Fusion GPS founders say they were 'shocked' by contents of 'Steele dossier'

Fusion GPS founders say they were 'shocked' by contents of 'Steele dossier'



Did they all commit libel?


How much money would you need to bankrupt the MSM,and the DNC?

a bunch

they seem to be on the right path to doing it to themselves.

The dnc is bankrupt, but the (((msm))) will bail them out.

MFW this would be a losing play in Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

The guy was an obvious plant. How did such a fuckhead get accepted into the Trump circle?

It's that or 6 inches of Kevin Spacey, take your pick

Was not the author of the actual piss gate story an user on half chan? He doxed the Reddit ID of the son of a buddy of McCain and Jeb Bush? The story spread to Fusion GPS who was originally hired by Jeb Bush?


my brain is fried from all this muh russia bullshit, what is the actual "crime" theyre looking for?
is it what the (((US))) does in literally every other country by financing propaganda for the best goy possible or what is the actual go here.. ive completely lost track

There is no crime. All they can imply is "meddling" because it is vague and has no legal implications.


someone please tell me:
A. who was killed? Pic related
B. how is this BAD for POTUS?
C. If someone did die, why the fuck did Jewstein have it released?

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I was always led to beleive this plus he some how leaked/scammed it to rick wilson who got it to Sen McCuck then it wound up going and developing legs and some other shit I am not remebering.
Anyway everytime I hear anything about it I immedialty think of some user on 4ch that was the real originator and seems way more plausible to me.

(half heiled)

pic related

I don't know at this point, its constantly changing. First the lying media said the Russians physically went to the voting machines and hacked them to make Trump win, and now its Russian twitter bots hacking the election by influencing people to vote for Trump.

I get this feeling that Jewstein broke the law, wasn't this an ONGOING investigation? If so doesn't that mean it wasn't to be released yet?

I also feel like this is some half-assed attempt to be "transparent".

check, also this….She released the transcript BEFORE the investigation has been completed to taint the waters. Now fusion collaborators can coordinate their stories to match the leaked testimony. THATS THE ONLY REASON SHE RELEASED IT. I want her for myself on the day of the rope.


Rope's cheap if you buy in buy in bulk

more than any of us faggots have. I just read on Holla Forums where Evelyn Rothschild is worth $20 billion? Pretty sure MOST here won't ever even come close.

Also, it's just a giant "fuck you" to the republican party, showing the Democratic party can play by the same "well it's not ILLEGAL so, we can do it, even though we know it's unethical and goes against handshake agreements" rulebook they play with.


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Since this story is back since FusionGPS is getting raped, I wish we had the archives of the threads recapping it. It basically goes like this:

Basically the russia investigation is so useless and fucked that it's beyond pathetic. user gave them what they thought was an ace and it turned out to be an achilles heel. They bet everything on this and are trying to salvage it, like trying to use chest paddles on burnt taco meat so you can revive a cow.

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