure if you compare beer to pedophilia and call everything a fallacy that's a hot argument sure to convince everyone

Now, that's winning.


Yeah, everyone knows cocaine + weed is the real drug of the white man.

Why not? Alcohol and pedophilia damage society to just about the same degree.

This. What nigger and niggerfied white'sintentional lower case for obvious reasons do is just spray water on it to increase the weight to make more money with less product.

you keep convincing me with those big words like "fallacy"
meanwhile every image or link in this thread contradictory to your sheltered beliefs is….oh what's that word…? Ah yes FALLACIES

guess how I know you're a pedophile?

Please keep proving right everything we say about you.

Haven't had coke yet but I might try it.
I want some shroomies brah.

Do you know how I know you're high right now?

It's the same things the gays did back in the 90's and early 00's. "If you're a homophobe, you must be gay". It's a cultural Marxist kike tactic.

Well you're making a great case the world will remember you as the one who educated us all to the evils of
what is a fallacy?
whatever this user says it is everything

if you think having a beer with dinner is harming society on a level similar to the systematic raping torture and cannibalism of thousands of young children you must've had a drunk father who beat you right?

Cannabis upregulates serotonin not downregulate. Dopamine downregulation is temporary even in long term chronic users.
Somehow people enjoy it and is the most used illegal drug in the world. What a crazy thought.
Despite there being many successful people who have used it in their past and present. Once again it is the most used illegal drug in the world.
That is whatever they can get their hands on. Which is guess what? The most available illegal drug in the world.
Cannabis has proven medical benefits. Abusing it will have negative effects. Just like LSD or mushrooms.


There are no proven medical benefits from smoking cannabinoids. There may well be many medical and industrial uses for the plant, however.


and what proof have you presented?
scroll up
calling everything a fallacy is
guess what
a fallacy

full of that coke
Man I'm full of that coke
And my swag on zero
Man I should've been a hero

I wish I was American tbh.

Nu-pol is an obviously identifiable trend if you were here anytime before the fucking election

Gas yourself Redditor.

Oh you're right user, people only have beers with dinner to unwind. It's not like anyone drinks too much or anything and that the net effect of millions of people and "people" overindulging in alcohol is extremely destructive to society :^)

Moralfags have cost us too many elections. Now they just cost us the midterms and any chance of ever passing RAISE

I hope the DUDE WEED memes were worth it.




Global report.

fo sho doe

You're so laughably bad at shilling it's amazing anyone pays you at all. Shouldn't you be spamming cuckold porn on 4chan right now Shlomo?

So an alcoholic relative did hurt you?


What do you think a palindrome is user?

start with yourself

Here we have a perfect example of the nu-pol/redditor hybrid. The only discourse they can have is to call people shills. Why even have a thread discussing something if 90% of the posts are redditors calling each other shills?

Like sandwich dubs but different.

The funny thing is you're probably too high to notice the contradiction there

we should ban the internet then, since people can get addicted to it right?

I hate people like this so much. You have absolutely zero understanding of realpolitik, just a blindling obedience to a perpetually unsuccessful dogma.

We have a very important midterm election coming up, the results of which will determine if Trump’s major campaign promises will be fulfilled. The RAISE act, for instance, is the most important first step to having any chance of ethno-nationalist state in the future.

This is what the Trump admin will be going to midterms with:
This is not a good sales pitch if you ask me. And 2/4 of these are specifically Jeff Sessions’ fault.
Nice evidence.

worthless cocksucker

Ah yeah there you go, blaming it all on alcohol is like blaming all guns for shootings or all cars for wrecks
it happens to women all the time "oh no he got drunk and beat me but it really wasn't him the alcohol did it"


You came to these conclusions and numbers based on what evidence?

Realpolitik = 4D chess, am I rite fellow pedes?

A palindrome is a word, phrase, number, or other sequence of characters which reads the same backward as forward, such as madam or “taco cat” or racecar.

To be fair smoking it shouldnt be, but the manufacture of thc edibles probably should be.

Unfortunately no one in DC breaks the law, so Jeff "The Last Boy Scout" Sessions forced to look elsewhere

>Any drug that isn't addictive and actually helps people is a-okay, so that rules out 99.99% of everything put out by (((big pharma)))
Can you name some that have those properties?

Realpolitik = reality of politics. Weed has only been legal since 2013. It’s hardly the cause of our problems. I would say passing RAISE act, border wall, and replacing Ruth Beta Ginsburg when she dies are much more crucial.

Personally I think the politicization of drugs at all is the wrong way to go about it. However, since it is such a big deal thanks to hippies, dudeweeds, and similar filth it DOES need to be addressed in some capacity. At the very least it would be nice if we could de-mystify it some.

"nu-pol" started with the second exodus. It was fags on 4/pol/ who hung around 4chan after the 1st exodus because they didn't care about moot ruining Holla Forums and liked censorship and new rules. Then moot basically demolished Holla Forums and the second exodus showed up and flooded this site with retarded teenagers who want the mods to ban people for wrongthink. It has nothing to do with the Trump presidency.

The state we are in now is because of moot and retarded fags from 4chan.

I can consume what I want. Good thing they have cultiavted high CBD low THC strains. There are plenty of other Cannabinoids besides CBD that are great too like CBG and CBN.

Is used to dismiss legitimate arguments. Just like every other derogatory nickname.
There's literally no anti-weed argument outside of "its degenerate when people smoke it for fun"



A civil war would just give the kikes more power after the fighting is done, we'd just kill each other off. What we need is a military coup

There are no productive pot heads. There are no productive alcoholics. You aren't productive if you've got to skip out and smoke every thirty minutes at work.

Every single recreational drug enslaves you by providing false good feelings that are tethered to chemical imbalances and a material substance.

That makes them all bad. All of them. There are no exceptions. You can take your coils of hemp rope and shove them up your ass, you fucking degenerate. Emotions being tied to material things instead of immaterial things is how materialism and consumerism works, both of which are strangling western civilization to death.

Anyone who needs a substance to feel happy or content needs professional help and the support of their community. We don't have a community or decent professional help for the masses? Great, let's fix that then, instead of legalizing weed like a bunch of fucking niggers.

The Jew fucks up society so bad you can't even make it through the day, and then peddles a "solution" to you in the form of drugs. And you buy into that? What a good goy you are.

Why the fuck do you think they've got us fighting wars in a desert on the other side of the planet? So we don't fight the war that needs to be fought in a desert here on our own fucking front door.

You think weed can't ruin a nation? Canada voted Trudeau in because he ran his campagin on "ayy weed lmao." Now Canada is being smothered to death by an endless conga-line of sandniggers, and because he waived the need for Mexicans to have a visa to get in, effectively allowing any Mexican to walk up and get free Canadian citizenship, Canada will de-facto inherit all of America's illegal spics.

That's what weed did to Canada. It got introduced, shitheads like you smoked it and got hooked, decent people fought against it to push it back out, and now an utter cuck and total moron is going to burn the entire nation to the ground because he said "dude weed lmao" and the stoners threw their votes at him.

No weed, no Trudeau.

If I could make America dry, I would. I'll settle for throwing stupid wiggers like you out on their asses. Civilization is motherfucking imploding, you worthless piece of shit. Europe is on fire, the entire western world is being flooded with kebab, World War III is looming as a winner take all fight between America, Russian, and China, and we're going in with Europa being AWOL, the cucked military King Kong has left us with being the best weapon we've got, and a fifth column behind us in the form of Religion of Cuck™.

And you want to talk about


What a typical fucking pothead you are. It's the shitting apocalypse, and you still want to talk about your shitty goddamned leaf.

Go choke to death on a bush and die in a ditch. I don't care what color skin you have or what race you belong to, you're a fucking failure of a human being. People like you asking "but why not" is the reason our society is so shitty today. "Why fucking not let gay people marry? Why fucking not give women the right to vote? Why fucking not spend fifty years and billions of dollars pretending that niggers are the same as white people? Why not? What could go wrong?"

Put down the goddamned blunt and look at the world around you for a change, you sniveling lolberturdian cumstain. THAT'S what could go wrong.


literally who of us will fight ourselves this time around?? none of us. remember to have your card on you in the coming fighting.

our military is being cucked to death a military coup will not result in any meaningful change. civil war will present enough chaos it will be possible to establish a white ethnostate.

I mean americans will kill themselves off, niggers, whites, latinos etc… And the kikes will just set back while rubbing their hands together, then they will use the military to kill us all off. What we need to do is try to convince generals to strike back against the kikes.

You really think the military will intervene if a bunch of whites start killing blacks and vice versa? The kikes want a population decrease, you would be playing into their hands.

really activates those almonds

implying canada wasn't already ruined by chinks.

I always wonder about people who are so passionate about anti-pot. Did a girl in high school choose the stoner over you?

maybe it's because they have done pot before like myself, then got off of it and realized how great it is disconnecting yourself from that nonsense.

Yes but we all know how much worse alcohol is and no one writes paragraphs about it, people just leave others to their own demise. The anti-potters just seem like incels who can't stand the fact the girls pick stoners over them.

"niggers, latinos, etc" are not americans

i think when we establish our own ethnostate it won't matter what kikes want they can wring their hands and kvetch!

Here we go with the alcohol comparison again… They are two different things, alcohol is a nervous system depressant and weed is a faux hallucinogen or whatever. I've been over this already in this thread so scroll up.

I agree, but they are here and they will be enemies during the civil war, many will die

The only way to establish our own ethnostate is to kill them off first, which is why we would need a military coup instead of a civil war, which would just kill off a lot of us before we could strike them.

No, "dudeweed" is a legitimate stereotype something like a normie wook. You'd know that if you weren't an aspie with no friends.

If you're asking for me to source about grit-weed, then you're too lazy to search for it yourself. weed&t=hg&ia=web

Could make a whole fucking thread about this shit.

Not going to help inhaling glass. Regardless, you're still inhaling particles. I can tell you right now, that vaping is not healthy. The increased heat actually makes it so you're inhaling particles of a different sort, mainly from the metals of the device such as nickel. And no, I'm not scare-mongering out of some opposition to this shit on a "moral" basis, it's because I care about the health of my fellow 1488ers. I've done ingested ayahuasca though and I can totally recommend that, really helps you realize that you really don't need things like this, especially after such an experience you know everything else chemically seems petty. Don't smoke DMT though either, usually contains industrial solvents.

I meant to refer here

Any kind of retort here?

You dudeweeds should stop worrying anyhow. Sessions doesn't actually do shit, we ought to know this by now.

They're just pushing it to make it legal federally, since (((money laundering))) and (((tax evasion))) is a yuuuuge problem. Obama basically let MS-13 make millions when he was in power.

Sessions rescinds the Cole Memo, states sperg out, then they legalize federally, tax it, control the money. That's what I see happening.

I never said smoking did I?

if you ate a whole amanita muscaria you wouldn't start tripping.

you would probably die

That's cigarettes, dumbass.

Uh, no. Harper was past his best before date and people in BC mostly, but other places too are tired of the gangs running the show and eating up police resources, while paying no tax.

And alcohol is a man made toxin that affects you by poisoning you and marijuana is an earth-born plant that your body has an entire system devoted to utilizing. It's almost like we evolved smoking marijuana.


a military coup by our cucked military will only install a more pro-israel regime. see the state department, these are the same people in control of the military. it's a non-starter. a civil war will cost us numbers but even if it's 50 million whites we still have 150 million which is more than the US population 1945. but a civil war creates chaos and chaos is what we need we thrive in it we can adapt to it faster than any system of control can.

Alcohol is just fermentation, it occurs in nature all of the time.

I prefer CTV myself.

Alright here's what I think what the situation is with weed. In its pure form (not laced or modified in some clearly harmful way) it can be used both responsibly and irresponsibly. Just like with alcohol, we all know people who can drink and enjoy it without getting retarded about it, and then the people who are liabilities/alcoholics around drink. The same applies to casual smokers of weed. Some can use it to relax and have control, while others become the DUDEWEED stereotype.

Additionally, as many college students can confirm, making it "illegal" has done jack shit to actually keeping it out of people's hands. Just like with the alcohol prohibition in the early 20th century, lawful banning of substances/drugs merely rises the price of product and moves the business to the black market, fueling cartels, gangs and related violence (as well as making product more potentially more dangerous/laced sometimes).

Thus, marijuana ought to be legalized, and because I think it is more harmful than good (outside of specific medical cases, I'm talking about the majority here and i could be wrong altogether on health effects) ads similar to ads against cigarettes ought to be promoted. Cigarettes, while being totally legal, have earned a very negative image overtime and have lost popularity. A similar approach could be used to reduce usage of it from society IMO.

Even if you think it is healthy for everyone, legalization would lower prices, and cut illegal competition and previously mentioned violence while also preventing a lot of people from being imprisoned for mere possession/use. Jails already face overpopulation and this would ease stress.

TL;DR : Weed should be legalized if you think it is healthy or not. If you think it is healthy, the pros are obvious. If you think it is harmful, history shows making it illegal does jack shit and instead, legalization with a smear campaign similar to ones used against cigarettes would reduce usage over time and also prevent many jailings/black market activities.

A civil war was fun back in the pre 1900s but it couldn't happen now. Even if the whites did rise up and win the civil war, do you think we wouldn't be smashed by the military industrial complex right after? They have nuclear silos, tanks, rocket launchers, ships etc… We would be fucking demolished. The only army we have are a bunch of guys with pistols and Ar-15s.

Men with an abnormal brain more akin to that of women allowing for a greater connectivity between the two brain hemispheres allowing these men to enter a testosterone fueled trance where both the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system are active at the same time. This state can last up yo an hour after which the berserker collapses spent of virtually all nutrients and neurochemicals.

You don't go berserk from eating mushrooms.

This meme needs to die.

If you knew a damn thing about ayahuasca you'd understand the nigh-impossibility of "excessive use." Also you want to fight a race war but are worried about "temporary emotional and psychological distress?"

Keep grasping at those straws though.

Where does anything close to liquor occur in nature? Fermenting without starting from a sterile environment is really difficult.

I don't, that's why I linked a wiki article, I was expecting you to prove me wrong, yet you just gave me some rhetorical response. Explain the impossibility of excessive use? I am interested.

Distress in combat is different than injecting yourself with kike drugs that alter your mind. I have been in combat situations before, I was able to control myself because I wasn't high on some hipster drug.

Fuck feds

SJWs always project.

This, frankly. Too many people cast themselves as experts when they only see the downside.

Too many donuts are bad for you too.

Those links don't prove anything. They're weed blogs, forum posts, and tabloids. You might as well get some shit off kikebook.

Would like to provide some information on this whole vaping metal? Nickel melts at 2651 °F and boils at 4946 °F. No vaporizers are getting that temperature. What about quartz and ceramic? Are those going to kill me too?


naturally occurring methane is pretty close, but that's irrelevant. Where does naturally occurring strains of whatever strain of marijuana you are coming from? It was man made. It was bred like dogs. Unless you are smoking the original strain of marijuana that was "created by god", you are smoking man made stuff.

i'm not even blackpilling, I'm saying we should push for a military coup

Having traits that make humans want to breed you, and thus reproduce, is part of evolution. Alcohol did not evolve. You don't have an endoalcohol system in your entire body.

No you wouldn't die. It is a shit drug compared to Psiolcybin mushrooms though.

okay your post reeks of defeatism.

useless against us without also destroying themselves. even this outcome will be a victory in death for us in that other whites will then be able to operate unhindered and no longer subverted by the israel lobby operating through the US.

I brew sometimes as a hobby, you can make honey mead just by leaving out a container of the spiced honey/water mixture and allow it to sit open in an area where wild yeast can come in on a breeze admittedly not the best way to do it but easy enough

I'm not saying we should actively kill ATF agents that attempt to enforce federal law. I'm just saying I wouldn't feel bad if they were killed trying to raid a lowly weed garden in someone's back yard.

Mix in a few civvie shootings in the flavor of something like this.

And after that, there should be enough vitriol to pass any kind of amendment to allow people to grow it.

I'm saying the military would sit back and let us duke it out and then attack us. Goddamn, how many times do I need to explain this. I'm simply saying that we need the military on our side first to take out both the government and everyone else.


yeah, it sounds hard, right? It will be. It's better than just going out in the streets and fighting off niggers.

Another blow against racism :)

And when you use fresh yeast any contamination from bacteria or wild yeast can kill the good stuff off. So what's your point?

is that a tabloid? and a kikebook image?

depends on the type of yeast how hardy it is and available nutrients (vitamins, sugar) some strains of yeast can produce alcohol so quickly the levels of other bacteria can decline rapidly, some yeast with too much sugar can kill itself off by producing alcohol quicker than the yeast can reproduce wild yeast a crapshoot though
you probably know this sage for offtopic

Not even ironically being a degenerate, faggot.
The reason why 4/20 was specifically chosen as "weed day" is because of it being hitler's birthday. It's the juden's attempt to try and turn the day of his birth into celebrating degeneracy and other faggotry. It'd be like Juden deciding to have a "yiff day" be exactly on Trump's birthday only to later say it's just a (((coincidence)))

and yet the weapons systems you fear they will use against us are all effectively useless against us without also destroying themselves.

you've been calling for a military coup but that will only make our position worse because military c&c is itself kiked.

>the (45) leftynigger is now wanting to overthrow the government just so he can have his herbal jew

That's the article he wrote. That's really good shit there. I never really read much of Goebbels before.

This is not the Holla Forums I know. Where are these degenerate fucks coming from?

This is a very tricky comment. I don't know what you are trying to say here. Are you saying the people of control want to preserve the weapon systems to control us or are you saying that they want to preserve them later on to destroy us after the fact?

It would take time, but we could have members of our kind rise up in the ranks and get control of the government. I know you think the military is controlled by kikes and it is, but if you have enough generals in the military that are for your cause, suddenly the kike government can't control them. That's how a military coup happens.

I can't believe me being a fucking Newfag to Holla Forums came here April 2015 is at this point with it, can't believe I'm the one saying Holla Forums is shit, whats next we call ourselves alt-kike, such TRS's balls and hate NatSoc for no fucking reason
Those Oldfags I shrugged off are right

Weaken the Mexican cartels by legalizing weed. Make jobs for Americans allowing them to grow and distribute it, within reason (like age limits). Increase funding for local and state governments by allowing them to tax it.

Win-win-win. What's the issue?

Holla Forums logic.

do you think we wouldn't be smashed by the military industrial complex right after? They have nuclear silos, tanks, rocket launchers, ships etc… We would be fucking demolished.
not effective in a civil war. to use nukes to kill us they'll effectively need to nuke the entire US. do that and they destroy themselves as well. even in death we win because whites elsewhere will pick up the torch freer and unhindered. and jews will have lost their greatest source of shekels and military hardware.

meaningless in urban combat and guerrilla warfare.

hence your post is blackpilling.

with the progressive pozzing of the military what you're describing places us on the wrong side of attrition.

yes and in the coming civil war those units will proudly fight with us not against us.

tbh jews, as always


Sorry for the delayed response. "True" psychedelics, tryptamines and phenethylamines of which the DMT in AYA is the former have practically a built-in failsafe against abuse. If you were to take a psychedelic the day after you took one already you would require double the dose to get comparable effects. This compounds. It takes about two weeks for tolerance to reset. The burnt out hippies that claim to eat acid all the time are either lying or HOPELESS degenerates. Not to mention the "distress" also makes it highly unlikely anyone would even WANT to redose so soon.

Ayahuasca is not injected, most drugs aren't. Fail to see what's jewish about it either for that matter. Psychedelics are not something you should "do (demanding) things" on. It's something you should meditate/pray on if anything.

I know a LOT about this subject. I am not an example of regular drug users though, most of which have no self-control. If I were fuhrer the right to take mind-altering drugs would require some manner of aptitude test. Simple minds taking these substances is what gave us the abortion of stoner/hippie culture.

It's obvious that degenerate stoners are a problem, but I think that abusing weed is more a symptom of a societal sickness than the sickness itself, speaking on the larger scale. Just like alcoholism, or addiction to the hard shit like meth or heroin. While we should certainly take care to reduce the supply of such poisons in our communities, and some weak-willed people will always get caught up in it, a healthy society comprised of people with pride in their people and hope for the future is far less likely to abuse drugs.

Nukes aren't some ULTRAbomb that just destroys countries. They really aren't as big as you think. They destroy strategic cities. They would destroy all of the big countries and then roll in with tanks.

What about the air force? What about the coastal states?

The fact that you think the US civilians could take on the US military in this era is hilarious. Maybe back in the 1700's we could have.

Okay, that's interesting but can you prove that the side affects on the wiki link I posted are not actually a thing? I'm interested because I'd actually like to try the product.

Your mistake is thinking that the military would be 100% on board. See the 1st image here

Now the real problem begins when the military is filled with shitskins and other diversity hires who have no loyalty to the country or its people, and only care about getting paid.

Ayahuasca is well-known to be pretty fucking rough going into the trip, but typically it passes quickly. It's advised to have someone experienced with the drug present to help you out. Some people say you need to get a shaman but that's a little new age and gay for my tastes. Depending on what you're interested in ayahuasca for, like working out internal issues and that kinda shit, I'd sooner recommend mushrooms.

I don't want to pay for these retards to get free room and board in prison. Fuck you dipshit.

We need to figure out something else to do with these morons. There's no way to stop people from growing weed in some random ass park and getting 5 lbs from it in a couple years.

I don't need Tyler and Todd in prison over this dumb shit. What we need to do is make it socially unacceptable and punish these kids with some manual labor.

Yes, that is another problem I didn't mention. It's a big factor. However, If you take control of the military before creating this chaotic civil war, you could have execution squads.

I've done them before and enjoy them, this other shit sounds pretty shifty.

Very true. Pick the right battle you fucking asshats. DUDE WEED is low on the totem pole of priorities.

We need to stop the fucking immigration into this country #1. We need to deport illegals #2. We need a wall #3 and then it's time to start killing traitors.

thanks for posting these i have them but they're named just post numbers and i can't find them

All the puritanical asshats realize that the National Socialists handed out methamphetamine like candy, right? As in, it was considered a general supplement which could be purchased at the local apotheke, until supplies became limited due to its mass distribution to soldiers.

What said is accurate. Ayahuasca is a mixture of a plant containing DMT and related tryptamines (all same family as mushrooms) and a plant containing harmala alkaloids (natureally occuring MAOIs). The harmine and harmaline in what is traditionally usually the banisteriopsis caapi(sp?) vine will increase the strength of any tryptamine tenfold. It also allows the DMT to be orally active, which it ordinarily would not be without the MAOI. If you've done mushrooms it will be like your strongest mushroom trip but significantly stronger and last like 10 hours.

How is it new age when it's a tradition which goes back farther than nearly anything we consider a tradition in the West post-Christianization. In fact, the only traditions which rival it in age come from Europe's own shamanistic cultures. Shamanism isn't fucking new age, it is the true heritage of our peoples.

Gotta name your screencaps and infopics, user. But I think it's best to leave plain old reaction images with the computer generated name, it adds a nice touch when you're going through the folder.

Back to Holla Forums, faggot. Meth was used as medicine and as a combat performance enhancer, not like "candy". And it wasn't limited to Nazi Germany, either. None of that has anything to do with weed.

You're not wrong, but typically people who talk about going to a shaman to trip are faggot liberals, hippies, and rich kids, not pagans or anything like that. I don't even know where you'd go to find a pagan shaman to guide your ayahuasca trip, pretty sure it's mostly a South American thing.

I think he means it's new-age to be a white guy going to South America and paying some native money for a watered down version of the rituals he's prepared for all the other gringos. Hippie types like to say that Maria Sabina gave us (westerners) magic mushrooms. I say it was G. Gordon Wasson (the anthropologist who met Sabina) who gave us mushrooms. The Amazonians say that god is in those mushrooms, well we distilled that god (pscilocybin) and eventually learned how to synthesize it. But I digress.

yes exactly. this is why they'll need to nuke the entire US to destroy us. and they'll destroy themselves in doing so.


People who say that anyone gave us mushrooms are probably just misinformed, considering Siberian shamans have been using them in their practices for thousands of years and continue to do so today. I'm sure plenty of other mushroom cults remained active under Christian tyranny.

Siberian shaman utilize amanita muscaria, which is entirely different from the psilocybin mushrooms more commonly known. Amanita contains ibotenic acid which, when heated, converts to muscimol which is a fairly unique substance I'm having a hard time comparing to anything. There's an interesting anthropological study called, "The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross" that while a stretch in some places has some interesting information on the early Christian cults you're referring to. Both mushrooms have been used by various cultures including European for ages though, I get what you're saying. Just wanted to make the distinction.

"Misinformed" is being too nice to the new-agers I'm referring to.


I was referring to later Christian cults, those that invaded and defiled Europe. I'm rather undecided on whether or not the early Christians were a mushroom cult. Some of Allegro's points are persuasive, but I generally doubt in the spirituality of the savage Semites from whom Christianity emerged.


I think it's certainly exaggerated. The more "shamanic" aspects of Christianity are derived from it's Gnostic influence as opposed to it's jewish influence imo. After all, I'm pretty sure you need a soul to utilize these tools for spiritual growth.

Have a documentary about amanita. The series is worth a watch when you're bored. Not perfect but at least it's not some Timothy Leary CIAnigger kikery.

D Congressmen losing their shit over this. Here is an idea. Propose a repeal of the law making it illegal. Oh wait. They we would need to do something, we cant use it as leverage during the upcoming congressional election or next presidential election and our deep pocket drug company payoffs will disappear.

Same series as in link related, only this one is about Henbane, a European entheogen. Hope it sparks some more conversation. I got work at the ass crack of dawn so I'm out for the evening. I usually only get to discuss this subject with idiots/leftists/degenerates. It's refreshing talking to Holla Forums about it, gives me hope one day our society can study this stuff like the rational beings we are and eliminate all the commie/hippie fluff the subject is so riddled with these days.

If this were Rome I guess I'd probably be an oracle.

Sessions is an embarrassment to the state of Alabama. With all the Garbage going on in the World and US of A!, and he focus in on legal pot. What a Complete LOSER!

Sessions is Goofy. Note Mickey trafficking the Gook baby.

I believe that gnosticism is a Semitic perversion of certain mystery cult traditions, as evidenced by their association of the material world with evil through its false-creation. If we go back to the Egyptian sources underlying all of the traditions in the area, there is no vilification of the material world or its creator. At worst, the material world is portrayed as an illusory existence, but this gives it a characteristic more like a malleable training ground rather than being a demiurg's false prison.


I'm disappointed in all of you.

Entheogens have proven highly effective in treating trauma, which is the source of homosexuality (other than fakers following trends). Although that research is more to do with more powerful drugs like LSD, DMT, etc., it would not surprise me if pot proved to be effective as an aid in psychological therapies. Certainly more effective than electric shock torture.

What has sessions ever really done except go after the kkk? He was supposed to lock her up, go after pizzagate, ect but instead he is just going after weed???

A lot of Trump voters smoke, this is stupid. We need to get rid of sessions, he has done nothing but damage the Trump presidency.

jesus fuck there are a lot of posts in here that are obvious degenerate shills that aren't from here, and its bad. So this is what 18 billion buys you in the shill force.

this shit dont stop mannn

Cry more, stoner.

How is it that when the user inhales, the air figures out to locate one or more of the pipettes and be channeled through them? What's to stop the liquid from saying "fuck you" and not letting the two openings find one another?

What language was that nigger trying to speak?

I have been saying this for a while. I think the Sessions move was an 88d chess play. He is a guy who would challenge the OBVIOUS sway towards making marijuana 'legal'. This would cause a supreme court ruling and inevitably, based on the composition of the court leaning towards either personal liberty or states rights depending on the justice, a court ruling that prosecution of marijuana vendors would be based on a state by state basis… you know… exactly how Trump wants it. This is the death struggle of the worst part of the war on drugs, and it had to be a person like sessions, someone who wouldn't compromise on their absurd principle, to push it off the cliff kicking and screaming.

ITT: degenerates.

Why not just use the platform of the presidency to openly expose the truth behind the "war to make the deep state the controllers of international drug and human trafficking?" There's no need for anything beyond 1D chess, except in the area of constantly confusing the enemy as to one's own physical location so that assassination cannot occur. Trump and his gang are just cuckservatives like the rest, beholden to lobbyists and other such manipulators.

What a fucking lie and a half. Hollywood Jews have been pushing marijuana use for a long time and you know it. This thread is pure trash.

And then there's faggots like these

I don't know if these are paid shills or just Holla Forums faggots but you can clearly see that they are upset that Jeff wants to take their herbal Jew away. If the only thing you ever marched for, the only thing you'll die for (never mind the existence of your people) is marijuana use, you are beyond salvation and you should die anyway regardless of whether or not you were able to high in time for someone to put a bullet in your head. What a fucking waste.

Forgot to sage, but since the thing's already almost full I doubt it would have been of use anyway.

because politics doesn't work that way. You don't get to just say things like that. If you think there is a "controlling deep state" then why would you think they can't control the narrative of what you say or what events occur? Politics is subtle. Things happen slowly, not only because of the recalcitrance of people to change but also the deep seated ideological differences between people who have accrued power. You make moves to obfuscate future moves.

Even further you can't expect the majority of people to understand what you are trying to do. To that end you don't just come out and say "well so and so shady group are doing such and such bad thing" because it simply gets put through a filter for the public to hear. then regardless of how you see the righteousness of what you are trying to do it gets lost in partisan 'interpretation.' Trump could come out tomorrow and say "I am ending the drug war" and CNN, which much as we discount it end up being the seed for tens of millions of peoples thoughts and views, will just say "Trump lies and is just trying to imprison more black people cuz he racised!!!"

Excuses for a cuck

I would like to know the strategy, this could be good or poor use of resources depending on what they want to use it for. Is it to deport immigrant drug offenders, cartels, and build leverage against (((white collar))) criminals involved in the (((weed inc)))? I can't tell if this is just to bust drug dealers in a 'colorblind' fashion, or if it's a means to an end involving a larger target?

So I told myself I wouldn't argue with idiots this year. i am holding to that. enjoy your opinion.

Different user here. For the last 10 years, I've interviewed subjects for research studies and I can confirm that marijuana does indeed ruin lives, or at least drastically limits potential. This is coming from a former lolberg who has smoked and done edibles several dozen times. Smoking pot is degenerate, but I will admit doing largish doses of edibles did help me achieve clarity and perspective, but it's nothing you can't achieve on your own if you learn proper meditation.

Most research I've worked on was supposedly for “healthy adults,” so we weren't even looking for addicts but we found them—a lot of them. Before I started, I fully believed that marijuana was just “psychologically” addictive, and thought the claims it could damage you life were just exaggerations. It wasn't until I'd done in depth interviews with hundreds of marijuana addicts did I reluctantly accept the truth. Many of you would probably be surprised to learn the amount of people who not only smoke weed ev'ry day, but smoke it multiple times a day, for decades. It is physically addictive, and the withdrawal symptoms reported are the exact same symptoms as heroin withdrawal (protip: all withdrawal from any substance follow similar patterns). The only difference is marijuana withdrawal will not kill you. Weed is hard to get addicted to if you use it sporadically, but use it almost everyday for a few months and your body doesn't know how to function, and good luck getting to sleep without it. Some dudeweedmen will say: “I smoke everyday and have a good job and wife, etc…” But just because you've achieved the same level of a functional alcoholic does not mean your behavior is any less degenerate or spiritually destructive. And denial won't make your cognitive processing any less diminished, you mood less volatile, or you use of crutch to get through life any less damaging.

Another thing I found (unsurprisingly) is most nigs are high constantly, and I wager 80% of violent crime happens under the influence of marijuana. To be clear, weed is not causing them to commit crimes, but is exacerbating their already low intelligence and impulsive behavior. Most start when they are around 11 – 13 years old, and use it regularly for the rest of their lives starting in their mid to late teens. The number of nog women who smoke it while pregnant is absurdly also high.

In addition to the physical symptoms, many had money troubles and work related problems associated with their addiction. Smoking an 8th, or even an ounce, a week can really put a dent in your budget, even for those who were well off. And while pot may not fund muh terrorists, it is funding niggers and spics most of the time. However, the biggest issue with marijuana, I see, is not the physical withdrawal or the financial and legal troubles it can cause. The real problem is a denial to face reality. They would rather live in a weed induced reverie, then find the resolve to take control of their lives. How can you be an over man when you can't even control your own life?

Lastly, for those who only use it sparingly, you should stop using it for the same reason you should stop masturbating. It's mindless pleasure to pass the time while numbing out from reality, and any “spiritual awakening” you may feel pales in comparison to achieving the real deal without it. It's the same as watching porn.

tl;dr give up the nigger drug, learn to control your brain, and start meditating

100% a mistake. It isn't so much that he's going after weed. It's that he isn't going after things that actually matter. Like child rapists and satanists in high level positions.

funny thing is there were more seizures during the obama administrations than ever before

Threadly reminder:

If you don't believe in free will, you know how peddlers of poison should be dealt with.

which side will win the weed culture war?

None of the drug war should even be allowed without a constitutional amendment if that's what it took to ban alcohol. Hell, somehow they managed to make the bullshit excuse that the tenth amendment allows for drug bans like this at the federal level, even though it should only cover interstate delivery

The only reason it can consume and destroy lives is because if you're found using it, you'll be thrown in jail so long, you'll be shat on by society and be unable to get a job, and there is no recourse into getting into society again because of that.

The stoner community is the worst thing to happen to the legalization movement.

You're right, they certainly are mostly libs. And yeah it's mainly a South American thing, you can do it in The Netherlands though, which is much preferable. Thing is though about aya, is that it can serve some very positive purposes. 1. People mostly do it, and are recommended to do so, by going into it with some questions, if you're looking for some answers to things, such as what to do in a mid-life crisis for example. In a (((post-modernist))) spiritually deprived Europe, this can help stimulate a renewed interest in spirituality and can help develop an appreciation, or at least an interest in exploring, the natural order of things. When people do that, and do so thoroughly enough, inevitably most of the time they can come to develop conservative opinions. Probably also why the tradition has fit nicely with the Christian churchs in South America, and you have a few that are a blend of Christianity and the older ayahuasquero traditions. 2. Like many other hallucinagenics, as the hippies back in 60's liked to say, it helps break down "social-conditioning" or at least allows one to step back and analyze things in an objective way. Thing is, the difference between now and back then, is they thought that was conductive to "breaking down traditional norms", but since, in a very Duginist perspective, liberalism has become for the most part the "norm", or at least they've been pushing very hard to make it so, and it can work both ways towards breaking down leftist social conditioning.

When I say "natural law" I'm referring to two things generally, just speculative kinds of stuff.

Vaping or injecting DMT is the only way to go.

Yeah, they also lace weed with PCP and LSD and sell it to kids at a discount. Happens all the time.

Weed Angel sez, "Vote out ANY politician who supports Sessions and his lost cause of 1980's style prohibition."

Going back to the old ways will only fill prisons with nonviolent people, giving them a criminal record so they can never get a job and are more likely to do real crime. It's a vicious circle.

War on drugs PRODUCES more criminals. We know this already, the data is clear.

user, I just want to let you know that you're a fucking moron. Whatever you put in weed is going to be a lot more expensive than the weed itself, first off. Secondly, heat destroys and denatures LSD molecules, you dense motherfucker.

Holla Forumsack says: Kill yourself, you degenerate sack of shit. Your false dichotomy will not sway us.

Who actually supports this guy? Republicans are slamming him for this move too.

Yep. Sessions is fucked. Trump only supports people who are popular. Banning weed will make Trump unpopular, so he'll eventually have to tell Sessions, "You're fired, faggot."

Pot smoking is degenerate and a gateway drug to other worse drugs. I hope Sessions closes them all down.



I disagree with the order of his priorities, but I really applaud him for attempting to wind back the degeneracy that is marijuana legalization. It's a much needed tool to keep niggers behind bars (where they belong) and I could not care less for the degenerate whites this inconveniences.

Listen dumbass, on at least 19 occasions I've bought weed laced with LSD, DMT, DSL and who knows what else. You don't know what you're talking bout.

That's not what I said you turbonigger. I SAID you were a cocksucker for thinking you were important enough to speak for the hivemind.

So the boomers really have found this place.

So then Sessions reversed king niggers policy on allowing states to legalize pot without fearing federal prosecution. And now this turn means that federal prosecutors are allowed to decide of which marijuana laws are allowed to enforce.

But did you buy it when you were in Afghanistan with the SEAL team, you LARPing fuck?

Good. I have no idea why this thread has so many pro-weed shills. Enjoy your manboobs and lethargy.

Threads like these are an opportunity for our non-white orbiters to contribute.

Keeping talking shit like you have any idea what's going on, faggot. I've seen guys on PCP break their own arms trying to lift their own vehicles. Guys on LSD - ripping skin from their bodies because they felt impure. DSL - A grown man impaling himself with an antenna because he felt there was too much information out there that he was taking too long to receive. DMT - a man leapt from the fourth floor balcony because he believed loving mother Earth would send a gust of wind to save him.

Go back to reddit.

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little bitch? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda, and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am trained in gorilla warfare and I’m the top sniper in the entire US armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another target. I will wipe you the fuck out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this Earth, mark my fucking words. You think you can get away with saying that shit to me over the Internet? Think again, fucker. As we speak I am contacting my secret network of spies across the USA and your IP is being traced right now so you better prepare for the storm, maggot. The storm that wipes out the pathetic little thing you call your life. You’re fucking dead, kid. I can be anywhere, anytime, and I can kill you in over seven hundred ways, and that’s just with my bare hands. Not only am I extensively trained in unarmed combat, but I have access to the entire arsenal of the United States Marine Corps and I will use it to its full extent to wipe your miserable ass off the face of the continent, you little shit. If only you could have known what unholy retribution your little “clever” comment was about to bring down upon you, maybe you would have held your fucking tongue. But you couldn’t, you didn’t, and now you’re paying the price, you goddamn idiot. I will shit fury all over you and you will drown in it. You’re fucking dead, kiddo.

Goebbels disagreed. More Morality not more Moralizing.

It's just not fair he's so wrong when readily available acid weed sounds so fantastic.

You think commiefornia is going to go against the jew currency system? You're drunker than i am.

Oregonfag here. It must be common because there was a story in my shitty local paper here about a local store owner who has a shipping business and he said it talked about how every day they were having to deal with people shipping weed.
That's pretty bold imo i wouldn't do it. Surprised it happens so often.

Daaaamn, that would actually win over all the stoner crowd easily they're fucking retards.

but the feds stopped giving a fuck long before Obama said back off. It was Obama cracking the whip for dispensary raids in the first place, and then swooped in and threw some one else under the bus and said ok you can dude weed. The double dealing nigger got voted in partly because he promised legalization in 08 and then promptly dropped that subject all together.

Cops and feds in long time medical areas don't give a shit. But legalization opens the way for stiffer penalties for fucking up, think open container or high in public. Good one you stoner faggots. Shit was better when it was illegal you just had to not be a dumb ass.

Trump won without running as a "dude weed" candidate. As in incumbent, he has a high likelihood of being reelected, especially if the economy continues to pickup. Also, Stoner voters are likely to be too lazy to vote.

They took one too many cookies.

Yeah nigger i voted for him once. I'm being a lot more wary this time around though there seem to be a lot of big noses skulking around him, they don't tend to hang around for no reason.

Listen faggots it's obviously a ploy by Trump himself. He tells Sessions to do away with the Obama era policy which obviously Trump hates because Obama did it, so Sessions looks bad. Who comes to the rescue? Trump with some new policies, probably ones he'll ensure are permanent and cannot be removed by the next president.

Your gut bacteria ferments ethyl alcohol any time you consume grains. Some people, who lack the enzymes to break the alcohol down in a timely fashion, even get drunk from this.

Alcohol is not man made, it is made by yeasts which are fungal life forms. We are more closely related to fungi than plants, which is why so many fungi-derived chemicals are beneficial to us like antibiotics.
You're stupid. The presence of cannabinoid receptors in the human body doesn't in any way imply that they are there to uptake LITERAL CANNABIS. Our bodies produce their own endocannabinoids, which are only so-called because their chemical structures and effects resemble that of the chemicals found in cannabis.
In the same way, the presence of opioid receptors in the human body is not evidence that we evolved with a need for opium poppies.
No it's exactly the same. The word "endorphin" is short of "endogenous morphine".

Goebbels BTFO you pearl clutchers long ago


Good, Weed is Cancer.

Anyway can some link me to a meme thread? I have been lurking for about 3 years now and still don't know how to use this site well. I mainly read.

Jesus christ, I miss the old days where Vice was about going to dangerous places in the middle east, not this faggotry.


Name one job that would allow you to do this?

I don't even drink but I would rather drink liquor than kiss any of them.

My personal stance, make it legal and tax it. Degenerates will be degenerate no matter what laws we make and weed isn't as dangerous as all the propaganda against it makes it seem. Legalize it, keep it out of the hands of beaner cartels, and use the taxes the build the fucking wall, then laugh as California pays for the whole damn thing in a year or two.

You fucking grumpy boomer 2.0 niggers seriously need to all drink cyanide and die the fuck off already.
You are the reason the right is in the decline and why people are swayed by the left.
You are the reason why there will never be an ethnostate and why the European race is dying off.

weed is for degenerates. it's on the same level as pornography

a crutch will make you weak

Weed possession isn’t a felony, so it wouldn’t show up on a felony background check. You need to stop making excuses and get a job. I say this as a fellow pot smoker.

This thread is like 4 turbo-autist Goebbels-disapproved manlets arguing for what you could actually call boomer 2.0 ideas with post counts >40, it's hardly as severe as you make it out to be. They can't keep roleplaying big scary SS men when we have a stronger grip on the world and are more publicly visible to a public that will probably mock them for their dumb fucking ideas until they actually do an hero.

Yes but he wasn’t running on a prohibition platform either.

You need to change. It's not about whether or not weed, or pornography, or what have you, is bad. It might or might not be – that's irrelevant. It's about respect and unity. The backlash you get from the rest of us isn't from hate – it's compassion. We want you to be among us, so we can help you be a stronger person. Instead of vices, lean on your brothers and sisters, and in exchange be leaned upon and find purpose in life. In this way, your people and community are your salvation. Stop your corrupt behavior and belong to something actually meaningful for once. Weed means nothing. Your people are what really matters and your vices are keeping you from them.


Hitlers Army was issued Pervitin (meth) regularly
Sessions is fucking retarded, weed is ok


wtf i love rabbis now

What shitty job do you have where they let you smile weed at work?



We need a one issue party that is all about ethno-nationalism. All the other shite is effectively D/C against this great project for the survival of the Aryan race.

The rules of the party need to be
1) Aryans only
2) Create Aryans only state
3) All other politics can wait until 1) and 2) are complete.

Maybe Portuguese style "treat as a health issue" decriminalisation, with criminal action reserved for problematic abusers aka niggers. Responsible whites doing coke occasionally isn't really a problem, with most of the harms that do exist being caused by its illegal status. However it's a semi-hard addictive drug, and unfortunately so easy to turn into crack that nigs can do it. There's also more of an argument that illegal status keeps use under control than applies to most other drugs, since it could be a thousandth of the current street price per gram if legally bulk synthesised, plus not cut to shit with adulterants.

Fuck off pharma kike. It's a fucking plant and there is no reason to synthetically adulterate the end product other than to line kike pockets.

It's pointless unless they attempt to curb all destructive vices.

Oh yes, I see. I forgot how well prohibition worked the last time it was tried. It TOTALLY didn't send the crime rate skyrocketing, create gangs from thin air, and could easily have sparked some of the proto-CIA dark ops we have now, or anything.
Too bad we live in this technological miracle time where literally anyone with a sack of potatoes, the internet, and a keg, can make some alcohol. That would be REAL trouble. Yeah, really sucks that, you know, people have individual agency, and will do whatever the fuck they want, regardless of law or penalty. Do you honestly think you would survive for very long in the kind of horror realm you think you want the government to be? Are you just as stupid as a Communist, to throw the human element, and the intrinsic spirit of rebellion that we all have, out the window, omitting them as important factors from your ideal world? Yeah, it'll last just about as long as the last time. You clearly don't know how to make obedient people. Learn how to understand a normie, what they want, need, and will tolerate, and maybe one day you won't be killed by one in an insurrection, assuming you're even serious about your own stance.

Coca isn't that easy to grow though. It's a woody perennial shrub that takes years to establish, and to get decent alkaloid content you need both rainforest conditions and high elevation, typically hillsides which tends to involve labour-intensive terracing. Recently mutant varieties that can be grown somewhat lower down have arisen.

The cartels only use coca because it's cheaper / easier for their spic bathtub chemists than total synthesis. If production was legal and in white hands, that would no longer apply. Cocaine HCl is Cocaine HCl however you make it, so you might as well be efficient. There would still be a market for natural coca products though since they contain a wider range of alkaloids in lower doses released more slowly, thus are smoother, less crashy, longer lasting and generally healthier.

Which is why I observed lack of adulteration would be a benefit of legal production.

Sorry to interject. There’s a lot of shops that aren’t legally operating in legal states.

IE: They foregoe paying taxes yet charge as much as legal shops. Really we will see who Trunp goes after. The Cannabis industry is really complex (My old boss’s required reading was Art of the Deal) There are some really good hardeorking people in there and honestly living in California most of the major players are white (Although some are ungrateful faggots). But theres shitbags who lie about the pesticides they use and are charging top dollar. Big names like Brass knuckles, Bhang, Korova.

Tbh Mr Sessions can pick up a aircraft carrier load of money and still leave the liberals with some weed grown by Americans cause you lot are some of the best farmers in the world and it’s one of the few plants the liberals will pay for regardless of your political views.

Jewish magik. But seriously, it's not that hard to understand. It pulls air evenly through all the bowls simultaneously. The water has no choice.

This is a good post, fella, but there's one point that is only exclusively incorrect with Cannabis. Legalization/Regulation/Taxation of it, has and will, inflate its price. A weird side-effect of Medical Marijuana legislation in California-model states, like Oregon, Michigan, and Colorado, have created a split market with legally and illegally grown plants. As a result of the legitimate business model dispensaries have, the price of their bud is always significantly higher than the more common, and sometimes equal in quality, homegrown option, as anyone would expect.

That line of thought may or may not be correct, I'm not here to weigh in, but I will say that it's a convenient excuse for becoming an impulsive monster, and for that reason, I refrain from the notion that I lack "free will", as loose a term as that is. I'll hold on to muh principles.

I can't believe how many degenerate fags are in here defending their fucking nigger drug. You all need to find a different community. This is a National Socialist image board and all you degenerates will be first in the gas chamber.

Hope you don't drink or smoke or masturbate instead.

I'm just going to go ahead and call a hit on Attorney General, Jeff Sessions. Fuck this prick, he's killing my business.

Maybe where you live.

t. taking a break for a few months to reset the tolerance, it's only as degenerate as you let it be