Iranian politician reportedly accuses Israel of taking advantage of anti-regime protests

Iranian politician reportedly accuses Israel of taking advantage of anti-regime protests

The protest wave began, according to Iranian sources, in the city of Mashad, and was originally organized by hard-line clerics – rivals of President Hassan Rohani who sought to capitalize on the unrest over unemployment and high prices. If this was indeed the motivation, it seems to have backfired, with protests quickly spreading to dozens of cities across Iran and now targeting not only the relatively “moderate” Rohani government but the more hard-line establishment around Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and his allies, including the Revolutionary Guards.

One of the many slogans being heard at the protests is
“No Gaza, No Lebanon, No Syria, My life for Iran!”
– referring apparently to the billions Tehran has spent on its allies across the region, instead of investing in the stagnant economy at home.

Our friends at haaretz just couldnt help themselves ans played their hand too early.
I'm not fan of the Iranian government, yet this seems a little too coincidentally timed and a little too serendipitous for Israel as Syrias war wraps up, refugees are told they can return and remaining "ISIS fighters" fled north in convoys which were apparently led by US special forces.


Do you think we have the resources to dig up some coincidences amongst the instigators and agitators?

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Awaiting on shill brigadr

Name one other government where their president (at the time) met with White Nationalists, holocaust revisionists, and anti-Semites.

It's 4D chess!!!

They also cow-tow to radical extremists and enforce sharia law you retard.

Also, not the one in power at this stage.

These Ir-nians just need to get on the BASED Trump Train™ and MAGA already!

Bumping your thread for visiblity and to counter the inevitable JIDF shills who inhabit any thread that talks about Israel's enemies in the Middle East.

Which "radical extremists" are those, and who cares what kind of system they enact in their own nation? Or are you one of those "muh democracy" "muh miniskirts" fags like McCuck?

The current president still won't say the Holohoax happened, nor will the Ayatollah, who released a Holohoax video on "Remembrance Day" 2016.

The protesters are mostly monarchist nationalists, they have three main chants.

"Pahlavi, not Khomeini" referring to the last Shah vs the Supreme Leader.

"I am not an Arab, I am Iranian" referring to Religion of Cuck™ being an Arabic religion in origin.

“No Gaza, No Lebanon, No Syria, My life for Iran!” referring to only fighting for your own nation.


It doesn't matter if they're claiming to be Aryans, they're saying let the kikes win and establish their greater Israel, and they're being backed by Bibi.

This is Jewkraine all over again.

It is indigenous in origin. the IRoI has oppressed ethnic Persians for decades because the leadership is Azeri in origin and they do not want to lose power to Persians.

It doesn't matter if that's true, all that matters is that it's objectively good for the jews.

Having nationalists come to power in Iran would be worse. You could not demonise them as irrational religious fanatics.

Why doesn't Assad come out more strongly against the jews?

If they'd, in some unlikely scenario, turn against the jews who are supporting them, they'd still be demonized. Again, it's good for the jews, which makes it bad for us.

Israel is just cheer-leading, there is no evidence they are actually influencing anything on the ground.

So you think keeping Iran out of Israel's other battles would be bad for the jews because…?

I think it is wrong to suppress Persian nationalism in the name of saving an Religion of Cuck™ic government.

Time to invest in companies translating based holocaust documentaries into Iranian. Viva la revolucion!

This is what you used to say for Ukraine and Syria as well isn't it?

If the jewish problem didn't exist you might have an argument.

No, Assad is an Arab Nationalist, and Ukraine was mainly led by western-style liberals.

Self-bumping doesn't work here, newfriend. All it does is push the thread one closer to the maximum number of posts

Nice neocohen talking points, faggot. It has no bearing on me what legal systems the shitskins keep, as long as they stay the fuck out of my homeland

Also, that use of the word 'radical' is incorrect by definition.
The groups labelled "radical extremists" by the kiked media are in fact strictly following their religious texts, and are in no way reformist or extremists

It's pointless they have nicked and mined the golan heights and nobody does anything why would anybody listen to him the leader of a country that attacked Israel in the 6 day war? As did Iran and is why this jew is a jew
Everyone knows revenge is so much like porn to them they even invented a porn genre for it. That's why they spent millions of the goyims hard earned shekels over years to travel the world and hunt down the perpetrators of the last actual terrorist attack against the jews at the olympics by the palestinians. It was probably their own mossad facilitated it anyway but that's another story.

Wasn't it israel that attacked syria first?

Uh faggot you do realise their country received the full fate of what you might fear for europe right? A bunch of foreign nationals came in and installed an Religion of Cuck™ic theocracy.
You gotta be a shill or your 2 years just restarted. No more posting for you.

Uh faggot, please see:

Lurk 2 more years.

What do you guys think will happen?
Will these protests just go away or is it gonna be something serious?
I have mixed feelings about Iran. On one hand, I want them to be free of Religion of Cuck™ic oppression, on the other hand I want them to have an at least functioning country.



I hope America bombs this shit whole into the stone age. I pray Trump acts soon.

Grow up, loser.

Allright I'm sold.
Fuck isntrael but these Iranian scum need to kick the bucket too.

Fuck off, shill.

No, fuck you.
Tell me how Iran helped with the jewish problem?
Yeah. You can't
Look back at Spain in the 1600's, muslims allied with jews.
At least Iran is a strong Religion of Cuck™ic's fortress unlike Syria or Libya.
You can't defeat jews because they are too much connected to the western socieities, at least for now, but this is a golden chanche to weaken their antigoy's muscle.

Nice try. But chances are with such low energy posting, your next payslip is a pink slip.

The Jewry in your words is so blatant.

Other than that, they have very much went against the grain on holohoax schooling, and do not possess a Rothschild bank. Very good, by today's standards.

Blatant Jewry. This board has been taken over by Israeli shills.

Lol. How weak, one liners are the best you can do? Why don't you tell the people in this thread how Iran has the highest number of jews after israel in the middle east? Maybe because it breaks your narrative, fucking retard.

I haven't offered any narrative, except to note that you're a kike shill.
US has 41% of world kike population. Israel, 41%.
Europe, ~10%.
That leaves about 8% for the rest of the world… Iran has less than 9,000 kikes, in a population of 81,000,000.
That's 0.01% of the population - and they're almost-certainly behind these fake protests.


Your narrative doesn't actually make any sense - whereas mine, claiming you are an Israeli shill kike faggot, stands stronger with every post you make.

Main problem for Iran is they can't do much about their economic situation because of the USA which is constantly demanding MORE sanctions.

They need to develop their allies so that the USA is forced to back off.

That's it? You don't see many holohoax's video in asians/arab countries in the first place because those are targetted at European people, they have other ways to control the population there.
Also North Korea doesn't have a national bank, but lives under the remaining infernal ideology created by jews in the past. But they don't have a "national bank" huh. Obviously jew free!
Letting Iran have its own way will only give us more terror attacks. Maybe one day they'll do something serious about the JQ but only after European people are sold as slaves or leave under apartheild in their own fucking country.

And what will letting Israel have its way give us, eh fellow not-jew?

Its. Not. Our. Problem.
We shouldn't be involved. You want us to support kikes in attacking the greatest threat to the capital of the kike hegemony in the region. Your narrative continues to make no sense, unless you're some kind of Israeli shill trying to push that we should support kikes in imposing upon their neighbors.

Every post, my claim gets stronger.

What does that have to do with anything?

Kike spotted.

He's trying to imply you should support attacking the Norks for Israel because the Norks are Commies, and Communism derives from jewry.
Kinda stops making sense quick though:

Its a weak deflection.

No. My narrative is that muslims need to get the fuck out of this planet as much as the jew. What's the argument against stopping Iran? I like blm? Bibi wants them nuked? Newsflash: jews don't have allies. They just see somebody useful for a limited period of time. And simply put, they decided that Iran no longer has usefulness. Why should that stop us for damaging Religion of Cuck™? You said it yourself. Jews are too much ingrained in I am a d&c kike, ban my stupid non-white ass's country so defeating them quickly is nigh impossible.
Yet here you are. Having a golden occasion of damaging Religion of Cuck™ but all you see is "jews wants this". That's not what you should think. You should think "how do I make sure muslims are pummeled to the ground and not giving jews a chance at profitting from this?"

There is no major israel vs north korea conflict as of now. N. Korea is controlled by the chinese that are "allies" out of profits to the jews

By funding an entire army wich actively fights against the zionist state and praises Hitler and the national socialist movement.

Your move, shill.

Why didn't mods sticky a new Iran thread? Really makes my sniffer snuffle.

And that's retarded. The kike is a greater threat than the muzzie, especially the iranian muzzie.

Yes, because the kikes never showed solidarity with BL-oh wait.
Newsflash: You're now arguing that we should help the kikes in attacking the muzzies in the region that oppose them - you're legit saying we should help kikes because fuck muzzies, which is Israeli shill pasta.

Protip: You were crying a moment ago about how 'letting iran have its way will bring more terrorism only!'… Yet, you didn't address how attacking muzzies in sandland, at the behest of Israel (our association with Israel being the #1 motive for terrorist attacks against the US), will bring more terrorism.
And you didn't answer me, so I'll ask again:

You said that.
Jews are the greater enemy, and aiding them in this attack against their greatest opposition in the region - muzzie or otherwise - doesn't help me in any way and increases the likelihood of terrorist muzzies targeting my country.

White Americans get nothing from helping Israel attack Iran but more terrorism… So, hah, would you look at that! Either way, the US gets more terrorism from this shit - by your claim, if Iran 'gets its way', we get more terrorism; and if Israel gets its way, we get more terrorism… AND more jewry, an expansion of Jewish hegemony in the Middle East.
Once again, your narrative makes no sense, unless you're an Israeli.

Simple question: Which is more of a threat - the jews or the muzzies?
If you say they are the same level of threat, let alone that the muzzies are a greater threat, well, then we know what you are.
And if the jew is a bigger threat than the muzzie - especially the iranian muzzie - then there is no possible explanation to support israel subverting the iranian muzzie, and thus expanding jewish hegemony in the region, besides being an israeli shill (or an idiot - not that the two are mutually exclusive).

Yes there is. Israel hates the Norks because they supply their muzzie enemies. Fuck's sake nigger, the Norks fought against the Israelis in several of their wars.

So what's our problem? Negroes P.R. in the US/Europe? Because Iran does this shit as much as the jews. Arabs invading? Because Iran helps the invasion as much as the jews. Jews destroying Europeans cultural values? Because they will keep doing that regardless of this outcome.
What, pray tell do you hope to achieve by staying idle, exactly? Because the civil war will happen regardless of White Nationalists' input. What I'm saying is that Iran deserves being burned to the ground as much as israel and that if you don't act of course israel will reap its profit. Why wouldn't they? Here we are giving them no opposition.
I mean do you even hear yourself? You sound like one of those "BASED BLACK DUDE SJW BTFO". You defend Iran only .
because the koran has some anti jewish verses. Yet looking at history, even now; muslims always allied with the jews.
Make your claim "stronger" with that, you bufoon.

This is what Israeli shills say.
The idea that Iran 'does this shit as much as the jews' is absolutely laughable m8.


This is what Israeli shills say.
Will it really? Because I don't see that happening - without the US backing them, Israel would not make such moves, because they couldn't weather the storm.
So… Let me get this straight… An Iranian civil war will happen no matter what, and Israel will benefit, so we should help Israeli benefit because that will benefit us by… bringing more muzzie terrorism to our door (the same outcome you said would come if Iran 'got its way'), AND expanding Israeli hegemonic control of the region?
Thats. What. Israeli. Shills. Say.

user, I never said anything about the Koran. I support NOT engaging in subersive actions against another sovereign nation on behalf of Israeli kikes. That's it. That's all I've suggested.
Look above and ask again: Do you even hear yourself?

So… Let me get this traight…
We should help the kikes destroy the one large nation of bad-goy muzzies - nevermind the muzzies the kikes are fine with, like the Saudis - via a subversive revolution because that will hurt muzzies…
And aid the Israeli jews… And bring hostility against the West - AGAIN - for helping Israel - AGAIN - attack a neighborning muslim state - AGAIN - to expand their hegemony in the region and eliminate the greatest threat to that hegemony in the region…
And we should do this because, at some point in the theoretical future, you're suggesting the Israeli kikes will ally with the Iranian muzzies against Europeans…
… Because muzzies are AS MUCH a threat as the kikes?

Your posts make my claim stronger user, I don't even have to do anything but point out the jew narrative.

And frankly, considering you're shilling the "muzzies are as much a threat as kikes!", that's not hard at all.

Oh, and I forgot to ask:
What is your view on the Syrian conflict? I assume we should have let the Israeli-made ISIS-front take control of the country?

You've now got three main questons to answer. The one above, as well as:

Iran is a dying country. Female empowerment, legal prostitution (hookup culture), and a horrible economy have devastated their birthrate. Literate and educated women have high expectations that can't be met in the shithole that is modern Iran. The cultural malaise extends beyond feminism, it is both moral and economic. A sign of this is the massive STD rate in the capital.

Jews can be shit without being behind everything in the world. Anglin was on this kick too. Incompetent mudslimes bankrupted their country fighting wars across the middle east and the average citizen is seeing their standard of living fall.

Why wouldn't Israel do this 1 year ago when it would have forced Iran to withdraw from Syria? Is it so hard to believe that shitty mudslime retards are fucking up their own nation? And how are the Jews able to cause riots in Iran? The Persians are now willing pawns of the Jews? Jews can only stab you the back, they are shit at head to head fights. Iran would never be dumb enough to trust them.

Pieces weren't in place yet.

Now where have I heard that narrative before…

In this context, yes.
As another user in this thread pointed out, Iran has the highest number of kikes in the ME besides Israel - still a miniscule number, mind you, but they are most-certainly present ehre.
Some of them, yes. Mainly hte ones who want to ape Western shit, and who are the most-likely to be out on the streets right now alongside the provocatuers.
I watched the Ukraine shit play out, and this is the same playbook.
Yes, that's why Israel hates them so much and, in typical kike fashion, wants to bring them down via infiltration and subversion leading to degeneration of society and tradition (some of which you described yourself) instead of a head-to-head fight, if able.

How's retarded? Jews may have the money and power, but muslims have the numbers and violence, it's a matter of perspective.
No, re-read, I stated that kikes will do this shit with or without us, so might as well hop in and try to stop the kikes from profitting, while at the same time reducing the muslim's global power.
More terrorism will happen, I'm aware, but that's just because we accepted these subhumans here, it's inevitable, might as well clean up now, before it's too late.
You misunderstand, I stated: Israel will have its way with or without us, that's why we should do our part at stopping the kikes from profitting.
And letting the muslims as powerful as now is NOT stopping the kikes from profitting.
You said it yourself.

Is that the same thing that happened with Constantinople? or Iran itself before becoming arab? Oh yeah, muslims are angel, they only have beef against jews.
fuck off.
In my opinion, it depends on the situation. Jews have money and power, muslims number and brutality, they are both capable and have shown interest in transforming America/Europe in South Africa if there is no opposition, I seriously hope you won't deny that.
Sorry, that life isn't as easy and static as you hoped to, maybe it's for this reason that jews are governing western socieities? Just something to think about.

Look at these based nonwhites triggering le jews xDDDDD

Say that to modern day Turkey or Iran itself.

Well, I'm happy you can't deny that, at least

Where did I say that? i said, pound the muslims to the ground and stop israel from having a profit, which can happen only if we act in the first place.
There are leftist jews that say they are against israel and their inhuman treatment of palestinians, but when push come to shove, what do they do about it? And what Iran did about it? Nothing, it's a show.
What do you mean, by "future"?
They already are, look at western countries, both muslims and jews benefits from "hate speech" laws and the native population can't do shit about them.

I only heard some stuff Assad said, seemed like a cool guy, and honestly it was a waste of time, Syria never had the potential to be disruptive to western nations such as Iran or jews, earlier I stated that Iran is an Religion of Cuck™'s stronghold, and has already done several disturbing things like the black lives matter support.

Nigga go to sleep, you are not going to sell us a war with iran, you'd have better luck selling ice to eskimos than trying to pull your jewish tricks on Holla Forums. Israel is the one subverting the USA, Israel atacked the USS Liberty, Israel coordinated 9/11, AIPAC corrupts american politics, Israeli ongs were inviting and receiving the "refugees" in europe, Israel stole US nuclear material, Israeli foreign policy triggered the refugge invasion of europe. The list goes on and on and on and on. Give up, you will never ever convince anyone to go die in your stupid war with Iran. You crooked jews lobby infiltrated our government and lo9bby to receive bilions of dollars every year, why dont you hire some fucking mercenaries instead? Why is it so important for you to get the US involved with a country that did nothing to us, and who is thousands of miles away? Get a fucking grip you schizo lunatic kike.


Turks have had a long historical conflict with Iran

I can almost smell the goat dick on your breath reading that.

Aren't you getting tired of your retarded points? Where have I stated that jews did nothing wrong? I gave you proof that Iran, and by extension muslims are sabotaging western cultures just like jews, yet the only thing you keep doing is "focus only on the jews infidels! Muslims never did anything wrong"

Iran has been the chief enemy of Israel for almost 40 fucking years. If they have the Jew magic to fuck with them now, they had it 1 year ago. Did the Iranians all of a sudden become super retarded about countering Jewish influence?
Sane people. I forgot the Jews control all the mudslimes and only have them attack Jews to throw us off the track! Iran has been a puppet of international Jewry all along!

The Ukranians were bitching over elections, which the Iranians did 8 years ago. This is people rioting over rising prices, which is what happened in Egypt, Yemen and the rest of mudslime shitholes. The West called it the Arab spring and pretended it was about democracy and human rights. It was about economics, it always is. The truth is that mudslimes are too stupid to feed themselves in the current world economy and millions of them will need to starve to death or immigrate. This is something Trump will make worse when he puts America first and reduces foreign aid. I am happy about that. I don't want any wars for Israel or mudslimes. That includes propping up garbage Shia theocracies that hate us.

Only after lsrael is made a crater and the holo has been caus't, then you have my permission to have an anti-Religion of Cuck™ic revolution in Iran.

Well user, I think she's showing a little too much leg. I'm as horny as a goat.

I never said that. I said the kikes were a greater threat. And they are.
Muslims are a weapon of the Jew, and without our support of Israel, they wouldn't be nearly as inclined towards the hostility we see today as we see today. Fact: Support for Israel is the #1 source of muzzie hostility toward the West.

Which is EXACTLY what I said, you gross kike:
To which I reply, once again: lel.

Yet, you were arguing a moment ago that if Iran 'gets its way' we will have to worry about more terrorism… So you don't actually give a shit about the terrorism increasing, only pushing the narrative that we should help Israel.

There is no way in which the kikes do not profit in Iran toppling, and you want to aid them in that.
Yes, it is. That's the whole point of attacking Iran - it inhibits the kikes hegemonic control of the region. Its quite-literally helping Israeli kikes to aid their efforts to overthrow Iran via subversion and revolution.

I said US has a large kike population in COMPARATIVE terms. They're still only 2% of the population, which does not support your counter-claim.

If I don't help Israel, Muslims won't target my country, no. Win-win - kikes lose, muzzies less violent.
If I do help Israel, muzzies WILL target my country AND kikes gain from it. Lose-lose - kines win, muzzies more violent.
Your narrative makes no sense.

And now you're going to pretend that muzzies were the same degree of assmad BEFORE we fucking supported Israeli in multiple wars in sandland against them as they are now? You're being very disingenuous.

Well then, allow me to inform you - you are an idiot (again, not mutually exclusive).
Used as a sword by the kikes, with their money and influence.
Without the Jew, the muzzies aren't capable of much at all.
I will no more deny that than you will deny that, without Israel and kike effort/influence, the muzzies would not be anything even approximating the threat they are at present to Western interests.

I get the impression English is not your first language.
Nah, the reason is we let them in and most people have no idea whats going on, because the kikes own the media and keep their narratives up - like the narrative that the muzzies are the real threat and not the kikes, despite the reality being that the kikes are the primary threat to western power and prosperity, and that they employ the largely-incompetent muzzies against us.

Fact: The Arab muzzie population in the ME nations which oppose Israel is over 200 million. Israel's population is, IIRC, under 10 million. Yet they've never lost a war…. Kinda destroys that whole 'both are competent' angle, doesn't it? Something to think about.

ay lmao, you kikes are truly fucking delusional

False equivalence.
I have no love for muzzies, of any stripe, but when I see a muzzie giving a kike shit, know what I DON'T do?
Walk up and try to intervene, especially not on the side of the kike.

Strawman. I never said muzzies aren't a threat - I said the jews are a greater threat.
And especially in this context, these being the muzzies who give the jews the most headaches and most-greatly impede their efforts to expand jewish hegemonic control in the region.
If you place a 1' garter snake and an 18' anaconda on a table in front of your child, both are threats, one much moreso than the other - and I'd much rather FIGHT arab muzzies than be SUBVERTED by israeli kikes.
I have more faith in my people to overcome one rather than the other, because - I know how you love history - history has shown in the vast majority of cases that Europeans can militarilty defeat muzzies when inclined to do so, but they've never shown much ability to effectively root out and eliminate kike subversion.

I was laughing at your shitty kike narrative, the whole "its inevitable goy so just get on board and stop complaining!". Its like it was straight out of a How To Shill From Tel Aviv handbook or something.

Which helps the Jews.
This is the most ridiculous fucking thing I've ever seen posted on this board. How in the flaming fuck are you going to try to shill "We should support Israeli in pushing a subversive faux-revolutionary overthrow of the neighboring nation which most-greatly inhibits their expansion of jewish hegemonic control in the region!" as in any way suggestive of a first-strike to inhibit Israeli acquisition of power?
Absolutely ridiculous nonsense.

Created the boycott divestment and sanction movement, which so greatly harmed Israel's interests that they blew their cover in having the US legislature come together to unanimously pass legislation making that movement illegal and inhibiting those who engage in it from access US government funding.
Fight them militarily on several fronts over the last several decades. That's what.

You are so full of shit.

The magical future where you imply Iranians will ally with the kikes against Europeans.
What the fuck does that have to do with Iran?

Then you're either a newfag or you're talking out your ass, because for someone SO FUCKING INTERESTED in this issue, willing to respond in long-form like this, the idea that you'd know nothing of Assad is fucking hilariously bad shilling m8.
The idea that you're actually trying to compare Iran and global Jewry is fucking hilariously offbase.
So is Saudi Arabia.
Israel also did the BLM support, and, unlike Israel, Iran did it to mock the US, because the US is a puppet of Israel, who is Iran's largest opposition in the region, which is why Israel is attempting to push this faux-revolution via subversive action and provocatuers coupled with their media outlets' promotion of 'brave democratic resistance' to weaken Iran.
The BLM shit was literal shitposting, and you're holding it up to us to argue we should support Israel in expanding Jewish control in the ME, deposing the one large sovereign nation which opposes them in the region, AND bring about more terrorism on Western populations from muzzies angered at continued Western support of Israel.
You're a kike shill.

You semites are all functionally retarded.

Are you being paid by the post or by the hour? Is it in foreskins?

You argue like such a kike, its sickening.
You've repeatedly suggested we should help the kikes - while claiming its not helping the kikes - because the muzzies are AS MUCH a threat as the kikes, which is ludicrous, as history - which you keep trying to reference in the most retarded fashion - shows point-blank.
Already this argument is looking shoddy
JUST like the jews? I think not.
No, what folks keep doing is pointing out that jews are MORE responsible for all the shit you're whining about, and that everything you urge equates directly to AIDING the jews in their efforts to gain more power and influence/less hazard and opposition.

What they didn't have was their pieces in place as goes US backing. Would be real hard for Trump to maintain his 'America First' rhetoric by IMMEDIATELY jumping into a conflict with Iran, now wouldn't it? But a year in? Much easier - and more (intelligence asset) pieces in place to make it viable.
No, but the Israelis DID get 'the best thing to happen to israel' in office.

The #1 go to for a kike trying to attack others - psychological pathologizing.
The Jews certainly have a good degree of control over the movement of mudslimes worldwide AND the promotion of their acceptance in media, finance, government and academia, yes.
I never suggested that though - I suggested that Israel was biding its time to make a move against Iran, via non-military subversive movements and protests (much like kikes did in Ukraine). In order for this to go off, they had to have the right people in power in various places, and they had to have their assets in place at the right time.
I don't think its 'insane' at all to think that the necessary variables have come into place now such as to launch this effort at this time.
No, they weren't, at all. The Ukrainians were bitching over the decision of a democratically-elected leader choosing to side with Russian influence over EU influence, which resulted in the Western powers orchestrating a protest movement, rife with provocatuers and promoted by the kike media, to legitimize what was nothing more than a violent mob attempting to oust the leader for not siding with the EU instead of the Russians.
Funny, because I've seen that homosex rights, women's rights, etc etc etc libshit policy platforms have leaked into these 'protests'. Suggesting that its not about economics at all, its about a carefully orchestrated intent to create this movement platform to, to legitimize this platform as it goes about doing exactly what transpired in Ukraine - the leader being ousted for not being libshit enough, by a mob of libshits sprinkled with provocatuers aiming to exacerbate conflicts with state actors to bring about incidents that the western jew media can use to justify ousting of the standing leadership.

Where have I heard this narrative before…

You're shilling a really weak narrative to aid in the promotion of supporting an Israeli-orchestrated attempt to weaken the largest oppositional power in the region, and the only power in the region which functionally acts to inhibit expansion of Israeli control in the region.

Focusing on Religion of Cuck™ is like blaming the cold that kills you when AIDS is destroying your immune system

Hell, in this case, we've got people trying to argue that we should allow the AIDS to - no, that we should assist the AIDS in mutating into SUPERAIDS, because it might weaken the cold, even as they acknowledge that it'll give us more colds and do everything they can to avoid acknowledging that the SUPERAIDS is worse.

Again, you're telling me that muslims would be angel without israel, and that is BULLSHIT, it's in their coran how their holy mission is to make the entire world muslim, by the sword if necessary.
And even if they were mad about the jews, why attacking European civilization? Surely they would know better that they are controlled by the kikes in the first place? Or is it because they don't give a shit about it, and just see us as infidels?
What a fucking coward lmao, I give a shit about the terrorism increasing but you look at this in the wrong angle.
it's terrorism that it's FATED to happen, unless we remove the muslims in our countries in the first place, might as well give the people an incentive now in removing them, before they outnumber us.
Oh, okay, why are you here if you mind me asking? get out of here, there is no way jews can be defeated. And that's not a problem, goy, white people don't have a culture in the first place, remember?

Give me a proof for this bullshit, israel is 70 years old, Religion of Cuck™ has been ravaging the world for more than a millennium.
muzzies aren't "assmad", they see us as infidels just like the jews, regardless of our positions.
Do you seriously think that the non-native people in india helped Israel? because the fucking muslims wants to kill them just as bad, heck, heck, my country even if it had an influx of muslims from Lybia never did anything to help israel, but guess what? Nothing fucking changed between us and America in their eyes. Constantinople and Iran (or Persia) are the proof that Religion of Cuck™ is a religion devoted in conquering by the sword other countries, with (Spain) or without jews' help.

Wew, I agree with this, the only smart thing you said, so can you please go on with this train of thought? maybe arriving at the conclusion that 1 having a golden chance to weaken or destroy israel in the near future won't happen and as such 2 at least making sure their "mercenary" army is nerfed so that 3 when the time comes they will have less options?
That's funny, you gave me the same vibe.
That changes fucking nothing, maybe it's for your one dimensional reasoning that the kikes were able to easily control the media and dumbing down our own population?
Remind me again why they shouldn't be bombed too?
What do you want me to say? Muslims are only effective because we let them (especially with your messagges defending muslims do their shit, israel knows this and stops them.

Yet they give MUCH more shit to us than against the kikes, but please, feel free to feel better watching a video about them imitating a form of art they will never understand
You are literally saying that muslims attacks us only because of israel, you are deluded.
Exactly my point
Only if you don't do shit about it
Iran was antisemite in the past long before this shit religion even conquered them.
The real question would be: how do I stop the jews from making profit? And your answer is "Oh I know, I won't do anything and call anyone against muslims kikes, I'm sure that'll work and the revolution will end overnight and nothing will change in Iran"
How disgusting, never would I hoped that one day, here, in Infinite chan, not even cuckchan, there would be an user defending a jew just because they did something that israel found it mildly annoying.
Did you know that Bibi hates Soros? wtf I love Soros now.
You mean proxy wars at best with the poor goy sidelined in the mess.

Lmao, fuck off
Again with this shit, even if tomorrow all jews were to die there would still be millions of muslims in Europe/America hellbent on conquering the land
Said the goatfucker

this argument would only work if we had a plan in order to btfo both, but right now all europeans do is waiting to see who'll win the middle eastern championship to crown their (new or old) masters.

If that's anything but semitic theater, why doesn't Soros fund organizations that are actually a threat to Israel, instead of only toothless ones that prevent real opposition from forming?

Fuck man, Jared Taylor is right. You're blue pilling me here. If the correct answer to the JQ means you start ascribing every fucking problem in the world to Jews, it's just another kind of ignorance.

So 38 years wasn't enough time, they needed 1 more year. Fucking Jew magic jewed the Jews!
Yes they did, 1 year ago. Remember when he bombed Syria? Imagine how much happier the boomer convservatives would be if he invaded Iran. McCain would have blown him the rose garden. Iran is hated in a way Syria is not and bombing them would have drawn more support than bombing Syria since there is no danger of Religion of Cuck™ic Terrorists taking over Iran, they already run it.
If Trump doesn't invade Iran now that completely invalidates your thesis and proves your theory is retarded.

You can't seem to admit that retarded mudslimes are retarded mudslimes. It's like they are a nation of inbred 85 IQ sand niggers who worship a pedophile!
If the Jews are all powerful like you think, just give up.

Does any Iranian think these "protests" are organic?

Because, as you said, it's semitic theater, and they don't let their political ideology cause too much trouble when it becomes blood related.
You post that quote from Lenin, yet you firmly believe that the muslims aren't controlled opposition (or at the very least, they both agree on the dispatchment of europeans).
The self awareness…

You stupid kike.


The kikes actually want war with Iran, they aren't just having their kids tweet out poorly edited versions of our memes to create phony controversies.

The correct answer to the JQ is bring total destruction to the jews, this is obvious to anyone who actually lives within the worldview of truth.

Yes, you stated that 1.000 times, and i answered you, of course they want war with Iran, they'll have profits from this because you guys let them, and doing nothing isn't "sticking it to their ass" or anything, it's just showing solidarity to a(nother) religion that wants you dead.

Spot on, Israel truly is our greatest ally

Realistically any normalfag is just going to think 'well, of course Iranians are blaming Israel, they always do!', so based on the headline alone it wouldn't mean anything.

The slogan "No Gaza, No Lebanon, No Syria, My life for Iran" works much better, if of course you spoonfeed them what it actually means.

might as well have said, "we're being paid by the kikes" ffs


There's a Persian woman I do a bit of work for. She's very light-skinned. Never asked her about anything beyond work. Maybe I should ask her.

"Anti regime protests"

don't be foolish

So the glow worms put more effort into sassy cat pics than the latest Iran psyop. Quelle suprise.

Wonder what they have on Trump to get him in on this shitshow.

Epstein lolita express blackmail for starters
The millions loaned to him by Soros/Kushner partnerships, Shelden Adelson and Kissinger tier kikes
The dodgy gambling cartels he's linked with
Basically every single criminal jewish cabal that operatives their gangsterism in the US has something over their puppet

The absolute state of /r/pol.

Persian here, we have no problem with Jews and Israel. White people and national socialists have a problem with Jews for what they have done and continue to do in the west.

The enemy of Persians are Religion of Cuck™ists and Religion of Cuck™, it must be removed from Iran. The nationalist Iran of the future will have good bonds with both the West (Jew dominated or White dominated) and Israel.

Persian here living in EUROPE :))

We are not going to play the part of the useful idiots for you beta faggot white nationalists and national socialists that lost the Jews.

Persians have no modern day problems with Jews or Israel. We have a problem with Religion of Cuck™. It is with pride and joy that I organize and support anti-Religion of Cuck™ and anti-Religion of Cuck™ic movements and activity in Iran from the safety of Europe. People like me are in the streets of Iran fighting against the Religion of Cuck™ic Republic and Religion of Cuck™ as a whole, in the near future we will torture, kill and genocide the CLERICS, the IRGC and their FAMILY MEMBERS, their entire filthy un-Aryan, un-Persian, un-Iranian bloodlines will be cleansed. We will regain our self-determination as Persians and we will have a nationalistic Iran in the future, be it a monarchy or a one party state.

We will support the Jews and Israel in their domination and expansion in the region and their noble quest to genocide the Arabs and Religion of Cuck™ists in the region and reclaim their ancient homelands. We Persians have suffered at the hands of Arabs and Religion of Cuck™ too, we have lost our lands, we know and understand their pain.

The sad part is that many of you will think I am a Jew, but I assure you that I am Persian. I have nothing against White People and European Nationalists, but you lot have to stop desiring and wanting us Iranians to be useful Idiots for you and bomb Israel, it is not going to happen, your fight with the Jews is that of your own, the fact that you depend on others shows how far you White Europeans have fallen compared to what you once used to be, it is sad really.


You need to do your research. the movements' behind these protests have been active for at least a few years now. They have now just had a shot in the arm of a bunch of (((ISIS))) operatives to start causing some shit. I bet the faggot behind those movements was tricked into it because even they seem to have been caught by surprise of the drastic shift in tone over the past few weeks.

But you totally knew all that before hand didnt you?

Lurk more.


You're up next on the chopping block, don't you worry.

Kill yourself moishe

I guess the new year means new hires at the JIDF. Current Year is gonna be fun.