Historic Winter Storm on American East Coast: "Bomb Cyclone"


From Scientific American:

A bomb cyclone is a low-pressure system that intensifies very rapidly—you have to have a fall in pressure of at least 24 millibars in 24 hours to qualify as a “bomb cyclone,” or “bombogenesis,” event. When a storm has its pressure rapidly fall like that, it’s going to drive stronger winds, because winds try and blow to equalize differences in pressure. The atmosphere doesn’t like to have different pressures, so what will happen is the wind will flow from high pressure to low pressure to try and balance out the difference.
When you get a rapidly intensifying storm, all of the impacts increase. As the winds grow stronger, you’re also going to be pulling in more water vapor from the periphery of the storm into the center where it then gets forced upwards and condenses—and you get increased precipitation. At the same time, because the storm is getting deeper, it’s able to pull in Arctic air from northern Canada, much more so than if it weren’t so intense. So its reach increases. That means that it’s going to have much colder air on its northern side and, conversely, much warmer air down on its southeastern side. The center of the storm is going to be over the very warm Gulf Stream, and that’s going to provide a lot of evaporation of moisture into the storm, driving heavy snowfalls when it wraps around where the cold air is on the northern side.
In some ways. The structure is different, and the energy source is different, so you’re going to have considerable differences in what the impacts are. But it’s the same size as a hurricane, and it’s got similar sorts of winds. The pressure is actually far lower than what you would see in a hurricane with equivalent winds. But a winter storm like this doesn’t focus its strongest winds in an eye wall like a hurricane does, so it takes a much lower pressure to get hurricane-force winds with a winter storm than it does with a hurricane.
The storm is a counterclockwise rotating area of low pressure, which means that on its northwestern side those counterclockwise blowing winds are going to be pulling a lot of Arctic air from Canada down over New England. It’s going to be frightfully cold Saturday morning—I think in Maine you’re going to see some 30-below readings, and it’s going to be tough to get above zero in New Hampshire and northern Maine. Probably you’ll get above zero in Boston; New York, maybe single digits for a high.



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Great more snowbirds

Bump, excited

We love you winter-chan!

it hasn't even begun

Please cover the globe in ice and snow.

Its gonna be fucking nothing. They do this every year, supermarkets flood up with shitskins stocking up like the world is ending and then a few hours into the storm roads are plowed and half the businesses are opened even in the shittiest, most poorly equipped cities and suburbs.

I'd fucking welcome it though.

It was single digits all last week and over 20" of snow on Saturday. Yawn.


How does the MSM explain this phenomena?

All it does it moves even more snowbirds down south a week after the storm


Canadian here. Experienced this over the Christmas holiday. I was hoping this would cause all of our new Syrian friends to self-deport, but do-gooder Canadians opted to buy them winter coats instead. Temperatures in my parts reached very near -40 C (which happens to be -40 F)

I would burn Squirrel Hill to the ground if able.

I've seen a Syrian or mudslime with a Canadian tag on the car two weeks ago. They just visit the south until the cold weather stops.

Bombogenesis -40 to -60


1 hour south of titusville here. It WAS snowing but turned to sleet almost instantly.

kikes give such bullshit weather reports for the area that a bunch of locals pooled together to get their own weather station running. Kike media says its close to 36 right now but I assure you it is 30 and the humidity is at 95%.

This shit sucks I miss the mountains such a fucking difference >10* cold air is crisp and feels lovely >fucking 30* on the coast and it feels more like the flames of hell than the cold we thrive in

But on a positive note this coldbeforethestormfrontlinesdeathsquads is going to greatly reduce the amount of mosquitos and bums


Im good with this storm sucking up all the snow and dumping it east. Keep it that way until I go to Portland and back to Chicago.

I'm cool with this as long as my pipes don't burst.

Your pipes are cool with this regardless

Meanwhile, here in Eastern Europe it's January and +6° outside.


It's like 3-5 inches not sure why everyone is losing their shit

South Coast Bong isn't fun.

No it isn't, it's a foot or more they are saying right now. And it's the wind and temp that comes after this bombo-whatever-the-fuck that is the biggest concern, not the snowfall which we are used to. It's going to be 70+mph winds and about -20°F on Saturday in Boston and the surrounding area if the meteorologists are correct. take that for what it's worth The snow isn't what people are prepping for- It's the almost guaranteed power outages and burst pipes with wind chill factors that freeze skin in minutes. It's like a winter hurricane. I'll take pics.
Anyway, gonna drink some hot cocoa, play some vidya and watch the chaos from my living room window and just hope the power stays on. Only nice thing about living in this liberal wasteland is they have a fucking army of plows and salters already out in force and roads get cleared pretty quickly.

This is what happens when Trump finally learns about HAARP

Fresh OC for you winter-chan!

1943 Hitler = Damn you Winter-chan!

2018 Holla Forums = Go Winter-chan!

This storm is pretty cool. I'm in Cape May County, NJ, and we've got six or seven inches of snow and thirty-plus mph winds already. They're calling for seventy-plus mph winds in AC later this afternoon. That's serious wind, my only real concern. On another note, does anyone know if there is a single ski area anywhere in the path of this storm? Tomorrow would be their greatest day ever.


Replace shitskins with boomers buying muh milk and bread and yes that’s about it. I live in a state where it snows pretty often and hard so this is just another day in January. As for the southern states who’ve been getting more and more snow lately, if they haven’t figured this shit out by now then I don’t know if they ever will.

Don't mind me fam, just passing by to check those sick ass double dubs.

Just curious, if we really entered another ice age precisely how many species would we lose? I mean, could we realistically protect everything? I'm talking food, species of reptiles and bird, endangered species, etc.

Central mass reporting in, its changing between heavy snow and rain. Probably getting a flash freeze later.

Bought a small generator yesterday to keep the heat on if power goes out.

Where I'm in, it went as far as -48°C. There are no shitskins here, way too far up north, most people are old, armed hunters and there are no easily available young cunts brainwashed by the Jew around. Never thought there was such a beautiful place in this country until a family member moved here years ago. The biggest threat is feather niggers who stumble out of their reserves while drunk or high on gasoline and manages to make a 30km trip to the closest white town. That happens so rarely that it's a non issue.

Historic my ass, it's the same thing we always get here almost every year on Long Island. Still a lot of fun to go out and shovel for a few hours, enjoying the sounds and feels of nature and then go back inside for some hot tea or apple cider. It's not even that cold either, just a slightly strong wind. I didn't even layer up or use gloves and I was perfectly fine; it felt like it was about 30 degrees out. As usual this shit was over-hyped beyond belief but maybe it's a big thing for anyone in the South that is used to no snow and/or warmer weather, but it's just another winter here. Actually the snow last year was worse, I think we had a good 2 feet. Will be nice to go for a walk in it later, so get your ass outside and enjoy some nature.

What specie dies isn't a real issue unless you're a bleeding heart libshit, an extremely religious cuckservative who doesn't understand how science works or have nigger IQ. Species have gone extinct while new ones eventually emerged constantly during Earth's timeline. Sure we may lose a whole lot of different things but ecosystems gradually adapts to environmental changes, through natural mutations happening over generations. That is unless there was an extremely quick and massive change. Enough nukes blowing off at the same time all over the globe to completely make the planet a radioactive wasteland or the Earth colliding with something big enough to smash it in pieces would do just that. A true global ice age would wipe off so much of the Earth's human population and readily available resources that it would be an extremely useful benefit in the long run as feels and idiocy aren't gonna make it in such a scenario.

The problem is not that multiple species would become extinct so much is that the predators of nuisance species might die out. Imagine if nothing preyed on mosquitoes and other useless pests. We'd have fucking (((Monsanto))) riding to the rescue, spraying everything with whatever kikewashing trash they've cooked up.

Can you read?

Monsanto are already fucking everything up with their patented GMO shit seeds and pesticides regardless of what survives or dies. Can't turn Jews into humans, user. Plus, and Ice age would fuck up both predators and pests, eventually both mutating into something else.

Shit those are some digits. A quad and two dubs all lined up. Has to count for something.

is this normal ??

yeah kinda. not really too weird for winter. fucking hate living here. wish i was back south where it dont get cold.

No user that's because of global warming. Pinky promise. I swear. I'm not making it up to exert control over your life and erode national sovereignty. Man made global warming.

Niagara Falls has frozen over.

For fuck's sake. All we get is rain and wind, like every fucking December/January.

"Bomb Cyclone"
Such a fucking retarded name for an average common winter occurrence that I cant even.
Fuck you weather niggers.

That's one hell of a jump.

I like it.

Please fucking tell me they didnt get them these.
Pic related

it was called explosive bombogenesis but niggers can't understand deez big words, gotta simplify it so they understand they can't go out and get dem food stamps that day.

nice thumbnail user

Fucking unacceptable.

I queered the picture here is the one i wanted.
just kms now

Looks awfully not frozen over to me, nigger.

Please freeze southern California, Winter-chan.


Here in Ontario it's been a high of -22 degrees (Celsius) today. Top fucking comfy.

Weatherniggers are the worst when it comes to branding and marketing something in their field of expertise. They fucking exaggerate everything and come up with stupidly hyperbolic names to describe ordinary phenomena.

This is a good example. Plastered across the news is how Niagara has 'frozen over', which to any rational person is emphatically NOT an accurate descriptor of its real state.

You hear me you fucking meteokikes? You are the fucking red light district whores of scientific endeavors.

I love you winter winterchan.

3 frozen niggers in detroit.

My boss cursed and autisticly screeched because of it was 38 degrees this morning hopefully he'll fuck off back home.

a frozen porch monkey LOL

This is the all time favorite for Detroit.

Why did my Id change? I'm e7b2ec

What the fuck was he doing? Trying to find gibmedats underwater?


Is this going to get colder? Are we getting to a mini ice age? Or is this just a typical winter?

God's cleansing fire.

We're reaching the point where an ice age is becoming more probable but this has nothing really to do with it.

In layman's terms it's just a clusterfuck of a system that brings in storms combined with a system that is full of northern arctic air. They will collide, rub around for a bit and then fuck off. The result is chilly as fuck high winds combined with precipitation that turns into snow that will melt during the day and freeze into black ice at night.

Don't Know, all I know is that this the first time in 6 years Sofl gets this cold as the upper 30's beaners and sandniggers are freaking out.

Just a dead hobo in an abandoned building and this was the way they found him probably died then got flooded and frozen, maybe fell in the water and drown then frozen.
No one will ever know how.

I think it is a typical fucking MI winter we have not had for a while.
Next week will be a heat wave here temps above freezing
t. spent Christmas eve in Hou Tx and outside was 15ºF many attic water pipes burst that couple days


What are you, a nigger? White people are built for the cold.

"Porch monkey" isn't a stereotype, its a fact. This nigger literally froze to death because he refused to leave his porch.

Higher threshold =/= immunity
The cold sucks but a smart person will work around it and enjoy the comfy nature that comes from the cold.

So, white people?

The majority of white people are smart but don't get complacent, that's what got us into this mess in the first place.

When the weather is this cold Leafs and us farm boys put on these over 2 pair of long johns and walk around like a comfy summer day.

-40 is fucking brutal. road salt doesnt even work at that level. hell, gas starts to turn into gelatin around that temp.

i was in montreal one time when this happened and it was insane. i was walking around for maybe 20 mins (thats a long time in that weather) and i mustve seen 10 car accidents. all the streets were fucking sheet ice all of a sudden because the road salt stopped working. it was like full check hockey, but with cars.

where im living is supposed to get a little below zero but with some wicked wind chill to go with it. it always amazes me that people are dumb enough to go out in weather like this without thermal underwear and something to cover their face. as long as you stay covered and stay moving youll be fine, but i would never stay out in that kind of weather for too long. the first stages of frosbite dont really feel like much of anything (maybe a little tingly like the limb is going to sleep), and the stages after that feel like nothing at all, so it can easily sneak up on you if you arent paying attention. if youve never had the pleasure of thawing out your limbs after getting minor frostbite, then i can assure you its a thing to be avoided. it takes several hours and is extremely painful. feels like someone hammering a bunch of needles into your fingers, toes, etc…

stay warm anons. if you have to go out, cover up, layer up, and stay moving. if you dont have to go out, crank the heat, fire up some vidya, and get comfy.

muslims cant into long underwear

you make me miss my old coveralls. had some that were lined with sheepskin. snowboarded around a-basin CO all day in -20 F like it was nothing.

Thats just not true user. Icey roads are usually iciest around -5 -10 Celsius. At -40 its so cold it gets frictiony. Also gas doesnt get impacted till -56 celsius or something.

On a side note, refugees wont move from the cold they take pride in bragging to their friends on social media how cold it is. If they do get sick they just move to toronto and stay with their buddies. I stopped buy quaker oatmeal because they are buying jackets for refugees and I will never support any business that does.

You know user I am an ancient fag that used to love to ski CO in 74 I was in steamboat and the over night temp was -63ºF took the tram 2 long ass chair lifts and a pommel to the top and was 25ºF and sunny skied the top all day came down the mountain and was still -20ºF below the clouds , years later I was in durango and the overnight temp was -54ºF still went out and skied when the lifts opened and it warmed up to nice and cold sunny perfect CO day.









There's so many of these, I stopped after one page of search results. White people who defy winter's will deserve to be iced and smashed.

From Dec 11 2015
< handed them winter coats

< PERMANENT!!!!!!!!!

Justin fuck my country up.

Dear god, just one day under 30. That's all I ask.

That place needs forests.

thats what happens when you shitpost all your forests into deserts

you faggots really need to stop being such cucks and do something about it. Or we might have to liberate you. It's said in good fun but the day of the rake will not be pleasant for you. When the rake comes out of the shed you better distance yourselves from the problem leafs because we arent going to waste time making two separate piles.

surviving the aids that long is pretty rare

I would recommend everyone keep eyes on the Space Weather Prediction Center's website, and cross reference it with weather patterns on the globe. We're at a very low point for observable solar activity, with short spurts of high activity.


It's a good tool for convincing people that global warming is bullshit.

Stop larping, we're ALL equally fucked. If Trump actually ends up being a turbo-kike in this era of foggy information, it will have to happen here first. We're ALL gonna have to fight, or we ALL lose.

No faggot. I wish upon you nothing below 40C for time infinite.

forward planning. not an evolutionary pressure for africans

Fuck off, we're BURNING.

No, this is what happens when the fucking abos burn them all.

Damn right, just plant some tropical forests in the north and you would probably get a 5 degree reduction across the entire continent.

Wow global warming has hit them hard.

nice ukrainian flag


Trips dubs trips
Criminally unchecked.
That said, it’s digging global warming’s grave, user.