Sourceless bullshit Trump/Bannon Disinformation D&C Campaign?

Sourceless bullshit Trump/Bannon Disinformation D&C Campaign?

1. CNN kike makes fake Bannon quotes for his new book

2. MSM makes a fake Trump statement to stir the pot

3. Pending: Everyone figures it out and it completely backfires?

I haven't found a proper fucking source for any of this, meanwhile Hillary Clinton's house was on fire, Assange hasn't tweeted since 2017, and Happenings are Happening so frequently some are getting missed. Stay frosty, Anons.

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Kike free first post self-bump.


on the same day Hillary Clinton has a house fire. Where there's smoke, fire and a bunch of disinformation, there're Happenings?

Gee whiz I wonder why this board is going to shit. Hey genius, if either of the statements are incorrect or misattributed, why have neither party corrected or issued statements saying that they're misrepresented like Trump did with the 'aids' & 'african huts' thing? That's because the thing is true you fucking goober.

Jesus fucking christ the moderation of this board couldn't be any more fucking stupid. Supporting Trump without any nuance or allowing for any disappointment in his policies has truly melted these stupid kike's brains. Hopefully someone makes an alternative to this shit board soon because there's not much more it could swirl the tubes.

And there's a super moon to start January (and the year), and a super blue blood moon to end January. At this point, I expect something big to happen throughout January. It starts strong, and builds up to a huge thing at the end. What exactly it is, I don't know, but the picture is starting to draw itself. National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month is already kicking off. Are we going to eclipse the super blue bloods?


Just to embarass you further for being the dumbest kike imaginable, here is Sarah Huckabee Sanders addressing the memo in question and saying 'There's not much to clarify'.


Trump already killed Holla Forums. starting to think he was actually a weapon specifically designed for that purpose.

Pick one and fuck off forever.

Yid more.

I'm not the one trying to get this site killed for wrongthink, yid.




I'd be surprised if Trump's statement was fake considering Trump's own press secretary is under the impression it's real. Think before you sticky, mod-kun.

Try Bannon's own fucking website where he doesn't deny it.

Trust in Kek

I dont know why Bannon would say the thing he supposedly said. Calling the son of the president he helped elect a traitor??? Whatever hope this results in a big happening


Probably a massive case of butthurt ego.

He said it because he has a book coming out, and nobody has been paying attention to him since he fucked up Alabama. So he had to do something stupid to draw attention. He's smart enough to know that anyone that puts the words 'Trump' and 'Russia' in the same sentence is getting every headline there is. Plus he feels burned bc he got tossed after leaking, as if Trump owed him that courtesy. He's given himself too much credit.

Nice sticky, you buttfrustrated buffoon. But keep your fucking mouth shut about the alternatives to this cesspit, we don't want any more newfags.

Why don't you just post "Trump is a kike shill" already shlomo so you can get banned? I know you want to. Read off the script you are paid pennies to post over and over




I accept your defeat chesscuck

Bannon married a kike. Fuck Bannon.




There's not even a real fight going on here, this is kike puppet Trump sparring with kike puppet Bannon to make us believe they aren't both helping the jews loot our country and set us up for a losing war in the M.E.

sounds about right tbh and that kike drudge is in on it

(((Trump)) is getting a little bit too big for his britches. He's trashing Bannon to talk himself up, all the while forgetting that he's not the one that got himself elected – WE DID!

MODS TRY TO SAVE THE (((ALT-RIGHT))) WHICH THEY PROMOTED (gently). There is no saving the (((alt-right))). It's not OK TO BE WHITE. It's fucking WHITE PRIDE WORLD WIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good post fellow Holla Forumsack

if this was a misunderstanding they would've resolved it then.

Everything you just said would be just as valid if not more if you switched Trump and Bannon's names.

Shills are deep in this thread

Probably, yes. Bannon, at least, got fired for calling out (((Jared & Ivanka))) and their shitty, lifetime NYC liberal agenda.

It feels like a spectacle, yea.
For what purpose? I dunno

Please, go back to wherever you came from.

The butthurt in this thread is glorious. Carry on.

there are alternatives, but you need to organize an exodus bc those boards are painfully slow

That just means that he think some of the people he interviewed lied to him, not that he made up fake quotes.

The liveboard is good, but not everyone would be able to find it which is exactly how it should be.

polk revolucion?

Filter the noise anons. They're just looking to derail it all now cause nothing else works.

Mods be like
>We alt-right but only when recruiting for campaigns not OUT RIGHT (((alt-Right)))

What are your masters from pig fucker land telling you IMkampy? Come out and be honest for once. That's all we ever asked of you.

trips of truth


Is it just me, or has the general shilling been getting less cohesive and less literate lately? This is absolutely bargain bin, minimum-wage Albanian tier.

86 seconds apart
Stop flooding and answer the question coward

Mods be like

>We alt-right but only when recruiting for campaigns not OUT RIGHT (((alt-Right)))

What are your masters from pig fucker land telling you IMkampy? Come out and be honest for once. That's all we ever asked of you.

86 seconds? im on lsd and even that diddnt make sense

What question, the fuck are you on about? I just arrived and had to check those digits.

wut? which one is live. just give me a hint that newfags wouldn't get. i'm trying to think which i'm forgetting about, but i lost my imageboard list when teh cianiggers downed my pc

I'm wondering how the (((Alt-Right))) (aka deep state ops) that recruit on Holla Forums through the moderation (yeah you fucking left the threads up) are dealing with this split up?


Make your stand mods,no caputulation! There is going to be a meme war and you fucking know it. Bannon trolls created the "D/C Ivanka" meme and even Alex Jonestien fell for it.

I'm just curios actually. I only want a fucking wall.
I suppose I'll see it happen in the next 12mths of shit flinging but I feel good when I get info earlier than cuckchan or Tucker.

that image makes sense

I'm pretty autistic when it comes to formulating posts and I feel weird if anons can see me laboriously formatting so I'm not a big fan of that board. Not sure how to give a hint without just spelling it out.

LSD is wheat fungus. You're being CIA'd





well i think this came from morning glories but anyway i was already ciad implants whole 9 yards its kinda fucked up actually
but other than that I think we could use lsd to create natsoc hippies out of gen z

The toppest of keks.

So our BASED mod didnt like the tone and the posts in the last thread as a majority were rightly against Trump's actions (or lack thereof), so he makes a shitty unsourced thread just to control the discourse and to forge consensus. Holy shit Holla Forums is fucked.

I don't know why I'm replying to you, but honestly, nothing of value is being posted in the thread anyways.


A meme war is coming

Better than that gay vampire/werewolf movie


A meme war is coming

Better than that gay vampire/werewolf movie


A meme war is coming

Better than that gay vampire/werewolf movie


A meme war is coming

Better than that gay vampire/werewolf movie


A meme war is coming

Better than that gay vampire/werewolf movie

Because you're a mod. Bannon or Trump?


I mean (((Alt-Right)))

[Error Detected]

Why are you getting so hung up on labels in a tibetan cuniform enclave? Stop being a faggot use discernment to forge your own opinion.

we have to fucking choose now? between and emperor and his lutenist?

your wordfilters are complete faggotry. turn them all off and give us our board back, you fucking niggermods

Dude, what the fuck are you on about?
Wolffe admits to making the shit up, there is zero source on Trumps response and all you are doing is scream about mods, meme wars and the alt-right. You look fucking hysterical.

Don't you have some more clues to beg for?

Get the fuck out, don't return.

>Wolff's book "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House" will be released next Tuesday, but some journalists have already snagged copies. That's why the first official excerpt from the book was released on Wednesday.


pick one faggot

is anyone even on there? The traffic was always so low that there was only ever one active general thread at a time. Last time I looked the entire catalog was just a list of all those threads.

Fuck off.

What? Are you getting confused? We have id's. I know you're not a regular imageboard user but it really isn't that hard to keep straight.

what the fuck is going on here

No idea. I responded to someone posting about meguca and then this user made some nonsense reply about shilling.

Derailing. Other forums literally do not matter to the topic ITT.

Finding an active thread related to interesting topics filled with good discussion. That's up to the posters/lurkers. When someone forays into different boards they'll react and post due to the nature of the topics and information presented. Activity and pace is determined by the number and frequency of posters/lurkers.

You're confused and misattributing several posts from different people.

Again, fuck off.

Bannon going out on a limb to release crazy shit that won't splatter back to Trump
No longer a friend, can tear into elites who need some punching in the media

Whoops nvm I was the confused one, though I don't think he was gonna do the typical routine again. It seems the topic of different boards piqued his shilldar and he hopped back in. Wonder why? Just to shit on other offshoots as well?

The question that remains is: will the shills ever tire from being utterly BTFO time and time again?

The (((financiers))) are probably too busy pumping their money into astroturf protests in Iran.

(checking those trips)
The amount of pilpul in that first reply is fucking astounding. I don't even need to look up his Twitter to know he's a kike rubbing his hands.

He didn't admit to making anything up, and if you think he did, then you need to work on your reading comprehension.

Sometimes I wonder if posters like you are shills to make trump supports look like retards.

Of course not! He just told a bunch of untrustworthy people “give me something, anything; I don’t even care if it’s true” then he cherry-picked stuff for the book.

Everything about that quote says he lets his sources make it up and he presents them has truth, i.e making shit up.

But when it comes to the Bannon interview that this thread is about, it doesn't put whether or not the interview took place into question, just the veracity of Bannon's claims.

Of course. I don't doubt an interview took place. Just never believe what a kike writes under the guise of a journalist, without an actual recording of said interview.

That's fine, I wouldn't believe a kike either (or someone who runs likud mouthpiece like Kikebart for that matter), but that has nothing to do with the disclaimer, which, again, is only about the accuracy of claims made by the interviewees.

This is just embarrassing now.

The disclaimer he uses is worthless, just the kike trying to bypass any responsibility of his job. The problem is the book being presented as an expose and used as fact by the MSM without any verifying and passing that onto to the readers, which will just believe the claims. Their is no trust in the accuracy of the claims at all, by himself admitting conflicts.
I should point of that I trust neither the kike or Breitbart either. Or Trump for that matter unless he starts showing some results from muh 4d chess

I have never seen a more embarrassing thread in the history of this board.


Finally started to advertise? Maybe try it harder next time, compared to the yesterday.

then a series of smug anime girl JPGs, leading to skat porn then gore porn then Imkikefy turns up later to remove all offending non-jew compliant postings and bans them
Just another day on kike-controlled Holla Forums

Why not fuck off and kill yourself if you moan and bitch about it almost every day?

Where's the original statement?

Tor posting would be less necessary if mods didn't ban any dissenting comments about trump. I've been banned for comments i made weeks previous, the throbbing hard-on is insane.

Trump literally calls out "FAKE NEWSSSSS" in seconds for saying he drinks lots of coca cola but is completely silent about a supposed fake statement attributed to him attacking Bannon?

Found the Jew.

Oh, it's located in quadrant 12 space station in Nowhereville.

Fuck you. I've been here since the beginning of dawn.

>Released directly to the (((MSM)))

Every other Presidential statement is available on
The only thing on there is a transcript of Sanders talking about it


What's the matter, afraid to come back with your tor? Cry more then.


okay what I cant figure out is where the fuck is the shitposter in chief?
something strange here

Hah so assmad that you got to delete my posts moonman? Just to let you guys know, this is our embarassing shit mod that made and stickied this thread last night. Check the mod log, he's freaking out

This board is 100% reddit now

Meanwhile the shills are going full retard on this narrative. Really gets the old noggin' joggin'. Really activates those almonds. Really raises the bread.

Speaking of radio..was listening to Curt Shilling on Breitbart radio yesterday. He mentioned something about what's going on with Bannon and Trump. I'm sure you can find it if you want to listen. Toward the end of broadcast.

Meanwhile you won't acknowledge that the Press Secretary confirmed these are accurate statements that the president made.


You're screeching into the wind my (((friend))).


if tor wasnt full of pedophiles people like you would give it a bad name


If anyone wanted any more reason to abandon this place, here you go. It's almost hilarious how bad this place has gotten under your stewardship. Hope those kushnerbux bought some good tendies, compromised mod-kun.

Here's a snapshot of imkampfys HotPocketX mod logs getting all twitchy when his Kushner-bux is at risk of being withheld


Hey remember all those times when your shill tactics actually worked?
Me neither.

So you admit on hopping around and creating a false impression that there are more spergs than you. Nice job on blowing your cover, idiot.

Thanks OP. It's always nice to expose fake news, but it'll be even nicer to shut their lying Jewish mouths for good.

It's hard to tell if it's just the insurgence of /r/the_donald newfags with a disgustingly average IQ who only see things in black and white; or possible Shareblue realized that they weren't going to defeat Holla Forums with any kind of narrative, so they decided to just make threads almost unusable. It's most likely a combination of both. When an user supports Assad or Iran he'll usually get some autist whining at him using traditional neocon talking points, which points towards /r/the_donald. There are also some threads that are 95% pointless bickering, and almost every post seems to just be "you're a jew" "no you are" which points to cointelpro tactics of shutting down all conversation.


The New York Times online article claims the source is from the Press Secretary during a press pool. The issue is also a question from Jan 3's press briefing, but I haven't seen the briefing myself so I can't comment on that. But that's where to look if this is true. Though I already checked the White House's website and the statement isn't in that particular location.

However, even if it is true, given the President's morning tweet about voicing support for stronger voter ID laws, this is starting to look like a case of intentional manufactured outrage from the President to distract the fake news from issues that actually matter.

From press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders:

Statement from the President of the United States

Steve Bannon has nothing to do with me or my Presidency. When he was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. Steve was a staffer who worked for me after I had already won the nomination by defeating seventeen candidates, often described as the most talented field ever assembled in the Republican party.

Now that he is on his own, Steve is learning that winning isn’t as easy as I make it look. Steve had very little to do with our historic victory, which was delivered by the forgotten men and women of this country. Yet Steve had everything to do with the loss of a Senate seat in Alabama held for more than thirty years by Republicans. Steve doesn’t represent my base—he’s only in it for himself.

Steve pretends to be at war with the media, which he calls the opposition party, yet he spent his time at the White House leaking false information to the media to make himself seem far more important than he was. It is the only thing he does well. Steve was rarely in a one-on-one meeting with me and only pretends to have had influence to fool a few people with no access and no clue, whom he helped write phony books.

We have many great Republican members of Congress and candidates who are very supportive of the Make America Great Again agenda. Like me, they love the United States of America and are helping to finally take our country back and build it up, rather than simply seeking to burn it all down.

You still aren't answering. Why do you hop through IP's if you couldn't directly reply to me? Are really trying to fool everyone that there's an army of (((you)))?

Trump is a buffoon for falling for this. I like the guy a lot but holy shit, how do you fall for such a fake news story on the same day that you announce the fake news awards?

I got banned from cuckchan for saying this over there. That place is a mess.

By the way TORposter, if you really wanted to do better, there are other sources you could field. No I won't help you because you're an incompetent boob.


Considering the outrage machine being in full force, full of clickbait and misinfo, I'll wait until primary sources show up. Habeeb it.

Answer what?
I'm posting in reference to exposing you kikes of my own volition, not in responser to anything you or Imkikefys JIDF patrol demand, I have zero compulsion to answer to a single kike promoting ZOG here.
Why does every single kike here always feel their demands must be met as though they have control over the goy, you only have control over the medically retarded class of goy who fell for the Trumpstein scam, literally the bottom feeder tier of humanity.

Like iphones helps identify slave-herd minded humans as does the fashy based cartoon frog section of society, retards who do what their jew masters tell them, no matter howridiculous.

I'm not one of them low grade goys, I am Amelek, a force born to destroy you jews

TRSodomite go and stay go.

How about looking yourself in the mirror and asking yourself of why you waste every day in Holla Forums to bitch at everyone like some AIDS faggot? Just look at yourself, an obnoxious sociopath that writes like some lunatic, replies to everyone for attention and then constantly moves his goal posts as if you have some seizure every minute. Get help, creep. And fucking stop hopping around again, the stench of your autism is obvious even for a senile person.

That rat face tried to (((shut-it-down))) on the internet after the virgina journalist shooting.

and you think this upstanding gentleman would gasp lie to the public? you dont trust this man??

Reported for posting thumbnail sized images, a forum degradation tactic!

That ending, holy shit

I am not a bannonbot, but even I thought Ivanka needed to STFU a few times in the first year.

I wonder if that's the case. Maybe Bannon* is pic related?

(*I'd include whatever anti-Establishment movements are associated with him as the scapegoat too)

Come on based Kushner backed mods, tell us which kike clown to hysterically blindly cheer on like dribbling spastics so as we may avoid your wrath and meet the ban hammer of HotPocketX Imkikefy whenever we should accidentally criticize ZOG in some way.

Remember, those Kushner-bux will only come if you can astroturf these boards into championing the kike your paid to support


Same user, here. I finished watching the press briefing I mentioned. The controversy appears to be legitimate by the press secretary not denying anything except the claims Steve Bannon made about treason and such. I don't have any specific time stamps, as Steve Bannon is a big topic for the day and there are several questions in the briefing.

As I said, this is probably the President seeing an opportunity to hijack the news cycle and distract the fake news from stuff that actually matters, like him openly supporting voter ID laws.


anonymous sources confirm the existence of non released non witnessed "tapes"
why not release the audio then?
"Among the sources he taped, I'm told, are Steve Bannon and former White House deputy chief of staff Katie Walsh."

forgot image

Reddit has reduced this place to rubble

Yeah dude because full offensive on every little shit people have hurled your way is smart.

>this vacuous shit is still stickied in the pigpen
I guess this is just disinfo too, right?
I'm gonna go ahead and guess we are still required to be pro-drumpf, the fake nazi mods love power, and drumpf is still the locus of jewish political power in Washington. Not that that makes Bannon any better, of course - jews jewing jews doesn't make jews our friend.

The deep state fucked up AL election. Roy Moore was a victim of lies and deception on a nationwide scale. AND >$^)Million outa state money!!! And you wonder why Bannon attacks the Trump Family? Look what Ivanka said, "A Special place in Hell for Moore!" Her Daddy's name is in Epstein's Black book! Either as a client or Shabbat Goy, who knows? Fuck Her and All Trumps pussy assed spoiled brats. (Except Barron, my 10 yo daughter likes him)

Honestly this whole things a fight to see who can be the best Shabo's Goy.

this looks like its suppose to be a screamer. her face in the thumbnail looks fucked up..

>for allegedly violating his NDA
>"reckless disregard for the truth."
so the book is confirmed horse shit

We better have a sticky alout it!

I hate Politico, pure Kike!

Don't break his narrative or else he'll show his intellectual superiority and call you a kike.


So what you're saying is that we're Team Drumpf right? We should disregard as fiction and kikery anything Bannon says from here on out? Of course, everything he says is going to be fiction and kikery, since Bannon is a happy yid tool just like Drumpf is. Just another 666D chess Punch and Judy show to keep the media in a happy frenzy while Kushner and his Chabad-Lubavitch buddies continue to loot the country from under us. 666 5th Avenue, brought to you chumps on a silver platter.


checked you were right

listen closely
do not
give a fuck
if bannon peed his pants
or if trumps feelings were hurt
why is this some kind of huge watershed demarcation line in the sand for you? the only frenzy I see is from tor posters like you and kikes like drudge

I would to see someone actually bring some proof forward of these accusations instead of just hearsay bullshit. That being said, with everything that is happening it will play out literally like the Simpson's predicted with Trump being president followed by Hillary at this rate and then probably the end of America.

Politics is such a bullshit shitstorm of no one getting what they want.



Reading this thread and watching the mods jump IPs like fleas I'm starting to think Bannon bought 8ch by proxy.

No, I think this is a Bannon narrative.


So instead of a zionist neocon civic nationalist, you get a zionist neocon civic nationalist.


= Alt-Right "we created Holla Forums and all the memes.
Bannon took full credit for Holla Forums's part in the election. Then shills appear all over Holla Forums screaming they hate Ivanka for some reason because, well, she's a dumb liberal bitch and Holla Forums fell for it.

Bannon is now being protected by the mods who are posting that "nothing is wrong here guys, support Bannon no D/C." Meanwhile cuckchan had endless pro-Bannon threads that were fake as fuck.

Bannon trolls did a little test to see if cuckchan supported him. He's going to try a new strategy and go after Trump through the kids again. Namely you will see endless Kushner money laundering threads or something of the type and be called a kike for spotting the obvious pro-Bannon revenge strategy.

So I wonder if Bannon actually bought 8ch?

Yeah, how horrible for Holla Forums to “fall” for… hatred of a kike whore responsible for the administration now supporting nonwhite invaders rather than deportations.
I haven’t seen that. Surprisingly, what I also haven’t seen is deletion and instant banning of anti-Trump statements in the last few hours.
But that makes sense within the established context. Cuckchan is overrun with redditors, and redditors have always thought that Bannon is the greatest dick to suck since mid-campaign Trump. Never mind that they’re both civic nationalists.
Yeah, so terrible to have a kike’s money laundering outed, right?
The jews would never let this place go.

Are you actually implying we should support Ivanka ?
I mean she's cute but I don't see the angle here.
Ivanka Internet Defense Force ?

Whatever, I feel so fucking done with bi-partisan politics in general. It's just all a game of personal self-gain and none of this shit actually matters. We live in "It doesn't matter America" at this point.

what do you even mean by "supporting bannon" is everybody cranking out thousands of bannon OC memes? or buying t shirts that say "Bannon 2020"


Suspicious response
Considering this board has been managed by teams of hasbara kikes overtly shilling for Trump, ZOG and everything in between that's kosher worldwide.

Everyone pretty much assumed that Kushner bought the chans, but perhaps it really is Breibart/Bannon that compromised these boards.

Either way it's kiked, whether Kushner clan kiked, Bannon-bot kiked or simply trumpstein's agents consisting of Chabad Lubavitch kikes and Bannon's Breibart crew.
Either way the jew run this board, hence the non stop shilling for ZOG since Trumpstein announced he would run

Cute, I suppose in a post op sense to turn her grotesque jewish features, conk and jaw into ever so slightly less plainly jewish features.

Hardly cute, more like post-op jewess slightly less ugly than before.

Are you having a stroke?

Why can’t you reply to what was said? Are YOU having a stroke?

Why so angry
The only anons who haven't yet realised Holla Forums has been kiked the past few years (that it has been openly shilling for and promoting every single neocon kike in world politics) are medically certifiable retards.


leave and never return
also, just call them kikes, there is no difference between types of kikes, zionist or orthodox all the same semitic shit.


Question, who in Chabad Lubavitch HQ ever told you the best way to demonstrate your bonafide based fashy goy credentials, was to only respond in smug girl anime JPGs in liew of the fact you're unable to intelligently rebuke or reply to said post, because then everyone will genuinely believe yourself to be a tough hardcore National Socialist, by posting faggy immature smug anime girl JPGs like you'd expect a 12 year old Oriental girl would …

Genuinely I've never met a grown man before that would ever want to be thought of as a loli anime porn fan, in fact only virgin spastics who believed Trump was a based white nationalist and posting cartoon frogs was based could ever think such a retarded thing.

Grown men prefer tits and stuff, National Socialists would admire all kinds of nude art, however trying to give the impression all polaks are immature virgins is only the sort of scheme that the ADL would ever construct.

Bit like Anglins DS is used to deconstruct and destroy any Nationalist reaction by deactivating it before it starts.

In the highly unlikely event that you aren't a homosexual jew, then you need to ask yourself why you behave and post as one

Oh no~ please stop wasting your every minute one hitting that keyboard of showing how awesome you are. It sooo~ utterly undermines my very position as an undercover kike in disguise. Your very "crusade" of trying to save Holla Forums for months is ruining my plan to destroy it and yours ends up turning you into an hero. Just please, please stop showing everyone of how awesome and smart you truly are~

Genuinely, have you ever met a grown man who admires National Socialism who identifies himself as a homosexual loli anime girl fan?
I understand you and Imkampfy's crew have made it your mission to associate pol with faggy anime loli porn , but I'm just trying to appeal to reason, which is redundant if indeed you are a Imkampfy-bot, paid to disrupt all conversations leading to ZOG enlightenment and make anons look like virgin faggots.

No one believes you.

Oh please stop, Mr. Alpha Wolf, your huge scale of testosterone is eclipsing my very character. Your facts, reason, hard-proof is putting the entire board high over heels on you. No-one ever can reach to such high IQ that you possess. How can I ever recover from your infinite enlightened wisdom that you possess, how can I ever compare myself to a real man. Please, oh please stop showing your charismatic awesomeness to everyone~

Oh well, hopefully a legit user will find out who you Imkampfy kike-patrol bots really are IRL and hunt you all down and murder you on film reuploaded online for all our perusal.

Honestly every single one of you involved in fucking up and kiking up Holla Forums needs garroting.

If I didn't know better, I would've guessed that the best you can buy with 18 billion sorosbucks is Taneesha from rehab.

Oh noes~, your massive pride of an alpha wolf is overflowing everywhere which inflicts fear to the kikes like me who tries to destroy the board. But compared to my efforts to destroy this board, it's nothing but a drop of water from your tireless efforts to save it, showing everyone your high diplomatic reason and teaching everyone to be just like you. I'm so shivered by even talking in front of your great presence. I'm definitely sure of your long lasting fruition will enlighten everyone how wrong they were and you were always right~

Being critical of people posting faggy images suggesting they appear to be faggy because of said faggy images they're posting… is now known on Holla Forums as social shaming

Dear me, honestly anyone who claims to be a male adult and can't understand why his endless posting of smug anime loli girl JPGs makes them look like a cunt deserves all the social shaming they can get.

Social fucking shaming


Don't anger the adult. He's a big boy now.


It was your definition, when any normal person would call it stating the obvious.

Posting faggy images as you do suggests you're homosexual virgins to all but the ADL who appear to have trained you to destroy Holla Forums

So, when are you going back to tor?

See, you can tell how pathetic this whole thing is.
They're putting in so much effort into this current spree of shilling, and yet their foundations are shakier than Hillary's 57 murder alibi. It just doesn't add up, making it very, very fucking obvious that they're just complaining to shit everything up, instead of taking the matter into their own hands and fixing what they perceive is wrong. Every single one of the complains they have about the board can be fixed in a very simple and easy way. Stop browsing the board, make your own. There you fucking go. No more kampfy, no more whoever, no more paid kushnerbot neocon jewloving shilling shills from the suburbs of tel-aviv Israel, all of their complaints fixed, and all of the "oldfags" will obviously, instantly go to their board, since they obviously have such strong support, and the mods have banned literally every single oldfag ever to exist, according to them.

And yet, they won't do that. They'll just complain and complain and complain, because that's what they were told to do. They've built the Taj Mahal of shilling through sheer volume and output, and yet they've placed it on a foundation made of cardboard and bad dreams. It just doesn't work because the entire narrative collapses at the first step.

Even if you thought Trump and the mods were always right, this is cringeworthy(Kike got the old chainsword one-two for his shitty "meme")

Thanks for proving me right, my dude.
Why don't you make your own board?

It's a he. And every time he gets btfo, you know what he does? He goes to /polmeta/ and /sudo/ and cries there.
But the rest, attempts were made to create alternative and commercializing these. Guess what, these all failed utterly and miserably. Doing that again brings no result anymore, so the optional way is demoralization by becoming one of the most obnoxious roach that refuses to leave. And now you can clearly see how his silly little mind works and what his next move will be. He's completely predictable now. Every time he tries to hide and change the ID, everyone fucking knows already that it's (((him))) and he still believes that nobody knows, that dumbass

I was shoahed like all my anglo brothers, I do. The state of this place is shocking now. But that is all shills I suppose.

Not the question I asked.


Y E S!!!

We are team ethnonationalist. Never, EVER compromise on your race and NEVER miss an opportunity to draw attention to it.

I answered. anglos have their own board, I assume anyone who isn't retarded stopped regularly posting here after Trump bombed Syria.

Why would anybody hate Yael Kushner?

Agreed. Ethnonationalist, nationalist, natsoc whatever the fuck you wanna call it. OUR people, OUR country comes first.



Does not compute

Denying reality is the strongest form of meme magic. If they leave this stickied for a few weeks /ourguys/ will be BFFs again.

What a maximally shit thread, and a sticky nontheless.

This is the most important post in the thread.

Don't drag Yukari into this


It does if you know anything about how this place operates.

absolute state of this thread. a case study in what happens when you have mongoloid tier mods.

I dunno, it's easy to feel sorry for that drooling 85IQ possibly turkroach idiot. He's been given the thankless, impossible task of making each of drumpf's successive betrayals sound like a good thing for Holla Forums, and he's had to ban most of the actual content creators and intelligentsia on this board to keep the charade scraping along, losing parts as it goes. He had to collaborate with /r/T_D mods to get a huge swath of redditors over here, simulating the appearance of an actual Holla Forums while really being nothing more than normaltard republicucks with one or two edgy beliefs. kikey has made himself king of the sewer, but in the sewer he is condemned to stay because he's the one who knows how it all works and what the ops are. He's probably going to die at his computer terminal for a government that never cared about him, unloved and covered in his own semen and regurgitated taco bell.

Yep, they also have a discord called “The Cult of Moonman” where they worked with the owner of T_D on these CSS “improvements” like the corner image among others. Why this was done is anyone’s guess, but to my limited knowledge and experience the Holla Forums we have now is nowhere near as fast as Holla Forums in the past while I’m supposed to believe based on the board stats page that not much has changed. I think the stats are cooked to make it seem like there hasn’t been a precipitous decline since most threads don’t even max out anymore like they used to.

Looks like the shills are trying to get Tor banned…

cbts permabanned tor because they can’t handle the truth. I think that’s funny.



Bannon shilled the Kushner meme. He was D/Cing Holla Forums to turn on Trump and Trump to turn on the base who brought the memes.

Explain please, I want to make sure of what you’re saying before shitting on you

because we all fucking love kushner

This. Before Bannon, Holla Forums loved lubavticher kikes.
Bannon and Kushner are two sides of the same shekel, neither is good

Bannon was the leaker according to Trump.

Bannon took credit for the (((Alt-Right))) and FULL credit for everything Holla Forums did.

After Bannon started D/Cing Holla Forums because Holla Forums was killing the (((Alt-Right))), he used shills to create the Kushner is the "All powerful leader of MAGA on Holla Forums" to make sure an isolate Holla Forums from the (((Alt-Right))).
If he could get Holla Forums to turn on Trump through proxy (his daughter), he could get support for his wing of "/ourmovement/" and dump the "Nazis" at the same time.

Bannon had a plan. To split the family apart. Why? Influence. He craves it. He tricked everyone into believing he manufactored Trump's meme war.

Many useful idiots on Holla Forums fell for Spencer and "Unite the Right Ralley" false flag attack. The threads were up, never deleted, always pushed… Is it that hard to believe there are trolls controlling the boards now through ENDLESS POSTING?

Bannon will begin pushing this meme as well as "money laundering kike!".

Bannon is going to war with Trump. Prepare your anus for a meme war. And you can only be on ONE side of the issue. Not a wishy washy centrist faggot(>implying)

lol I just figured it out, torposter is Kurt Eichenwald

what the fuck are you talking about??
inb4 im called a shill

Too bad we turned on Trump for a different reason isn't it? He's a failed president. Well, I guess by jewish definitions of success he's been an OK president, but as far as white americans go Trump has been worse than useless because he's been keeping the Civic Nationalism meme and the Boomers alive. Economy status: still doublefucked and getting worse. All Trump does is put a charismatic face on the dumpster fire that is the collapse of burger's civil government from the rotting head on down. Every day that goes by without us murdering the jews and browns is another day closer to our extinction.

oy vey

lol what a load of shit.

holy hell that looks reads sounds like pure bs
but okay lets assume for 1 minute everything in that book is true it's not why did bannon not write the tell all book himself?

Great ready for a meme war

mods are coming out for team Bannon already.

Bannon works through proxy. And the writer has the fucking audio tapes. And Bannon isn't denying anything. And Trump knows…

Nah I’m the first TOR poster, and am definitely not the guy who was just banned. I just get banned for incredibly innocuous things now so I’m forced to hop on TOR.

alright lets assume all of that is true it isn't where is Trumps tweets calling out pathetic bannon or lil failing breitbart?

Come on guys, Wolff is just letting the reader judge what's true or not. Ignore the fact that Wolf parades himself as a journo/reporter and he puts out books that have zero credibility of accuracy.

If you want blind obedience to Trump, then go to cuckchan. We should be able to discuss any of Trump’s shortcomings. You’re acting like a cult member.


(((They))) aren't buying it either anonkun.
Are you sure youre not a Bannon shill in this great meme war?

Like out of ye olde fucking stories
Did Miller have a fucking bundle on a stick and a lantern when he was sent out into the cold wilds of the internet? Was there snow blowing in his face as he trudged through shitposts?
Sweet fucking kek.

How was the travel ban bungled? Weren’t the (((circuit))) courts BTFO in a 9-0 SC decision?


This is conjecture

Will they be in the audiobook?

You're not too bright are you, try some different protocols there.

I'm only ribbing user. I couldn't resist with the retard screaming about meme wars, the alt-right and whatever the fuck theyre going on about.

how was this memed?

Apologies then user. shilling has been at a fever pitch the last couples days, friendly fire

She can’t really answers questions about whether or not Bannon said something that somebody else is attributing to him. Sarah (like everybody else) is getting the story from NYT.

NYT really pulled a fast one on Trump the same day he jokingly announced the “fake news awards”. Touché NYT.

It happens, I've perpetrated it as well. It is rather tiresome but that shouldn't stop anons from having fun.

It will blow up in their face spectacularly in time.

He released a press statement calling Bannon insane, the leaker, and a fraud. Where the fuck have you been?

Trump Vs. Bannon is real. Trump fired shots

"don't call out the (((Alt-Right))) goy"
Fuck you Bannon

$18 billion sorosbux.

The worst part of the fucking shills is that their salaries are funded out of the pockets of every person on the planet, as the money to pay those faggots is printed out of thin air, and every single person here is slightly poorer every day because of those worthless eaters.
They need to get staked through the ass with a ten foot piece of rebar.

Pics or it didn't happen.

kikes btfo for eternity btw

kikes btfo for eternity


Nigger it's all over the news. It was in the press briefing with Sarah Hukkabee

can you give me a link to the on that press release?

Swamp's not draining fast enough, so they need to call in the Italian again.

>They said it's real
Where have I heard that line before…

didn't he whack 5 people? so to speak


Denial isn't just a river in Egypt, buddy.

You can ask him, but then he'd have to kill you.
He's denying the possibility of a White House return in that article, but I really hope they put him back in there.

all i want is a link to it, I cant find one and I've looked

kek it would be entertaining at least

Burden of proof is on you, nosebergshekelsteinglass.


Pick one then kill yourself!

No quantity of anime shit is going to make drumpf a good president for anyone except the yids.

so 5 minutes in infowhores is carrying the msm line on this story

Is that gibberish you just spewed supposed to be me? Nah I voted for Trump, twice, I’ve seen him in person four times. The last time was the Roy Moore Florida trip. Pic related, it’s the pic I took from the event.

That doesn’t mean I can’t be deeply disappointed that Trump won’t seem to maintain promises and is turning into George W Bush 2.0. Im an extreme anti war guy (or at least antiZOG war guy, fighting the right people is fine) and Trump is gearing all the machines of war toward a fight with Iran. I am deeply opposed to this, and if this continues I will not be voting for him in 2020. Not to mention his warming up to amnesty advocates, I have a lot to be concerned about not to mention disappointed in. There is no justification why Trump couldn’t have used the US Army Corps of engineers to build the wall.

Not to mention he could have used the National Guard to remove illegals.

Sorry here’s the pic.

Why would he use fucking whitehousegv for that retard? He's not N. Korea

Bannon leaves Brietbart to work for Chinese billionare. LOL

I'm not making you a video Imkikey. Just watch Sarah Huckabee adress it. Watch Tucker read it. Watch Trump Jr's twitter. Fucking google the statement.

Kill youself, shariablue.

1. ‘Build a wall’ — and make Mexico pay for it

2. Temporarily ban Muslims from entering the United States

3. ‘Bring manufacturing (jobs) back’
Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows that jobs have been on a slight uptick. Between November 2016 and November 2017, the number of manufacturing jobs rose by 189,000.

4. Impose tariffs on goods made in China and Mexico

5. Renegotiate or withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement and Trans-Pacific Partnership

6. ‘Full repeal of Obamacare’ and replace it with a market-based alternative

7. Renegotiate the Iran deal

8. Leave Social Security as is

9. Cut taxes
See: GOP tax bill

10. ‘Bomb’ and/or ‘take the oil’ from ISIS

with all due respect to Don Jr. he isn't the president either.
even more interesting how EVERY press release is on the site EXCEPT the one in question.

>his buttfluster about such an easily verifiable image is this real
hahaha I'm so glad I'm not you.

I have an inkling we need to wait for Monday.

the quotes in Wolff's book were accumulated over months of him being a fly on the wall. He would see a fight and go get an interview with the aggrieved party, because he had unlimited access to the west wing. eventually he puts months of different factions shit talking each other into his tell all that will make him millions.

Why were they stupid enough to give him access in the first place? From what has been released it seems like a lot of his freedom of movement ended after gen. kelly came in, so at least someone realized he was a poison pill.

THE MOOCH WAS RIGHT ABOUT BANNON – That's why he's coming back to the White House.

How much is Bannon paying you mod?

Anybody can hack a twitter account. And if it's real, which is very unlikely, that just means he was tricked by fake news, not that this CNN hoax is real.

"why can't I find it on, it's not happening, reeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

Bannon's (((Alt-Right))) chan crew about to lose their funding and in total denial, lol!

probably, monday it is


the press release, the press release not the press secretary's statement

That's a transcript of a question regarding the 'statement', which was already posted earlier in the thread, dumbshit.
The 'statement' itself has not surfaced.

Stop samefagging, faggot.

The funniest thing is watch how nobody responds to my post regarding Trump's kept promises. It's fucking kryptokiketonite.

yes I was watching the briefing earlier very interesting body language, I'm not leaning with real or fake it doesn't really matter because if it is real it's a non issue in my mind and if it isn't real it's a cover for a bigger story brewing which would be nice to have a heads up

New literary genre: Fake Non-Fiction

Zero miles of wall completed. It does not take a year to break ground on wall with prefab concrete slabs like he said during the campaign. There is clearly too much pressure that he can’t overcome.

Bannon leaving Kiekbart to work for Billionair commie chink.


Is he a chink?

It 100% confirms the press release idiots, and she says "Trump was very clear". Trump Jr. is tearing into Bannon right now.

That's not me

People don't realize what's going on… Trump is helping Bannon sell his book. The book doesn't have any real bombsells in it. All the shit talk in the book is about (((kushner))) not Trump. Everything Trump and Bannon are doing right now is being done to pump up the book sales when it gets released. Every shitlib is going to buy the book in hopes of finding some dirt on Trump. At this point every normie who pays attention to politics is probably going to buy it. It's going to be a best seller now… if all this did drama didn't happen then it would have probably gone unnoticed and sold for shit.

Without Bannon this is all the Alt-Right has left,lol

Bannon just got fired from Brietbart and hired by the fucking Chinese! No more shill money for you!

Construction is completed

And here you are bitching that Trump didn't build the wall in his first year in office. You are one whiny, stupid, shortsighted, impatient fuck. Go sip a 5.56, faggot.

He was supposed to cut through all that bullshit user.

Good cop bad cop.

I voted Trump because I wanted him to literally fuck shit up in Washington. Expose the corrupt assholes. There's still time. Please Trump, do it. Be the savior I need.

Ha Ha, the more you think about it the more it seems that Imkampfy and crew were paid by Bannon.
Kushner seemed likely cos of all ther kikes openly shilling for Trumpstein and every neocon kike in politics, they both needed compliance to the jewish agenda, Bannon doing so for pure greed and Kushner biologically predisposed to destroying as kikes do.

But the behaviour of the based mods suggests they've been in limbo on this story and unsure of what to do with it (ultimately seeding, "Oy vey it's not true goy" threads and pinning it to the top, even when Trumpstein confirmed it as true.
So it's quite possible it's Bannon whose buttering their bagel.

Making Holla Forums Breibart lite, a pure ZioConservative supporters club.
No goys allowed - hence all the bans for criticizing ZOG/Trump and the jewish agenda on display here.

Imkikefy and crew must be now worried where their next shekel will come from, they'll maybe sell on this board to Gert Wilders and the like, it's already got the low-IQ JIDF patrol policing it, with no boss to pay them anymore it seems(Astroturf)

Where was that said? If the wall is built by the end of his second year it'll be pretty much fucking magic, by any construction standpoint, and I have a good feeling it'll be done some time in year 3. Anyone who thought it'd be built in the first year, let alone the first six months like some of the retarded (shill) faggots around here is a fucking retard.
Keep in mind that the original point is that Trump is keeping his promises not Trump is delivering on his promises and gassing the kikes the day of his inauguration.

He's no commie, he's in exile from red china. Face it shariablue, Miles, Steve, and the Donald are /ourguys/. The storm is coming, and your fake news can't stop it.

How do you kikes still manage to sound worried and whiney even when you're pretending to gloat?
Does it have anything to do with the sound of Iranian artillery moving through Syria?

steven bannon is just talking shit its no big deal


I disagree completely though I do see your point. There was no reason to make this so complicated. Tall prefab concrete slabs like he described during the campaign, exactly what Israel has, is easy, requires no research taking up an entire year, and can be started immediately. There was a reason Trump described this method during the campaign, it’s because it’s the best method. You don’t have to like the kikes, but you can appreciate their methods of self preservation as they do with their own walls. Appreciate them because they work, and that’s why they are taking so long with this immigration control kabuki. It would be excessively easy to break ground and tax remittances, but this hasn’t been done because the wall won’t be completed in any meaningful way. I don’t take pleasure in saying that, but Trump giving up any leverage he ever had with tax reform being the first thing he got done means that we will now face a near supermajority in the senate to pass a very weak immigration bill and DACA amnesty. We can already see Rubio, Cornyn, Flake, probably McCain, among others. They nearly don’t need Trump anymore. This is disheartening and should be concerning for anyone who wanted what Trump said on the primary trail.

I know you're an illiterate nigger and you'd have a hard time getting water out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel, so I'll help you out.



This hooknosed kike has a history of fabricating quotes out of thin air.


You realize that he got elected president, not went in there with a military putsch, executing everybody and now holding absolute power.
Do you expect there to be a big "make things magically happen" button in the oval office?

Ah so you’re a disingenuous kike. Done with you.

Basically the tl;dr- is that the major anti-trump book filled with damning quotes is being promoted by a guy who bullshits specifically by saying "hey I have the recordings and notes to back up these quotes" and never actually releasing any information ever to back up what he is saying

Someone should ask this ratfaced scheming heeb to back up his claims and release the notes and tapes

Nobody believes your fake news anymore shariablue.

(((Mods no more seed money from Bannon. Post smug anime lolis. I want to taste your tears! LOLOLOLOL…. Who you going to sell this website to? The Billionaire ChinaCommie who Bannon works for now?)))

Will your new Chinese Commie overlords let you post Japanime?

How the merry fuck did you deduce that from what I wrote, you literal spastic, now an ex-Bannon employee.

That's my point, you low-rent kikes were useless at legit managing this board with believable based fashy mosds, all you did was ban everyone who could see through your promotion of every neocon kike in world politics, it was hardly subtle.

Your success is based on the fact jews had more say over what is posted here than any goy, when that failed you simply banned 1,000s of anons instead

Anyway be proud, to be one of the tag-team kikes that police these boards and root out all shreds of antisemitism and criticism of Breibart…
You fucking wankers are literally the same kikes who are paid to swarm Breibart's comment boards reporting everyone for antisemitism.

What are you going to do when the arrests start?

Laugh. I'm happy to die a patriot. Is 8ch going to post pro-Chinese stuff now lol?

You'll die as you lived, in fear. You dirty kike.

the most believable thing from the book is that bannon says everyone on the staff and in the Trump family thought Trump would lose and that they planned a TV station start up after the loss. Which I remember everyone talking about during the election.
I honestly wonder what the teenagers on this board who invested so much in Trump are going to do when everything goes to shit over the next couple years.

I have been seeing pro commie Stalin shit for a while so its not out of the question

Watch as the board slowly turns… And remember when 8ch was sold.

This place was so fun and was populated by such bright people after the first exodus it was truly the promised land. Then r/theDonald faggots started linking directly to the board and reddit niggers came in and brought a basic bitch mentality with them. I honestly dont even know why I come anymore probably nostalgia

Listen and believe somewhere else, you fucking LARPer.

Mhmm, try again.

Clinton's house in fire fueled by documents an emails leaving the distinct smell of sulfur.

Have you considered that everythimg in his book is bullshit?

If Breitbart was founded in Israel then why can't all Bannon-posts be from JIDF?


This is even stupider than those parodies of Hillary’s latest “book”, and I love it. Are there more?

I have never wanted something to be more true in my entire life

Same poster, no. It's coming out in waves. Some journos got copies first and theyre spilling bits on twitter. This was pulled from

It's also likely theyre being satirical.

But your image isn’t from the book, it’s just a parody. I just wanted to know if there were more parodies done up for it.

Did he take some secret 4chan pasta again like they did for their "Russia Dossier" where he peed on prostitutes. This is hilarious shit.

I know but how strange this is would fit nicely into the decline of the west. Someday the new civilization that rises from the ashes will be sitting around probably speaking a slavic language wonder what the fuck happened

He was clearly talking about BET.

bannon just being a lil bitch for attention

You tried so goddamn hard, and here is where you failed.

It's looking more and more like that is the case. How can (((Wolff))) be "embedded at the WH" if Trump repeatedly denied authorization for WH access?

Also why does he believe the Bannon quotes if he admits the book is baseless and full of lies? I think Trump needs some rest.

All I can gather after this is:
1. Trump is fucking based
2. Jews are fucking based
3. Black men are even more based

Sloppy Steve BTFO
Sloppy Steve BTFO
Sloppy Steve BTFO
Sloppy Steve BTFO
Sloppy Steve BTFO

I fucked the meme up. Fucking NeoCon Commie China cunt Bannon must of "influenced" me.

"sloppy steve"
pretty sure that means bannon was "sloppy" in his work probably meaning drunk.

We might find out Monday.

Trump is a plutocrat and Zionist

I stopped visiting Holla Forums after being banned before the U.S. election for (correctly) pointing out that Trump was a sleazy businessman who scammed people out of money and whose grandchildren were literal Jews.

If you want to have free discussions without controlled narratives or astroturfing, you can come to >>>/1917/

it is currently the only free speech board left on a site once dedicated to free speech.

good luck lads.

"BTFO" by CNN fake news.

Bannon buys 8ch/pol/ through Thiland CIA proxy. Turns it into an (((Alt-Right))) recruiment board to false flag Trump.

4ch is bought by Chinese

Bannon is working for Chinese Billionair

Spencer is a Euroasianist.

Hillary (Chinese money funded Clintons) makes Spencer famous.

It's all adding up now…


Wait who says mooch is back in the wh?

But the question isn't about what Bannon said, but Trump's response. She doesn't deny at any point in that briefing or the one today that the White House's response is false is any way. Trump really said all those things about Bannon. But I don't care. I elected the President to get a job done and not play popularity contests. I'm glad the President doesn't want useless grandstanders like Bannon, and I like Trump even more for exposing them.

Get a brain.

That has got to be one of the Jewish looking (((American)))

While the whole comedy sitcom between Trump and "Sloppy Steve" is amusing for all fans of Talmudic TV American politricks, it's quite possible this is the same kind of psyop ply acting that Trump enacted when he pretended he and Hillary are enemies and he would lock her up.

Seems like the perfect distraction for all those jewish aut-rightistes to channel all their energies into, instead of paying attention to Trump selling out America for isreal's gain as he throws the country into bankruptcy and more jewish wars in the middle east.

They can now concentrate on based fashy memes regarding "Sloppy Steve" ignoring the whole selling America for a shekel that trump is currently doing.

The funniest part is watching how the based mods here don't know whether to ban pro-Trumpsteiners backing Trump against "Sloppy Steve" or banning those attacking Trumpstein in their support of "Sloppy Steve Bannon"

The story of yours has got to be some fucked-up comedy.

There appears to be a rash of anons posting in these threads insisting this is "fake news", despite Trump's own tweets confirming there is a attempt to present Bannon and Trump as having fallen out.
How authentic Trump/Bannon's fight is, time will tell.

However the kikes and muds involved in this interview are now claiming they witnessed these discussions like this tweet from some chinkoid I've never heard of before called Janice Min.

Will our fucking stupid cuck mods delete this thread after Trump attacked Steve Bannon, even giving him a derisive moniker “Sloppy”?

I swear to god I will be posting another RIP Holla Forums thread if this isn’t unstickied ASAP. I probably will anyway, but if it isn’t I will do it without fail.

So you do this constantly and never leave?

For four years straight. It's amazing.

I posted the one we had a week ago. This persecution complex you mods have over criticism is so weak and jewish.

Why the hell did you changed your ID? Are you some schizophrenic?

I connect to an auto load balancer so it bounces me around. I can connect to specific exit nodes but it’s a nifty way to obfuscate my web traffic if I am exiting a different node every 20 minutes. It does make IDs an issue though mods seem to be so banhappy with anyone who isn’t a reddit cuck that it works out.

So you like to bounce every 20 minutes to fuck everyone up of knowing which is you? And you want me to take you seriously?

Trump fell for fake news. He got played.

Trump says dumb things quite often, usually fueled by his ego and the sycophants surrounding him. I remember him arguing with a basketball nigger for a week straight over nothing of significance and making said nigger a multi-millionaire in the process. And now he just made this dumb kike a multi-millionaire by dignifying even one word of that Marxist fetishist fanfic.

I agree, I’m not a huge fan of Bannon, but Bannon supports candidates that share our agenda of getting Trump’s campaign promises fulfilled. Meanwhile, Trump’s new neocon buddies are leading him down a by-the-books neocon path. If Trump comes out and supports Romney, I’m officially finished with him. Mitch McConnell is an enemy and Bannon is not, as far as I’m concerned.

Remember, McConnell was a #NeverTrumper who disavowed Trump multiple times and demanded he step down a mere month before the 2016 election. Mitch was ready to tank it for Hillary. Mitch will not give us RAISE. In fact, he will probably pass a Gang of 8 style amnesty bill. Bannon is right to wage war on McConnell

Wait for monday.

Shills always dig themselves deeper with every successive post.

I do it to obfuscate cia nígger surveillance. I could adopt a trip but really why would I. I already told you who I was, but you’re still dancing around posting twitter gifs because you’re probably one of our brain dead mods who doesn’t want to admit a mistake re: this thread.

Multible links idk what works for you


Keep complaining, it makes the mods look good.

Really makes the noggin jog


mr raleigh. nobody knows who you are.

Holy shit, that's some crazy fan-fiction that I'm reading.


Who gives a fuck who someone is? Do you have the slightest comprehension of where you are? Go the fuck back to reddit and enjoy people sucking your cock over thumbsy-uppies.

Then why isn't the fake news blasting him over falling for such an obvious trick if the fake news is always so desperate to "get" the President no matter how insignificant the issue? Your logic is dumb, and there is nothing fake about this on either side. Bannon hates Trump. Trump hates Bannon. Bannon thinks the best course of action is to self immolate in disgruntled fury.

No you won't. You'll be back next week no matter what happens.

here you guys go


Learn what samefagging is.

We need to seize everything in this book that furthers OUR interests.
We should be posting it on all the anti-trump places which will believe the contents and sockpuppet around it to give it more import. There are several instances which state that Kushner and Ivanka should never have come to the WH or been involved in politics. Other passages expose Kushner’s own personal agenda being pushed as politics and/or his incompetence. Any time a jew is made to look bad in this book, we need to highlight it on anti-trump forums.

Here’s an interesting point…

so this book is more or less a compendium of all of the fake news peddled against trump
as I read it it's like reading all of the news headlines from '16 through '17

You'd have to be a top level spastic to assume trump 1st statement about the whole thing was fake, but if that wasn't enough for the shoulder lickers among us trump has made multiple insulting remarks about Bannon through his twitter and in person. yet this thread is still up. should just delete this board and have the url redirect to /r/the_donald.

He was saying Trump would win in 2020 by 400+ electoral votes, I think this was before Roy Moore lost though.

What are you even fucking trying to say? Why does it matter? Two zionist neocon civic nationalists having a spat means nothing to us or anyone else.


nu/pol/ is terminal

RIP Holla Forums, there was nothing we could do once our kike mod’s brains melted completely

No, it's more like their Silmarillion

Rush mentioned that (((Wolff))) admitted the content wasn't entirely factual, presumably in response to Trump's cease and desist letter.

Republican Senators Recommend Charges Against Author of Trump Dossier
>More than a year after Republican leaders promised to investigate Russian interference in the presidential election, two influential Republicans on Friday made the first known congressional criminal referral in connection with the meddling — against one of the people who sought to expose it.

Yeah, that was using Bannon's trillion dollar infrastructure plan, and supporting the white working class.

If Trump thinks neo-con shit and tax breaks for corporations is going to win 2020, he could be in for a shock.

that's surprising
Did Steele get American citizenship? I can't find anything on this, and it would be an important angle of attack if he proves to be a foreign agent meddling in the American Presidential election…with Democrat collusion to boot!
This probably deserves new bread?

but who cares?


God I just hate it when people who disagree with me are allowed to voice the'yeir' opinions

There is nothing on this earth quite like jewish mendacity. This was very reminiscent of reading an account of the holohoax.

Dear diary today op was in fact not a fag for op created this wonderful containment thread. Thank you op

All these anti-Trump posts up.
More like /r/the_Bannon

Because the mods are defending Bannon like he's a god. It's not normal. No one ever gave a fuck about Sloppy. The take over of 8ch has something to do with Bannon and his "Mastermind-ing the (((alt-right))).

They did more than betray Holla Forums, they sold it to Bannon's Chinese outfit.

And it all started with the loli posting that took over this board which was an original raid tactic of /int/ back in the old days.


Board quality would significantly rise.

Yeah because we voted seriously expecting Trump to round up the kikes and initiate the race wars.

You did not put much effort to it, Moishe.

mod has to virtue signal his former board.

>Probably, yes. Bannon, at least, got fired for calling out (((Jared & Ivanka))) and their shitty, lifetime NYC liberal agenda.

>rump is helping Bannon sell his book. The book doesn't have any real bombsells in it. All the shit talk in the book is about (((kushner))) not Trump.

No way in HELL Bannon doesn't have shills on here including those who can ban you. He says he runs the (((Alt-Right))). Now we know why.

I have a feeling that Trump might try and make the wall part of his re-election campaign. I think that he might ensure that the construction is started late enough into his current term so that the wall is only partially built come the election. This would probably cause his opposition to pledge to halt construction if they are elected, making it clear that anybody who wants the wall to be completed needs to vote Trump.

I don't want that to be the case, but I think it might be on the cards. Regardless, he needs to be called out on it by his base if construction doesn't start soon.

OK Bannon mod. Your Chinese bitcoin has just been increased


Mod /r/the_Bannon posting again. Bannon was a fucking spy and he tried to take control of Holla Forums just like Spencer, and of the white house. Fucking leaker.

Fuck Bannon and Trump. They're both kikes.

OK mod

Bannon was the leaker!!!!!!!

Mods were the ones who stickied this bullshit to begin with . . .

Do you have any idea what a torposter is you colossal retard?

none of them were on the ballot

fuck trump and bannon


you're point?

that's why i said fuck bannon genius

This is how the Alt-Kike philabusters. They ignore all the points, make stupid statements like

And so you never get to the fucking point.

The Alt-Right took over Holla Forums. It did. They raided endlessly and recruited for fucking false flag attacks. And they wont go away. Sloppy Steve is part of this, he admitted it. Distanced himself, then attacked Trump while leaking to the press and trying to get Holla Forums to attack some fucking broad Ivanka because Bannon had a strategy for the Trump admin..

eat shit you faggot I never said or implied that


The only way to save this board is chemo.


here you go

More and more I think that the only way to have an imageboard immune to shills is a large userbase with a fast post rate.

Honestly Halfchan is better than this place not only because they can't do complex shilling because threads die so fast.

The only thing (((Steve))) is splitting is his own asshole.




oh no no no no no


No doubt, I have Batman

ding ding ding. we have a winner. "keep your enemies closer" must have been the thinking here.

Looks like it wasn't (((CNN))) after all. Bannon really is being a bitch.

Can you see the pattern Holla Forums?

O fug. Didn't someone predict exactly this?
If the timeline continues as they said, this forces the dems to kill a series of house bills containing amnesty and thus loosen their grip on the spic vote.

Mooch called it. Bannon the leaker

Batman gets promoted the more scum he scrapes off the streets. I have no issues with letting him scrape you off the streets. You wearing my birthright is an insult to his and my heritage.

Anglos are still Germanic. Even if they hate me.

Weird posts like this are an attempt to cover up the truth like this from being seen on the first page: >>11122978

This whole thing is just a proxy conflict between Kushner and Bannon.

Kushner has fucked up Trump's presidency but Trump will let him keep on doing it because he's family.

This is why in the first world people rejected nepotism.

BULLSHIT BANNON (((Alt-Right))) post. Bannon is deep state and connected to the Chinese. He was the leaker. He's funding the Alt-Kike. Stop sucking your master's dick, it's sloppy.

Pretending to be stupid?

As was said in the book they used the media to try and win favor with Trump, by having Breitbart run an article like that Bannon had a better chance of winning over Trump.

If you're not a shill you're an utter moron that's incapable of understanding politics.

Nonsensical kike (((Alt-Right))) Bannon shill. How much are the Chinese paying you?

Can't we just not take sides and be against everyone already?

We've already picked a side, kike.
We're on the side of whites.

t. goon kike shill

>Nonsensical kike (((Alt-Right))) Bannon shill. How much are the Chinese paying you?

How much is Kushner paying jew, would probably be more correct?

has anyone dug for dirt on this wolff guys family yet? that's the way to hurt him, find a nephew guilty of rape or something

How about the fact that you're a spamming faggot with no arguments? I just got off work. Do I need to fire up the memes, kid?

Mods supported Spencer rallies. Mods and (((Alt-Right))) deny Bannon's Chinese treason. Tells you a lot.

No one said to not call out the (((alt-right))) you fucking nigger shill. When are you shills going to get the point that Holla Forums is on NEITHER
If one serves our interest at the moment then so be it, if the don't then they don't.


The Bannon vs Kushner feud is over who's better for Israel. Both sides are equally jewish.



Moonman has lost his damn mind. Can Heil remove this fucking moron?

It’s cute that you think Heil exists. Maybe you should go to sudo.

Wikileaks dumped his book, hahaha