Swedish Elections

Evening infini. I'm a tourist from halfchan, we're starting a campaign to try and get the leftists out of power in Sweden.
Stop by if you'd like to help, or you can set up your own over here (i'm not going to pretend i've lurked enough to comment here, let alone start a campaign). If you do, though, could you come over and let us know what to search for? thanks.
Have a good evening.

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My, OP that would be a great idea if you had just made the thread about that, not linking to 1/2chan. And election is in September.

Cmon, guys Sweden is the unholiest bastion of leftism whence the worst of influence on the entire continent takes place.
Sweden needs to be dealt with.

Never post here again. We don’t care about your kikery. Elections don’t exist in Europe and haven’t in 73 years.

fuck off with your blackpills

And how long had it been since America had a proper election?
The veneer is all we need to catch them off-guard.

Truth is not a blackpill, you fucking kike. Go back to cuckchan and suck cock there. If you didn’t leave in 2014, you’re not the kind of person we want here.

1913 for the Senate; 1960 for elections overall.
OH BOY! I can’t wait to hear your plan to catch off guard the people WHO OWN ALL THE FUCKING VOTING MACHINES AND THE COURT SYSTEM.


Same way we did with Trump. Except we're not going to consider our job finished when we win.
We already know the SD isn't perfect, but they're willing to cut back on immigration and buy sweden time they don't currently have. If they go back on that, and when they go back on other policies, the election process will have produced enough redpilled svens to feel betrayed enough to change things by other means.
Sorry to interrupt your fart-huffing, m'lord. Clearly you're enlightened enough to know that effort will never acheive anything, and the white race should just accept it's fate and bend over.
Leave it up to the ignorant to fight back for you.

Good, it's better to work early rather than late. Especially with such a mess as Sweden, 9 months isn't long in political terms. The anons here have been getting lazy anyway.

I was thinking of an SD pre-elections hype campaign.
Where could we get help, iyo?


Go back to halfchan or kill yourself.

I can't stand subhumans that create this kind of imaginary obstacles for themselves. I worked as a voting official a few years back and confirm that the numbers reported from our voting station were correct. As long as the votes are not counted by machines, Sweden should be fine.

What the fuck are you smoking.

I fucking counted the votes myself. People like you are making excuses for giving up before trying anything. In this case you are too lazy to get off your ass once every forth year.

Just fucking get out, you pathetic shill. is this the best you can do?

So you don't have an argument and have to misquote me.

I sat behind the voting box all day. I later carried that voting box into the counting room and emptied the ballots on a large table. I then spent all night counting the ballots with a bunch of other people. This took us all night, and we had to count them several times. The number we reported were the exact same as the number in the official voting report the day after. I can guarantee you that there were absolutely no voting fraud at my voting station.

If you care so much about voting fraud you should apply for a job as a voting official yourself, but you won't do anything that requires work.

Sweden suddenly looks a lot better

I find it funny that the guy trying to discourage us from voting is calling the optimistic guy a shill.

Voting doesn't do any harm even if you actually think its rigged.

The only kike shill here is you.

Reported. Commit suicide, you cocksucking piece of jewish shit. You’re completely illiterate and were blown the fuck out. VOTER FRAUD IS REAL. WE ALL KNOW IT. NOTHING YOU LIE ABOUT WILL EVER CHANGE OBJECTIVE FACT.

Global report. How many of you shills are there? Or are you just as autistic as we are and post here 24/7? You out yourself instantly every single time you post. Every FUCKING time. It’s the opposite of effective.

Daily reminder that fear is their strongest weapon. Trump and Brexit proved their blackpilling wrong

And yet voter fraud is proven true.

When those dubs provide a solution

Hmm on another note is it at all possible to meme to swedes that their country is shattered into a million pieces but now is the time to build it like an ikea furniture set?

Is it also possible to meme videos of the riots and crime accross social media?


The socialist actually lost last election
but the "opposition" just handed the power over to them anyway - minority rule
This is called the December agreement
This entry is not translated (!) so you will have to use goggle translate.

Sweden is a 1 party state and the voting is just for show.

I hope you take time to read books. Haha!