One thing the outside world underestimates regarding the Shia, is that Shia males love the ‘temporary marriage’ provision in Shia religious practice.

Not only can you have 4 wives as the Sunnis do, one of those can be a ‘wife for the weekend’, legally, provided you go to the imam to be officially ‘married’ … you can then divorce Monday morning, e.g., by saying the word ‘talaq’ 3 times.

Iranian women advertise themselves as ‘temporary wives’ (not ‘prostitutes’ of course!) for a small marital ‘gift’ of € 50 or so.

Due to that, and with Iran’s practice of educating its women, Iran’s birth rate has collapsed even more than in much of Europe.

Only redeeming feature is dogs.

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What's even the point of such obvious shilling?

I will hate Iranians when Jews disappear from the planet

I don’t care about Iran. Shia Muslims are hardly a problem for the western world. Anyone with any sense knows this.

t. dhimmi

Another triggered kike who thinks his opinion is worth a thread. You're a waste of oxygen just kill yourself.

It’s a matter of priorities Chaim. Kikes and Sunni are a much greater threat than Shia who are really only a threat to kikes and Sunni. The enemy of our enemies isn’t something we should rallying the troops against.

No, sirruh. You will not. Persians will still be Aryan when that happens.

Well god damn. This religious and cultural belief that they have in Iran that doesn't effect Western civilization at all makes me ready to send thousand of White Americans to die for Israel!

How about jews kidnapping, raping, and ritually murdering goyim children for their dirty rat satanic jew blood libel mooshie?

Gas all the worthless kikes.

Your pupper a shit, OP.

Iran is the only country currently capable of saving the entire planet.


For all the demonisation of Iranians and Shia moslems, when was the last time they actually attacked any of us? It's always jews and sunnis. I don't like any kind of moslem, but in the current climate it is undeniable that sunnis are FAR worse.

The only people who think otherwise are jews because Israel has an alliance with Saudi Arabia, and they owned the sunnis. All terrorists in the West have been sunnis.


Iranian terrorists are funded by drug sales in america, they're responsable for the opiod crisis and the fentanyl overdoses.


They were always brown, only whites in iran are circassians.

At the beginning of 19th century both white and black slaves were traded in Iran. The 1828 war with Russia put an end to the import of white slaves from the Russian Empire borderlands as it undermined the trade in Circassians and Georgians, which both Iran and neighboring Turkey had been practising for quite some time. At the same time and under various pressures the British Empire decided to curb the slave trade through the Indian Ocean. Consequently, by 1870 the trade in African slaves to Iran through the Indian Ocean had been significantly diminished. Although the diplomatic efforts of the Russians and the British did result in a decline in the trade, slavery was still common in Iran under the Qajar dynasty and it was not until the first half of twentieth century that slavery was officially abolished in Iran under Reza Shah Pahlavi.[17]

What ultimately led to the abolition of the slave trade and the emancipation of slaves in Iran, was internal pressures for reform.[18] On February 7, 1929 the Iranian National Parliament ratified an anti-slavery bill that outlawed the slave trade or any other claim of ownership over human beings. The bill also empowered the government to take immediate action for the emancipation of all slaves.[19]

That sucks and all but its a little bit different from terrorist attacks. The people KILLING whites are sunnis, usually from pakistan, somalia and the like.

If you want to bitch about Opium then it goes all the way back to Queen Victoria the whore and Sassoon - a Jew. It is currently almost entirely controlled by the USA, with Trump fully aware at the helm. The involvement of non-US forces in opium production is like… 1% or something. Note recently how the US bragged about their big 'win' where they destroyed a factory belonging to 'Al-Qaeda' or some terrorist group. They never burned down the farms. They never shut down their own factories. They just stopped other people getting rich off of their own crop, whilst they continue to milk it.

With all that said - in the end we should still punish the bastards for this. But let's prioritise. Iranians are clearly a far smaller threat than those explosive, truck-ramming psychopaths that have made an alliance with jews.



tfw I love banks for plundering white people to fund wars against non-jewish sandniggers.



Sunnis are shit. Shia are shit. Shia Lebouf is shit. Israel is shit. Your mom is shit. That whole region is shit and needs to go away.

Pretty much every country that can grow coca or opium has it sold in the US. Addiction wouldn't be a problem if the Jews hadn't created a fucked up society that breaks people and leaves them chemically dependent. Get rid of the Jew, then you can solve the problems. Iranians are not the problem.

This was obviously made by a kike, shouldnt have just been anchored.

Is it so fucking hard for the shitskins to understands that

Nice projection, Rabbi

The rabbit hole goes goes far deeper than many of the lemmings know.
Way back further than Nixon. Look up the opium wars. Now look up info further back.

Nice try, but try further back in history.
>A useful tactic used by (((many))) to weaken the population of another country.

Lol blaming the opioid crisis on Iran when kikes own the companies pumping out the pills that everyone is ODing on. The opioid crisis isn’t raw heroin it’s fucking OxyContin