Trump: DACA Activists Are Going To Love Republicans

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No thanks.

This is what high level d&c looks like.


Boomerposting hard lately. Kek. Does he actually want to be reelected?

OP please get back to us when he actually gives them amnesty.


Oh joy.
There is no way Trump is that stupid. The only people stupid enough to believe that are White cuckservatives.

Reagan thought the same thing, look how great that turned out

There are 30 million illegal spics here and deportations are lower than obama. He already gave them amnesty.

i can't even tell who is jewing who anymore

Well then you're probably retarded. He's trying to split the hispanic vote by making them believe he gives a shit about DACA. Meanwhile the dems will never give what he wants for it. It's simple as fuck to any one with an IQ over 100.

All my prayers go to Donald Trump not losing his mind from being stuck for a year in the Swamp.

If Donald Trump ever truly betrays his voters, it would absolutely be the point of no return for American democracy.

what is worth amnesty? he doesn't need to trade amnesty for a fucking wall, he can already build it if he wants with DHS budget

pretty sure this is just art of the deal.

if he really does keep daca then hes the last right wing president of any kind thats for sure.

nothing. It's not happening. Again, he's clearly trying to pull hispanic votes for the mid terms before he sends their illegal family members home.

It's never going to work, but I'm willing to wait and see - not like he loses anything for the attempt. Despite what the shills say, the absolute worst Trump could do is still no worse than the best we could've expected from a President Clinton.

heres hoping

trying to kill me user?

I don't know. It might work. DACA families would much rather their snowflake be legalized than keep a wall down. It's a simple equation. Maybe enough will figure that out. But they are subhuman so who knows.

I really hate boomerposting.
If it didn't do it for the last 40 fucking years, it's not going to do it now. They do no fucking like you, and never will. I really hope this is Trump doing lip service and d&c

I was pissed when he suggested trading the Wall for DACA too, but then we got to see Senator Cuntstien get booed off stage by her beanlets for even suggesting such a thing and get shit thrown at her. The Wall is so anathemic to liberals, they can't negotiate on it. This is all lip service, say one thing but do another. And Trump knows the money for the Wall is there, but your average retard in America doesn't so he's playing this song and dance to pretend he needs to work hard for the funding. He'll probably build half of it and drop that as a remark "Oh, btw while you fags were obsessed with 2 scoops, I built 2000 miles of Wall. GG no re."

You mean like he already has?

When will Republicans realize Mexicans and other shit-tier south American countries will ==NEVER== vote for them? Only Hatians are based.

Democrats won two races in a row on a platform of anti-white racism. Jews now have their dream base of citizens with no clue about any issues. The opportunity to attack somebody labeled "racyss" is all they need. Please sell the nuclear arsenal to a civilized asian society before the three branches are fully niggerized.

I guarantee you Kushner has something to do with this

Look at this mexican guy wearing a trump hat! Fucking based!

Whoa no way. I love Hillary now!

Are you Eric, Don Jr, or Barron?
Pretty sure if Don himself isn't an user here one of his kids is at least a regular.

Ha ha ha that's what's already happening ha ha ha.
Only Liberals are stupid enough to believe otherwise.

kek. I always thought the original was a bit lacking.

I lift weights with a US citizen from Colombia
He voted for Trump
Would be funny if these dreamers all became citizens and voted Pelosi and Schumer out of office

Are you trolling? Haitians are some of the biggest scumbags around and among the worst of niggers.

good to see someone who is actually retarded and thinks politics works in this way:


Who's he D&Cing here, his supporters?

I don't know what it's like in your town but where I live the Latino's aren't exactly excited about fag culture and female empowerment soyboy shit and all the other Democrat wonderful transsexual innovations.

Is he really believing that beaners care about tax cuts and logic?
Beaners are all about brand loyalty, which was the reason dems wanted more immigration, as revealed during the DNC hack. They'll stick with the dems until they die.

no, hence this is easily deduced as a political move to fuck up the dem hispanic base with no repercussion to the elected platform.

Dems promised DACA
Spics voted Dem and lost
Trump says OK, I will give you DACA
Dems say NO
Spics get pissed


Since when are Dems anti DACA?


Remove the Holla Forums mod

Censorship on/pol/ is worse than any of the social media sites.


Why do White Nationalists want to kill White people who wish to meet up without them?

Why would Holla Forums ban a White meet up?

Why are Whites the only ethnic group that do not meet up and network?

Jewish networking

Black networking

Hispanic Networking

Asian Networking

Indian Networking

Muslim Networking


White Networking

White Nationalists are the cause of "White Genocide".

Those DACA activists and Pelosi didn't look like a very cohesive team in the video.
Dems are anti-DACA if it means building the wall, travel ban, cuts to welfare, etc etc etc that it would take to actually get DACA.

Cubans don't count. Old Cubans lived under Castro, so of course they're against Democrat quasi-communist bullshit. They're not like the rest of the latinosphere

When it doesn't have THEIR conditions attached.

He's clearly taking a page from the crooked dems playbook by demanding immediate action in return for a future concession. A concession that will be immediately forgotten once the original demand is met.

He should throw in a demand that all voters have valid US IDs and present them at polling places.

Exactly. Dems aren't going to give up shit to try to please the DACA activists. They just want to use them as political pawns like President says. Which dreamers know is the truth and why they're screaming at Pelosi right now.

Not true.

Even when Trump talks about the wall as a prerequisite for DACA, Dems do not support the wall nor other prerequisites but still keep supporting DACA per se.

Kim would have assassinated the entire traitorous Democrat party by now. Why is Trump making deals with traitors? Shoot them, you lying piece of shit. If Kim found out politicians in his country took bribes to genocide North Koreans and replace them with niggers, he would shoot them. Because Kim is a man of honor, and Trump is just a businessman.

I don't think the objective is to shift latino votes away from the dems and to the repubs, more than likely it's to grow the "not voting this time" group. That could be a game changing win.

You’re mentally ill.

The best way to deal with DACA is to ignore it, and prolong it going to court for as long as possible. And don't forget the Patriot Act gives Trump the right to build a wall for national security with no input from congress, but I guess he is saving that as his trump card if he can't get congress on board, as the press would turn up muh impeachment by 1000%. Any “deal” Trump makes, even if it appears to be a “good deal,” will be ruined by a dozen Federal Judges claiming this or that is unconstitutional, and 6 million different lawsuits suing the government on behalf of the invaders (they will all claim to be DREAMers). Under no circumstances will DACA allow “only” 800k illegals to be citizens, it will end up making 5 million+ by the time it is over, and court cases will be litigated into the 2040s. It is amnesty plain and simple, and will be turned into a general amnesty by the time it's over, regardless of Trump's intent.

It should be drawn out and ignored, at least until we can force a favorable SCOTUS ruling on the 14 Amendment. The current SCOTUS is stacked strongly in favor of illegal's children, and would probably rule in that the 14 Amendment grants the right of citizenship to anyone born in the US, even if their mother illegally crossed at 9 months pregnant. A SCOTUS ruling in favor illegals would officially end whatever was left of the United States of America.

Alex Jones is a perfect fit for the Ol' Boomer's mindset.

God. Imagine, instead of sending food aid, christcuks would send plane tickets to pregnant muds to birth a child on American soil so that they get gibs. Actually, I'm surprised they aren't doing that now. Stupid xtians.

Kill yourself.

Also, there is no way more than a fifth of Hispanics will vote Republican. This is retarded Romney-era thinking that almost ended the Republican Party. True, most spics don't care about the social justice initiatives, aside from Brown Power, but they still vote based on gibs. Trump could secede California and Texas to Mexico while making Amnesty for illegals a yearly national holiday and they would still vote Democrat 5:1, simply because Dems give gibs.

Especially the bit about space. Shitskins simply are not interested, even if they had the mental capacity they wouldn't bother with it.

I would like them to be removed immediately too, but not even Trump has the guts to do it because of muh PR. Our options are: a) let Trump make a deal which kikes would use to make every illegal immigrant a citizen or b) wait it out while spics still remain illegal with the chance of a favorable court ruling, while steadily removing DREAMers who commit violent crimes. It's the best of a kiked situation.

Common sense would say that's an abuse of the 14th Amendment and not in the spirit of the law. It's insane to think that the law was designed to allow illegals to pop out anchor babies and proceed to milk the system for the rest of their lives. Interpretation in any other way is due to liberal bias and dereliction of duty on the part of SCOTUS.

The 14th was a poorly written Amendment, rushed through by nigger lovers and it has been nothing but cancer since.

We reject your kikery.


Dont need a wall, just need a shoot on sight policy and a few towers. Anything less is cuckoldry.

It clearly wasn't. You can even read the discussions of Congress at the time it was proposed and they specifically say it wouldn't do all the shit that the courts now say it does.

Only kicking out 5x as many beaners who have been made legal citizens (repatriating them to Mexico), stopping birthright citizenship, and ending chain migration would be worth DACA amnesty.

Trump is demoralizing the Dems
What's the point of voting for Pelosi when she can't deliver anything? Why even show up at the polls?
The old KKK Dems will vote for Trump
Nancy Pelosi Boomer Dems just wants cheap illegal spic labor for her Vineyards so she can have her Mexican gardener and cheap domestic servants
Literally nothing to gain for Spics voting for her or supporting her in any way whatsover.
Trump shitposting about DACA doesn't disappoint me the White Republican Trump voter no matter how hard (((Shareblue))) tries to convince me he's betraying his base.

I disagree. I think that our goal should be an all non-White Democratic party.


We need to step us the fear factor for the spics. What happened to our ICE threads? Need more, maybe a sticky. Threads like that user that researches gangs on social media and posts here for reporting to leo. We need to go whole hog on cuckchan too, sorry to say. There have been numerous threads the past couple days about Mexicunts and pushing hard the idea that they're useful somehow with very little push back in thread. I suspect they're going hard on this knowing the boomers there might tip in their favor. Gather all your screencaps of spics murdering boomers or any old being harmed for wearing a MAGA hat and post them often.

The goal is that and have them all stay at home on voting day.

Reported for niggerspeak, being a liberal shill, and not comprehending anything about the world.

Not AnCap, but your post reminded me of this movie. I saw it on Kikeflix. Terrible ending, but a few good points in the movie are meme worthy.

Don't forget, anchor babies are only allowed due to a footnote by one justice in the 1980s which reinterpreted the entire 14th Amendment.


Then post ICE at the polls.

Couldn't find the webm. Enjoy a embed.

Have to add this as well. History lesson for the newfags.

I guess Q was LARPing when he predicted this, huh. Yes it's me, 26% man.

Found it.

The point of the wall is to give more time for the shooters.
The wall pays for itself.


Given that Q is a proven LARP and Trump said everything in the link only two months after taking office, yeah, he was, in fact, LARPing when he said that.

He still doesn't get it. Why is every single fucking Republican so damn suicidal? These idiots are gleeful about the death of small government, the white majority and rightists being competitive on the national level. The fucking Hispanics are going to turn this country into Mexico, and the commies will have total power.

Never going to happen. They love the gibs.





On second thought, you guys are probably right. I only hope that Trump has realized some of this.

I figured Q to be some LARPer that watched a fuck ton of jewtube vids, and suddenly decided they were an expert. The fact "he" asked questions rather than point-blank telling you "how it is" seemed to me to be the lure. Many Anons were baited.
Don't get me wrong; I think that anything that gets people to question the (((narrative))) is a good thing, DIG but the /cbts/ threads have; how should I say; taken a turn.
Take that as you will.

I hope you're only pretending to be stupid.

My bad

Race realism is spreading among the right, dude. Our representatives and the conservative media may not dare to talk about it yet for fear of being called racist, but the awareness is pretty wide-spread at this point. Just check out Ann Coulter Twitter-feed to get an idea. Trump is definitely pissing off his supporters by supporting DACA.

He isn't supporting it. He's "offering" it to the democrats in exchange for things they'll never give him, which forces the dems to kill their own push for spic amnesty. The appearance that he supports DACA is a necessary evil for this d&c to work tbh.

For fuck’s sake.

How is this not already a thing?

You should stop LARPing as a jew.


Global report, same post, 10 times. If Jim wants to force us to wade through this shit, he gets to do the same.

nogunz shouldn't make movies

True but many legal spics also hate the illegals.
There might just be enough room for division if Trump applies the pressure correctly.

Now there is an Idea I could get behind.
It might trigger more leftyfaggots to jump on the 'Sanctuary City' trainwreck.

Can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs, my man. Welcome to real life.



Reagan 2.0
Israel First
One Term for Zion

I wonder if Barron asks his daddy when he will get to gas the kikes.

Quads are telling the kikeshill to fuck off and die

Kike confirmed. Get out.

Kek. Yeah, he surely asks him after they get home from jewcandelabrafanweek dinner with the family.


Fuck off Reddit. You aren't going to get anywhere by being half hearted democrats. We've been over this. You shouldn't be posting here if you think this is even up for debate.
Lurk and read "Adios, America!".
How is offering Hispanics less than the democrats meant to solve anything? There is no compromise to be made.

Honestly, you're not being level-headed. Reagan tried this, and we lost California for all time. We can't afford to be that stupid again.

The board is being shilled HARD right now because of the Iran shit and now this as well.
Its not 'level-headedness' that's lacking - you're being fed a narrative in hopes of creating an acceptance of this policy position.

But, as you say, there's no way this will work.
If Trump does anything other than demand a full elimination of the DACA program and deportation of all DACA recipients, then he's just Reagan 2.0 and we all got played like a fiddle. The user you're replying to has been sent here to convince you otherwise. Don't listen.

well, most hispanics I know are whiter than the typical white nationalist


I'm beginning to respect Trump a lot.

Nice try Paco, but you and your kin all have to go back.

Not if Don Trump allows it

If he does, he'll be going with you.

That would actually be awesome and humane for many people in the country tbh

Esoteric immigrants becoming legal immigrants will strengthen this nation.


Drown yourself in semen.

I'm so glad I didn't end up registering to vote I can't even imagine how anger I would be if I got called into jury duty for DACA and greater Israel

Unfortunately, I think he's figuring out that he's lost Florida due to the retarded spics from Puerto Rico. This may be a play to get reelected and split the spic vote, which is a pipe dream. Or just more trolling.



If only

Where is it? Still waiting on it and on repealing obamacare.

You're a funny guy Carlos, I like you. That's why I'm going to deport you last.


Jesus Christ this board has gone to shit.



It's not that complicated. He promised a lot of shit like politicians always do, now he's flipping and backtracking on everything like politicians always do while his followers blubber and sputter in confused delusion (chess.)

Lol, literally all the "mexican" actors, bar one, is of iberian/european ancestry. I guess they had to throw at least one mestizo in there to make it seem even remotely believable to anyone who has ever been to Mexico or a border town.

Oh that makes more sense. I was wondering why we were shooting at Canadians.

This is Trump with the Rothschilds. Ignore it. It means nothing. Surely he's playing 1488DD chess, right? Its fiiiiine. #MAGA


make it happen

Yeah, and the New York Times is going to endorse him after a full page apology for all the fake news they created.

Whatever medication was being put into Biden's food is obviously also being put into Trump's McDonald's meals.

the only people that were baited were boomers who listen to Rense and Coast to coast. i wouldn't be surprised if the threads on half chan were 80% bots spamming

i don't get that, they will pay out of their million dollar budgets, sword masters to train and carefully choreograph their actors so the sword fight looks cool, but they can't give a /k/ommando 20 bucks to tell them they're being retarded

Trump is trolling democrats that were screaming Muh DACA, but stopped when he showed them an option that scared them. They are not allowed to OK the wall at any cost, which means they cannot pusha DACA now.


Do you want to be the one to blow a jew?

ahhh, where is the get!?

Holy hyperborean digits of truth, what has been foretold!?

Praise Kek!

Checked for WWIII

Checking and confirming!


Thos digits were posted while in a trance looking for get. My fingers were numb from labor at -20 degrees when typing. Kek guided my numb digits to these digits. May they decide the prophecy, if that is his will. Miguel Serrano said that the digits 555 were Hyperborean Digits of Truth, before we knew the green light of Kek.
Praise Him! KEK IS RISEN!

No, I wasn't faggot.
I think Trump is attempting to do further damage to the dems in the short and long term. Hell he doesn't even have to convince many spics to vote for HIM just sow enough doubts that they become less willing golems of the DNC.
Between all the bullshit and kiked up lies the Dems are spewing at Trump the only thing he has to do is 'appear' reasonable and open to discussion for the the whole 'muh ebil drumpf' narrative to be challenged.

You're irrational. No spic is going to risk total loss of family/friends to support Trump, as if they even understand the issues or care, or even do research at all between fucking their kids and sisters. They want to kill you and take your land. It's documented.

Well no matter then. Let the leftyfaggots and shitskins be confused and triggered by Trump's words.
The final solution to the spic problem has always been clear anyhow.

Very cool, very scary, such wow

if he gives amnesty I will disavow him, it's that simple

I voted for Trump 'cause fuck mexicans, if he's going to give citizenship to hundreds of thousands of spics then fuck him

Read the art of the deal. This is how he fucks with people in negotiations. None of it's secret, its i his damn book.

As if that will stop you from sucking his kosher dick.

How does that contradict what he said? A "deal" involves you getting something out of it. Should he give amnesty, he is throwing away one of the key -do not remove- things that are desired from any "deal" he partakes in.

The Hispanic vote is always 20% republican 70% democrat. That doesn't change no matter what. It's a deck you can't cut.

We have photos of Trump with virtually every famous person.

in america it is considered racist to have to prove that you are allowed to vote

If only there was a way to say one thing, and then do another…

Ok Boomertard, illegals can get a valid US ID by walking into the DMV. If not a driver's license then a state ID. They cannot get welfare and food stamps without it and if fresh out of the mud and unable to speak english or just low IQ then a volag does it all for them in batches and will deliver it to their safe house/mansion funded by federal grants. They get instant SSI and disabilty for life if they merely claim illness, no need to wait and be vetted like citizens. The Cali spics have been yelling and screaming since 1994 when they got mad because we voted for Prop 187 denying them all gibs and a judge immediately issued a permanent injunction blocking it. You do not concede or appear to concede to these vultures. Reagan did it, Brown is doing it and either Newson or the poo lady will do it. Cali is deeply corrupted and Trump should be sending the military to Cali instead of Iran to arrest every crook involved in selling out the state. A state that would be red if only citizens could vote.

Trump is Jewing White People. It's not hard to see.

That worked out so well with Reagan.

Clinton wouldn't have sedated the angry Right in America. If Clinton won then we actually would have had a shot at revolution, instead we have dipshit MAGAtards cheering on their demographic replacement because the one pursuing it is /theirguy/

Civic Nationalism is worse than Communism.

Yes, it obviously is. Are you retarded?

Until the "does" part occurs, it's baseless conjecture and serves no purpose other than to force people to believe in someone who is seemingly doing things that aren't in their favor.


I'm having a conversation with someone (independent of OP's message, but rather a spin-off of what another user said). Therefore, it's natural to sage. Also, if you're referring to what I called baseless conjecture, I'm talking about the user who claims he's doing a "says one thing & does another". There is no way to know that is what's being done until the "does" part occurs.

Reminder: "Amnesty" is a hypereuphemistic misnomer. It's like letting a bank robber keep the loot or a kidnapper the hostage. Call it what it is: and invasion licence.

The majority goes along with whomever's in charge. They're annoying but inconsequential. Don't mistake your feelings for strategy.

This is good.