‘That leads us to war’: US, Israel & Saudi Arabia should tone down Iran rhetoric, says Macron

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Are freedumb fries back on the menu, boys?

Sure seems like it.

Look, Macron is an establishment shill, but he's mostly a sheltered oddball sperg who, like many sheltered oddball spergs, is capable of occasional bursts of common sense, even though he might not realize it pisses off his handlers.

A surprisingly complete list of people I hate.

That's an excellent explanation actually. Macron also has autistic tendencies.


Tragic. Part of me believes this comes as a result of him cucking to Shitlamists in his own country though. Kikes have the money and power in France but Abdullah and Hamza have the votes.

Qatar is also VERY present in France. Half of Paris belongs to them in one way or another.


wtf I love macron now

Airbus and Total have significant deals with Iran. Boeing is butthurt because they have to follow the (((DC))) lead.

He's not. He's simply was abused as a kid and is a literal puppet like the South Korea ex-pres, quite possibly of the same "7 goddess" sect (which is tied to Merkel).

Macron buys uppers from the internet while he bangs the now-grandma ara-ara milf he used to bang as a shota.
It's the grandma's fault, really. She should have let him off easy so he could have continued a fantastical hentai manga life instead of banging a grandma for the remainder of his adult years.
Poor bastard.

He'd probably be a divorced loser lawyer facing sexual harassment charges or apologizing on the internet for something if he married an elite libtard his own age.

Macon is a kike shill. That being said, I absolutely despise anybody and everybody shilling against the Iranian government. Call them sandniggers all you want, you'd be completely correct, they are one of the few truly based anti-kike governments in the world. Similar to Syria but much more powerful.

I still can't believe this guy married and fucked his fugly high school teacher and fathered his own former classmate.

Emperor Jupiter is objectively superior to (((Trump)))

Global report.



He's just worried about oil prices in the Jewropean Goonian. War in the ME is bad for oil costs.

nah, this is just a cheese-eating surrender monkey waving the white flag again. the fact that he's correct on this particular issue is purely secondary

When the Iran sanctions lifted with the Iran nuclear deal, lots of French and German (and EU in general) businessmen went and made deals as soon as possible as it was a new market ripe to milk.
This is just an EU leader looking out for EU businesses.

Any more info on this?
I'm interested…

Wow, does Israel control the United States or something?

Fuck off, kike.

>Macron made the remarks in a televised speech on Sunday evening, declaring that “we need to rediscover a (((European))) ambition, to rediscover a more sovereign, more united, more democratic, Europe because it is good for our people.”

>“I need for us, together, not to give way on anything, neither to nationalists nor to the skeptics,” he added.

>Among the 40-year-old president’s plans is a scheme to revamp the single currency bloc by introducing an EU finance minister, who would also oversee a eurozone budget and chair Eurogroup meetings.

>The European Commission last month set out proposals that chimed to a large extent with Macron’s ideas. They included transforming the eurozone’s bailout arm into a European Monetary Fund, which would help stem economic crises from spiraling out of control across the bloc.

>Both Macron and the Commission are also keen to create the post of a eurozone finance minister. But that idea has met resistance from other EU members. Germany is concerned that such a figure could wield too much power while Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte clashed with Macron at a summit in Brussels last month over France’s desire to speed up reform talks.

Kill yourself, commie kikes


Nah. His handlers don't want this to go down the way it looks like it could go down.
It's perfectly ok if Iran and SA stare at each other and buy military equipment while lowering oil prices to try to dig each other's ground beneath their feet.
If a war happens between them, Iraq and Kuwait will be drawn into it eventually due to being the only land bridge. And that means 3/4 of world oil supply.
Which means a gigantic oil spike.
Which means the world economy would go tumbling down. And since the Rothschilds own the world economy, that means unprofitable for them.

Being president doesn't make up for being married to a grandma.

His thoughts are just too complex for us to understand

Every time the economy shits itself, the Rothschilds use usury to buy more physical wealth like land. The best solution in a true economic crash is to simply kill every kike in sight, then drone the ones you can't see.

does anyone have the infograph with the links to the stat that Paris has 73% non white population

Every single person I believe should be put in a concentration camp.

Christianic Republic? Whats that?


Macron is a globalist lackey.
Fuck what he says

More power to Trump

Us? You're already at war with shitskins you stupid fuck. What we do isn't your business unless you're harboring the fuckers from justice.