Donald trump if he were left wing

uh yes well then now it has come to my attention that 88 characters are needed to create a thread on this board

what a shit thread

yeah i wanted to make a thread on winston but i wasnt sure how to create it


Look at that shnozz.

Sliding the ATF thread? That was quick.

Lurk 2 billion years


What kind of genetics is that pictured? mongoloid mixture?

Reported for bumping a slide thread

Sage or you're next.

Kill yourself ass cancer

Ah shit forgot muh sage

you guys supported this liar during the election why do you suddenly hate him hes going to get rid of all the immigrants (tm) and by that i mean double the quota

But he was a democrat for 99% of his life.

>(((americans))) are shitting up this thread

That's Winston Peters nigger.

Kill yourself kike.




Yes shit thread, but I have a feeling it is accurate.


Goddamit, Ill take your advice

OP, have you killed yourself yet?

The absolute state of Holla Forums



Yes OP i do believe that he has similar characteristics to donald trump Good thread by the way OP more threads should be like this

Slide thread



im half brothers with learningcode user

is this the platform?