Italy: Somalian Storms Delivery Room and Attempts to Rape Woman in Labour

Italy: Somalian Storms Delivery Room and Attempts to Rape Woman in Labour


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I know everyone already thinks this but let me reiterate: Somali subhumans must be exterminated from the planet.

I went to highschool with that girl lol, her name is ivy shepard and she was a nasty slut

Agreed. Have you ever seen a positive news story that involves Somalis? I sure as hell haven't.

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Somalis are literally the niggers of niggers.

Enjoy your ban, kike.

Yes , good. Go start. Get it done.
I love this. Splatter Somali filth reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Here’s one.

Should have voted for the other candidate. Next election, bro.


No, see, Somalis are worse than animals. Animals can be trained. Animals can be protective pets, beasts of burden, or give aid and comfort to the disabled. An animal can sniff out illegal contraband or be entertainment for children.

Calling a Somali an animal gives the Somali too much credit.

spoiler that nasty shit.

Rome is the poz capital of Italy, alongside Milan and Naples. Real Italians live in small towns.

did it have aids? I bet it had aids

Invading a delivery room and attempting to rape a women thats giving birth. What the fuck? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?

The good news is that the baby was delivered shortly afterwards, and is healthy and well.
That baby's name?


This is good news. Shit like this has to happen before Europeans finally say "ENOUGH!" and slaughter ever nog in Europe.

I've often read they have sex with babies because they think it cures their GRIDS, but sex with unborn babies now? Really?!
put it down

capped and filed

Assuming you have collected a massive amount of these pics, could you share them? They make for great propaganda.

Italians are highly nationalistic, despise negroids, and love their country and their people.
The exception to this is the mafia, which are a bunch of arabs that will do anything to rob their countryman and anyone else. They are the ones who have been importing negros for the last decade or so. It is a business.
They ship them over, and keep the negro as an indentured servant to pay for the transport costs.
The negros then have to carry blue plastic dustbin bags filled with chinese counterfeit and illegaly imported rubbish: sunglasses, umbrellas, toys, handbags and clothing.
The negros patrol every beach, no matter how remote or previously peaceful. They patrol every town either at the market or outside supermarkets daily. They patrol every city and tourist spot.
These mafia controlled negroids have spread further afield too, out of italy and into Paris, the south of france at the beaches, and now into Spain and their beaches.
Mafia sold out its country to subhuman apes for some quick lira shared between them and their chink triad pals.

What I mean is, normal italians want nothing to do with any of this.
I am surprised it has even reached this stage and that the italians themselves haven't started gutting and hanging these invaders.
As someone else said, normal italians don't live in cities, they live in small towns and perhaps still live relatively peaceful lives. Perhaps they aren't yet aware of the extent of it. The worst of it came a few years ago when an african born negress became a high level member of parliament in Italy. Right after that, came a law saying that "everyone is italian", allowing for negros to flood the place.
If resistence is to come, it will come from Italy. Better come very very soon, and better be harsh.

The 3rd one infuriates me the most. It contains everything. The coalburning slut so full of jewprop she thinks it's a good idea to go to a hotel with an immigrant she just met. Probably because she thought "we are all the same, but the darker the skin the bigger the cock" or some other jew drivel.
Then the paper covers up the fact that each will only do 5 years by stating 30 years in the headline but burying the real figures further down. Because the papers are jewish and the justice system is jewish so need to protect the old loxist interests.
And then when you understand our prisons are in the control of muslims you will see that after 5 years of further radicalization at our expense they will be released back into our communities to rape more kuffar or maybe do a beheading or truck of peace attack.
God forbid we should deport these cunts.
Fucking makes me reeee it does.


Yeah, it also lists their other casual crimes - robbing people in the streets etc.
Prison should be a place where humans go when they behave subhumanly.
Not a place for subhumans behave when they behave exactly as they always have done.
It's funny, even in England they block people trying to enter who have a criminal record, supposedly. Occasionally there is a famous person who had a parking fine level criminal record coming from america, and they are not allowed to enter the UK. I don't know the rulings.
Yet they willfully let these rape-apes enter in the first place, let them commit crimes continuously, give them the minimum sentence and allow them to serve it in England, and remain here afterwards.
Why are there not avenging angels with cleansing fires and sweeping swords flying through the streets every day and Keeping Britain Tidy.

who has number for the hospital. I will fucking call and confirm this shit

Because we are pragmatic, everyone knows what would happen if you got stuck in prison for a hate crime against muslims. There's no british gang to join, most brits in prison speak like niggers anyway, there's very little to distinguish them from one. In short, you either go the whole hog and go out with a bang or you're going to get tortured to death in prison.

Sant’Eugenio Hospital, Rome.
Maternity department.

If you speak Italian well enough to telephone them, you can certainly find the number on their website.

+39 06 51001

i speak no italian what so ever.

I mean real avenging angels. Huge, terrifying winged monsters in the shape of men, wings on their back, burning sword in their hands.
Raking through every last shitskin to be found.

Odin is needed to solve this. Really, if there was a massive resurgence of nordic religion and culture, Odin/Woden of Northern Europe, the sensibilities would shift to a point that the prisons would be the first thing burnt to the foundations.

At least the niggers in their own country have the decency to light the rapists on fire for pulling this shit. Step it up pastaniggers.

Stop the "south Europeans are not cuckolds" meme. We are Cucked as hell and we are dumber the north Europeans. =-(
BTW, today I saw a couple of an African guy and a south European women with 3 or 4 mulattos, IN MY FUCKING MICRO TOWN, and the population is totally OK with it.
BTW, plebbitors and cuckchaners GET THE FUCK OUT


is it because they are muslim?

Italians that I met in italy were all quite conservative and despise negros.
Maybe people in southern europe are more naive and don't realise how serious the problem is.
Then again, how many northern europeans really know how serious the problem is. The media is absolutely fucked.
If there was one unkiked popular news source that reported every single rape/murder etc by the invaders, people would react to it.

Just more stuff women voted for.


needs more swimming lessons

Part and parcel.


Ill cede it could be a tie, but Haitians truly are the niggers of nigger.

Dis is rite thread

Serves those hwhite italians for what they did

Truly subhuman.

the fact you can type like that says more about you than anyone else.

In a sane world them niggers wouldve been executed on the spot for their crimes. Deportation is too merciful, since they would just find their way back.

Speaking of the mafia, do you know who lobbied in favor of attacking the axis during WW2? The Italian-American mafia, because under fascism the mafia was eradicated.

Something to keep in mind.

let us do it boys
2018 is our year


with what niggers believe about the magical aids-curing powers of baby fucking, "the youngest the better because it's really hard to find a true virgin" as said by his trusty witch-doctoh
the nigger…

he was being all polite and trying to make the woman believe he was a friend n stuff

… for the purpose of raping the baby !


I am 90% sure Mafia is some obscure jewish word for 'fooling the stupid goyim'. Once I became aware of the fucking JQ I have yet to see an single member whom wasn't fucking jewish.

i kekd

The best propaganda is the truth

Glass somalia

That way he can rape woman and baby at the same time and get double nigger points.

posted 'capped and filed' because these stories are forgotten quickly if i don't save and repost.
hoping other anons catch on this habit
got a folder for 'syrian refugee' crimes, if you want.
don't have many pictures with 'somali' or 'ital'y in the filename
probably should name these properly.

It's a difficult contest. I live in New Orleans. We have both Somalis and Haitians here and, frankly, I have a hard time telling which is the niggest.

This is one of the most degenerate things I've ever heard. God help us.

Yes, I bet a whole BTC that he won't get charged.

Them dubs dont lie

They both take niggerdom to levels never thought possible.

Was that the (((sexual emergency))) story?

those were indeed the weasel words of the jewish defence, yes.

That was a brutal example of the jewdicial system in action there.

He'll probably get a parade and a gofundme.

£250p/h of taxpayers money to make a rapist sound less rapey, then go home and sleep like a freshly circumcized baby.
There isn't a torture invented yet befitting of these creatures.

Im so sick of this bullshit, one day in the future there will not be Europeans nor east Asians nor nothing.
It's extremely sad to see this happen while nobody reacts badly for it. I feel disgusted for any human genocide, I don't want it.
The common people are just lemmings who let everything happen and the state does nothing to stop it, it even contributes to our end.
I really feel so sick of this crap.

You can't make this shit up, we're truly living in a parody.

Hee hee, yes… The "EU" is a democracy and women decided for this to happen :^)

Aye. Their presence is akin to a curse upon the host nation.

I think they are a severely inbred tribe of africans

The current year is "20AdolfHitler".


We need a thread on obscure redpills. There's a lot of favorites that are posted in redpill threads but often I think of a post I saw one or two times and look for it and it's gone. Even if the thread is archived, our archived threads are in no way cataloged and its content is not searchable.

Unfortunately someone with a lot of autism and an eye for recognizing useful and underrated information would have to salvage that content that's otherwise lost.

I dont give a fuck if youre a torpedo, them dubs need a checkin!

The american mafia and the most famous gangsters of chicago had jewish roots.

This is so ridiculous I can't stop laughing. This sounds like a mod for a Hitman game. He Agent Forty Sevened his way into a hospital just to masturbate on a woman in labor. I wonder who he was gonna frame it on

wtf I want to move to based Africa now


That is actually true. Wolves, bears, dogs literally live more sophisticated and productive lives than the niggers.

Some iranians think glassing israel is a priority at this point. But i'm not racist, le multiple keks.

I hear that Somalians are the kind of niggers other niggers stay away from.

Right wing death squads now please.

Now that's what I call a kike free first post.

Power level risin ITT

Just leaving this out here.

I don’t see a lot of men cheering for rapefugees.

Fucking niggers…

Instead of dropping a blade with the guillotine you drop a 500lb weight.

If these animals can behave like that in Europe, I just don't want to think what goes on in Africa itself.

Sicily isn't far from Tel Aviv. And yes were are all Jews and very genetically similar to the non-arab "Palestinians" More Jewish than Eastern Euriopean Khazars and other filth that currently reside in "Israel".


Fuck it, I'll dump mine.





And now for the Australian ones,

Some of us know how to blend in.




You are doing godswork user. creating a folder for "Somali Rape News" now.

I'll be doing God's work when I make my own OC for once instead of leeching off of hard working anons. Here's my last piece of pilfered product.

you are an inspiration.

I just can't believe that this is allowed to go on. It's shit like this that reinforces my desire to just go live in a van in the woods somewhere.


Maybe dump those screencaps in >>/polarchive/ for future use. Similar articles and pics can be found at refugeeresettlementwatch blog under crime tag. Check right sidebar for linked blogs with more such stories.

This makes me so sad. He only wanted the best for Italy.


Nigger thought electricity was voodoo magic.

How much longer does this have to go on for?

That 2nd pic is the one that made me angry. It is literally seen by mudslimes as all Christians worshiping mudslimes. It makes me as sick as Obama's apology tour ending with him apologizing for the war with Japan. While he did not officially apologize for the war, his even being in Hiroshima had the same effect. I live in Japan, and now it is almost expected that an American should apologize for the war when asked.

You were pretty cynical in that front

I'm still waiting on pictures of this chick before the blanket.

When will people start to understand that muhomo'd the pedo goatfuckerans don't exists around non-muhomo'd the pedo goatfuckerans without demanding "jizyah" which is basically a tax on people who don't follow their shitty religion? That goat fucker targeted that woman specifically because she was a Christian.

You have to love the mods here, everyday is like a new adventure into the filters that you be used.

Get out of my country you shabbos goy subhuman. No it's not Obongo but actual historical events that lead to the conclusion that the US was the aggressor and destroyer of WW2 along with the Soviet Union and rest of the allies, if you do not count the criminal responsibility of the axis nations for being so incompetent as to lose.



Continuing from previous user with oc I made.



He also did many mistakes. One of them was entering a war while Italy was't ready, having soldier going to battle literally bare-foot.



This is interesting. Considering that the jews undoubtedly were very angry at Italians for WW2, the whole mafia thing could have been a jewish psyop that portrayed Italian solidarity as le biggest crime evar. The purpose would be to harm American Italian culture as much as possible.

Would explain the prevalence of (((movies))) and (((television shows))) about the mafia. This is what plebs think of when you say mafia. Potemkin reality.

thanks user

All niggers must fucking hang.

That last one makes my blood boil. They know that they are being replaced but they embrace it because if they don't it would 'allow the far right to exploit people's fear.'.

Very controversial opinion here, not saying I disagree.

Same here user.

One quote stuck out to me that proves your point.

"People say this is democracy, but I don't think it is democracy to let Nazis say what they want."

That should be changed to:

"People say this is democracy, but I don't think it is democracy to let people we disagree with say what they want."

The entire article is about how they know they'll be outnumbered, and eventually replaced, as is the logical next step, but the fact that they are (((tolerant))) in fear of those EBIL NAHZEES anf willing to cuck themselves to maintain their delusional, Leftist utopia of die-versity is extremely telling. I hope the faggots there who expressed such sentiments had heart-attacks when the AfD won even a minority in the last election.

These are fucking awful but I laughed a little at the last one. Serves the stupid bitch right.

Somalis are doublesandniggers.


there was once a time when a disgusting monkey like that would have been hung* immediately

*Grammar Note: people are hanged; things are hung. therefore this was proper usage

Go fuck yourself weeb.

Hows the hospital food!!???

I know at this point it's a cliche, but World War 3 really is our only hope.

Can we lock white liberals in a room with somalis?

kys weeabo faggot

The average somali is an uncontrollable, rape crazed, disease ridden, abomination. It would rape an infant, a pregnant woman in labor, or an old lady, just as quickly as it would rape a goat. To think the normies of Europe were told "without the blessed diversity brought to you by these migrants all of europe will surely perish goyim"



Red pill, delivery.


Somalians in S. Africa are actually probably the most decent and docile nogs you get this side. They own all the tuck shops and run bulk supplies, they all look the same - almost like they're all twins in prawn format… In general they're extremely friendly and they're usually the first guys to get burnt alive or killed in the squatter camps… So if you're having problems with these fine animal-gentlemen, wait until you meet the rest of Africa. You fuckers better put a stop to this and learn from the forgotten countries and those who still live in them.

Let me clarify that by saying. The is a top level assessment and may differ as the amount of tribes are too many to describe.

Zimbos > Sotho/Tswane's > DRC > Malawi > Somali > Zulu > Bantu > Xhosa > Nigerian

Nothing special here. Just niggers being niggers.

All I feel is disgust when I see that. Especially the one in the middle.

And there was nobody there to slay the creature? No racial/tribal cohesion to come together? Not everyone having at least a long-knife on them at all times, including the woman in labor?

Such a folk would be ineffective against the Wulf after a newborn much less a creature who has the makings of Hel. A tree must bear fruit timely in its season or the offspring can only have bad tidings when the winter comes.

image related to some of what your saying, not all but some.

Send them back to their terrorist fucking training camps? Fuck no, we shouldn't deport them, we should just fucking put these animals down.

Who gives these third world niggers these boats? I can't afford to go out and get a raft like that, and yet these third world jungle niggers can afford thousands oh them? Sure…

Fascism will be the only thing that will save us now.

You fucking pussy.

Black people in Minnesota avoid Somali neighborhoods and even tell white people to stay out of them, they are literal double niggers.

They aren't black, and they sure as hell aren't people.




A colleague of mine from Palermo used to refer to the land from Siracusa to Bari as "the middle east".





wasnt there a theoretical uber rare anti-nigger nigger? iirc there was some specific tribe that wasnt that were almost honorary white tier.



so when they wuz kangs the lived in sand castles?


You may be thinking of the Tigrayans or Amhara. They're native to Ethiopia, where they occupy the highlands and have managed to keep the Bantus out for 2,000 years by virtue of being not-entirely-retarded sometimes and using tools.

Otherwise, no.

they are churches, carved from a single stone

Why is it, every time people do something really impressive, swastikas wind up involved somehow? Magic?


pic unrelated

Circles and Rings

He wasn't trying to rape the woman. He was trying to rape the newborn to cure his AIDS.

sad but checked

Because it's the symbol of white aryan race. It's the oldest known symbol and it predates back to 10-15,000 years back when aryans were ruling the whole planets.

This isn't some "we wuz"-shit. All the evidence shows this. There are so much evidence for this and not really anything against it. Yes, sometimes the evidence is not much, but there are patterns that pop up over and over again. Swastika Vol. I.pdf

ment to say planet.

If you are Italian and Sicilian too, you are a traitor and you should be melt in acid, like the man in the photo would do.

Alt-kike please.

That's a funny way to spell kikes.

tfw that boat is worth half of what i make each year.

Dat is not de way. De queen already have babby. Let me show you de way with your waifu.

these are the same niggers they hired to raid that clothing store and dance around like monekys.

the democrats literally have these nignogs running around inconspicuous cities in search of blood, terrorizing white women.>>11110167