The Adolfcoin website ( was shut down today, shortly after the release of the GUI wallet with no warning

The Adolfcoin website ( was shut down today, shortly after the release of the GUI wallet with no warning.

Other urls found in this thread:

What the hell is it, anyway?

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Wew lads what the fuck?
Was there any special technology behind Adolf Coins or was it just a meme coin?

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"Yeah fuck that other currency, I'm gonna use actual kike currency instead"

I don't even buy into the bitcoin meme, and that's how you sound to me. Faggot.

Asian communism has fuckall to do with Marxist retardation. The only time it had anything to do with it was under Mao.

Basically trying to make a crypto resilient to shitminers (speculators aka kikes). Low emission rate (over a period of 1000 years), miners with a high hash rate kicked out, etc.

Sounds interesting. Is there any way to still get the wallet and mine it?

Anyone who said "And?" like that is a faggot/kike/faggot kike. I've seen dozens of screenshots of tweets like that from rainbow-hairs.

It seems the DNS records were (((taken down))), but the server itself still works, and can be accessed if you add the IP to your hosts file.
Windows binaries:

Issue tracker (bug reports):

Gee, the german government issued a takedown because NAZIS and it can be accessed in Germany. Time to start blocking all german IPs for their protection.
Also, fuck your kikecoins.

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you could also just put the IP in your address bar ?

Nope, you get redirected to the forum address.


LOL This is that septic faggot baked alaska's project??

Yawn. We don’t fall for fiat here.

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You can enable mining under the "Advanced" tab.
Currently I have about %10 the hash power, and I am CPU mining. Block reward is currently ~3.8

We’re not buying it, shlomo.

i mine on my server as well as using a JS script to mine using my website visitors CPUs

Is this on any exchanges?

not yet, i think exchange listing will coincide with the launch of adolfs anonymous marketplace, but im not too sure

the blockchain just became immutable with the release of the gui wallet, they are working up to it

I meant 1%.

No, and steps have been taken to prevent it. If you want Adolfs, mine or sell stuff for it.

I thought cryptocurrencies were supposed to be completely untraceable, impossible to ban even by governments?

it's all bullshit

HAH gute idee! I was wondering why they were saying he keeps getting called a nazi while skimming the /cow/ thread

lol bitcoin was invented by state sponsors and designed to be completely traceable and public record

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Adolfcoin is anonymous by default, unlike bitcoin.
The P2P network of the miners is still running, and can't realistically be stopped, it's just the website (or more precisely, the DNS records that allow your web browser to access it) that has been taken down.

Haha, no.
Gold is not better.
Do you have the means to get gold?

This is the one crypto that must be used as actual currency and cannot be used for speculation; who's going to put adolfcoin on an exchange?

I'll take 4, payment incoming. You got any soap?
Transaction ID 529c82003975f685eef661422bdcde6a5f07ce0e4086ac514dcd2c0be9c4ad79

I had about 22k coins before the last fork. I'm almost back up to 8k. I do it just for fun. I'm mining on my old HP gen 6 server, working pretty well. It's my VM host, but I don't use much processor, so I have a VM running that just mines Adolfs. Work shall set you free.


You could have had them carried over, there is a thread about it in the Fuhrerbunker.

Where do you live that you can not buy gold?

No shit, shylock, it's a distributed ledger. If you thought it was anonymous in the first place then suck gas for getting your news from Forbes and Vice.

Just curious, how long does it take to mine a block?

How many coins do you get per hour at what hashrate? I just started on my old shit machine and am trying to determine how much Hitler I can expect.

That question has no easy answer, because it depends on what crypto, how it is programmed, what difficulty it is at based on total network hashrate, what hardware you are mining on, and if you are in a mining pool.

I could buy a Bitcoin ASIC and mine in a large pool, we would find a block every few minutes and I would get my tiny share of the reward. Or I could solo mine and hope I get a block in the next 10 years on my own, and get the entire reward from it. So on and so forth.

We're talking specifically about Adolfcoin, which is designed to prevent ASIC mining.

I checked the bunker thread multiple times after the fork, but I never saw anything definite for transferring the coins over from the previous fork. How do you do it?

My hash rate is like ~360. I'm throwing like 8 3.2ghz cores at it, if that gives you an idea. As far as how many coins an hour, it's hard to say, maybe like 30 - 40 an hour? Just fire it up and start mining. Send me your wallet address, I'll send you some Adolf's to get you started! I just mine it because it's fun, might as well spread it around. I thought it would be fun if it caught on to gift anons who make quality posts, just to get the Adolfs moving.

If you're feeling generous, send 1.488 Adolfs to Rku6rkWn5DKX6fzW6FqhgDA2tGcMZdqyC1trzwftXsfn6fNa6QtjqU5FsbivytPFNU4JcCgk8eBriVdNudf9PyJb1mL4yKRma just so I know it's working.

Transfer incoming, 14.88 brother. The fire rises.

Transaction ID b9b671bb37958dce708ee686539f1f3e00bf363dffef813fc8b7460f5d330f7a

Does addycoin have a board here yet? It really should if not, great for shit like this.

Heiled! Thank you brother. I will spend them wisely.

For Adolfcoin, on a fairly antiquated dual core processor, I get a handful of blocks every day.

I'd love some Adolf.


Okay, this is weird. I had the transaction show up in my pending transactions, but my balance still shows zero. Does this take time or what am I doing wrong?

I'm unsure of how this is suppose to work. If you start mining and find a block, will it automatically go to your wallet? Do you have to configure anything or does it just automatically work?

Don't know if it's still a possibility.

The transaction disappeared as well.

He mentioned being able to move coins from mainnet and neugrundung wallets in a more recent thread, forget which one. Said he was working on the marketplace more but that coin transfers were still coming.

Yes. Yes, all you have to do is enable mining (Click START MINNING) in the "ADVANCED" tab, but do set the number of cores you want it to use, otherwise it will only use one.

Transaction incoming, 14.88. Praise kek

Transaction id 26208b35fbf9afe8e9f12352a57757508f03123decbe90680bb85b3d4240df66

You may have to type 'refresh' at the wallet cli. Also, it will probably show up under unlocked balanced, as it takes so many blocks for the transaction to be finalized.

How did you go about it? You can start the adolfcore with a –start-mining and a wallet address. I'm not 100% sure if you are in the wallet CLI and tell it to start mining, if it knows which wallet to send it to, but I believe it does. I think confirmed this.

I clicked on the start mining button in the wallet.


(wasted trips grudgingly checked)
How can you not get gold? In any vaguely developed country you can simply buy it from dealers with the local currency or USD. In anywhere really fucked up you can get your hands on gold as long as you have something of value to trade for it.

Do you live on an Antarctic base or something?

Thanks for the info. I wasn't around during the original fork, so the process is new to me. I asked in the IRC, they said it should still be possible, but not sure how to contact the fuhrer now, since the site is down.

That should work for you. I'm not familiar with the GUI wallet, I'm still using the CLI. Sounds like confirms it should work.


Okay, I'm stumped.

My GUI still showed 0 balance, so I tried using the CLI.

Still 0 balance. The transaction you sent me has disappeared.

Mining hasn't gotten me anything either, although it did mention a block at one point.

The fuck am I doing wrong?

Reimport your wallet with your seed words and this will correct itself, it's a known bug atm.

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You can edit your hosts file to include this line and the forum will work:

meant for

Can anybody confirm that the GUI wallet's default settings has successfully mined them blocks so far?

Can confirm both of these.

Reminder that the entire point of this crypto is to be an actual currency and not a speculative commodity.

So you've mined 5 blocks?

This guy is correct, I forgot all about this. When you created your wallet, hopefully you saved / wrote down those random words that it generated. You need those to re-import the wallet you created, then you balance and mining rewards will appear. I'm not sure how to do it through the GUI. Through the CLI, use the –restore-deterministic-wallet switch and it will prompt for the recovery words and prompt for a new wallet file.

Checked, and thank you kind user.

Any anons who post their wallet address, I'll transfer some adolfs to you.

He has mined one block and received a gift of 14.88 Adolfs


Would appreciate some Adolfs.

On the GUI, in the "SETTINGS" tab, at the top under "Manage wallet", click "Close wallet". After thatr it's self explanatory:
You will get the intro wizard, after choosing a language, click on the middle option with the cloud, input the seed words, voila.

I'm pretty sure I tried that, actually. The only thing that worked was deleting my wallet file out of the adolfcoin folder, then doing what you just said.

Transfer incoming, 14.88. Heil and praise kek.

Transaction ID 549721dcc903efa1e9ff57050fffcbf40ba8c0bcff8c9025cb4d80d164739914

When you did that, it should have prompted you to create a new wallet file, correct? After that, when you loaded the new wallet file back up, what happened?


so what do I have to make X posts in their fucking forum or something or else risk my coins being deleted?

I don't remember exactly how the failed attempt went. I think I just put in the keys again and it detected that the wallet was already there. On the successful one, I'd put in my keys, created another password for the wallet, and after it reconnected, it started right up and showed my balance. Didn't need to re-download the blockchain.

So it's working then? Do you have a balance?


A new blockchain has been created because a shitminer mined a lot with Amazon servers on the old one. Before it is set in stone, the blocks you had in the previous one can be added ("pre-mined") to the new one, as long as you were not shitmining. This only applies to old users.
On the new version of the software running the new chain, it's much harder to be a shitminer.
If you are a shitminer, you get put in a blacklist, nobody will "peer" with your miner, so you will effectively mine in your own fork of the blockchain. The idea is not to let any single user mine more than his fair share, so that there is an even wealth distribution, vs how a few big players monopolize mining in Bitcoin and other altcoins.

Is there a tutorial for autists on how to install the wallet and mine this thing?

Download this zip file, extract it wherever the fuck you want:

Then do this:

Remember to lurk the forum:

Either edit your hosts file (google how to do it) or wait until the DNS situation is resolved.

Much appreciated. Thank you, user

Hi Josh

Here you go anons for future reference thanks to user at

Lead and steal is best.

Thanks my fam, I got it.
Here is a rare Pepe for you.

Wait lads do I need to add the IP or what ever to be able to mine the coins successfully?

Just got everything up and running, I've been excited for this for a while! If you want to drop any arbitrary dubbs of Adolf to make sure it's working as it should I'd be grateful.


You shouldn't need to add the IP to mine coins. Just download from the gitlab address posted in the info, once you do that, you can run it and get to work. Initially it will take a bit to download the blockchain, once it finds and syncs with peers on the network.


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Transaction sent, 14.88 and Heil.

Transaction ID 3489ead3b47b3d9c2db4dd1d7f8617e2de43be1ec63aa1446c487f531dfdcdd9

Remember, there is a small bug, ran into it. Make sure you recorded your seed words. You will likely need to re-import your wallet to get everything working just right, if you haven't already. For reimport, see

my bad, killing myself now

No, but you should read the forums and the fuhrer's publications to get an idea of were this is going.

Everyone in America has the means to get gold.

But I spoke of a concept, and you are an imbecile. The concept is coinage. It is quite possible to create gold and silver coinage today. There's no technical limitation. But the kikes won't have it. This is why Bitcoin is superior to all other money.

Gold and silver, in and of themselves are not money, but you don't know anything about this, since you were, like most people, born after gold and silver coins were made.

At essence, one must create a coin with a face value of greater than the melt value, but with the most enviably great melt value
It used to be something of a competition. This was a means of measuring the health of a kingdom.

One can go on, but the point is that it simply will never happen, not in our lifetimes. From the total control of kike economics of academia, to their control of the captains of industry, to control of finance, there is no will to bring about honest money.

Therefore there shall but be Bitcoin, as money.

But gold and silver first.

In this order, gold, distantly silver, far more distantly Bitcoin.

The bitcointalk thread said phones (and I assume most low power ARM devices) are the most efficient miners of this coin.
So what's to stop me from buying hundreds of used phones or RPis and giving each one it's own wallet and mining all your Adolfs?

appreciated, brother.

Haven't quite gotten the hang of this yet I'm afraid. Transactions aren't yet going through for me, and closing and reactivating my wallet hasn't done the trick. I'm not able to mine, and the program tends to freeze up on me (though that's probably due to the potato I'm currently working with). I'll be monitoring this thread and taking a look at the forums over the next few days, so hopefully I can start mining soon.

You are utterly ignorant of all things Communist. Communism is kiked, in all variants.

Something is fucked here, I should have gotten 4-5 by now.

Hmm, the program shouldn't freeze on you, that's not a good sign. You can check to see if the blockchain sync'd. The program has to download all the transactions on the network, then it can start doing things. You may try making sure it sync'd and see if your transaction shows up before working on mining. Maybe re-download the software? Or check / try this below:

Yeah, that doesn't sound right, you should have gotten something. Did you do this step, to get past the bug?

If not, close the wallet. Move the old wallet file, key, whatever else out of the folder. Open the wallet back up. Then do this:

See if that fixes it for you.


I ended up getting a block 5 minutes after making that post.

Well there's your problem, you spent all your luck on trips. I got lucky finding one in about an hour at 50h/s. You should look into the mining pool at, which boasts some pretty hefty payout estimates. I've only just joined the pool myself so can't vouch for the estimate calculator's accuracy, but pool mining is typically a much much steadier payout than solo mining. I had been using ccminer to mine Groestlcoin for a few weeks and can recommend that if you have an nvidia card, it's a workhorse.

Make sure you've got the whole blockchain downloaded before you attempt mining. It can take a little while to synchronize completely. You can also try manually setting a blockchain location in the settings tab, putting it on a drive that's otherwise not in use and has plenty of space, which may help it synchronize and build the local database faster. You may also just need to run the program as an administrator or allow network access, typical crypto wallet troubleshooting stuff. Keep trying, good luck!


Thanks to you anons for helping myself and others to get set up, heil! The wallet reimport trick was necessary for me to see my newly mined Adolfs. For anyone else curious about Adolfcoin I found this message helpful:

Cool. You can check the settings and see how many cores you are using, crank if up if you want more adolf, crank it down if it's using to many resources. Of you can do what recommends and join a mining pool. That can be a little more complicated to get setup and connected, depending on the pool. I believe Fluffball still runs the bigger pool, but there has been at least one other that popped up. A good pool will have instructions on how to move down that path.

Didn't know that question was directed at me? Go ahead, buy all the Androids you want and mine. Then you'll be all setup for when the coin goes live after the Marketplace is setup. Unless you're throwing massive hash rates, the Fuhrer will probably transfer your pre-mined coins if you don't look like a shit-miner. If not, you'll be ready to rock and roll on a fresh fork.

It was aimed at whoever has knowledge of the how the coin works.
I was going to create a CPU miner farm using old Xeons (I was hoping the Intel Meltdown bug causes big cloud providers to sell lots of cheap Xeons) for mining Monero, but now I'm thinking of going ARM and mining all the Adolfs.

It's probably a kike scam.


Also check the updated version:

If you're going to invest time and energy (your power bill will go up), you'd get more return from mining Monero. At least that coin trades on exchanges, and can be converted to a different coin, or cash. Adolf coin currently can do neither, and that's by design.

Reading about the Intel Meltdown bug, I don't see big datacenters running out to buy replacement processors because the bug is still present is all processors Intel currently produces. If you are implying they will switch their architecture over to AMD, I believe you are seriously mistaken. Take just one example, large VM farms. You can't just throw dis-similar hardware (Intel vs AMD) in the cluster and expect to be able to migrate your existing VMs onto it, it's not supported and will not work. You'd have to build a whole new cluster AND all new VMs. Plus, think of the cost in capital, it's not going to happen. I hate to break it to you, I don't see those cloud providers dumping a ton of old Xeons anytime soon. If you're interested though, you can get good deals on old HP gen 7 and even gen 8's are coming down in price. Check ebay.

I noticed the vulnerability was talking about user space gaining access to kernel space memory. Those CIA niggers, can't even program correctly. I know TempleOS wouldn't be affected, Terry ONLY uses Ring 0.

I'm looking to buy a boiler and steam turbine power generator off of ebay.
I realized I could use garbage, particularly garbage with high plastic content, as fuel to heat the boiler.

Is this a good deal?

I think my wallet is working, if any anons want to help me see if it is…..


Can someone pls post how to join a mining pool over here?
Also how much work is it to set up a miner on a phone? I have a feeling its not as simple as just extracting a .zip file and running the wallet.

kikes cornered the gold market over a hundred years ago, dipshit. gtfo

Transaction sent, 14.88 on your way. Heil!

Transaction Id 566515f8173db8116df092d58dcc439b57790c6886a25bb1fbf4fa6861ddd247

For pool configuration, try reading this, it should get you started:

I can't download the miner because the github account of shut down.

I know how coins are and were struck you faggot and getting pure stuff is just a matter of chemistry. I prefer my collection of lead and copper though


That page is 404'ing for me. Is there another way to get the wallet?

Bitcoin is compromized. Lightning is the fix that will enable fractional reserve bitcoin. You'll see.

Would appreciate anything to get started:

Unfortunately, this isn't correct.
While speculation will always be an annoyance, it is unavoidable if people are ever to switch currencies, which is intended with cryptocurrencies as one becomes advantageous over another.

You're dismissed

Is it more efficient to mine adolfs through CPU or GPU mining? I'm using AMD products, but I'm not sure about their performance. FX8350 for the CPU,and R9 390 for the GPU.

There is no perfect money. The money slot was not hard coded into the universe. It's a hack that we came up with, and the universe doesn't have to fit it.
Any currency we choose to put in that slot will have strengths and weaknesses.
This will make them better or worse in different situations.

It's true that in the event of a superdisaster, commodity currencies at least leave you with a more valuable commodity in your hands. That is a strength of those currencies.

When we invest in a currency such as bitcoin, we are betting on civilization, and the internet, carrying on. While we have our doubts, everyone here still does that. Everyone expects the buses to run tomorrow, everyone expects to be able to reload this page.

There is nothing wrong with that assumption, and therefore nothing wrong in that regard with using cryptocurrency.
In fact, it would be wise to invest in cryptocurrency, since it will prove a potent weapon against our greatest enemies.

There is also nothing wrong with hedging the bet, being prepared for such a disaster or collapse: investing in precious metals.
In fact, it would be wise to invest in precious metals, since our enemies traffic in the alternatives so heavily.

And conversely it would not be wise to invest in many of the currencies issued by central banks, since their future is always in doubt and the time is nigh.
It might even be wise to plan around the periodic collapses of such currencies, since their history is so uniform and morbid.

Cryptocurrency is distinct from any other currency in history. It remains to be seen for sure what its long term weaknesses are.

Any squabbling over which currency is flat out 'better' is console-wars tier garbage and should move over so that adults who already understand these things have room to discuss.

Does anyone know where to get the sourcecode for adolfcoin-core? I want to compile this for Linux but it looks like github shoaed the repo.

The current release, Vergeltung, is here:


Thanks but (a) that's the GUI not the core and (b) it's for Windows and I need it for Linux.

I'm sick of hearing about this vulnerability. Basically Intel CPUs have "speculative execution" which executes a command it thinks is going to be requested in advance to speed things up. It doesn't record anything to memory until it gets the okay from whatever program it's speculating for. Someone found that it wasn't verifying the ring levels before running the code, which allowed them to access kernel memory. Unfortunately for them they couldn't actually get it to write to the return buffer because the CPU checks permissions before committing the shit to memory, and everyone is all assblasted about it.

So tldr; if you have physical access to the CPU you can probe it while using this exploit to get sensitive data from the kernel. In other news if you have physical access to the CPU you already have full access to everything.

Sorry famalam I can't trust that.

xmr-stak is pretty easy to set up and works for Adolfcoin. Download link:

The two current pools are and

Is adolfcoin worth anything right now?

I think we should treat it like an image board currency, at least for now. For example: someone posts some nice OC, tip them a few Adolf Coins. Or commission a drawfag to make something for you using Adolfs.

I left the CPU miner running overnight and got my self around 40 Adolfs, you don't need fancy mining equipment for this.

okay but I need the source code so I can compile it for Linux. :)

oops replied to wrong message. nvmd.

That's the GUI. The compilation instructions say it requires also the core repo, and there's a link to the missing github page.

Thank you so much to whoever! You are awesome!

Transfer sent, 14.88 brother.

CPU mining is more efficient. This coin is designed that way, as our other coins, to encourage more people to participate and to prevent large mining rigs and ASIC boxes from earning all the rewards. You can run this in the background when your PC is on, and earn a little something extra, even better if you leave your PC on 24/7.

I think you mis-understand me, I'm not worried about it either. I was responding to this dipshit

I agree, it would be fun to use it as image board currency. All those that want to participate would need to do is when they post, to include their wallet at the bottom. The other participants who believe that post was worthy, can send them some adolfs. It's easy.

I'd like to recommend an alternate use for this coin.

Adolfcoin should be exchanged for real-world actions. Anyone posting IOKTBW or #MyBordersMyChoice fliers should get a small amount of Hitlers per flier posted; anyone redpilling people in person and recording it (JQ or not) should get more Hitlers.

I'm not really concerned about fakery, because what are they going to do - scam us out of our Hitlers?

Block Party!


Super great idea! Let's crowdfund a revolution!

I think you're right and you've got the dubs to prove it. Thanks for the tip. All seems to be working without that github repo. I had an error compiling but stole a patch from the monero repo.

So it says I'm mining. We'll see what's happened by tomorrow.

is there any way to check how many coins you have mined?

It shows in your wallet if you successfully mined a block. If you are solo mining it can take hours to mine one depending on hash rate.

someone in a country where uncle a is a pop icon.

If AC is unlisted on exchanges, then that means we don't know its market value in dollars–or relative to other coins. Adolfcoin could literally be worth more than bitcoin.

it took around two hours at 21/Hs to mine my first block.

dont you guys think that you should have to type in 14 words as your key instead of 25?

Does any one know how to set up a faucet? the coin would gain lots of popularity/visibility if people are able to get something for free with little to no effort

how hard is it to set up an exchange?

That depends on factors including:

-Your tech skills
-How fancy you want the exchange to be (you could do it by email)
-Which currencies you will serve
-Whether you will offer fiat trades
-Where you will put it and what the laws are (and whether you care–you could do it over Tor)

that's just off the top of my head.

-my tech skills are low, but i can organize projects well
-the exchange should be as simple and streamlined as possible
-monero, or other crypto-cryptos
-fiat would be useful, but not neccesary
-several of my favorite exchanges are in the u.s., so maybe the laws arent too restrictive?

any techfags, legalfags, financefags, etc that want to contribute please feel free

It sounds like you guys are gaining excitement about this coin, and that's awesome. I would urge you to look at the project itself and see why this coin, hopefully, evolves into something more than the current crypto offerings. The Fuhrer is a pretty smart guy, and he identified problems with other crypto-currencies. It's the same problem that plagues our current monetary system; that a small number of individuals control the majority of the power. Even with existing cryptos, the small number of developers determine how the coin works, what features and functionality are provided, and generally the overall control over the source code, thus having control over the coin. As such, the Fuhrer set out to develop a system where a better process could exist. The process put forth in this project is known as the Fuhrerprocess. Two documents are published on the subject, The-Fuhrerprocess and Annotated-Fuhrerprocess. The second being the reasoning and thoughts behind the overall design, not just of the technology of the coin, but the design of the community desired to safeguard the integrity of the coin. If you have been paying attention, you've seen a massive rise in crypto prices, especially late in 2017. This rise is not from the additional value in people's everyday life the mainstream cryptos provide the general public, or devaluation of nation sate currencies, nor the increased availability of services that can be made available through these cyptocurrencies. The simple truth is the rise has been fueled by speculative greed, by people who don't understand the existing monetary system, what a blockchain is, or even what a hash is. Adolfcoin is still in development, and not yet ready to go mainstream.

When the Fuhrer decides it's time, the Marketplace will be open, the block chain will then be considered stable, and goods can then be bought and sold. The Marketplace's true function will not be to buy and sell, but function as a market is intended to do: perform as a mechanism for price discovery. When two parties agree to exchange a good or service for an agreed amount of Adolf coins, that is what determines what the true value of an Adolf coin is.

Some excerpts from the Annotated Fuhrerprocess:

#### Goals

It's a basic rule of quality: write down your process; otherwise you cannot improve it. Our processes aren't perfect, nor can they ever be. But any flaw in them can be fixed, and tested. Making Führerproccess reusable is thus extremely important. To learn more about the best possible process, we need to get results from the widest range of projects.

The number one goal is size and health of the community—not technical quality, not profits, not performance, not market share. The goal is simply the number of people who contribute to the project. The science here is simple: the larger the community, the more accurate the results.

Perhaps the worst problem we faced in open source projects is a dependence on people who could understand the code, manage GitHub branches, and make clean releases—all at the same time. It's like looking for athletes who can run marathons and sprint, swim, and also lift weights. Humans are really good at specialization. Asking us to be really good at two contradictory things reduces the number of candidates sharply, which is a Bad Thing for any project.

This is theory, though shown to be correct in a number of projects - not fully proven, but not falsified. The diversity of the community and the number of people who can weigh in on discussions, without fear of being criticized or dismissed, the faster and more accurately the software develops. Speed is quite subjective here. Going very fast in the wrong direction is not just useless, it's actively damaging.

This goal should become irrelevant. *The git master trends towards stability and should almost always be perfectly stable*. This has to do with the size of changes and their *latency*, i.e., the time between someone writing the code and someone actually using it fully. However, people still expect "stable" releases, so let's keep this goal there for a while.

If you want to read the documentation for yourselves, it's posted at the gitlab.

Vid-related, the Adolfcoin Address.

It would be cool if you could use a crypto currency address as a tripcode some how.

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Are there any plans to have pool mining directly from the GUI?

I have never messed with cryptocurrency, and I don't understand anything, but I'm starting here. Heil Hitler!

Checked. Welcome aboard.

likewise, just got the wallet thingo and synced.

So if i go to the receive tab, the address up the top is what I post to get sent Adolf?>>11120222

I think you're talking about adolfchan.

I just got interested in Adolfcoin because I'm such a big fan of Baked Alaska. ;)

Sounds like The Fuhrer may be an Austrian in more ways than one.

I don't know what you're implying, I don't follow eceleb shit.

Doesn't the "shitminer tears" build prevent anyone who doesn't use their forum from getting coins? if so that's fucking gay and why would you bother?

I mined some coins and never visited the forum. I think it has something to do with preventing people from using high end or specialized equipment to mine a fuckload of them (and result in the average joe not being able to compete).

This is actually not possible at all with Adolf, you can throw a huge amount of power at mining but there are heavy diminishing returns and the emission of coins is spread over the next thousand years pretty evenly as I understand it.

I am offering 3 Adolfcoins for someone to go to #nordiskamotstandsrorelsen on kik and shill for bitcoin/adolfcoin. I'd love to eventually see a donation address on their webpage so they can do more stuff with more funding.

Mined my first seven Adolfcoins overnight on an old PC. Never done anything with crypto before, but it's strangely satisfying.

Thanks to the Anons who spoonfed how to get it running.

was me, and I was mining for days without getting any coin, though adolfnode was saying it found blocks. Is there some manual thing I need to do? This crypto shit is so foreign to me.

You have to reimport your wallet from its 25 seed words for it to display the coins and after that it will continue to display new coins, it's a known bug at the moment.

Others have had this issue, something to do with block chain file. Rest assured your adolfs have been sent to you, you just cant access them until you unfuck something.

Thanks, fellas, I'll tinker with it.

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Ok lads I'm up and running. I would love a coin or 2 to get started. Is Adolfcoin a fork of Monero?

If you mine this cryptocurrency wouldn't the creator have access to the IPs used, machine configuration and other metadata? What do we know about who's behind the project? Apart from Holla Forums the overwhelming number of techfags are shitlib extremists. I'm not saying this is a honeypot but remember your opsec and don't expose IPs tied to your identity/location.

I couldn't get the wallet I was using to import, but I made a new one and am earning fuhrers. Hail victory!

So i have started to mine but it apparently doesn't work?Can somebody send 1 coin to test it out?

I sent 2 Hitlers your way, prepare to heil.

SIEG HEIL.Got it.Had to delete then recreate the wallet as mentioned before.

There are a few questions that do make curious about the marketplace:

Can you use it for any common items? How are you able to even get these common items to sell? By common I mean food, hygenic items, or cleaning supplies.
What if someone ran a store and accepted adolfs, how is he able to pay his bills with them? He has to pay for the rent space, the utility bills, etc. If there was a system that did accept adolfs that would be amazing.

I figure this currency will not tie itself with any physical currency like US dollars as this project is trying to keep itself away from it. I'm curious what the long term project will be since I don't see much miners in the system; daytime or nighttime, and I run mine over night while I sleep. Another issue I see is how this system can still be 'exploited' by closing and opening the miner alot because the diff resets when you close down. Will that be addressed?

This exactly. My family, I'm ashamed to say, has kept German Reichsmarks and French Francs from the Nazi era, Confederate Dollars, and other disused currencies stored away in vaults. The bitter, elderly white people in my family cling to these as sacred treasures "of a better time" yet they have no greater value than as a trinket for a collector of useless old things.

Currency exists as a means of common exchange, e.g. dollars for bacon instead of eggs for wool and then wool for bacon, and is backed only by the value people place upon it; in effect, the strength of one currency relative to others is a measure of its users' productivity and their nation's stability. The real issue isn't which is better, but rather that they are all shit and we should live in a classless, moneyless society. It feels good to meet a fellow lyftyst on Holla Forums.

It's gonna have to start small. Might be a long time before we see anyone accepting adolfs as payment for anything. Hitler is at best an edgy joke for the youngest generation, and still the worst human who ever lived for much of the planet. An edgy joke is something we can work with, though. Humor is the way into people's hearts and minds.

You have the means to get bank notes that represent gold. You can get the real deal but its at grossly inflated prices and never in quantities that pose a threat to their control. The banking cartels have an almost absolute monopoly on gold and only circulate it when it suits their agenda.


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We teased the leftists that they were wrong about how Trump will throw everyone in camps. We were lying.

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All jews will be killed in due time.

All jews will be killed in due time.

Just reminder that it is legal to carry gold coins over the border and pay with them in most countries in the world. Also because of physical nature state janitors have no problem with finding illegal gold coins on your body and taking them by force.

What happened to your old wallet? If you've been mining with it for days or weeks it probably has a lot of coins in it.

It is not a new wallet - it is reconstituting the wallet from the original keyword seeds.

For some reason, the GUI version of AdolfCoin lets you create a new wallet for a newbie, but fails to update your balance as new coins are mined.

If you delete and rebuild the wallet from the seeds, the restored wallet reads all the transactions from the blockchain, and your wallet balance updates and displays correctly.

This is a retard-tier bug to not have fixed, but AdolphCoin is pretty up to spec technically. It seems to be a fork of Monero and Crypto Coin, with the project designed to repel pump and dump "shitminers" looking to kike an emergent AltCoin.

I tried re-importing the wallet and it still shows zero balance. I've been mining for at least 24 hours now and still nothing.
Anyone want to give it a try? RksZFB2V8b2jFJi7NKmjds24P2ZSv3wA14uvHnnadfHLLA8LAXoWXpM3EoEMgiSir2fN8xCoq4VEK8PsewvAwveb2sNMFwqUF

I never had this issue. I made a GUI wallet and mined coins with no problems, they all show up in my wallet.

Start a new wallet entirely. That's what I did. I had no luck reimporting.

You should still keep your key for the old wallet (name it "oldwallet" or something).

Alright It's now been updated. It was just weird at start but I can see the backlog of transactions now.

Coinage comin' atcha!>>11162423

did anyone ever compile a linux version? maybe something for lubuntu?

Gold panning is legal in all states, and 95% of mineral claims (not the commercial ones) are taken but not being used/no fees paid.

Stop relying on the system to spoon feed you. This nation was built by prospectors, ranchers, and heavy metal, not banks.

the crypto jew

Can someone explain to me why people think crypto is associated with kikes now? I thought it was the opposite. The only kiked cryptos are ripple, bancor, and bcash IMO. Every kike is trying to crash the fuck out of the market right now (they already did by 50%). They are currently going for round 2 and trying to get bitcoin to 8k.



I've been converting my US fiat shekels into silver and burying it on my property for several years now, because I'm white and I don't fall for cryptoyid scams. Asscoins will be worth fuckall in 50 years while my silver will always be worth something. It had value thousands of years ago and it will continue to have value indefinitely.


Shekel apparently launched, symbol is JEW. Already on 2 shitcoin exchanges.

It is purely media fed speculation and political investment of nations contrary to the US dollar that keeps the bitcoin rising. Bitcoin is subversion: not only made to break the petrodollar and allow China to rise, but also to replace production based capitalism with financial-speculation based neocapitalism. It is designed to replace the american dollar, or atleast be the foundation of a post-dollar, once the posmodernists and globalists take down Trump's America

Good idea. Do you buy your silver at a local pawn shop or online?

When will this show up on exchange sites?

What country is this again, I always forget.
Is it thailand?

I really have to go here one day.
Also need have a look at this coin, and configure the cudaminer for it.

It's stated when it's stable

damn it didn't mean to sage

oops missed that,sorry


I compiled it on my debian box. I had to pull a 2-line patch from the monero repo to get it to compile but other than that it just worked.

I'm just looking into this now, there are compilation instructions if you download the git.
Instructions are found in adolfcore under with a list of dependencies. About to try this out.

Lol good post.

I thought you couldn't shut down a Bitcoin?

I've got my build compiled, but I'm going to sandbox this in a VM to test it because it's never a great idea to run a random executable even if it's open source.

well I wasted my time with compiling outside the sandbox, I can't satisfy the dependencies within it so I have to recompile anyway

and we have lift-off, adolfnode is running in my sandbox environment (xubuntu 64bit), and synchronizing, reports being 54 days behind so far

Bitstream can.

I left the miner running since I got it working and just now got to check on it, says it found 3 blocks, but when I refreshed the wallet it says no balance
so maybe I don't understand this or it's not even working for the wallet I set up

sure seems that way.

I put all my savings into it, fuck!

worst investment, bad luck


Into what? Adolfcoin? How'd you do that?

Compiled the gui too, I'm actually impressed with this.

Met a guy through Holla Forums (it was one of the anti-spic threads). Anyways, I wire my money to his account and then I received a pack (had to download).

I had over $20K on it.


Calling bullshit. Polite sage.

Is it me or it has gotten harder to mine in the last 1-2 days?

I left the miner run for nearly 2 days straight and have had nothing come of it.

Did you try reimporting your wallet from the seed?I had to do that,rather i just deleted the wallet file and recreated from the seed then it started to work.You can read in the thread that's is some kind of bug.So you have probably some coins now,it just doesn't show up.

Ah hah, I didn't think to do that, so I closed it and imported it from my mnemonic keys and once it finished updating it shows 27+ in balance, 18+ in unlocked balance.

Guys, what the fucks going on?
I can't finish synchronizing and it keeps showing up in console all the hosts are getting blocked. We're down to 2 peers on the network and the rest are banned for over 20 hours.

I'm synced and have 9 (out) connections.

It's showing me 0 out/0 in connections, with only 0 peers and reports my node being 83 blocks behind
just all of a sudden every peer was blocked and appeared when I ran the bans command
and it's just not catching up at all, the number of blocks behind keeps jumping up and occasionally dropping but never fully caught up

only just a moment ago did the peers seem to repopulate, but it's still not really syncing so I can't start mining

weird. Seems to be working for me, but I'm no expert and I have no idea what the "bans command" is.

Folks in the FührerBunker are pretty helpful and knowledgeable. You may learn more by asking there than here.

Well I don't know what the issue was, I even deleted the .Vergeltung folder that holds the db and p2p info and it still wouldn't properly resync so I shut down the sandbox I run it in for the night, started it up this morning and it just worked.

LOL thats the monero GUI, ported to adolf
It is some good software tho

You could get a little more out of mining if you join an adolf mining pool, fluffpool or adolfpool if you want to pool together.

(((Self-cleaning))), the gods truly are real.

Finally got around to downloading and setting up node, wallet and seeing the GUI, but as soon as I open the GUI after a few seconds, my anti-virus Bitdefender deletes it completely from my computer, didn't even notice it was doing this until my 3rd time downloading.

I went into settings and allowed the node, client exe files and the GUI application but it still blocks completely the GUI (and deletes it) but it still deletes and blocks them. Didn't find anything wrong with scanning the files after downloading or after unzipping them, but it keeps deleting it. If I just restore the files through the dashboard for the AV everything should be find I assume? I suppose I'm curious if anybody knows why it deletes the files when it flags nothing beforehand, even after giving access where needed.

I never wanted to get into mining, but it seems like the coin could actually be different so I thought why not.

I have no fathomable idea as to why some anti-virus would just up and delete something and not even flag it, unless your system is literally part of a botnet and whoever is spying on you doesn't like your problematic software.

On an unrelated note, I might try setting up a cluster with some spare computers I have around. Even if I can't get the cluster to work with adolfcoin I might still be able to use it for rendering, so either way it can be useful to me.

I know some firewalls and anti-virus programs tend to throw mining programs into quarantine, since malware commonly mine cryptos on infected computers. However Adolfcoin never gave me that problem.

I tried setting up a miner and pointed it at a pool but it didn't work. I think it was still trying to mine monero. What program do you use and how do you set it up properly. If you spoonfed how to do it step by step I'm sure more people would mine in it.

What do you mean by cluster? Couldn't you just independently mine Adolfs on each device and send all the earnings to one wallet? What happens if you run same wallet/miner on more than one device?

I could mine independently on each device, but it would be interesting to find out if I can not just set up a cluster properly but also that I can mine with a cluster. If mining doesn't work with it I can at least use it for other applications I guess.

Anyone else notice that block rewards seem to be decreasing with time? At the start of the year the typical reward was 3.790, and now its at around 3.788.
Also is there anybody here who understands the technical details behind cryptos in general, and more specifically monero?

this is how the mining rewards are distributed, less and less over time

We only developed electricity recently, you know.

So the total coin supply is 18.1 million? I thought mining was suppose to happen for 1000 years, top Kek.

Posting so this thread crawls closer to 751 so it can leave the catalogue

We created ours to get around the The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA). It was never intended to be a currency until speculators hijacked it around 2011 nearly 2 years after we released. Satoshi wanted his own casino chips not a speculative currency. We added the mining aspect as a way to prevent hackers from creating fake chips not to be an exact science or to be strictly mined for profit.Overspeculation and nit picking the exact numbers wasn't our intention, worrying about that kind of bullshit is on you for getting it wrong. If it was up to me everything would have been closed source.

It's an old graphic. Some shitminer tried overwhelming the network with cloud servers, so coin supply & difficulty was readjusted.

I use xmr-stak. Just download, unzip the archive, answer the questions. All you need is an adolfcoin wallet address and pool address. (pool miner) (web wallet) (Pool 1) (Pool 2)

The web wlalet will ork for mining, but to be able to use the coins import the wallet into the adolfcoin software.



*CPU coin = mined exclusively by CPU, not by specialized hardware

How is it even possible for a coin to not be minable by GPUs? What is this other Adolfcoin you speak of?

Ignore this sperge. If you want to see how these muh no asics coins turn out, just look at bitcoin gold. My CPU is like 8 years old, it takes a lot more to replace a CPU than it does to just grab a new graphics card. CPUs need heat paste replacements, theres 50 different reasons regular joes wouldnt want to burn their CPU out mining adolfcoin. A ASIC resistant GPU permitted coin would make more sense, but its not that big of a deal. Its the type of thing hipster faggots sperge about. Bitcoin gold is at 100$, and bitcoins at 8k.

Aeon is a CPU only coin and no ones even heard of it, its pretty much worthless.


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We can do this!

I guess cryptokikes got one thing right.

So it appears that (((they))) can unilaterally shut down anything on the internet now. The left seems to have control of every server involved in any Constitutional rights on the internet or any non-mainstream entities that anyone invents. What can be done differently so that people can speak the truth and have freedom on the internet without SJWs and kikes swooping in and simply "shutting it down"?