Welfare Nation - Almost a quarter of Germans have received welfare

Welfare Nation - Almost a quarter of Germans have received welfare

A left wing party requested the total number of welfare receivers since the inception of a welfare reform in 2005 and 14.5 million people have received it since then.

Germans are already well prepped for communism - to become the proletariat together with their muslim brothers.


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Germans falsely believe they live in a capitalist country, which isn't really true.

It's incredibly expensive and difficult to operate a limited liability company and everything is over-regulated, which means there are very few small time businesses and everything is consolidated.

Taxation is also very high and nobody but the 1% can get around this.

People essentially live in forced peasantry in a wealth redistribution country.

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Yes. The US saw to that 70 years ago.

I wonder what they count as "receiving welfare".

Technically I receive about 1000 dollars a year from the state as an incentive for having children. It's nothing compared to what I pay in taxes; but would these people count me as a welfare recipient?

It's about Hartz 4 which is the welfare program for those that can't find work and have no savings beyond a very low threshold to sustain themselves during their search for work.

It's not about unemployment benefits, which is a different program or handouts to people with children.

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For the first time in history we'll see a jewish ran, welfare caliphate on European soil if Germany doesn't unfuck itself.

Until it collapses in on itself in a few years.

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Compared to most European nations the average German is quite poor and pays a load of taxes.

This also counts people who recieve Hartz 4 to supplement their wages, which is used to prop up a huge pool of low wage jobs that didn't exist before the Hartz reforms.

most of these jobs paying 400 bucks a month barely count as jobs

10 hour work week anyone?

The numbers are also incredibly unreliable because dole offices are expected to obfuscate the real number of "customers" they handle. People under or above certain ages don't count, as do people who receive benefits because their job doesn't pay enough and people put into various educational classes to "help them improve their skills.

Yeah, but it's still vastly inflated since it counts everyone who ever recieved it even for a short time. Plenty of people need to sign up for a short time after an apprenticeship or mililtary service simply to not lose their medical ensurance.
If they just counted people who were in it for more than three or four months, the number wuch be much lower but much more accurate. But then again it's a leftist party who asked, so they only want it for a misleading propaganda soundbyte

even if you receive it only for a short period of time you are poor as fuck and unlikely to ever escape that poverty given the lack of jobs for people that don't have masters or PhDs due to the extreme competition for them.

If you ever had a job paying 40k+ you're unlikely to need welfare and if you had welfare chances are you won't ever get there and that's the lowest salary that I don't consider poverty tier post tax.

It's easy to get around just people are lazy and believe the government is all-powerful and that the rothskikes IMF tax system is unavoidable.

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This would not have happened if anglea "del diablo" merkel would have kept simple, low-paying jobs for the weak, sick and poor among the white population and not handed them over to the best and brightest among immigrant niggers and kebabs.

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How many of those "Germans" are actual Germans?

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The only one in Germany who beliefs that Germany is a capitalist country are the cultural marxists and open commies.
Everybody else knows that the West German Government after WW2 set up a economy that is described as "social economy" a.k. the economy has to serve the social well being of he country, can be good or bad depending on who is in charge.

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As many as the rothskikes can keep printing money for while (((inflating))) your $.

Welfare Nation - Almost a quarter of Germans have received welfare
Well if your Gov is going to give it away to Turks for decades and now everyone else why not use it. They paid for it.

I received welfare before, maybe 1/3rd that you see waiting in line at the welfare office aren't German. There is a large German underclass as well and with stiff competition for jobs that pay more than barely above welfare it's rapidly growing. Communism 2.0 is coming…

The system is designed to punish native Germans and support mudslimes.
A mudslime family of 8 will receive thousands each month for free, a single native German will be forced to work 40 weeks for literally 1€/hour.

they try to bully native Germans into shitjobs that barely pay above welfare or need welfare to supplement to get them out of the stats

they largely employ women as the welfare goy handlers because women are the goodest goys and naturally cruel to men they deem low value

rapefugees get left alone because they don't speak German thus nobody will hire them anyway

Said goyettes might also get a friendly visit from Abdul and his 20 cousins if they treat him "unfairly".

Women need to be banned from the career except full time housewife.

they get stabbed once a while by actual Germans as well who prefer prison over living under a bridge because some bitter manhating feminist cut off their welfare for bullshit reasons

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You put more into the system than you take out, what more is there than that? A righteous and goodhearted man questions morality, while a wicked one questions legality. Big thumbs up to you for having children and raising them right. Plus historical tax rates for white mens' civilizations have been around .1-3% depending on circumstances. Unless you consider small villages and collectives that never needed a tax.

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