Parents pressuring incels to have kids

How can any parent bitch at their kid about having kids, when they know how much they struggle to get laid? Having a mentally ill mother, a beta cuck father, shitty parenting from both, no older brothers to teach you what to do, and basically 0 masculine guidance growing up seriously stunts a persons development

Telling an incel to have kids and saying stuff like (are you ever gonna have kids) is like telling a starving person "make me a souffle" when all the staving person wants to do is just eat

Its putting the cart waaaaaaaaaaaaay before the horse
The number 1, and really only thing on any incels mind is getting pussy, having kids is sooooo far off the radar that its not even funny and its basically an insult that anyone could be so blind to the real problem that eats away at them

Until you achieve chad levels of regular pussy, the idea of having kids should be inconceivable
my parents don't know that I've fucked a few girls a couple times in the past half year but all of them were really loose so I don't count them + I still cant get it on demand so I still identify as incel
dont count them because they felt like absolute let downs

What the fuck are you even talking about? Why are you calling on people to be degenerate faggots, falling for kike hook-up culture? You’re not on the right board.

Clean yourself up, get /fit/, and spend less time online. There's a fucking worldwide racewar around the corner. Man up, faggot.

She actually tells me I spend too much time out and about socializing and says Im wasting my life
Its because I didn't do all this growing up that I'm in the boat I'm in today

This is the most tumblrette like thread I've seen in a while. Grow some balls and get gud, fag. Their mistakes does not justify your mistakes.

wtf do you think where this thread will go?
us being your surrogate fathers?
there are a lot of books and tutorials and jewtube videos on the topic

go learn and get a good white girl (if you are white yourself that is)


Your not actually answering the question of the thread which is explaining their thought process

You are fucking retarded.
waaaaaghh i need to fuck a billion stacies before i have kids waaagh
How about you fucking solve your need to find a fuck hole and instead become a man that women want to approach?

If you were born a hermaphrodite then it could be hard for you to find someone to (((hook up))) with. If not, stop being a whiny bitch, grab life by the pussy and become the man you want to be. I know you're a shill, but just responded anyways.

Also double sage as I forgot to sage
that is how furious i am at you and your faggotry

Also double sage as I forgot to sage

that is how furious i am at you and your faggotry

Reported for worst tumblr thread ever


So you're not an incel.
You're still not an incel, you dumb faggot. You're acting like roasties when they say that they're still virgins because they've "only" had anal sex or "only" given blowjobs. Stop rationalizing your dumbassery.
No, that's degenerate. You find a good, loyal woman (meaning a woman raised well by her parents) and marry her. I'm talking about the kind of woman that understands the biblical principle that neither the husband nor the wife can deny sex from each other. On-demand sex whenever you feel like it. Then have many babies.

pussy isnt supposed to feel like room temperature air with extremely faint brushing sensations

also incel means someone who wants a sex life but doesnt have one
i dont have one

Most humans though out history had children with their first fuck and sodomites are notorious for being terrible parents, fucking around is a good way to make yourself completely jaded towards human relationships and shit out bastards. You're not going to get parenting experience points fucking whores at dive bars.
Choose a smart women with a intact family and as little as baggage as possible. Don't rule out ugly girls, since sounds like you're not a real looker yourself.


Grow a pair and make yourself a desirable husband and mate. Then, afterwards, raise your kids correctly. Not that fucking hard. Your parents at least succeeded in step one and obviously tried (but seem to be failing) on step two.
The alternative is continue to be a let down. Not only to your parents but to nature itself.

I think the general point is that you guys + my parents seem to view sex as just a means to an end to having kids, rather than the end goal itself with kids being an unwanted (and avoidable) byproduct

Its basically an insult to have people harp on about how I need to have kids when all I want is pussy

The only reason they're not deleting this thread is to make you an example as to why you shouldn't make cringe inducing threads like these.

Like my definition of success would be to fuck some girl from a dive bar, but you would call it failure?

Your idea of success is what makes you such a loser. Success isn't subjective, you are objectively a loser. Cut your losses short with your delusions, you are probably genetically trash and you aspire to CHADdom you are only making your situation worse. You want to be part of what makes you miserable; pathetic and tragic if you have good white genes.

Get used to being insulted if you think like this you degenerate.

If you're legitimately incel, you shouldn't procreate.

OP you're a faggot.

The kind that self-castrates for pleasure. It would explain why you made this shitty thread for an anal pillaging.