The God Emperor himself is asking us to watch (((Fox News))) right now. Is world war 3 happening?

The God Emperor himself is asking us to watch (((Fox News))) right now. Is world war 3 happening?

please kill yourself

Oh shit. America is great again already. Wow. That was fast. Now we can focus on Israel.


I will turn in now, for the emperor.


cuckchan quality post OP


I was already 15 minutes late posting it man.

My internet is shit atm soi i cant watch a stream, what is it about?

This is proof Trump is a Rothschild operative.

I think someone from the Trump Administration is going to talk about North Korea's nuclear threat.

After 9pm faggot. What happened that was so great?

Pretty sure there are several timezones in the USA. OP would be wise to mention which one specifically, however.

It's just a test, faggot

Why didn't Hannity mention Trump letting based Rubashkin loose on the world in the list of achievements?

That's what I was thinking when I read the tweet. Trump didn't say, but I'm guessing he's thinking of "40 minutes ago." I don't know for sure.

✡6✡ guesses, user.


If you were Donald Trump at the beginning of his empire in Jew York, what would you do in order to avoid having any contact with the Jewish powers, yet still being prominently centered in the midst of them?

I don't think even Machiavelli could be that Machiavellian, or Sun Tsu that formless, but I think it would make for a great 'what if' or 'suppose ____' discussion.

He's President. What's his excuse now? Are Rothschild locked up? Has even attempted to redpill the sleeping masses on the current and corrupted State of Israel? Or is he doing everything Rothschild want?(>why hasn't Trump gassed the Rothschilds yet)

I fuggin hope so. This planet is full of filth.

Who said anything about why Trump hasnt gassed the Rothschilds? I asked why hasn't Trump exposed them or exposed Israel?

He's PRESIDENT now. He has the power and answers to no one. So what's the excuse for protecting Israel/Rothschild rather than exposing them?

Sorry guys. It looks like it was more or less fucking nothing.

I was actually hopeful you would indulge me in that little thought experiment.

However, in response to your comment, the masses should be treated as young, emotional children. Perhaps your redpilling experience was more immediate but speaking for myself, it took years wading through filterman and other sources. Big events like Gamergate were catalysts that really pushed it through.

What I do find interesting is that, so far, there seems to be a method to it, notice how a lot of the previously untouchables (Weinstein, Spacey, etc) got exposed to the masses, after keeping some of the DNC scandals relevant, the Human Trafficking angle, Pedogate and various events I can't summarize right now. I'd say there's still a significant possibility for Trump, or at least people around him or Holla Forums as a whole piggybacking and escalating, to really do some heavy damage to the Jewish agenda.

Whether that's just 'Jewish civil war' like events in Saudi Arabia where one bad kosher kebab king removes several others, consolidation, clean up or something more organic and genteel, is hard to say, but in conclusion I don't think we can categorize Trump as strictly black-or-white pro/anti white. More data is required.

Have an Mp4. Fugg it. Zero fucks given.

Are all liberal Western diaspora Jews.
Israel is sacrificing the diaspora to empower the Jewish State. Nothing is being done about Israel, only the diaspora.

All threads lead to somewhere.

Don't you think it could weaken the Jewish cohesion and secrecy, ie. Divide and Conquer? Ideally we'd want to push both sides into mutually destroying one another. Jews are notoriously neurotic, nervous, untrustworthy backstabbers, reinforcing this reality could cause either side to 'strike first'. Do something for one side, do something for the other side, each time getting them closer and closer to conflict.

Forget what he said and still got elected. Baby steps are unacceptable. We should have just waited for Hitler.

No, user. Israel is coming out as ultra-nationalisic. Closed borders. Deporations! They're based just like us! It's the liberal Western Jews who are the problem! Not based Israel!
You see now? They're winning because we're gullible.

Surely you are not this retarded

Going down in history lads.

So first we couldn't fight the Jew because we have no one in a real position of power. But now we got Trump elected as the leader of the free world but he also can't do anything because…he answers to Rothschilds? Is that it? What is the god damn excuse?!


I don't mean to be gullible. Anyone who browsed Holla Forums and actually researched knows that Jewish power, be it Israel or Global is our misfortune.

What I mean is, if you play the political game perfectly, you can sow division between these two and cause them to attack eachother and themselves. While they do, you can show everyone else what's going on. Were Trump to come out tomorrow and say 'Gas the kikes, Race war Now', it would ring hollow. Similarly, were he to go on full expose right now, the minds of the normafags are too polluted and too overloaded with all the drama and scandals already in place. Just like with children in school, it not only takes time but you have to repeat the lessons several times until they mastered it.

And on the topic of Israel, Holla Forums should continue pushing things like #openbordersforisrael and variations of it. As you say, Israel deports, closed borders… use this as a wedge issue. Jews claim to be white? Get the minorities to go fully anti-Israel, and so on.

So what was the show about? Is it over?

Without Jews, there would be no one shouting 'anti semite' at us though - Even if the other semites were to try, it would fall on deaf ears. The power of mass media and mass entertainment.

Having said that, you're right, I should edit that old meme.

This is a TRS tier tactic. I haven't said anything about gassing Jews or promoting anti-Semitism, which is a Jewish trick. trump can absolutely exposed the Rothschild family and Israel. It as simple as allowing "leaks" to occur. He did that for Hillary but not Israel? Not Rothschild? No no… we're gonna move the embassy instead! Trump could do what you suggest, but he isnt. The could is b8, user. It kept supporting Trump for huwhile, but he isn't delivering on the points that really matter: stopping Israel, stopping Rothschilds.

Just want to see what these gets were


>Trump immediately (((JFK'd)))
You should be euthanized for being so fucking stupid.
"Omg guise why is he not hitler yet #ImWithHer now!!!!"
Fucking christ

Literally nothing.

basically a rally and resume led by hannity

If you say so Arthur Donald

Now just hold on a minute. Trump was never fully America First or against the kikes and you know it or you are stupid. Sheldon Adelson ring a bell? Regardless he has and I believe will continue to do some good stuff. People like Mike Sheuer have called out Israel and jewish citizen groups in America for corruption, spying, and generally being an evil malign force in dozens of prime time news interviews on both sides of the fake party line. Millions have seen this. Saying is not enough. We heard about Hollywood pedophilia for decades and did nothing as far as major investigations outside places like the Internet until recently.

I’d like to see how year two goes and what the actions are before thinking we aren’t shifting the Overton window taking at least measurable steps in the right direction.

Some good things are happening and have happened. We need to see how it escalates.

I understand your point, however we've heard filterman talk about Rothchilds for many years now. Perhaps that actually means they've become a lower hanging fruit, but somehow I think the Rothchilds are at best middle managers, being so openly discussed for so many years already. A safety valve, a lightning rod. I consider them at best a step above Soros as I perceive it.

Apologies for my 'gas the kikes' reference, it's meant as exaggeration to make the point clearer, quicker.

I am very curious what would happen if Trump would dare go there - I think he's gone much further than I personally would've expected anyone to go so far, there's also some things regarding Guantanamo Bay up in the air that might be nothing, minor or something big, but I definitely hope we won't be too late to denounce Trump once we know enough - ie. full scale war against Iran. Although not having the jackboots at home could open some interesting scenarios.

No it isnt.

Of course he'll do some good stuff. He just wont do what matters. The good he does is b8 to keep fish biting. But white genocide continues. Israel is further empowered. Rothschilds control the world.

user they're going to kill hte majority people. Their plan has been known for decades. It's called Predictive Programming. They expose the plot but in a way that seems implausible and even mentally ill. But look at all that's unfolding - everything the "conspiracy theorist" said would happen is. Rothschilds are the tree but there are other families too.

Meh, I'm going with Trump has no control over anything. Rothschild dropped a moab on Syria and Trump's job as head of marketing was to make it seem like the greatest thing in the world just happened. The shitting on Hillary is Rothschild too since she failed. Chelsea is probably banging niggers with gold mines to keep her mother from getting a rare disease like Steve Jobs. The secret service follows Trump and will follow him for the rest of his life to make sure he doesn't step out of line.

Ok. That's a fine compromise. If anons want to think Trump is their guy but without control, then please realize American democracy is not real, and no elected official will change this situation. It is entirely up to We the People to revolt, to fight, and to win but not capitulate.

Wasn't the MOAB in Afghanistan? Syria only had a strange tomahawk incident. Whether that was superior Russian ECM/EMP, S-200/300/400, woefully weakened USA preparedness, the jettisoning of faulty old Tomahawks and/or a political warning/ploy, I don't think Holla Forums ever came to one singular conclusion.

Yes MOAB was afg tommy hawks were Syria abandoned or cleared out airbase where isis was staging binary chem weapons

I think that is a reduction of what I was saying. Year one nigger, and we have many angles to fight. The wall is not nothing. And outside of that, since Trump started this whole thing when he announced there has been a massive shift towards alternative right wing ideologies and news sources. Shit is cooking across all European or European derived nations under the surface, I think. This we are the world shot cannot last and is becoming obvious suicide of only one race. Politics will follow a large enough public sentiment. That is our job as much as it is Trump’s. Trump has had a fair amount of dog whistles and claims to build a wall. Worth voting for.

Your expectations of single people in a government such as ours and a mess such as this is unreasonable. The white voting block in the election is a very good sign all on its own.

I believe the only ones they want to actually kill are whites and perhaps japanese, everyone else would either starve from communism, complete incompetence or to force compliance and live as the Jew's slaves and harvest. I suppose the details don't quite matter though.

Predictive programming is certainly a real issue but the Jews like to create plans within plans. Perhaps it's over-estimation but I don't think we'll be done even after chopping that big old tree down. There's gotta be a catch somewhere.

People have been saying that for years here. The problem is organization without a church system. The best chance was in 2008 and nothing happened. Revolution is more unlikely than ever now with the middle class seeing their retirement accounts double every time they log in to Goldman Sachs. It's up to China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia to stick together and fight the jew. If one chickens out or betrays the others, it's game over. Another dark age begins.

Something will happen to shake the chessboard up , it always happens

Normalfags won't do anything no matter what the situation is, they'll just sit there like a stump and take it. We have to initiate change ourselves.

Rothschilds and Israel. Those are the two problems. Everything else is a symptom but not the problem. And yet these two issues go unaddressed. Why?

Lemmings do do something: They follow. If they identify a "winning side" in a conflict, they will flock to it, even enthusiastically join it, 'when it costs nothing to be a patriot', as is said.
This is very noticable with police in Poland, before the current party came in power they violently opposed them. One year later, they're best buddies protecting those who are in line with the ruling party.

I think one of the keys for victory is to build and co opt ways to get the lemmings to feel on the 'winning side', that side will never be the true rebel, while Antifa being a 'winning side group' has a easy time recruiting, let alone funding.

Basically lemmings are momentum in human form.

Hmmmmm…. Just testing a theory… You smell like a Jew.

notice how he's pushing that guy on the chest, like that other rothschild pokes the minister of whatever little europoor country on the chest

this isnt an argument. id fucking cut you if you tried to deflect in person.

well not yet, trump is D&Cing

We've had threads on this.
Normalfags are sheep.
It's your job to lead. Funnel the minds of the ill-informed to the desired objective.

Okay have fun killing him ultra-bazed Real Nazi™. I'm sure you're absolutely organic with your agenda of whipping Holla Forums into a hysterical anti-Trump resistance.

Yes. His D&C is shifting all blame on the liberal Western Jews while supporting Israel. But Israel is run by the liberal Western Jews and it's all a big scam.

You would cower before me and ask me not to curb stomp you if you met me in person. I am not some child.

Anglin was trolling people by defending Yair. You are using jewish D&C to try to discredit him.

Jesus fucking Christ, add each other on AIM or whatever and larp there, you colossal fags.


This fucking get. Checking your check nignog.

Don't forget the significant influence of the Orthodox Jews in Israel, however. There is also no reason why Jews can't fight against other Jews, especially the more they feel like they are in power. Perhaps the whole scare of the Far Right Resurgence is to avoid that internal civil war/consolidation from going full scale, it's hard to say for sure.

Yep. It is called supporting someone your enemies would never expect you to support to throw them for a loop. It caused a lot of confusion among the ranks of the jews. You cannot be so stupid as to not realize that, so you much be a Soros paid cock gobbling Soyboy… or i guess really really stupid.

user… Trump shifting the blame to the liberal Western Jews just like Anglin is doing, just like TRS is doing. Israel is controlled by the liberal Western Jews (Rothschild Family). There is no difference between the two. They don't care about Jewish history or religion, only power. Look at what's happening with Israel right now - they grow stronger only because Trump permits it.

Your chess game needs work.

David Duke and others were interviewed by CNN too, it doesn't say much to be interviewed. Ron Paul likewise was interviewed all the time by RT and PressTV.

Honestly at this point, if we can't think of anyone who's a perfect Holla Forumsitician, it means you specifically me, others in this thread all independently need to become ones.

David Duke exposed the Iran conflict as Israeli/Zionist deception. Trump supports the Iran "revolution." Is Trump our guy or is Duke?!

I'm a white male you cunt. :^D

But see, typically when it comes to beliefs like what Holla Forums has, it attracts more dedicated individuals far more so than the leftists do (intelligent at that, which is another thing the left lack in hilariously so) so, the only thing that they DO have going for them, is like you said…the momentum they're able to gain. Simply from these NPC-loke individuals, but that's where we can beat them, is with far more thought out, and much less neurotic.

Come on faggot, step it up. The show should be on in about an hour.

Self-check because I also must add an edit…
*…less neurotic thinking, and steadier plans.

I understand that, I just think that there must be some kind of strategy that anyone with such influence would have to utilize. The Rothchilds have become filterman memes, lampshaded in a few video games and maybe a movie or two, they are seen as rich white billionaires. To go up against them in such a straight up manner, it's like charging an enemy frontally.

Oftentimes, in longer running stories (talk about predictive programming) we get introduced to Villains of the Week, slowly progressing up the ladder, taking out bigger, stronger, viler enemies. Since this is also an educational exercise that needs to be approached smartly due to such a hostile media and preconceived notions, I don't see any immediate benefits for Trump (or any influential leader) to go straight for the Rothchilds at this time.

Think of how the UFO disclosure meme worked, the build-up, anticipation to it, primed to gobble up any data that gets thrown out. Done properly with the lemmings and you've got a whole nation throwing out Jews for the 110th time.

So what happened?
Thread isn't very clear, and I don't care to watch Fox Jews.

half of americans support sanctions on Israel because of Palestine. everyone knows rothschilds are evil even if they dont know the extent. who is taking advantage of this? no one m8. its business as usual. muslims take the blame. liberal western jews take the blame. israel gets its embassy in Jerusalem like it wanted for decades. theres something wrong.

Duke certainly proved himself from what I can tell. As for Trump…well, so far it seems like he's sowing a lot of chaos among the lowest ranks, which admittedly is very entertaining to watch. It is worrying that he gave such forceful lipservice to the events though. We'll have to find a certain boundary first, but as of right now I'd suggest brainstorming responses against any anti-Iran actions. Think of the campaign of soldiers showing pictures saying 'I'm not dying in Syria for ISIS' and the like.

No bro. Either Duke is right that the Iran revolution is an Israel/Zionist trick, or Trump is right for supporting the Iran revolution. They can't both be right.

There's definitely something wrong, a few pieces missing. That's the trouble with commenting on such a developing story, perhaps we'll all be in consensus in either direction in a few days, weeks or months or it'll still be murky and uncertain.

The trouble with the 'half of americans support' argument is the one of before, of Lemmings, but in this case also SJWs. This whole Iran debacle is interesting because most of them went against Trump in regards to Iran for the sole reason of being completely contrarian (not speaking of the actual politicians and any broader mass manipulation tactics possibly at play), although the BDS movement went a very long way to show resistance. That's a movement that needs to be kept alive, relevant and active in times like these all the more.

Look, I'm just going to say this outright… That's one of the best ways to fight, especially with Europeans.

I mean, even the "Trump didn't gas the jews in his first year? JEW CUCK!" type shit has a lick of truth to it - exactly how long SHOULD it take to take on such force, and how SHOULD you go about doing it?
Seems, in all honesty, the best way is just a straight up spear-head strike - cut off the snakes' heads before they can bite. I'm not saying that as my opinion, I'm saying that based on historical and contemporary realities.

Know who your enemies are?
If no, work on that. If yes, are they heavily protected?
If no, what the fuck are you doing, thus it can be assumed the answer is yes.
Do you have sufficient power to overcome that? And there's the rub… If the US president isn't in a position to quickly, quietly and immediately exterminate such threats as we discuss (not en masse action, of course, but targeted strikes against specific individuals of import, surely), then who is and/or ever will be besides someone equivalent to themselves?

I'm not gonna sit here and say I actually expected any sort of direct action against kikes on behalf of people like Trump - but, at the same time, if you WERE such a person and desired such an outcome… I don't see how you can really go an 'higher' up the food chain, in terms of militant application of violence to achieve ends, than the US president, let alone the US president who is ALSO an independently wealthy billionaire with a large family and the support of probably-80%+ of the (legal, at LEAST) firearms owners in a nation of several hundred million.

This is the kicker - there are plenty of people, at high places, that if they WANTED to make an effort in this context, they could… They just don't. Implying they don't WANT to make effort, not that, ya know, "they're secretly making an effort but they need lots and lots and lots of time and secrets and deception - of the sort that risks alienating their most loyal supporters - to do so!".

I cannot fucking fathom how anyone who has actually spent large amounts of time on Holla Forums - not shilling, mind you - could possibly conceieve of embracing the narrative that a mob-violence uprising against the leadership of Iran, ostensibly to do with economic conditions (due to Israeli/American sanctions and imposition) but actually entailing all sorts of liberal-progressive policy demands (fags, feminism, the same shit cancerously preying upon the West - but not Israel as much), is not the work of Israel/the US in terms of instigation, or at the very least being exacerbated by the intelligence agencies of those nations.

What's developing about it? Trump is protecting Israel and Rothschilds while attacking Iran, NoKo, and every other last holdout against Rothschild central banking.

They're either incapable or unwilling. In both instances they don't deserve our support. If they are impotent what use are they? We the People should rise up in our own names.

I'd really like to avoid the pitfalls of theorizing all the way, the whole '4D chess' narrative, what is interesting is the way it's framed, however, as anti-Religion of Cuck™ic, as a counter-response to the insanity ongoing in Europe with the perception of Religion of Cuck™ization of Europe (we know the broader perspective of course, but that doesn't mean our brethren won't need to abide by the sharia laws that follow), as that would fuel resistance to plans made by and for the Jews, giving rise to nationalistic groups.
On the flipside, the obvious anti-Iran means building a narrative for invading and destroying Israel's biggest threat.
I can see why it's so easy to try to get into the mind of a true Machiavellian or a chess master.

If the Rothchilds are indeed the nexus, then they are likely protected by the entire world system, from the UN to NATO to the EU to global treaties to next-generation weaponry and technology, private armies, unlimited funding and so on.

By going after smaller player by smaller player, while at the same time having millions of people follow every move with interest cheering along as though it's a worldwide wrestling free-for-all, I posit that it opens up weaknesses, allowing you to go deeper or higher up. Think also of negotiations, concessions, letting one go so you can catch many more later, that sort of thing.

We've seen how the 'Deep State' is against Campaign Trump at the very least, the Ninth Circuit, so many other problems at play. Old liberal jews in SCOTUS, and so on. I'm having a hard time to believe that such a head-on charge would work when already so surrounded by enemies.

In the medieval era, mercenaries would often fulfill tasks and missions that were not officially sanctioned or allowed by a duke, cloak-and-dagger strategies, sabotage, misinformation, all are valid tactics. It's tempting to consider those as part of such a theoretical plan if one was the current President.

this is so tiring..

I don't think there's any excuse. The thing people forget is that we're far into the endgame already. There just isn't time to "play the game" and go along for good boy points. I don't care if chess is real. It doesn't matter. If Trump was real, he'd have made a fuss by now. Sure, he would have been jfk'd but at least he'd have been a martyr. That's my position at least.

There hasn't been a real attack against Iran and North Korea just yet, although admittedly by then we're too late to do anything about it except make it easier for #nevertrump and other groups to depose Trump. We're already blamed for the rise of Trump so we're stuck with him to begin with, we have to avoid the trap of being forced to support him destroying the last enemies of the Jews. I think this is where continuing the effort against 'change agents' and the media as a whole is crucial, giving Trump cover to say and do certain things such as during the campaign. More than just Trump, we've seen several new people rise in prominence using the same general strategies as Trump and I'm certain if more Holla Forums members would run for office it would help force Trump into more concessions in our general favor, step by step, like a big power struggle trying to pull his administration more our side. As long as he has to calculate 'if I do this I'll lose crucial support and lose re-election' there's still a possibility to keep him from doing many of the things the Jews wish of him.

But this is theoretical territorium.

Remember that the people we're trying to save don't have the luxury of an eagle-eye's perspective. Likewise they usually don't consider anything outside of their region or city as part of their life. While Jewish influence permeates everywhere, it tends to be near-formless. When kebabs move in and physically attack, that's something they can see and experience. The act of pushing them into political action against the forces that brought the kebabs in their area is a crucial stepping stone, as the next logical question would be 'who let these guys in?'. This question may only really come about when kebab removal has been put into practice.


I would just like to point out that this post was unaddressed.

Yes, yes, and as was the point, they ARE capable. Thus, it is implied they are unwilling.
That's the rub.

If they were merely incapable, then, well… Again: How much higher up the food chain can you go than an independent billionaire who owns land and has millions of willing militia-tier troops, as well as access to the US military hardware/covert operations at utmost levels?

I was going to say I disagree with you, but I really can't. You're right. If they can't do anything, what's the point of supporting them? And if the US president can't do anything - not that I'm implying thats the case, just contextually - then who can? The answer being "Few, if any", whereupon the whole political solution thing falls apart.
Yeah, but we won't. You need leaders to foment such things, and it seems like every leader that rises is either some piss-poor controlled-op faggot promoted by the media while still cucking the fuck out or… a slightly different wording of that exact same thing. Without leaders, the people will never rise in their own names - they don't even remember their names, they're on the verge of accepting gender-neutral spinal-implant number-codes at this point, so long as it'll let them access twitter and netflix. Our society is diseased, to its core, and the enemy seems to have a way of ensuring those voices of value are never heard, drowned out by the voices that lead us ever further astray.

My counter point would be to question a simple aspect of your narrative: 'smaller player by smaller player'.
This is the US president. This is a multi-billionaire, engaging in international trade.
Do you expect me to believe that he doesn't know who the 'big' players are?
And do you expect me to further believe that the elimination of these 'big' players would not send ripples down through the lower vermin?
Because I do not believe that, because it makes no real sense. There is undoubtedly a hierarchy, of which the US president/international business leader should be well aware of - especially now.

A dubious assertion, in light of recent events.
A war is fought in the will. Strike the head off a king, his troops flee in panic and confusion. Slay a general, watch his underlings scurry about like chickens with their heads cut off. Cut off a snake's head, and the body may twitch and convulse - buts its toothless.

Tempting, but foolish. Given the current operational timeframe for the people in power who conceivably are on 'our' side, the validity of such tactical applications diminishes rapidly.
As you say - enemy troops on all sides, no time for slippery manuevers or attempting to negotiate. You gotta take the head off, if your intent is to avoid the fangs sinking in…

… Of course, that ignores the obvious assumption - that the fangs are already well in place, deeper perhaps than they were, despite the apparent prospect, to those viewing it all, of their absence.
IOW: These people are well able to make these moves - but they choose not to, for any of a dozen motivational causes (money, threats, blackmail, etc). The battle is always lost if your general is the servant of your enemy in actuality.

You honestly think you can get to the final boss of the (((game))) in level/year 1?

I'm right here trying to stir you to action. I've been here for nearly two years proving I'm not a shill, controlled op, or anything else. You don't need leaders.. you need to become leaders. Holla Forums doesnt need rule, Holla Forums needs to guide the un-ruled masses.

Rothchilds as the central Nexus would be the heaviest protected, most untouchable center of Jewish power. Without outright political nukes of apocalyptic proportions (think complete financial collapse, UN intervention, EMP, perhaps actual nukes in response) they would not only come out unscathed but victorious, with another holocaust myth to tote around.

As for Israel, one of the key problems comes from Judeo-Christian faith, millions of good decent Christian brothers will be told of how evil Trump is for denouncing Israel, easily pushed into another, final brother war.

A sustained, steady education going from scandal to scandal, each time a little closer (Who knows what's going on with Guantanamo Bay), the CP stuff, alongside our own efforts on Holla Forums opens up the way to go after the big fishes.

cya later when you wake up Holla Forums.

Oh, come now, of course there is… Okay, well, no, you're right - there's no excuse… But there are plenty of reasons.
Fear of death. Fear for family. In either case, fear - the absence of courage sufficient to overcome fear.
… Or simply, darker still, the absence of any desire for such, no sense of duty demanding such.

Oh, I'm well aware.

This is entirely truth.

A fair position, I would say. As you say, there is no excuse - plenty of reasons, but reasons are insufficient if the claim is that the individual in question is legitimate. That is to say, as you imply, if Trump had the power (it certainly seems, IMHO and based on historical conditions, he does) AND wanted to use it (the question), then there is no excuse for him having not used it already, whereas he clearly has not done so; and, whatever the reason may be (and there are many possible in this case), this absence of effect (and in fact, an apparent worsening of conditions in some regards) is insufficient to continue to justify the claim of Trump being legitimate, or 'for real'.
I can understand that position.

Ah, but there's the rub! That step would be ever-so-hard, specifically, given the historic response of Israeli-esque 'right-wing nationalist' kikes to Religion of Cuck™, in keeping out the kike subversives, whose presence (which would be EXTREMELY hard to inhibit) would invalidate your hopes of swinging an anti-Religion of Cuck™ic response back toward Jewish action as associated with the triggering events of this anti-Religion of Cuck™ic response.

Trump's mentor was homosexual blackmail and felon pedophile apologist Roy Cohn….look it up! He was defined as "pure evil" by the NY socialite scene. According to Salon, "he wasn't a faggot jew, he just loved fucking blond boys"…there was a lot of speculation that it was more than a friendship. Nobody forced, with a gun to his head to go to Epstein Island and 'go to temple' (hint hint, temple is where you sacrifice 'cattle' [animals, goyim]) If you know anything about 'soul theft' you know you have to rape the 'cattle' beforehand…IDK people…two great psychopathic factions fighting over the earth like it was dogmeat and you guys want to 'pick a side'…how about picking OUR SIDE FOR FUCKING ONCE, how about siding with your own people and not just the prepackaged jew hairball they cough up to entertain the masses? Hmmm?

That's how the fog of war works. He was supposed to improve relations in Russia but signed sanctions against them. He was supposed to pull soldiers out of the Middle East but gave a speech on how important it is to make sure soldiers didn't die for nothing. Maybe as a civilian he knew Putin is an ally but now he knows he has to pretend Putin is an enemy so China thinks Russia is their greatest ally and invites Putin to screw them over during WWIII. Or maybe not. My guess is soon we'll all either be learning Mandarin or getting normalized to using children as the new world currency.

>You honestly think you can get to the final boss of the (((game))) in level/year 1?

Then you've failed. Don't feel too bad though - you were fighting the wrong war.
I'll repeat myself: A war is won in the will. I will explain more below.
See above.
Its not about Holla Forums, as you say, its about the masses - and Holla Forums doesn't want to be leaders.
We're too comfortable.

Hear me now and know these words are truth: There is no greater danger in this world than comfort.
Nevermind fear - comfort is the mind killer, the little death that brings total obliteration.
I've seen it so much now, its all starting to make sense.

What exacerbates all the worst tendencies of men? Comfort.
In times of conflict, you must struggle and fight - you must be at your best and your worst in order to survive. That's what it means to be human, that is how we became what we are.

But in comfort? Wew lads.
Comfort weakens the resolve, eases distraction. Comfort exacerbates fear, alleviates dread.

We are worse than the Weimar you know. Much, much worse. We are a nightmare.
This is a nightmare.
And do you know why, unlike our predecessors, we haven't yet awoken, enraged, to challenge fate's accusation that we cannot weather the storm?
Comfort. Economic comfort, to be specific. That's all we're lacking now. We're just. too. damn. comfortable.

So, you want to ACTUALLY be a leader, my dear user?
Kill the comfort. Cut the feed. Bring back the darkness, in which beasts dwell. Rescind the light, with which those beasts are kept at bay. Because you can sit here, appealing to men in gas-heated electrically-lit houses, via adult-toys that glow with the light of a necrotizing Star, as they sit upon soft upholstery and sip flavored drinks, sup upon sumptuous delights, calling to these oh-so-comfortable few to uphold their duty - but they're not liable to answer. They're much more liable to put on some jewish-made pornography and work themselves into a sweat trying to feel something.

Why is the President of the United States advertising a cable news program?

Until you allieviate the imposition of fog of war via things like scouts and other in-game shit.
There's no excuse for someone at that level of functionality suffering fog of war effects to the degree required for such a narrative to hold.

That's an interesting road to walk, in terms of theorizing - but the very notion that WWIII needs transpire is an illusion, a falsehood, a deception. Both World Wars served one entity above all others. And thus, one must assume that if there is to be a third installment, it will follow the same trend.

And that, my dear user, is why we cannot follow insufficient leaders any longer, cannot make excuses where there are none to be had.

I say again: You want me to believe that Trump doesn't know who the 'heads of the snake' are? You say this is an aspect of the fog of war?
I say this is nonsense. I say he knows exactly who they are - and if anyone on this Earth were to have the means to strike at them, it'd be him. And he doesn't. And I do not believe the claim that it is because he cannot, nor that doing so would not be the most-advantageous move, chaotic though such may be.
He was the chaos candidate, after all.

I'd love to imagine it's 4000d intergalactic chess.
But it seems more and more that Trump is a kike puppet.
I guess Iran will the be the telling sign.

We could only ever be a stepping stone, it seems - so we must step upon him. Hard. And leap forward toward something better.

The question is, what. Or rather, who.

*He could only ever be a stepping stone

I suppose creating a better game could make taking out the kikes and co. level one. You're aiming high, I cant fault that.

With that said, how?

Tactical nuclear devices would be the top-level option.
You can use your imagination and work downwards, into more 'reasonable' approaches from there.
Covert operations are always fun. Maybe try a bit of that, REAL cloak and dagger type shit.

As the great tome once opined:
That is to say, if you kill your enemies, you win.

Sperglin was interviewed about how BASED Yair Netanyahu and the Israel alt-right (>implying there's any other) are.

I prefer a snake I can see to one I can't.

Its gonna come to that. Increasingly I see, clearly, political solutions are off the table. Politics, as we see them today, is a kike ruled (((game))). Winning through their game is futile.

Unfortunately blind violence is part of their game too.

Nukes arent necessary, tbh. Tactical assassinations, at a very similar time, could do more damage. The agenda pushers and high level lever pullers being erased would allow a necessary vacuum to emerge.

Don't forget his adoration of torture. His disregard of the FED, these types of leanings are parasitic jew ideologies. They have nothing to do with Indo-European people.


Anyone committing Usury (theft). Homosexuals. Pedophiles. Mass and individual murders. Those promoting 'Empire'. Those promoting Envy. Those promoting entropy (destruction). Transgender. Human Traffickers. Enslavers. Rapists. Criminals. Mafia's and Secret Societies. I have a list of parasitic behavior's occurring within society, but it isn't something that anyone in the world couldn't figure out just by thinking about it. People advocating torture or committing torture (so ALL the Semitic religions [male genital mutilation and torture of infant males] and parasitic semitic people have to go as they are a bastion of torture and murder; the 'inquisition', pedophilia etc).

If humanity doesn't learn to recognize parasitic behavior, humanity and human life on Earth is doomed. It is not a question of 'religion' or even 'morals' it is strictly a 'behavioral' question (there are no 'ethical conundrums' or 'religious qualifiers' involved; it is strictly a question of 'beneficial behavior' and 'destructive behavior').

Humanity wants to continue without parasitic predators or they want to die out in a mass extinction.

It can't be the first time an intelligence has chosen extinction over Life in this universe…it won't be the last. People either begin to understand what predatory parasitic behavior and deal with it or they go extinct.

It would be best if we could separate these types of immoral people out of our nation and they could go starve to death in their own nations for lack of a 'host' (Indo-European people which the entire world benefits and uses in a predatory manner).

Parasitism is a death sentence for every society, but when societies are linked in a global economy, it becomes a death sentence for the entire planet.

People will either come to understand that they support parasitism OR the continuance of Life on this planet…the two things can't coexist, they are mutually exclusive. Judgments MUST be made about society and behaviors, or extinction is near, at the door, humanity and all that we know of intelligent life will be extinguished.

It really isn't complicated nor does it need to be complicated…some values bring prosperity, health and well being to a community and some bring poverty, destruction, terror, murder and death. This is a perfect example of a way of being and thinking that is parasitic and deadly to people, community, prosperity and the future health and wellbeing of the 'host' society. We need to begin selecting for what is actually valuable and kick the rest back to its nation of origin where it can practice its disgusting deviant immorailty on its own people.




die in a bus fire kike


Counter sage sage! BUMP
whatchaslidin chaim? cumskin


Oh, that reminds me. Any webms out there of that gif? Like the whole interview, or at least key parts webm.

And reported.

He's going to launch two ballistic missiles at the push of two buttons.

Plenty of good post's in this thread, but I must say; these digits are the best I've ever seen.


did that dude ever win his case?

Anglin hates women (has that faggot/pedo blood in him). He is a jew.

hey Holla Forums where ya been? freech? haven't heard cumskin in awhile. i almost forgot about that one


Traps are gay.

what happened?

did supernatural get back on the rails? haven't watched since it got meta, forced and formulaic

State of Texas dropped the charges, the kike is suing Rivello.

Where is this thread? I've got lots of info on the guy

That's where I am now. The annoying thing is is that while me and you will lose faith in him if anything happens to Iran but his MAGA base supports this. "Those poor Iranians having to wear headscarves and gays being mistreated so we must do something". Now all the anti-Religion of Cuck™ media makes sense.*

*I'm not defending Religion of Cuck™. The muslims need to go home.

Ive been putting insane amounts of sperging into a lot of various shit lately. Topics that should absolutely not be turning up red pills on the kikes being literal parasites have all been winding up pointing towards the kikes. I don't know if Im the only user researching as hard as they can into as many topics as possible I've been digging into every little idea that pops into my head from random science questions to etymology, etc But, man, it is starting to seem like we are running full steam into something. I think the kikes trying to force meme the their technosingularity was them trying to prevent the real singularity, which is revelation.

One theory of time is that it travels in a helix from a single point, widens and then thins to a single point, kind of like the shape of a pine cone. I'm starting to think its directly tied to everyone waking up faster and faster. The closer we get to that point the faster the speed at which plebs wake up, and new red pills get discovered.

I mean fuck I had to drive somewhere with my mother today and the whole ride shes talking about "that evil pedophile stuff.. idk I dont think its all of them but the jews do control all the banks and everything so they are probably really involved in it"

What you guys think? It really seems like we shifted timelines at the perfect fucking time and all roads are leading to the full truth. So.. What happens when everyone in the world realizes that the kikes are literal monsters, who have for all of written history been eating our children, specifically their brains, while making money off us by selling us zombie movies about brains being eaten.

I mean yea, of course, day of the oven, but I wonder if that much hate being riled up all at once would have some other meta consequences.