Let's go lads.
Before you start screeching like autists, why don't you ponder this for a second?
If we manage to make this into a catchphrase even somewhat popular on:youtube, small podcasts, leddit, twitter, etc. we could get some serious mainstream trolling going on for a while.

Imagine based h3h3 talking about this. :^)

All jews are good jews. Holla Forums won't admit jews are saving the white race and are based in every way possible :^)

Jews are a cocoon for the creation of good jews. Every one of them is destined to become a good jew one day. There are many ways to aid them in fulfilling this destiny.

For example, Zyklon B.

Pretty good idea actually. Layers implications and incepts thoughts using contrast. Not all… but some? Most? What's going on? Etc.

Could have good ripple effects and salty kvetching.

it'll be hard not to call them all mocky scum


Only if the jews referenced with notalljews are more jews that are.

this is a good jew! later, oops, bad one
next, this is a good jew! later, oops, another bad one
again, this is a good jew! oops again, good jew! oops, over and over

Reported and trip filtered

Reported. Commit suicide.

out out out

checked and dead
#Make Jews Good Again

Reported. Commit suicide.

Astroturfing in preparation for the announcement that Mike Enoch, jew and Sam Hyde are all Jewish.

lol @ mods, We*e*v is replaced with "jew"

tripfags die right after the jews

i like it
can we use jew sockpuppets to get kikes to use this?
i like it because it is layered, subtle, complex
jews are vulnerable for a single jew called out as bad and jewish by the plebs would shatter their narrative
somehow tie the rothschilds and soros into this
the rothschilds own most of the money in the wolrd, but #notalljews do!
Soros funds terrorism in USA and western europe, but #notalljews do!

that surely does not need to be announced
or are you saying that they will announce it themselves?

#notalljews pretend to be nazis on the internet, just some jews


So the idea is to create the kind of idiotic exception-to-the-rule dindu nuffin posts that people use for Muslims and blacks in order to enlighten normalfags about the problems caused by Jews?

the idea is to make anti-anti-semitism easily asailable

The idea is to make normalfags think that some jews shouldn’t be killed.

This is how you do it.