Imageboards finally dying?

Hello anons I've been watching the gradual decline of 8ch, specifically Holla Forums and the off boards that spawned from the disagreements that were had here. Since Holla Forums is not something that can be easily replicated, nearly every off board (/news/, /newsplus/, /Polk/, etc) has remained dead as older anons are splintered across various boards now.

Lately we have seen 8/pol/ become more or less a replica of 4chan and that's probably due in part to the influx of cuckchanners with their gook buttcoin miner admin. Though I would go further back and say things were getting bad during the election year and somewhat prior to that as well. With that being said, I have yet to find a suitable replacement that has quality discussion anymore. Meguca I tried and discovered it was mostly name/avatar fags with very little relevant discussion. Endchan is more or less dead and I think the paranoia with some anons there stems rather deep (not a terrible thing but still) and I am rather disturbed at their push/acceptance of porn threads (soft seems to be ok in their eyes). Cuckchan is obviously a lost cause and will always remain so and everything else is more or less dead.

Which brings me to a simple question of, is this the end of imageboards or has someone found a place that hasn't been infected so badly such as the aforementioned places I've talked about?


So I take it you also see a problem with how bad Holla Forums has become. Are there any alternatives you suggest user or do you like swimming in shit all day?

har de ye har my fellow anonymouses's
where is being the good LOLZ thread t'day?

It won't be a sudden death. It'll be a slow, constant bleedout as good posters leave and hyper memelords who don't actually have an interest in politics enter. Kind of like what happened with cuck/v/ but at a little slower pace.

Image boards are now gamed. Heavily.
Like most new tech that ends up having social and real-world ramifications, ((()))'s move in to exploit and direct them. The initial demographics that belonged to boards like this were diligent - you had to be in order to sift through the shitty interface it provides. Now that it has become more mainstream, it's polluted by people that are more easily gamed than the initial demographics that were here - which means it basically acts as a free-range propaganda platform (assuming unbiased censorship).
In my opinion, the oldfags still dabble here, but I think anyone with a political agenda probably now works with others in order to "game" boards into jumping onto that agenda. This still kind of works as the propaganda is not only quantitative (as is CNN and most major media outlets), but qualitative too. Well argued/reasoned points propagate better than repetitive ones in an intelligent demographic - but this no longer constitutes the bulk of Holla Forums.
As to other channels, there is BitMessage. That hasn't hit a healthy balance of participation/exclusiveness yet to the point where it is useful though. I would, however, encourage anyone who needs to leak information anonymously to use it and do so with a Tor SOCKS proxy setup in the settings.

If I had a post every time started screeching 'imageboards are dying' I'd be Holla Forums made manifest.

Same was said in 2004, then in 2007 after newfags of the day flooded in with 03 originalfags. Cries of faggotry and death of imageboards happened during subeta/gaia raids. People started crying even more as chanology continued beating the dead horse. Years passed before horsefuckers started to spam Holla Forums with pastel colored horses.
Gamergate happened, exodus after that.

I might add that this wasn't first exodus of it's kind. If anyone remembers the exodus to 7chan to protest faggot mods of cuckchan years ago.

I moved to Fag Anglin's Thai Fuck Shack's message board.

It's not possible to have this much control on an imageboard to justify using the phrase "gamed". Forums, sure, you just ban anybody you don't like and other posters go "h-haha let's just step away from that elephant in the room". Here, all you have to do is put on a new proxy and try again.

However, there is a reason on why Holla Forums is on a fucking life support right now.

the board here got over moderated in my opinion which is one of the best ways for a board to die. Will never understand why jannies can't just ban spam and illegal content and leave the rest be

Well have you found some other place where the quality posting anons have flocked to because it is most definitely not 8/pol/. Just open a few of the threads here and it's either blatant spam or anons calling each other shills and kikes.

No, I'm mocking you for making a low quality thread complaining about the supposed low quality of the board. If you think Holla Forums should be higher quality then post higher quality threads. That's how it works.

There will be a renaissance of chan culture after the exodus and only a few hotpockets will harbor nostalgic feelings for the rotten cuckhan 1.0 & 2.0 days.

Awwww. OP as always is a faggot, but this time he is a full winged faggot that wants to be popular and regrets that imageboards aren´t, so he is torn. Cry more. How is this politics related? Go get fucked by a jew defeatist shill CIA nigger.


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Commit suicide. Viewership has fallen off a cliff since Jim took over (on purpose). Imageboards aren’t dying; they’re just too much of a threat, so they’re completely co-opted.

Larping is a chan fracture point to drive away the middle or resonable. This leaves hardcore mixed with hardcore opposites larping. Sound familiar?
Metafags must be isolated to meta threads and threads like these shoule be contained within said meta thread.

It’s really cute. Like the dipshits who say, “People in the government want to do what is right deep down; they just get mired in the bureaucracy!”

/polpol/ was a good board but some admin deleted it. endch gets a bad rap but I think it's mostly shills. Odili and gang are the same irc faggots behind a lot of boards but endch was good when it began, all the first exodus anons were there. I left when the schizo mason poster began spamming and they indulged him. Change can happen there though, board owners can be canned if they fuck up, mods are known/disposable and logs are kept. We the first endchan posters decided to cycle out mods after a period to keep them from becoming imkampfy-like.

I've had a look as well but haven't been able to find anywhere.

I don't think it's the end of imageboards though. I'm still optimistic that I'll find somewhere.
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I suspect a lot of the good anons have moved to smaller communities, not even on messageboards

regardless, if there is a good board, you can't talk about it on the bad boards
the only reason I came to 8ch years ago was because somebody mentioned "Holla Forums" on 4chan; I never bothered with the gamergate threads because I figured it was just a bunch of normies getting their first redpill, and so I missed the exodus by a couple years
I don't know how anons find these good boards without talking about them though

Nope. Every few weeks there's a purge on Holla Forums, the public ban list goes 404, Imkampfy stickies a thread about a non-existant invastion by freech, trs, shareblue, or some other boogeyman and then he starts he starts banning our best and brightest, critical thinkers, people who read books, etc. The last purge was either in october or november, so the next round of unnatural selection should be right around the corner.

Yes, I know. But I was referring to endch with that comment, not here. And those "boogeymen" are all shills and needed to be exposed, some more than others.

I have plenty more where that came from faggot

Holla Forums began its slow death after Trump's glorious election. Why? because we anons won! We fucking memed him into the White House. what happened? Anons got lazy and complacent. The left caught wind o the origin of Trump's 'alt-right' base and now we are bombarded everyday by leftist shit, fucking up our boards.
I've been a Holla Forumstard since before gamergate. As a matter of fact, GG made me more redpilled and politically active. Yes OP, the renaissance era of Holla Forums is over.

So, will this finally be the time you get of the internet into the real world?

All a psyop. Concern shilling from (((paid))) larping losers. This has escalated for the past few weeks not only here, but other places digital and carbon. Easy to spot because of spineless lefty leanings with the SAME scare tactic of going too far and "mu concerns". That 18 bill foundation money is starting to seep into the economy. Going into dildo sales??

You're a Holla Forums refugee, poserfaggot

100% shill

Guyz pols dying quick jump ship

So what? Are you complaining that there is a struggle to be made? Shit was bad from summer 2015 if you really want to analyze this, this is when the first "pagan vs christian" threads begun popping up en masse. Of course they weren't composed of good posts, no. They were horrible cuckchan-tier shitposts.

But the thing is that, as imageboards are "dying" as you say, our enemies are dying with them. Imagine when, in a few months from now, all the /leftytards/ and other human trash move away to reddit or some other goon site, and we hold a complete monopoly over political discussion on here. Thread/post quality improves, and we continue as always.

So my question is, are you here to spread blackpill faggotry and just jump ship or do you have a clear plan on what has to be done?

It's not a problem with imageboards so much as that things have intensified to the point where happenings just don't have the same punch. Seems pretty consistent despite that.

Oy vey, the humanity! Quick! Delete all book & self-improvement threads to restore order!


I've seen it coming for months now. It's total shit.

Take it to discord ayy?

Wasted trips

It is a fucking nonsense.

This place is the last bastion of the free. It bubbles and brews with the energy, vitality and desire of our people. This blackpill kike posting will never kill us.

Do you honestly think we will be beaten that easily? Do you have any idea, kikes, how many of us are entering the political mainstream? I work as lawyer for a major political party and write speeches on the path to political power. God knows how many other anons walk the path.

You will never defeat us. We must win.