memes and bans aside, do you still support trump?
He has been in office for quite some time did this and did that. Are you satisfied with his presidency? would you vote for him again?
What were the right moves he did and what were the wrong ones? Where do you think his presidency is heading?
Non americans please tell your opinion as well

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Still support Trump today


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We have a Bannon thread, no reason we can't have a Trump thread. This (((Wolff))) book with the incendiary quotes is a major happening imho. Trump/Bannon rift is giving new life to (((Muh Russia))) hopefully the last gasp.


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amazing responses so far

All I want from him is to buy enough time to further polarize the country enough to bring in actual Ideologically driven leadership and stem the tide of shitskins pouring in. When he does right I support him, when he doesn't then he gets my ire. I've always viewed him as a tool to accomplish limited goals. I'll just put it this way. If a tool stops preforming its function or does so badly, you don't cry about it, you get a better tool.

Non American here, Trump is a badass, he pisses off everyone, 9/11 would have a beer with.
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Trump was the best choice we had and he has a lot of the right enemies. That said his positions have always been malleable and he'll swing with popular sentiment, which is sort of the default position of a politician, and his kids are kikes. I support him as I always did, an imperfect means to get to the desired end.

Bannon's great sin was losing in AL, aside of course from his kikery. The 'rift' between the two is no deeper than that.


He is certainly better than anyone else that could have been elected. He has shifted the overton window to the right, rustled tons of jimmies, and provided us with tons of entertainment during the election.
My opinion of him is now neutral until I see what he ends up accomplishing in 2018. If the wall begins construction this year then I'd say hes doing a decent job, the tax cuts were certainly good for the economy.

Conservatism is a purely defensive position that resists the progressive opposition of the time in favor of the status quo until it succumbs to it's own opposition and rebrands itself as it's opposition many years in the future. Conservatism has historically lost to it's opposition again and again without exception. This has been seen since the rise of liberalism. Conservatism now isn't what it was 50 years ago, and 50 years ago it wasn't what it was 100 years ago. It's a cycle meant to be used as a convenient enemy to force regressive change by the (((other))) controlled opposition, the Democrats, who today are outright socialists.

The issue here is that both the Democrats and the Republicans cater to the economic man, measuring well being by ones finances. They're one in the same and neither are the solution. They must be destroyed. Trump is no exception. He is the economic man, and just because he is a hero to the economic man doesnt mean that he should be our hero. Our leader will be the spiritual man. Look for the spiritual man and root for him.

Trump is the best president we've ever had. Unless your retarded or super young, basically the same thing really, then there is no excuse to not support Trump and his agenda. Most haters probably related to these guys.

While I don't like Bannon, as an user on the ground I don't think he could've done much more on his end. There were three top factors leading to the lose of the election. In order of importance.

No one thought that he was going to be another Hitler, just that his victory would indicate that the press lost their influence and that right-wing views would become popular.

Never did to begin with. I'm just here to watch the US crash and burn while the big orange clown stammers helplessly.

Friendly reminder that if your answer to the OP's question is "no", you WILL be banned by kikefy and his zionist minions, so if you know what's good for you you'll write "yes" like a good fucking goyim.


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My support for him has not only grown but is enormous.

I love the way he is running things. And I live how it drives OP crazy

Only thing that is more satisfying than constant winning is shills losing their mind.
It is like cherry on top of the cake

I support him 100%. In my life time, I have never seen a world leader echo so many of my own views. I can split hairs and find differences, but I like to think the Rubashkin affair was a machiavellian power play to coerce kike controlled senators to getting onboard the tax bill.

>is prototyping the Wall which will never be torn down How the fuck will any future liberal president con the nation into spending billions of dollars to remove a wall that will only increase illegal immigration? Trick question there will never be a liberal president again, the Lolbergs have a better chance

He's not perfect but I'd take him over Shillary Cunton and the rest of the Cuckservatives any day.

That's a lie.

Trump is powering up…and so are we.
That is all you need to know

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In addition endless open society foundations screeching/shareblue/mediamatters/americanbridge is driving normies to our side. They are fucking tired of you )

he is a slave of the chosen people, there is no denying it

So I would say things are going not great, but STELLAR

I agree, but the horse he backed lost and that's really all that matters at the end of the day.

jesus I had heard Moore was a bad candidate but laziness and complacency are a death knell. see Hillary v Trump 2016

What does a gas chamber smell like, Chaim?

Everyone knew that Trump wouldn't be the next Hitler or something. I mean his daughter converted to judaism so yeah.
But he is a stepping stone and a good opportunity to redpill normie right wingers like at the donald.
So the question is: do you think it's time to go in the "next level" or not? If the answer is not. Then of course pol needs to support him still, he remains our best shot, for now.

mostly agree with this

wall going up, but, it will be paid for by a tax hike.
no more flights for brownies, well, unless you thought that saudis or afghanies were brown.
got a tax cut, tho, trump will save $25mil more than i will.
everything this guy does is a sham, so sad too, wouldve been nice to have those things done properly.

He was a good candidate policy and rhetoric wise. It's a little difficult to explain to someone unfamiliar with Alabama politics. He is very popular and maintains an active base of supporters. I believe this played a part in his downfall. Complacency. You nailed it. He thought he had the election sewn up and underestimated his enemies and the lengths they would go to. A deadly error.

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Pisses me the fuck off with his foreign policy – it's basically every neocon's wet dream. First intervention in Syria, then more soldiers to Afghanistan, then provoking Best Korea and Iran, constant diplomatic skirmishes with Russia… absolutely fucking disgusting.

On the other hand, his domestic policies seem to be pretty good. There's no wall yet, but ICE has been deporting beaners left and right, libshits are screeching autistically about sanctuary cities and Trump not supporting the gay agenda, and he even rejected some of the most kiked international deals.

Overall, about 5/10. Had his foreign policy not been absolute cancer, I'd even say 8/10. Will support him again next elections unless there's a better candidate, but I won't be happy doing it.

Good points.

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