Trump Threatens to Cut Palestinian Aid

Kinda surprised that there wasn't a thread on this

What do y'all make of this?
Is this a good thing?

I hate sounding like one of the "Trump is a Jew shill" fags, but what purpose does this serve besides benefitting shlomo?

I'm just curious about what you guys think about these developments, and honestly worried about my future as an American

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Trump is a Jew shill.

wow they don't waste their time, do they?

There's a sticky about it you moron. Go be a moron in there.

Don't be, it's been the norm since Kushner bought up all the chans to pay teams of kikes to gaslight the goy and push and promote ZOG

It's highly likely that 95% of all the 'based fashy goys' championing Trumpstein and all the neocon kosher nationalists throughout the world over the last 2 years were kikes, the 5% that weren't jewish could only be sub 50 IQ retards that would do anything their jewish media masters told them to think.

palestine, not pakis
pakis are shit

Topic is currently stickied. Archiving this thread as proof of anti-trump astroturfing.



His tweets about Palestine were made last night, his team worked it with Twitter so that it wasn't viewable from a majority of his supporters accounts.

Trumpstein supporters are one of two groups, literal spastics who would march down the road shoving dildos up their own arseholes if Andre Anglin told them it would upset leftists, homos and muslims, the rest were openly jewish hasbara trolls.

Guess whose side the based mods were on this past few years when it came to banning anons commenting on those promoting ZOG on here…

Sincerest apologies. It appears I am the moron.

This is your problem. You're a fucking moron and you think you can discuss politics. If fags like you killed themselves this board would be immeasurably better.

I mean, it's hard to read when the shills are this plentiful, but fuck, at least comprehend what you see before sperging

you're good fam, we all make mistakes

Fucking Based!
The G-d Emperor

Why is it that if I don't denounce trump at every open opportunity I get Called some form of shill?

Sorry OP, it appears my missreading has instantly derailed your thread. Kinda funny but also annoying tbh. i'd be surprised if you get a conversation on your topic.

Heads up, if you want to actually discuss the topic of this thread, filter this faggot.

don't get me wrong, I love the platform that Trump ran on as well, but I'm just worried

for a time, to me, Trump was a prayer; a solemn hope that we could turn it all back before Roma 2.0 happens

all that I can see in the future is destruction and death, and I wish I could still see that light that Trump made me feel still existed back in 2015/2016

oh well, nothing lasts forever, and I'm pretty sure a full-scale social upheaval can't be too bad for the race/culture (so long as the immigration is curbed beforehand)

whoops didn't mean to quote you 2ce92f

I see no reason they are entitled to U.S money at all, let the sandniggers starve. The problem is actually that Israel is still being paid for, but the solution to Israel being paid for isn't to pay for Palestine.

Why is it Holla Forums is more synonymous with posts like these lately than any kind of intelligent comment written by a non jew anymore?

Gosh, I can already hear someone screeching "FREEPALESTINE" in the background. What's next, saying that Palestinians are "white", again?

Nonsense. Me not shying away from shills is by no mean an admission of defeat, it's the exact opposite. The clumsy footprints of you and your co-workers is all over the board, YOU are not fooling ANYONE. You pounce at every opportunity, there's no creativity in your posts trying to persuade, you just shout the same thing over and over, louder and louder with more numbers. It will not work here. You have NO power here.

I wish I knew what to tell you, user. And I know the feeling you refer too, I try to keep in mind that there's no way to be aware of knowing everything going on in our position.

It's about factions I think at the end of the day I think, try your best to understand who's in the play and you might be able to put your mind at ease and create a bigger picture for yourself.
I believe Trump is geniune in his statements regarding putting america first, what it involves to make that so though, I don't know.

Shills play both sides. It's about creating context, not content.

Where I diverge is I'd like it if Trump took Israel off the table with nuclear weapons. That's a good use of money that aids Palestine, destroying Israel would do more for them than any humanitarian aid and we'd actually benefit even more. Everyone important wins!

oh for sure, I really want to have my money stolen from me and sent to Palestinians.

Send your own money via paypal if you really care, retard.

Has spazgarrafag ever posted constructive criticism in his life? I don't think I've ever seen him do anything but insult other posters and help bring the board quality down. Though given his agenda seems to be destroying Holla Forums 76chan-style that's probably the point.

>US send $3.8billion to jewish kingdom a year

/r/the_Zioland is leaking.

It's a marvel that you get paid for this when you're so very bad at it, desperate times eh?

There's no silence on this.
Yep. Fuck them, and fuck you.

You're not fooling anyone with your tagged on token comments.
anyone equating the money we send to israel to what we send to palestine is a obvious shill. "Oh look I waste $500 dollars on heroine every month, but i better start saving money by cutting down on that $5 hamburger i buy a month because thats also bad for me".

Using your analogy, I said that we shouldn't be buying unnecessary hamburgers or heroin. That was post one. I further go on to say that the U.S should nuke Israel in post two. Honestly the worst part about your analogy is it undoes a very integral part of my original post, we are also buying hamburgers for someone we don't need to feed and enabling the drug habits of Jews at the same time. In conclusion, Trump should take us all out for heroin and hamburgers and drop a thousand nukes on Jerusalem.

For every single person that has ever wanted an excuse to comment on how much sway Israel has and how often things go their way undeservedly or even just how much money we give them, this is a fucking nice chance. Stop wasting it and start redpilling.

Democrats inevitably do everything their kike masters tell them almost as much as Trumpstein and his cabal.
Playing Demoncunts off Republikikes is what the jews have been doing to you since the formation of the jewish Rep vs Dems false paradigm.

The problem is jewish politics where the jews control every single policy of both the jewish lefy and the jewish right.

jews and isreal are THE problem, voting one of either Democrat or Republican will only continue the rapid decline of ZOG America.
TBH the last few years has made me less interested in the survival of America when even the best of them (Those self described based fashy cartoon frog posting 'red pilled' goys of the aut-right) will ally with jews at the drop of a cream cheese bagel just to annoy leftists and muslims…and cheer and dance in celebration as ZOG takes control of America.

I said we should be using this to expose Israel's influence over US policy. And what I get from you was a rambling post about something that does not indicate how to either better inform people or an argument for or against informing people in the same vein of various other posts in other threads in the most formulaic of manner. In short, your post was pretty damn fucking useless. Try again.

Silence where? It's discussed in almost every thread about foreign aid
This kind of batshit retarded argument is how we all know you're a mindless astroturf shill.
Is Trump not allowed to do anything anymore unless it's personally gassing the kikes by his own hand without you autists screeching about how much of a supposed kike he is?

This. This is a fantastic opportunity to beat the leftcucks into even more confused autistic rage.

Now watch the "LE DRUMBF IS A KIKE" shills screech about chess

Just filter the astroturf shill. Not worth the time. He'll be spewing the same shit in the next thread regardless of what we say in this one.

You said we can use this to get one over on the Democrats
Which is the exact mixed up retardation the jews here have been taking advantage of pretending that voting ZOG-Republikike is somehow a threat to ZOG


Drink bleach.

No you're an idiot and the only one seeing things as right and left and offering up nothing in regards to spreading redpills on Israel. Exposing Israel exposes all involved parties. ALL OF THEM. It's not that hard to figure out. And the fact that you would be bothered about the idea of the democrats having their constituents turn against them over Israel is beyond telling.

I honestly should.

There appears to be two distinct groups here
One side, yours, promoting and pushing ZOG on every thread for the last few years,and those opposed to your open shilling of ZOG

Yet you post in such numbers with such confidence knowing that no matter how openly you push ZOG here on Holla Forums, you will never get moderated off here like all those anons critical of ZOG.

Look how quickly you and your (((friends))) have derailed this legitimate thread questioning how Trump has shown his hand he is only in bed with the kikes.


Democrats, no matter what they say during the run up to election always seem to only do what is advantageous to isreal in the end, whereas Republicans only ever promise to serve isreal above the interests of Americans, where they also continue the same programs the Democrats initiate like Welfare for blacks etc

Whether you vote ZOG left or ZOG right, they both end up doing the same thing, bankrupting America with welfare programs for fags and blacks while fighting wars for isreal.
Both parties have consistently done this for the last 100 years

Then you continue to speak to an openly jewish pro-ZOG JIDF-bot and agree filtering the user who isn't jewish is the solution…

>Look how quickly you and your (((friends))) have derailed this legitimate thread questioning how Trump has shown his hand he is only in bed with the kikes.
You're the only one that has derailed it. We want to use this to expose Israel and talk about how to do that, instead, you want to shit and whine about Trump exclusively, effectively giving the democrats a free pass. This is a level of indoctrination that is beyond naked and obvious.

Hes just so fucking Based!! Look how successful he is, even the Rothschilds want to hang out with him! Its so great to finally have a winner in the oval office! i will never get tired of winning!! Lets go Trump! Lets go MAGApedes! USA!USA!USA!

Because nothing you've said is helpful on how to spread redpills or cause a rift among democrats using this issue.

Every word I've ever written here is red pilled
There is nothing for whites to gain by creating rifts that already exist between jewish democrats and jewish republicans.
The two party jewish democracy you promote is THE PROBLEM

Hence all the spastics of the aut-right MEMEing the most jewish president since Rosevelt into power.

What do you propose as a solution then?

Are you saying it's a problem because Trump won and not Hillary? Please ignore this I couldn't help myself.

Do you ever think that no-one ever asked this same "Give an alternative that has a high chance of winning" question for the entire year with no answer?

Round and round we go

What part of the Red-Pill is confusing to you?

It's just a reiteration of things everyone knows on here. You don't get points for pointing out the obvious.

Oh yes there is, since it weakens a party and makes it easier to weaken the others and thus expose the others.

And there it is. You accuse me of promoting it when my very suggestion is exposing it and thus weakening it. You are, at this point, in favor of not redpilling people and even worse, have presented no alternative. It sounds like you are protecting the democrats now. And that is why you are actually the one promoting the two party system here.

Oh this meme again. Shit like this is why people tend to ignore you. You say obviously untrue shit like this here, ignoring that Obama is a literal jew and so on and again, showing that you would rather throw a fit about Trump rather than expose Israel's hand in American politics. I mean really now.

Jews pay the PA money too.
Fuck em
Fuck all of em
You're on your own.

Well, you've got your answer

Shills try to derail threads to kill and hide opportunites like these. From the point of where Trump declared Jerusalem the kike super city it became a great way of getting lefties into Anti-Israel. Keep turning the golem on Israel and make this a more common happening:

Wew. You're not here for anything other than disruption. Thanks for making it obvious.

The answer is to vote for anyone not aligned with jews, and in direct opposition to every single policy of theirs.

Which is a damn sight better than your proposals of only ever voting for jews as long as they are NeoConservative Likud party sponsored Republikikes

So what we have here is another thread derailed by teams of openly jewish trolls, repeating the same old tired mantras that first was employed to "gaslight the goy" into voting jewish neocon and claiming it as a victory over jews.

You and the hasbara kikes, saying the exact same things over and over again, isn't a demand that needs to be met by any user.

You are here promoting ZOG and demanding that we then offer an alternative to ZOG, which every single legit user has already done since before this board came into existence.

I propose not voting or campaigning for jews, all you and your jewish patrol bots seem to do is insist we can only ever vote for jews, and we must pick our favourite kike to send the West to Hell

wew, that's one angry midget.
And he still didn't give an answer, how embarrassing. You're truly a "big boy".

If only anti-kike shilling was this effective.

You're so full of shit it hurts. I said people should redpill people on Israel's hand in American politics. You got mad and tried to move people away from this, and now make a claim that is part of one of the "obvious things that Holla Forums is aware of #345457". Yet somehow, the person saying that Israel should be exposed is the very person who is somehow working for them? And the fact that you don't see the power of weakening the parties is beyond me. You're so obvious it's ridiculous. Just look at this thread. It was moving towards redpilling people on Israel, then you came and tried to shit it up and stop that. That is all you've done. You've done work for them and in typical fashion claimed everyone else is to blame.

How do you intend to do that without redpilling people on the parties? Maybe you should stop getting in the way of redpilling people on parties then. Wew.

Good cut all aids to us arabs. We don't want loyal puppets and greed to take over.

Do we have to post your home addresses again before you vanish? I wonder how many bluefaggots quit their job last time shitting their pants.


No. I've asked it before myself with no answer. My theory is that the shills have guidelines to follow based on some law relating to organisations in their position. And those guidelines state that they're not allowed to openly coerce others into violence or something.
So they attempt poorly to implant the idea. Make it so this place and it's users can come under fire or something. That and to disrupt conversation as much as possible ofcourse. Preaching to the quire, I know.
When they do this -

Which I don't exactly disagree with personally, is an attempt to implant the idea.

The shortfall, however, is that
they always fail to go into anything beyond the obvious. Human/mob psychology and how skittish it can be is never taken into account, current systems and they're delicate nature in terms of maintenance are never taken into account, etc, nuclear power plants. It's always black and white. And that's where they fail.
Hotheads basically.

Also, since Trump is cutting foreign aid left and right, we should use this as a good excuse to make a public push to cut aid to Israel and various other countries. Force people to talk about that issue out in the open. Those that have wanted to hide their power level will feel more willing to be open since they have a good excuse now. We could comment on Mexico as well, maybe talk about the wall in all of this.

So how would NOT voting somehow speed Le Collapse? Or avoid it? Or whatever the fuck your point supposedly was?

We need to be using this to expose kikes, as per the usual.

This. We have been d&cing leftists. We need to do this to rightists.

This is because you demoralization faggots DO NOT HAVE A PLAN OR WORKABLE ALTERNATIVE, for the six gorillionth time. How you idiots are upset that we successfully memed the "unelectable" candidate is beyond me. You're literally SJWs.

This thread is about the jewish puppet appeasing isreal and shitting all over Palestine, all you and your jewish cohorts have done is insist it's really based to vote for jews.

The USA gives a lot more aid to Israel than to Palestine.
It lets Israel pretend to want peace whilst stealing Palestinian land.
It gives them (for free) the weapons they use to kill Palestinians.
It attacked USS liberty and false flagged America into every war for the last 100 years.
Israel has exclusive access to US military secrets then sellsit onto all of America's enemies

There is no other nation that openly disrespects the US more than Israel

How about some of you based pro-ZOG JIDF kikes make some memes from that for starters.
Otherwise start your own thread about triggering retarded democrats to bring them over to the kosher NeoCon Republikike side.

Exactly. They're only here to try to churn out more Tom Metzger skinheads and Tim McVeigh patsies to promote the "White Terrorism" meme in hopes the general public will give them carte blanche again to crack down on pro-Whites just like they did post-1995.

Fuck off shitskin

Are you a pedo worshipper too? Cutting aid to Muslims is great. Cutting aid to any non whites is something to be celebrated. Hopefully israel will be next

Not increasing the federal debt of the United States aka giving kike banking system even more of future children's freedom?


Speaking of pedo worshippers.

Since when has trump ever shown any sign of doing a single thing that would ever harm or badly affect his beloved isreal?

Wew. No one is saying bring the democrats over. We're saying weaken them and send them into disarray. The same can be done for the right but to even greater extent since they won't be able to blame the left anymore. We know this works since that is part of the reason why people are mad at Paul Ryan and why cuckservative as an idea caught on. The shattering of the left and right dichotomy in the minds of people forced them to think in terms of American and anti-American. What's next is casting the idea of serving Israel's interests as anti-American.
It's not that hard to understand.

We shouldn't give any country any fiat money in the 1st place.

Exactly, you say it yourself you insufferable fucking retard. DO YOU HONESTLY THINK YOU KNOW WHAT THOSE SECRETS ARE?
You cannot possibly know of everything going on, none of us do. What, you think they biggest secret there is is the new fighter jet blueprints? Why they fuck do you think they fear Assange and his ilk so much?

They run on the premise that the original user-base are normies, like them.

Character assassination, how dull.

Such a great assemblage of theiving shylocks? Is there no Odin?!

Literal (((Jesus Fucking Christ))), the same as with the handful of kikes (((Jesus))) kicked out of the ((( Temple ))).

For but one example
Israel Passes U.S. Military Technology to China

Then there's north korea, then there's the purchasing of oil and weapons to ISIS etc

You mean the cartoon blonde, whose entire output since wikileaks is revealing that we should invade all of isreal's enemies in the ME?

All except the fashy based NeoCon kikes that backed him of course…

> (((my fellow Americans)))

Are you female?

we can't, no. That's my point.
They could've implied anyone. Why do you think that means isreal?
Oh, sorry, not character assassination, Guilt by association.

You might maybe, but I remember a lot of good that's come from this year.

Like what, guaranteeing complete control of the US government by Chabad Lubavitch messianic kikes?
Trump engineering a revolution for kikes in Iran?
The complete hijacking of Holla Forums by you isreali kikes?
The betrayal to every American that voted for Trump believing you that he wasn't a Chabad Lubavitch puppet,when he so plainly was?
The fact no one can discuss anything about opposing and compromising kikes in any way whatsoever on any of these boards without you kikes coming along to mass report and getting it shut down?

Still struggling to think of one positive you kikes bring to the table

I wonder if this is his fetish or that he has a lot of free time. Because you have to be this level of stupid in order to rant the same phrase daily.

The fact no one can discuss anything about opposing and compromising kikes in any way whatsoever on any of these boards without you kikes coming along to mass report and getting it shut down?
You haven't been shut down yet, funny that.

I don't know if it jews that brought it to the table, but I do remember Trump throwing out a certain trade agreement.. I can't quite recall what it was called though.. can you?

Speaking as a Holla Forums board lurker
The only thing that's been embarrassing is how many jews post in threads like these voicing their support for Le ZOG Empruh and the mods only ever shut down threads like this exposing the nose behind Trump or ban anons who don't support you jews shitposting pro-isreali shit on every thread

Even the start of the sentence you've fucked it up. Bathetic.


Now I feel bad for being mean to when he isn't even the most obvious shill in the thread anymore.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA and he dares calling people shills for pointing out on his obvious blackpill.

The answer is to never ally with you jews

The thread is about the jewish Trump shitting on Palestine to protect his precious jews, while doing nothing for Americans who elected him without realising all he would do is usher in the jew world order.

Yet dozens of kikes under multiple IDs are posting in this thread attacking any user who isn't onboard the isreali Trump-trainand wondering why any user is querying why so many jews openly take the piss out of anyone not jewish.

He isn't a bright one. Every time he gets btfo, he goes back to step 1 and tries very hard to make you forget his fuckups.


"Hey I hate to call out this Trump guy h…haha, but uh, wh..whats he doing guys? Guys…?"

Again you're either a bottom tier spastic or a kike shill if even in the playground level analogy you're still equating hamburgers to heroine.
lmao still crying like a bitch because I blew your cover sholomo.

Ain't explaining your continuous failures, like that previous post from about half an hour ago?
It's amusing watching you moving your goal posts constantly and then resorting to hopping around like some scared person.



I am still angry with you.

It seems you have every right to be.

And you're a literal nigger than can't check the catalog where there is already a literal thread on this literal topic you literal cock sucker. Literally.

This is the only thread on Trump threatening Palestine, even the user who made the post complaining like you has conceeded he was wrong.

Yet the majority of comments in this very important thread about Trump shitting on Palestine are from jews openly pissing in the faces of every user like you are doing, leading the only conclusion to make that the mass banning of every single non-jew user here is almost complete, as all we see in every thread over 90% of respondents are openly jewish gaslighting kikes laughing and mocking the goy at how they've taken over Holla Forums

How goes it, "Holla Forums board lurker"? Still wasting your life on shitposting and demanding drama?

It's rather simple. Trump cuts pali aid, kikes have to start footing the bill, feeding their caged sand niggers. As it stands, the US feeds their caged sand niggers.



Reported for outing yourself INSTANTLY.

Holla Forums is officially the board of isreali Likud party jews and neocon republicans

You're just embarrassing yourself. Go shitpost on Holla Forums and tell your superiors you're still posting here.

>>>Holla Forums
Just go.

>>>Holla Forums

You're a fag, but mods are even bigger fags for allowing this thread to exist.


Have you looked at yourself as how desperate (((you))) have become? Like, wow… that has to be one of the most loneliest sociopath manchild here. Or fucking start your favorite "loli pill" or nigger porn spam.

Anytime a people is left to the hand of the Jew, the Jew will commit genocide. This is true going all the way back to King Saul.

Trump is pulling aid so that Yidsrael has to abide by the concepts in the 1947 meetings. They won't, and they will come under scrutiny and loss due to the 1947 agreements, a microscope will be placed on the kike as they will move for an integrated Yidsrael free of the Palestine.

This is chess.

How jewish

You Don't Own Nothing Goy

Not even your own political message board it would seem

This, this, this. It is so abundantly clear who is running shill teams here and with the full cooperation of the mod teams, courtesy of Robert Mercer's micro-penis.

Let Iran pay the Palestinians out of the money Obama gave to them?
Let Sweden pay the Israelis out of the economic boom they're getting from Israel-endorsed multiculturalism?

Nobody "gave" Iran any money. It was their own national assets illegitimately seized by the zionist entity when their puppet government was overthrown.

To be honest I'm suprised we were funding Palestine at all. Were we allies with both Israel and Palestine? Why would our ZOG allow that? Is everything just one big charade?

Really challenging my preconceptions.

you kikes are getting more clever, but not quite there yet

being anti-Trump is objectively and irrefutably the ZOG stance, and no matter how much kvetching you do, you cannot convince us goy otherwise. gas yourself now so we don't have to do it later, moky

reverse psychology won't work here, mocky

Are you retarded or just a leftist


>The kike-approved candidate Hillary lost the last election because the goyim went out and voted against the (((establishment)))

lmao fucking dumbshit transparent kike

Fucking what? Do you actually think this or are you just pretending to be retarded?

You've already been filtered, so don't feel obligated.

i'm surprised the shitskin compromised mods didn't bumplock this thread. but, i guess they don't need to when they sticky 9 threads at a time


autistic screeching

Please examine this entire thread to understand just how openly the jews troll Holla Forums

Remember there's only one reason why jews can shill so openly for ZOG to the point where they even feel comfortable posting anti-Palestinian posts while all the legit anons critical of jewry/Kushner and his team get banned from here.

The mods are the reason for this board being completely overrun with hasbara jew trolls, it's nothing to do with jewish genius as they like to boast among themselved, it's not like anons didn;t detect the open hijacking of Holla Forums by kikes just corrupt mods taking the shekel from jared Kushner and banning each and every non-jew posting here

Answer my fucking question, faggot. Why do you used a different ID of talking to me when you were in tor?

(1st post using that ID)
1st of all, I have no requirement to meet the demands of kikes
2nd, this is your first post, there is no trail of any communication between me and (((you)))
3rd, did you know that there isn't just one of us disgusted with you hasbara kikes that run Holla Forums into the ground, every single non-jew user is outraged at you kikes destroying Holla Forums

You fucking know what I'm talking to you and you're so scared to answer. You constantly bitch here. So if this place is so wrong for you then fuck off.

The above comment and the one I responded to prior, neither of which suggests a question, nor does it qualify why I should accede to your demands even if you had asked a question of me.
Which you clearly haven't.

You are so full of shit and you know know it.

So you the kike-jew angry at polaks who don't like kikes… are referring to a post made on another thread.

Just for reference, here is a snapshot from my screen regarding those two posts.
One is from an user that isn't me, one of them is made by me. Which is why I'm puzzled at you hopping to this thread, without any reference to said 'conversation' demanding I answer a question I never knew you ever made.

At no point in this thread have I anything to refer me to your post in either case.

I only did this because it's amusing that you, outraged anyone could criticize ZOG is allowed to post here, feels they have power over someone like me, who has never spent a waking moment of his life doing anything you jews try and compel us to do.

Again, your objection like all of Imkampfys bots is

It really isn't, my only responsibility to any user here is to expose you kikes

You based mods have a control panel, that helps identify differences between tor posters circuits used to post here, which is why my screen shows me posts made with a (you) and other tor posters from another circuit,I know for a fact the Imkampfy bots have this feature also.
So next time before you cry and wail the goys aren't all going along with the fashy based ZOGbot you're promoting that not all tor users are the same person.

Have you considered that of the 1,000s of anons banned from here over the last 2 years, many of them use tor to avoid the specific block you kikes originally give us.
Do you think every user banned for criticizing Trumpstein just disappear forever once you come down with the ban hammer?

Shalom goyjim! Yes, starve the palestinians, and support
(((B A S E D I S R A E L)))

So this is how you resort to, hit and run tactics? After being cornered and pressure, you still refuse to answer. Man, what a sorry ass wimp (((you))) are. Never seen such a narcissistic faggot who screams louder than a trannie sjw in period. You gonna keep doing that every day? Of course you're going to scream every day constantly like some psychopath. Go on, smash your greasy keyboard with your sweaty limb fingers. Show everyone what a lying little scum you are. Show everyone what a "bright, smart boy" you are, I sure hope your parents are proud of every bringing you up who ended up in shitposting and spamming on an imageboard for 24/7.

Dear God
Again, not once have you even at any point tried to help direct me to this incredible "question" you;ve apparently asked, nor could you so much as direct me to the initial post you made it in,several posts on a thread about Trump fucking over Palestinians for his beloved kikes, and you chase me here about something you haven't once yet defined.

In this thread I have only referenced you kikes pushing and promoting ZOG, you seem upset that any user would dare defy your private jewish laws regarding speaking ill of ZOG.

4 posts now you;ve cried about some imaginary conversation we've had, I demonstrated there are more than one tor user, still you persist, only neglecting to reference the initial post you're still crying about me not answering…

There is nothing I wrote on Holla Forums all day that requires defense.

Trump is a kike as is Bannon, both are frauds and only jews shilled for them here.
The end.

I'm convinced most of this board arrived here sometime after the Republican nominations.

Trump was always a best of the worst option, we knew he was compromised and was mainly useful for the wall and removing Spics. If any astroturfing occurred, it was Kushner-led astroturfing of reddit, cuckchan and here.

Trump isn't redpilled on Jews, his children are all married to Jews and he associates with countless Jews.

Jesus Christ, you're playing as some senile autist who can't remember his own posts.
That every little sentence of yours is an outcry of some angry midget trying to challenge everyone else and constantly loses. Just look at your past attempts. It's been almost a year and have you made any progress? Of course not, everyone laughs at you for being the World No. 1 failure. The way that you keep refusing of accepting your own loss is entertaining. Keep clutching your pearls.

Oh well, looks like I'll never be afforded the luxury of having to answer your question…

All I posted was critique of kikes, you appear to have hounded me for criticizing jews.

Boo fucking hoo

Make isreal Palestine again!

Cutting aid to anybody is a good thing but we really need to cut aid to israel and ideally force them to pay back every shekel they owe us. But it's become obvious that Trump is in shitsrael's favor if not in their pocket.

Lot's of shit posters on RN too, like you :^)

Is this not the most openly shifty president we've had? I mean, all of this Qanon business, his connections to Chabad, including Kushner, and Talmudic Jews. WEW lads.

No lol, stupid heeb shills.

dos iz scheyn, ek bin zoo gliklekh!