Most authorities, however, agree on the following account...

Most authorities, however, agree on the following account. The whole of Egypt was once plagued by a wasting disease which caused bodily disfigurement. So pharaoh Bocchorisnote went to the oracle of Hammonnote to ask for a cure, and was told to purify his kingdom by expelling the victims to other lands, as they lay under a divine curse. Thus a multitude of sufferers was rounded up, herded together, and abandoned in the wilderness. Here the exiles tearfully resigned themselves to their fate. But one of them, who was called Moses, urged his companions not to wait passively for help from god or man, for both had deserted them: they should trust to their own initiative and to whatever guidance first helped them to extricate themselves from their present plight. They agreed, and started off at random into the unknown. But exhaustion set in, chiefly through lack of water, and the level plain was already strewn with the bodies of those who had collapsed and were at their last gasp when a herd of wild asses left their pasture and made for the spade of a wooded crag. Moses followed them and was able to bring to light a number of abundant channels of water whose presence he had deduced from a grassy patch of ground. This relieved their thirst. They traveled on for six days without a break, and on the seventh they expelled the previous inhabitants of Canaan, took over their lands and in them built a holy city and temple.

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Nothing will ever excuse them from the atrocities they've committed and continue to commit to this day. Nothing except a rope

Checked. And this actually kinda makes sense of why and ancient Egyptian frog god is our benefactor in the war against the kikes. These mongrels were cursed by the gods for who knows what shit they stirred up, and have looked to exterminate the race whom are their betters as sacrifice to their ancient titan god which consumes the blood of innocents and jealously hoards power. Any user's can confirm this? I've never heard of this translation and I cannot into Roman/Greek runes. I would like to know more so we can research this in more depth. If we find out how they connected to this abomination of an god, we could clear the path to re-apply their original curse across their entire fucking race again and strip them of any 'magic' they lay claim to. The majority of Titans hated humans anyway so it would make sense they desire our extermination, and our shitskinn cousins actually match up well to the original clay man toys of old, while those whom embraced the light/fire of the gods became humans.

We have gone this far, we should keep going. No reason we cannot advance in new ways and finish them forever. It is time for them to pay in every damned way imaginable for their endless lists of crimes.

So pointing out the contradiction using the Bible will be unallowed in this discussion, am I correct in this?
Read your scriptures my friend.


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I see the brainlets have arrived.

Moses was led to the promised land by God and rightfully destroyed the Canaanites. Literally reading Tacitus he gives multiples origins of the Hebrews. Even he is not sure, and then pulls the wonderful line of "well a lot of people say this so it must be true" out of nowhere and interjects it into his analysis. We are better off using earlier scholarly resources. Tacitus was most likely influenced by opinions of the Jews at the time, decades after the destruction of the second temple. Romans rarely speak well of outsiders as you should know.

Perhaps it would be possible to unchain Prometheus.

Prometheus was unchained a while ago

I'm rather poorly informed on the ancient history of these things, but aren't modern kikes somehow separate from ancient Hebrews? I recall reading a number of posts saying that what we call jews are a separate group (Philistines?) which essentially stole the name and religion to use as a cover for their schemes.

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I'm a Catholic fag False-Pope Francis is a Heretic and therefore not head of the church Show us the contradiction; quote chapter and verse. I'm mainly curious of what kind of disease Tacitus is talking about AND more importantly, the timeline….

According to wiki
the named pharaoh reigned 725-720 BC. Only five years. There is evidence for the Kingdom of Judea existing into 800 BC.

Although it doesn't help that the Jews DO NOT NAME the Pharaoh….

Just a point on tacitus.

As a source, he is very questionable on matters regarding areas he was not posted to. He writes in the most archaic, pretentious and impossible to read Latin I've ever read. He is genuinely saved for the last part of post graduate latin study because of this.

His book on Germania is very poorly translated into English. It is really sad though because it provides extraordinary insight into the germanic peoples of the ancient world.

Translating his work into English is extremely difficult and should always be regarded with care. His commentary on them is probably not that far from accurate, but we have to trust the jewish source Josephus for much more accurate history.

That was not towards you. The esoteric/kek type reject the Bible vehemently. It's a trait of those influenced by demonic influences.

I currently don't have my Bible or the time (shitposting at work) but it's very easy to recall. Moses, wanting to be free from Egyptian subjugation left of his own will, along with the rest of the Hebrews. Showing the superiority of God in multiple situations he fled. Then we have the Baal thing and 40 years of wandering.

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Yes but didn't they alter their worship from that ram god (moloch/kronus/saturn) to Baal like they originally worshipped (Zeus/Jupiter, though some claim Baal is Set(h))? I thought the king of Judah decreed to ban the maloch worship and worship the true god yahweh or whatever.. I think I need to refresh my memory on that though.

It's amazing how all this is just coming out of the woodwork a bit now that people are curious in what our origins are.

Also at [5]:
kek, not anymore..

Thank the literal mongoloid khazars for that one. Khazars raped everyone with impunity until they were finally put down. I don't know how "Arab" Jews the ones who stayed in the Middle East acted though.

So would that mean some sects of Judaism changed over time?
Another thing, take Tacticus's reports with salt, the Romans have a bad habit of reporting anything not Roman as "the epitome of everything opposite to what is Roman". That includes their reports on Gauls, Germans and any place they conquered aside from Greece.

I mean think about it, that gives them a massive means to expand and conquer others.

By analyzing their origins we'll learn how to eradicate their kind.

I always found that weird.
Surely you would remember the "great dictator that genocided millions of your kind", like they do today with Hitler.