BREAKING: Firefighters responding to a fire at Bill and Hillary Clinton's house in Chappaqua

BREAKING: Firefighters responding to a fire at Bill and Hillary Clinton's house in Chappaqua.

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Gotta burn all that evidence somehow.

It's fucking nothing. Turned out to be a small fire in the bedroom did Hillary's vibrator commit suicide? with no reported injuries.


Probably burning documents.

and set up the bonus victim target status…

A small bedroom fire isn't "nothing", especially not when it's the last day for the house intel committee to get their reports before mass arrests occur to get them.


We need to know if she is still wearing the (((boot)))

That was God asking Why We haven't brought the whore of babylon to Justice yet.

Gotta make sure they get rid of all that cp before the lightening comes down.



Lol they probably got overexcited)& drank whilst burning evidence, now it's Going to be Blatant to everyone what they were trying to do.
They're Fucked.



Mass arrests tomorrow then?

Does this have anything to do with it?



How do we know this for sure? Photos from the scene?

Get your head out of your ass son, nothing is what it seems especially news reports released shortly after a happening.

It *MIGHT* be nothing but who knows at this point?

Wish there was video tbh, she got fined a few years ago for kitchen and basement renovations that weren't sourced with a licensed contractor. After that case she bought the property next door.

I'm sure it was something innocent, like a satanic ritual that went out of control

tell me this is fake.

I believe the tweets are real, but I don't want to believe.

it is real

just wow, not even hiding it


It pains me to see my favorite vitamin salesman so distraught. Perhaps we should do something.


You can burn some very important shit with a very small fire.
But yeah I'm sure she just fell asleep with a cigarette in her hand nbd :^)

It's time

I'm not saying that they aren't involved in some seriously shady shit, but goddamnit I can't help but roll my eyes straight up to the back of my skull when ever these LARPing proto-emo autists get mentioned.

Chelsea Clinton's political career has to be over before it even truly started, right? No way any religious nigger is going to vote to a candidate that's friendly with the "Church of Satan"

you clearly overestimate niggers

Hispanics and Blacks hate satanism

I grew up around spics, behind the thin veneer of catholisism is a disgusting, diseased underbelly of Santeria and kike nigger voodoo.

You’re fucking retarded.

yeah you got voodoo and black metal but the majority of older populations of each ethnicity hate the devil

She always was a go-getter. She just wanted a head start.

Blacks and Hispanics with heavy Euro mixture detest Satanism, while pure breed spics and coons couldn't care less. Look at how MS13 conduct their ritualistic executions, or how Congo niggers will cannibalize their enemy tribes.

Yeah it seems like the illegals and african immigrants are more affixed to their satanic rituals. Hispanics that are here legally and american blacks, absolutely hate satanism and the devil. The foreign immigrants are those that still cling to their native beliefs


rip hillary

I'd assfuck young Hillary. Ass to mouth to pussy and repeat. Then reverse!

Daily reminder the Church of Satan is VERY kosher. (((Anton LeVey)))

I doubt she cares.

Hitler dubs confirm

Shit board, shit mods.

I may have had one or two thoughts about peeing in her butt in my youth.

What was the digging thread for 100, kikel?

fake af

Chelsea is literally a retard.


If dubs, she had a stroke and the fire engine was just for paramedics.

If get, they refused to save her.

Just burnin evidence. Usually it's bleachbit, smashing, or killing witnesses. Lots of threats to witnesses. Guess it's just regular old docs here.

Reminder that hundreds of officials and Congressmen are completely blackmailed by material taken since 2004 by the Awans and associates who are Pakistani ISI intel operatives and were hired with forged security clearances and expedited visas.

Reminder that Hillary had special access privilege (highest possible classification) material on her server seized after Benghazi. Reminder that is completely unlawful to possess such information, and she had no information whatsoever for doing so. Reminder that some of this information was (allegedly) highly classified navy satellite intel.

Reminder that Hillary and crew weren't just looking at this info for fun.

Reminder that Pakistan associates overtly with Taliban and Al Queda. Reminder that Pakistan is a nuclear power, and that nuclear material was diverted from Megatons to Megawatts per NRC records to an exchange in Dubai where it was then sent along to recipients including, at the very least, Iran (Hezbollah) and Pakistan (Taliban/Al Queda) and also, very likely but as of yet unclear, to North Korea. This presents exceedingly serious national security risk taht we will get nuked by rogue snakbar (actual, not fake ISIS) terrorists.

Reminder that this went on for many years, and probably as early as 2004 and as late as 2016 per NRC records and per the files found on the Hillary server. Reminder also that virtually every congressman and official responsible for oversight, including many members of the House Intel and Foreign Affairs committee, had every single file and email taken to Pakistan. The Pakistani government controls the highest echelons of our government, and the Pakistani government is effectively terrorists.

This implicates hundreds and hundreds of officials and is the worst treason we've seen of all time and calls into question the legitimacy of our federal government. IT ALSO involved other crimes, such as extensive human trafficking, drug trafficking, and gun running, but most significant is the complete, total sellout and blackmail of nearly our entire government at the the highest levels. This is the nightmare in which we live and not a novel. It is a not a LARP, it is not fake news, it is not theory. This is as real as it gets. Somehow, this info dribbles out slowly, but it's the worst crime we've seen in US history. We're done as a country.

In sum, Hillary burning a few documents ain't gonna change anything.

Best of luck in the coming civil war, gentlemen. Whites must unite now and form a cohesive fighting force. Now is the time to unite, form an ethnostate, and escape kike nigger shitskin degenerate treason that is the United States.

I meant to write "…and she had no reason whatsoever for doing so…"

SAP information is need-to-know. She literally had navy intel for no fucking reason. They were selling this shit to anyone and everyone…


I'm sure the insurance company will cover her losses.

Heiled. Nice bump

They can hang right next to her. What is her homeowners insurance company? I'll dig

Probably somewhat close to the truth by now. Doesn't even matter what they burn at this point.

NSA and JCOS know all.

Really wish Trump would just send a F-18 to drop a Mark 82 right on that house, although Westchester is nice and shouldn't be blown up. And the neighbors would complain about the jet engine roar breaking windows and setting off car alarms. Nevermind the kaboom of the Mk82

Maybe the Clintons need stay alive long enough to implicate our entire treasonous murderous pedo blackmailed amoral satanic government.

Wouldn't be surprising if it were some fucking insurance scam. The Clintons don't give a fuck and aren't above any criminal act, no matter how big or small. Any insurance company covering them probably accounts for expected fraud payout anyway

Guys, if she wipes her email servers with a cloth, how do you think she burns CDs?

But this thing is amost assuredly some idiotic fucking evidence destruction attempt. Maybe something to do with the server or the fucking maid they had print documents. Who knows. Basically the entire government is treasonous. Martial law has to come down and at least hundreds of high-level people have to be arrested, and then all the kikes and useful idiot socialists and all the niggers, spics, and miscellaneous trash who riot on command from the queen and shitbanger niggers like Holder need to be violently suppressed by the Marines. This needs to happen now or Americans…the patriotic ones anyway…are going to be quite pissed

Hey here's an unrelated link! These are fun for target shooting, hunting, and other lawful fun activities.

jewish barbeque


I would totally give her a nasty shit-festering vaginal infection lol

It's amusing that the "Strzok" internal spy ring McCabe was running with CIA assistance had far better security using iridium phones, so at least messages sent and received wouldn't be recoverable for admission in court.

These niggers assumed they'd just keep rigging every fucking election and winning and hide this treason forever since they employ Pakistanis and other extremist Muzzies who hate whites to watch the watchmen who watch the watchmen.

Trump is up against some very serious shit, and it's crazy how big his fucking balls are and how systematically he's going after these people. He's a fucking hero

Clearly what happened here is Chelsea's satanic ritual got a bit out of hand and one of the black candles above the sacrificial altar set the virgin's robes on fire. The usual.

Must of been a hell of a Demoncratic party

You scat-loving kikes don't need to announce your presence so brazenly, we can tell you apart anyway.

They're degenerate pieces of shit, one and all, and they need to go right along with the cabal, the useful idiots, and their shitskin minions who ruined this country. All of 'em. Enough


Begone THOT

With a match?

heild m'self

Top lel


Well, it looks like you're now confirmed as one of who knows how many, want that position! Congratulations and thank you for taking that burden off some of us! Have fun….

wtf twitter. com/ChelseaClinton/status/948294032593182720

I'm j/k mang. Never stuck my dick in a butthole. Never will.

This. Honestly you read his book he takes the whole first half to explain how they don’t actually believe in any entities, consider themselves humanists, and actually don’t allow the harming of children. He’s just a rebel, and watching videos of their ‘rituals’ you can tell that they’re made up of guys who got beat up in school doing stances against their bullies to try and feel better. LaVey loved that book Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard. I love it too. I really think that whatever our elites are doing is way different. Some Talmudic moloch worshipping shit. Like ((they)) really do believe in demons.

I hear she has an acidic cootch.

Not even surprised at the audacity.

More likely one of Billy's pizza prostitutes passed out with a cigar in her cunt.

When people aren't sure whether your house is on fire because you're trying to cover up treasonous crimes or because your candles tipped over while you were slicing up infants in the name of Satan, you might be a Clinton




Oh stop. Pakistan does not have the ability to control half of Congress to keep their assets employed in IT. Only Mossad can pull that off.

the fuhrer approves of those dubs


That aint nothing yet. Theres levels of fucking synchronicity going on right now that Im getting the feeling not many are noticing yet.


Definitely Mossad. Debbie Ramen-hair-Schultz employed them and she is one of the greasiest kikes there is. At the very least it was Paki Intelligence working on behalf of Mossad, but the odds they'd leave that big a job to fuckin muds are less than zero. As always, it was the damn kikes.

metatron cube

Jewslubcubes what's new faggot

Is this shit real or are (((christians))) doing "research" again, thereby mudding the waters of TRUTH?????

I really want to know.

See what I mean
. We need to purge Rabbi worship from our race


(((LaVey))) was a Kike, of the Synagogue of Satan.
Do your research.

real name Anthony aka Tony Levy.
his daughter runs his socalled "church" today
the big news is one of his proteges, Lt Col Michael A. Aquino - arguably highest ranking nsa offier and one creepy motherfucker

This. So much for her fulfilling her mother's dream of being the first president with vagina


how ya been? still trying to claim that yule and solus invicti are saturn worship, not sun worship, you schizoid dipshit?

Church of Satan was/ is cia black budget front co headed by both cia officer Lavey and anquino who was vietnam green beret / NSA advisor. There IS a yuuuge glow in the dark connect between Chelsea and the CoS

She was probably burning some offering at her altar to Moloch in her bedroom. The curtains caught on fire and here we are……..



I thought she does the sacrifices in the back yard?

>(((Levi's))) church of Satan
Just a bunch of LARPing jewish atheists.

You best believe that moloch worship isn't text book.

Moloch's having lunch it seems.

Moloch is notorious as a god of child sacrifice.
If it wasn't moloch, maybe you'd have a point.

But that particular god is fucking notorious for child sacrifice.

Funny you bring this up -
The greek titan Kronos was equivalent to Maloch and Saturn (Satan).
The greek god Zeus was equivalent to Baal and Jupiter, who locked Kronus in tatarus. Baal is often associated with Yahweh. He seems to be the precursor to the modern identity of the all prevalent god.

So remember when the book of revelations talk of a "synagogue of satan"? Well just look what we fucking discovered. The canaanite equivalent to Saturn that was banished by baal (yahweh).

That's fucked up ay.

Yes i know molach and child sacrifice go together like a fat cunt and maccas, i just havent heard of chicken = goy child code.
Care to provide infographs of kike cult code words for future reference?

Well that was one reference in itself, the god required child sacrifice, not chickens.
That and the homosexual community seem to use chickens as a turn they use for childrens.

Also, remember that South Park episode "chicken fucker" :^)

Didnt know the faggot "community" use chicken as child, but the south park episode is enough for me to have actual proof, you are right mate

Kike shill detected.

Paki ISI certainly has all the info. I'm not disagreeing, but nobody knows for sure how it came about except some in DoD.


Inb4 no-one died.
It would be a late Christmas present if both of them dropped dead.
I'm guessing that It's another case of
(((jewish lightning)))

Any bets as to whetheror not this has to do with impending wikileaks drop?

A small fire in the kitchen is nothing.
A fire in the bedroom is DNA evidence removal.


CoS is kikes being kikes VERY openly.

121 replies and not a single wreckage brother or bane reference. What happened to this place? sage for shame

I don't think her biological creator can even have dreams that posetively feature anyone but herself.

Checking the dubs of debauchery and sin.


Is this the Reichstag fire of our time? The Clinton fire? Or does that come later

it hurt being a rape victim in 2018
it'll hurt this year too if we don't see justice

Faggot speak contains a word called chicken-hawk which is an older male that goes after post pubescent boys, and is usually the initiator to the community for many faggots. Here's an extremely faggy explanation:

Saw a photo with only one firetruck. Is that normal?

checked for oddity

Only if you pre-book

(((Faulty wiring)))

What I want to know is, does she treat moloch as a joke, or does she actually live in perpetual fear of a god that consumes us and a need to sacrifice to keep him at bay.

Because, that's utterly fucking terrifying.
That is, she's sacrificing to protect all… not just her own back.

Of course consumption is a human construct so that's also unthinkable too :^)

The fact south park used it as a joke means it's probably a real issue. Trey and Matt seem to know a lot about deeper shit than most people.

They only worship the devil insomuch as to spit in the eye of the goycattle they've programmed with the (((christianity))) meme.

It is a false dichotomy that to be conservative you must be (((christian))), to be Atheist you must be a liberal race cuck. I believe that both (((god))) doesn't exist AND whites are the genetic and natural ubermensch!

They worship the devil to alienate the goycattle from following them. It's genius really, I would do the same thing too: scare all the little goykids into fearing the devil with your (((christianity))) horseshit, then you and your conspiracy take on the symbology of the devil in order to ward off the goycattle you don't want hanging out at the grove.

This is just karma I think. People getting pissed off at her and burning her house.

But I want to meme "moloch's retribution" because it's amusing people sacrifice shit that is going to die otherwise to a god.
Like… why the rush? It'll happen anyway..

This god makes no fucking sense.



ill check those digits but I only agree with about half of that

Are those firefighters now going to accidentally shoot themselves in the head 10 times after seeing what was burned?

I was just thinking about how small fire and satanic globlins murder rituals play are bigger role than just an mere dox burn.
Who were they summoning? Is this how they prepare for elections? Do many questions is what is bothering me , what do the boys in red know and who will ask them? cnn? Hmmmm

"Church of Satan" are a bunch of fedora's who go around and try to upset Christians, it's not actual satanists.

if I march around town shouting "SEIG HEIL SEIG HEIL MEIN FUHRER!!" would people say im a history buff trying to upset jews?

The Fire Ruses
The brave firefighters are already dead, sacrificed by satanic Jewish rituals, clones or skin crawlers have taken their place.

House Intel committee to get long-sought documents from DOJ on Fusion GPS, Nunes says

This is how it all went down if you watch vid related. Just replace paramedics with firefighters.

I want to see her break live oh mighty Kek

They are satanists

If I had to guess, they got in an argument… again.
And Bill lit up a cigar to piss her off… again.

The main reason for their cubic symbols is that Kikes are mega mineral autists, which are pretty much the only things in nature that can produce something perfectly cubic. That is why their names often end in Stein(Stone), Berg(Mountain), Silber(Silver) etc. They're obsessed with that shit, especially gold as you should know.

large nose detected

Lavey teaches sollipsistic ideology to young, impressionable, and weak children in order to make them slaves while selecting the most proficient ones to receive "the truth" as he guide's them up to higher echelons in society. He's know in a lot of political circles. Lavey satanism is literally a like scheme to weed out the next generation of kikelets while keeping the unwashed masses from learning too much.

It's irrelevant, the Bible specifically says to kill anyone you know is offering children as blood sacrifices to moloch or you'll suffer God's wrath.

One of the people with perhaps the best private collection of minerals in Barry Yampol, a billionaire Jew from New York with a background in finance of some sort. He has some of the world's greatest treasures squirreled away, including the world's greatest specimen, the Jonina, which he had airlifted from Brazil by a military aircraft. He paid several million for it but it would sell today for perhaps a hundred million. He's been hoarding the best of the best for decades and who knows if his specimens will ever see the light of day again.

Hardly suprising – it's built around one of (((their))) (de facto) gods.

Wow, you weren't kidding. Looks like a kike too, as usual. His wife's name is Lilith, obviously taken from a demon that originated in Jewish mysticism. This dude's a professional edgelord.

The greek god Zeus was equivalent to Baal and Jupiter, who locked Kronus in tatarus.
…Yeah, no. You're ignoring the books. Yahweh is directly differentiated from both Baal and Zeus/Jupiter in the scriptures.

Acts 14:8-18
>And they began calling Barnabas, Zeus, and Paul, Hermes, because he was the chief speaker.

Judges 2:11-13

See for a more thorough summary.

Whoops, meant to greentext that.

the reason their names are like that is because when they infiltrated the germans, they took up german names since their culture doesnt have last names. they made up names using german words. theyre basically joke names. "goldberg" is just german for gold mountain.

I'd try selling my soul to Satan too if I looked like her.

they dont. they want to kill you for spamming a board they use to share political info you d&c shill. go make your own board. call it social pol or something. stop shitting up this one.


William Jefferson Clinton, 70
42nd U.S. President
(Spouse: Hillary Rodham Clinton)
15 Old House Ln,
Chappaqua, NY

Chelsea Victoria Clinton, 36
Non-Profit Executive
(Spouse: Marc Mezvinsky)
21 East 26th Street, 4th Fl
New York, NY

I think that's a modern interpretation, largely combined with the intertwining of the Kabbalah in judaism. I still think the original god of judaism was largely relative that those gods, though now we obviously think of god/yahweh as a much larger concept such as the "Ayn Sof" or the "infinite/endless".
I think that also in the more modern parts of the torah the concept began to mutate.

Yahweh seemed to have an ever fluctuating interpretation over time.

What if we're not dealing with God here though..

The most underrated post in history.

Anton "Levey" was a kike. Levey = frenched variation of (((Levi))). The kikes scrub this off of wikipedia weekly. Over half of their temples are owned and operated by kikes.


Every once in a while, something comes along that proves the war on whites is real. Here it is.

My response: CHECK OUT THE NAMES OF THE TWO BASTARDS WHO WROTE THIS. THEY ARE LATINO. AND GUESS WHAT? IN MEXICO, VIRTUALLY THE ONLY PLACE MEXICANS BUY PRODUCE IS AT FARMERS MARKETS. There will be one in every small neighborhood every week, within walking distance. Talk about a couple hypocritical scamming lying pieces of destroy America sh*t!!!!

excellent point

Didn't want to make my own thread and saw the Clinton's filthy ass name here. I received an email about the "NON PARTISAN CLINTON SCHOOL OF PUBLIC SERVICE" what a fucking joke… it'd be a shame if someone spammed the fuck out of this email address