State Department to Launch Social Media Strategy to Support Iran Protests

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Good fucking question you filthy kike rats.

It’s almost like they lack the most basic sense of self awareness. It’s hard for me be so dumbfounded that I lack words, but this really got me.

Yeah, it's funny how they have no problem with social media sites clamping down on everyone even remotely to the right of Stalin here in the US. It's also apparently also OK when the German government does it to their people.



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White Nationalists are banned from Social Media in the West. Why the fuck should we care about Iran's freedom of speech when we don't have any ourselves?

My issue with this is as follows:
what the fuck is "democracy & freedom"? I'm damn sure those aren't good things based off of what we've seen in previous attempts to "spread democracy". Even if that religion shouldn't exist in Iran, how do we know these protests are natural (i.e. not us attempting to insurrect)?
Anyways, always remember, anti-Isreal doesn't mean friend, but it does mean better than those wh are pro-Isreal.

So you weren't free to post that? Am I allowed to post hebe prayers on your house? It isn't the government telling you you can't talk shit in the USA at least
Free speech applies only to the government making rules and penalizing people legally for expressing themselves.
I have plenty of free speech. I can and do talk shit about kikes all day long. My mother is fucking sick of hearing about me bitching about the kikes (she knows and she can't do anything about it and is wallowing in boomer misery), the locals at the Eagles all grouse along with me about the kikes, even our county clerk bitching about kikes.
Your speech is freer than you think unless you live under a pisslam dictator like Merkel.

Because it benefits our greatest ally, goyim. White people can wait, sweetie.

Well isn't that nice. It's as if a (((plan))) ready for execution/deployment for a number of years suddenly got activated. It would seem Iran, Syria & Irak are getting a bit too friendly for the kikes. Not to mention Russia is also gaining too much influence in the region.

Just a small reminder - Iran was previously sent a message for their role in Syria:
Iran response:
>2017-06-18 - Ballistic missile attack on (((IS)))
>Iran attacked (((IS))) positions in Syria using Zolfaghar ballistic missiles with a range of 650-700KMs fired from Kermanshah and Iranian Kurdistan.

Hmm very good question indeed. Have they asked Merkel why she clamps down on social media in Germany?

Foreign intelligence sites are now "legitimate forms of communication", fucking kek.


Germany could sure use some revolutionary influence like that

Your circumcision is showing sholomo.


Good question!

is this what the retards actually believe or is this what they want the average pleb to believe?

Considering parts of Iran could be mistaken for the USA in the 60's and 70's before the Religion of Cuck™ic Revolution, it's possibly genuine. I'm sure there are still people who remember or grew up being told what life was like before the Mohomo Mobile showed up.

The surest way to spot a kiked-up boomer who listens to nigger music 24-7 is this talking point right here.

Or you could work for your paycheck for once in your "Online Influencer" career and have an argument against the evidence. What a waste of trips.


Feel free to start arguing at any time and put forward clear and reasonable points as to why there's no way this revolution even has a chance of being organic when Iran has a fairly recent history of being the exact opposite of the Religion of Cuck.

And why so nervous? You're starting to glow in the dark.

It isn't organic. It's already been rolled.
No, that would be the agitators sitting in jail cells right now.

I said "clear" and "reasonable." Not "autism." Try again.

I'll just filter you instead.
>If you don't support CIA color revolutions on behalf of (((Western))) finance capital, you're the CIA shill!

Still waiting for the counter evidence, buddy. And I'll be waiting for a long time, because you don't have any.

I'll take religious radicalism over hippie faggotry any day of the week


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Go! Team Israel!

Everything about this screams Kushner.

No one here is free to post any criticism of Trump, ZOG or any of the kosher clowns being pushed on here,on Holla Forums.
No one can criticize jewry in the West or they face the wrath of all the nations that ZOG controls, like Britain, America, France, Germany etc, who then call for the overthrow of said nation critical of ZOG.

Weirdly Iran has more freedom to criticise ZOG
than Holla Forums does now

Fuck Iran though, Obama the Muslim did his best to help them out. If we fuck with them that’s fine by me. I want to see the Middle East consumed by nuclear hellfire.

These are the obungo holdovers, and Trump should fucking do something about it.


this is some lolberg tier mental functioning.

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this word has been thrown around a lot lately and Im getting the distinct feeling that it is a shill tactic trying to pave the way for the possibility of non-evil kikes existing.

Pro-tip: all kikes are evil. All mischlings are the spawn of evil. No such thing as a good semite.

(((Regime change)))

I'm pretty sure an important prerequisite for a successful psyop is people not knowing that it is a psyop. But what do I know, I'm just a meme magician summoning chaos gods to start the race war.

Feminism is cancer. They're lucky Iran put a stop to it and made those sluts behave.

Honestly they need to have a isolationist policy to keep themselves out of the foreigner matters.