Trump Unleashes On Jewish Shill Steve Bannon. Calls Him a Loser & Admits He Was The Leaker


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Is, is Trump seriously still /ourguy/? I was trying to salvage 4/pol/ for all of 2017, so I didn't see what we dug up here on the whole sacking Israeli cocktail thing.


Nobody mentioned here is on your side.

That's pretty savage. I had no idea their relationship was so inamicable. You would think they'd both find common ground given their predilection for political zionism. I wonder what really burned the bridges between them, why was Bannon leaking? What was he trying to force Trump towards?

Bannon is getting BTFO hard.

Lol, Bannon has now magically turned into a kike, huh? Where are all the morons who claimed he was a brilliant based WN mastermind?

We really need to start compiling a list of people close to Trump who've been Alinky'd.

Even if you hate trump, that is fucking hilarious.

Alinsky'd* obviously.


Yeah, sure looks like it. Could you hook us up with more based screencaps from patriot Dana Loesch, fellow pede?

Trump just fucked himself.

He's not being BTFO, his words are being used to great advantage by the libshit media. He's the first real member of the conservative media to say that the Russia Investigation is NOT illegitimate, and that there are solid grounds for Mueller's inquiries. This will massively split the Breitbart crowd and Trump's base.

Maybe the zionist fuckwits at kikebart and the magapedes will come to their senses then. Anything that can be done to undermine Breitbart's influence on the new right is hugely important.

I find that unlikely. With all the information sources available, if you've ended up at Breitbart for the long haul you have self-selected to be a zionist moron.

he didn't say the Russia investigation was NOT illegitimate. He said Mueller will target (((Kushner))) and Manafort for their shady money laundering practices that have nothing to do with Russia, the libshit media is just taking things out of context to fit their narrative like they always do.

I have a little more sympathy for them. How many anti-zionist right wing/nationalist news sources with the sort of reach, activity and resources that Breitbart enjoys are around? How many of those are readily shareable on social media sites without being shutdown?
I'd wager the overwhelming majority of Kikebart readers are there for the anti-immigration, anti-Shitlamist, nationalist tone and there are a hardcore few natural zionists who, along with the site itself of course, maintain consensus on the issue of Israel and the jews.

At the moment for well funded, active, high ranking news sources it's:
Pick one. With the right platform someone could poach the majority of kikebart's userbase leaving only kikes, Israel-first christcucks and ZOGbots. Most of them are lemmings who are pro-Israel because that's what the only anti-immigration anti-Shitlam people they see are.


he literally fired the guy barely 6 months into his administration, why would you think they were on good terms?

Neither Trump or Bannon were ever /ourguy/. They were useful idiots to expand the political spectrum. As individuals both are centrists who still see value in the token black guy and based jewruleshalom.


This is a naive view of Trump. Dr. Pierce correctly identified Trump decades ago at this point as a goytool in the back pocket of kikes. Trump followed Pat Buchanan from party to party trying to hound him over "anti-semitism". Trump is a stalking horse to be used against genuine nationalism.

Oh, no. Poor puffy faced Asiatics.
Specifically which aspects? Syrian safe zones? Entanglement in Iran for no real benefit? Offensive weapons to jewkraine? Trying hard to pretend North Korea isn't the future of that peninsula?
Context please?
Moore lost because he was an israel-first retard who was on the president's party's ticket – the same president who is also an israel-first retard.

call me cynical but it's possible this is being done on purpose so the guy they rigged the Alabama election for gets to keep the seat and people only look at this drama instead

Bannon has been officially cut off.

it's pretty ironic that Trump says Bannon pretended to be at war with the media considering that Trump seems mysteriously unable to bring up who really controls the media or what he is doing to rectify it

I thought it was dicking a 14 year old and propositioning kids at the mall that cost the GOP a senate seat.

trump probably wants to be reelected

Do you have a source for that claim?

i put it to you that if he identified what the real problem with the media was and gave signs he was actually doing something about it it would be a widely popular move

Fucking enough already.

Was that ever proven? I thought that was a share blue lie.

Yes, the source is Dr. Pierce. Look it up yourself, you'll trust it more. As for the stuff about Buchanan, you can pick your source there. Trump's comments on Pat are widely available. Trump following Pat to the Reform Party is also common knowledge. This isn't the remedial board.

Sure it was, ask Project Veritas.

Wow. So (((BASED))).


So what now? Both people who might tangentially be considered on our team, Bannon and Trump, are now fighting each other rather than pursuing their extremely tepid versions of economic nationalism. Bannon seems to be trying to distance himself from Trump but in the mean time he just torpedoed any chance that Bannonism ever had. Now Trumpism and Bannonism die in the same crib. Whether you think they were too jew cucked or not, this is not a good thing for us as the people left holding the reigns of power are the extremely jew cucked people of yore.

it seems like something happened with tax reform and Trump went full neocohen. The best I'm hoping for at this time is he takes the opportunity to jail the Clinton cabal.

The Alabama shitshow was caused by Mo Brooks not being in the race. Luther Strange was a GOPE character who would have essentially been another democrat vote anyway, but Roy Moore didn't lose the election due to jewish tricks (at least not directly). The strategy that put Trump into office was promising to take care of, look after and fight for the forgotten white people of the US. Roy Moore cared about pissing off liberals and fighting the culture war, and his reputation in Alabama wasn't actually that great outside the evangelicals.

With the increase in democratic turnout caused by overheated opposition to Trump, standard republican candidates just won't cut it anymore. Roy Moore would have won if he focused on the same issues Trump did - going for the forgotten man and promising to make things better for the working class.

This is a good thing for us, exactly because the people left holding the reigns of power are the extremely jew cucked people of yore.

This is the end. This is the point where we have to start pushing that there is no political solution.
The kosher sandwich ensures nobody who is anything but a shabbos can or will ever come to power via the system of political power extant in the modern US.
Trump is the paramount exemplification of the death of this system - the man said whatever he thought you wanted to hear, and you bought it, and now he (and the kikes who own him) have free reign. And that's the only way things could have ever gone.
This is a perfect demonstration to anyone with a brain that there is no mechanism of getting someone decent into power via politics.

Is Paul Nehlen retarded?

This guy is so stupid he doesn't understand that Trump is far more pro-jew than Bannon?

or maybe he does know and he's either controlled opposition or trying to milk the TRS retards.

What world do these people live in where people actually buy any of this trash?
Trump's about as 'America First' as fucking Netanyahu.

I'm thinking Nehlen's a con man, he can't possible believe any of that.

He's just trying to make an easy sell to the aut right "based trump is gonna gas all the jews now that jew lover steve bannon is gone maga my fellow goy".

Gee, I wonder.

non kike source would be nice

More like he's distancing himself from him for the 2018 elections and giving democrats some fake confidence to fill up their greed and arrogance. Blowing even more mist in the air
He's probably on good relations behind the scenes.

Remember boys, appear weak when your are strong and strong when you are weak.

Trips confirm.

Yeah there isn't much of a political solution on offer… there also isn't much of a non-political solution put forward beyond LARPing book fantasies and other shit nobody is going to do.


The fact that those retards call themselves "pedes" never gets old.

Anyone got the picture of the WH briefing where Bannon is literally the only goy in the room except (((Trump)))


He could be trying to distance himself from Trump, maybe he knows DACA cucking and Iran bullshit is incoming.

I still have some faith in Trump though, if Trump does go full neocohen it will destroy his Presidency and Bannon will look better in hindsight.

Pic is an op-ed Trump wrote about Buchanan in 1999.

Here's Trump calling Buchanan an ebil Nazi:

Another video of Trump calling calling Buchanan an evil racist homophobic Nazi: (4:20). I'd watch the entire video, it's pretty insightful.

Here's the broadcast were Pierce calls Trump a front man: (4:12). You also listen to the entire broadcast.

It sounds more like you're agreeing with me more than anything. Trumps come was long past overdue and easily foreseen decades ago by anyone aware of the greater turning once fully awakened. GLR saw it. Yockey saw it. Hitler saw it. Spengler saw it and it goes on and on further back in time.

He's a tool to undermine nationalism, but in a multicultural society nationalism means nothing. It's too confusing for the even more dumbed down masses than yesterday, hence the distinction: White Nationalist, Civic Nationalist, Ethno-Nationalist, etc. In a homogeneous society it's just nationalism. In a society that's self-aware it's also just nationalism. America has been a nation founded on pure chaos and confusion having lost any true identity long ago with earlier waves of even European immigrants.

My point is that even a useful idiot for the kikes can have a dual purpose use to us. We live in a world of duality and nothing negative is without positives and vice versa. Trump also left the Republican party because of David Duke I believe.

Point being is as originally stated. Trump and Bannon were only as good as you could make use out of them through radical centrism, which undeniably our viewpoints benefited from just as it did for the NSDAP in Germany, until the centrist collapsed and it became a battle between two extremes. The center is collapsing, will collapse, and there is nothing they can do to stop it.

Here the op-ed

Not claiming Trump isn't pro kike, he is (he's a boomer), but;
1. 1999 was a long time ago. I have to admit I was a best ally goy back then too. Information was not so freely available. Time's have changed.
2. We're stuck with a best goy. He's still better than best shiksa. With her we would have had:
more beaners
more koranimals
more state sponsored sjw insanity
more wrongthink criminalization
more global warming shit show
more nigger gibs
the list goes on.

In 1999 he also wanted Oprah for VP.

Hi user. They're creating confusion. The People can not know who is and who is not their guy until it's too late to realize Jews play both sides and there is no /ourguy/. Now, I'll probably catch a b& for this but that's ok. You can still consider the potential reality that (((they))) have stacked the entire deck against us.

the same one who realized that her golem's gone bad?

Oh (((you))).


No matter what you do to please them, they will never be grateful. Phrases like "good goyim" are wishful thinking, as even when you do as they say, they will never be anything but abusive to those who fall into their embrace. Never compromise.

The one who's been obsessed with Hillary for at least a decade and kvetched about anyone who beat her, including Obongo.

Don't be naive. Everyone hates Rothschilds. The sleeping masses will take the exact opposite position of what Lynn takes. The same formulae works with the Fake News. Majority of people hate fake news thanks to Trump, and now no matter what position Lugenpresse takes, the majority will take the opposite.

This is called a magician's force, user.

It worries me though. Without reading it yet my initial thoughts are that the kikes ultimately behind phonies like Bannon wanted to get a strung out reaction from him to make him seem unhinged. Kinda like he’s getting trolled.

I think everyone here owes the Mooch an apology. I think he’s onto the kikes. Guys like (((savage))) I remember DETEST him. Don’t forget his triggering little twitter polls. Just because he ‘apologized’ doesn’t mean he didn’t know what he was doing. He’s the Jew hunter.

Oh sugar, your family isn't wealthy either.

Meanwhile Buchanan's is calling out Mueller now, in 2017, in support of Trump:

I half expected this commie kike to actually write ungood.

The worst part of it all is when you remember Donald entering the primaries just to shame James on being an ebil "anti-semite". It was Ron's campaign before that was even a thing.

I doubt that that's the reason.

Bannon has been just as supportive of the Iranian protest as Trump.


If Bannon was going to say this shit why would he tell it to that fucking gargoyle Wolff and help him sell books? Why wouldn’t he write his own book, he could have named his price if he told the publisher he was going to trash Trump. And why now? And Wolff is a lying piece of shit. Something is missing here.

Nice slide rosenberg

Whilst true, you and I both know that is emphatically not why he lost.

Didn't happen.
Complete fabrication. Goes to show how effective kike media tactics are if even Holla Forumsacks are uncritically regurgitating their mendacity.

Trump doesn't bring up who controls the media because he is a philosemite pursuing an Israel first set of policies who relies on wealthy jews such as Adelson for his campaign financing. His jewish son-in-law is a frequent surrogate and trusted adviser. This is a squabble amongst rabbis.

Tony Blair told Kushner that Trump was being spied on.
what the fuck is going on



They were lies.

The former cop that made the claims against Moore her brother was prosecuted by Moore on drug charges so she had reason to lie and others involved debunked her claims.

The fact that anyone believed the claims of this ridiculous negro shows how much power the judeo-marxist media still has over goyim minds.


I don’t know if I believe what I hear anymore. Even if he did ‘tolerate white nationalism,’ I don’t think Bannon is actually a friend of whites. He’s got the Israeli leash. I think scaramucci is very fucking sneaky. He was hired for one purpose. And I don’t think his polls were to remind everyone about how awful the holocaust was. He’s probably not what I’m picturing, but all I know is that he triggered kikes hard, even ‘pro Trump’ ones like Michael Savage. The struggles at the top are no more than gang wars in this degenerate age.


Fuck, guys. As I see it, this is a problem. Breitbart, as jewish as they are, is at this point still crucial to keeping normie/boomercucks in line for the agenda. Have you all noticed (of course you have) the rampaging demoralization campaign Drudge has been on for the last six months? Those fucks have nowhere else to go, and we sure as fuck don't want them coming here even if they would. We need a beacon for the normies and as of right now, Breitbart is probably the best thing out there.

go back to trs

Shut the fuck up.

I never knew too much about him tbh but once I started seeing all the Jewish dick sucking that Breitbart was doing, I disengaged from them. These types of kikes are the ones who first redpilled me years back. Everything for Israel.

Nah, reported. Go back to TRS and suck those “based jew” cocks.

global reported

That idiotic sub is a perfect example of political correctness 2.0 in action.

Great. Like he said though, Bannon's a loser. When does the bloody revolution against the supervillians on Wall Street and Hollywood begin?

When Bannon starts supporting Bernie Sanders.

Jesus christ you faggots are either retarded, British, teenagers, shills, or all of the above.

Boomers reading a pro-Turmp Breitbart is nothing but a net-positive. I'll not repeat myself but Breitbart going anti-Trump is NOT GOOD because there are no alternatives and this will contribute to the risk of Democrats taking power in the House/Senate/Executive which CAN NOT FUCKING HAPPEN EVER AGAIN.


It's possible that everyone got themselves worked up over fake quotes.

Yes please direct them to Laura Loomer, that should solve the problem. Can't believe I hadn't thought of that.

Who gives a flying fuck what boomers think. That doesn’t mean a goddamn thing. Stop recommending zionist media outlets here or go find another website.

Elections, shithead.

Deputy Attorney General Rod (((Rosenstein))) leaves meeting with Paul Ryan with massive shit eating grin.

So either the book is wrong or Trump's tweets are secretly all done by his social media team.

Even though the book might have a lot of false information in it that doesn't mean it's all fake.

elections don't matter when all you do is ideological larp on social media sites.

Vote rigging, shithead. Elections are literally meaningless. Holy fuck.

Filter these fucking 12 year old shills.

BASED Trump ends the BASED voter fraud commission because all the BASED states refused to comply with BASED federal law and it would cost too much BASED money

Truly, this is the epitome of MAGA. “Half the country openly admits to hiding that their entire voting systems are controlled by marxists, but it’s too expensive to fix it so we won’t do anything.” Are you tired of winning yet, you fucking goyim?

Global report. it won’t do anything, but global report anyway. Also local report. Three local and two global.

WOW user


Upboat fellow pede

Thanks fellow pede, make sure to #maga tonight!

When Trump announced, Holla Forums knew that we would be his biggest shills before the election and his greatest detractors after he got in. Reddit, however, has taken over the site. The zionist neocon civic nationalist has shown his true colors and now there’s no one left here to defend our own beliefs. It’s civic nationalism all the way down. It’s jew fellation to the core. ANY dissent is instantly banned, just like the_donald. Trump could (and will) publicly state that no illegals are going home and all the threads on it will be deleted.

Interesting times indeed.



Then why does he keep shitting all over the people who voted for him? He's now pro-DACA and got Sholom Rubashkin out of Prison. There literally hasn't been a more blatantly anti-white President than Trump ever before.

Srsly go fuck yourself you sound like one of those nazis over at endchan wtf, why aren't you banned yet?!??

(((They))) got him.
Did you forget the

Ironic shitposting = shitposting. Fucking reported.

Paul Nehlen is controlled opposition. Literally the entire Republican Party is subservient to Israel, why is this so hard for you idiots to understand?

>(((They))) got him.
They didn't "get" him. It's not a recent turn or anything. He was lying from the outset.

Next election, bro. Don't be black pilled.

fugging based

He told everyone straight up about his relationship with Israel except Reddit decided to ignore it.

Want to explain how freeing SHolom Rubashkin was 4D chess as well? What is it going to take for you idiots to realize that Trump is objectively scum? Does he need to personally kill your dog?

What the fuck is that supposed to mean, you fucking idiot? The next election is a Democrat majority in both houses. Then Trump gets impeached AND ousted (which I don’t even fucking care about anymore, because he’s buckling on everything that actually matters). Even if he doesn’t, without a VF commission (and NO WAY is there going to be a federal voter ID law), 2020 goes to the democrats with over 400 EVs, and that’s the end of America.

Now either put some fucking substance in your posts or deal with objective truth. Fact isn’t blackpilling.

Given that Yuri Bezemov explicitly said that’s what has to happen for a useful idiot to see through a facade… yes.

Thank god the tides are turning here. The cult of personality around Trump just because he counter-signaled SJWs here was ridiculous. Trump is a shabbos goy and always was.

Yeah, 20 years is such a long time ago, definitely enough time for a rich guy with Jewish children and a life debt to Roy Cohn to change from a shabbos goy to a Pro-White, makes sense.

That's certainly true, but he gave very carefully crafted speeches to dupe the less informed and give the impression that his policies would be more isolationist – certainly not anything close to "the biggest problem with PNAC is we didn't commit enough" that we're getting right now.

Jim owns the board and appoints all mods. We have no power here.

They have created the Alt-Left so anyone who criticizes Trump may be dismissed as a leftist liberal. And you, user, seeing the evidence now shame yourself internally, thinking perhaps those leftist liberals have finally gotten to you! This is psychological manipulation. The only box you should place yourself in is either the right or the wrong, the good or the evil. Not Liberal/Conservative, not Red or Blue - these things are inventions of man. Return yourself to Nature and consider what is truthful and what is not. Then make up your own mind based in the facts you acquire, not the feels you experience.

I don't remember the literal nigger freeing Sholom Rubashkin from prison or spreading his ass-cheeks open for Israel.

Then you weren’t alive when the nigger was in office, you fucking cumslut.

Moore lost because the Alabamans didn't even fucking vote, either that or their votes were burned and it was completely rigged (very likely)

It's time to take up guys.

Jim is also friends with the kike Mike Cernovich who surprise surprise, is friends with Alan Desrhowitz, the kike who lobbied for Rubashkin's release. Holla Forums is literally part of Trump's propaganda program.


*wake up

Filtered for nigger tier shilling

That's because his policy was to destroy the American economy and have niggers riot so that he could pass laws to ruin white power.

This is absolutely correct. There is no remaining exclusively political solution to the current set of problems afflicting Weimerica. The demographic time clock is counting down; whilst the enemy can afford to stall and delay that is not true for whites. The probability of a pro-white candidate aware of the jewish problem, who is willing to take the drastic action necessary to address it, attaining the presidency, either via an independent party or through the co-option of the primary two, is approximately zero. Even under the most dire economic crisis we could imagine. Even under the most ideal set of political conditions. Even if the Israelis didn't assassinate him. It is not possible and to think otherwise is to march European America inexorably towards its grave.

The Israelis knew what was necessary to achieve the creation of their state. They were willing to use any means necessary to achieve it. They had considerable political and financial resources in pursuit of their goal, but that alone was not sufficient. People need to truly reflect on what set of actions and strategies could be even remotely viable in pursuit of a future for white people in their own nations. Taking part in the political theater is no longer a credibly productive use of time and energy. If you care to take a serious, dispassionate evaluation of our predicament, and assess the likely path to the attainment of progress towards any kind of future for white people, you will come to the conclusion that it is true.

Are you mentally retarded? The kikes literally tried to get Obama to free Rubashkin and Obama refused.

Obama literally refused to pardon the mega-kike, while Trump took the piece of shit out of Prison.

ITT israeli posters slamming the US president fpr being too jewish

The nigger caught on to the kikes by the end of his term but they already had 12 inches of wood up his ass.

The funniest thing about all this (which will be deleted) is that if everything we were saying wasn’t true, there’d be no reason not to leave it up (or just refute it once and for all). If the mods weren’t who we say they are, there’s nothing for them to fear. So they’re not a greasy Turkish piece of shit and… (well, that’s it; it’s the same guy under a dozen usernames). If the mod was white, he wouldn’t care that we were making fun of a strawman–much less some poor little nonwhite faggot. But he does care. If Jim wasn’t personally complicit in the eradication of Holla Forums‘s original moderation and personally appointing and protecting the current nonwhite faggot, there’d be no reason to ban all discussion (and outright hard proof) of it. It would all just be “chan culture” and an inside joke. And if Trump really wasn’t a zionist neocon civic nationalist, there’d be no reason to ban LITERALLY EVERYTHING THAT QUESTIONS ANYTHING HE SAYS IN ANY CAPACITY. But he is, as his actions show in growing proportion.
Q’s a LARP; everyone here knows this. But that’s just the tip of the LARPberg.

Fuck the (((economy))), I care about the White Race.

You realize that the nigger being president–and everything he did as president–is exactly what kikes wanted, right? Of course you don’t. You love your “based” nigger president who “fought” Israel and “opposed” jews domestically. Kill yourself.


Mmm… nah.

Then gas the good rabbi user.

lol, I hated Obama, and I hate Trump, because Trump is even more anti-white than a fucking nigger. The fact that you don't understand that fact makes you one of two things, a kike or a retard.

t. simpleton
Accelerationism is the only viable ideology for a white nationalist, traditionalist, or libertarian at this point.

So no, you love the nigger. Thanks for confirming. Zero immigration enforcement (nigger) is not more pro-white than some immigration enforcement (Trump).

More spics were deported under Obama than Trump. You genuinely have no real information in your head, you are running on memes alone. Kill yourself.

How about sponsoring a Syrian Civil War and dropping weapons to allow for the expansion of Greater Israel?

Oh, sorry.
Mmm… nah.

Yes, I know that. I’m the one who started posting it here, because otherwise you the_donald cocksuckers would never have seen it. You still have no argument.

Right; the nigger was certainly not more anti-jew than Trump.

Take the sperg level down a notch.
Yeah, let's go downtown and start shooting niggers and kikes. You first.


Drown yourself in semen.
Your cowardice is the reason for white genocide.

Suicide for you in immediately.

Also the nigger also fucking overthrew Gaddafi who was trying to establish a gold standard currency to challenge the international kike banking cartel, and was trying to start World War 3 with the Russians for god knows what reason.

Yep, you got me pegged. You're quite the brave chap though. Show us cowards how its done, white savior. Start lauching bullets at kikes. I look forward to reading about your glorious deeds on a happening thread tomorrow. Off you go.

Thanks for proving me right.

1) Bannon’s right, there’s a reason for the inquiry. OR

2) Trump’s right, there’s no reason for the inquiry.

Personally, I think you need Bannon as the “spiritual leader” because, face it, best case scenario is Trump lasts 2 and more likely is he doesn’t run for re-election. The last book Bannon was involved in really got Trump’s goat and it was a fucking good read. Talked about Bannon trying to help Michelle Bachman get a national push, considering Sarah Palin another success, and trying to find a messenger for the message that Trump’s supposedly been pushing for ten years — including reaching out to Lou Dobbs as a potential candidate.

Hey retard, they're both shit. Trump, Bannon, both trash. Neither of them are pro-white.

But you’re a jew if you don’t want to vote for a civic nationalist. Uncle shlomo told me so.

Lastly the nigger presided over the mass expansion of the NSA and CIA-nigger surveillance network that the kikes use to control opposition when it starts getting out of hand. Obongo was incompetent at best and malicious at worse, and paving the way for Hillary's attempt to give the kikes 100% of everything they wanted.

He was very generous with the money he stole from goyim.

Well, go kill some kikes user. What are you waiting for? Why do you need the approval of a coward?
There's so many shill tells in your posts I wouldn't know where to start. Your D&C bullshit isn't working. It's like your at a loss and figured "yeah, this is sure to work". Kinda bizaare to watch.

People like you destroyed this board.

Did Trump really say that? Have (((they))) tricked us again?

Thanks for admitting that every single thing I have said in this thread is objective fact.

Definitely /ourmonkey/.

Well, is going on a killing spree is such a good idea, have at it. As to why you're a shill; you prove it yourself.
Yeah, nah.

It's sad that they always have to constantly virtue signal by posting shit begging to show that they're not racist or sexist. That and they always give a blowjob to anyone that does anything even remotely positive towards their goals even if the person in question is a piece of shit that's obviously not on their side.


division and lies? how about suicidally dividing your own base due to lies in a book and lying yourself?
inb4 banned

So much as stating that a jew is the CEO of a company gets you a permanent ban on The Donald.

good, fuck that slime mocky

Ok, it's time for the filter.

Global report.

this is what's on breitbart right now

Pierce doesn't need to be "completely omniscient" to have completely nailed this issue. Which is what you're trying to get across here – that he's wrong, when he wasn't. But yeah, I'm what's ruining the board, not an obvious kike like you. Filtered.

>don't support the nationalist, support the based (((globalist))), goy!

Was Pierce wrong about Rubashkin too, kike?

White Nationalism or bust, nigger.

You replied to the wrong post.

The center is collapsing, will collapse, and there is nothing they can do to stop it.

great plan. stick with (((trump))) then

The bizarre thing is how kikebart pushes itself as America first. Not a single thing there puts American interests above those of israel.

Bannon is a kike lover who cucked very publicly and shamefully after UTR. THAT SAID, the platform–Breitbart–is extremely important. It's Andrew Breitbart's concept, not Bannon's, and Bannon has turned into a fucking asshole. IT IS A GOOD PLACE TO REDPILL BOOMERS WITH GUNS, INFLUENCE, AND MONEY. NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO DO IT. WHITE GENOCIDE IS A GOOD TOPIC. REMIND THEM BANNON IS A CUCK AND HIS NON-RACIST IDEAS ARE BULLSHIT DESIGNED TO ADVANCE HIMSELF.

Breitbart is like Holla Forums for alt-lite boomers. A place where they can get redpilled and move from "truecon" to actual 1488 pol. It's important.

It is a great time to do it now. Make sure to remind them Bannon is a sellout niggerfucker Israel cuck piece of shit who insults god king. Bannon cucked like a fuck after UTR–for that, Bannon needs to burn in hell.

So is Trump.

Will do!

Pure marketing. It was obvious that the kike faggot he had hired would eventually backfire and go full faggot, as faggots always do. Yet Bannon kept him on. It became all to clear why. Bannon considered Trump only a means to an end, perhaps hoping to become president himself one day (doesn't everyone in DC thirst for power?)


It's interesting to watch the D&C shills try to exploit this fracture point. They are actually to dense to realize the god emperor thing was ironic; everyone knew Trump would be kiked up. Just less so than Hillary with some decent ideas. As to Bannon, seems he just ass blasted about being fired. Mr. Christian Zionist israel first came off as a used car saleman with "America first…in line after israel".
As to the shills, they've got nothing but just wait for Hitler, all is lost or grab you funs and go shoot up some kikes and niggers.

Kike apologists like you ruin this board.


Based tbh.

He isn't better than Hillary. He's a release valve which kills all the rage at the system that was building up in American Whites. The "hurr durr, we were just pretending to be retarded" argument doesn't cut it.

So you're a combination of the all is lost and grab your funs type shill.

So you're a retard.

At least the rage after he fails to fulfill any of his promises will amplify exponentially once he's out of office. As an accelerationist I'm quite looking forward to the 2020's.

There is no democratic solution in a system where the media, the education system, and the government are controlled by the same kikes who want to genocide you. You're an idiot.

MAGAtards are in the dark about actual events. You have no idea how bad things currently are.

It's more important to get boomers to criticize Trump for failing to live up to his promises

Turning them against Bannon is pointless if they just become fanatical 4d chess Bill Mitchell Maga people

I agree, things are bad for you kikes, and they're about to get a lot worse. Word is all the pizzakikes, dnc and shills are getting rounded up tomorrow.
Funny thing about foreign shills, they get labeled as enemy combatants. Drone delivery soon.

He's been in office for a year. Hillary is still free. The wall isn't being built. DACA spics aren't being deported. Trump's words are worthless, his actions on the other hand (freeing Sholom Rubashkin) illustrate quite a bit.

Yeah, Hillary would have been great. One fat bitch dies of a heart attack after getting run over in Charlottesville and it's the end of the world. Just think what we could could have accomplished with Hilary in charge of the ZOGbots. Do you even think about what you're saying? The Boers couldn't pull it off as a cohesive bloc, yet you expect disparate Whites in CA, TN, NY and TX to unite against the government at the expense of their lives and freedom? Unfortunately, incrementalism is the best bet for now. It's been working to a degree, why do you think it's getting shilled against so hard? Unless we have a total collapse, we're stuck with it. Total collapse may or may not happen; look how far SA has gone without a total collapse. I admit, settling the score would be fun, but I don't really want to have to shepherd my family through 20 years of Mad Max style conflict.

Why do I have the suspicion you're the spergy kike shill I blocked earlier firing up his JIDF issued torpedo?

Trump literally is about to grant amnesty. You're an idiot.

Sear these words into your fucking brains until you can read them against the backdrop of your closed eyelids.

>Trump's about to literallllllylyyyyy grant amnesty because he said so

Well which one is it?


Gas yourself, Shlomo.

So you propose what? Militias? Tiki torch parades? Terrorism? Assassinations? How would this be organized? Who will lead it? You? How would you gain support? How would you recruit? How would your guerillas and auxiliary be organized and maintain coms while remaining free?
I doubt you can answer one or two of those questions, let alone the lot and the litany more that would need to be answered to successfully execute an insurgency. Also, insurgencies tend to have very long timelines and begin with information, propaganda and political power. If you can work this out, grand. But I doubt it.

To be fair even T_D notices (((coincidences))) sometimes, but unless you're in the thread at the time you won't see it since the comments soon get shoahed. There are sites that archive the deletions though :
(scroll down a bit)

Nothing is going to happen. They're not getting round up tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or even next year. Some user gets his jollies from larping on Holla Forums and you fall for it hook, line, and sinker.

Wolfy got caught diddling? I missed that one. For some reason I find that unreasonably funny.

History provides many examples of a nation breaking away from a declining empire and regaining their sovereignty.

The decline of the American empire *may* provide such an opportunity at some point in the future.

But if whites are not mentally prepared to take advantage of that opportunity they will miss it. And they may not get multiple chances.

Our job is to get them ready for that opportunity, in terms of their mental state, attitudes, goals, etc. Specifically, they need to see themselves as an occupied people with a separate destiny and a moral right to sovereignty that is being suppressed.

Arguably Trump was helpful during the campaign due to his extreme rhetoric, but as president he has been detrimental to those goals, and whites who know better are back on the GOP plantation because it is more comfortable.

I welcome the disruption of the Trump administration and it might be best if he gets impeached before he can cuck us too much.

>CIAniggers and Mossad try a color revolution in Iran and fail
Yeah, sure, whatever.

You want to know the very best part, kike? I've already done my part. All I have to do now is sit back and gloat. wir mussen die juden ausrotten.

I propose telling the truth so people are prepared for reality. Crazy, right?

I assume he's being compared to Brazile for being equally guilty of CNN collusion with the dems

How does any of that imply something is happening?

You would, but then you'd be kicked out of your office.

Best Holla Forums is making news, not discussing kike fanfiction.

You've dodged my post entirely. None of you can tell "how" this supposed to work. Screaming at people on a sinking ship that they are fucked isn't particularly helpful. I propose working within the system until if and when a better opportunity arises. You propose what, exactly, as a course of action?

We're not in office, we're anonymous posters on an imageboard. If we aren't going to tell the truth, then no one is. Trump is a kike puppet, this is a fact, this is reality.

Have fun digging Iranian shrapnel out of your ass, kike.

Normies have no idea they're on a sinking ship. They need to be made aware of the fact that there is no reason to vote. There is no solution. You can either accept this and prepare for the collapse, or try to boil the frog that is white America to death.

Is Dana Loesch trying to court favor by sucking up to Trump now? She was an ardent #nevertrump'er

yes, the Never Trumpers will all curry favor now

Quite successfully I might add

South Park hilariously used ausrotten, but auslöschen is probably better

Alle Juden müssen ausgelöscht werden…

Fun toy for legal hobbies like hunting.


Address these points. You won't or can't.

Ah ha! There it is. Voter suppression worked well for you in Alabama so why not go all in, eh moshe? Thrown in a little kike photo for good measure too, eh.

So now we've gone from "no political solution (please bomb a daycare you gullible racist so we can shut you all down)", to "no solution at all (ids hobless the kikes win forever)"
Are you done discrediting yourself?

If White Americans continue to put their faith in voting politics they will not be prepared to break away by non-voting politics, should the opportunity arise

White Americans MUST come to view the system as illegitimate and seek to escape from it and establish sovereignty for their nation.

If they're not even trying to escape they will never escape.

Voting only makes sense as a part of that strategy, but it's dangerous because realistically it always sucks people back in.

If we had a a legit opportunity to escape today, many of us would not mobilize but would stay home and wait for Trump to do it for us. And for boomers it's even worse, due to higher faith in the system


Just gonna put this out there - you know, there are alternatives to what you faggots always use with your exaggerated shilling, yes?

A day care center? Usually you go with 'an embassy' or some other worthless target.
How about this: Target Jewish politicians. Target Jewish pornographers. Target Jewish journalists.
I think that would have more of an effect than 'bombing a daycare center/embassy', don't you? Of course you do, that's why you go with these exaggerations that make no sense.

I mean, fact is, there isn't a political solution - incrementalism hasn't brought us any change whatsoever outside of Overton window shift, and even that is a dubious claim, mostly based on the reporting of media, who is seemingly selectively-believed on this board (ie, if the media says something you like, its true; if they something you don't like, its false).

I mean, Christ, after Cville, the entire US legislature - mostly Republican! - came out to unanimously disavow White Nationalism, right after they came out to unanimously support Israel. The writing is on the wall - it really doesn't matter who is in power, you're going to get basically the same results, with only minor aesthetic variation, and then, when the media you selectively-trust tells you that 'perspectives are changing!' to keep you calm and thinking you're making headway, you buy it (just like your opposition does).

You're out of your mind. If you really follow closely and know the law, Trump is extremely systematic yet insanely aggressive, ballsy, and clever. What you don't get is that he's dismantling, very cleverly, a massive system of criminality that happened to have a lot of Clinton involvement, but it's a huge syndicate. This is the biggest mafia takedown we've ever seen, and there's no telling if Trump will succeed, but he's very quietly taking all the appropriate steps. It's brilliant. Everything he's doing is unusual and unprecedented. Comparing him to Hillary is apples to oranges. Or humans compared to demons.

Trump is insane or has a death wish, or he just hates the animals so much that he is willing to do whatever it takes to crush them, and he's building up the groundwork. It's astonishing.

On the Israel point, did you know that by going after Mossad Dan Gertler, that shuts off a huge money flow for Israel and Mossad? Trump knows exactly where the balls are and he goes right for them. He does it aggressively and quietly. He also pissed off a bunch of Saudi factions who were prepared to back Israel in an insane war against Iran by suddenly moving the embassy to Jerusalem at the worst possible time. He outjewed the jews big time already.

And he's doing the same with the kiked up pieces of shit and useful idiots here in the states like the Debbie Wasserman Schultz useful shitskin idiot Awan syndicate and everybody connected.

Spot on.

So, after a year, have we seen a single conviction you can point to to support this argument? Or just of 'investigations' and shit that's gone basically nowhere?
I'm not shitting on you, at least not entirely, not yet, but I want to know how you'd support your claim.

Some added context – Roger Stone was involved with that. He wanted to create chaos in the Reform Party to avoid another Perot situation. So he had Trump go after Buchanan.

Oh, also:
How do you figure?
These are kikes, after all - what stops him from simply funneling money through shells? I can see this as an argument that he's been a pain in the ass to these people, but I don't see how you figure pointing out one corrupt kike is going to stop that kike from engaging in corruption.

To where? How? Succession?
I appreciate your sentiment but you completely miss this point. You know how the lefty kikes got so far? They took the long view. They slowly took over institutions. They spread propaganda. Voting was a small component. This is a viable strategy. Escaping to some mythological Whitopia, probably not so much. Not in America anyway. We either suborn and retake the system or lose. Insurgencies start politically and end with direct action, not the other way around.


This is so very correct. Trump even has connections to one of the artists in Pizzagate.


I want to vomit

Litigation is inherently chess. You CANNOT win without laying the groundwork. By going right after a key source of funding, Trump is fucking up Israel hard. He also fucked them up by revealing that Mossad wanted to start an Iran war with an assassination. Mossad does not need approval for a killing, nor does it broadcast its intent. It just does the act and melts away. Trump fucked over Israel. He plays this kike game kissing the wall and moving the embassy, but his meaningful actions have been extremely damaging to Israel's insanity. Trump is doing God's work.

On the convictions point, when you are going after mafia and even shitskin turd massive drug rings, for example, it often takes years to take them down. Trump is facing down some of the most powerful and well-funded people in the world, bar none. Look at everybody listed in Manafort's ledger, look at Soros's slush funds for money laundering, and look at all the names in the Panama papers. Look at basically our entire Congress and agencies blackmailed and participating in massive treason. This is not shit to be fucked with. JFK got offed for far less. Trump is acting the fool, but Sessions isn't a fool, and Mueller has pinched people who just so happen to be the ones who know where all the bodies are buried. Trump nailed a bunch of MS-13 which is a well-known ally of scummy elements in this cabal. Those guys will certainly turn and name names.

The mark of a clever litigator or an elaborate mob takedown is systematic, very quiet, but extremely aggressive work, and then a massive strike to completely kill the cancer.

IF WE DON'T SEE THE STRIKE FOR ANY REASON, then I'll admit Trump is yet another kike shill. But ALL the signs I've seen are pointing in the direction of a mass takedown. It looks like Trump and his team thought this plan through and are working the plan.

THAT SAID, when judgment day comes, some serious shit may happen if the other side mobilizes its useful idiots, so there still may be war. I think demographics ultimately have to cause war in this country anyway, but for now, Trump appears to be attempting to do what no one has done before. He is truly risking being JFK'd for his insane ballsiness. I think he's going to turn out to be one of the greatest presidents we've ever seen, whether or not we end up in war. Taking down a giant treasonous, murderous, evil mafia running a very powerful nation, or even attempting to do that, is extraordinary.

On the Gertler point, without outing self, I'm familiar with him from legal dealings. Trump went right for the guy's nuts and OFAC sends a massive message right to Bibi. Trump basically said imma fuck you up.

Gertler is totally connected up the ranks and has been for years. Fucking this guy up with OFAC (which is very serious shit and applies to private funds, you name it–it's actually hard to evade) is big fucking deal against a powerful Israeli like Gertler.

Gertler, by the way, is a real son of a bitch, and Trump got major buy in points from me when he did this. Gertler is satanic Bibi's buttbuddy.

Trump: "I'm, as an independent, I'm really only going to do this if I can win. Meaning win, the big one. Not the Reform Party, against a Pat Buchanan, who I guess pretty soon is going to be joining because he got thrown out of the Republican Party.

Host: "Tomorrow Pat Buchanan is announcing his candidacy for the Reform Party."

Trump: "I just think its ridiculous, I mean he wrote a book…"

Host: "Why?"

Trump: "Because…. Look, he's a Hitler-lover, I guess he's an anti-semite, he doesn't like the blacks, he doesn't like the gays, I-I-I… Its just incredible that anybody could embrace this guy. And maybe he'll get 4 or 5 percent of the vote, and it'll be a really staunch Right whacko vote… I'm not even sure if its Right, its just a whacko vote. And I just can't imagine that anyone would take him seriously."

Fuckin wew lads.

Yes. Or simply overthrow, a coup of sorts.
These are options you have to realistically look at, because they ARE realistic options on the table. They've worked, historically.

Yes, but here's the rub: We don't have that much time.
The lefty kikes? They had all the time in the world! There was no countdown to deracination for them, there was no ticking clock leading to demographic displacement which spelled their doom.
The viability of that strategy relies, at its core, upon the assumption of an unlimited timeline for operations - and you, we, do not have such a timeline.
We have like 10 years, max, before all this 'voting' shit is totally irrelevant, just on demographic grounds.

Then we've already lost, because again, we do NOT have the timeframe allowances that make the strategy you are promoting vialbe. Thus, the strategy itself ceases to be viable.
Well then, this political insurgency has, at most, a decade to get itself to the point of being willing to engage in direct action. Period.
There will be no slow crawl through the institutions for us, because we do not have that kind of time to work with - by the time we got even a few steps into the plan you propse, by the time we'd gotten into the water up to our knees, the sharks will be upon us.

I too appreciate the sentiment you put forth, but you are not realistically examining this situation and, like the nobility at the end of the Roman Empire, you seem to think all this shit will last forever, that violence cannot and does not spring from need as opposed to want, and this, if pursued, will be our downfall.

tldr: No I have no reason to still believe in chess and you should just keep believing it for years without any proof because chess takes years.



If whites actually wanted to break free and have our own country, we could, given the right opportunity.

Right now whites want to make this current country great again… but not prevent the Jews from ruling it or really fix the demographics. So whites just want stupid shit that can't happen.

Whites need to get smarter about what they want. My role is to help them get smarter.

Hopefully someday the enemy will fear that any white might be a crypto-Aryan just to waiting turn on him, so he will have to employ only non-whites in sensitive positions.

You would need to preform insane amounts of mental gymnastics to think Trump is or ever was on your side

It looks like Trump is starting the process of dismantling an incredible kike power structure. No telling where that leads immediately, but it looks like secession may be in the cards eventually. The demographic numbers won't really allow for another solution aside from secession to a white ethnostate and inevitable massive war. But what else is there? Trying to split off into a new nation sounds fucking insane, but what else can whites do, exactly, given the numbers?

Trump seems to be laying some groundwork to severely weaken the control systems, but we have to take it from there. Future of the US looks very, very uncertain at this point.

But he didn't, he only did in appearance.

Everyone knew that user.


Well, that's very convenient, but I assume what it converts to is you saying "No, I have no such convictions". Which is about what I expected.
So, your entire narrative on this point requires the assumptive belief that Trump is doing 4D chess, and at this point, that's a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig assumption to ask.

And when can we expect this strike? Because, again, thats a very convenient narrative that can easily be maintained by "just wait!" type shit, and such narratives are kind of blasé at this point.

The summation of your post amounts to nothin more than:

But, again, you don't seem to have any evidence to provide to suggest he ACTUALLY fucked this guy up - all that appears to have transpired was that Trump called out this Jew, and now the Jew has to work through more covert channels when engaging in the US. That's it. A pain in the dick? Sure. A massive kill-shot chess move? Hardly.

Again, your narrative amounts to a whole lot of empty words, leading to the conclusion of:

Not exactly. Trump is still a boomer, and boomers still believe in the system. Trump is doing what one would do against insane odds within the system. Any weakening/dismantling or even exposure is laying a groundwork that we the people may choose to exploit, or we can sit on our hands and do nothing.

I believe in the necessity of an ethnostate and war. I also believe Trump is actually building the groundwork that can help us later, whether he intends that or not.

No, don't sit on your hands believing in things.

i hate that term
he was never hitler
and even hitler would not be the man we need now, hitler truely was the marching drum boy to announce the man of pure lightning that we really need to cleanse this world from filth and announce the beginning of a new golden age
but i dont expect you to comprehend what im trying to say

In what way?

Ah, and there's the rub - "it sounds insane!".
It really doesn't, you've just been trained to THINK that it does.
Its happened hundreds of times, historically. Its not insane at all. In fact, its quite reasonable - a mere 10,000 men could bring the US to its knees in 72 hours, if trained, prepared and so-inclined. That is a FACT, verified by US government simulation.

In what way?

Bro, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but like Rome, the US has no real future - its doomed. Its going to die, all - and I mean ALL - signs point to such. By the time the year 2100 rolls around, the United States of America as we know it will not exist.
When you take that into account, when you really come to terms with what that means and incorporate that into your world-view, well… The idea of secession loses any semblance of 'insanity'.

Look, you obviously aren't a lawyer. OFAC is serious and applies to the types of slush funds Gertler uses for money laundering.

Trump is still a boomer and still seems to believe he can make the system great again, but I think the truth is, he is taking very intelligent steps to weaken and damage the system, and this can be exploited later when it comes to war.

You realize how fucked whites were up until this point? Trump is just opening doors and attacking the roots of evil. You sound a bit like a stupid ignorant nigger with no patience.

War is serious shit. The best way to start is making sure you don't get fucked immediately because you have massive, insurmountable disadvantages, which was the situation before Trump. Don't be an impatient stupid nigger animal.

Exit over voice. Libertarians have it right that the market responds to departure more so than protestation. Imagine how effective 100k white Americans leaving the U.S. would be over the long term compared to 100k white Americans voting for some kike stooge.

I think you're misinterpreting what I'm saying. I'm an insane militant and want war.

I am also not a stupid impatient nigger animal, and I recognize smart lawyering when I see it.

Everybody needs to get ready for war. But do not underestimate Trump. He's not a kike shill.

Or have 100k white active fight the System via illegal means








I agree with this line of thinking, but a lot has to happen. A lot of recruitment within the military and an assault on the other side's propaganda machine and funding. War is more than just a bunch of pissed of dudes marching out. The focus has to be on winning and nothing else. It looks like Trump is laying the groundwork to weaken the enemy, but WE WILL have to take the intiative. We the people. That has to happen.

I am saying prepare for war, but think carefully about exactly what it takes for victory, and do not assume Trump is a kike shill at all. Let him do some work AS YOU PREPARE FOR WAR.

I'm not going to argue about bullshit. Trump isn't a kike lover, and I'm not a reddit faggot. This is my opinion–Trump isn't a kike shill. BUT ASSUME HE IS JUST WEAKENING THEM AND WE MUST GET READY FOR WAR ANYWAY. Stop dividing with this Trump is a kike lover bullshit.

Nope. Pre-law. hence why I'm not put off, intimidated nor impressed with wordy diatribes that amount to things that could be said in much simpler terms.
Okay… And?
Tell you what, answer me this: Realistically, is it not all-that-much of a pain in the ass for this Gertler fella to use shell companies, Jewish organizations and other Jews as intermediaries to alleviate most of the impact of this action, yes or no?
Because as far as I can see, the answer is yes.

You don't have any evidence to support this claim though, and all your argumentation continues to amount to 'just wait and see!', and that doesn't cut it anymore.

He's not though, and in some cases, appears to actively aiding the evil, see Rubashkin or whatever the fuck his name was.

Fair enough - after all, you sound a bit like a stupid ignorant cuckold with no semblance of the realization of the time frame we're actually working with.

IOW: "Bro, just wait and see, don't be such a nigger".
Doesn't cut it anymore m8, because you only tell a drowning man to be patient for so long before he either disbelieves you and fights for his life, or drowns in his own screams.

Pretty much this.


Doesn't seem that way. You seem to be consistently urging patience and a "wait and see!" narrative.

That's an entirely empty statement, bitter and vitriolic though it obviously is, because you've consistently failed to meaningfully support your claim.

The evidence doesn't support your assertion as much as you imply it does, and there is nothing about you which suggests your conclusions ought be trusted.
For an insane militant who wants war, you seem quite content to watch 'patiently' as the scales continue to tip out of your - our - favor. I'm just Vegeta.

If you want use to prepare for war then read the Turner Diaries and Siege. They are the only book that are so very relevant to this war that you speak off.


No, I do not think this will last forever. I do know that insurrgencies, coups or whatever you want to call them do not work without popular support. We do not have this, particularly a the local levels. Sherriffs and such. I know time is short, but reeeing and shooting shit up in a vaccuum is a dead end. Hence the need for propaganda and subornation.

I've been a lawyer for partners with clients like Soros and Gertler for five years. All I do is create the slush funds they use. OFAC is a major deal. I hate these guys and everything they stand for.

I also fully support militancy and applaud it. The Gertler move was impressive and unexpected, and it really is going for the nuts. It brought me back to the "ok, I guess I don't need to start shooting in the next five minutes."

(Side note: don't go to the law school. Law is terrible.)

Look, I am saying prepare for war, and I fully 100% support war, but I want to win that war. We are going to get wiped out if we just march into a fucking slaughter. Kikes run the military and have all their useful idiots installed everywhere. Trump's doing the right thing weakening them. I am more of a believer now than I was pre OFAC move. There's a lot that goes on in the world that you learn about in NYC biglaw, like a weird silent insane war, and Trump fired massive guns at this fucker and at Bibi.

I am not here to blackpill, weaken, or discourage militancy. Get fit, don't use drugs or drink too much, get armed, go to the range, study tactics. War will come. But let Trump start chemo'ing this cancer before we cut it the fuck out.

Oy vey!
Lone wolves aren't effective! Join phalanx, pay tribute, and wait and see! Don't worry about Hispanics being a majority of America's youth today and spics in general consistently voting for socialist anti-whites. I'm sure this will all blow over and whites will become a majority again very very soon!


I agree. I think Trump is laying the groundwork for a war that we can win. I say give him a year. I would say war needs to start in a couple years, essentially, if we don't see significant results. But I do see sophisticated work from this guy. Give him a year to weaken the system. In the meantime, get ready for war personally. That's my view anyway. Reasonable minds can disagree.


Insurgencies are incredibly hard to combat and do not require popular support to break out. In fact, given the land composition of the United States a well trained army of white nationalist insurgents numbering around 200k could battle against the U.S. Gov't for a decade if not longer.

I think a systematic killing campaign could work with loosely organized groups.

Breivik actually concluded that something similar to what jihadis do in terms of loose cells and the suicide mentality would be helpful to trigger a real fight. My attitude is something like that and Vietcong. And IRA. Lot to learn while you prepare. That's why I propose giving Trump some time to weaken what is extremely powerful opposition, then attack. Get ready in the meantime.

What gave you that Idea? Why a year or are you talking out your ass?

He was shitposting

If you can get your hands on a uw field manual, an older one is fine, look it over. Particularly the bits about phases of an insurgency. It's a good source for perspective and planning.

Agree 100%.

People don't realize how pulling some crazy ass insurgency RIGHT NOW isn't as easy as it looks. Let Trump weaken the power structure and give him a shot. In the meantime, definitely study manuals, get off drugs and cut down on booze, run and get fit. Play out the warfare scenario in your mind thoroughly. What can you do individually best to help. And talk to like-minded people carefully. Successful efforts like IRA take a lot of work. It's like any other project. Put the work in now and let Trump work the system. To win this thing, it has to be done intelligently and with focused preparation now. Manuals are great, by the way–tons of free military info online.

Oh, and range time. Get armed and get on the range. Study sniper tactics and hit and run. Learn about agricultural materials.


200k. Well trained. Thats like 15-20 divisions. Of fighters. Now figure in the 1-2 million auxillary backbone to support the endeavor. That a lot of motherfuckers. Im not saying it isnt possible, but you aren't going to toss this together.


I can not more-vociferously disagree, specifically as regards your claims of 'at the local level'.
If ANYTHING, we have support at the local level, and NOT at the national level.
But you've already agreed that propaganda and such takes time, and that we don't have time. I assume you don't need me to explain to you where the issue arises therein.

Yeah, is that confusing to you?

So you're a traitor? Self-admitted, no less. Interesting.
Prove it.

I do not see how, and you've yet to offer any sort of meaningful explanation thereof. Again: How is it not the case that this kike can simply shuffle his funds through intermediaries?

Law is terrible, but sometimes necessary.

Fair enough.
A dubious assertion, but okay, let's see where you're going with this.
You've yet to show he's actually weakening them.
Nobody cares, because you're not a trustworthy source in any capacity.
Or appears to have done so. If you're truly what you say you are, it shouldn't be overtly difficult to lay out how this impacts, in mechanical terms, in a manner that dictates those targetted cannot simply work through those who are not targetted, which those who are not targetted have every reason to want to take part in.
In what world do you think saying that has any impact whatsoever? For a supposed lawyer at the upper echelons, you're not especially clever as goes the understanding that people who don't know anything about you have no reason to believe anything you say about yourself and your personal views, especially in such a context as this.
Sentiment I can get behind.
More 'wait and see' rhetoric. Can't get behind that sentiment.

Look, I feel its a waste of both of our time to go back and forth like this any further.
Suffice to say, you maintain a narrative that we should prepare for war but withhold our abandonment of political actors until we see what Trump can and does accomplish, which you suggest to be something of significant benefit which will play out over time; whereas I maintain a narrative that suggests Trump is not making any meaningful moves against our opposition, may well be serving them, and that we should move to the next stage of our operations - which include dismissal of in-System political approaches as a viable mechanism to handling the concerns of our racial/ethnic demographic/s - regardless of whatever Trump may or may not do in the future.
We can disagree. That is acceptable.

I think you could start off with much smaller numbers, and the initial engagements - and response thereto - would rapidly amplify those willing to take part.


Readily available via a simple Jewgle search, though, of course, it'll get you put on a list.
Then again, if you're posting here, you're already on it.

Woops,middle part for you there m8

Simple by having 200 people you can occupy gov buildings. They don't even need to have guns. Look at how shit was done during euromadian

I appreciate you being pissed, because it shows you have a brain.

Don't get mad. Just focus. There are, in fact, things going on you don't know about all the time. The world isn't just your little world.

That said, YOU are the mechanism for change. Get yourself ready. I arbitrarily tossed out about a year, but to get this thing going to WIN, nobody knows right now. Just follow the basics. Treat your life as if you are already in a guerrilla army.

I applaud your fury, and look, if you want to go nuts immediately, fine, but I think you should channel your fury into thinking completely realistically and organizing and training. Assume there's going to be war soon and act accordingly. My point on Trump is that I think letting him do his job is actually an advantage in the coming war. I'm not some blackpilled dipshit. Think about this–look before you leap. No more silly arguments. Just get ready for war now and give Trump some time. Don't assume you know everything.

No digging on you, but your missing the point. If insurgency is a pyramid, the tippy top tiers are military action. The base is propaganda, subornation and sometimes sabotage. I know time is short, but this is the way it is. You don't have to like it, but its just how it works.

Amazing posts, I believe you and share the same opinion on some of them (The rest is knowledge beyond me that you delivered). We will see something massive unfold, everyone thinks the FED and rothchild mafia can never be destroyed, but I can see it before me, one of the greatest victories in the last 50 years, freeing ourself from their shackle.

Remember Trump got the full backing of the military, very important.

Something is up with the thread, there seem to be alot of blackpillers around, I think its coordinated to cause discord. Obviously one shouldnt blindly worship anyone, but I think their intention is trying to make us turn against Trump. He needs our support, we play an important role.

Yeah but you won't be at the front of the line right? There's already thousands of dissidents around but they all want to be the guy sitting behind the PC doing 'tactics' or sniping a nog from 200 yards away.

I agree with you. I don't want to discourage the fury here, since it's 100% justfied and the mark of someone who thinks, but I think to make this thing succeed, the pyramid analysis is spot on.


the plebbit admins hate t_d as much as they love srs, so they're reluctant to help them with permabans

I'm saying be angry. Insane fury is the rational response. But to WIN, you have to think coldly. Study history and tactics and what works and what doesn't. The pyramid analogy above is excellent.

They are cowards. When you have a belief like this don't act foolish and wait things out. ACT



Here's the rub though: I think we're already past all that.

I would suggest we have succeeded, massively, in the propaganda, subornation and sabotage fronts - we did it, we can continue to do it, but we've done it: there are tens of millions of people who are aware and angry as fuck, and, in the right circumstances, more-than-willing to lay down their lives to change the face of the game.

To that end, I would suggest, in turn, that you are missing the point, which is that you're still stuck in that mindset, even though we've moved past that stage of operation, and now need to move to further stages, need to move further up the pyramid paradigm you've described.

Again: Our operational timeline is, realistically, 10 years. And frankly, even that is perhaps too generous an assumption of our temporal status.
Whatever plans you have in the works, as goes less-direct approaches and political scheming, that's how much time you have.

And, given that reality, we cannot afford to waste valuable time when the opportunity to move onward presents itself - we have to take it, we have no choice. To that end, whatever Trump's intentions, we cannot afford to place any significant number of ours 'eggs' in that 'basket', because if it turns out we were wrong in whatever our assumptions of his intentions may be, we will not have the time to attempt to rebuild and make another attempt.
And, IMHO, Trump has served his purpose - he was a stepping stone. And now he's largely irrelevant. Its on us to make use of his placement, that we might step down hard and push off, towards the next stage of whatever we intend to pursue.



He's having DHS take over the investigation because they have stronger powers to get info and take substantive action.

jesus christ, Holla Forums is shit now with this level of blackpill shilling

Yeah, but isn't DHS now run by that DACA-friendly 40-something childless twat he put in there for reasons that are seemingly beyond any sane explanation?

Yet another one of those questionable actions in terms of the assumption of Trump actually opposing the Enemy, her placement; and man, you'll have to give folks some leeway in terms of the expectation of the DHS being useful for much of anything with such a broad at the top.

You will never get Trump's support and He won't be weakening the system. Wasting time on such a thing is simply unimaginative. Our success have been the opening of the window of what is acceptable to talk about on the internet not real life. This has served its purpose and will continue. However, Subversion has weaken this advantage overall. We must bring about a new era of wide scale action from constitutionalist who fight for there land in the west to ever militia group available.

The truth is never a blackpill for it is liberating and uncomfortable. I would suggest you look at the alies around you who fight for you rather then look at what that liar Trump does.

It's not a binary choice. The fury is correct. Use the fury and channel it into thoughtful, aggressive preparation. You don't need to lash out immediately, and that won't help anyway, but you don't need to sit around on your hands. Use your brains.

Depend on how you look at it, that post isn't blackpilling at all.
Its only blackpilling if you believe Trump is actually on your side, and haven't come to terms with the demographic reality of the modern United States of America, and the consequential reality that the US in its current form is already doomed to dissolution, just like the Roman construct it sought to mimic.

Trump not being on your side… The US falling apart… Much like the Roman Republic… These things are only blackpilling if you look at them a certain way.

"Welcome to Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: You DO NOT talk about Fight Club!"

you aren't alone here

You have suggested that we do nothing while I have suggested otherwise. That seems pretty binary.

wow, I wonder who could have an incentive to tell people not to vote in a place like this?

The answer is you don't actually know whose side Trump is on because that's how he operates. I wasn't completely sold until the Gertler move, and that blew my mind. No US president would do that and not expect JFKing.

That said, get ready. You understand that whites are going to be ethnically cleansed. We have to form an ethnostate. The way to WIN is to use your head and prepare. Get out there and network carefully. Study up on tactics. Work out. Get armed and go to the range. Do what it takes. But use your brain. Flipping the fuck out suddenly and killing people will NOT do anything except make these assholes crack down more on speech and the fourth amendment. It'll make everything harder. Think as if you were already a guerrilla and think realistically through every scenario and get ready. The time is coming and it's going to be insane. This has to be approached intelligently and thoroughly, and the preparation has to be treated as urgent. But do it smart.

Jesus, woops again… I'm really out of it tonight.

Depend on how you look at it, that post isn't blackpilling at all.

Its only blackpilling if you believe Trump is actually on your side, and haven't come to terms with the demographic reality of the modern United States of America, and the consequential reality that the US in its current form is already doomed to dissolution, just like the Roman construct it sought to mimic.

Trump not being on your side… The US falling apart… Much like the Roman Republic… These things are only blackpilling if you look at them a certain way.

Militias are difficult, because of the image they put forth and how that's been established in the public mind.
We may need something more… Imaginative.

"Welcome to Fight Club. The first rule of Fight Club is: You do not talk about Fight Club. The second rule of Fight Club is: You DO NOT talk about Fight Club!"

Protip: Most people don't have especially high-functioning brains.
That's where leaders come in.
A shame that every organizational attempt in our context seems to lead nowhere.

Technically he hasn't necessarily suggested you 'do nothing', so much as he's suggested 'do nothing visible'.
If you are afeared of or incapable of organization, pursue preparation.

Holla Forums has been telling people to prep since 08. Never once have I heard "be unprepared". So, what you are suggesting is to continue to do what you have supposed to be doing for the last 10 years.

No, I never said that. I said doing something is indeed coming. The something is going to happen. I want to win. If you want to go out and shoot a bunch of spics, so be it, and I would love to see every nigger and spic gas chambered tomorrow. But I want to WIN and I want an ethnostate for whites long term. Use your head and get ready. Channel your anger into cool fury and preparation.

Why do they call themselves pedos anyways? I never understood that.

You first. Go shoot up a synongue. Show us how its done.

Ok, well, prepare with a relatively short time frame. Everybody should be asking all the realistic questions now of exactly what they, on an individual level, can contribute to a combat effort. A good guerrilla effort takes a LOT of intelligent effort and prep not to get crushed. That is why I arbitrarily tossed out the one year time frame, but something along those lines is probably where we should shoot. Obviously, nobody knows exactly how long until war, but I want to win. I want an ethnostate. Get out there and build networks carefully and prepare physically and mentally, and most importantly, THINK THROUGH, very coldly and realistically, exactly how this can be done. Channel your completely sensible and normal fury, which everybody with a brain should feel at insane 11 of 10 levels, into a focused effort right now to get a successful guerrilla army formed and functioning.

Optics are for pussy. Sucking off the system for approve didn't work. It won't work.

Ha. I can't tell if this guy is really just some govt psy op trying to force some type of Cville death for more crackdown on WNs or what, but the level of fury is certainly understandable. The young 'uns out there need to have the fury channeled into focused cold preparation. Cold fury.

This is Dylann Roof levels of stupidity

My eyes are rolling user.

Many of already are.

This much should be obvious at this point, and stating the obvious provides little insight. The rest equates to the same.

We've all heard that sort of rhetoric before, what we need is new approaches and … well, as another user put it, imagination.
Nobody is imaginative it seems, particularly those who are motivated towards and who are capable of the networking you describe. That's kind of the problem - there isn't much quality apparent in the networking that has and does transpire, and the approaches are rarely novel.
We need novelty. We need inspiration. There is a desperate need for a leader or organization that is able to go out there without making an ass of themselves, who isn't rife with skeletons in the closet, who isn't open to infiltration or subversion and who presents the situation in a novel manner.

I'm reminded of that speech by the Pope from that "The New Pope" show, which was rather shit, but in that one instance, contextually meaningful to this point.


His point was don't be Dylann Roof because it doesn't help.


Eye roll or not, I agree with your points.

I agree. I merely mean, because of the nature of militias specifically, it is easier for the public to be duped into support for certain types of actions.

My response is more in the vein of

But its going to take some imagination.

Trump is the one who implemented the travel ban, Trump is the one who cut border crossings by half, Trump is the one that is kicking MS13 out of the country in droves. Sorry, leftists have a motive for telling Trump's base to abandon him, and you are a fucking retard to play into that game if you aren't a leftist shilling this thread. Of course shills would seize on news like this, they always do, and it's always fucking incredibly see through to the point people in this thread were talking about how based Obama was and that we must convince as many people as possible not to vote. Wake the fuck up and get over your autism if you aren't a shill.

Prepping and Fed posting is less relevant than polarizing the society

If society polarizes along racial lines, or along lines that are a rough proxy for race, suddenly you'll find people who do this shit for a living essentially forced onto your side

We saw hints of this during the election and after Charlottesville.

Of course few would fight for 2018 Trump, but the fact remains that we can make enormous gains by increasing polarization, without doing anything illegal

You shills are such turds

If you're done prepping yourself (that means simple stuff–get off meds and cut booze, work out, whatever, learn about weapons and tactics, study history)–then talk to like-minded people. Pol is actually good for that. At least where I live, New York, there are some patriots, but mostly I'm in enemy territory surrounded by shitskins and kikes. I'd love to get out of here and organize elsewhere.

Agree. I think a lot of stuff has to be done simultaneously to be effective. Propaganda is very, very important simultaneously with organizing for military action.

How stupid are you to think that a man who hasn't done the shit he has promised like DACA or the wall or non-interventionism.

What mental gymnastics do you preform everyday? There are targets worth attacking and ones not.

Lead the way rambostein. Go shoot up goldman sacks. I look forward to reading of your heroism. Show us how its done.

Looking desperate there, Brock.

I agree with this. Just because Trump isn't screaming 14 88 kill all kikes niggers spics now doesn't mean he isn't taking very significant actions that can help us, we the people, to get to actual victory in the end, and not just walk into a meat grinder. That is why I say let Trump do his job, and in the meantime, we network and build an army of focused, pissed off dudes, ready to run a successful guerrilla campaign to bleed out this goddawful government and get our own country. It's time for an ethnostate in whatever form that takes and why whatever means necessary. Trump is a positive. Let him do his job WHILE we get ready for military action.

Which was easily made toothless.
Rhetoric, they've risen since, and Obongo deported nearly as many.
So long as 10+ million remain, so will MS13 - and Trump isn't making any real moves against that volume. Show some figures displaying Trump doing more than some conciliatory action in this vein, show me a 10% reduction - hell, show me a 1% reduction. You can't… Now, is that because he got fucked at every level (which he did, in all appearances) or… well, or because he knew he'd get fucked at every level, and every action was designed to appear one way while knowingly (on behalf of his admin) being another.
There is nothing outlandish, given what we know about how politics plays out, in the suggestion that Trump's moves were designed to present a public image while, behind the scenes, it was well-known that such pursuits would fail.

I'm desperate about the future of our people. With time on the clock and my eye on the score who won't want to make themselves heard.

Fucking this.
Really gets the ol' noggin joggin.

It would certainly be amusing to see Goldman kikes shitting themselves as some rando pissed off pol dude gives them death stare and pumps rounds into kikes.


In the meantime, let Trump do his job. He's a help, not a hindrance. But get ready for war.

Wouldn't it be smarter to quietly assassinate key figures over a short period of time via highly-planned and imaginatively conceived approaches to the outcome?
I'm not saying I support anything of the sort, mind you, merely questioning why you would use such an exaggerated scenario in your commentary.

I mean, I'm just saying, I'm sure the public would be ever so angry at, say, I dunno… a handsome White guy, or a few, maybe a veteran or two, who targetted corrupt Wallstreet execs in their mansions, or maybe some Jewish hardcore pornographers, instead of running into a public place and risking innocent lives like an idiot… Right?

Im sure you are chaim. The holohoax will be real this time.

Okay. Then what are you doing about it besides kvetch online about it? Better be as much or more than what Trump has accomplished in terms of shifting the overton window, growing the middle class and keeping migrants out.

Pretty sure Holla Forums had a major contribution in that capacity user.
Pretty sure you can't claim Trump alone did that.
I'm just sayin'.

Lead the charge, jonas wayneberg. Be the hero you want us to be

This right here, they were just a step in the right direction nothing more

Look, I was at that point literally a week ago. No joke. Sometimes I actually stay awake at night just being pissed at everything. I am not joking. Sometimes this shit is so infuriating–what they've done to this country–that I can't sleep.

Take that moxy and turn it into cold focus on being a soldier. Be a soldier mentally right now. There will be war, and it will be insanity, as war inherently is, and you need to get your mind ready for that. Get the skills you need. Supplies, too. Build the networks. Let's get this going.

Going out and killing a bunch of niggers or kikes won't fix it. I'd love to–believe me–but I want an ethnostate more than anything. Think about exactly THE most productive thing you can do and WHY. THINK through it. EXACTLY what can you do, in the coldest, most realistic, most logical sense, to contribute to the combat effort of what will probably be an insane, long-running, asymmetrical guerrilla war. Be the soldier mentally right now. We will have war. Don't be a dumbass. Use your brain. Like anything else in life–use your brain and approach things intelligently, and your odds of winning increase exponentially.

I asked you a question, I didn't make a statement.
I asked you why you'd use such a ridiculous example in your commentary.

And I asked you another question as well.
I'd be interested to hear your answer/s.

Because you insufferable blackpill kike shills always rant about how all is lost and violence is the only answer but balk when called on your bullshit. Its transparent and tiresome.

A series of targeted killings could be theoretically excellent. I think a key element in this parody scenario that I am not in any way encouraging would be doing a bunch of them. Using them for propaganda for maximum effect. Otherwise, kikes just label it lone nutjob. Devil's in the details of maximizing propaganda value. Again, brain is important here. I DO NOT ENCOURAGE ANY OF THIS. ALL THEORETICAL FOR ENTERTAINMENT DISCUSSION PERIOD

Transparent and tiresome, quite.

That doesn't really answer my question though.
I asked you why you'd use a ridiculous example, an overt exaggeration, in your commentary, and your response is "because you're a kike shill and i can see through you", which is about as hollow a response as one could imagine in this context. No teeth to it.
Its basically just you saying "this other person is a shill - i am not - and a kike - i am not - and everything they say is wrong - while what i say is right - and i am enlightened such that i can see through any of their deceptions to proclaim them a kike and a shill, neither of which i am"… And if that isn't some of the most tired and transparent bullshit one can imagine, I dunnow hat is.

I asked you another question. Why don't you go ahead and answer it. Spoiler: You don't want to, because unlike your overt exaggeration, that strawman you created, its not so easy to push the narrative that a group of trained handsome White war-veterans taking out people, whom the masses on all sides fucking despise, would warrant widespread and unanimous condemnation, certainly at least, not relative to that nifty strawman you made. I'm still interested in your answer.

As long as they are correctly understood as opening doors and exposing things, building public understanding, helping weaken a very asymmetrical balance of power, and not understood to mean war isn't necessary or coming. Trump should be given credit for what he's done and is continuing to do, and people relentlessly calling him a kike shill are full of it.

Since So many of you seem uninformed or clearly are here to simply shitpost I will tell you the part that you all seem so eager to know I play the educator since it seems this board has become unfamiliar with the Teachings of Rockwell, William Luther Pierce, and James Mason. I play

Ok, why aren't we hearing about your heroic actions as an anonymous robin hood meets judge character who has been taking out kike media and banking figures? Why must someone else do it, because all is lost and reasons? Why not you?
because your a blackpill kike shill trying to goad the goyim into getting crushed

This. The movies Boondock Saints (or even Taxi Driver) are sort of silly, but suppose you had a bunch of paramilitary people running targeted assassinations of all the garbage in this country? I don't advocate that either, and all of this is parody. But this kind of approach is precisely what professional organizations like CIA and Mossad have done for years to influence politics in other countries. Those fuckers know how shit works, and their approaches need to be studied. All parody here, obviously. I do not support this type of action whatsoever.

This is just a forum for ideas. No need to encourage anyone to do anything. But targeted assassinations are often very effective in asymmetrical warfare situations. We are just discussing ideas for entertainment purposes, and the idea, as a theoretical matter, is interesting for intellectual stimulation.

Sorry I'm at home now. I was on my laptop now on man computer

Im not encoursging shit. Im simply pointing out that if this is such a grand idea, why isnt he doing it? Why is this (violence) the only option to him? Why are the blackpills manifesting on this thread in particular? because demoralization and subsequent voter suppression worked in Alabama and its their go to play now

Kushner runs the White House.

The aut right has completely lost touch with reality.

Bannon is the Jew shill while based Trump floods the White House with Jews and shitlibs?

Trump has turned a lot of right wingers into full on Leftards, only a matter of time before they're celebrating based black men fucking their white daughters because of 5d chess or something.

I'll support Trump based on what he does, not on some complete delusion about what's going on like the aut right does.



Trump is a meanie - the tweet

This screams to me you are a shill, shit just got put in place by the supreme court and Trump doubled down and made it stronger than before
Total gaslighting, this is a fact. Also Obongo was in power for 8 years, and this is a leftist talking point I've heard on actual fake news, because you are a lefitst repeating leftist talking points.
Those ten gazillion sealed indictments spergs were squaking about was a huge move to take out MS13. Fuck off, shill.

I doubt he wrote that.

It’s the same as a claimed leak from right around when Bannon left, widely attributed to either Kushner or Don Jr.

^ CIA agent.

We must be realistic about Bannon. He's an arrogant Bannon-first-America-second guy. I was warning people about him before people even realized something was wrong.

Normally, the problem with kings, and presidents, is they are surrounded by suckups. I believe that the arrogance of Baby Boomers will prevent them from consistently enough kissing ass to keep their kike control scheme working.


Gas the kikes.

White ethnostate now.

back to /r/the_zionald

I. Told. You. So!

Nothing good will ever happen!

Ashes. Echoes.

no he didn't. He literally had to use a list made up by Obama, he's since removed sudan and iraq and added two non-muslims countries to water it down. he's also had to remove the Indefinite ban on Syrian refugees. The ban was shit to being with, it was never a muslim ban like he promised. he banned countries that rarely come to the US and had a hard time getting visas in the 1st place. He failed to ban countries that actually export terrorists. It was literally done to appease morons, and the media storm around it was a dream come true because he didn't need to even sell it because if the "libtard" media hate it then I guess it must be BASED!

You. Can't.

Go ahead and try. Watch what happens. Don't forget about Samson!

Siege is a shit. ZOG will simply nuke the world. All has always been lost. Loss. Is. Infinite.

Ashes. Echoes.

You can't win the war. As soon as the war starts, Samson Launches.

The blackpill is all there is. Nothing good can ever happen. The gods only made this world as a torture chamber for our souls.

Then go start one and post back here when you're done. Watch what happens.

Ashes. Echoes.

You. Hope. Too. Much.

You don't have that many. You can't even gather 1000 whites to fight your war.

Samson. Looms. Ever. Forward.

First, because I don't fit the bill m8. This is the propaganda ministry. The question was one of theoretical propagandistic value, of public response to a specific set of conditions. I don't meet those conditions.
Second, because… I never suggested anyone SHOULD do such a thing? I asked you what the response would be. You still didn't answer.

The implication that I'm suggesting 'violence is the only answer' is far from genuine.

I've offered advice, specifically in the vein of political ends.
Initially, I just asked, basically,
and you spazzed the fuck out m8, implying I suggested someone SHOULD perform such a ridiculous scenario. But I didn't. I merely implied public perception to one ridiculous scenario would be significantly different from another, similarly ridiculous, scenario, and asked you to assert the same.

This is so hollow user. Like those accusatory ploys mentioned previously.

Nothing but accusations.
Not a refutation in any way, shape or form.
Like fighting a hydra - you cut off the head without getting rid of the population that brings and supports it, you'll just have it back again soon enough. And do you even have proof that those indictments have anything to do with MS13?

Can someone explain this chess to a brainlet like myself?

Kike delusions.

Assad won against CIAnigger funded ISIS thanks to Russian backing and Trump shilling for the narrative of Assad being a literally Hitler who gasses little children wasn't a favour.
Want to try again?


Is the wall real yet? Or will it always be real in your mind?
Not that either variant will change the fact that you're on an irreversible course towards becoming a majority non-white nation. There were less deportations of illegals under Trump than Obama.




this such a shit talking point.

Based Kushner > nazi Banon, fellow magapedes :^)

Not yet tired of winning!

It's hard to pretend you're some jaded accelerationist, when you're still using election day memes where Trump is a WN saviour. At this rate, the jolt you are gonna get when he becomes one term is probably going to push you to the actual left in rage.

Siege is a shit and all that crap is going to get us is permanently shut down. Roofism is a dead end, and frankly so is electoral politics. I wish I knew how to get our people out of this, but I don't. I do however know that your 'solution' won't work.

What? Posting some images posted here before makes him a CIA agent? Are you calling Bannon a CIA agent? Both? I really hope you're not shuffling over your own work, like you do, IRL, because if there's one thing I come here for, it's to get away from your swamp gas WMD book depository bullshit.

Pity this user was banned, because he at least appeared to be a legitimate polak and not the usual hasbara kike shilling for ZOG that we normally get here

Thats nothing, he also has connections to Jeffrey Epstein and roy Cohn. He said Epstein is "a terrific guy" who "likes his women on the younger side" in a speech. How do you people not know this stuff? I'm sure you already know about Epstein, Cohn was the head of a pedo blackmail ring and the jewess he is with is ghislaine Maxwell a woman who's father was a pedo politician in the UK and she went on to work as a inbetween for Epstein's pedo ring.

There are also ties to meyer lansky and the jewish mafia.

Why would the Jewish owner and the Muslim mod of Holla Forums put a swastika in the page?

Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

Remove the Holla Forums mod
Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.

There is a war against Whites being currently waged. It's time to start fighting back.

White Nationalism is the cause of "White Genocide"
n0 1488

Everyone involved in this on the right is an idiot. This is just embarrassing.

You called someone a shill, you didn't 'call out' anything. Everything you post is nothing but an exaggeration or an accusation.

And you still didn't answer the fucking question, faggot.

Checked for the total absence of any argumentation.

Show me one goy businessman with >$10m net worth who isn't in tight with the Jews. Then explain why Jeb or Hillary weren't the Jews preferred choices. Unless the entire thing is just heeb infighting, in which case delinate how pedo heebs with Trump differ from the pedo heebs with Her.

Far too many people seem to take comfort that trump is playing n levels of dimensional chess, yet if they would recall that Jews are Jewing Jews to N^2 … They might humble themselves and not rest with victory so close within reach.

What if this were all snatched out of your fingers and you were instead flung into the intended future? Many of you dead and not a few tortured before their demise.

Don't stop now, cause payback afforded by a protracted engagement will be a mighty bitch.