Apologies for what may be misconstrued as a blog post...

Apologies for what may be misconstrued as a blog post, but this bullshit that I've been seeing for the past several months should be national news. It has gone completely unreported and unknown and I would like to bring some degree of attention to this Sweden-tier cuckery unfolding right in my backyard. I've tried typing this out in proper form and realized that the detail needed to give full credit to the story ends up being a wall of text which spans three posts. So I'm going to green-text and hope the point gets across.

Fast forward to 2017

This shit has been ongoing for weeks now. 40 year old drunken Mexican illegals were put up, for free mind you, in some of the ritziest, nicest hotels and living conditions you can imagine while white people, with money and citzenship, have had to live like hobbos because they cannot find a place to stay within several hours of their location; a factor made worse by avalanches in the pass as well as the usual snow and ice. But wait, it gets better. Jackson Hole not only refused to lift a damn finger to help these people, the town has aggressively tried to fuck them over. At first they were all staying in public areas, mostly the airport, to stay out of the weather until the town kicked them out. Then, they established their first camp just outside of the town… until the town decided they were ugly to look at and the police assisted them even further out into the woods. The real kicker was that these people were all excited that the New York Times was in the area. They thought they were going to get some recognition, some public outrage in their favor. Nope. What the New York Times did post on November 21st, was an old travel guide from 2013 on the best ski slopes in the Jackson Hole area.

TL;DR The United States has Sweden-tier housing priorities and discrimination against white people is more acceptable than ever

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Im bumping this because its an interesting situation. It feels like a microcosm of a macrocosm sort of deal.

OP, I should add, I hope you are not surprised by the blatant anti-white sentiment from the local government. It sounds like, from your description, the local government is pozzed as fuck. Being pozzed as they are, they MUST follow orders from on high, ye Virtue Signal. Because those people who do run town are hollow shells of people, theyre incapable of true sentient self thought.

AS someone who does live there, you think its in the realm of reality that those exiled whites would storm to the town and take it back any time soon?

As a local, why aren't you out there documenting this?
Having boots on the ground is a foremost requisite in winning any war.

Also, this sounds exactly like Sweden, where government funds have been allocated to lock up previously-available housing for invaders.
It would be prudent to unveil the money trail.

I firmly believe there is a genetic trait, or combination of genes, that is required for not only creating but maintaining and the innate drive to create civilisation and that blacks and browns lack it.

I highly doubt it as these people, the campers that is, are all tourists, most of them being the same type of cucky liberal that caused this mess to begin with. They have now racial conciousness and this is likely the first time they have ever recognized themselves as being targeted. That said, many of them have become miraculously woke on the actual effects of these liberal policies on a local population.

What surprises me isn't that the government is pozzed, it's how terrifically and terrifyingly pozzed it has become is such a short period of time. Jackson Hole has always been further left-leaning than the rest of Wyoming, but as little as three years ago the type of immigration they are now demanding and defending would have been unthinkable.

I'm not really a local. Jackson Hole is about 2 hours away from me, but it's the closet decent sized city to me, so it's the one I go to if I need to buy something. Being a boot on the ground long-term would be terrific, but I work 7 days a week and have a family to support. Short of talking to these people occasionally and teaching them how to gut a fish, I can't do a whole lot.

Similar thing is happening here.

Im certain an influential kike or at best, a low level kike looking to make a name for himself kike is somewhere in the vicinity of the WHY that has happened.

Fair enough, and thank you for your effort.
But, please do document and share here what little you can, a little goes a long way and networking really is one of our strong suits (you'd be surprised how many localnons actually lurk).

Please post pics and screencaps from local papers. Are they tweeting about this?

No. Not a damn thing. The Jackson Hole Daily has brushed it under the rug and someone evidently hushed up whoever was in the area from the NYT.

I would have linked to a story or picture if I could, but there is literally nothing on this.

Seems your new mayor, Pete Muldoon, has removed the portraits of both Donald Trump and vice president Mike Pence as well. He is newly elected as well.

I'm looking into his background now, but haven't found anything good yet. I need to know his family line. I smell kike all over this faggot.

Actually, that's a good point. I got banned from Twitter about 2 weeks ago and never bothered creating another account, so I haven't checked.


Heres the article about the mayor, Pete Muldoon, taking down the portraits of Trump and Pence from the mayoral office. This is the first time a mayor has taken down the portraits of the sitting president and vice president from the office.

Also, since we're in the spirit of sharing: I spent some time in Jamestown, NY.
A friend originally from the area explained it to me thus: (((real estate investor from NYC))) buys up a block of impoverished property, slaps some pretty paint and exterior, then places section 8 ads in NYC offering initial months' rent and transport free to new tenants, thus turning the city brown.

Heres the whole pozzed gang.

There's one at least, I'm sure Brokeback Muldoon is happy to acquiesce to her diversity demands.

Ok, then use your computer to document what is going on. Ive made a few posts for you to read over. The mayor, Pete Muldoon, is someone to look into.

Sounds like those White campers need some reading material to fill their time; it'd be nice if we could set up a system to get them copies of things like Mein Kampf, Culture of Critique, The Myth of the Twentieth Century, and Uncle Zundel's works about the holohoax.

All the men have that cuck mouth feature, though, with a strong man leading her Hailey could be /ourgal.

She's a tribe member

Good work. I knew kikes and other poisonous entities had taken the throne.

Heres the faggot mayor's campaign page.


Bob Lenz is pinging my kike radar.

Now that I can do.

None of us in the state really follow the goings on of Jackson, it's kind of treated as a containment zone. That list though, is disconcerting. Jews in the state, even down in Laramie where the University is, is something that really stands out.

No user. explains why

By the way,


is the online version of the local newspaper, if that helps. I've known all of this to be going on since mid to late October, so that's roughly the range where any reported events would be located, though I've been watching and never found anything reported.

>Haley (((Levinson)))

You've got to be kidding me my dude

I go through the state often, well, the I-80 corridor. Ive noticed more Jamals in Laramie the last few years. I really dislike when I go to the Pilot/Wendy's in Laramie and have a Jamal or Shquandra taking my order. Ive walked out more than a few times because of that.

NIGGERS AND KIKES DO NOT BELONG IN WYOMING! Im not even from there, but I recognize what Wyoming is from my many times going through there.

We need a hashtag if there isn't already one. Also pics. Any anons in the area?

Mayor Cuckdeen won an election in August apparently. No clue the timeline of swearing in from the victory night in that town.

Your glorious dubs have spoken!

Thank fuck you don’t live in Louisiana, user.

Sage negated, gassing self now.

I know all about Louisiana. Its niggers literally everywhere. Ive been all over in my time. Pic related.

I can get pics… when I get up to Jackson again. Haven't taken any up until now as I assumed someone would get on this before my tired ass did.

Well, gas me, I'm a total nigger with no glasses. Could she have married a yid?

Adding this just in case the name didn't give it away


>Detox and Retox with Jenny Ross and (((Hailey Morton Levinson))) Join the ladies on Sunday, January 29 from 4:00-6:00 pm at the Jackson Hole Jewish Community Center to Detox and Retox. Jenny Ross will help[…]

Ah, you must be the guy who put up IOTBW flyers at Tulane

Now you know its your duty to document this as best you can. I would, but I dont go through there when I go through Wyoming.

I’m guessing you drive a rig based off the map and your gas station resumé, favorite part of the country?

I need to see pics and stories before I believe this. If these rich people went for a ski vacation in October then why the fuck are they still there in January? Do they have jobs? I'm not understanding the long term camping in the woods. Fuck Thanksgiving and Christmas, us millionaires are stuck in tents in Wyoming for 3 months or more? How long were they planning on skiing?

No that wasn’t me, I live 4 months of the year in New Orleans, the other 8 elsewhere in the country. New Orleans niggers are a different breed, without a doubt.

Or start distributing propaganda.
Better that every single White leaves those camps knowing the truth of why they were put out rather than it being documented. Documentation doesn't really do much for us since none of the official systems of justice will act in our favor. At best, it can be used to show other Whites how we are treated, but we're getting plenty of that kind of material out of the rapefugee invasion.

I like that northern Idaho/Western Montana area on I-90. Always been a big fan of mountain woods. From Spokane, WA to Missoula , MT is some gorgeous country. Bad to no phone signal through about 50% of that stretch though, so be ready for that.


It's not the same group of people, user. People come in planning to stay for a week or two, end up stuck out in shanty town, and then leave on their flight. People are constantly coming and going.

Good man. Documentation helps the propaganda effort too though. Red pill them guys and also document it.

Obviously that is due to no information about the goings on in town has been made public. The coffers of the city government should get dry soon if they continue to do as they're doing, unless those coffers are kept full by some outside source.

Why aren't the hotels cancelling reservations? Also there should be posts on trip advisor and a dozen other similar sites where tourists write all this sort of shit. They have phones and I can't imagine angry rich people that have been shafted haven't complained about it somewhere.

Documenting and distributing is probably too much for one guy who lives 2 hours away. The best case would be establishing some method to directly send materials to someone in that town while getting the campers to start documenting it all themselves.

And like that, my jewdarian suspicions were confirmed.

Well, when you do go there, make it count. Document though. Perhaps your documentation will inspire some of them cucks to do some documentation themselves.

Chaim, you act as if bots arent a thing.

Very interesting user. I'd known about sky high housing rents causing problems for the local work force (and I mean U.S. citizens) that actually mans (or manned) the resorts shops and restaurants. Probably 5-7 years ago I recall reading about an alleged employee shortage due to the blue collar/service industry labor pool having to commute a prohibitive amount of miles from outside areas because the libtard millionaires don't want them anywhere in the city limits outside of work hours.

Housing wetback scabs in top tier hotels and thus pushing out the clients supporting the whole circus is a new and especially retarded development. Truly amazing kikery.

You've described the problem of the area I live in a nutshell. Luckily, I'm a property owner so I work where I live, but the roads are infamously horrible during rush-hour as people need to commute at least an hour, often two, to get to work. Rent costs come off of Jackson like radiant waves of economic distress and if you aren't from an old family and inherited some land, you're fucked. I've lost most of my highschool friends to other states because living costs in the surrounding areas, even counties, are impossible to manage.

I'm in the Southern U.S. and not too familiar with the skiing and hunting mountain lifestyle that's part of your local history. However I do take a keen interest in how different areas of the States are exploited by these shortsighted, thieving yids.

It's much the same in the South. Either own a property outright, hopefully in a nice White area or live in an overpriced suburban apartment surrounded by beaners/niggers, or in some other spot 40-100 miles outside of the urban zombie zone. I knew things were fucked when I started seeing shitty, single-wide mobile homes on a small rural lots going for in excess of 80,000 shekels. Completely unrealistic.

This interests me and is absolutely worth a thread - comprehensive on the ground reporting (much less from areas presumed to be safe) is always worth a thread. Thank you for bringing it to my attention; I'll have to remember to tell my mother not to bother with Jackson Hole the next time she's looking for a ski trip.


Yeah, that part of the country is about as beautiful as inland landscapes get.

As a Coloradan, I feel your pain; our housing situation has turned to shit, especially anywhere even remotely near Denver. On the other hand, for people who have been complaining about the phenomenon for a century and a half I've found that southerners are extremely amenable to doing some carpetbagging themselves.

civil war seems inevitable

I expect Jackson Hole's tourist economy will be very depressed in the coming years. And if there's any real justice, it will be.

Damn, Wyoming is the fucking smallest state to do that too as well, you get 400,000 or in practice 200,00 voting population in Jackson and Wyoming is no longer red. They're starting to target the very last states and areas we can retreat to. I don't think even inconveniencing rich yards with money is going to work if the outrage is limited to fucking Holla Forums. You gotta take pictures and interview people man and send it to mildly sympathetic papers and YouTube.

Checked and you are correct sir, Lenz is a surname used by lots of Jews. Your kikedar is working perfectly. Levinson and Lenz are the spear point

dig through here jhjewishcommunity.org/ to have a look at the spear shaft.


Found that group's handler.

This. Spend a day.

Interstate 10 from San Antonio to El Paso is the most god forsaken stretch of highway in the lower 48.

Agreed. The situation is too immediately dire to not get this story out, OP.

That's how it is in the Carolinas right now, all the Jews going nuts trying to out Jew each other. I think these plans have been on the back burner for a while I just think with this past election and other (((events))) that have transpired they have decided to pull it out of the wood work you know to punish the goy.

poles are the mexicans of europe, they often overstay their welcome in developed european country work illgally are rude and don't speak the langauge don't fetishize the diet ruskie

Chuck Norris for mayor except he's gay

That's because were are been pushed out by carpet baggers from the north, fags and Mexicans from the west and Puerto Ricans from the south not to mention the obvious niggers

My guess is its nothing but desert, and more desert. Ive never gone the full distance between the 2 cities. I got off in Ft Something TX because I was going to Laredo. Also, I-40 east of Barstow and I-15 north of Barstow, CA are the literal wasteland in the desert. I dont miss going through that shit.

Its getting this bad elsewhere in the state as well. I fucking moved out here to get a break from the poz, and I keep meeting invalid "antifa catladies" (self proclaimed) and fucking commies. They all need to die.

It is important to know that there are differences bettwen the ones that stayed and the ones that emigrated ,and we mostly hate eachother.The ones that stayed are called stupid for being to patriotic to work in different countries,where the currency is stronger,the ones that left act like wanna be americans and like money is the most important thing

Still waiting for pics of this


This is hard to believe. We don't listen and believe around here, we trust and verify. There needs to be documentation of this, for the future.


Yet there are still some 20+ hotels offering vacancies for a Jan 21-31. Are they not worried about being sued into the ground over breach of contract by Amex and Visa? What people decide to fly to Wyoming on winter sports holiday and wing it when it comes to getting somewhere to stay?

Suggest Amerifat anons (am Euro) call some of the JH hotels and ask the reception staff what's up with these rumors. In the absence of any footage from OP, I'm going with a bit of wishful thinking on his behalf.

Give one of the tourists a cheapish video camera and have him document and hand it off before he gets out of there.

Sorry to doubt OP, but we need visual verification on this. At least snap some photos.

People are being shot with silencers every day in my city and not a peep about it.

Can relate. This exact shit happened in northern Europe. Norway and Sweden payed everyone to house refugees. Even had them housed in castles that are super expensive national treasures.
Some rich guys exploited that and got billions from the government to house refugees.

If this is a ski resort area, there has got to be dozens of websites that book trips there and feature the various resorts and hotels. Just fill that shit up with 1 stars. Don't be too edgy, but explain what OP said about having to camp outside because the town filled the hotels with squatters. It will absolutely turn people away from going there.
OP, know any of the busier and more well known resorts/hotels there? They've gotta be on Yelp..

go on

Can confirm stupidity of resort town management. South Lake Tahoe ,Crested Butte are shining examples of nigger tier employment agency shenanigans.

Curious about Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska and S and N. Dakota? Good places? People? Climate? Any place you'd recommend that's white, friendly, red-pilled and not a desert?

user, it's high-desert, sagebrush not sand. Theres plenty of food to hunt in Wyoming and South Dakota, there are rivers here and there, and forested hills/mountains…. as well as unending fucking sagebrush and sky. The real problem is what's happening in Colorado. The kikes are turning Denver into Portland OR 2.0 and the POZ spreads in all directions. The worst hit in Wyoming is Laramie as its a college town, so its fucking flooded with all the same bullshit.

This is the most important point in this story. Anyone who has worked in the tour/hotel industry knows that chargebacks will happen en masse for taking reservations and then just telling them to fuck off when they show up. Travelocity and other online res services would get massive feedback and comments on their site and they would issue a warning and stop all reservations until the hotels honor their previous commitments and issue refunds to those camping in the snow. Online comment sections would blow up. Their rich spoiled wives will have a public tantrum for days on end in the middle of the street rather than buy a tent and go stay in the woods for a week. The kids would be just as bad if not worse. If you know the type through hotel/tour work then you know I'm right. OP has obviously never travelled above hobo level. This is a LARP designed to heighten fear and anxiety. But I do enjoy it, someone should steal this idea and use it for a scene in Camp of the Saints 2.0 but they'll need to insert an emp or power grid failure, no no let's make it a cartel/Isis attack! to explain how not one travel related company that survives on fulfilling reservations knows about it and allows it to continue thereby risking total ruin of their business.

Compelling narrative OP.
This will be useful if you can provide proofs. It's up to you to document this.


pic unrelated but not to be forgotten

Meanwhile in Florida, FEMA has been flying in planeloads of Ricans and putting them up in hotels. The latest estimate is that we are up to 300,000 refugees. The schools have been inundated with kids who can't speak English, and the state is making every effort to get them their gibs.

There's no end in sight to this insanity.


I think you've hit on it user. What other motive could be behind housing illegals at great expense?


Laramie is where they lionized that tranny meth dealer who was whacked.

Great idea for a city that only exists because of tourism to fuck over their lifeblood.

Two white homosexuals and three kikes. Pretty standard government demographic breakdown.

The whole bottom row is Kikes.

they all have very beady eyes
jim stanford has kike nose and smile
hailey levinson is obviously a kike or half kike with that name
bob lenz has kike features
pat muldoon and don frank look like cucks
if there are 3 kikes to 2 cucks, anytime they vote, it will be against white interests

Not that I don't believe you, I just want some sources on that. I believe truth to be the best path to go, right?

It would make sense though. Make sure the high profile government people be goyim, and lesser seen and known government officials to be kikes.

Them dubs are confirming. This is a typical kike infiltration job.

Nebraska is surprisingly kiked up in some parts. Of course Lincoln (University town and state capital) and Omaha are sufficiently pozzed, but places west in nowhereland are too. The one that sticks out is Lexington. It is literally the midpoint on I-80 across the state. The Walmart there showed me much. Africoon muzzie niggers, spics, and other muds infesting the place. Sure theres fat white trash goyim too, but the Africoons and spics really surprised me. Many of them too.

Midway across Nebraska.

I only know parts of Kansas. KC is a typical big city, ya know, niggers and spics. Lawrence is mostly whites, but it is also a university town. By that I mean leftist commie faggotry could be about in large amounts. Manhattan falls into this issue as well. Rest of the state Ive been through is white as fuck.

Oklahoma and the Dakotas are injun infested trash, for the most part. The Dakotas are more white than Oklahoma, but still injun infested shit. Dakotas cold and VERY windy. Lots of nothing in both states. Oklahoma is hilly and the injun version of Texas.

Ive noticed this. I see more and more niggers about when I stop there. It gets on my nerves when I see niggers working at the Pilot there. I dont want to see niggers, ever, but ESPECIALLY in a mountain town like Laramie.