(((electric jew)))

Has someone catalogued all of Netflix's anti-white/degenerate propaganda into something digestible? I think it could be worthwhile.

Some things that come to mind:

There are also periphery connections, like the cast from Stranger Things celebrating the idea of punching people in the face when they were accepting an award. ( There's also (((Soros))) being an investor, though a small one.)

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Meant to upload this in OP.

This shit is so fucked up and I hate to say it but it is popular. I hear people talking about it.

There was quite a bit in The Punisher series. It was the last place I was expecting it, but alas

kikes ruin everything

I watched an episode of that at a relative's house. As a lover of animation, I was sickened. As a casual Holla Forums browser, I couldn't help but notice that Wikipedia lists (((something)) in common with 3/4 of the show's creators.

Can you post a clip or two? I haven't followed any of the comic book adaptations, Netflix or otherwise.

Isn't the Nu-Flix Punisher a kike? What, does he have PTSD from blowing up innocent shitskin kids in the 6 day war? lol

I would if I wasn't such a pleb. I only have the technical know-how for jewtube links. I'll give you a summary of the kikery: had a shitty empowered wymmynz and a kike as the lead investigators of case that Punisher was involved in. Empowered wymmynz pulled victim idpol as political leverage within the office. There was also a dangerous, home-grown terrorist wy puhson that was influenced by a (((conspiracy theorist))) who said that the Internet was run by jews in a cringeworthy manner, so as to be the opposite of a redpill. Punisher teams up with NSA kike spook as well to get shit done. A lot of shit in that show to invoke pity for semites.

See above. Also, (((Jon Bernthal))) confirmed kike.

try this

Stranger KANGS is pretty much anti white at this point. The first season was interesting because of the 80s aesthetic and the plot was decent, but the second one went into overdrive with grrrl power, evil white racists, the cute redhead kid kissing a nigger, and pretty much all father figures being disinterested one liner characters

Yeah, I enjoyed the first series and it was fairly light on the poz but I think the Tumblr crowd really got into it so they had to amp up the degeneracy.

Who is this marketed to?
Who the fuck on Netflix watches this? How many people are renewing their subscriptions to watch shows like this?

Read the tags lmao
They put other shows that aren't even related in there to boost the video in searches

That's how they operate now. A decent first season to rope you in, drum up hype and interest, then they crash it with no survivors with season 2. They will do the same thing to the Witcher series.

I cancelled my trial a couple of days after launching it. There is literally nothing worthwhile on Goyflix

"The Last Man on Earth" (actually hulu but whatever)
Basically for some reason virus blah bla whatever almost everyone dies, white guy finds himself alone in Tucson and decides he's the last person alive. A few women eventually show up, he's really pathetic and has trouble getting laid even then.
Then a short,fat spic shows up and sweeps the one attractive white girl up, leaving the white guy with the annoying and homely Jewess. A few more women filter in, they all hate the white guy because he's such a loser.
Then after about 8 episodes a nigger shows up and cucks everybody, ends up boning all but one of the women there in his first episode.

I rate it 10/10 foreskins would not watch again

My normalfag friends recommended Black Mirror so I torrented it to see what the fuss was about. Most episodes include racemixing and all white male characters are either evil or stupid. It's the same thing as with Doctor Nu but a bit more subtle.

Same thing with Travelers. First season some racemixing, Second season we have to amp up the kike, so they expose a character who is /ourguy/ as a cuck who likes to get spanked by dominatrices. He kills his family then himself. We get subjected to a diatribe about how bad a person he was.

I'm back to just watching japanimation.

OP again, but my ID may have changed. This is my list so far. There's anti-white, anti-male, pro-cuck, anti-gun, and generally degenerate stuff in here, so I think it's better to break it into chunks along those lines.

All I watched on (((Netflix))) was Dredd, some Star Trek episodes, and I think Robocop and Die Hard at some point. When I learned about the Soros connection, I cancelled my subscription. Since this makes my Wii almost useless now, I guess I'd better get off my ass and get some sort of external hard drive suitable for playing Gamecube and Wii disc images for it.

Now imagine what they look like when I say I don't have an instagram or facebook

user, I’ve spoken to three human beings in the last five years. Most of the cattle aren’t even worth saving, much less attempting to educate.


Frontier is another massive pile of anti-white shite. All wypipo are degenerate, scheming, lying oppressors, and muh noble savages are all just tryin to survive the white man. Basically the euros are kikes. Also the main tree nigger is the rocks little cousin, and is cucking everyone and everything. Pure garbage. Netflix is Redpilling those around me with this nonsense

People on Holla Forums were saying the show "Dark" is quite good, and very unpozzed. At least the current first season.
It looks a bit like Stranger Things but takes place in Germany.

Someone left this in the comments of the video.

I tried archiving some articles on the subject but didn't have any luck. Can someone post screenshots?


I know that feel user. Normies lack souls, they are animated by lesser spirits.

this shit will keep happening until they get routinely slaughtered for spewing anything remotely associated with that sort of crap.
why do you think those fucking kikes have been routinely brutalized across 3 continents for 5 millenias?

Netflix is shit anyways. I hated how I would go to my watchlist one day just to see half of my stuff removed without warning because the contract between the movie studio and netflix expired or some shit. With torrents you download something and it's yours to keep unless you decide to delete it. Plus you also don't give any money to people who hate you and want you dead.

This a truly high level of Judaism.


Not only is Jon Bernthal a kike, but in the show the Punisher's best friend is a nigger, his techy sidekick is a kike, the government agents looking into his past against the wishes of an evil white higher ranked agent are an arab and a kike, and in the first episode he kills a bunch of white guys to save a mexican. The Punisher is pure subversive trash.

This. Why is anyone using other objectively inferior services? Not that anyone should be wasting time actually trying to seek entertainment through these shows in the first place. I just peak to see what their latest propaganda is.

Remember that 95% of people are followers.
They have been manipulated by the (((media))) their entire lives.
It is up to you to drop red pills here and there in a subtle way that seems non-politically motivated.
You can pass them a news article every now and again, or add a detail in a conversation.
It might not make them your dedicated followers, but it will break some of the spell that the media has on them.

As in, show them a quote from zuckerberg saying "people are fucking retards, they'll give me anything I ask".
Or spying, or anything like that.
Just once in a while, and without pressure or seemingly having an agenda, as though you are satisfying their curiosity.
They will become more aware of it, and afterwards be less manipulated by it.

Japan is the Aryan's greatest Ally.

*SOME* of the things they make these days are still bretty gud tho (Dunkirk, Blade runner 2049, wonder woman, etc), plus I watch a lot of anime too

Holy hell that video is awful. Here's a little something to balance things out.

The thing is that the plebs are braindead and they use Netflix because that's what their stupid friends are doing (that at the same time is what TV/social media tells them to do) because they are sheep with no fucking mind on their own, and the only thing they care about is being accepted by the "hip and cool" guys, who are usually the most braindead and best goyim.
So when these retards hear their friends talking about the latest Netflix show, they need to know everything about it so they can join the conversation and don't feel excluded, not because they really care, same with shit like playing COD online and crap like that.
This people are so stupid that the Tel-Avision would be able to convince them that shit tastes good if they repeat it enough, to the point of turning shit-eating into a fashion.

Stranger things, they forced the ginger girl to kiss the nigger and she complained about it afterwards

just replace that jew with Hillary and the SJWs

If it makes you feel any better about the show, he dies of appendicitis in the second season.

Bump. (((netflix))) is now trying to take over anime. Look wtf they did to devilman.


Have they not started a series about the unabomber now? What does pol think of it? I find the real unabomber interesting but didn't watch the series, I can only imagine is shit.

Also, they are really pushing Millie Bobby Brown who is a MTF.


>There's also (((Soros))) being an investor, though a small one.)
Every hedge fund is invested in Netflix. His small ownership isn't noteworthy at all.

Down vote it. /watch?v=RBdx2yjfSes

Fucking filter. Just replace hooktube with youtube.

Unsurprising considering Sapkowski is an old guard lefty who hates when skilled professionals have the audacity to charge money for their services he was getting asspained about personally rejecting residual payments by CDPR and explicitly taking 1-time upwards payment. but doesn't mind lining his own pockets mostly because he's unskilled and his ego violates fire-safety protocols of the biggest fantasy convention in Poland.

Watch Dantalian no Shoka (^:


it was king until dear white people came along.

what is the obsession with this show anyway? i tired a few episodes out of curiosity and its either incredibly fucking pretentious or lazily predictable.

the funny part about this is the villain who called her out for being a diversity hire was proven to be 100% correct as the series continued.

do i even want to ask wtf was going on in the second webm?