Israel offers to pay African migrants to leave, threatens jail

OY VEY GET OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

diversity for israel!

diversity for everyone, except for israel

open gates

uhhhh, I think this is being slid now, like hard. really hard.

Holy shit it's being slid really hard this is fucking hilarious

Hey Holla Forums just for (((the record))) I know we have many high quality threads going at the moment and I don't mean to distract with this. It's cool if you bookmark the thread and view laters, it's worth a laugh. anyway just go ahead and do your thing with the other more important threads for now, I understand.

I'm starting to think the mods are actually jew shills, they are even nuking quality threads about bannon being a fucking kike. They nuked the only thread javing good discussion on him and leave up the threads no one is using. And now we are getting that and thit like this slid, wtf are you kike mods doing??

like most people on Holla Forums I don't approve of the mods or board owners style of doing everything. I hope Holla Forums can keep doing good though.

Most of us have already left for greener pastures. There are much better imageboards out there. I'm just here to watch it all burn. Fuck kike mods.

What boards?

If you know any Holla Forumsacks personally (or in other online circles), ask around. Not linking that shit here. No way.

It’s almost like white nationalism’s model is based off of Israel/Zionism.

Jews want a homogenous ethnic state for their own people and culture to live in. No sensible ethno-nationalist hates them for that, it is one of the few things kikes have in common with WNs. True ethno-nationalists of ANY race hate kikes because they meddle in the affairs of every single culture and people, to serve their own benefits. If they fucked off and stayed in their desert there would be no reason to care about them. As of right now they are much too deeply embedded in the elite social and political classes of every single European country. That is why we need an actual Holocaust.

It’s almost like “nationalism” is a term that has meaning to describe: “Devotion to the interests or culture of one's nation.” Kill yourself, you D&C kike nigger.

It’s not, but keep sucking yiddish cock, I guess. On some other website. Reported.

Sadly I don't. I just want to find the "free" internet. Guess I'll have to look around. I thought Holla Forums was the place to go to get unkiked but I see now it just isn't.

Is it one of the one's kikey screeches about and accuses posters of coming from?

slow chans are best chans. the less users, the less reason for companies like Share Blue and Applied Memetics to try and change the discourse going on. A board gaining popularity always results in a swift death of board culture. That isn't unique to Holla Forums. Chanology killed 4cuck, and now the election has killed 8cuck. It was going down the tubes before the election, but the massive influx of traffic the election brought was certainly the killing blow.

Because there is already a thread douchebag.

I understand why you wouldn't link it here but I guess I'm fucked because I have no lifeboat off this sinking ship. I have no fucking clue where to find the better Holla Forums all the Holla Forumss I know are totally cucked and run by the same people for all I know like endchan/vichan etc.

we cannot allow them to train us to stay small. it's exactly what they want.

yea get fucked shill

Not really. The purpose of Holla Forums isn't really to be a mass distributor of redpills to normalfags. It's for people who are already a part of the board culture, and already redpilled, to discuss, and organize IRL activism. If we flood ourselves with retarded people who have never lurked before, we will lose everything that makes us unique. Holla Forums is not a platform to bring new people into the fold.

Just enough money to get to Germany

Isn't this story being talked almost every month? There were sterilization, paying them to go to Europe, bringing higher taxes to them, throwing them out for the smallest crime etc.

most boards that still use the moniker "Holla Forums" have been compromised. if you remember where we came from, find boards with the original name on slow chans. that is where we are now

this must be a kike diversion, I've checked /new/ in every chan besides some of the spic ones, and there's nothing

don't intentionally misunderstand me.

and you're wrong because Holla Forums does to some extent redpill newfags or the rest of the USA wouldn't have woken up and voted trump in.

severe thread sliding

Shit, this got slid hard.

Anti-kike bump

i think we had this thread before
but a chance to dump is fine too


Come on goyim Israel is too small and unlike you, we have true sovereignty. If you're worried about the Africans we'll ship them straight to you deal? They're already on the way.

I wonder why nobody has put a btc bounty out on dead jews.

I bet they thought those niggers would work 70 hours per week for nothing without even bathroom breaks like based Mexicans.

Le FBI face

Perhaps the merchant worshipping cuckservatives can follow the immigration/nationalist policies of their idols.

Mexicans are some sort of uber-goyim on steroids. Niggers just can't compare. Stay jelly, Israeli chosen.

Niggers for thee, but not for me. Classic kike move. Like all the Rabbis that advocate for race-mixing and immigration in the west, but then kvetch over israeli-palestinian mixing and letting in African Jews.


Would it be possible to D/C blackcube Jews and Israeli nationalists and get them to support British Nationalism and call off the royal nigger wedding?

Would a deal like,
You support British Nationalism
We'll support Israeli Nationalism
Is such a thing a possibility?

Israel and the diaspora created the problems we face, and now they're trying to provide the answers. This is what Jews do, user. It's just b8. There is nothing correct about Israel.

fuck off. better idea, convince all jews to return to israel for some national celebration then nuke it

what is $3,500 in nigger? that's like a full retirement, no?

A one way ticket to Swedistan.

Is that a some fapping going on in the corner ?

Ethnostate for me and not for ye. I never understood why this hypocrisy isn't highlighted more often.

Just book his flight to Rwanda, he won't notice until he leaves "Malmö" and somehow the rest of "Sweden" looks off.

I won't die before I see Israel glassed. God fucking damn that cursed patch of desert and every single kike in it.

All those beautiful headlines. This is how America will be like after Trump snaps and declares martial law.



In other words… Holla Forums is Israel (sorry), and the new users are the leaching niggers.

This only works when msm goes along to help manufacture consent for pre-approved jewry. The only way to get out of this mess is war after the next financial crisis. Without new recruits, we lose.