How could any German general surrender?

How could any of them have brought themselves to walk into that room, and look the new world order in the eyes, and sign a piece of paper saying they give up

Knowing everything they planned to bring, how could they do anything other than kill themselves, die fighting, or go into hiding?

Can you ever imagine surrendering to george soros? Because that's basically what they did

None of the good ones ever did

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Because of what the monsters did to Dresden and Berlin. Which would you do, requst Mercy for your own people, or continue to fight until humanity itself is gone and your people are only remembered as the bad group of people that were war-like until their own warmongering killed them?

Daily reminder that Americans funded the Soviets in World War 2, the same Soviets that murdered millions of white Christians in Russia/Ukraine.

but don't you dare ever forget the 6 billion jews goy.

They were mostly Prussian noble babies.
They were retarded. Remember Wilhelm Canaris? Stauffenberg too?
All of them thought the anglo filth and the subhuman slav communists would have had mercy on them.

Because the longer the war continued, the more the German people would suffer. By the time they surrendered there was no chance of victory or even a negotiated peace, the allies wanted total capitulation and by may 1945 the war was beyond lost.

If you had been to modern occupied Germany, you would understand OP.

You realize that there were and are so many golems that Hitler would have needed actual weapons of mass destruction to kill actual fellow white people in the millions, right?

It would have been a pyrrhic victory.

Video about the "British" (and co) boycott and sabotaging of Rhodesia.
The only second nation to be ever as sanctioned as hard and mercilessly as Germany.

Because war debts from "Balfour" and having to sell off the empire as quickly as possible.
Didn't expect the fierce Rhodesian determination.

But, sadly, it eventually fell.

This is a necessary watch, the first half of it is all about it.
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A very recommended video about "Buchenwald" and the lies around it.

In closing:
Germany got beaten back and their entire country occupied.
Now the Generals and everyone else had their families at the mercy of hostile occupants.

And just like torture victims of ISIS accept their death calmly and do their little confessions, calmly.
(After several sessions of mock executions that get ended right before the kill, until the prisoners simply don't expect it anymore and grow complacant.)

German generals and co did their confessions, and co.
Torture, blackmail, the grief of having to fight their "relatives", etc.

Got a little something about that, too.

Anti German propaganda = anti western, anti white propaganda.

Its kinda diffifcult to resist when your own army is broken and the forces of four global superpowers are basically squatting in your living room.
The only option they had was to play Bertolt Brecht's Mr. Keuner.



Every user should read the books Degrelle wrote.

fuck off Holla Forums

Germany is still fighting, though.

wew lad… The Germans were the monsters in that mentioned event, but we still refused to give up.

How? Because it might had been the best option to do. Also keep in mind not every German general was keen of Hitler, so those who were probably got the bullet too, be it in fighting or by themselves.
There are always some people who will take surrendering as an option. Although in the end a peace deal with the German Empire has never been made nor signed, which means that those who were at war with the German Empire are still at war to this day. Reminder that Germany=/=German Empire.

Germany is still fighting, though.
The grandsons of the survivors are being diverted to fight a new enemy, while pretending they don't still live under the occupational forces of the US ZOG, who were not given any vietnam-tier opposition after '45.

Some of them might be making the effort right now, but the post you quoted was about the years immediately following a military defeat or surrender of a nation, ie 70 years ago.

I remember a video saying that they asked from the soviets that the women and children that lived in Warsaw to evacuate the city. The soviets declined and they couldn't do anything else but bomb it. They also didn't respect the Germans and did soemthing else I don't remember.

It was obvious that the war was over. At that stage I would just attempt to do whatever possible to protect my soldiers, hastily followed by suicide. As a soldier I would never surrender, death would be preferable to surrender. But people have families, and those young men have the majority of their lives ahead of them. It's not really fair to expect them to give up their lives in vain. Assuming you don't get nuremberg'd your fate is your own choice.

Last laugh.

((( They ))) have been afraid for quite some time.
kikes love to steal shit and preen themselves with foreign feathers, as well as smokes and mirrors and empty phrases.
Like saying "those who oppose israel get punished by god".

When in reality everyone who opposes Germany ultimately gets punished harshly.
The reality is living proof of it, and every day someone new realizes that Hitler did very little wrong.
Germany, Germanic people, and the West will triumph in the end.
kikes will get exterminated for good eventually, don't you worry.

The Germans bombed it. Actually the whole plan of the "W" hour was to gain independence before the Soviets arrive, but also that the Soviets will support local forces. Instead they stood on the other side of the Vistula river until German forces were done with killing the local population as well as levelling the city. Everyone who tried to cross the river was shot… not by Germans but by Soviets.

The jews winning has almost killed humanity already. You're dead either way and so is your race.

Well said.

comparing Dresden to Warsaw… lurk 10 more years

just read about canaris and im so disgusted by that piece of shit
hes just like the cuckservatives we have in the US in modern times, and all the other countries' equivalents

burn in hell
so glad he was found out and executed right before he could run into the arms of his beloved new world order

The americans also funded the Nazis

Polish people would want peace with Hitler had Pilsudski lived to the time of the war (he died in 1935). Poland can respect Hitler for victory he brought for his people, but don't expect Polish to not see Hitler as a warmonger, same as Soviets. I understand the reasons for Hitler's bombing, but I would still fight the fucker if attacked and not feel a lot of love, but more something towards respect. I believe if Poland would have a leader as strong as AH, both countries would fight alongside against commies. As Pilsudski actually fought the cunts off in 1920 Polish vs (((Bolsheviks))) war. Both Hitler and Pilsudski made a 10 year non agression pact. So yeah, I believe even after bombing each other strong leaders at some point make peace with conditions in order not to slaughter the whole country, however, this is not possible with kikes, they want to genocide you. We have only one enemy.