Fake hate tweet to himself fail

Shaf Patel, the blind hacker, forgets to switch accounts while posting fake hate tweet to himself. In the absence of hate crimes, "victims" will manufacture their own to increase their "victim index"(tm).
Make this shit go viral

Sauce→ archive.fo/a2B4S

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Semite free post

A lot of them do this repeatedly.

Perhaps the first person he is replying to is a wetback? Perhaps he is /our muslim/?

This faggot has been first reply to way too many of Trump's tweets. Obnoxious as fuck.

Is that a paki?

It's most likely a jew pretending to be a blind muslim paki

Well, they all look the same.

check check


Just look at that picturesque shitskin retard and ask yourself if this is a microcosm of why they could never build a functioning civilization.

You're right , it does need its head cut off. After the info has been extracted of course

Definitely 10k inbreds and 93k fake accounts.

What a fucking idiot kek


added the archive link


I've always thought it'd be interesting to have a picture format which could OCR for included clickable hyperlinks.


Why is this a sticky? Is this guy important or what?

dunno, I don't really do twitter, but it looks like he has a fuckton of followers

Should go back in his popular or heavily retweeted tweets and see if you can find which "hate" accounts are actually his if they type in the exact same way as he did just now.



wtf? lol




Guess he didn't see that backfiring.

It's a woman user.


How the Hell is he a blind hacker? I mean, one typo in his code and he won't be able to fix shit.

He's blind because he didn't switch accounts

He's probably one of these web dev fags.

You need to see the shitty website you're making for the Albanian money laundering front to know if it works, and so the Albanians don't come and kill you later.
t.web designer


I wonder the same thing how blind people can even be programmers. In college, one of my classmates was blind and aspired to be a programmer. I never teamed up with him or asked him how he did it myself since he seemed like a piece of shit Greek, but it didn't stop me from wondering. He had a laptop, but for some reason it had a screen. What's the point?

And I'm a mute public speaker.

I don't get it. Why'd you post a cute medusa in response to a picture of an old hag?

This guy does nothing all day but tweet at trump?>>11116700

Pretty sure this "completely blind" shitskin is a bot.

This is probably the 275th fake hate crime in the last 12 months, yet the left just pretends they never happen and that hate attacks from evil racists (read: all white people) against poor blacks and browns is an epidemic destroying the world. It's fucking ridiculous.


I guess you could call it being a nigger?

reminder that the global filter works great

He just begs for everyone to filter tor. There are some who use tor for protection if they have some good info and then there's this sperg who begs for someone to dox him and put him out of his misery. And he constantly uses his other proxies.

It's j-just internalized raycism, don't you see?

You don't actually have to be 100% blind to be legally considered so afaik.

always remember to send a tip to fakehatecrimes.org/.

According to him, he's "Totally Blind."


Gas them all.

but of course

Whacha doin, rapefugee?

Someone with a smurf should ask what she means by "rumored."

Sounds legit

Is Medusa an allegory to a Jewish woman?

The whole mirror thing too, call a Jew a Jew and they shrink back. Show a medusa itself and it turns to stone.

They should all change their avatar to Al Franken.

….thats their defense?

Is the tweet still up?

Looking at how she responded to one person and as far as it looks in this case she tries to hold it back.


a shitty one

I'm near the threshold of whats considered "legally blind" and I'm just incredibly nearsighted. Whats blind physically and "legally blind" is a fucking joke.

Almost as offensive as that one time I had a chink pretend to be irish at an irish pub themed restaurant.


is that where the money is? I knew I was doing something wrong. Thanks for the tip.

Sorry torfag but everything isn't about you.

It was a joke? I don't get it.

we need more stickies to make it look like mods are doing something!


Why not? Everything else is a sticky. May as well get that dudeweed thread with all its shit flinging as sticky too.

AS for OP, no shit lefties use sock puppets to attack Trump.

why the fuck is this sticked. brain dead mods have 11 fucking threads sticked, all of them fucking shit.

If you have a twitter account go into Settings and Privacy > Accessibility > and enable Compose image descriptions. Now when you upload images you can caption them. Most users will never see the captions, but you can fuck with blind people and others won't notice.

autism, engage!


I rarely venture into the stickied threads, tbh. I only came into this one because I wanted to see WHY it was stickied. Ive yet to find a good reason.

One person of choice was implicated in THOUSANDS of fake hate crimes. Can't find the pic now.

>“The idea that someone would cyberbully themselves first gained public attention with the tragic suicide of 14-year-old Hannah Smith in 2013 after she anonymously sent herself hurtful messages on a social media platform just weeks before she took her own life,” said Sameer Hinduja, Ph.D., study author, a professor in FAU’s School of Criminology and Criminal Justice in the College for Design and Social Inquiry, and co-director of the Cyberbullying Research Center. “We knew we had to study this empirically, and I was stunned to discover that about 1 in 20 middle- and high-school-age students have bullied themselves online. This finding was totally unexpected, even though I’ve been studying cyberbullying for almost 15 years.”
>Results of the study show that nearly 6 percent of the teens reported that they had anonymously posted something mean about themselves online. Among these, about half (51.3 percent) said they did it just once, about one-third (35.5 percent) said they did it a few times, while 13.2 percent said they had done it many times.
>Age and race of the respondents did not differentiate participation in digital self-harm, but other factors did. Teens who identified as non-heterosexual were three times more likely to bully themselves online. In addition, victims of cyberbullying were nearly 12 times as likely to have cyberbullied themselves compared to those who were not victims. Those who reported using drugs or participating in deviance, had depressive symptoms, or had previously engaged in self-harm behaviors offline were all significantly more likely to have engaged in digital self-harm.

It was real in his mind

I once phoned with a man who was totally blind and on his pc callcenter techsupp. He had this retard friendly Text-to-Speech program running that would say out loud everything the mouse hovers over without delay.

When he would shake the mouse something the TTS spazzed out repeating the first syllable 8 times a second

That was actually a diversity hire. You are required by law to hire so many retards. Dude they recorded actually had a stutter.


The nose knows

I just global filter the text content. It's almost always the same shit.


That guy has never tweeted to that alysia_Marie person any other time. Check for yourself. So much for being friends.

Does jerking off excessively count as bullying oneself?


How often do you unironically see someone use the "I was only pretending to be retarded" argument? Christ, I thought that was just something we used to insult one another here.

Damn he didn't change it yet. Jeez. Who's going to call him and tell him he just embarrassed all elite libtards?

Did he really forget or is this just another shitty attempt at irony from a disgusting sjw shitskin

Why is this a sticky? Surely we have many more important things to watch.

because the mods here are megatards


Mods work for Trump.

This is a board of peace, user.

Child abuse.

his like that black guy off Becker

checks out

Hollywood tells me not only are they good programmers, they are preternaturally good.

I tried saving it as leftist insanity but I was prompted to replace an existing file.

don't stop until this retard deletes his account

I am sorry that you missed the first post :^C

double 2's - cha-check!

Hey Ravi, watcha doin?



Burton's Law strikes again.

kek muh aryan

he probably writes javascript pseudocode and expects white people to fix it just like every other pajeet "programmer"

The only good muslim is a dead muslim

Fess up to doing it. Also article link?

Turns out he's been harassing fat women at tech conferences. I just found this on twitter.

In case no one knows, HOPE is an annual computer security conference.

Holy shit. Stop reading my mind you fucking glow in the dark