Germany behold there is a new cuck in town.

source in polish:

Maybe the EU will be happy with this level of pozzification and allow them to keep Muslim refugees out.

How many trannies actually are in Poland?


probably less than a thousand but they shouldn't be allowed in the army. Someone who has a fucked up hormone balance and has to "dilate" himself at least an hour a day is in no way capable of active service.

We're all going to war soon, America is doing it too, stocking up on bodies.

Looks like it hasn't passed yet, just a drafted bill. I'm going to fathom a guess and say it has something to do with the EU army that's forming. Can't be something the public actually wants. Good comments though - "doctors are a degenerate social group".

i wonder if all european countries will only contribute their tranies to the EUrmy levy

This is retarded. How many trannies are there in Poland and why do they believe they will rush to join the military?

EU army will be the most fabulous looking army in history

This is fucked up, seriously. Truth is the legislation is not to help out trans people, but to make questioning legitimacy of LGBT illegal - and it looks like they are going to get this through.

never understood the problem with this

let the trannies die for israel

Look below

You don't know how this works. Do you? The dead weight is meant to hold down the platoon, not be pushed ahead, but dragged forward and guarded when bullets fly. Same happened with the female troops. Then they'll make films about them, and run the tapes all over the country about their heroism.


From "Polam in the front" to "Trannies in the back" lmao.

good goys.


What is high command gonna do? Court marshal everyone?
Say goodbye to your army then.

Poland is so racist, it needs its own, Mit brennender Sorge.


Mandatory field service in front lines for all trannies.
Trannies make good bullet sponges. Why not give them rainbow colored uniforms and gps trackers that make them easier target for drones.
Sounds good, ja?


actually this was ordered by EU and to be specific - European Commission against Racism and Intolerance
what this project is saying that transsexualism would not be considered as illness in miliyary health check. being trans is assigning you to E category from health perspective which effectively means you are not allowed to serve during war and peace in military. so actually it would allow polish military to order trans to serve in military xd i'm telling you it would be bigger punishment for them than having safe E category and EU will be happy as well that Polish military bend to their demands xdd

Duty calls! Who else is going to go battle the Norks?

As long as they can prove they are not just perverts trying to take showers with the women, I guess its ok.

What the fuck am I reading?


youre reading a LARPER

There's 1.
Old communist named Krzysztof Bęgowski, now known as Anno Grodzkie Anna Grodzka
pic related, and it's from a (((leftist rag))) provided to less valuable native population by kike Adam Michnik, actual family name (((Szechter)))

As bad as this decree sounds, I'm not too worried about it. There are next to none trannies in Poland.


Doesn't matter. It's mandatory EU progressivism pozz.

Serves those hwhite italians for what they did

Shit wrong thread.

There is no deletion. Your post is here forever.



This post gave me schizophrenia.


Believe what you want to user. They can risk white men's lives as well as being used for numbers.

I assure you that if at any point they'll get in contact with someone else in the army, they'll be bullied into suicide. Privates in the army are equivalents of HS bullies the second NCO steps out. With NCO in the room, that's NCO's job instead. Trannies are notoriously easy to bully into suicide, so I wouldn't be surprised if whatever handful trannies join will end up MIA or death by self inflicted gunshot wound within months.

Immitating the US isn't what we wanted.
I hope this gets repealed

The aim is achieved, destabilise the army further, weaken morale, project, normalise, degeneracy and mental illness as intolerant and bigoted. Last step is to normalise pedos, but needs to happen gradually. Make questioning made up pronouns illegal and punishable by law.

They achieved a lot by hiding behind (((tolerance))) subversive tactics.

The second and third outfits aren't that bad tbh, especially the third

>(((the bible)))

This thread is full of civs who haven't fought a damn thing in their life. I'm not even replying to all of you. But you need to learn because a lot of this shit you are saying is flat-out retarded.

War is holy. All Aryan thought related to warfare originally. That is why all spiritual matters are battles. What this is really about is kikes removing any dignity and holiness from warfare. Kikes hate the glory of Aryan things. Why do you think they hate "nazis" so much? They are triggered to no end by strong, disciplined, masculine elite White fighters like the SS. It drives them up the fucking synagogue wall that anything like that ever existed. It's why they bitched about thralldom (muh slavery) too. Things like thralls just reinforced the obvious appearance of might of our great kings.

The art and science of our skilled warriors is truly the pinnacle of evolution, the finest of things to behold. I always got a moto-boner off of seeing students of mine destroy other supposedly skilled combatants for this very reason. It is truly the highest glory to participate in. Nothing is better than taking some cocky faggot down a peg or two. Nothing is better than outright defeating professionals.

I pray to Thor that some of you would actually learn this one day.

But, yes, we all know trannies are freaks. We all know kikes have an obsession with disgusting things. They would throw something else nasty at European warriors if they didn't have them. In a way, they're not even relevant to the story. It's really about kike censorship, kike pollution of society, and kike FILTH.

Sure thing larper

Looking into this "European Commission against Racism and Intolerance," it's just as sickening as I expected. Here's part of their section on how the millions of Moslems the Jews are importing into Europe should never be against Jews (sounds legit).

"Goyim, we're here to educate you (paid for by you) on the awful things you did to us in the past, so it's time to pay up, never criticize us again, and if you do so and it happens to meet up with the same negative observations your people have made about us over the centuries, we'll chalk it up to 'stereotypes' and 'anti-semitic canards.' Now give us 35 million for da Holocaust victims, you bastids."

Absolutely sickening.

But what if it doesn't work out the way they planned it? What's plan B?




You're right

I never thought I would ever have to say this but:


Is that their actual proposed uniform? If it is I swear, I will lose all faith in Europe.

I agree, but then there's the thing about the ECARAI being anti-gay….


armies in general worldwide have always dressed themselves "exotically". it's only recently that we started using drab colours and camouflage.

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seen one in parliement some years ago, neckbeard with makeup, he was a national joke

I will believe in his legend if he strikes israel first. It's a tight target, lots of criminals took refuge there.
Don't use yandex drive you'll get infected with shit.

The actual demands from poland alone are 65 Billion dollars

Women are ticking time bombs in military. Not to mention the dilating routine. It's a farce, designed and pushed by usual suspects who rule pooland. Of course I mean the reptilians. Those aliens are soulless and ruthless.


Thinking you can compromise with jews
Any inch you give them is an inch you will never get back and frees them to negotiate another one next year


Daily reminder the Poland just got a Jewish Prime Minister

I thought that middle one looked familiar. Angus McBride did the best artwork for LoTR.

To fit the thread.

ayy lmao

This. It not only made people look good, but provided a way to tell friend from foe.

Dont forget (((Kaczyński))) and (((Macierewicz))).

Dilate? What the fuck?

Post apocalyptic neo Scavenger >Neo Nobleman >Twilight fag >faggot

Except they're not dying. Confused faggots like Manning stole an assload of classified material and released it without any thought to the benefit of non-white militaries. Trannies are mentally unstable and shouldn't be put in charge of anything important.


2nd could look cool for officer uniforms if you added some pips and stripes, medals etc. pretty imperial looking if you put the right guy in it. 4th one looks like some episode of star trek where they came across an entire planet of faggot aliens

wew. sit down user. ill try to explain it.

when trannys go through SRS (ie cut dick off) they are left with a big hole where their cock was. now like any surgical wound, this hole will naturally try to regenerate and close up to avoid infection. to counteract this, trannys use a series of slowly increasing in size dildos and shove them up there and leave them there to get the body to understand that it should not heal, and that this new hole is now part of their body. this is done daily for several hours a day for the first year at least.

Well I'm sure they make great candidates for Operation Subhuman Shield.

I'll be waiting for reports of trannies committing suicide in barracks or in the woods.