Iranian Revolution Against Mullahs: Trump Offers 'Support' At 'Appropriate Time'

Iranian protesters 'ready to die' for regime change, thank Trump but want more support

“Here is real hell,” a 31-year-old protest leader in Tehran, who Fox News will identify only as Azi, said in a telephone interview during the early hours of Wednesday morning. “This is a real revolution against the mullahs. Iran is uprising. I thank Mr. Trump for his support, but we need more.”

While the protests - a jolting, collective response to Iran’s receding economy, flagrant corruption and the escalating cost of fuel and goods - sprung up unexpectedly, the turmoil had been brewing for some time. According to one U.S-based intelligence source, the possibility of large-scale demonstrations - or “riots” as described by Iran’s state-owned media – have been on the table for the last two years.

The seeds of protest were sown months after sanctions were lifted by the Obama administration as part of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) – commonly called “the Iran deal” – when many felt that they had not benefitted from the fiscal boost. Younger Iranians in particular people banded together as advocates for change, largely through social media and apps such as Instagram and Telegram.

Iranian authorities have responded by shutting down social media access, making it more difficult for protesters to organize, but making demonstrators more creative in their quests to circumvent the ban.

“Obama betrayed the Iranian people. He gave the mullahs are ransom and cooperated with (Supreme Leader) Khamenei, he betrayed the Syrian people too. But Trump did not. So we have real expectations,” said Azi. “We want sanctions against the Iranian regime. They plundered our money. The U.S should not pay the mullahs.”

With younger Iranians better educated than in previous generations, many have grown frustrated by the political and economic constraints that are keeping them from achieving the improved lifestyle they see elsewhere in the world as they interact with peers on social media.

“Such respect for the people of Iran as they try to take back their corrupt government. You will see great support from the United States at the appropriate time!” Trump tweeted.

Demonstrations began in the northern city of Mashhad on Dec. 28, largely driven by economic concerns. The country’s unemployment rate for young people, who make up half the population, is at 40%, according to the New York Times. Even basic goods are expensive — eggs saw a 40% increase in price.

Jimmy Carter, the Democrat, lost Iran to the terrorist Khomeini

The soon-to-be Supreme Leader of Iran certainly knew a sucker when he saw one. What Carter did in response to Khomeini’s pledge is not entirely clear from the newly declassified materials, but Khomeini did return; the military either fell into line or was ruthlessly purged; and Iran switched 180 degrees from being a strategic US ally to being one of our most implacable adversaries.

Carter’s unwillingness to back the shah, a staunch American ally, has long been well-known, despite constant protestations of support at the time. Khomeini could not then, however, have relied on that for certain. Within Carter’s administration, hostility to the shah over his human-rights record, a centerpiece of Carter’s policy, was certainly extensive.

Look what our interference has brought us to…

The 1953 CIA Coup in Iran and the Roots of Middle East Terror

The Forgotten Interventions

35 countries where the U.S. has supported fascists, drug lords and terrorists
As the situation in Ukraine continues to fester, a handy history guide — from A (Argentina) to Z (Zaire)

How the CIA toppled Iranian democracy

Aftershocks Of Iran's 1953 Coup Still Felt Around The World, 60 Years Later

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Jimmy Carter didn't "lose" Iran to anyone, Khomeini was put in power by the west, yet he backstabbed them once in power and the west tried to remove him by force by funding Saddam Hussein and Iraq to attack Iran.

Khomeini received full funding and security in France and the BBC become his personal propaganda news station.

Why would the west betray the Shah? Because he no longer accepted Iran and Iranians being exploited, especially the unfair oil contracts which he refused to renew once they would run out and surprise, surprise, the "Religion of Cuck™ic Revolution" sure came at a convenient time:

Religion of Cuck™ is the problem of Iran, Religion of Cuck™ needs to be removed.

Death to the Religion of Cuck™ic Republic of Iran! Bring back Monarchy, 2500 years of Persian culture and identity.

OP, how much of a neocon are you? (keep the thread, it is news after all).

Are you lost?

[Trump's] comments, which came amid mass protests that have swept the Religion of Cuck™ic Republic since December 28, provoked angry reaction in Tehran. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the US has no moral right to act as if defending the rights of Iranians because Washington itself calls them terrorists.

Rouhani’s sentiments are likely to be shared by most Iranians, analysts told RT. They added that everything Trump says now is irrelevant due to his previous statements, as well as Washington’s general attitude towards the Religion of Cuck™ic Republic.

The Iranian public, including those protesting in the streets, see the US and Trump personally in a very negative light, and don't believe Washington would truly defend their interests, Ahmed Al-Burai, a lecturer at Aydin University in Istanbul, said.

Al-Burai explained that the Iranians distrust Trump because of his administration's stance on the 2015 international agreement on the Iranian nuclear program. Trump repeatedly called it a “terrible deal” and even refused to re-certify Iran’s compliance with the agreement in October 2016, deferring the matter to Congress instead.

Washington is also “not trustworthy” in the eyes of Iranians as a result of US policies in the Middle East, which have already caused war and devastation in Iraq, as well as destabilizing neighboring Syria. Any kind of interference by the American administration, even in the form of tweets, “is not welcome in the whole region, [particularly] in Iran, [both] among the politicians and the people on the [streets] because they have already experienced what the US has had [in store] for the Middle East,” Al-Burai told RT

So Religion of Cuck™ is to Iran what Christianity is to Europe?

Christianity is a milder form of it, but in essence yes, they are comparable. The difference is that Christianity destroyed a lot of PAGAN EUROPE, but didn't necessarily destroy or hold back Europeans as a people and race. Religion of Cuck™ holds back Persians as a people and a race, Irans resources are plundered and used for the sake of Religion of Cuck™ in the Arab world, which should be non of our concern.

Europeans had eras were they thrifed under christianity to a certain extent, Persians never thrifed under Religion of Cuck™, they were always held back, an insane death cult that mutilates the genitals of its male population, that should tell you enough, Christianity doesn't do that, Christianity with all its flaws, is a lot less destructive than Religion of Cuck™ to the host populace.

Some might blame Christianity for the pathological alturism of the White European people, but they display those traits even when being non-Christians and in non-human scenarios (saving animals and species and the nature and the planet, uniquely and very strongly dominated white feature).

This wordfilter bullshit's gotta go. It's so fucking epic being Holla Forums, but jesus christ this is making it next to impossible to communicate in some circumstances.

letting a zionist be BO was a mistake


Kikes must be ecstatic right now

Don't want to stir up the religious drama shitposting, but you're off-base in the interpretation of Christianity's influence on Europe. In the same way Religion of Cuck™ has hounded the Persian people for more than a millenia, so too has Europe felt the taint of a semitic cult's influence, to more ill effect than boon.

There is a difference between pathologic altruism and altruism. One derives from Christianity, the other derives from European evolutionary history.

If they could only overthrow the theocracy AND stay opposed to Israel, that would be the dream come true.

Yes but that's not what is happening. Religion of Cuck™ protected Roman/Greek philosophy in Persian against (((Christian))) purges. We need to kill Religion of Cuck™ but not before we deal with the Jews and thier goys.

Stop being Neocons. Khomeini is /our guy/. It would have been preferable of Christianity or Religion of Cuck™ never spread, but it has spread, and it will continue to exist for centuries. There's no point in sabotaging current political gains for a nearly impossible ideal.


If the shitbag mullahs are removed by a secular movement, Israel looses its boogeyman.
If Israel loses its boogeyman, they lose all precepts for the destabilizing of the middle east.
This is why Obama pushed through the Iran deal. This is why he didn't back the secular movement the first time. This is why the leftist media is silent.

if the secular movement is put in place by mossad/cia, then israel doesn't need to destabilize anything, since they'll stop funding hezbollah. fuck the mullahs, but stop romanticizing this movement. it has (((their))) fingerprints all over it, and you can be damn sure the leaders who take power will cuck. bad news

Show me these fingerprints.

c'mon user i know you're not this naive

All the BASED aut-kike ecelebs like Moneyjew are behind it, so they have to support it too.

I know they helped install the fundamentalist regime that has driven Iran into ruin.
Show me the mossad/cia fingerprints that you see for this.

show me the evidence that the CIA did khomeni. you're full of shit, kike

i can't believe no one is pointing out the timing of this and screaming about US interventionism

Just my experience, but when I was in grad school I met people from Pakistan and India and let me tell you the pakis were so much more organized, less scatterbrained and harder working. These are two nationalities where the people are culturally very similar. I’m sorry to say this but I think Religion of Cuck™ and it’s emphasis on scholarship and study is good for some people. As you kind of allude to in your last paragraph, it’s probably not a people’s religion per se that makes them goatfuckers. Maybe they’re just goatfuckers. Sometimes a hardcore cult gets them in line. Just don’t fuck with them. White Europeans are the masters of this world, disregarding any religion they or anyone else may choose.

I bet this will go the same way as the "Arab spring" - Mud niggers chimp around for a few months and either the country will be worse off than before or an even worse Mudshit sect takes over.

This is blatant disinfo you Shia Nigger. Roman philosophy was kept alive by the Greeks, who fled to italy after the turks shat up the place.


I don't see the protests as comparable to the "Arab Spring" at least not yet. The Iranian government is genuinely unpopular because of high unemployment and stagflation they can no longer blame on sanctions, plus the Iran-Iraq War de-Religion of Cuck™ized Iranians somewhat as they adopted a more nationalist persuasion. Of course, the U.S. is keeping a watchful eye over proceedings though which isn't a harbinger of good.

The problem with Iran is that it is full of shitskins. The problem with Israel is that it is full of kikes, also shitskins. The solution is total extermination and nothing less will be a solution.

That's liberal bullshit there was never such ans "emphasis", the Koran is written like shit and by that I mean it is extremely poorly organized and often incoherent. All their scholarship is an attempt to parse out what the fuck a passage is even trying to say.

Also they are all racially inferior. I have an MS and will say that in my anecdotal experience the top 0.01% who come to the west to study are all still incompetent compared to even the most middling white with a similar education. They suck, the Presians always sucked, the Pajeets always sucked, they always will suck. Nobody should be standing up for these scum in any form.

There are no good shitskins.

Are you ready to die for the ZOG again, americlap? I thought Trump learn something from Syria debacle but I guess not

It loses all precepts for destabilizing the middle-east because defeating Iran means that Israel has conquered the middle-east. We're reaching a stage where Israel could be outright destroyed. Under the current course of events there will be a major war within 3 or so years that determines whether the Middle-east will be in the hands of the Zio-globalists or the Arabs.

Nice try /r/the_donald. National Socialism is not anti-Arab or anti-Muslim.

I just wanted you to know how fucking sad your attempts are, my dude. See you next ip.

Holy shit!

This has to be the most Jewish Neocon Zionist pro Israel Soros/Rothschild posting i have seen in 2 years.

Fuck, that's some extreme Kikery, holy crap!

Can't wait for the American civil war to break out, so the patriots can kill all you Jews Leftists Niggers Spics and Traitors!

I hope Hezbollah destoys ISISrael!

You're not a National Socialist; you are just a heavily energized American conservative. If you were a National Socialist, you would support the Shia both for their fight against the Jews, and their ability to bring strength back to the Arabs.

The enemy of my enemy is not my friend. Fag.


The Jews will loose, and NatSoc will be back!

Hezbollah will eliminate the Jews!


This is true. However, there is nothing about the Shia that is contrary to NatSoc principles. They are much better off as a friend. They fight the Jews, and are moments away from BTFOing Israel and the Salafi. (see: terrorists) They uphold traditional Arab principles, and they represent a beacon of strength in a sea of incompetency. They would make a great ally, and there is absolutely no reason not to befriend them. Are you going to give me an actual reason not to support Iran, Syra, Palestine, and Hezbollah? From what I can tell you're just having a visceral reaction against them because they're mostly non-white and not Christian, but no one actually gives arguments as to why we can't befriend them.


Arabs, being Semites, are just as much national wreckers as Jews.
Muslims are Muslims first and anything else second, if at all. Their goal remains worldwide domination regardless of political ideology.

I'd glass you, I'd glass your goat, I'd glass the jews, I'd glass the chinks and I'd glass the fucking poos.

Semitic is a linguistic term, not a racial one. It is similar to how a man can be 100% white, but be called "Hispanic" just because his grandparents moved to Chile. This debunks the notion that Arabs carry the same internationalist tendencies as the diasporic Jews. Furthermore, anyone here who is familiar with the works of Julius Evola and Traditionalism should have at least an elementary understanding of the perennial philosophy. This philosophy teaches that at its core all religious traditions teach the same fundamental truths. While it is interesting to note that almost every single perennialist scholar was a Sufi Muslim, Guénon, Shuon, Lings, Nasr, etc, it is more important to note that Religion of Cuck™ itself teaches the same philosophy. Quran 5:48 states
This is an outright validation of the divine origins of other world religions. It also debunks the notion that the Ummah must cover the entire planet. Also Quran 2:62 states outright that non-Muslims can be saved.

Global genocide of non-whites has never been the goal of National Socialism. If it were, the Japanese and Arabs would have never sided with him. (Iraq and Syria sided with the Axis powers. It is also fairly common to see pictures of the Bosnian S.S. members) Your doctrine of international genocide is the bastardization of National Socialism through the crassest forms of the American right. It is the origin of groups like the skin-heads and other such degenerates.

Keep dreaming, dude.

Fuck off, shit for brains.

Hedayat loathes the Arab Other, and abhors Religion of Cuck™ as an Arab religion. Naderpour sees Religion of Cuck™ not so much as wrong in itself, but wrong because it is Arab, and therefore backward and cruel.

Mehdi Akhavan Sales, like Hedayat, blames the Muslim Arab invaders for destroying Iran's true cultural identity and longs for a return to pre-Religion of Cuck™ic Zoroastrian culture and greatness. According to "The Ending of the Shahnameh," the ending of Zoroastrian Iranian cultures with the defeat of the Sasanid empire and the coming of Religion of Cuck™ has resulted in ruin and despair, which can be resolved only by returning to Iran's pre-Religion of Cuck™ic golden age.

And that's so fucking retarded.

In many respects, the root causes of this new anti-government movement are not that different from the resentments that fuelled the Green Revolution, namely: Decades of economic mismanagement by the clerical regime and endemic corruption, much of it blamed on the Revolutionary Guard which controls more than half of the Iranian economy.

Iran’s citizens should now realize the truth: Khamenei and his government deliver riches to an elite few (the ones with guns) while stiffing everyone else. They feed terrorists around the world and neglect people at home. The harder Iran cracks down, the more the anger among its citizens builds. And the greater the chances that this uprising, or the next one, will succeed.

Yes, and we should do everything exactly as Hitler has, because the times right now are the exact same as they were almost eighty years ago. Times don't change, people don't change, and circumstances certainly never change. Adapting to changes, as in, the greatest strength of the human being is a stupid idea and you should follow what Hitler did to the letter.

Your goatfucking shithole of a country is getting sent to the shadow realm, or whatever you goatfuckers call hell.

Who writes a book then says I'm going to arrange the chapters by length not chronological order?

The (((Green Revolution))) was just the testing grounds for the (((Arab Spring))). I bet you think Gaddafi and Assad were/are evil dictators who were defeated by peace loving liberals, like Israel tells you to. And no, Iran does not support terrorists. Terrorism is a recent phenomena caused by the Salafi branch of Sunni Religion of Cuck™. Over 90% of all terrorists are Salafi, and that's going by the standards of what groups some state-department kike labels a terrorist. This Salafi branch was and still is spread by Saudi Arabia, a country which the United States and Israel support, while Iran fights Saudi Arabia. If you are anti-terrorist then you should support the the people like Assad, who are killing terrorists instead of funding them.

I'm not an Arab. I am an American of Northern European descent. But I would like to touch on the fact that you mention the Arabs changing over the past 80 years. It has been stated above that the Salafi are the cause of the negative change in the Arabs, along with the natural violent reaction against their Judeo-Masonic occupiers. So now lets compare the West, how is it now, and how was it 80 years ago? If, like any Holla Forumsack, you want to return to traditional values in the West, why do you deny that possibility to the East? They are much further along with that goal than we are.

Sure you are.

I'm not a redditor who uses "American" as an insult. However, this country has been Masonic since its inception, and is the crown jewel of the Jewish New World Order. It is littered with communist level materialism, and racemixing. I accept these faults and want to work to improve them. You, on the other hand, are shilling for Zionism and pointless genocide on a Taiwanese decorative plate enthusiast forum.

sage for off-topic

I genuinely don't even know how to reply to your faggotry anymore.

I was talking about America, not h8chan.

(this post's bump has been donated to a literacy drive due to being off-topic)

I am considering volunteering for the Iranian government once the jew founded (((revolutionaries))) with the support of (((Trump))) are beginning taking over


Also reminder that Croatians said Religion of Cuck™ helped the Bosnians staying racially pure, so fuck off halfchan. NatSoc all the way.

Sieg Heil to the supreme leader of Iran!

This literally reads like a US government sanctioned post.

you fucking sad freak

Religion of Cuck™ is not backward and destructive, it is perfectly suited for the Arabs. I already cited Quran 5:48 and 2:62 to rebuke the notion that Religion of Cuck™ is inherently intolerant. Now go back to /r/the_donald you cuckservative zionist faggot. Don't come back here until you learn to argue for the sake of learning, instead of arguing for the sake of winning.

Fuck off Ahmed

So the mods let all of these BEYOND BLATANT shills stay.

But ban this nigger?

Holy shit. What the fuck is going on in this shit-hole?

Go read VS Naipaul's (highly redpilled) books on Religion of Cuck™.

Or Persian Iranian writers like mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker Ali Jamalzadeh, Sadeq Chubak, Mehdi Akhavan Sales, and Nader Naderpour.

In fact, Naipaul concludes, “there has probably been no imperialism like that of Religion of Cuck™ and the Arabs”.

For the converted peoples, argues Naipaul, "only the sands of Arabia are sacred".

The Zoroastrians were a degenerated form of the Aryan-Vedic religion. Lets dispel this fiction that Zoroaster didn't know what he was doing, he knew exactly what he was doing. Zoroaster was systematically trying to subvert the primordial Aryan religion, but under mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker Persia is going to stop doing that. Seriously though, here's a question: Do you ever wonder why the Persians lost to the Arabs? It's because they had spend the last thousand years fighting fruitlessly with the Byzantines. So how can the Arabs be the destructive warmongers if the people they conquered were trying to do the exact same thing they were?

As white men, and thus Christians; we say that you should just based off of the fruits. The fruits of Zoroastrianism was a prosperous, liberal (in the good sense), world super power.

The fruits of Religion of Cuck™ are slavery, illiteracy, goat-fucking and poverty. Their so-called golden age was really just them taking advantage of the fact that Rome and Persia had annihilated each-other, and then all their "break-throughs" were achieved by first generation converts from Christianity and Zoroastrianism. After they stopped conquering because they ran out of weak defenseless nations, they began to get buttfucked from every angle until the Turkic tribes converted and ignored half of their religion - thereby creating the Ottomans which were decent (at least militarily) because they were largely secular.


Wrong, the majority of Christians today are shitskins


i bet if someone geographically circles the IP locations of these neocohens the circle wouldnt reach the outskirts of tel-aviv

A Christian is a follower of Christ. If you think that these voodoo and loa worshiping, spirit-summoning abominations are 'Christians' then you have no true understanding of the word or the religion. There are some I'm sure, but Christianity has been the White Man's religion ever since God instructed Paul to take it to Greece and Rome. Protestantism, the religion of the Germans, English, Scottish, Americans, Australians, Canadians - is wholly white. Under Christianity, when it was the foremost religion in our nations (and followed properly as indicated by Scripture) - we saw these nations become world super-powers that went around the world uplifting humanity with technology, medicine, law and morality. When white men were Christians, specifically Protestants, the world changed immeasurably for the better and those nations prospered to ridiculous extents - and despite non-stop efforts, the Jews had VERY LITTLE success in infiltrating.

As soon as white people embraced atheism, their empires fell apart, the jews took over, and the became strangers in their own homes. Exactly what happened to the Israelites when the forsook God in the Old Testament.

I don't really care if I'm contributing the religious D&C now. This thread was fucked from the beginning and the mods clearly have no intention of stopping it; the only person they banned was the guy pointing out how America was doing ZOGs wishes by going against Iran now. Which is obviously a truth. The mods let all the pakis and mudshits spread their filth, so I'll talk about the truth of Christianity and the retardation of these subhuman satan-worshipers.

If a mod actually wants to do their job and delete all of the shit, then feel free to delete mine too. I'm rather sick of seeing lies spoken as truth, and going unchallenged - especially on 8/pol/ of all places.

The connection of Arab Religion of Cuck™ to the Jewish traditions is that they believe themselves to be descendants of Shem and Hagar. We also know that Jews and Arabs are close neighbors genetically since their place of origin is the same. So yes there is a racial aspect here, as well as a cultural and religious one.

It also has a fun way of killing the cash cow. No scary Iranian muzzies to sling nukes.

Don't be so naive. They still have North Korea for that - hell they seem to be setting North Korea up as a bigger-baddie than ever before, probably for this exact reason. There will always be another boogeyman.

I'm not a Christian. I'm an Esoteric Hitlerist. Cyrus the great was the original zionist civnat cuck.

Die for israel goyim! J-just one more regime to overthrow goys then you'll be safe

The Arabs don't display any of the behavioral traits Jews do. And even then, their origins aren't the same. The Jews are an Asiatic people with Turkic blood.

They do. They are just as money-grubbing and nepotistic, they just tend to be a little less intelligent (because many kikes bred with whites). Actual Israeli Jews are largely retarded and prone to bouts of violence, just like the shitskin arabs that have been invited into Europe. There are just far fewer Israeli kikes than Arabs, and most of the kikes we're exposed of are heavily mixed with Poles and some Germans.

Holla Forums is currently under attack from several organized, external groups in addition to the kosher cretins from the reddit and cuckchan influx.
You glow in the darks stick out like a sore thumb, nobody's stupid enough to believe your kike disinformation.

Kol Nidre = Taqiyya
Chosen people = Arab supremacism
Kosher = Halal
No similarities at all here.

Also there is Khazar admixture, saying Jews were originally Asian is ludicrous. They existed in the Levant as early as the first real civilizations.

*A christian is a cuck

I fixed your post for you.

This user is banned and literal fucking JIDF kikes gleefully cheering on ZOG enacting Israeli foreign policy objectives are fine? Holla Forums is rapidly spiraling out of control.

Cuckoldry is an abomination in the eyes of Christians. Read the Bible you fucking nigger.

I think you're actually talking to a nigger.

Been this way for at least 2 years since Kushner started handing checks to Imkampfy/HotPocketX

the weird thing is the kikes who run this board seem to think deception and total control by kikes in moderation =/= jewish genius

Not one of the hasbara kikes who have plagued this board since Trumps declaration of standing for ZOG in chief have ever made convincing act, only because the mods banned anyone pointing out this obvious kike hijacking.

There hasnt been a thread promoting jewish owned politicians or whatever jewish narrative they are trying to sell on any given Mossad false flag event that hasn't been filled with kikes who harass openlyany goy not going along with ZOGs narrative.
HotpocketX then bans a group of non-jew user IPs daily hoping none of them know how to turn off the power to their router and turn it back on again.

The only reason Holla Forums was allowed to deteriorate to this shitshowis because not one single MOD here has any honour, all the mods are complicit in banning every legit user here while leaving all this gloating kikes alone to attack any rogue user Ikampfy may have forgotten to ban

the catholoic church is one of the most corrupt institutions in the world. the protestants are just a decantralised cuckshed.
not only have the churches turned away from the original teachings, their power in the community has also declined in the age of humanism.

and speaking of empires, christianity also burried quite a few in the ancient world, not to mention it cucked countless cultures across europe and the rest of the world.

Then why are you still here?

Turn the other cheek hwyite boi. I'll slap dat ass till it's red. Christcucks can't get enough of prepping this bull. As long as I'm a based christian, but actually Im a muslim LOL. Christcucks don't care, they will still get down and kiss dees dirty feet. Kiss these feet like I kiss your daughters. christcucks. You bouta have some based black grandchilluns. Betta believe.

It's every anons duty to warn their fellow man of your jewish lies at each and every turn

You and me both know the answer to that one.

isn't wrong, kikes fear monarchy more than anything. What do you think was a major catalyst for world war I? Who came to power after the Czar system was dismantled by (((Bolsheviks)))? Who went around sparking coups/assassinating monarchs before World War I? Who killed Franz Ferdinand?

arabs dont beleive themsleves to be descendants of abraham dumbass, they beleive themselves to be the followers of the abrahamic religion. leran your arabic from something that isnt google translate.
and the belief of descendsancy from Shem, the son of Noah was universal to Abrahamic religions, as according to the Old testament Noah and his family were the only ones to survive the wrath of god.
When people finnaly started to prefer nationalism over christianity they started calling themselves germans, francs, slavs, etc, but they kept the religion.

the same can be said for almost any ethnic grouop from american indians to africans to the chinese

christianity had that too. it just got dropped as the romans adopted it and wanted to make it universal to christinise the rest of europe.
the arabs however adopted christianity in its original form instead of the bastardised roman one.
if you read the bible god clesarly commands you to not do things that arent halal or kosher or whatever.

the original abrahamic tribes have been wiped out or converted centuries ago.
the khazars adopted judaism as a religion and them moved westward in the later centuries. if you dont know about the khazar jews then i dont know what youre doing on pol

That's odd, cos you write like every one of Imkampfy's crew of kikes

That's odd, cos you write like every one of Imkampfy's crew of kikes


This is what caused the decline of the nations. Things were never 100% good, but Europe fared very well under Christianity. As soon as the 'enlightenment' came along and (((scholars))) started to re-write history; everything went to shit rather quickly. By the time of the world-wars the Jews had a firm foot-hold in most nations. After them they had total control.

My point was that the fruits of Christianity were largely good. Yes Christianity destroyed other nations and cultures, but those nations and cultures prospered under the new Christian one. Compare that to nations like Persia; once great, now lowly. After Religion of Cuck™ they were never a world leader in anything ever again - where previously they had been number 1 or 2 since pretty much the entirety of recorded history; sharing the top spot with Rome, Greece, Egypt and more. Then look at Egypt and North Africa. It was the intellectual hot-spot of the Mediterranean world - then Religion of Cuck™ came. How sad. Then look at Europe - irrelevant backwater spits like England transformed into a global super powers. Desolate, frozen tundras like Sweden taking on the might of central Europe and Russia - and holding their own. Look at Armenia! Prior to their genocide, they were winning ridiculous victories against the Ottomans all the time - a few hundred of them killing thousands upon thousands of turkroaches.

You should read the Bible you satan-worshiping goat-fucker. God is punishing the West for forsaking Him, just as He punished Israel. He sent savage filth to murder them and destroy their homes; but do you know what? He cursed those savages for the evil that they did unto Israel to an even greater extent. You and your children will know nothing but endless strife as Christian men hack apart and butcher your vile, bastard-seed. You were a mongrel people from the beginning, stained the colour of shit and without the soul of men. After you have seen everything you love torn apart on this Earth, you will find only an endless fire awaiting you in the afterlife - and you will suffer forevermore.

the shah was put in place by the CIA after they shoad the democraticly elected president that nationalised the oil industry.
the shah just went full liberal and started selling off iran and westenising its culture. thats why there was such a conservative backlash.
thesis and antithesis. read hegel

There are endless options
And he loves talking to himself, believing that there are more aspergers like him. Such a lonely person.

Eh, historically the persians have fared much better because they were shia, and thus were a much more intellectual-friendly, albeit isolated country.
That started all the way back with the Abbasids, which adopted the mu'tazila school of thought (They were the first to translate the works of the greeks into other languages, since the byzantines tended to ignore the pagan writings for some reason). The mu'tazila were eventually driven out by the sunni for being too open-minded, where they adopted the ashari jusrisprudence, which is the ancestor of the modern Religion of Cuck™ that we know of. The old mu'tazilla scholars then fled to Persia and influenced the shia jafari school, which eventually shifted into the twelver school which is prevalent today.
Persia has a long story of death cults, tbh, so i guess that they don't really have a good alternative to go back to.

I don't want to turn on my VPN just to post this but what the fuck? Do the mods even know what astroturf means? since when Holla Forumslack ever supporting going to war with Iran? Do the mods think those protesters are legit and not mossad plant?

This line is so fucking obvious that its a fucking fake shit.

>As soon as the 'enlightenment' came along and (((scholars))) started to re-write history; everything went to shit
that was when we literally went out of the dark ages. europe at that time was clusterfuck of kingdoms sending its 100 men strong armies to bash eachother with pieces of metal because they didnt agree whos royal cousin would fuck whos royal brother.
the arabs, chinese, even fucking aztecs and incas were experiencing greater progress.
when the chinese and arabs were establishing the silk road with the help of astronomy we were burning people for saying the earth isnt flat.

jewish control kicked in after the french revolution with the birth of the "state" where people were equal, which gave the sectarian jewish communities an upper hand because they stuck to gether. case in point see the rothschilds. he sent his sons to the corners of the world and told them to stick together. and now they own those corners of the world.

they prospered because of the standardisation of their culuture. the same argument could be used for globalisation.

persia was sacked by the mongols and then again by the new isslamic empire. isslam was the result of its downfall, not the origin.

europe became that after the medieval era. before that they were still getting killed by eachother and the french

This is entirely false, and you're parroting typical jewish bullshit about the 'dark ages'. Where the fuck did you come from? You're clearly not a Holla Forumsack, you've never read a history book and only heard shit regurgitated by your kike teachers.

Yes, and Persia experienced many struggles before too. The thing is it recovered because it wasn't shackled by Religion of Cuck™. Religion of Cuck™ is a retarded evil ideology that causes stagnation and decline in every nation EVER. Shia is certainly the superior variant, but it still shackles the once-great Persians and makes them irrelevant. Without it I have no doubt that they would still be contending for the position of global super power.

I said Protestantism, thus following God properly, had a lot to do with it. Keep up.

Everything in that post is anti-European propaganda.
At this point you might as well start quoting Jared Diamond.
No one who is actually stupid enough to believe in myths like the dark age should even be posting on Holla Forums.


then prove otherwise. youre not advocating the medieval era because of europes progress, youre advocating it because of christianity. and those are two different things.

Europe was actually very advanced in the Medieval era, and before. With Christianity the Europeans saw the establishment of incredibly architecture which required very advanced mathematics - many of the great Cathedrals cannot be reproduced today. The philosophy is far beyond that of modernity, engineering was rapidly excelling - we had the printing press, mass literacy, state education programs, and the advent of common law, innocent until proven guilty - Most of this was pre-medieval. You clearly know nothing about European history.

After Protestantism Europeans went on to conquer the entire planet.

you are a dumb christcuck nigger we were great before your jewish faggot god came along

central europe. its 6pm in my timezone
why because i dont circlejerk with the childish deusvult memes? my nation had its kingdoms and sent crusaders in the holy land, but i dont see how that makes the living conditions back home any better compared to a century or two after the medieval era.

not to mention protestantism and the progress that happened after the reformation didnt have anything to do with god. it was about not being cucked to the centralised vatican. that was also the whole reason nobility joined the reformation movement; they wanted to be their own kings.

that post has nothng to do with genetics and only supports my claim that arab muzzies were followers of the initial abrahamic religion

rome collapsed when christianity started to spread across europe. the collapse of rome is literally the beginning of the medieval era.
i didnt state that. i stated that they were experiencing greater progress.
did you even read what the argument was about?

We are talking about the effects of religion on a populace. My argument was that Religion of Cuck™ has caused nothing but stagnation and decline in the nations which follow it. Christianity on the other hand has seen many prosper far beyond what they had before. Do a little reading before you join the conversation.

Lots of irrelevant bullshit.


Learn to read nigger.

Hastings had something like ten to twenty thousand combatants.
Is that close to 100 men to you?

What is that even meant to mean?
Everyone else had guns or something?
Of fucking course they used bladed weapons and such.

Yes, because medieval Europeans apparently never fought over things like territory, only succession.

The Incans were primitive as hell and the Aztecs never even left the stone age, holy shit, you might as well claim the cultures in Africa were outdoing Europe too, they at least used iron.

Bullshit myth repeated exclusively by people who's understanding of history comes from watching history channel documentaries.
It was known centuries before the fall of Rome that the Earth was a sphere.
Can you prove that other cultures outside of the ones who had access to Greek science knew so as well?

Descent and genetics are separate, yes. They believe to be related to Jews via Abraham. They are genetically close because both Jews and Arabs stem from the same geographic region. So my claim still holds, it is supported both by religion and genetics.

first post best post

Holy shit, you do realise these all had their origins in pre Christian Europe right? I am so sick of you idiots tacking your religion onto European acheivements

Every single "refutation" of that supposed jewish hypothesis even though it dates from before the time the jews were dominant in our academic circles has been factually false, and has originated in american neocon zionist circles.
While it is true that the jews have certainly used of that historical claim to shame europeans out of their greatness, it is undeniable that Europe faced half a millenia of stagnation during the middle ages. Up to the 15th century, China was the undeniable superpower of the world, with better armies, technology, economy and quality of life. Of course they threw it all away in some pointless shit around the time of the renaissance.
The arab world, in the other hand, is too volatile to make any such claim, since it could vary from Baghdad being the richest city in the world, to it being one of the worst places in under 150 years. But at the height of the abbasid dynasty, it was certainly better than all of Europe, and possibly is the only time where that label is appliable.

Zoroastrianism was also a retarded evil ideology, as the greeks liked to call it. They also said that the persians were literally subhumans compared to themselves or to the other tribes of europe.

you mean the same mathematics that were being pioneered by the arabs and brought to europe from iberia to the byzantine borders?
and the engineering was at first adopted from the romans. except that instead of aquaductes and roads people built churches. then the goths came with their style that remained predomenant for the rest of the medieval era.
they can but its simply cheaper to use concerete and "modern" architecture, not to mention the churhc has neither the power or money for it. look at the Familia in spain. it isnt gonna be finished for years.

are you ene trying?
no you arent.
oh boy

yeah and it got burried in the dark ages when the roman catholic church reigned supreme

see the last paragraph

Well, if you are talking about Medieval Europe and rest. I'd suggest to watch Civilisation: A Personal View by Kenneth Clark. Quite comfortable.

not an argument

then why are you attributing european progress to christianity?

You can not claim that most non-white christians aren't true christians with anything but empirical evidence, thus something to be discarted in this scenario.

You people should be ashamed.

webm related

they were usually the same thing dumbass. you dont know shit about the period

they started developing in the time of rome and mastered astronomy and engineering by the time europeans came. and they did know how to shape metal.

how come europe forgot that when dark ages came? the church want a big fan of heliocentrism either

no but they usually didnt stompout centuries of progress because it was "heretical"

fuck off

Get the fuck out you disgusting kike.

I named the image myself you dumb kike.

Prove it otherwise instead of sporting off ad hominem. Iran has always been a secular nation until the mullahs executed their coup in 79. Since then theyve been Controlled Opposition: The Country, expected to develop nukes for the last 30 years.

You should be ashamed of the pseudo history you've been spewing

for derailing the thread about CIAs color revolution in Iran with arguments about christianity?

im not doing that. im pointing out that the church obstructed that.

Pagancuck alert.

its not about muh izzlam n mullahs you dumb fuck, its about the CIA trying to destroy another enemy of israel

This is what Jews, pagans and atheists actually believe.

Over half of the architectural elements of that cathedral were present in pagan rome. Maybe more, like the wooden itens, but i don't know how old that style is, thus can't make any claims about them.
Also, this has nothing to do with Iran.
Now, let's look at the other extremely pious christian population of the time…

Banter and empty sourceless claims and vague, nonsensical statements "Aztecs mastered astronomy, despite not even being able to manufacture telescopes."
You should not be here.

But hey, give me a source on people being burned for believing the Earth wasn't flat.

what are you talking about and what has that got to do with my post?

Go be a jewish shill somewhere else.

Prove its bring orchestrated by cia. Why is the media not backing the secular movement? Why isn't Israel for that matter? Why didn't Obama support the secularists in 09? Why is everyone avoiding the subject of the protests? Its because Israel needs a boogeyman to enact their zionist agenda.

I meant to quote the post you were quoting, sorry.

Nice proxy faggot.

Tough choices. Although my only concern is of whether it's possible to turn Iran back into Persia.

Prove me wrong faggot, I dare you

Also Boniface was hacked soon after fyi

Nice sidestep, now respond to his argument.

Okay, global report.

>christians attacking other europeans while arabs are invanding half of the christian world and european hispania


What about when arabs defeat christians?
You do know that they are stronger than us right now, right?

you mean like your posts?
i guess vikings, egyptians and others were just mountain cave dwellers too right?

they didnt because the churhc didnt have the power to change the greek consensus, which was not the case with people who knew the earth circled around the sun

post discarded burgestien

The point still stands. Also:
Sure showed me

I dont think the church ever wanted to preach that the earth was flat. The historical basis for this was on some christian cults of thefirst reformation. the one in the 14th century, not the protestant reformation


They were a lot further in Europe, until a certain Christian king drove them back and set up a buffer zone. But let's not talk about how pagans are terrible at fighting Semitic religions.

youre as retarded as IeftypoI

Correct, your jewish shilling is proven false. Reported.

im not the guy you were responding to fucktard, learn to use IDs.

Again, Iran has always been a majority secularist nation, even under the mullahs regime. Now stop resorting to adhom and prove as you claim that this is Mossad/cia/Soros orchestrated. At the very least you can attempt to explain how a secular Iran would benefit Israel's zionist expansion into the middle east.

Pagans kept the semites at bay for 1000 years. Can't say the same about christians.

burgerkike reported

Stunning "no u" there.

Not at all.
But they sure as shit didn't "master astronomy".

Well, if you want.

can someone post the video of that faggot general Clark talking about which countries the US plans to take out?

iran is the no.1 obstacle for israel. iran supports hezbollah, syria, palestine, iraqi and others which israel is fighting.
you obviously dont know a single fucking thing about the topic since youre a retarded zionist burger shill

Iran is an enemy of Israel, as can be noticed with all of their proxy wars against eachother, and how the media makes sure to always vilify Iran, both in the right anf left wing outletys.

make sure you dont shit your pants shlomo

Really? European pagans fought against muslims? The muzzies took down every other religion in the middle east, you think they wouldn't have done the same to a fragmented europe?
Yes, you can't. They couldn't fight off the Christians.
Meanwhile pagans lost Europe.


Top notch argument.

Just because you say it, doesn't make it true.
So you have no proof.
A secular Iran would support a stable ME keeping their support of palestone, Syria and Iraq fulfills this mission. Hezbollah would have to be abandoned, aye, but that's just another precept for zionist expansion that the kikes would lose.
You almost made it.

and how the media makes sure to always vilify Iran, both in the right anf left wing outletys.
How then would the media possibly vilify a secular Iran that is to work toward a stable and peaceful ME, especially with Trump bypassing the media with twitter?
Its killing Israel with kindness.

Muslim dictators like Khamenei and Assad are /our semites/ because those (((other semites))) we don't like are their enemies too, amirite (((fellow Whites)))?

If you studied even a page of Chinese history, you would know this to be false. China is a country that has been repeatedly conquered by nomadic tribes since antiquity, and it's entire population were slaves to these small elite. The Tang, Qin, Qing, and Yuan dynasties were all dynasties founded upon invasion.

Hey, don't take this seriously when someone pokes fun at someone who is frustrated.

Right here. The muslims took every other religion in the middle east read christianity, judaism and the retarded south-arab pagans because they were weak at the time due to turkic invasions and hundreds of years of infighting.
The religion wasnt a relevant factor other than the fact that it helped rally more men into an army, which probably wouldnt be that big of a problem if the byzantines and persians werent weak.
On the other hand, during pagan times, the greeks and romans made sure no semite would set foot in europe for almost 1000 years. jews are either khazars(ashkenazi) or middle easterner settlers which came to europe in the 800s(sephardi)


Way to out yourself.

Look at this (((based semite))) spreading taqiyah.
Arabs and Jews are genetic twins. Their noses and facial features give them away.

Êtes-vous Français?

Try again.

but it is true
here you go

where did you pull this retarded bullshit from?
got proofs?

good goy

you really are retarded

they found a way to villify secular syria and iraq you dumbfuck didnt they?


Shitsreal isn't on the Fat Kim's menu and no one would fucking buy it. Speaking of, why does commiefagnia still exist?

because china kept it safe from america like how russia kept syria safe and iran kept lebanon safe

Iran is already crippled nearly beyond repair by Arabs, Semites and Religion of Cuck™. A return to Zarathustra and the Persian culture would make Iran a true threat to Israel. But I doubt that is the intention of American interference.


This thread is an absolute shitfest, crippled with religious d&c and pseudo-intellectual arguments over shitskin-crowded countries' "culture".

The real discussion we're all missing here is
Hint:you can't fathom Trump's intentions so let kikes shitpost around and prepare to collect the salt

No, its simply not. Iran has always been a secular nation. This is completely relevant.
This is not proof that the secular movement is cia/Mossad operation.
Because a stable and peaceful ME would be an obvious goal of a secular Iran.
Again, it works against Israel's zionist goal to defang any "terror" group, even one such as Hezbollah. This does not mean Iran isn't to build its own military force to protect its interests.
I forgot the kikes were all powerful and that they didn't have to pursue their zionist agenda through covert means and could do so openly and blatantly.
Oh yea, the public perception of those wars were absolute supporting. That why rebels and isis had to be supplied and utilized in Syria.
And you blew it.

A secular Iran puts a yoke on zionist expansion in the ME.


I disagree, Zoroastrianism is perhaps one of the only religions where the main god can even be considered to be omnibenevolent. It also preaches unto Zoroastrians to have think good thoughts, speak good words and to do good works. That is just to name a few things that make this religion a lot more palatable than the Abrahamic religions.

To be a zionist neoconservative civic nationalist and act like zionist neoconservative civic nationalists always do.
You are the shill, and you have been blown the fuck out.

Want to explain just how in the everloving fuck that’s supposed to be true?

Highlight my ID and follow the posts.

Looks too much like another colorful revolution to not serve (((their))) interests. For me, Trump is just acting like Israel's ally, like he's done in the past. Time will tell.

Grasping at straws yet again, hasbarafag ?

>looks too much like another colorful revolution to not serve (((their)))
This is all that is said. No proofs are put forth and no cases are made as to why a secular Iran would benefit israel. Reminder that Hussein ruled secularly as did Gadafi as does Assad.
So prove it or make the case like I have made mine toward a secular Iran, who have always been secular even under the mullahs regime.

Why is t_d so late to the thread?

So no, then.

Global report. Tell your bosses that your newest shilling tactic absolutely does not work, at all, and only ever INSTANTLY outs you as a paid shill.

Avoiding the argument does not make you the winner.

why? because the CIA color revolution is using it as a carrot on a stick like how the deepstate used trump for dumbfuck burgers?

its proof that theyre still trying to kill iran. also
kill yourself shill

proofs dumbfuck

no, because irans military force and protection of interests would be fucking destroyed and kept down like the (((USA))) has done to germany, iraq, libya and all other "enemies of democracy" it destroyed

you think they anwser to someone you monkey? who? that puppet in the oval office that they own?

the stupid masses were either behind the agression or didnt even know what was going on. like you.

they had to be supplied because patriotic syrians didnt give in thanks to iran, hezbollah and russia.

blew what? your fragile insecurity that american tv-show politics are fucking relevant?
if someone kills trump and ten presidents after him in a week the US still be the same ZOG puppet its been for over half a century.

because you hope so? you dont have a fucking clue on whats happening monkey

because first (((they))) tried to derail it with the religious bullshit, now theyre trying to kill it with outright bluepilled bullshit, and if that doesent work the thread gets deleted or slid.

its how (((they))) killed /sg/


and all three were targeted by color revolutions like in iran while the MSM and retards like you were screaming

you mean annahilated and subjigated iran

I have already felt betrayed by Trump before, and been pleasantly surprised afterwards. The neocons and the mainstream press (european also) are unanimous (well for the few I've checked) about the revolts being peaceful and on the right side of history and Israeli media seem to rub hands more and more intensely.
Call it a gut feel or whatever, I don't buy Trump's interventionist acting.



Except no one has provided proof that this is such.
You have a problem with a nation not wanting to be ruled by pisslam?
A secular Iran would be viable reason to change these policies.
Time will prove me right and when it does I will picture you gnashing your teeth and ripping at your hair.

No, they were targeted by pisslamistists. Do you even understand what a color revolution is or do you just spout buzzwords in an attempt to make you arguments seem valid?
Which is what has happened under the mullahs.

There is nothing wrong with Iran establishing its secular republic again.

Clean the spit on your screen you enraged sandnigger.

Filtering this guy's ID + replies cleans a lot of the mess on this thread.

I don't think it's inherently bad that Iran becomes secular again, and honestly I don't give a damn. But you know you're doing something wrong when western MSM and Israel are clapping.

Except their not. MSN is mostmy ignoring it all together as is Israel, but they are half heartedly accepting of it as to save face because to be in complete opposition would crack the facade entirely.

If (((Hollywood celebrities))) are not all virtue signalling with hashtags, you know they are secretly against a secular Iran.

that only works if everyone who isnt a shill does it. to nmost people the whole thing still looks like a clusterfuck infested by neocohen shitposters and JIDF

They aren't ignoring it. This was covered in an article over at the Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack.

MSM acknowledging (read: neutrally reporting) Trump's position without sperging around is what I would call "clapping". And Israeli media seems more than pleased (but I understand that clicking on haaretz, times of israel and the like is unnerving, so I won't judge).

You're not wrong, torfag. There seems to lack some of the (((grassroots))) elements of a colorful revolution (of which celebs' virtue signaling is indeed a part). But I don't have facebook and I don't read dune runes so I can't tell definitely.

the iranian goverment and media stated that its the case

i have a problem with shills trying to portay fifth column terrorists as (((moderate democratic rebels)))

oh so let me get this straight
you really are retarded

1) no it wont
2) not an argment

kill yourself

its when the US creates and/or supports an insurgetnt/terrorist/fifth column movement in a country they cant invade directly to topple its goverment and then either replace it with a puppet goverment or just directly invade under the pretext of "peacekeeping"
you know, what (((theyve))) been doing in ukraine, balkans, middle east, latin america, etc

you dont know shit. fuck off back to reddit retard

The protestors are burning their Korans

Correct. If you want to see what real radio silence from the kike media is, refer back to the attempted coup against Erdogan that the JewSA cocked up.

where do you live? in the sewer?

That make absolutely no fucking sense. How does China Keep Califagnia safe? And how the fuck is Fat Boi Kimmy a threat to Pissreal? If the Persian ditch the Mullahs and return to the Pre-ShReligion of Cuck™ it would fuck the narrative over royally that Iran is the big Muzzie bully to Kikeland.

sure is getting out of hand.
meanwhile thousands are volunteering for the IRGC and auxiliary corps to beat the shit out of CIA agents

Fucking BASED. I can't wait to die for Israel.

Momentum is speeding up, not slowing down.

are you talking about NK or california?

he supports its enemies and the media love to talk about it

if that happens iran will be destryed in the process because the US and Israel will have its hands in the pie.
and the whole point of the narrative is to neutralise iran.
you think that the infrastructure, armed forces, industry and economy will stay intact during a coup? are you retarded?

If the current government is suitably opposed to israel, israeli interests, and jewish interests in general, I'm not seeing the overarching motivation to remove it unless one is pro-jewish. israel's narratives don't matter – just defeat israel and it's little faggot ass kike tools in nigmerica.

low quality b8

Where is proofs?

State security forces are burning their IDs and joining the protestors in droves.

That guy is fucking BASED.

Thank G-d there are BASED Iranians who are willing to take a stand against antisemitism, and in support of our allies, Israel and Saudi Arabia.

He has none

In general, the Heebs have historically preferred in their neighbours (judging from their actions) almost cartoon character-fanatical Muzzie gov'ts to secular nationalist ones with a large, content middle class.

Well then I guess they lose a fuck load of Defense Shekels then. Kikes love their Shekels.

Got sick of the world filter, Kike?

try harder shlomo

lern to read the thread monkey

No one is buying your projection.


There are plenty of sources of Iranian citizens actively destroying mudshit culture imported from Saudi Arabia.
If you want to pretend they're all CIA and Mossad agents working for Israel, go ahead and shill for that. The people of Iran can handle things without your approval.

Exactly, which is why Israel is coming out so strong against this completely organic uprising.

Those six tor 0s might as well be points on a jude star, you rat-faced demon.

so sorry that your based (((semite))) religion is literally being burned to the ground before your very eyes (fellow White person)))

Can't they start sending the smarter kikes here? It's always JIDF's retard division.

oy vey! don't insult the based (((abrahamic))) religion of the prophet!

damn, atleast learn what your shitposting about before you do it noseberg

good argument, chaim


A few trillion in Aid fucks them royally considering the Hasidic Kike is the Supreme welfare queen.

Anyone shilling for the survival of Israel's primary boogeyman is (((definitely not))) from Tel Aviv.


You're actually a fucking retard, aren't you?

Cyrus is the only non- Israelite ever called Messiah.

Fucking this


in case youre new to Holla Forums and similar ites, you subhuman, the text in green is called greentext and its usually used for "implication" aka pointing out the retarded part of the other persons post to show just how wrong they are.

they have america you dumbfuck

>Anyone shilling for the survival of Israel's primary boogeyman is (((definitely not))) from Tel Aviv


I think you left the bathroom faucet on, user. Better go check it out. Oh, nevermind, it's probably fine. Try not to think about it. I'm sure it's ok.


dump your folder, user. let's see what you've been saving for when you run out of arguments.

If it wasn't for your Goon Typing, I wouldn't have bothered.

you really are a nation of subhumans

fuck off back to reddit



not an argument.
youre pathetic

I wonder if he missed any holes when he buttoned his shirt this morning. It's probably fine, he probably shouldn't think about it.
But what's that noise? It sounds like water dripping. Do you hear water dripping? It sounds like it's coming from a leaky faucet.

ok schlomo.

Work on your ESL, kike.

Goddamn, I never seen a faggot fall apart so easily.

Eh, whatever. Dunno why I'm involving myself into a long-running argument. Can we just establish that the kikes need to be gassed, and we need to keep an incredibly close eye on these Iranian protests? Because whether you believe they're concocted by cianiggers/mossad or not, rest assured the hebes WILL be inserting themselves at the first opportunity.


you taught him a lesson he'll never forget, user.
good work

Who knew Hillary was BASED all along?

youre literally verything this board hates, why are you here?

you shills need to leran to keep in character if you wanna shitpost here

You might want to Clock out and get your weekend early, Shlomo.

Kikes like you are the fucking best.

With "le superior ashkenazi IQ" how could you possibly think "everybody who doesn't want to take out Israel's enemies is a jew" would be a successful shilling tactic? I'm genuinely curious.


still cant get over muh 67628763 gorillion
oh boy, i hope you dont call your lawyer brother and sue him

youre the one using the retarded 4D chess bullshit. we didnt have such autistic crap here before the reddit immigrants came

why do you like me?


I doubt your sincerity and question your attention to detail. This has been brought up a million times before. Shitskins of all kinds are Kike's tools and Mudslime Sand Niggers have been there best tool. Shitslam has been a kike Tool to get Rowdy Sandniggers to kill whites for centuries, their better than merrimutts.

ftfy, New Kike.

wew someone pushed the shill equivalent of a nuclear option


Another quality thread successfully derailed.
Good work, lads.

>eventho hezbollah, iran, iraq, syria and other shitskins did more against israel tha the (((USA))) ever will, not to mention the (((USA))) tried to destroy the former on israels behalf

like in when? the ottomans werent run by jews, they were just kebab on rampage. the immigration crisis in europe is entirely america and israels fault and muzzie countries had nothing to do with it.

tell me one case where an arab country invaded another country to enslave it for israel

youre a typical neocohen kike shill. now fuck off back to reddit.

The fuck are you on.

We really can't do much without more info. We got shills til the weekend when Winter Break ends.

youre not sarcastic are you burgerstien?

2 years Nosenigger.'You-will-not-be-forgotten'

oh so you shilled there too and evaded bans? well i guess that you succeded there JIDF. you brought down the average IQ of halfachan Holla Forums to yours

2 years of what? till one ZOG puppet is replaced with a new one so the dumbfuck burger masses are given a new lap in the (((democracy)))circlejerk? also:

If you think a jewish thread calling for the destruction of one of Israel's enemies is "quality", then you're a kike.


Kikes never learn.

The fuck are you on about?

>2 years of what? till one ZOG puppet is replaced with a new one so the dumbfuck burger masses are given a new lap in the (((democracy)))circlejerk? also:
This is clearly an Organic post.

So has the mossad color revolution failed yet?

Haven't heard shit tbh. It's gone dark.

i was on halfchan before this board here came up and i left when (((you))) "people" ruin it a few years back
and why do you need Tor? too much bans for your kosher posts? watching too much CP?
are you gonna say youre hiding your IP from the people you work for?

hes on to (((you))) neocohen

Gotta give that bitch some props!

My guess is that it failed, which would explain the shills going apeshit lately.

You found me out.
This is now a JIDF AMA thread.



We won't know til weeks later.

Goddamn neocon shitskin.

look at your own posts with your (44)

what can i say, i dont evade bans like you shills do

talk about damage control


The printing press was introduced to Asia by Europeans who brought them from Europe.

First printing press and university in Asia were that on the Philippines, made in Spain. same for America

Any claims to the opposite are just retarded anti-western revisionism, without the slightest evidence. Europe had newspapers and books in series, hundreds of years before they were introduced to Asia.
No, Asian woodblock printing doesn’t cut it as “inventing the printing press.

You better have them → Tycho Brahe

Their technological level was much lower than that of medieval Europe.

No surprise, they came earlier. “Standing on shoulder of giants” is concept totally alien to a superstitious ignoramus like you. People like you believe “progress” happens and is like knowledge falling out of the blue sky when the right, “progressive” jewish ideology, comes along.

Long Term Shilling is not something to be proud of, Secondly, you clearly have not lurked enough to post here

Bottom line. We won't know whats going on till we see some action coming from Russia. That's the Barometer.

Pagans fought your beloved Persians for 1000 years.

The Persian were friends and allies to the jews. Persians were enemies of Christianity

The Persians lost.

Persians are technical not, but ethnical they are, since they were early adepts of “multi-culturalism”. It wasn’t only the Arabs and Mongols fucking them up, but they had their share of degenerate miscegenation before.

An enigma! kiss the kikes as

Are you one of this candidates for the crane?
Quite a miscalculation, helping to tople the Shah, you stupid Persian leftist, serves you well, treasonous ungrateful bastards.

But the Shah was a US puppet.
Would you not remove a foreign government?

That turned out so well for them, didn't it.

I suspect this revolution will leave the country in an even worse state, quite possibly with just another pisslamic sect in charge.

Not good enough puppet, they get discarded from time to time, like his father. That happens when the puppets develop independent though and action.

The “secular” Persian, Koran thumping ,hilly-billy did. The stupid western educated middle-class leftists, who only existed because of the Shah and his father, couldn’t imagine that the majority of the country had quite different ideas for the future of Iran.
Don’t be sad the “genius” plotter of western foreign policy and intelligence services (France, USA) couldn’t imagine what kind of state a “conservative Persian cleric” would create. They were right in one expectation, it wouldn’t be a communist state aligned with the Soviet-Union.

Iran used to be Aryan until it was conquered (raped) by the Arabs, and later the Mongols.

Britain and the west will suffer an even more pathetic fate at this rate… because they are inviting them in. Persia at least put up a fight, even though they were weary of war having warred with the Roman Empire(s) for hundreds of years.

So liberty and self determination should be traded for comfort and consumer goods?
Begone ye jew

Waffen SS and Hitler's own words faggot. You are anti-intrusion not anti-anything dofferent from you existing.

>Lets (((help))) the Iranian people at the right time, to install a pro isreal pro deep-state goverment.

Wow, not seen this episode befor, totaly original.

Have you not seen the enormous wave of natsoc/christian shills that swarmed? 10 filters and counting

hahaha well, we got 4Dchessed

Anyway, obama has been losing nonstop and trump isn't fliping on this so iran is safe. usa has been failing for too long to be considered a thread

The only reason to even care about Iran is the possible global repercussions of the revolution. They can self determine all they want but knowing how Religion of Cuck™ic society works it'll just lead to more retarded sansnigging. Look at Egypt.

Anyone with even a double-digit IQ would probably think "if Hillary's for this, maybe it's not such a good idea?", but not Thernovich, he's too smart for that.

reported for derailing the thread

go derail some other thread with irrelevant medieval bullshit

egypt is a result of the US giving a green light to the muslim brotherhood to take power during the (((arab spring))) so they had their support in syria. the whole thing backfired at america and the people took power back and now egypt is having joint drills with russia

where did i say something as retarded as that?

youre right about "persian" leftists supporting the shah and the CIA coup tho, look at IeftypoI

What people tend to forget is Iran is a Nation that already underwent Kalergi transformation from a Persian nation to an Arab ruled nation. The Persians are forced to live like Arabs and subhumans, while the Arabs run around like goat fucking faggots with child brides. Persia collapsed due to immigration of Semites and their constant attempts to subvert and replace Persian culture with Semitic culture.

There is absolutely a need for a revolution, a Persian one, to retake their nation. But that's not what this current attempt at instigating a CIA/Mossad backed revolution is about. They failed to annihilate the Syrian people which was part of their silly Semitic prophecy to bring about the "end of the world" resulting in Jews taking over the world with their fictional messiah. So now they are working on the next stage of the plan, if they can topple Iran, then they can topple Syria once peoples gold fish memory on Syria moves on.

One thing you can rely on with these people is they always try again, like a mouse trying to get into your pantry. They will never stop until you do something about them.




who would have tought?

where are all the faggots

that were shilling for israel and said theres no proofs?


so now that the neocohen shills got BTFOd the thread is being slid?

where did i say something as retarded as that?

The Tudeh Party of Iran (Persian: ‎, translit. Ḥezb-e Tūde-ye Īrān, lit. 'Party of the Masses of Iran') is an Iranian communist party. Formed in 1941, with Soleiman Mohsen Eskandari as its head, it had considerable influence in its early years and played an important role during mohomo'd the pedo goatfucker Mosaddegh's campaign to nationalize the Anglo-Persian Oil Company
The Tudeh Party drastically increased its activities, recruiting many youth and organizing regional committees, supporting the Religion of Cuck™ic Revolution when others on the left opposed it.
While other leftist parties opposed the Religion of Cuck™ist forces at this time, and were suppressed as a result, Tudeh Party leadership as well as the Fadaian Aksariat decided to oppose politically with the new clerical theocratic regime and support the crackdown on the militant Armed opposition.
Quite quickly the government arrested and imprisoned its leadership and later more than 10,000 members of the party. During February 1983, the leaders of the Tudeh Party were arrested and the Party disbanded,
It is likely many hundreds Tudeh prisoners were killed during the 1988 executions of Iranian political prisoners when thousands of Mojahedin and leftist prisoners were killed.

learn to read.

whats that got to do with my post? i know what iran was before the 80s

thats some weak shilling right here




every where they conquered they brought death and destruction,and infected people of that area with fanatism,Idiocy,poverty,mask wearing,theft and Akhund's anus licking!and made the land a useless desert!

Ovunque abbiano conquistato, hanno portato Morte e Distruzione, ed hanno infettato la Gente di quell’Area con il Fanatismo, l’Idiozia, la Povertà, l’Indossare una Maschera, il Furto e il Leccare l’Ano di Akhund! E Rendere la Terra un inutile Deserto!

Sadeq Hedayat loathes the Arab Other - Only his Sasanid Iranians are attractive, courageous, intelligent, cultured and virtuous. Hedayat idealizes the pre-Religion of Cuck™ic, Zoroastrian past as the Golden Age of Iran

How big is your nose?

Any proof of CIA involvement in this yet?
That's too bad.

I was really excited the first time I heard that several years ago here. So far zero synagogues have been burned down and zero rabbis beheaded. What the fuck happened, based Malala? Give back that prize.

were talking about the color revolution in iran, not "muh religions".
reported for derailing the thread

>shills for the (((CIA)))
we should ban the IP range around jerusalem

Does anyone have the music video of her ignoring different terror attacks around the world?

Oh. Well any proof of George Soros finger in this pie yet?
That's too bad.

read the thread mongoloid
you dumbfuck JIDF shill

the mullah's might be evil, but necesarry evil

One of the most ubiquitous reasons given for these protests in the first place is internal economic turmoil and rising prices. Why has no one made the point that, just as the (((US))) acted against Japan before Pearl Harbor, the massive and extensive sanctions being applied and the economic war being waged against Iran is clearly the primary cause of the problem. This is ZOG's MO. Apply every means of conventional and unconventional hostile non-military (or covert military) action possible in order to initiate the enemy to first the first shot or suffer from internal collapse.

US kikes are literally besieging Iran, starving them of resources and then blaming Iran for struggling economically and using it as a casus belli to engineer regime change. ZOG is truly fucked in the head, and the mindless masses fall for it every time.

>BASED freedom and (((democracy))) is finally coming this geopolitical enemy of Israel! Oh joy of joys, tears in my eyes, justice and goodness wins again!

At least this event is useful for exposing the absolute state of controlled opposition, the (((Alt Kike))), and how nothing brings Democrats, Republicans, (((the Left))), (((the Right))), jews, feminists, communists, libertarians, and pedophiles together like waging unconventional warfare against Israel's enemies.


Religion of Cuck™ is a vehicle for Arab supremacism: &cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=ke

every where they conquered they brought death and destruction,and infected people of that area with fanatism,Idiocy,poverty,mask wearing,theft and Akhund's anus licking!and made the land a useless desert!

In the Mazyar drama we frequently encounter Iranians and Romans alongside one another while Arab and Jew are also lumped together (p 122). A clear example of the racial harmony between Iranian and Roman is once the Abassid Caliph has killed the Iranian Babak and the Roman Nanis, he smears both their heads in tar and hangs them side by side outside the city gates (p 123). The superior race is the white Aryan to which both Iranians and Romans belong.

As the play is based on the struggle of Mazyar against the Abbasid Caliphate, it appears at first sight that the enemy is the Arab people or Religion of Cuck™. But the more you read the more your realise that from Hedayat’s point of view “Jews” are as guilty in corrupting the Iranian race as the Arabs. It is true that there is much talk of cleansing the “Arab filth” (e.g. p 122), but in many places, including pages 11 and 129 there is open talk of “Semitic filth”. Even in notes at the end of the play the Tabari History [written in 923 AD] is cited where Mazyar always refers to the Muslims as Jews (p138). It may be difficult to imagine this today where the conflict between Palestine and Israel has highlighted the dispute between Religion of Cuck™ and Judaism, but if we return to the conditions pertaining to the inter-war years, when Mazyar was written, an understanding of the issue is made very easy. From the ethnic point of view Arabs and Jews both belong to the Semitic race (p 125). It would be natural for Hedayat, who sees a return to ancient Iran as a sacred ideal, to see a connection between the genocidal policies of Hitler against the Jews and the struggle of ultra-nationalist Iranians against the Arab element.

To highlight “the Jews, this race worse than Arabs” (p 98) as the enemy of Iran is in fact the main message of this play. In act one we are introduced to Ali the son of Raban Tabari, Mazyar’s secretary, and Simru, the old woman in his organization. Both were previously Jews. Simru’s real name is Sara, and the secretary was a Jew before converting to Religion of Cuck™. According to Shadan on page 93 and according to Mazyar on page 95, it is these two who gnaw away at the Iranian resistance movement from the inside, and pave the way for the destruction of the anti-Arab movement.

Hedayat of course does not confine himself to racial superiority when he describes the era of Mazyar. He adds cultural and national superiority to the brew. For example he calls Zoroastrianism the “white religion” contrasting it with the “black religion” of the Semites (p 98). He writes of the “murderous Religion of Cuck™ic flood” (p 9) and the “Arab Gog and Magog” (p 11). The Arabs and Muslims are enemies of industry and civilisation (p 118). The Muslims even copied the architecture for their mosques from Iranians. Their religion is full of superstitions. The Arab is base and barefoot (p 120). Their clothes is chapi agal – derived from the nosebag of beasts of burden (p 130). If they defeated Sassanian Iran it was not through military prowess or the popular attraction of their egalitarian promises, but through guile and scheming (pp 11 and 108). And despite trickery they are stupid and dim-witted (p 123). They are unrivalled in cruelty and all they do is severe hands and feet and torture (pp 106 and 131). They are greedy and lustful:

The only good Religion of Cuck™ist is a dead Religion of Cuck™ist

reported and filtered

why cant we have nice things anymore like /sg/. back then people minded to their threads and didnt shitpost allover the board

Why is this still allowed up. While the persians certainly have a special place in our natsoc heart…they Zoroastrian aspect of them has gone away. You can plead for that, blame the muslims or whatever. But the fact of the matter is that what we have now in Iran is very good for us. The "axis of evil" nations being stable is the best possible outcome for us. Russia, NK, Syria and also Iran…and maybe with more time even china.

The digging into Iranian history seems like a jew thing to do, to demoralize us. Well how about this: The Zoroastrians lost because they had a fucking female leader, a princess who lost the war against the muslims. Now that aint very ubermenschy at all, or is it?

Persia should've converted to Christianity when it had the chance. But they stayed pagan and got taken by iezlam. Trad Catholicism/Orthodoxy is the superior metaphysical system. Nothing comes close.

Your muslim shill tactics are pathetic.

The fact of the matter is that you are a fucking moron and the 'game is over' for Tehran's ruling elite.

You're a special kind of stupid, aren't you?

What a dumb fucking cunt.

Typical slave-pen country.

>literally screeching (((MSM))) bullshit
go back to reddit JIDF



No they don't. Their first base of operations for world dominance was in a monarchy.

Actually yeah it did. Life under the CIA regime was pretty brutal.

I've noticed a big increase in shilling ever since the Iran matters. Can't tell if paid shills or stupid Trumpcucks.

if someone told me 5 years ago that reddit shitposting would be a part-time job i would have laughed

Never post this again, not even ironically ):


Into the trash you go

I just don't get it. How can people be so fucking stupid. It's the exact same tactic over and over again, Lybia, Ukraine, Serbia, Iraq, and now while their fucking neighbor Syria is still burning, the Iranian people fall for the same trick.

The Iranian people aren't falling for anything. The Trumpcuck communist subversives have already been rolled.

i can count five based iranian politicians.
con you do the same for (((america)))?

Honestly I'm not sure if it's actual Holla Forumsacks being unreasonably racist towards everyone to scare of normies or if it's shills making overly racist posts to discredit what ever it is Holla Forumss trying to achieve

its a bit of both. the whle source of the problem is US elections. Naive bluepilled posters and immigrants from reddit fell for the "democracy" meme and bowed to ZOG.
This provoked a ridicule reaction from non-american posters.
furthermore the pro-trump posters used to agree with the general redpilled opinions on the US and its actions. however once trump took office they took criticism of the USZOG and its actions as an offense against their false idol and then attacked any thread that didnt conform to their bluepilled consensus. thats why /sg/ got killed. just because they called out the US on its (((bullshit))) in the ME and then redditors and naive dumbasses took it as a personnal insult.

I thought the ayatollah was doing a fine job of keeping kikes out of his country and its finances. Why would removing his regime to install a (((western-backed))) one be good for us or for them?

Your jewdar is way off. Long hair, a beard and a hat does not make somebody a rabbi.


Is this supposed to impress upon us the importance of miniskirts and privately owned central banks?

I'd like to see more confirmation, there hasn't been a lot of real day-by-day news, even Southfront doesn't have much on the events on the ground.

I’m not confirmation but I’ve heard similar news. They called them counter protestors supporting the Religion of Cuck™ist government. Funny how they’ll switch right to fearmongering Muslims after getting everyone so sympathetic to them. Kikes cause societal schizophrenia.

I did hear that Iranians were chasing off the protesters but since it appeared to be a nationwide protest I'm not too sure about what's been going on. Has anything more come from the terrorist attack(s) on I believe oil infrastructure?

Not the whole story, faggot. Before the Turks came, the Christian purges in Greece led many Greek scholars to flee to Persia themselves, or simply wind up handing texts in the chaos.

its not good for us or for them, but its good for (((them))) who are also shilling here

from that to what we have today? thanks america.

the whole thing is practically over because the media isnt reporting on it anymore.
they reported Ukraines coup an libyas CIAop to the end, but they didnt report anymore when things went against what they hoped for (russia, iran, syria, iraq…)
there was no "nationwide" protest, there was just a few simoultaneous protests in the major cities.
there were also no terrorist attacks or even police station /barracks captures because the agitators in the crowds overestamated their potential.
more people went to support the goverment than oppose it, not to mention that most people just stayed out of it and waited to see what happens.

the media just blew itout of proportion like they do with North korea and shit.

And life now isn't?
Heavy-handed dictatorial rule is the only way to have remotely successful pisslamic nations.

if youve ever been to iran youd find out thats its pretty normal for a stable mideast state.
alot fucking better than the saudi hellhole that the (((US))) supports.

Donald "Get 'em outta here" Trump supporting political protesters now.

lol, oh you Holla Forumsyps make me laugh.

Pisslam conquered Persia. Christendom is Europe. The Communist Jew subversion and destruction of Christendom is the reason Yuropiss is now a Pisslamic Caliphate. Fuck off, Rabbi Goyslayberg

western europe is the cucked part. eastern europe (ex-socialist states) are the ones that fromed V4 and so on.
western europe was cucked by degenerate (((american))) values, which can also be seen in full effect in the decadent US society.
you dont know shit you dumbfuck burger.

Jews don't come from America. They went TO America from Communist Europe. Christendom defended your fucktard commies from the shitskins for hundreds of years. You let the communist jews defeat you. You turned away from Christ. Now you are filled with shitskin Pisslamics, faggots, and communists.

Yet you still blaspheme. You don't know shit, you satan worshiping jew lover.


Wow what a coincidence thats exactly what Jews, Jewish puppets and shills said about every other country they launched their foreign controlled artificial protests and protest coopting in too!

This is one of those planned events that doesn't make sense anymore. The Iranian protesters were supposed to get slaughtered to provide Hillary an excuse to conduct "regime change" in Iran and start WWIII for the globalists and Greater Israel. Trump isn't taking the bait, nor are the mullahs.

Something took out several key nodes in (((their))) power structure. Electing Trump shouldn't have cut them off like this. The voices tell me several important people died in the Oakland Ghost Ship fire. Entire hierarchies have lost their command contacts.

Meme well, Holla Forums.

Like who?


i knew your education system was utter crap but this is basic maths

implying i love the ZOG that runs the US right now and has been running it for over a century

burgers on full damage control. desparate cries of a decaying corpse

no, just travel to iran.
unless youre american and cant afford it because you have enough mortgages, student loans and bills to pay back for another century


I don't know and I don't think (((who))) matters, just that several puppet strings were cut.
You can dig if you want, but I don't know if we'll get anything on that angle or if those deaths were somehow covered up.

nice try reza but your people willingly converted. you have no one to blame but yourselves.

and its not pro arab or pro muslim. And national socialism certainly doesnt mean you should put your fingers in your ears and proceed to think as linearly as possible. Iran is and was controlled opposition. Same with the norks. Kike figure prints all over both of them.

But that of course doesnt matter because you've attained an introductory familiarization with national socialism, right?

lurk for 14 years and then never post again


This, not to mention that its been dead for over a week and idiots are still bumping this shill thread

You realize the ussr was a huge influence of the Religion of Cuck™omarxist revolution of iran in 79, yea? The same Religion of Cuck™omarxist movement you see spreading into white countries via the refugee crises.

what are you, retarded?
just because a revolution is a revolution it means the USSR had something to do with it?
the USSR funded the communist elements in iran just like everywhere lese, but they got purged by the IRGC along with the burger regeime. and then the USSR invaded afganistan to prevent Religion of Cuck™ic uprisings from spreading into its central asian republics

either youre a redditor or a complete fucking retard

Darius took pride in being the leader of a multicultural shithole.

Seriously fuck him and fuck his sandniggerized "Aryans".


Holy fuck you are retarded
The Soviet union banned all trade and weapons exports to Iran immediately after the revolution and started backing Saddam, who was openly a US ally because not even the Soviets at the time trusted Iran.

thats just awful


He absolutely did, the green revolution was supposed to be like the arab spring. Iran just isn't as easy to topple as Libya or Ukraine, mainly on account of being actually good at cloak and dagger shit themselves.

thats just awful