Sanctuary State Law in California Takes Effect
De León: California economy depends on undocumented workers

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Why can't Jerry Brown and all the other turds and scumbags be arrested under 18 U.S. Code § 2383 - Rebellion or insurrection?
These faggots are out of control and are attempting to bypass the Constitution. CA isn't their own damn country.
Please North Korea - Hit San Fransisco first!

I was going to speak…. But because of you, now I don't have to

Look at this fag who thinks the rule of law still exists.

No such thing, ICE will still bust illegals.

This is sedition, trump needs to order the military to take over the state government and start tribunals against the traitorous politicians

They won’t, because they haven’t been otherwise. There are fewer deportations now than under the nigger.

Bullshit, it's down because crossing has been down.
With Trump in alone they see no future.
However because of Californias cuckery the crossings have gone up and you will see the amount of busts go up as a result.
You can make up any faggot law you want in an estrogen filled state, it means nothing to a federal agency.

Would you like to take bets on whether he pursues your suggested course of action or just mumbles about it in a campaign speech for 2020?

If you didn't want your business impacted you should have hired whites.


30 million are still in the country.
Where are the fucking deportations.


Exactly… Commiefornia will suffer without fed funding.

Go suck a load of cocks you lefty tool.

How’s he wrong?

Regardless of whether or not he's right, it's not the topic of the thread, nor is it even close to the topic of the thread.
So, "Go suck a load of cocks" is an appropriate response.

Polite sage.

He won’t do anything, but he should.

It's bullshit because your fucking link says so you shill sophist.

Anyone else notice the shilling has been of the charts for a few weeks? What are they so riled up about? Huma's emails? Muh Russia failure?

A theory I have is that they are suffering from an overall narrative collapse and it's driving them insane. They are used to spewing some inane bullshit and having it be taken as true, like the shill noted above. Even normalfags aren't buying their bullshit wholesale anymore. Trump is dismantlement their authoritative, dystopian shitshow and undoing decades of work.
Also, he got a bunch of lower court judges in, as well as Gorsuch, which will make a king nigger style power grab pretty fucking hard for decades.

Is this not legal grounds for the feds to raid the state and take control of it?

They have balls and we do not. Cuckservatives are such because of their timid, law abiding nature. We actually need savage, violent people to counter the left.

was just thinking that after posting
killing myself

I would think so.
Just send iin the Federal Police and arrest that faggot governor in public.
>make it VERY VERY public


All these fucking idiots who think the law still applies as though the last 100 years of US history never happened. Fuck’s sake.

Tent cities left and right, homeless people everywhere. Shit and garbage overflowing to streets.
Is commefornia this fucking deluded?

Correct. You add in the non-stop jew-fellation and exaltation of a foreign nation above our own – despite the chronic chimping about "liberals" doing the same thing with "global citizen" nonsense – and it shouldn't come as a surprise the kind of human detritus that winds up in the "conservative" movement.

Also, California's border is comparatively smaller than Arizona's/Texas'/New Mexico's. It wouldn't be hard to direct more resources to the border there; perhaps starting construction of the wall there earlier to speed things along.

The overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants walk/drive right through official border crossings.

yesterday they also made weed legal for everyone over age of 21
it is already horrible, but I wonder what it could possibly look like in ten years time

Proof, torpedo?

Kek can individual states be subject to mastial law?

We know exactly what it's going to look like in ten years, Mexico.

Martial law*
I've been speed shitposting all day, forgive my typo.

Checked , but california already looks like mexico.

When the south defied federal law the yanks invaded. Why is trump not sending in the military to restore law?


He doesn't want to be called the R word.

Seeing California's state government removed for sedition and the state placed under direct federal administration would make for some excellent salt mining

Aiding and abetting?

Legal Californians voted and won Prop 187 in 1994 and it was overturned by special interest groups.

The first dotcom boom brought every snowflake in other states to Cali for work and that's when the Bay Area became what it currently is. The gay stuff was primarily in the Castro District of SF with no tranny shit. They were called crossdressers back then and stayed in their pervert lane.

Every fucking throwback at a border crossing was a deportation sage faggot.
Current day only counts snagged, bagged and flung back over the river.


Edgar Steele talks about that happening decades ago.

30,000,000 already in the country. Where are the deportations.

The Cost of Illegal Immigration to the United States:
( isn't working)
Figure Texas's 2014 workforce was around 13 million, so roughly 1.1 million illegals (on record) in that workforce
**13 million is based on the "2014
Texas Workforce Commission
Annual Report" page 40**

Using the above figures, it looks to be $8.88 billion in total tax burdens against the supposed $1.6 billion in state/local tax contributions. This doesn't include whatever federal tax contributions made by illegals lol yea, right, on the flip side, we're only factoring in the illegal workers, not their family members, or those who are paid 'off the books'.

Seems like a really terrible deal. the worst


Until it gets to court where it should be struck down as obviously unconstitutional.

According to analysts outsourced from Zimambwe.

Califag checking in. We've been so badly handled by the one-party state government just like Mexico! that we just try to get by. Personally, I've invested in unregulated large-bore air guns and have ICE's number memorized. I've tipped to about a dozen illegals since the last election, and I know of at least one who's now under an order to self-deport. He won't, of course, so I'll have to report him again when the deadline passes.

It's up to us, not the government. And we're not going to fix this with voting.

Kill yourself, you fucking dipshit.

GDP calculations are thoroughly kike'd.
Also, good luck with your water getting turned off and getting state assets "nationalized" ie looted by Mexico

Glad to see some of you still have reason. No go and fix this.

Arrests are up almost 50%. Deportations have nothing to do with ICE, thats up to the judiciary system. ICE only catches them.

Let it fucking burn and let them all suffer. To the dead beat homeless nigger, uppity spic activist, dickless estrogen filled faggot, and wealthy snoody chink. Let them all suffer in hehe misery they created.

I hope to God all good men and women make it out of there soon.

I live in Washington and spics scarce even in the cities and nowhere outside of them.

I'm sick to death of this fucking meme. The wets fall into two categories: employed and unemployed (or working under the table). The unemployed group does nothing but consume resources and alter our country's racial makeup. As for the employed group. . .

In 2014, Texas had a 5.1 percent unemployment rate. If 8.5 percent of the jobs were held by illegals, that means we could have, in theory, kicked them all out and created more open jobs than there were unemployed people in the state. Texas would have been left with a huge sucking vortex of low- and no-skill jobs that are perfect for teenagers and school drop-outs; the very people who need employment the most.

Imagine a $10/hr job for every white teenager in Texas. Picture easy-to-get part-time work for white mothers. Just imagine what the budget would look like with unemployed whites steadily at work and high-crime MedicAid-guzzling, Food Stamp-thieving baby machines gone.

Despite this, dopey fucking libshits have the temerity and intellectual pride to insist the shitskin invaders "bring so much" to this country, and that they totally can't get welfare, and I really need to educate myself.

I used to wonder why traitors got the first bullet. Now, I understand perfectly well.

Got so mad I forgot the citation:

Are you blaming dotcoms for transexuals in the Bay Area?

Oh please, kek, let the cucks kill themselves with their pet monkeys

So in other words illegals have a year or so before the judge decides whether or not they could stay? That's too long.


pretty sure those are all the same thing.

not every felon is an illegal.
but every illegal is a felon.

you don't know how GDP, bonds, welfare, taxes, and federal funding work, do you?

why haven't we blocked out california from the US? the only good thing that comes out of commiefornia is pistachio nuts

A lot of people have this delusion that california contributes so much to the US that we would suffer without them. That's not true, but people believe it anyway. That said, we don't need to get rid of them, we need to bring them back into our fold. Give up nothing to these traitors.

So the feds can still do whatever the they want to deport beaners. The feds just can't get help from the state. Not sure how this is exactly "sanctuary" when still no one is immune from deportation, and this potentially opens up all of California's butthole to the President's anti-sanctuary platform, but whatever.

That’s highly offensive towards apes. Apes are capable of living in their own, have family units and their own culture.

Not one inch of clay!!!

Why do isn't anyone stopping the kike nigger faggot politicians who are jumping through hoops to protect people who are literally breaking US law? How many white women do fence-hopping goblins have to kill before we dissolve cuckifornia?

I'm not sure some anons know how bad it is in CA yet. I was in CA recently and decided to play a game: count the white people.
Certain parts of LA were completely lacking any white people at all. The amount of shitskins I saw was utterly stunning. Some people I told about it later on simply didn't believe me.
I did see a few white people. All of which were obese, which made me even more upset. Counting fit white people I came up with the number zero.
It was deeply depressing. I don't know if I can convey to some people on here how fucking gone the entire state is. It wouldn't matter if Brown was doing this or not, someone else would.


Trump already tried this, remember? The administration tried blocking funds to California sanctuary cities, but a federal judge blocked it. The courts have this country bent over a barrel, and are giving it a powerful ass-fucking. Nothing, absolutely nothing will change without armed rebellion, because as describes, the kikes and leftists have the balls to enact their agenda regardless of what the law says.

Did I say they did? I said there are 30 million illegals in this country and NO ONE IS CATCHING OR DEPORTING THEM.

Reminder that the EXTREMELY long term end goal is not “separate nations for separate species”, but the extermination of all nonwhites and the RECONQUISTA of all stolen white lands.
It will be centuries before that can be discussed, but we either lay the groundwork now or we become the last generation of whites.

Dubs confirmed

Maybe all the immigrants will flock there. Then all the sensible whites leave and it turns into one big plantation. I’d love for this rabid liberalism to just end in visible, obvious slavery on the farms. California Uber Alles.

It’s really a bad indication of our times that Gov. Brown isn’t already hanging for this treasonous act. Literally housing a foreign army. I don’t know how our top brass can’t feel this kick in the nuts. That or whether some do but line up for more. This fuck should be dead, in any country run by men. Guess that’s not the case.

Are there any Hells Angels left that want to save this country maybe?

Slippery Slope is not, I repeat NOT, a logical fallacy. Things can just keep getting worse and worse indefinitely especially when it comes to white nations being full on cucked to dumb as dirt shitskins.

This type of posting might be blackpill. I’ve seen very similarly worded ones talking about completely different areas.

Again, you're blaming the wrong group. ICE has been doing everything they can to catch Illegals, but if immigration courts twiddle their thumbs and can keep up with the number of arrests, that's not ICE's fault.

No it doesn't, fuck you
The driving force behind population growth in California has been native births since 2010. That's why this is bullshit

You think Mexicans are bad Holla Forums? These sacks of shit don't even want "White" Hispanics in California. This isn't about Mexicans anymore, now they want to flood California with Pajeets and Chinks, because native-born white Mexicans are demanding the same wages and standards of living as European whites now. This shit has to fucking stop

I have as well. Filter and move on.

the slippery slope is a logical fallacy.

but people are not logical.

I'll take pictures then next time I'm in that area.

God I need to get out of this state, I will as soon as I have the money. Where should I go anons? Wish me luck.

You just know that they're going to be overrun now.

California is a lost cause. We should just nuke it along with all the SV commie faggots who live there.

This shit is Pizzagate/Sodom and Gomorrah tier. Words cannot the describe the disgust that I feel.

Hey remember that time Enron decided California shouldn't have electricity anymore? That can happen again.

Blame Governor Moonbeam and your beloved Democrat Party.
California's budget deficit is back, Gov. Jerry Brown says
"The trajectory of revenue growth is declining," Brown said in unveiling his $179.5-billion plan for the fiscal year that begins in July.

I’m a Local and as much as I want them to, this place is lost to degeneracy. The LA Sherrifs badge has pedophile markers and they do nothing much about the chinks smuggling their women over here to prodtitute out their chink pussys under the guise of massage parlors.

Shits fucked man. The parks my Barber used to frequent as kids now have heroin needles everywhere, the homeless set up camp by the Ducks stadium and the only thing anyone could do despite everyone complaining is to put up a dirt mound in between the homeless camp and the freeway so tourists wouldn’t notice.

This place needs a fucking miracle.

These god damned beaners took a shit on my running trail yesterday damn it man. Goodluck

One day I'll get out of this shit hole, socal is lost as far as I am concerned.

It’s PROBABLY already too late for you. That’s not even a joke. You need to either kill yourself (by blowing up an entire ghetto–dozens of blocks–and being killed by the cops when they inevitably find you and you start shooting back at only nonwhite cops) or get out NOW, no fucking excuses or exceptions. Sell all your shit NOW before the housing market crashes again (fun fact: it already is) and you’ll get back enough money to live like a king virtually anywhere else in the nation that isn’t a leftist kikehole.

200 Harrison St
Oakland, CA 94607-4114
(510) 628-0202 - Landline
(510) 238-3141 - Landline
(510) 444-5132 - Landline
(510) 836-3273 - Landline
Possible Businesses
We The People Foundation, Inc
2633 Telegraph Ave Ste 405oakland Ca 94612
Brown Family Foundation For Education And The Arts
2633 Telegraph Ave Ste 405oakland Ca 94612

Central Valleyfag here. Most of the state is against the leftist nightmare, the problem is that San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles and Sacramento are all weights wrapped around the neck of a drowning man. If you get rid of those, we'll be able to breathe again and fix the problems they've heaped upon us.

Take out the power grid in those four cities and problem will be solved in no time.

Where did you get this info?

Fuck, make that 5 leftist nuke targets. San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Sacramento.

We're all good if you cut those off.


State of Jefferson when?

Can somebody make this a reality?

i stopped tying. only law left is guns ,ammo and food

Thank g_d we are finally getting some reform!

wisk the norks would bomb whole pf caliand eind blow south

Fucking #MilitaryBase

Now that's the trump many of my family wanted to see. BTW, we're all whites.

In any sane world, his tweets today would be declaring Gov. Brown turd an outlaw. Big bounty too. Stimulate the economy.

Of course castizo futurism now

u were a boss before their interest…remember those who werecal=ays proud kid

second gen argentines are whiter than any europeans I know

My own blood is the most important thing to me… if you're related by blood with me, you're more important than ~7.6 Billion people

I know, my german cousin married an argentinian girl and all her kids are white af


So why don't courts block California from declaring itself a sanctuary state? It's clearly illegal.

No one wants to deport those poor children (many of whom are serving in the military)

A guy I know has a wife from Uruguay, if she didn't have the accent I wouldn't have even been able to tell she wasn't from Australia.

I fapped to this one Japanese girl her skin was so pale she was essential white

All of you will be fucking slaughtered.

Castizos are awesome but the migrants coming to America are poor mestizos who are mostly native blooded. The Castizos are well off and don't need to hop borders like the muttsteizos

Will you faggots ever learn that you have to kill these people? Or will we just have to kill you, too, since you CAN’T learn?

Reported for not even trying.

You still ass hurt Trump exposed you liberals as the real racists?

Global report. Cook the rice, pay the price.

Okay, we’re being raided.
Raid confirmed

Hello my white friend.

Nope this is now a Trumpist board, get use to it

Double confirmed.

White = of European descent. It is much deeper then just having light skin. Japanese people are cool but it's simply wrong to say they are "essentially white"

While everyone's mostly concerned about the illegal immigrants from the south, I suggest dividing your attention so you can also face the invasion from the west.

It’s a raid. Just sage and report.

Double what?


upvote ;^)

What makes Argentina and Uruguay have so much more Castizos than Mexico? They seem to be far whiter, and I can't actually figure out why.

Global report.

We need to amend Section 1 of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution. Until we do that the rule of law will be a contradictory clusterfuck with all of these illegal aliens since:

A) The 14th Amendment essentially says that state governments can't deprive US Citizens of their constitutional rights (life, liberty, and property) which are under threat from these illegal aliens

B) The 14th Amendment also states that the children of these criminal aliens born here have those same fucking rights

If Trump and the GOP somehow muster up a supermajority in 2018 (or other future elections) then the 28th Amendment to the Constitution could be the straw that breaks the camel's back when it comes to illegal immigration.

Nope, 14th amendment doesn’t say that.

oh my

not its not. withholding state and local resources from the investigation of a federal crime is not illegal at all. stupid, perhaps, but not illegal in any way whatsoever

The sign at the I-15 border has been taken down.

aiding illegals is a federal felony


This. This state will crash into utter turmoil and will have to have martial law installed to fix anything. No amount of police or UN they try and bring in will fix it since the mexican cartels will be set on burning that place down. I would not be surprised if I turn on the TV and hear that some mexican gang cut off Brown's head and set his house on fire.

called it.

very different things, user, and please don't disappoint me by responding in a way which makes me lose my faith in the intelligence of Holla Forums

nu-Holla Forums needs to go back to r/t_D

I want to see California suffer for this. Go get 'em Donald!

California will be a model for the rest of the country to observe crashing and burning over the next 3 years or so. As people leave because of the more favorable business climate and now the SALT deduction is gone, all that will be left is illegal beaners with Hollywood keeping it afloat. Combine that with all the droughts and wildfires they can barely afford to remedy it won't take much to sink that sorry communist hell hole. Depriving them of federal money would definitely do it, but I fear doing so would give the delusional liberals the excuse they need to hand wave the real reason their utopia failed instead of letting it die on its own.

but california fails, it wasn't real gommunism :DDD

Face it, user, they're so delusional they'll make excuses regardless of what happens. Better to bitchslap them for not playing by the rules and cut off their funding. Either they cave or they crumble, both are absolutely fine. Delaying it won't make them accept it was their own retarded policies, so better to just let them fail sooner.

i mostly agree, but it's the retarded republican proles we need to convince, not the hard headed leftys. it will be plastered all over the media that DRUMPF cut california's funding and how partisan he is being blah blah, and because of our kike education system, it seems we need to relitigate the red scare all over again to our own base. fucking jews

we pay the commiefornia tax for every fucking piece of niggertech made in Asia. don't overestimate hollywood. economically, it's nothing compared to those docks

what are you fucking retarded? there's nothing more capitalist than that. you faggots keep attributing to muh cultural marxism everything that arises from capitalism.

hitler would've sent you to the gas chambers for being retarded

sure looks like gommunism to me

that's a good point

What would happen if you were a cop and citizen arrest Brown? How many Jews would come out of the wood pile to help him?

get an eye exam. if your eyes are okay, then try reading a book for once. if you can't manage that then kys, but make sure you take a bunch of brownies and/or cucks with you

Gee, I wonder. Immigration trends and density of Native populations play a large role.

This could be great.

calm down, user. governor brown is an ideologue but even the most extreme agents can't run around with a hammer and sickle cape around their necks

you seem a little upset

just wait until the flash mobs of hungry illegals start. there's a reason zuckerjew built a literal castle(/bunker), and he's not the only one

Leftypol niggers glow in the dark.

i'm not rustled. you're just a fucking illiterate. read a goddamn book. we'll never win if you keep misidentifying the enemy. we need good recon men. if you can't manage that, then turn yourself into cannonfodder.

i'm dead fucking serious

Wew youre really glowing a lot.

fucking wew

I'll still be here too. This land is my home. I want to be with it until the end.

Looks like you're lost friendo.

looks liek you're new, shitlib

goddamn formatting errors

no, cianiggers glow in the dark. illiterate nu-Holla Forums is just obvious. this is a NS board, nigger. if you love degenerate capitalism, then the lolbergs made like 10 different boards for you


nu-Holla Forums needs to go

back to where you came from

goddamn formatting errors

It is a matter of letting people know California is simply being punished for BREAKING THE FUCKIN FEDERAL LAW. Real Americans will support Trump for fuckin with California. SUre, the kikes via the media will kvetch and continue their cartoonish coverage of Trump. Sure the proles will believe the kike cartoon. Fence sitters will be even more forced to take a real side, as their enlightened centrist meme will have been BTFO pretty hard by that point.

It must be established in the strongest way possible that California is breaking the law. Yes, I know the jewdicial system is kiked beyond belief. This isnt for them to see and approve of. Its for normies.

So this means that I as a European man can just take a flight into LAX and starting working/ living/ driving there, right?

WTF Argentina is now my favourite South American nation. Between them and Uruguay we can establish complete control over the Cone. How white is Chile? Anything less than 50% and they are Argentine lebensraum.

Eventually Californian whites will slowly become redpilled as their nation turns into South Africa, and when they do we will be ready to purge and make them a state again.

God no, your white. We can't let your evil racist economic success disrupt or peaceful decolonised safe space.

Oh yeah, you are right. I’d pay taxes and obey the law. Can’t have that. There go my summer plans of picking and activating almonds in the California sunshine. Never mind, I’ll stay in bongistan and dodge acid trucks instead.

yes, but you have to speak spanish, live 8/per studio apartment and pick strawberries for $0.50 an hour. but, you wouldn't be deported and you would have free emergency health care, its true

52% white, estimated.
Prepare to like it even more.
And it's funny you should mention the Cone. The Southern Cone received a sizable amount of Germanic/Anglo immigration, with the exception of Paraguay, aka the country that made race mixing mandatory. The Southern Cone is coincidently the most prosperous region of South America, with the exception of Paraguay which is a total shithole for some reason.

MREs and Instant Coffees Type IIs Forever; Secession NOW.

It is, and has been, worse than just this. This is the top of the iceberg. I live, well used to, in a pretty conservative white area of the state. Small town, neighbors look after each other, push degeneracy out of our town. Away from the cities, etc.
In the last year they ruled our local form of government (standard mayor and town council) to be in violation of state law. Small towns need to be "re-districted" to include minority regions of the town so that they are represented. At the same time (and other small town commiefornians can probably attest to this as well) they began shipping in minority criminals released out of the cities. What was once a predominantly white conservative area has, in only a year, became a nigger and spic infested mini-city. Crime skyrocketed, small local businesses have been targeted for robberies (mom and pop stores don't have the security that large chains do). They are rapidly restructuring the state to remove whites, restrict our guns, destroy white owned businesses and locking down local governments that attempt to hold it back with large law suits. California is the kike's playground and initial experiment all in one.

There's something uniquely pleasing about goading your enemies into doing something to spite you, only for them to completely fuck up and shoot themselves in both feet and shit the bed at the same time.

What is the violation?

It's literally the minorities bitching that they aren't represented. Mind you, the minorities are goddamn illegals. But, they get counted in the census, so (((they))) say they have to have a voice in government.

Build the wall! Between Nevada and commiefornia please! I'm tired of their trash fucking up my city



That's depressing. No wonder the Californians are leaving California.

Perhaps you should request your mayor to increase fine and jail time to stop them from trashing your city. Get a gun if it is legal to own one.

Just the mere presence of an evil British coloniser such as xirself will offend the poor refugees and Mexican migrants. Our privilege checking brigade will send you to the refugee pleasure Gulag.

I had an argument with some guy who claimed he was Chilean and that the average Chilean had 30-50% Amerindian DNA, which puts them in the Mestizo category. Of course the rich parts are majority white, but according to him Chilean's aren't white.

Argentina is definitely going to be the country enforcing white rule in the Cone.

Argentina has the highest Anglo population of any nation that wasn't part of the British Empire. Paraguay was a Marxist nation for a while, so that might have something to do with it being so shit. But it sits on relatively good land so it should probably end up as an Argentine colony.

If this is true it is the sickest thing I have heard all day. Los Angeles deserves to be burnt to the ground for this.

No, not blaming any group. But they fed off each other. The dotcommers from bumfuck nowhere wanting to be cool and hip patronised the bdsm sex party scene and contributed to it becoming a massive presence. Previously the hardcore sex clubs were discreet Castro establishments or the one big one was unmarked and advertised only in fetish zines. Normies did not go to those places.

This meeting of subcultures was regularly featured in the weekly free papers. Check out SFWeekly/Guardian issues around the first dot com era and you'll have no problem finding numerous articles describing this new scene of computer nerds partying with hardcore pro fetishists. They also started going to burning man which was mainly hippies and ravers.

It's like every fucked up libtard from other states came here to live the dream. And helped ruin my state. That said, maybe you flyover states can figure out how to deal with your degenerates so they don't flock to the coasts. I'm thinking reservations might work.

CIAnigger spotted.

Its pretty pointless to focus too much resources on deportation when they can simply cross again illegally.
Once that wall is erected they're going back permanently.

pls respond: When does the stop to sanctuary city federal funding begin under Trump?

I saw the signs several months ago that the state of California is going to become an absolute 1984-on-steroids nightmare. It's going to get harder for whites to get out. It's going to stray further and further into complete communism. California will be an absolute stranger in comparison to the rest of the US, more so than it already is, and this is regardless of whether California secedes or not. I see defacto walling off cities a la Hunger Games coming for California. Maybe not in the next 5 years or the next 20 but the laws will continue to get worse and a Californian's rights will become fully nonexistent. This is such a lawless state folks there is no doubt in my mind it is a state controlled and operated by the deep state. Especially if California starts getting pushed off the plank by the rest of the country, you will see just how much insidious and outside influence is in on it. The state of California is an absolute wreck. Nothing short of a purge can save California now. And when I say purge, I mean military boots on the ground round up all the politicians and kill them all style purge. As General George S. Patton said, "Politicians are the lowest form of life on Earth, Liberal Democrats are the lowest form of politician."

This is white genocide. When people wonder why the state of California has done this there is only one answer: this is white genocide. This is white genocide and the road into the New World Order. They will wall off the shit skins into the Brave New 2034 World and there will be no escape, no intelligence to form a resistance to because everything and so many of the people around you has become corrupted and reduced to shit. Yes, the Jews, a delusional, schizophrenic tribe of literal manipulative retards seeks to change the very civilization we worked hard to achieve into a scorching hell because they are the special alien heaven people stuck in an eternal Daddy (God) Problem of feeling unloved by their God. The only way of redemption from their Jewish hell is National Socialism! There is only one renovation to the government that can save us and it is National Socialism.

And no, I'm not even going to ask you to leave California if you are still there. The time for politics is long passed. This has gone on long enough and we do not have any more time. How long do we as white people run away from every area they desecrate? How long until every area is no longer safe for white people? How long until there is no longer any white areas? How long until EUROPE is DESTROYED? Running is not the answer. I am so sick of this. Armed resistance is the answer. Entire mobs of armed white people is needed. I'm not saying play shoot 'em up, I'm saying be smart and stand your ground. When they physically come for your life, you will react the way you feel is right.

Pot is legal in Cali as of the 1st. and is taxed as high as 45%.

Thank you. I've heard many times about the federal judges blocking the progress of their sanctuary city's funding ban. I didn't know Sessions caved. Will Trump continue to push on this? If he fails this, this will be another Trump failure. And I'm not in spite of Trump, I recognize he has given more tries towards making American great again than all of his predecessors and naturally this opens the possibility of more successes under his rule but only if he continues to try.

I say politics has failed and if Trump does not deport on wide scale there will be no pathway for politics here on out. They will instill their next Socialist puppet in 2020 (or 2024) and the Constitution will be reformed to kike Marxism. The wall must be built to send the message.

Yeah, but what do you do when communities have been broken down? It's very hard to find other people who are willing to understand the problem wholeheartedly to the point of raising arms…

White flight happened when even CA had pretty loose gunlaws and whites didn't fight. Somehow the illegal problem might galvanize enough people, they pose a huge external threat with the amount of arms the cartels have. They could pose a very serious threat fighting guerilla style in the urban/suburban wasteland Southern Commiefornia is. Back the the point at hand, while there is still a percieved "ejection button" whites will flee before fighting. If that attitude can be changed to "Turn and Fight" then maybe something can be done.

The inability to organize true IRL has been a huge problem, and I believe the original Holla Forums gathering of the scientology protest painted a target on the back on imageboards like never before because it showed how many people were actually willing to come thru. With the show of force that was put out there, imagine each one with an AR and some mags. That's what we have to get around, the fact the entire system has been limited and studied wholesale. Clearly we struck a nerve, and progress forward may require a platform unlike any other, but until it comes out, we ain't got shit…

I watched the Metroplex turn from an almost 90% White prairie into a gigantic barrio stretching all the way across Dallas and Tarrant counties in 20 years flat. Those responsible for destroying 150 years of Anglo settler toil and labor deserve extermination.

Found the Communist.

Not gonna happen

Didn't ancient japs mix with whites, resulting in the Jomon?
Isn't the fact Japs have a fair amount of white in them the reason why they are the best asians?

Anything more since Trump took office?


The Trump admin can end this quick. Allow anyone who's a victim of illegal alien crime to sue the State of California in federal court and fast track the case. They can make it a class action.


I have yet to see the laws being violated by the old systems of election being referenced, but they started changing city councils in cities first. Some cities fought it but all lost. Now they are pushing it on small towns throughout the state.
They did the same thing with sex offenders living near schools. Towns tried to fight but lost.

It is true and it is sick. Just like the other things above, they started doing it with larger towns and small cities first. Hemet California, a large farming town out here, was one of the first to see them doing it years back. The town tried to address the fact they were sending them there to no avail. It was actually publicized. Their excuse was that they were taking the criminals out of their element so that they couldn't be near the others. What they actually did was just spread the crime out and in the process created new ghettos. City sheriff's buses would literally roll in to town and let them off with orders to report to the probation officers in that new town. The town grew and became a shit hole, and now they are passing them off to the smaller towns.
This is their plan in California. "Enrich" the areas that managed to resist by simply overwhelming them with the illegals and gang bangers from the cities. At the same time make sure that local governments are required to make positions to represent these criminals by suing them in to oblivion if they say no. Not looking for sympathy, but serving a warning that the city kikes are testing out plans to ruin rural America here first and the methods they are using.

What's to stop ICE from tagging along with the DEA? Shut down illegal grows and remove taco at the same time.

Because illegal has always meant whatever the DEA wants it to mean, and in this case it's still against FEDERAL law.

I guess they think the herbal jew money will keep them afloat now.

I know of some rich American fudge packers (obviously leftists) who live a life of luxury in Uruguay. Is it a massive faggot/jew nest like New Zealand?

you mean the ones in the ninth circuit?

No idea. But it's white though. And just because leftists can live luxuriously in Uruguay doesn't mean that it's a faggot/jew nest. Uruguay is probably the most liberal South American nation socially, but they aren't Sweden or New Zealand tier. Definitely more liberal than America. However, the country has 3.44 million people living in it, and only 20 thousand Jews.

you fail

Like the parts inside the city boundaries?

So they still have tourism.

For LA, let's leave the power on but cut off the water.

Wishful thinking. Many libs unconsciously white flight to neighboring states going as far as Texas in droves. They often cite moving as a case of high taxes or high rent but end up wanting the same people and nanny state gov that made California shit for their new adapted home.

Entirely understandable, California used to be part of Mexico.

Japan has no distribution of Haplogroup R, I, or J. Exceptions happen.

Unlike refusing to uphold federal law and committing violence against the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the nation. Filthy fucking jewdicial system.

Unless you want sanctuary from faggots.

Piss poor excuse. So was Texas.

Guatemala used to be part of Mexico. Therefore Mexico should accept Guatemalans instead of building a wall on their border, right?

As expected director of ICE told them to shove their fake law up their ass, fake state laws have no authority over federal agencies.

what's next

Don't forget they are all valedictorians too!

I do.

I understand, born and bred CA here..however, it may become unsafe for us, soon. Assuming you are white and a taxpayer user..

Is this true?
I love how Trump's paranoia makes more people pissy too. The US is so fractured and if chinks invade I'm sure RWDS will be the like the quomindang in the fact we are the silent majority with weapons waiting to kill the authoritarian feds while they are distracted by foreign invaders.

All my family are Cali born but me. Is there a Californian identity for whites or has it been wholly consumed by the American right and international left.

It will definitely become unsafe for us soon. Whites are gonna be the primary target for nigs and spics when the gibs run out.

The closest thing I can think of for a White Californian identity would be the Jefferson movement. But that's NorCal exclusive, not too sure about Souther or Central California.

I was raised in the South where state identity is still strong in places. You folks do have a rich history, Texas like I'd say. Shame that a Californian identity isn't stronger.

Nope it was pretty easy and I don’t accept such facile declarations.

Holy fuck Hitler, that's the best suggestion yet!

>why don't (((courts))) block California from declaring itself a sanctuary state? It's clearly illegal.

I suppose I should rephrase what I said. There is a Californian identity, but not really. Let me explain further.

You know that meme about how Americans are stupid and know nothing of the world? That's how Californians are, but with America. They know almost nothing about the rest of the country. The Eastern Seaboard is foreign to them, but they know it's liberal so they are cool with it. The middle of the country is all flyover states and rednecks, and as far they are concerned, Oregon and Washington are de facto parts of California. But they have a special hatred for the South. It's less about the South's history with the Confederacy and Slavery, so much as it is a cultural aspect. If you gave your average, liberal Californian a button and told that each time he pressed it, a White Southerner would die, he'd be mashing that button as fast as he could.

And then you have the smugness. My god the smugness. They think that they are the most intelligent beings on the planet, with the exception of Europeans. Did I mention that Californians love Europeans? They love them because Californians masturbate over the idea of turning the state into a genuine Social Democracy, just like Europe. The only thing that's holding them back is that pesky Constitution and the couple of stupid inbred Conservatives that are still living in the state.

They even manage to fuck up their one redeeming factor and that is loving California's natural beauty. They love it so much, they completely nuked the logging industry. You want to know why California's fires have been so bad lately? It's because you can't fucking do the work needed to prevent the fires.

It's funny how you should mention our rich history because Californians know nothing about it. It's like California only came into existence 50 years ago to them (I wonder (((who))) is responsible for that?). Even the most modern element, Surfing culture, has been all but forgotten. Oh, but they'll talk your ear off about how horrible we were to the Native Americans and how we need to give them their land back.

I don't know, maybe that's all because I live in a large city. Maybe the rest of the people in the state still remember their heritage and have a culture worth preserving. But they aren't the ones who have any voting power. It's the cities that have all the power here and they are shit.

When I went to High School, a common 'joke' was 'American Culture'. This was a joke because in the eyes of my fellow students, America has no culture. In a way, they are correct. Their America is California and what they have can't really be called a culture. In it's place they have a Jewish mind virus that drives them to destroy themselves, their state, and White America.

You do realize that what (((they))) want for the others is not what (((they))) want for themselves?
They want a wealthy, orderly ethno-state for themselves. Guess what they want for us.

Before WW2 and the civil rights movement, California had a distinct identity different from the rest of America. It was still distinctively white and American, but like Texas they had a strong sense of identity. They were pioneers in Eugenics and one of the most fascist states in the whole country during the interwar. It's really fascinating to read about California during the interwar, their government and people showed distinct signs of early National Socialist movements and they were easily as racist as any Southerner, except like Germany they focused on finding genetic reasons for black and Mexican inferiority. Then the war started and any Californians that showed sympathy to the Axis powers was arrested.

I like this idea

This is so great ..I live here, born and bred here and I agree 100%

They really reached for some way to fit blaming Trump into that sentence.

You should see the shit they feed normalfags with CNN

(Checked for kek)

Texas-user here. Add to the that the large number of self-deporters. The slower ones have been fleeing this area since mid-January. The smarter ones were selling off their property and taking all they could down south since December. Work in construction related field, since the election every time I drive up to a work site the beaners flood out the back door, get in their vehicles, and disappear. Much more pleasant than having to deal with them blaring their shit tejano music and giving me the evil eye while I walk the house.

I see no way in which this could go horribly wrong.

(Checked for kek)

Seconded, Hitler-bro.


>We actually need savage, violent people to counter the (((left))).
And yet Holla Forums has a giant hate boner for Arabs even though they hate the kikes more than Holla Forums does and are actually doing something about it. I'm starting to think the Arab hate here is planted by kikes and no one even questions it because Holla Forums is completely blinded by its hatred and lust for vengeance.

Come on, nobody could hate Jews as much as Holla Forums. Arabs just hate Jews in their countries, they give no shits about Jews in Europe or America. We hate Muslims for what they did and are continuing to do to Western civilisation. Rape, terrorism, the destruction of Western values, all Muslim.

lol. Yeah. that's why Holla Forums hates Arabs. It's not because Arabs conquered huge swaths of once white land and raped their people until they were Arabized. It's not because they systematically raided European land for beautiful white women to turn into sex slaves. It's not because the Arabs, like all other Semetic peoples, are sneaky, backstabbing, dishonorable, inbred sub-humans who can only make progress when they are stealing it from their betters. It's not because Arabs dream of slaughtering Whites and enforcing their shitskin death cult upon them. And it's certainly not because as we speak, they are gleefully pillaging Europe, raping her people, and BRAGGING ABOUT IT WITH THE SO CALLED GOVERNMENTS OF EUROPE DOING NOTHING AT BEST AND AIDING THEM AT WORST.

No, it's all the Jews, trying to keep us from our true greatest ally. Go suck shitskin cock somewhere else.

This. Religion of Cuck™ has stole territory from the white Christians. Take Turkey, the Levant and Morocco as an example. Never trust them to do anything for you. The only possible thing the Religion of Cuck™ic world can possibly offer us is proxy allies. The Arabs can crawl back to their deserts.

Not just Turkey and Morocco. Iran, Afghanistan, and the Eurasian steppes too. Admittedly, the Mongols also helped wiped out Whites from the Steppes and West China, Arabs have done much, much more to bring the White world to ruin. The only race that begins to rival the Arabs in their destruction of Whites would be their fellow Semites, the Jews.

Yeah, eventually we will probably have to take that too. But that territory is primarily desert, so I honestly wouldn't bother. But we cannot trust Arabs with any power over us.

can't stop winning fellow pedes.

I'm sure Trump will put a stop to this right away.

Does your oxygen-thieving pea-brain realize that Arabs were actually on a quest to conquer Europe more than once? And they would probably go on all the way to northern Europe had it not been for their defeat at Poitiers? And that attempts are still made today towards that exact purpose?

Now I have to post the same redpill that I post to SJWs when they tell me that Muslims dindu nuffin, fucking hell.