Hiding your powerlevel in the courtroom

Holla Forumsacks is in serious need of advice. In the very near future I’ll be taking my ex to court for half custody of my 7 1/2 year old daughter. Her mother is a race traitor, complete leftist and is pro multicultural; a perfect zogbot feminist. I’ve spent years bettering myself, creating a good relationship with my daughter and it’s come to the point where half custody is needed to prevent my daughter from going down the wrong path in life. Recently she told me because her mom is getting married to the spic and having a child with him, that she will be taking his last name. It’s was the spark to the flint that’s been under my ass for the past year and now is the time. I can’t let my daughter think that’s ok, nor let her mother influence her anymore than she already has. I need to act NOW!

Any advice from anons in, have gone through or may in the future go through my situation. This is real life for many white males of our generation and I want to curb this terrible problem in our society by doing anything I can do to save my only child.

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Kill yourself for letting it get this bad.

Want to know something cool? If you formed a cudgel out of ice and hypothetically used it to hit someone on the head then it would melt and there would be no way anyone could match the weapon to the crime. Very interesting indeed.

Note that this is a purely scientific post.

Get a lawyer that specializes in defending the men in custody/divorce cases.
Seriously, get a lawyer that knows this racket.
It's the best advice youre going to get.

Abandon hope.
Expect defeat.
Reflect upon your catastrophic decade of failure.
Move on after your loss and don't look back.

I'm sure a lawyer could help you way more (for a price) but you're better off crying in the courtroom than calling her a race traitor. Your feelings don't matter, what matters is results and if you sperg out you'll lose.

Pretty much. Random people fortunately don't have much experience going through that user, at most you'll get guesses from us.

nice try

buy a gun and box of ammo from a local shop, then kill yourself

You're not gonna win, the best you do is claim 30 percent of your stuff and meet your daughter every month at the police station for the weekend.

Gain access to the spic's computer, fill it with pizza.
Leave no trace.
Anonymous report to the FBI.

but seriously, don't go pro se
Don't ever touch a hot legal system without wearing a double-layered lawyer

You have lost your daughter for all time. She will be raped to death by a nigger or a spic in five years or less. This is your fault.

This guy is a paralegal who has personal and professional experience with this kind of thing:

lawyers don't help unless you want visitation but his ex could move so he can't be able see her.

Bumping thread too annoy the kike shills

I hate kike lawyers too, but I'm worried about what that spic step dad would do to an innocent white girl. OP needs to do whatever it takes to save his lineage from this disgusting spic.

I bet a tip to the FBI would suffice. Shitskins always have child porn on their computers.

Sorry to hear about your situation. I hope things sort themselves out.

True. But be aware this guy is a Spic and has videos against RAHOWA.
I would trust him as a men, but I will never let him know I plan Race War against him.

Hey man, sorry to hear about this. I'm also sorry the kike mods anchored your post, i mean i understand standards and whatnot, but when someone posts on 8ch for real advice it is usually because they are desperate. Try half chan, you'll get way more garbage but at least the thread might stay up for a while.

My best advice is to keep doing what you're doing and maintain relationship with your daughter as best you can. Her mother will probably try to poison her against you eventually but remember, by their fruits they shall be known. don't just throw money at the situation, you'll have to spend time with her, but you probably already know that since you're trying for half custody. you will most likely have to demonstrate through some metric that her life would be measurably better with her real father in her life which is hard to do because the jewdicial system doesn't recognize this as intrinsically good, they will use metrics like quality of life through income etc. your lawyer will know more about this.

If you can succeed in remaining in her life and becoming close with her, no amount of degeneracy through indoctrination will dissolve the bond you create, and the future relationships she will subliminally create will be modeled after the relationship she builds with her father. Good luck to you.

When will you learn how this works?

Thanks for the post user. I appreciate the nice words right now

Common…you know that computer is full of child porn already.

IDK user…seems like no good way out of this one for you. If is any consolation, same thing happened to me as a kid and when I grew up I became so much harder core than my dad in terms of my bigot and racist core beliefs. I am like my dad times 10…to the point where he doesn't really know how to relate to me because I flat out despise these inferior people for destroying our nation. So there is hope for your daughter but it is years down the line.

I actually like this advice…it isn't going to help his daughter by pissing away thousands and thousands of dollar to a jew lawyer so HIS KIDS can go to college. Save every dollar and make them count towards really memorable times with your child.

What does user want to do, fuck away thousands of dollars in court or spend a week in Hawaii or New Zealand with his kid? Or save that money for camping and real world excursions and adventures? Why pay a lawyers way to Europe when you and your daughter could go instead?

I went through something similar. I agree with the advice posted to just keep doing the right thing. Believe it or not children do remember that over time, and there's little doubt of the future dysfunction in that mixed race family.

At around 13 or so kids start to change and in a situation such as this they often want a change of scenery and choose to live with the other parent. It happened with my daughter and my gf's two boys. Now I have to tell you that my daughter didn't turn out so good because of the situation but I did all I could. The boys are great.

Unfortunately in that situation you need to practice acceptance to get though it. You have little in the way of power so accept your situation and know that over time your actions will have an effect.

BTW they tried to change my daughter's last name also but my signature was required on the paper and I said no.


1. Hire a kike lawyer.

Now for parental advice. I have been through what you are going through except I was able to gather evidence of my ex's degeneracy and I gained full custody of my 2 daughters and son. To grow that bond between a father and a daughter you should do activities together. I'm not talking macaroni paintings but things which will give her great life skills, empowering things. I did a japanese martial art, shinto muso ryu, with my eldest daughter. Look for things like that. Tennis, shooting, archery etc etc.

You will build a bond between the two of you that no one can ever break and from their you can raise her to be a good woman user.

there* my bad, doing a few things at once.

user attorney here. As others have said, you will ideally retain an attorney to represent you in the upcoming hearing or determination regarding custody.

Family law varies by jurisdiction. In my state, the family law courthouse clerks are famous/notorious for providing a great deal of guidance to parties. They arguably cross the line into "unlicensed practice of law" but the demand for help navigating the system is so great that the justice system tends to turn a blind eye to it. If you cannot afford to retain an attorney, perhaps seek help from the family law courthouse clerks.

In my jurisdiction (and, I suspect, in yours), it is of paramount importance to file and to timely supplement accurate financial affidavits (which show your income, assets, liabilities, debts, insurance, other sources of revenue, etc.). It is important to keep your financial affidavits current and updated. If anything material changes (for example if you get a raise, a bonus, a new job, or if you incur a new liability or expense), make sure to revise your family law financial affidavit and file it with the clerk. It irritates judges when parties fail to keep this information current.

In my jurisdiction, attorneys are permitted to offer a "limited representation" for family law litigants. For example, a family law litigant can retain an attorney for the limited purpose of filing a motion for modification of spousal support (alimony). This allows family court litigants to afford representation that they might not otherwise be able to afford, and it allows attorneys to help somebody out with a discrete issue rather than becoming that person's attorney for all family law purposes.

To summarize: 1. retain an attorney, either to represent you generally in your dispute with your ex-wife and all related issues (spousal support, child custody, child support, etc.), or via a limited representation if such is permitted in your state. 2. if you cannot afford an attorney for general or limited representation as discussed hereinabove, get down to the family law courthouse and seek help from the family law courthouse clerks. The worst they can do is blow you off. 3. If a local university has a law school, they may make their library open to the public (either for free or for a modest fee). Read up on family law. Be proactive. Best of luck.

Is there any evidence you have of your wife's degeneracy, abuse, madness, etc? Anything you can goad her into? Anything that might destroy her character (besides her choice in bf)?
Collect it. Store it. Give it to your lawyer (get a lawyer).