Germany police investigate AfD members on hate charges

Two delegates of Germany’s far-right party are being investigated by Germany’s state prosecutor over possible incitement to hatred, after one of them accused Cologne police who had tweeted a new year message in Arabic of appeasing “barbaric, gang-raping Muslim hordes of men”.

Beatrix von Storch, the deputy leader of Alternative for Germany (AfD), was also temporarily suspended from Twitter and Facebook as a new law forcing social media companies to remove hate speech came into force in Germany on 1 January.

A tweet from AfD MP Alice Weidel, the party’s joint leader in the Bundestag, was also blocked by Twitter in Germany. In the message, Weidel criticised Von Storch’s ban, saying: “Our authorities submit to imported, marauding, groping, beating, knife-stabbing migrant mobs.”

Cologne police tweeted their new year message in several languages including English, French and Arabic. It wished the people of Cologne and Leverkusen (and everywhere else) a happy new year.

The authorities are considering whether Von Storch and Weidel should be charged with incitement to hatred..

Von Storch’s Twitter account was suspended for 12 hours over her post. Under the new law known as NetzDG, social media firms face fines of up to €50m (£44m) if they do not remove “obviously illegal” hate speech and other postings within 24 hours of receiving a notification.

Critics of the law, which was conceived by the Social Democrat-run justice ministry, say it will place censorship decisions that require legal training at the whim of technology companies.

Questions have been raised about whether sites such as Twitter will hire enough trained moderators to cope with the expected influx of deletion requests.

Digital rights activists, technology companies and political groups including the pro-business Free Democratic party, the Left party and the far-right AfD have been vocal critics of the new law.

Returning to Twitter after her ban, Von Storch – who posed with the former Ukip leader Nigel Farage when he endorsed AfD’s election campaign in September – posted in German: “Facebook has now also censored me. This is the end of the constitutional state.”

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This is the tweet she was responding to.

The German police tweeting out in Arabic.

I don't think I've said it enough today just how much I hate jews.


This could be a good thing in the long run. Before, they usually went after the little guy who can't defend himself. Going after the political opposition will wake up some normies.

Wrong think will not be tolerated :^)


Top fucking kek, gg Germany, my wife and I landed in München a few months ago for a holiday in the south and the airport announcements were in German, English, and fucking ARABIC lmao. No, not French, as would be reasonable given its one of the most spoken world languages, not Mandarin because of its rising significance, it was ARABIC. Danke mutti Merkel!

Jesus christ Germany is such a faggot country.


move over thought police
here comes the feelings police

``Those damn Germans, amirite?''

Doesn't it trouble anyone on the left that these two people did nothing except speak the obvious truth? And now they're probably being prosecuted for it. This is just insane.

So you know fucking nothing about the left. Truth doesn’t exist. Only feelings exist. Bad feelings are bad and cannot exist. Sources of bad feelings must be destroyed.

AfD should be investigating the government traitors who flooded Germany with an army of muslim rapists and terrorists.


Thought crimes are a real thing now in Europe. It's surreal.

They really are monster.

That's why the definition of "banning hate" is actually "enforce capitulation", or a variance of it.

Jews use these "hate speech" laws to bully everyone else into silence. They make an example of one or two people and give them outrageous sentences so people will be too afraid to speak out again.

The kike's biggest fear, however, is when these scare tactics fail and people start speaking up one after another. It's easy to suppress one or two dissidents, but when the numbers grow into the dozens to hundreds, it becomes impossible to prosecute everyone. I hope the entire AfD party gives the middle finger to Germany's hate speech laws. Force the government to either arrest every last one of their MP's in Parliament and dispel all illusion of there being free speech or democracy in Germany.

It doesn't have to be Germans. If everyone on 4/pol/ and 8/pol/ got together and started tweeting about this in German we could overwhelm the twitter censors through sheer force of numbers.

This would be a great moment to drop the nuclear redpill as the AfD, having not only every political member say it but also encouraging supporters to make videos to say the same things. That would cause irreparable irrevocable destruction to the narratives, surely?

Where did the thread go where we suggested that we drive the germans over the edge and they revolt?

so now we're past "hate crime" being the offense, and the prohibited thing is just plain "hate?"


There's nothing smiley about this.

And it's going to get a lot, lot worse. As more shitskin muzzies and Kangz flood into Germany, aided by Mutti Merkel's government with free plane and train rides and welfare for all four wives and 27 kids, you're going to see more Muslims taking over town councils, then towns, then they'll form an Religion of Cuck™ic party and get seats in the Bundestag. And anyone who has a problem with this will get a new home in a German prison. These kinds of people used to be called "political prisoners."

Creating laws to stifle ones political opponents. It is an obvious response by a regime that understands that it’s paper-thin popular appeal is coming to an end.

At this point many Western European Governments understand that they are in a tight spot, coalitions can only keep them in power for another couple of election cycles tops before the right take over. Thusly they absolutely have to both import support in the form of state dependent migrants AND outlaw right wing politics, the more voters imported the more outlawing and censorship required. It’s a right pickle they are in but they will not stop until they have ethnocided their native populations, that much is clear.

Expect MUCH more of this.

They were already driven over the edge and revolted. We call it World War II. They lost.

we lost

Then what the hell does that make the NDP?


I live in America. My country is 60% white and people don't care that niggers and illegal spics are committing mass rape and murder because at least football comes on every sunday. Our culture has nearly been exterminated and we're incapable of producing art, music or literature of any merit.

Is this what winning feels like? Shit, the least I could ask for is that my kids aren't a minority at their fucking school.


Breddy gud idea. The only problem i see with it is that there are still a few cucks in the AfD. You'd get at most 80% of them to participate.

Yes, hating evil is bad, goy. There are no values. Everything is morally equal. Except hate of course, which is bad.

AfD = CDU (Merkel's party) from 20 years ago.
NPD = Mostly government agents pretending to be natsoc.
When the media uses the term far right, you have to remember they use Mao and Stalin as their base of reference.

Sadness isn't banned. Hate is. Maybe that should tell you hate is just what we need.

you can never fully express that hatred, user.

von Storch also recently retweeted HAMAS, lmao

God I love her.

Beatrix is /ourgirl/

Blame Amerikike, Great Shitstain and the Soviet Jewnion

She's no where near as hot as Petry, but she's infinitely less cucked and pro-German which is all that matters. Purging the neocons after the election proved to be a boon for AfD because they're in good hands between Hocke and her.

10/10 would take a bullet for.


You do realize that Isreal exists exclusively thanks to anglos, right? They betrayed Europe and all of Western Civilization along with it.

That's how (((legal system))) works, user.

Israel exists only because they have implemented world-wide usurythrough (((central banks))) that give them infinite source of money to buy whoever can be bought with that money. Rest ends up dead.

I think we should not blame Britain or any other country for being subverted (who isn't right now, really, which country isn't?). We need end the usury to weaken them. Otherwise, the cycle of wars, redistribution of wealth, inflation, communism, redistribution of wealth, wars will continue until kikes absorb all the nations wealth decade after decade, century after century.

Awesome, hope Germany bends so far over backwards their cuck back is broken by the hordes of invaders, get this year off to a roaring riots in the street start

Imagine an entire political party getting arrested with no trial made yet… That should wake up our critical mass to start a civil revolt against """gov't""". I just worry about shitskins' numbers…

Someone should edit the photo in the OP into her wearing an SS uniform and holding Merkel's head.

Ending usury is anti-semitic and hate speech.





BEATRIX /ourgirl/

German men discover even their women have more balls than they do now. Will they ever recover?

They will, for the last time, or may we all as well be damned.

It's easier to get away with expressing unpopular opinions if you're a protected class. It's not a matter of balls. Same concept that allows checkmark kikes on twitter call for the ethnic cleansing of whites, or for niggers to say almost anything in any context without consequence.

It look like the final steps are being put in for revolution. Once Hans gets fed up he's going to go full 14/88 again and it'll be glorious. The only thing forceful opposition does towards a grass root movement is strengthen it and increase it. They're going to create the monsters they fear.

Ofc it is you pussy. Who gives a fuck about 'get away with it'? Stand up and be a man of principles.