Steve Bannon calls Trump meeting treasonous

calls Trump Tower meeting 'treasonous,' says Russia investigation will 'crack Don Junior like an egg
President Donald Trump's former chief strategist said a June 2016 Trump Tower meeting between the president's eldest son and a Russian lawyer was "treasonous," according to The Guardian.
Steve Bannon made his comments to author Michael Wolff for a book, the newspaper says.
"They're going to crack Don Junior like an egg on national TV," Bannon reportedly predicts.

The rat revealing himself

Seems like he's just ripping on Don Jr. which to be honest that meeting he has with that bitch who has ties to Fusion GPS and the Obama administration without doing a background check was fucking stupid and gave the Fake News league more ammo, and sad to say, I kinda agree with the guy with "They're going to crack Don Junior like an egg on national TV" because if the Dems and kikes had it their way, they would have televised this shit hunt in order to destroy him.

The zionist jew propagandist rat Bannon is revealing the jewish Likud lackey rat Trump

your post is probably the most kike post I've ever seen

This. That is assuming he actually said this shit in the first place.

I beat you by 26 seconds

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You've probably not noticed every single thread and post promoting neocon jews here every day for years then

they did crack him on tv he went on sean hannity and said shit that could easily get him convicted by a grand jury

Michael Woff is a (((journalist))) with a rep for lying. Just makes shit up. Even other kikes hate him.

Neocon jews like… who?

We all knew bannon is a kike fuck, even if he wants to "rip on junior" this is definitely not the way to go about it, Bannon is being treasonous. With so much shilling I think people like yourself are confused(or shills)

And it came from a torfaggot.

Trump, Bannon, Spicer, Dov Zacheim, Jared Kushner and every single other kosher conservative clown you promote

This. Fucking remember you cunts.

If there are no primary sources its gossip
Gossip is for women and kikes

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You get one (You) for making me laugh bu seriously, apply yourself next time.

It's CNBC, and these kikes will use everything to destroy Trump and alienate him with his base support.

The several testimonies he did behind closed doors and how quickly the MSM dropped this story after Fusion GPS ties were revealed might have saved his skin.

And you aren't suspect about this coming from the CNBC? the MSM has been quote mining him for almost a fucking year now, he's a kike fuck but be wary at how effective they are DnC, won't affect Holla Forums but those normalfag Trump supporters are gonna bite it.


There's no way Trump can get out of this one. If Jr. goes down, then so does papa. Then we can finally vote for a real white nationalist who actually fights for our cause, like Richard Spencer.

Now this is shitposting

6/10 bait

you're probably right about that

Exactly. Kikes have been making up insane bullshit about Trump for literally years now, and claiming it was provided by an "anonymous source" to avoid having to take responsibility for their claims.

What I'd like to know is whether any of the five or six posters that keep these threads bumped are actual Holla Forumsacks. They seem to exclusively post the same canned d&c used in attempts to derail other threads.

What’s wrong with you you’re fucking retarded. Richard Spencer has said he doesn’t want to do anything with politics he is only for the people, every people. We are all equally equal.

Richard Spencer is the only pro-white politician in the USA. He is supported by the silent majority of Holla Forums.
These are simply facts. They cannot be disputed.

Is there a live "Spicer Spicer press conference" thread that I can post random cartoon frog memes and smug anime girl jpgs on?

The kikes don't own nothing, if the mods wouldn't constantly put their banhammers on the scale, the JIDF would get BTFO instantly.

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Sodomy is the implicit last-stand of white identity :^)

According to the logs, which get reset weekly, hundreds of comments from anons are banned daily from here for daring to criticise Trump,the neocon puppet the jews are shilling for or any one of the jewish lies/narratives promoted here, while not one of the jews shilling for ZOG gets so much as chastised here

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