Congressional investigators find irregularities in FBI's handling of Clinton email case

Written Evidence Found

First post taken from the kikes.

Breaking: Investigators state obvious

Not today moshe

For us, but not for many normies.


Nah, only the most hyperpartisan democrat apologists even attempt to defend Clinton, pretty much everyone else knows she's guilty as hell but too powerful to prosecute.


Bump for visibility

Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton would like a word with you.

You'd be surprised and there is nothing wrong in making sure people know. Bump.

Oh come on now, even the Mexican woman with Parkinson's I work with knows this is illegal as fuck.

Irrelevant. She won’t ever be punished. Anyone who thinks the rule of law still exists needs to be shot for being too stupid to keep a nation together.

Reported. Get the fuck off this website.

if taking a picture of classified parts of a submarine is enough to get thrown in the basement, this is enough to get thrown off the top floor of Trump Tower.

lel This is embarrassing. I noticed that the shills get really hot and bothered when you talk about exposing the democrats.

I just straight away block this shit when I see it now. Their MO is just to derail the thread, not shill a position per se.


Too true. That seems to be their aim in other threads as well, though they really get upset at any mention of undermining democrats and actively promote not doing anything to mess with them.

Kill yourself jew.


Too slow Shlomo.

It seems that the kikes are trying to slide this and the Huma shit IRL via the (((Michael Wolff))) shitshow.

lol nah. The rule of law doesn’t exist anymore, you cocksucking redditors. Go suck cock on the_donald and wait for Q-LARP to feed you your next load.

Meh. Honestly I think the biggest reason Holla Forums has slowed down lately is because we've gotten burned out by all these smoking guns being uncovered but then nobody doing anything about them. Which isn't to say nothing will happen regarding this, but until something actually does happen I meet news like this with a shrug. This probably would've been a 750 post thread during the election but now it's just whatever. I will bump it though.

Stay mad kike.

And reported.

Then you don’t know much about the site’s operation.

Well it is a bit difficult to pick out the killing bullet when there are so many cases hitting the ground.

Reports from kikes don't work moshe. Your species is rather easy to spot.

Yeah, everyone has it wrong but you moshe. Preach.


Didn't they find this guy's reddit?

Yeah, there was something on cuckchan about it.
The guy was asking "how to hypothetically" do stuff. The funniest take away I got from it was that he would of got away with it had he not lusted for the reddit upvotes and asked on cuckchan.


The dude's name was Paul Combetta and his reddit/online persona was "StoneTear"
This is the fucker who "wiped with a cloth" Hillary's illegal servers after setting up said illegal servers, illegal mail servers, while knowing fully about how illegal what he was doing was.
But FBI cleared him of all wrongdoing after knowing 100% for a fact that he lied under oath and had committed multiple felony offenses.
Just another day at the FBI.

Maybe there are goons inside the FBI, clearing the shit stains. Like what happened with VileRat at Benghazi (where all this mess started adding poop crumbs).

evidence would indicate it's probable

take a look at this faggot. hes doing this exact shit (rule of law bullshit, or HURDUR REPORDED) in every one of these threads about the reopening of the clinton case (see >>11118206). this is a man with an agenda, a meager paycheck, and a boss who is about to get indicted

the FBI didnt do shit.
Holla Forums found that guys reddit and Holla Forums found the guys posts about bleachbit.

im going to be seriously fucking pissed if the book they write when this whole fiasco is over makes no mention of all of our work.