Obama asked NSA to spy on Trump based on Russian connections

Trump knew this for a long time. He was simply maneuvering to make the FBI look bad as evidenced with McCabe. Looks like he's in a prime position to fire Mueller or appoint his own special prosecutor.

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The msm also stopped talking about the "salacious" parts of the dossier, the one that 4/pol/ user gave to christopher steel or john "walking aneurysm" mccain, like a week after it became news. The basis of their dossier is the equivalent of an user's shitposting greentext. They are stuck trying to make something out of nothing and can't walk back the "salacious" parts that they thought would be enough.


When shareblue sends their shills they're not sending their best. You might have gotten a 50/100 for trying at your liberal arts classes but in real life, trying isn't enough.

Trump just threatened Palestine last night with sanctions because of how rude they are to his partners the isrealis.

Yet here you are still shilling for ZOG on Holla Forums with "bolshie" confidence and authority as though you've been paid and know you are protected from being moderated.
This has been going on here for years now, yet the only anons that get banned in these interactions have been those opposed to you openly jewish trolls.

Why are jews more free to post here than legit anons who aren't jewish like you?

You can tell by their incapability of ever talking back or proposing a discussion. The same reaction as always, touchingwall.jpg and the best part, hopping IP's in order to create a false impression. Nothing more than thin-skinned goons.

You mean you two posting "Shut it down" to "Oy vey only shareblue would ever criticise Chabad Lubavitch kikes controlling American government" in the absence of a solitary intelligent word to say about the subject.

My, how smart of you, your parents are really proud of you.

Don't bother with him, he's been doing this for the past 22 months.


Daily reminder Trump's campaign started in June 2015 but your narrative started in March 2016, long after you could have successfully cracked Holla Forums's pro-Trump consensus. You've been at this for twenty-two months now. Certainly there's a point where you'd realize you've lost and fuck off?

Which doesn't account for nor explain the 1,000s of anons banned in that time by you and your teams of hasbara kikes policing these boards for their criticism of ZOG

I've been trying to discuss his jewish ties and general cuckservatism since his AIPAC speech but you people never engage in argument and when you do you never actually address the points and my posts are all deleted.

Would you prefer the hundreds of jews dancing in celebration at his release of rubashkin, the speech where he talks about how we need to "stamp out prejudice and antisemitism or his Hanukkah advert instead? You really aren't convincing anybody with this bottom of the barrel shilling, I know your job has been a lot easier than it used to be as of late but the goyim are waking up again and you need to rethink your tactics.

I haven't hopped IP's though. Stop projecting.

Not if he's being payed…

Because instead of making your own thread for shit, you invade others with it. This is not the thread to talk about all the bullshit China has been pulling despite it being an important topic. The problem with you fuckers is that you act like autistic spergs with a complete and utter inability to deal with a given thread theme, and further more make shitty arguments and posts with no intention to persuade or have discussion and then act surprised when people tell you to fuck off. The worst part is that this has been mentioned to you and your type time and time again and instead of doing that, instead of making an honest effort to influence people, you pull this bullshit. You have no intention of enlightening people, no intention of educating people and just want to throw a loud fit like an sjw. The simple fact is, if you think you are making an effort: You have been doing the same bullshit for months and it has not worked. If you say you don't care, then that proves you never intended to change people's mind in the first place. If you are truly unaware then you're the stupidest person on earth. You're either an idiot or a shill at this point.
This is the part where you play the victim and get mad at everyone like you guys always do when someone calls you out on your shit.


Post was aimed at both pro-ZOG 'anons'

stop being anti-semetic goy, based kikes are going to remove kebab

And the same result will continue. This is why always lose.

He probably share the same mentality as that "Pregnant trout" faggot. Never realizing his own fault, mistakes and defeat.

You and your hasbar jew crew, have never ignored anons critical of ZOG.
That's why you collectively report them on masse, then boast and gloat about your control of this board with offending antisemites now deleted from the threads.

How many anons have been banned from Holla Forumsin the last 2 years as kikes like you openly laugh about how you've done so in the same threads you got them removed from?

Yet you somehow think banning the majority of non-jews from here, keeping this board strictly kosher isn't going to be noticed somehow

Touchingwall.jpg has always been a litmus test for politicians on Holla Forums and many a candidates have lost all credibility when the photographs of them at the wailing wall were published.
Ben Carson
Mitt Romney
Ted Cruz
Rand Paul
Chris Christie

In the case of Ben Carson and Rand Paul it was quite a lot of support that was lost; they were pretty popular here before they went to Israel and publicly humiliated themselves.

Noticably absent from that list is Donald Trump, who not only visited the wailing wall, but surrounded himself with kikes, married a kikess, had kike offspring and stuffed his cabinet & every important position with kikes, cryptos, neo-cohens and coin-operated goys.

The Donald is immunized against all dangers
one may call him a scoundrel, liar, good goy, deceiver, it all runs off him like water off a raincoat. Call him a racemixer and zionist and you will be astonished how many shills on Holla Forums rush to his defense to protect him and his kike offspring from criticism. It's quite astonishing that such a rotten politician has been able to keep the Holla Forums sheep in line for more than a year, despite the mountain of damning evidence, including Touchingwall.jpg

He doesn't have to fire Mueller and probably shouldn't. Mueller hasn't done anything substantial except question other people like people related to shillary. His actions speak louder and show that he's not their guy and in all likelihood helping Trump. If he did fire Mueller, the democucks would try to make that the inch to go a mile and use that for impeachment on the grounds of obstruction of justice.

This is why Trump has been comfy the whole time about the investigation. There's no threat to him.

This. It's so fucking obvious. We even discussed his jew ties in earnest before the primaries were over.

And the worst part is, if he claims this place is thoroughly bought and controlled by ZOG or that everyone is ZOG, then that further shows how much of an idiot he is that he continues to use the same tactics in a situation where such things will never bear fruit. It's mind-blowing. It's obvious he should change but he won't.

Wew. Again, this is why you continue to lose. This is why you are whining instead of in control of this place. This is why you are whining instead of having your own vibrant board. This is why no one sides with you. You're pathetic because even pointed out to you, you reject it and then have the audacity to cast such an accusations on everyone else for the sole reason for not agreeing with you.

Fuck off schlomo

Fuck off schlomo. I don't give a shit about your hatred fetish of people who touch the wall. Trump is one of he best anti faggot presidents in the world right now. And you're the faggot

If Trump was actively serving the jews they wouldn't be riled up over him 24/7, be trying to impeach him, he wouldn't have done even 1 thing to help america out, and he would have signed the TPP. This is why no matter how many times you or another "trump is a kike" poster appears you fail. Reality doesn't support your shill narrative. You're constantly grasping at straws and trying to inflate plausibility where the portrait you paint doesn't exist.

Case in point; daily happenings doesn't support your shill narrative. If Trump actively served the jews, where are all of the blackpill inducing and MAGA-remorse causing stories? There should be tons of anguish, panic, and fear but there isn't. The best you guys have to work with is his jew ties and touching the wall. The best days you had was when he bombed one airbase and touched the jew wall. Where's the impending globalism we had before Obama left? We should have been knee-deep in the planned North American Union based off the EU.

Your next post will try to minimize all of that, downplay the significance of each point by glossing over them, and offer nothing of value as usual.

If any of you reading this has ever taken a "trump is a jew" post seriously, screencap this and remind yourself next time the reality of the situation and work on having willpower because no one should believe these kikes.

Their entire narrative sums up to "kikes were only pretending to be retarded".

Show me the anti-trump threads that existed in 2015. You can't, because you weren't around to browse Holla Forums back then, Chaim.

You can´t live without fucking imaginary heroes, can you? There is no president in USA that won´t bend over the kikes. Trump is not exception. Like fucking exegetes you are desperately trying to see the "anti-jew" agenda of a guy who celebrates Hannukkah, married his family to the kikes and continued the disgusting political rituals of his predecessors, like touching that fucking meaningless wall.

I think there were some pro-Cruz threads, especially that thread in which Cruz was obliterated and then some spergs started to shitpost and screech. So that's a starter.

They won't, they most likely know they can't win so they try to make as much white noise as they can just to annoy us like losers who lost their temper. Simply call them out, filter them and post their dox once in a while.

Kosher nationalism is a thing that is spreading across white countries at the moment. Trump is still, so far, good for the kikes in Israel while also being good for Americans. Same as UKIP in the UK, civic nationalists that would still tow the Zionist line if they won. Its creating controlled opposition, which is what the whole Alt-Right thing is.

That being said, I can't tell for sure if Trump is /ourguy/ or not. We can't be truly sure.

It’s amazing how easily this got memoryholed. Seems like it became a nothing issue once the normalfags heard “lol Trumps gets Russian women to urinate on him.” It didn’t become an issue about the government spying on innocent people, it just became a topic about some made up fetish, which for faggots and SJWs is all they can talk about.

These don’t go together and one doesn’t exist. Go back to cuckchan to talk about “muh based niggers,” you derailing kike faggot.

Well the threads that are openly critical are bumplocked and deleted so this is the place to spread the message about his ziocuckoldry. The thread is garbage anyway, pretending that alphabet agencies aren't the eyes of ZOG and are actually"le /ourguys/" is retarded. I'm sick of yiu josher faggots that believe in the obviously corrupt two party system.

Where are your arguments? Explain why the release of a talmudic jewish supremacist, him saying we need to stamp out prejudice and antisemitism and vid related aren't signs of his obvious status as a jew lap dog. I'm looking forward to laughing at your mental gymnastics btw.

It's easy to wake people up to his kike tier behaviour, it's just you guys that don't want to listen. I'm not even here to argue at this point, I'm just dropping evidence of his kikery and the legit anons can make of that what they will.

Well tbf I'm seeing him get called out here a lot more than he did a few months and I think me and the other anons calling put the kosher circlejerk a part in that.

Why would I be mad, to quote a great leader the lion doesn't get mad because a bunch o monkeys are laughing at him from the trees. Your gaslighting doesn't work, I've done my research on the subject and I am certain that he is a kosher puppet. It's so obvious that you tards just have to be JIDF to still be shilling for him.

Here's the thing, you want to try to mock and deride me and my viewpoints but you are the one engaging in doublethink and wishful thinking whereas I am looking at his connections past record and promises to jews (which are being fulfilled unlike his promises to the gullible goyim). You are the one that deserves to be mocked here and if you weren't astroturfing the board en masse you would be.

lol this. The chabad thread is still up with plenty of room for more post, yet they invads every fucking thread of any topic and shit it up with the same haggard lines and points. We all knew of Trumps relationship with kikes heading into this. We're aware of it now. Stop shutting up every fucking thread with your bullshit niggers.

For the topics sake, I hope this Russia shit gets shut down tomorrow. Enough is enough. The only people that have been indicted over its investigation were charged with crimes not even remotely connected with Trumps campaign and everyday that goes by its more and more apparent to everyone that there is simply nothing there. Fire this faggot and start indicting those responsible for this partisan use of federal agencies as political weapons.

It's really a big piece of the puzzle. His connections are (((russian))), not Russian.



this entire thread is a shill thread.
God bless donald trump!

how would you know that if they are filtered?

Cause I can see their post number next to mine but draw a blank hovering over the hyperlink newfag.

Could it be because of your delivery? In communication and the fostering of discussion, it's not wise to be abrasive and just shout "X is a fag!", a much better way would be "X may be a fag, here's my proof/theory, what do you guys think?". Likewise posting unsavory pictures of this "X" does not help your argument, delivery or acceptance.

We should strive to be ubermenchen, gentlemen, men of great repute, mental acumen and authority, not a bunch of misfits shouting from the rooftops.

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What happens when they hit 0%? Will they somehow find a way to try and claim his rating is in the negative? Wouldn't surprise me.

funny how they mention that there is low approval rating constantly but the good question is- how do they make up these approval ratings? when has anyone ever come to your house and knocked on your door and said "hey we need you for the approval rating vote!!!"

nobody has ever knocked on our door for our opinion. it's hilarious that these fake news pieces of shit probably just look at each other in their recording studio and go "hey do you have a low approval rating of trump?" and like the 3 people working there say "yes" and then they come out with this fake ass low approval rating story.

where's the proof? who did they interview? what set of people were asked these questions?

you know what I'm starting to realize? trump has a sky-high-fiving approval rating in the 150%, but not for globalist brainwashed leftists. all they are doing is saying "WE THE BRAINWASHED HAVE A LOW APPROVAL RATING FOR TRUMP" but they conveniently (and intentionally) leave out the part where it says "we the brainwashed" and just say that trump has a low approval rating without being honest and telling everyone where that mysterious rating came out from.

This is just a plain blatant outright lie. trump supporters are furiously happy and cheering all day every day. OUR approval rating for trump is at beyond maximum. lying by stating that trump has a low approval rating is just another devious way for the brainwashed lefties to state the obvious fact that only they disapprove of trump and that they disapprove of him completely. they feel that if they tell us this in the fake news over the t.v. and the internet constantly that trump supporters will eventually begin to believe that other trump supporters disapprove of trump and this is simply not true. this is just another "depression tactic" that the globalists use on populations that they want to break the spirit of, to make them feel hopeless.


God bless trump, and God bless america.


we had to suffer through the bullshit of bush. twice. we had to suffer through the bullshit of obama. twice.
we had to watch our great country rot and crumble while the globalists raped it and stepped on our morals, ethics, human rights, principles, and our freedom.

and then we had to watch the most disgusting and corrupt liar and monster we have ever known step up and claim to be running for president. hillary.

we stood up and we said "No." enough is enough. we demanded honesty and integrity and freedom with no strings attatched. and that's what trump promised us, and that is what he gave us and continues to give us.

you will just have to put a smile on and behave yourself just like all these good trump voters did for 16 years. trump is a good man and he is doing a great job. if you can take a step back and ask yourself "why am I mad?" "why don't I like trump?" and realize you have no reasons and no answers for yourself, and then take another step back and take a few deep breaths, you might just realize you like him. you must realized you have been lied to by the UN and the globalists. you must realize where all your problems truly come from. it's not this great man who just showed up. it's the demons in charge who have been in charge for years. this great man, President Donald Trump, is here to kick those demons back to hell forever (metaphorically)

you should realize that and be happy for once. everyone is waking up and you are one of the few who refuses to accept the good truth. you're not the rebels from starwars, you aren't dark and edgy for hating trump, and you aren't impressing your friends. being the underdogs is reserved for the righteous. you should be sick of playing a monopoly game with rigged dice.

change your game and get on the Trump Train.
only then will you stop losing "the game"

I fucking love trump, but everyone is always so two faced when it comes to this. the shills love taking advantage of this, or rather they are pretending to be us, and then trying to make us change our minds because we believe we are in the company of other real people.

gr8 thread. shills attempt the "nice guy" approach and fail catastrophically

or this bullshit

And I'm likely forgetting quite a few. Every few weeks, there was a new gimmick. Some frantic, desperate strategy using a combination of polls and false positives and self-titled experts declaring these things as indisputable fact, and then they just give up on one narrative and start another. The one we're on now is quite literally

It's really gotten that lazy, but these faggots are all patting themselves on the back over this one. They think they've finally got it! 3 months in and this will be the thing that stops Trump from being President! People don't like him! HAHA! Take that drumpfkins! NOW TRUMP CAN'T BE PRESIDENT. To reiterate.. We're THREE FUCKING MONTHS INTO HIS FIRST YEAR AND THEY THINK THEY CAN STOP HIM NOW. He's already elected and you can't fucking impeach a president because the news said all of Trump's supporters hate him now.

Don't get me wrong. You can be pissed at the guy or question his decisions or voice your confusion over the shit he's done, but this idea that half country has suddenly changed sides and now it's everyone versus Trump is fucking stupid. He's not going anywhere for another 4 years, for fuck's sake.

This blackpill pessimism and defeatism is simply the next step. First they tried to derail us. Then they tried to shill us. Now they are pretending to be us and trying to drag us into the abyss where lefty faggots have been wallowing for these past few months. This is demoralization, plain and simple, and just like every single other narrative they tried before, when there are not tangible results, they will panic and switch to something else. The earliest rumblings seem to be the baseless claim that Kushner and Ivanka are manipulating Trump and making him do things because Ivanka was sad about dead children.

they bitch and scream and moan and say "he will not divide us" while at the very same moment they are trying to divide US they are screaming out in pain with their forked tongues as they strike out with lies and hypocrisy
they go against truth and honesty and the good man that was voted in by the american people
they want to appear like the victims to others while they brainwash themselves to consider themselves heros.

>idiot who has no understanding of politics and is just "mad" for no explainable logical reason that TRUMP WON AND IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA stands at their special street shiaria diarrhea law shareabloobloo allahboof safe space camera while they repeat "he will not divulge us" over and over again

I laugh at the mass projecting the shills and the globalists have been doing. they are so butthurt about losing that they tell everyone else that they are cry babies while they throw nonstop temper tantrums all over the world. they look like the most immature cucks I have ever experienced in my entire life. they played dirty, they cheated, they scammed, they decieved, they did evil things to innocent people for corporate and otherwise greed and dirty money and for what they thought was power, and
They Lost.
they planted the seeds of evil and their harvest wasn't mangos bro. now they are the little kid on the flood of the supermarket crying and pounding the floor and screaming because they didn't get what they wanted.

Democrats lose In Special Elections, Republicans Win 5 Out of 5 Seats

The special elections are over with Republicans winning 5 new seats. The biggest battle being Georgia where the Democrats and other communist activists raised around $23 million dollars for Trump-basher Jon Ossoff’s campaign. However Jon Ossoff lost the special election as well, to Republican opponent Karen Handel.

A new CNN "meme" has been spread around social media depicting a screenshot after Democrats' stunning losses, exposing their most obvious liberal bias

In fact, after the loss CNN has now refused to cover the election results, and will continue their witch hunt against President Trump

Meanwhile, President Trump tweeted two responses, one response for the Republicans and one response for the Democrats:

"Well, the Special Elections are over and those that want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN are 5 and O! All the Fake News, all the money spent = 0"

http s://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/877372660455546880
"Democrats would do much better as a party if they got together with Republicans on Healthcare, Tax Cuts, Security. Obstruction doesn't work!"

http s://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/877474368661618688

The reason they keep doing this is simple: They are losing. They are losing viewers, which loses them money. Without money they can't enforce their control on the world as easily. They can't make people think and act and believe what they want if no one trusts them. They mistakenly think Trump is the key and that if we lost him, we'd lose everything, everyone would go back to sleep, and we'd all just pretend none of this never happened. We won, We are winning, We are not tired of winning, We will NOT tire of winning, and We will win forever. there's only so much longer that these parasitic cretins can scrape by before they lose everything and we are going to experience the feeling of evil losing until evil ceases to exist.

shills getting embarrassed

Every interaction these sore losers have had with him since he announced his candidacy has been nonstop criticism and sarcastic remarks. they will say anything to make him look bad. makes me feel happy whenever I see bad news about trump because all that it means is that trump is doing such a great job that all the evil people in the world are getting frustrated to no end. I love the sense of freedom that radiates off of trump. best president I have ever had the honor of witnessing. a true hero and a great human being. he shall not fear ten thousand enemies that surround him and neither shall we. God bless trump and God bless america.


13 posts of copypasted spam to drown out dissenting opinions? Sounds like shilling to me.

Holy fuck, is this the shills day off or something since the ammount of smart anons in this thread is fucking astounding. Finally people are calling out the bullshit of the shills, the artificial trump contreversy, attempt to make the trump issue a two sided coin to make the user base fight each other and generally trying to make every single fucking thread into a trump thread.

Quickly archive this thread before the mods anchor or delete it.

Shills are gay and suck balls