Moths to the Fire


>“California better hold on tight,” Thomas Homan, acting director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said on Fox News. “They are about to see a lot more special agents, a lot more deportation officers.”

>(((Research))) has shown sanctuary cities have lower crime rates and that immigrants generally commit fewer crimes than U.S. citizens. But on Fox News Wednesday, Homan stuck to a strategy Trump has used throughout his campaign and tenure as president: highlighting cases of people killed by immigrants who were in the country illegally.

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get 'em ICE, get 'em all


It doesn’t matter. Trump just disbanded the voter fraud commission because states refused to comply.
“We admit to violating federal law and refusing to give over the information that would incriminate us.”
“Oh, okay, never mind.”
This is Trump.




Fuck your niggerspeak.


I wonder how many beaners just signed off facebook for good.

More talk. Talk is worthless.

Christ, faggot. At least pretend like you know something when attempting to blackpill!

What research? How about federal convictions?

Looks like everything I already said was correct. Go suck kike cock somewhere else.

Don't even bother responding to these blatant shills. They always bring up a negative side of shit, thinking they'll sway someone's thoughts in Trump. Little do they know, they have no effect on us. Best vote ever cast and it's about to get better.

You're so obvious. Please get the fuck out of here. Or use a proxy you queer

I must attack this statement of yours. There is a fine line between a realist and a pessimist, but a large gap between a realist and an optimist. Therefore, better to be a pessimist–almost a realist–than an optimist–almost dillusional.
That is to say, since this isn't reddit, one would hope the world view would not be blackpilled or overly optimistic, but a balance of "what needs to be done and should be done" with "how to prepare for the worst-case scenario".

I smell a LARPjew.

Stop trying to steer the narrative, you're bad at it.



Reported for believing in Q-LARP.

Global report.

And you are completely oblivious to how or why you stick out so much. I'm hardly a federal profiler after all. Of course if the feds want to hire me to out you kikes I can stop doing it for free

Delightful. I hope a smackdown to the 9th Circuit is next on the list. That or a bunch of those activist judges going down for pedo/pizza-related crimes.


Who else is now a comfy Califag?

Californianons could start making calls around for cash labor, back of kitchen and generally all around dragnet style info gathering for ICE stings.

I can prove this with readily available information, but no one will listen to me


Sorry, I'm a comfy MOfag I need to update this to no permit CCW, but I don't know the font

I can almost guarantee the fraud % is much much higher if the e-verify system was in place that checked if credentials given had a fraud alert on them. I would say 40%+ with current level if illegals claiming welfare and jobs

I hate that song. Absolutely degenerate.
But it does feel comfy knowing there are other Califags here.

pick one

And now he can move on with a national voter ID card since the voter commission turned up "nothing".

hey, fuck you buddy there are sites online where you can upload the pic, isolate the text and it'll tell you the fontalso Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat is best wheat

It's very good and the 'merger' between A-B and InBev was the best thing for beer in the StL area because many the old brewers and some of the execs left to start their own. even Billy Busch started his own company

Also, I look forward to seeing California have to literally fight ICE and others seeking deportation. This will end in armed conflict. I'm curious to see who aside from mexicans and such that will do such a thing.

So who's counting the days until a news story about a huge MS13 gang hit on some suburbanite family where the perps all could've been deported / arrested if only Cali hadn't passed these idiot laws?



Why do leftists and idiots in general seem to forget that unless you remove what you previously said it's there for everyone to read? They act like they're talking to you in real life, and there is no way to prove anything they said the previous day.

If they were self aware, they wouldn't believe half the shit they do in the first place.

Comfy with the immigration crack-down, but if Trump fucks up and goes after pot he WILL be a one-term president and could possibly spark a civil war with the Ron Paul contingent which voted for him because he APPEARED to be an outsider, whether that's true or not. The banning of pot but condoning of alcohol is a "King wears no clothes" issue for the feds, one too many people are becoming aware of to crack down without electoral/political consequences.

under8d post

No commission, no conviction. And massive voter fraud in 3 years that America won't survive.

Jesus Christ. Is there anything, anything at all, that makes Liberals think beyond the first step?

No commission, no problem. Did you think Trump was asking your permission when he said "Drop your pants?" You had the option to use lube. Had.

'Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake'
-Donald 'Gotta catch'em all' Trump

Make California a plantation with a big illegal underclass of cheap farm labor. I hope this happens so liberals can maybe be taught just what awful people they really are.

You know, you could at least try not to be so blatant about being a shill. Why would a legitimate poster be spamming every thread with a retarded take on a topic that's already in the catalog? Furthermore, why not at least pretend to offer up an alternative course of action? I miss when JIDF put some actual effort in - this is just patronizing.

I definitely don't understand Sessions' hard on for going after pot and nothing else. If the absolute dregs of society want to buy something that will render them impotent at a 50 percent sales tax rate, that's eugenics in action.

Nah, just deport the fuckers. What's the worst that can happen? Wages rise for lower middle class Whites due to a lack of scab labor?

That's just a meme though. Anti-drug seems to be tied to (((christian))) purity, which makes sense why Sessions has such a hard-on about it because hard-ons over the wife for anything but reproduction is a sinlol :^). It's why FOX News has been going on a multiday rant about CNN showing a bong hit live, and giving an overall better-than-thou attitude to anything having to do with pot. I'm almost positive either Laura Ingram or that other blond bimbo are sucking down psych pills of some sort, or are so self hating probably from original sin programming that they see their earlier vices as horrible badthings worse than homeless-starving-veterans.

How much is spent to house potheads in prison? How many homeless hungry veterans could be housed in lieu of the potheads if the potheads were simply ignored like drunks are?


Not for Catholics that's why there are so many of us fuck the pope

You're alright.

Vanilla Ice and other Wiggers confirmed for CIANigger psyop.
Polite sage for off topic

I know. I don’t want it to be done purposely. They should be gone yesterday. But if we’re not going to get a public traitors execution of gov Brown, and the invaders stay, then that’s what I want to happen. Slavery again.

It can be a lot sooner if he'd go with them. Seems to me more like he's choosing staying in a foreign land over staying with his family. Maybe he should get his priorities straight instead of victim blaming the Europeans whose land he's invading and laws he's violating.

How about houses with rooms lined with bunks for their unwashed cousins? My hood is full of those. I know the addresses but not names or facts.

"Sanctuary" laws hold no power, if they even seem remotely illegal, call ICE.
Federal agencies do not fucking care about empty cuck laws.

Reported for believing in Q-LARP. Drown yourself in semen.

LOL, you actually think he’s going to do that. LOL, you actually think Congress will pass it.

Commit suicide, you emotional sack of leftist shit.
There is no rule of law in this country anymore. Anyone who says otherwise is lying to you. We are now to the stage where we have to start killing people. Not terrorism. Not lone wolf. You anonymously post their names, crimes, and the punishment in a public place. After a month, they start turning up dead. It’s that simple. Absolutely nothing else will ever change the world as it is today. Voting doesn’t work. Campaigning doesn’t work. You will never take power by using the jews’ system.

You know about how the high time preference of blacks and beaners means they don't plan that far ahead or worry about anything beyond their immediate circumstances? That includes shit-talking and bridge burning.

I'll believe he's serious when Jerry Brown is arrested.

Cali anons should form a deportation patrol.

Go, Winterchan! Your ICE children are on the move.

Haha you idiots don't even see the trap he set do you?


Fuck off FBI

Fucking kill yourself.


You first faggot

Get the fuck out of here shareblue

That’s the best you can do?

Better move is to go down to salinas and the other areas full of illegals and start shooting them all in the fields, leaving none alive.