Based Trump gives isreal green-light to assassinate Iran's top General

kike shills BTFO, Trump comes through with his promise to Netanyahu

We'll never get sick of winning!

US Intelligence Reportedly Gives Israel Green Light To Assassinate Iran's Top General
According to reports circulating widely in Israeli media today, the United States has quietly given Israel the green light to assassinate Iran's top military officer, Iranian Revolutionary Guards al-Quds Force commander Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani. The leader of Iran's most elite force also coordinates military activity between the Religion of Cuck™ic Republic and Syria, Iraq, Hezbollah, and Hamas - a position he's filled since 1998 - and as Quds Force commander reports directly to the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, and oversees Iran's covert operations in foreign countries.

Iran's Revolutionary Guards have vowed to crack harshly down on protests currently gripping multiple major cities across the country, now in their fifth day, and after a particularly bloody night which saw 12 demonstrators killed - some of them reportedly shot by security forces.

We did it Holla Forums we finally did it, we're really making isreal Great Again!

I can taste those salty tears of leftists and muslims right now…

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Post all your best cartoon frog memes and fashy based smug anime girl jpg's in this thread as celebration of our new world order


On the bright side at least it isn't an actual war that kills American lives, and destabilizes the ME, producing more refugees into Europe.

Feel free to try and put a positive slant on this story because obviously there is nothing good about it, and the best thing you could do is grasp at straws and point out is reports according to Israeli media.
All this posting as if Trump can do no wrong for working with Jews, and calling people Jews if they have a problem with it is obviously self defeating and anti-National Socialist. We dont lie, we dont deceive, we call a spade a spade and a kike a kike. One option is remaining silent and not saying anything, because thats not lying. Thats what I do about it. You people are disgusting though, actively calling people upset about it kikes, as if you arent the kike facilitator yourself.


I typed all these by hand, the responsible conservatives Pierce quote is one I dug out and made common knowledge. I do a lot of reading, and I assure you that what you are doing is scummy, and Im the real Holla Forumsack. Dont like it, ban me. I wont accept this blatant bullshit. Youre the kike, not everyone else whos upset. There are no good Jews. He let his daughter marry Kushner. Hes close to Soros. Youre the Jew. You defend this.


Lol,OP is butthurt
Not USA killing an Iranian General
Good Idea, Merchant! Go to Iran and fight there! Test your skills! I hear you have the best pilots! Let's see what you can do!

Fuck his daughter is a kike too, the whole thing is a disgusting farce. You people who defend this physically disgust me.

Lol at the shill who typed by hand instead of just copy-pasting Oliver's shareblue emails each day
Nice maymays there

Enough rope to hang yourselves.

Every single user who has taken the red pill will explain to you that once Iran falls it's game over for the goy.

Only jews think this is a good thing, just you jews.(>goy)


Exactly that, how else do you win a war by proxy, by allying with the satanic neocon kikes as prescribed by the jewish aut-kike and this board's mods?

They're not sending their best…

Yet you low rent kikes are literally the best Kushner's cash could buy

This. 6 day war 2 electric boogaloo when? Kikes ready to be btfo

Requesting jidfindiapers.jpg

The world's most cowardly army

So let me get this straight. (((You))) think Israel is going to go start a war with Iran, and Israel is going to win this war because

What are ✡you✡ trying to pull, yid?


Poor pol got played(Astroturf)

It was to my knowledge that diapers were the norm in high combat situations since sometimes there isn't time to dig a hole and take a shit

You're asking us to take motherfucking israeli media at face value? Hahahahahahaha, oh Shareblue. You never stop sucking kosher cocks.

except that's exactly whats happening, moishe

10/10 thread, would D&C again

Does anyone have a list of the shareblue spergouts?

"YOU NEED TO SEE A PSYCHIATRIST REEEEEE" is a classic they were using earlier

I've read about 4 posts from you and your friends stating I said "isreal is going to win" and also your assertion that isreal will do all the fighting, which plainly if you read the posts I made, I never even did.

Can you find the comment I made that so much as even alluded to this assertion of you and your friends all repeating the exact same lies here?

I don't expect a legit response other than the routine shit you and your pals have been giving out, seeing as your purpose is to attack any user that dares expose the nose and Trump's complicit service to jewry.

The only people in the world that want war with Iran are jews, and they expect Americans and Euro goys to do all the fighting for them, because as I stated earlier, isrealis are literally the most cowardly lifeforms on Earth who shit and piss themselves at having to actually fight anyone armed with anything greater than a stone found on the side of a road.

Anyway, interesting to see the common pattern repeated in the new year here of, any criticism of ZOG gets shut down in an instant by teams of Kushner paid hasbara trolls who seem to have a direct line to the based mods who immediately clean up all the rogue posts from any non-jew…

Mom's got tendies for you if you use the potty like a big boy.

Sure thing OP. Again, you're asking us to believe israeli media yet you call other people kikes. Really activates the ol' almonds.

Iran is one of the last bastions against the fucking global banking system.

Fucking kikes, fucking USA.
I know, but neither is the friend of my enemy.


Its just like Syria!

The entire premise of Pissrael needing permission from America to assassinate some Iranian general is absurd bullshit. (((They've))) never needed a "green light" from this country to do anything. That's not how that relationship works.

The undercover OP is here with his edgy shareblue talking points about

Wat…wait a second….

I don't know what to believe any more. Just fuck my shit up, Trump.


Posting in a (((Duginist))) thread

First rule of a zionist shill:
1. Smear the sources of any non-kosher news

Nah, none of those are important for people to know. Clearly Shareblue is spreading that.
See how stupid you look? Anyone reading my posts, and then yours is going to assume youre doing this maliciously… which is obviously what you are doing. Theres more where those came from too.

Well said, fellow redditor

Also Id like to point out the mods didnt ban me. They arent pieces of shit, they want people to hold off on Trump for other reasons than you think… which is why I normally just stay silent about it.

Or, you know, if that statement was true you’d just post the reasons.


This and checked


it is as if they dont realize
just tell the truth here and you fit in 100 percent
tell jewish lies and you stick out as a jewish shill
what cruel rules huh?

How to spot cancer with three easy posts.

You Yanks are truly the jews best goys. It's amazing especially here that anyone who questions your zog worshipping president is the shill but the ones who suck kosher dick are seen as anons. Amazing.

The people who still support Trump are the shills, or they are just retarded teenagers. It's also funny and not surprising that the mods are fully on board with Trump. I got banned yesterday for saying shit similar to what you just said about Trump.

Holla Forums knew all about trump family and business connections with kikes long before the election, but didn't care and still don't care.
progress comes in steps and a trump administration will accomplish more goals which are more in line with Holla Forums's interests than shillary ever could have.
next president we meme into office will be further to the right than trump because the overton window has been successfully shifted by us.
now go back to Holla Forums, shill, your d&c campaign has failed again

You should of seen what happened with the /sg/ threads.

Typical faggot from TRS. Mike "I'm a jew" Enoch uses the same tactic.


It's funny how you think Holla Forumsacks didn't care about Trump sucking off Israel because they thought "it's progress towards more right leaning presidents". They didn't care because they thought he was playing 1488d chess. You obviously weren't on this site back before he was elected, or you're just being willingly ignorant.

One of the most stupid posts I'ver ever read on here. It's not about receiving permission you colossal moron, it's about covering their ass and achieving plausible deniability!

Imagine that israel does manage to assassinate that general (which I doubt they can: they can't kill Nasrallah, they can't kill the even more high profile Soleimani) and the Middle East is up in arms and bad PR rains down, guess what happens then? The israelis will shift blame onto someone else, like they ALWAYS do.

Can you figure out who that someone would be or are you too stupid for even that?

If those reports aren't true, Trump will challenge them. If he doesn't challenge them, it will either mean that they were true or that he has given his consent in the meantime.

Silence is consent.

everything you're crying about now hash been posted and hashed out thousands of times before.
you're clearly a d&c shill. you didn't succeed then and you won't succeed now.
at least come up with something original instead of rehashing old, debunked "arguments"

Where? In your head? And I love your dichotomous argument that I must be a Hillary shill for not liking Trump. I voted for Trump and if I could go back I'd do it again. He's obviously a way better choice than Hillary but he's still a kike loving faggot and if you support him still and hang on his every word, you are too. Have you ever thought that Trump might actually lead to a more neo-con kike sucking president next time?

Cool DATA MINING thread Chaim!

Funny how this thread gets an anchor :^)

Very underrated post.

Why the fuck would there be news about a secret assassination mission where the perpetrator is so obviously named?