Watch COPS with Holla Forums

Watch COPS with Holla Forums

Based 80's and 90's edition.

twitch dot tv slash cops_with_pol_redux

Discord link if you dont want to create a Tw*tch account for the live chat: discord gg FyQKmDD

What the fuck is this shit?

we got shoah'd twice the last 12 hours

The reason why they did this is because (((they))) dont inject adverts into continuous streams, and this is a 180-hour continuous stream
so it's using (((their))) bandwidth, but (((they))) aint getting shekels cos its a continuous stream
to keep it under the radar, I effectively disabled the chat - that's why we're here
Apologies Holla Forums, but (((they))) are in charge and you got to piss with the disk you have

Ah, I gotcha.

Oh well. I'll get comfy and leave Nigger Patrol on in the background. Cheers.

now playing: philadelphia dindu episode

upcoming: "Fag / Trap Hunting: 'do you have a penis?'" edition

this one is comedy gold

Just watching the OP for the first time since I went /k/, it's stunning how few cops practice fucking trigger discipline.

The old ones are the best, this was before (((political correctness))) gone mad.

THe current episode is gold, fag hunting time, watch for the tranny, they ask it "do you have a penis?" Try doing that nowadays.

Nope, fuck off.

This is physically uncomfortable to watch. That cop is good.


Lmao, I was just watching cops yesterday.

Holy fuck, you weren't kidding.



I hope you faggots know that the producers censored most of the footage because there were too many niggers and the producers didn't want to be racist.

That's impressive, considering it's, to my memory, still mostly niggers.

this fuckign faggots admitting in court that he knowingly spreads aids


The censorship ramped up after the early 90's.


And has been arrested for prostitution 14 times and will continue to prostitute himself no matter what.

Some people are a self-contained argument for the death penalty.


and to think of the fucking kike that legalised this recently in California, now knowingly giving someone aids is not a crime anymore

Swastikas in chat is too much for them apparently