It’s Now Illegal for Men to Make More Money Than Women


Iceland confirmed cucks.

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That's all you need to know about the entire article. Why ever let women control a nation it only leads to disaster.

And then it comes in immediately after that men are still making way more money overall because women work less hours, work stupid makework office jobs because they wasted all their (small) potential and youth on a useless career path while men gravitate towards more lucrative, but potentially physically exhaustive (something the vast majority of women will never take part in) jobs in markets most women will never do.
This bullshit doesn't even serve to make me mad anymore. This narrative is falling apart because the women of today are lazy cunts. This entire charade is only kept going by doubling the workload of productive (male) staff or just shutting the doors and going bankrupt.

Checkmate evil male pig bastards! Instead of having things be for the benefit of both of us, we're just going to ruin EVERYTHING FOR EVERYBODY.

pretty much this. nothing will change because they are already likely being paid the same. wealth ≠ pay rate

Love how every article on stuff like this always glosses over this aspect.

How low is average testosterone compared to 1000 years ago? European men have essentially become massive cuckold cowards. We'll become extinct without nigh intervention soon.

We are all hen, you barbarians.

It's been illegal in America since 1975, but watch the Feminists ignore this and complain about the "wage gap". Women need to stop joining the workforce. They expect their womanhood to protect them. Most of the women I've ever met in the workforce are complete bitches. In fact, I just recently quit a job over this. The two women whom were friends continued to insult everyone. They were both self-confessed proud opium whores. They told me that they couldn't work without bring on drugs beforehand. My manager, an ex-friend, promoted them both to supervisor without knowing how to do anything. They made up this story. They told me people were talking behind my back about how I'm not a trustworthy employee and how I might be fired soon. When I began asking the majority-male workforce I discovered that it was only her and her gal-pal talking to eachother about this. I finally yelled her out about insulting me and told her she should be fired for not being able to do anything. Quit later in the day.

The modern woman acts like she's 14 years old and cries when she is confronted with actual work. They play on their cellphones, talking to people in other workplaces, and post things to instagram. Meanwhile, the soyboy redditors who watch Rick and Morty in the higher-management agree with the illusion that just because they're women means you can't do anything about them.

My view is if these women want to be "equal" to men, then to hell with chalvery. Yell at them for being stupid, and hit them like you would men. Afterall, these cunts want to be in the workforce.

That article is worthless. It does not mention any specifics at all.
Does this mean same hourly pay for the same job in which case who cares?, or no jobs done by a man can have higher pay rate than any done by a woman?
OP, if the shitty article does not give details, you must search them out and give them, as it is the OPs responsibility to be informative.
Holla Forums is not just some place to post articles like some sort of news aggregate. We expect context and details.



Do I understand this right? Iceland will require everyone with the same job title to be paid equally? Discriminating against women (or men) is already illegal pretty much everywhere, but the rockstar is paid more than the guy who barely does the minimum because he brings much more value to the company. If they want to kill productivity, paying the two the same is the way. I have yet to meet a woman who works as much as the average guy, paying the two the same is insane.

He's right.

So is it illegal to work longer and do more dangerous jobs? Or will they simply just pay men who do hard labor all day in mines the same amount they pay women working in comfy offices?

I cannot for the life of me find any more information than this. Maybe it's fake news.

I will keep searching.

Found more specifics here:!

So what's the narrative going to be when this conclusively shows that all of this is bullshit? Probably this just getting completely buried, probably because it's Iceland and few people are even going to hear of this.

where are the white pills ffs
I hate basically everybody but you guys on 8/pol/
sage for shitpost, me not OP, OP is fine

The ride never ends.

is this what they wanted? I dont know anymore

yeah I've tried escaping numerous times
we're trapped here

so… is this just a way to get more governmental red tape workers (read women) work? that way the government can beef up their female hiring and claim to be an equality when they hit 50%?

Let's say a man and a woman are doing the same job. The woman is exhausted and leaves after 4 hours. The man is still there 8 hours later. Why should she be paid for 12 hours of work?

Is this indeed possible? Logic is telling me no, experience is telling me yes.

Is it just me or did this article provide literally zero description of the actual legislation?

Not a white pill, but the way things look this law will probably end up as some impotent regulation creating nothing but red tape.
The black pill is that you're a retard who gets demoralized by shitty click bait titles, though.

I bet they'll end up just docking pay for men. Saves shekels.

Iceland is not that big
taking it over should not be that hard

This. I've already seen one woman ignoring this fact and just repeating "women where I work are paid less".
We need to spam in the face of every feminist who idly retweets this:
and watch them squirm with "well, they won't beleive me" cop-outs. Anything to admit they have no proof at all, they're just idly retweeting the last bullshit virtue-signal.
And once observers see, all over the internet, that this "truth" is, in fact, a lie that's merely been repeated enough, they might start to wonder what else isn't true…


Kiwifag here
It's illegal to discriminate by race/sex here for promotions/pay/etc and men still earn more than women overall despite having a higher rate of unemployment/workplace injuries and the educational system being structured to favour female minds which is a really interesting thing in itself that lessons can be taught in a way that a certain sex understands better.
Inb4 a few fines are handed out and some kike hags make lawsuits for extra dosh while nothing changes.

They pretty much have nothing for a military. A couple of crackheads could take over.

But they do have these guys

Except companies that don't hire women get dinged for "discriminatory hiring practices" and are forced by law to hire women. Same applies to minorities.

Wouldn't that be some abstract kind of communism in the end? Resulting in workers didn't do shit but the bare minimum to not be fired.
Not that Island had some substancial industry to ruin in the first place.

I recall that first, they made it a law that the parliament had to be 50% female. Now that parliament passes this law.

Wonder what the law says. Equal pay for the same hours in the same job? Do they define "equivalent jobs" so the man out in the beautiful Icelandic weather repairing electrical transmission lines makes the same as a woman secretary?

Iceland is lucky they don't have minorities. So despite all this gender stuff and their terrible weather, it'll still be a pretty nice place.

I wonder who could be behind this post.

So why hire a woman if you have to pay her the same as a man? A man who is going to do a better job, work harder, and take fewer days off.

Companies will simply not hire women.

Feminists BTFO

If you hire nobody but cool bros, who is going to know or tell? How would the government know that there are no women employed at a business? How would they make them hire women? What stops a business from exluding women at the job application process? NOTHING!

Having their cake and eating it too. The ability to get pregnant (Even with all the shitty stuff that comes with it) makes it so that you could live your life without ever having to work. How many men out there of the total could get a wife without ever getting off his ass to work and just lazing around all day? Fucking none of them.

What could possibly go wrong?

See . What makes you think they're going to raise salaries for women? That's a waste of money. And believe me, they'll keep the women around to continue justifying the lower wages for men. Sure, the workforce is less efficient, but the shekels-to-productivity ratio is higher this way.

To fight the jew, you must understand how to maximize jewery.

nothing. they arent

like hell they will. despite being worth less, the company still needs someone to get the job done. Not to mention that any woman is a unbased sexual harassment bomb waiting to go off.

Companies will just mitigate the risk and only hire men.

(((Liberal democracy)))
(((Female enfranchisement)))
When your axioms are nonsense, the results of your arguments are nonsense.

This isn't a woman problem. It's always a male problem. Men are the ones allowing this to happen.

A while back I was telling my girlfriend why women should not be allowed to vote, and she argued that if women did not have political power then men could just rape women at will. Of course that's ridiculous, so I asked her why men aren't able to rape freely now, and she said "Because there are laws against it", so I asked "Who enforces those laws? Men or women?". Even her dumb ass couldn't begin to claim women were the ones directly stopping men from raping women.

You see, men are the ones in charge, and we're doing a bad fucking job keeping women in line. We've cucked ourselves, and women don't like it anymore than we do. Their misbehavior, and tyranny is supposed to make us put our foot down, and correct this malfunction in society. How fucking bad does it have to get before we start punishing the men who are shitting up our world? We need to discourage men from being pussies.

No. Just No. Men love to make more money than anyone. It's a typical fantasy of male psyche.
Everyone has it, from entrepreneurial small firm Joe to Bill Gates.
Learn to spot the feminist shills.. judaism is a matriarchal religion. Pro-female power.

You guys are so dedicated to being anti-jewish but your white knight instincts allows this dead angle to never be covered.
Feminists are also Jewish Shills you Holla Forumsacks defend, and they backstab you after as a thank you. Be careful.

Good lord, you're even dumber than my ex. Who has the strength, and intellect to dominate, men or women?

We already do this even though you can get away with paying a woman less. Due to it being easy to lower their self esteem and sense of self worth and their poor negotiating skills. Even so it still works out more economical to have a man and pay him double.

You highly underestimate women. They are very cunning and can manipulate men.

If you knew that maybe you would still be with your ex! If she was dumb as you say you could have shaped her into your women of choice, following your philosophy.

For someone who's been in relationships you kinda come across as very naive. Men have power perks, women have manipulative perks.

No need to white knight and cuckold yourself to the holy vagina. Or encourage others to do the same.
White Knights on Holla Forums is just disgusting. No, your girlfriend won't stop masturbating to joe next door just because you made a pro-women post in a Holla Forums feminist thread.

What are quotas. Enforce mandatory hiring of at least a certain % of women and bam, salaries down.

And all the white knights and cunt-slaves will aprove, even if it drops their wage as well.

literally how?

but no women want the job
irrelevant, here is your fine


yes, he is, he was the best applicant for the job

these are bullshit laws that can't be enforced. there is just no way to do it.

You just admited it's a new excuse to pass fines. They will let your business work as long you pay the fine, ie. give them larger share of your revenues.

This at economical level works as a new tax, with political and emotional support from women and white knights.

Indifferent at new fines? But not so indifferent at new taxes are you? Pick your poison. Endterm, is more money going to pro-feminist government

This is the jewiest post I've had directed at me in a while. Commendable. The following will not be a reply to you in particular, but still meant to counter your subversive attempt to turn men against women.

Women can only manipulate weak, and ignorant men. The problem we have is powerful men (a significant number of them jewish) in the know keeping the majority of men ignorant via control of media outlets, and education. It's our job to teach the truth that is being hidden. Truth like the fact that women test for strength and follow it more or less blindly.

Men throughout the western world need to drastically change their behavior to be competitive with the men fucking up the world, seize control, and put women back in their place as caretakers of family households that they can be proud to tend. There is no other way things are going to change for the better. Blaming women for your problems like a whiny child is not how the world is going to change.

When this is fucking stupid so if these "wamen"take off from work and make less money because of it everyone will be impacted. This also will lead to less sick days and leave time. Great job feminists you just made the work place worse than it already was.

Iceland is finished if it doesn't rid itself of these cunts.
It has a very small population of about 250,000, and has been separate long enough to have distinct biological makeup, as shown in part by their physical size and extraordinary strength, not to mention the almost crimeless nature of their society.
Supposedly some muslims have already gone over there. Iceland should really, if it were a sane world, be as protected as the gallapagos islands. No foreign influence.

No, women can manipulate all kinds of powerful men.

Just see the amount of power Queens typically had, via their King or Emperor Husbands.

But for someone who reading a history book is too much of an effort I guess this is some sort of Fantastical Tale rather than Real Politik.

I'm not blaming women for my problems, I have no women problems so far because I grasp their nature.

Just as men are powerful and authoritarian, women are emotional and manipulative, this is Nature, this is neither good nor evil.
This is the inherent inequality of nature.

The moment you confuse lack of equality with inherent superiority/inferiority, your begging to be slaughtered in the divorce court.

Now let's be clear, women cause me no trouble, not because they are harmless pure angels, but because I try to play it careful enough.

Women by law, even by Roman law, had agency. Your post is basically using flattery to persuade males to grant immunity from law to women.
Hillary would benefit from your view, a LOT. Maybe CTR is still pro-feminist posting here.

Keep trusting the jew news.
Rid yourself of cancerous foods and lifestyles and you will have no real problem.
The panic and hopelessness they are trying to spread is called "learned helplessness". They want you to feel that way. Don't listen.
Ignore the genetic failures of the type that work for buzzfeed, they would have been wiped out as children or infants in days past.
Focus on yourself and improving those around you. There has been no great change in humans for 100,000 years. The last 1,000 is nothing.
Lifestyle is the key.

A Blackpill can be turned into an improvement pill if you're Stoic enough. Doesn't mean the blackpill content is false.

Was thinking the same thing.
Forced communism.
When the men see that the women are being paid for doing fuck all, a large part of the men will stop bothering to try at work, given there is no reason to.
This has been seen and noticed in general; there was an article this week stating that men have begun to earn less compared to some years ago, as they have realised they no longer have to provide, so they are taking part time and low stress jobs.
This means men are taking care of themselves, and will likely start living longer because of it. In the long run though, everything is fucked because kikes have disturbed the natural order of things just as they planned.
Look at proposed methods of population control from scientific sources in the 50s, 60s and 70s. It is all there in plain sight.
Destruction of the family unit is number one.
Promoting homosexuality another, sending women to work, and so on.
One they haven't yet implemented is state control and rearing of all children. As in mandatory state orphanage.

Might be for the wrong reasons. Their policies are so anti-natalist in theme, there are too few kids for such a policy to be power-profitable.

The blackpill is aa I said, lifestyle, food and environmental factors. Most of which can be avoided.
Don't eat prepackaged food or packet meals. Don't use plastics near your food. Filter your water if need be. Sleep in a dark, silent room, eat testosterone boosting foods daily, they are all common and not expensive. Exercise for strength, and go out into the sunlight for at least 30-60 minutes a day.

It is no truth pill at all to panic and start thinking we've developed over 1,000 years to be spineless jellyfish. That's absurd and an outright falsehood.
Eating junk food, and too much sugar has done worse.
Obesity is a major factor in testosterone levels. That has massively increased since the 50s because of advertising and poor diet.
The state of man has not changed in the slightest.
Unnecessary doom and gloom soothsaying from ignorance is not beneficial at all.
Be positive and proactive and think rationally, not like a woman.
Women worry about imaginings, men solve their own problems.

Could be it is planned too, and will be started at a point where they make a panic claim of "birth rates dangerously low, to allow humanity to survive this catastrophe, all children will be in state orphanages". Or it might have been discarded, it is just one of the methods suggested in the 60s during their population control symposiums.

Powerful is not the opposite of the words I used - "weak and ignorant" - my clever kike opponent. A woman cannot manipulate a principled man with sufficient knowledge. The kind of man that we all need to be for the world to be set right.

Perhaps you'd better elaborate. It's women that vote for greater government control, and seek safety over freedom.

Men are obviously superior. It's men that are using women against men that have the upper hand in this glorious struggle.

Of course women have agency, but there is a hierarchy in which women look up to men, much in the same way a child can make decisions, but defers to its parents.

Women are not the enemy.

How can you break your White-Knight conditioning if you are too afraid of being called a shitlord simply for recognizing what your ancestors took as obvious: that women are manipulative?

That's a start you need, or you'll just be a new feminist-slave with a bit more of sex appeal than the others, but in the end a defeated soul nonetheless.

When you see women as sinless angels who must be protected even from mean opinions on imageboards, I guess you have a very real problem growing up, you just don't notice it yet.

Women are trained to put men in an emotional state where they can suggest him without resorting to logic or entering a chess game tier argument.
Did you never interact with women before? This is so obvious. Any old Epic, from north europe to south europe to sumeria, will have this quality of women I'm pointing out as o-b-v-i-o-u-s.
You need to break your programming. Your ancestors would find you an enslaved-soul.

Yep. Men have less need of a higher authority because they already generate order and authority by their own character.
Non-married women see an authoritarian government as replacement for the lack of a confident and bold husband, the type of your grandfathers time.

Anyone who denies the memory and lessons laid out by our Ancestors is the enemy, having female genitals don't give them diplomatic immunity you beta white knight.

You may have the last word, Shlomo. I've had my fill.

I said anyone who denies us the accumulated knowledge of our ancestors is the enemy. Gender is secondary.

Women being manipulative and emotional is an Archetype that even Kings with large Harems agreed with.
It's a logical conclusion, not one done out of bitterness.

Why do you strawman me? Is it to fulfill your oven fantasies one day?

You have serious English comprehension failings.
Maybe this will help.

1. Women worry about things that will never happen. They scream and wail and cry like idiots.

2. Separate to that, and contrastingly, the male way is not to worry, especially about falsehoods. The male way is to solve the problem by action.

You perhaps have some trouble with this, and might have been raised by a single mother that spread all her fear to you.

So just dont hire women for anything physical at all. If anyone comes around asking why you picked male A over female B, just point out that everyone knows men and women are exactly the same, she just didnt happen to be as physically fit as he was. Which was entirely within her capability. Because shes equal. So she must be lazy, and unfit, and should work out more so she can be on par with men.
Problem solved.

Why are you giving me an emotional and manipulative post?
As opposed to a calm and logically articulate one?


Doesn't work, even the SAS have been talking about reducing fitness requirements so that women can enter and be "equal". Since otherwise, it is physically impossible for them to pass the entrance tests.
There is no fairness, you are misled.

The only way to enforce this is to give a human an earning value from birth.
You're no longer allowed to contribute economically once you've fulfilled your predetermined value.
Breathing contributes to the economy by producing the CO2 necessary to feed agriculture.

Women would scream because it would take them longer to fulfill their economic obligation.

Forgot my relevant picture.

Because you behave like a woman, and clearly require being babified like one.

I said men, from the time of your grandfather to before they manage to go on with their lives while taming this type of feminist harpies very easily.
I'm not saying men are doomed, I'm saying the solution is much easier than it looks like.

So you admit to emulating a women in writing?

I admit that you "argue" like a woman, call everyone a white knight™, and step around the issue like a kike snake.
What's next, you'll start calling people virgins and how they will never get laid.
Panicking is a sign of a feminine brain.

Well I hope you never read any Old Epic, because in all of them Women are described and written as having manipulative perks.
Or any pre-WWI novel in general, it will trigger you.

Stick to modern pro-feminist magazines for a safer reading that won't upset you.

I'm not panicking, I just noticed you admitted to being emotional and manipulative on purpose at the expense of logic.

Basically you just admitted the inferiority of your point of view by yourself. Thanks!

No you didn't, lying slippery kike.
1,000 years ago is not when my grandfather was around, you are hysterical.
Men aren't going extinct either.
If you don't hear how you sound, you have a problem. Maybe stop posting and take a break, drink a chamomile tea or whatever you normally do.

Sounds sexist and dangerous to me. Its clearly just those womens fault if they cant chamber a 203 round. They did the same thing in the US btw, in the SF rangers.

Putting words into others' mouths is a kike tactic too.
Keep going, building a solid personality profile like this.

You just quoted a post I didn't write.

Regardless my points on women are supported by all Old Epics.
If you imply the knowledge of Old Epics as false, you're very likely a modernist, and given OP, a feminist too.

He's not going to stop his disenguous conversing style. It's best to just stop speaking to him.

Yeah, well I doubt the men in the SAS want any weakness around either. It is bureaucracy.
The last part of the selection process is judged by "would you trust this man with your life?", and I doubt any of them would agree to anything but the best.

Well, they do live longer than men. So that seems logical.

Sign me up.

Does it pay that well being a shill?

Really would be sad to see the SAS allowing women, who humans and animals can smell from a distance, and who need extra toiletries, and who lack focus and concentration at certain times, and who are physically weaker and whos bodies shut down sooner etc - to be on the same tier as the best of the best.
Even just under interrogation. You think they are going to be able to "gray man" their way out of it? They will get raped with a knife.

Guaranteed leftist response.


Enjoy your trojans.

Let alone the idea of them marching 22 hours with 100 pounds on their back.
Their hips physically can't take it, they aren't designed for it.
Sitting in covered for 28 days without moving, half buried in a ditch and pissing and shitting into a bag.
"oh no, my yeast infection!"
The grey man will be the red woman. Emotionally bat shit.

Women aren't the enemy. SAS men being great men as they are, will ensure women somehow reach top performance.

If you disagree you are under lawsuit for discrimination.

Id offer a dissenting opinion.



Yea yea yea, he was educated on a kike shill controlled website called gates of vienna, didnt get his full redpill. It was all anti-muslim and had the kike pushed message that jews are our friends against muslims on it, instead of the reverse. Thats exactly what Israel and kikes want to make people think, one of the benefits to them of flooding our countries with muslims. Roof wasnt fully pilled either, you cant throw all these people under the bus.

They've got just over 400 people in their military, but technically they have a defense treaty with the US. Their Navy is also manned by mercenaries.

Kek. Breivik probably had earlier info in his masonic lodge of the forced menshevik cultural program and mentally couldn't handle the truth without lashing out.

Half of the way out has thankfully been done. Just get used to not care on being indirectly called a "shitlord". Trump has been good for this.

Also watch out for the "but men are superior therefore women have 0 responsibility in their lives"
That implies on the side that women don't have accountability to raise kids or manage a big household, which is a subliminal feminist persuasion tactic.
It also implies that when females gives you a cuckold child, it's the fault of the husband.

He killed almost 100 young whites, and gave the jew controlled media another "angry white male with a gun" story to run. Brevik is no hero.

Brevik, like another poster in this thread, had the goal of misdirection, so as to keep the focal point off Jews, and to keep men from improving themselves.

Don't worry, when your 8months and half abortion goes public for a certain person will be plenty of potential lawsuits, no feminism can save you.

commies aint white

Did you know that the majority of world's great assassins are women?
Not men?
That sure brings up a new perspective, heh Jimbo

The average age of his victims was 20. 20 year olds don't know anything. Their brains aren't even done developing.

Have some introduction to the subject of highly effective female murderers.

fug forgot to archive
please forgive
my apologies but here it is

Best to follow your own advice

Yes and the reverse is also true, a woman cannot be paid more than a man with the same credentials and experience either. Now they will start to bitch about the earnings gap…


Yeah I agree following a minimally defined strategy is more evolved than "you disagree with me? you must be literally Breivik" as well.

We are where we are due to applying that man's opinion for centuries. People try to gain political capital by giving women power.

Problem is women are already so in control, no one knows what to offer anymore. So that's why feminists inventing dumb problems like sexist air conditioners are pandered to by politicians.

That picture could be a solution 2 centuries ago, today it gives you hillary clintons, femens, and whatever else, because there is no real women opression anymore compared to ancient times, this assuming there ever was.

Kike confirmed. Adam Weishaupt was a Jewish subsersive; I wasn't suggesting we emulate him.

State orphanages are overt. Covert policies are better. Directly controlling children isn't worth the risk, they already have control over the education system, television and what is and isn't kosher on the internet, and that's good enough for the vast majority of kids with bad parents.

Queens never had power in any system until the peak has hit and it starts in on its decline. Once corruption and infighting become the norm women are able to rise inside the confines of the hollowing out shell of an system until it collapses. Each system has been different in its manifestations and each time frame has been wildly different in its points of entry and power projection for females but it has always been the same. Anything an woman can do, men can do better across the board. Men whom are not the best use and support such women in order to undermine and counter men whom would otherwise dominate them easily, and this dynamic is an symptom of an ailing and dysfunctional system.

While an individual woman can inspire and support an individual male, they can never rise beyond this function without other corruptions already eating away at any given society. Females are property at the end of the day of the men around them, this is the foundational truth of humanity.

The literal founder of the Illuminati.

Oh that makes more sense. Sorry mate we all get tricked.

Females can always have power to influence males. Heterosexual males can go VERY emotional on females, and if they are in power positions, they will lobby many things just to please her female counter part.

There were female rulers in absolute monarchy times, when the husband died or if the husband was an emperor and had to leave for faraway lands, the "house" the Queen had to deal with was the local royal house. In cases of an Empire with several kingdoms, a Queen could be left with ruling an entire kingdom, or even an Empire (see Russian Empire)

Now I'm saying this to point how even more absurd the feminist struggle looks.

Great! So when are they hiring the female electricians and male school teachers?

You're a jew.

Aryans everywhere want to disappear and give their countries to niggers. This is my understanding.

How to fight back…

A quality post that hits the core of the issue. Every man needs to stop being such a spineless bitch and get his shit together.

This is true and the point can’t be overstated. Iceland is the one remaining example of a mature homegenic European society of any (albeit small) scale. It is an implausibly safe and cohesive society, but it is incredibly fragile.

With a population of roughly 300k (over a third of which live in one “city” alone) Iceland could probably with existing infrastructure (and short term ability to provide gibs) sustain an influx of half it’s current population size in invaders. That equates to 150k. 150k is just three quarters of the population growth the planet experiences in a day. In other words if Iceland is permitted to fall to multi racialism it will suicide itself in exchange for dealing with roughly 18 hours of the worlds over population issue.

If they manage to destroy Iceland it will not only be the natives who will lose, it will be all of us. No longer when people try and claim that homegenic European societies are safer than multi racial ones will we be able to point to a living example to refute them.

No longer when people try and claim that homegenic European societies are NOT safer*

Another thread of Holla Forums being bluepilled on women. It's like you're all just lining up to be JUST.

Don't you know until a couple years ago the First Lady of Iceland was a jew from Israel?

There are still many living examples, there just won't be an entire nation, unless the US splits up into separate countries.

A few years ago I seriously entertained moving to Iceland. Very happy I didn't go through with that. The US may be a big pile of fuck, but there's still nowhere else I'd rather be.

Thank you. Every great change begins with individuals changing themselves first. Deal with what you actually have control over. Complaining about other people's wrong doings is like yelling at the weather. If you want to stay warm, start a fire.

You are right, when there is no living example, there will be no light to contrast the darkness, no good to highlight the evil.
People already accept things simply because they have never known any different.
People in the worst affected countries automatically presume that life can not be any different. England being a paranoid police controlled camera filled prison isle, to English who live there it is normal.
Germany being silenced, gagged, surrounded by rapists and murderers and the politicians and papers blame the native Germans for the crimes of the imported invaders. The Germans take it almost as normal "it must be like this everywhere".
The thing they have been building a lot, lately in particular, is "learned helplessness", exposing people to traumatic and immoral stimuli so often and for so long that people don't look for an exit, even if it is right in front of them.
The power over us is an illusion that can be broken by resistance.

Heil Satan.

I work a job with a lot of manual labour, and unsurprisingly the men always have to do heavy lifting and are expected to take on more difficult duties because we're bigger and stronger. Since we're all paid the same, why should I bust my ass so some woman doesn't have to break a nail?

There are a lot of hidden factors like willingness to work overtime, willingness to put in the hard yards, saying yes to extra shifts and prioritising work over leisure that sees men earn more than women.

The easiest solution to all of this is for us to encourage men to just put in the bare minimum of work like women do, and to make sure women are forced to do all aspects of the job including heavy lifting. When women go home tired/injured every day, maybe they'll reconsider their stance.

Is it safe to say that if there was a button that would fire them & have them be stay at home wives,and give their husband a good wage that would enable the family to have a lower to middle-middle class life.

The majority of women would press that button?

Hey, Holla Forums! Wanna unfuck the modern gender dynamic? Restore Male authority.

Trudeau? Remember, if you kill the enemy, they win :^)

You dense motherfuckers

This is the future they chose.jpg



The great thing about my country the united states is that we have already implemented pay equality with FLSA in 1938

As usual I will post that I love this image and it inspires me to kill communism when it finally starts to appear legitimately in the US. Can anyone answer me what the text is that's appearing behind the commie as he reels back?

Are they living off EU gibs or something? If not then the economy will immediately collapse.