Solve Walnut Sauce puzzle ?

‪It's been reported walnut sauce was a bodily fluid from brown skinned children. May be a Neurogensis GF from pineal gland (walnut)‬.

‪Who desires such insanely unethical treatments? To maintain waning cognitive ability ? Kissinger ? Soros ? Podesta? Sick beyond belief.‬

‪Rh- pax2/pax6 coloboma children, under torture, yield max amounts of neurogenesis growth factor, to facilitate compartmentalization to cope.‬

What semi-recent victim had all those genetic & possibly sexual abuse/torture factors?

Who is Madeline McCann ?

(((Tom Steyer))) was all about Skippy's walnut sauce in the Podesta Emails.

Who else is documented to appreciate Walnut Sauce ?

Why couldn't such people do it the more ethical way, from those Antarctic Argentine penguin pineal glands from the cable between D.C. & Argentina in 1973 ?
Perhaps insiders been addicted so long they need a stronger dose ?

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Ive wondered about the PAX-2 connection myself. Theories ranging from life extension to higher adreneal yield have been passed about. If compartmentalizing susceptibility is the true goal…

What are your sources for that theory? Got a link or something?

checking these trips. bumping an interesting thread

I don't believe in pizzaga-…


In the last email, the part referring to "true Master of cuisine" should probably be underlined, too. If we accept the adrenochrome theory, it seems they're referencing JP's ability to maximize fear and therefore yield. This seems to corroborate with the "you think you're hot shit dontcha" video of Podesta.

I've always kind of thought of it as asking very politely to be holocausted.

"Blood libel (also blood accusation) is an accusation that Jews kidnapped and murdered the children of Christians in order to use their blood as part of their religious rituals during Jewish holidays."

Blood accusation is more accurate because it doesn't erroneously imply that they don't actually do it when they totally do.

You're getting closer, don't stop now.

Makes me furious that jews have somehow twisted their torture and murder of Christian children into their own victimhood.


The oldest trick in the book to project everything back

i have also heard about sex magic, whats that? I think it was called black sex magic?


It basically consists of using the wasted seed that has come in contact with the air to curse and other assorted nigger shit. Very stupid and counterproductive, black magic always comes back to bite the Causer in the ass.

From what I've heard, Crowley was knowledgeable and very serious about his magic. So what's with the faggot robes? Why is he LARPing like a tard?

Was dubious but just spent a half hour reading about adrenochromes. Didn’t understand what pineal glands would be useful for but seems that to turn catecholamines (like adrenalin) into their chrome indols (adrenochrome) you need a certain ratio of serotonin (produced by the pineal gland).
Good work, user.

Hunter S. Thompson tried to warn us about this.

They killed him for it.

In humans, the right adrenal gland is pyramidal in shape, whereas the left is semilunar or crescent shaped and somewhat larger.

A lot of symbolism available.

Apparently not enough to understand that he was a fucking degenerate edgelord who sacrificed kids. If you read what he wrote, you'll understand what I'm saying.
Maniacs tend to be very serious about their own fabricated ego's, yeah.

first post:

well which is it dumbfucks

They probably eat the whole endocrine system.

i like the way you think, and im interested in this kind of shit. give me things to read

Oh shit, kike trips are cursed. I'm sorry guys.

I'm going to sound redundant here, but just read The Kybalion. That's all you need for now.
Alternatively, read The Ultimate Avatara


Here. Read this first:
And then all this:
These lay the foundations for this book, a pretty good understanding of everything from waifus to struggle:

Not him, but thanks. Gas all who use esoteric knowledge in the pursuit of buttholes and tinglies.

Actually, forget "gas". GTK has run its memetic course and now only serves to perpetuate the hawluhcawst myth.
I've seen a few posts that seem to promote scaphism, but it seems to over-indulgent for me. Bullet to the back of the head, and buried in an unmarked grave.
Almost like 'buy'. The kikes should enjoy the irony. They're funny guys.
sage for doublepost editfaggotrys

It could just be walnut sauce.
But who fucking knows ay.

neither.. Walnut source refers to sexual fluids. Walnut either means the head of the penis, the testicles, or a vagina

Reminder that Kronos (said to be the greek form of Moloch, Roman's called him Saturn) was overthrown by Zeus (Baal, Jupiter, Thor (nordic)) and imprisoned in Tartarus.

Also apparently the ISIS destruction of Baal's temple may have ironically been the destruction of the temple of a god related to yahweh. Funny that, though some anons consider Baal to be something different (like synonymous with the Egyptian god Set) so who knows.

Why the fuck would they talk about this over email? It's like they wanted it to be discovered.

Why put the right kidney on the left side of the picture and the left kidney on the right side?

Body is facing us.

Same reason Dark Researcher user got into that cannibal forum and doxxed a few, and, they mistook obscurity for opsec, and believed their own horseshit about goyim being clueless idiots.

Tbh we don't really keep ourselves that protected here.
Then again, I don't really fear their eyes.

The idea of 'wanting to be discovered subconsciously' isn't crazy, but people want power because they want to feel invincible. When someone feels invincible, they start acting like it.

but fear is the mind killer. It might explain why they're so fucking retarded.

Kill all kikes.

Don't care what kind of stupid sauce is being discussed.
Kill all kikes.

There's a difference between delusions of invincibility/invisibility and being open though. Some people are just open because they are willing to be open to others. Some people think their walls keep out the noise, the others open the window and listen.

This is delusions of invincibility I think though, not openness. They don't want discussion of whatever the fuck they're talking about I think.

What I mean is
A lot of the people who get into this fucked up shit crave power. They want to be liek those anime characters THAT GUY makes in every D&D game. Oh, the goyim got wind of my cannibalism, pedophilia, and child torture? I'll just use my magic Podesta chakra kaioken so it don't matter.
I could be wrong, but I think once they feel they've reached the pinnacle of power that they always wanted, they start not giving a fuck.

Be careful though, there's a similarity between those that have nothing to lose and those that have power is that they both stop giving a fuck.
Apathy strikes both those with everything and those with nothing.

What is walnut sauce made from? Smashed walnuts. So that means, fluid ejaculated from smashed testicles at the moment of climax?


though i doubt it let's consider this:
we have to remember that these people are definitely into sick stuff, it's more than possible that they do this

Adrenachrome is a myth and I'm tired of seeing it mentioned on a board of truth. All you H.S. Thompson fucks need to read a real book. Adrenachrome is nothing but oxidized adrenaline and has less effect on the body than actual adrenaline. Take a fucking epi pen, and let it expire in sunlight. Bam, you got your worthless Adrenachrome.

none of the other confirmed code words relate to the IMAGE of the hidden subject, most refer to the word itself

Andrenochrome is not a neurogenesis growth factor.

Apples & oranges.
Adrenochrome is only one of many things which can be extracted from a human pineal gland, and possibly the pineal glands of other animals.

So much this. Holla Forums is generally clever but when I see this I cringe. Adrenachrome is a myth propagated from ignorant hippies reading too deep into "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas." AFAIK this user has it right, there is little to no recreational/psychoactive effects.

t. reformed degenerate drug nerd

wtf is this retarded shit?

I've met so many boomers that treat Fear and Loathing like it's a bible. I was working for this guy once who always made references to it and had this retarded ideology based solely on the book. It's pretty much the cringiest thing I ever experienced.

Op is a schizo dumbass, and thread a shit.

Wasn't he in the thick of it? Like he filmed some sessions and shit? I thought someone reported that he did. If so, why would they kill one of their own? I figured the suicide was at worst because he felt bad about things he had done, but likely it was just because he was a drug-addled degenerate

But isn't that what Venezuela is doing?

The Illuminati always foretells what they are doing in media, and this reminds me of the 1990 movie "Dark Angels" or "I Come In Peace" (depending on what continent you're in), where evil aliens harvest our fear hormones from our pituitary gland for the high it gives them.

Also, you gotta get them from children because the fluoride kills the adults glands

Also, their psychic powers from this ritual give them the edge so they can always be one step ahead of us…

also, pretty damn /fringe/

Let's not forget the movie "Monsters, Inc." The monsters basically harvest the children's fear (scaring them in their sleep) in order to power their cities. Not a coincidence.

good call, i forgot that one




Any tortured child's brain creates way more of this non-adrenochrome Nuerogenesis growth factor, than axcoreespodning tortured adult.

However, For some reason the RH- coloboma pax2/pax6 child produces far more and of higher quality, (these children are often Nordic or Germanic looking, to suit your racism sir ;))

And a good day to you too sir !
It's just one of many theories as to what pedosta and Tom Steyer and their insane ilk mean by the strange term "walnut Sauce"

What is your best guess as to what it means ?

Could this explain why they suddenly panicked at the lack of childbirth and pushed for this massive population boom, as well as for the various other reasons?

Surely not the mythical Adrenachrome as pointed out by op. Which in turn brought all the retards to the thread.



they have been getting away with it so long they got complacent. Podesta emails were a fucking huge redpill for so many. i will never forget how long my bell rang when i read all that shit. Then looked into the science. just ask Peter Thiel. “I’m looking into parabiosis stuff, which I think is really interesting. This is where they did the young blood into older mice and they found that had a massive rejuvenating effect,” the tech billionaire and Trump adviser told Inc. magazine. “I think there are a lot of these things that have been strangely under-explored.”

Thank you. I have been trying to figure out that pax2/pax6 connection, as well as all the people in our govt who haverince Philip has the same eye condition. This might the mark of their chosen ones.

Jeb Bush

Dick Cheney and

Donald Rumsfeld

Henry Kissinger (?)


Jacob Rothschild

your links are ultimately broken

thank you for letting me know. trying to fix it i found many other threads discussing the elite coloboma familiar traits and discussion of RH- coloboma pax2/pax6

So? Satan/Saturn?Moloch doesn't exist either, but their worshipers sure as fuck do, and they make sacrifices to their evil god all the same.

tbh you sound like a kike.

He wasn't one of them. He was working on a story regarding the Republican side of pizzagate when he was murdered (which he had spoken about before, but it sounded so fantastical back then I thought it was hyperbole). He had started writing it. You don't type out a half a page of a story if you are planning on killing yourself.

Didn't know I had another set of kidneys in my neck :^)

I dont think you understand how computer illiterate these people are.
Hillary Clinton tried to rub her iphone against a paper thinking she could fax it by doing that.

and podesta gave out his password to phishing mail EVEN when the tech guy he asked told him not to.

so this movie was loosely based on the truth?

and his password was password


What's documentary is the first clip from?

even wokepedia disagrees with you, nevermind all the evidence of ritual satanic torture and blood drinking to consume it

With Stephen King's obvious shilling for the his buddies and leftist ideologies, I can definitely see where the book/movie 'It' is a thinly veiled nod to pedophilia with a ton of references to the fucked up shit they're into. Everything from luring children with things that excite them (clown itself, the clown convincing the kid he's going to see a circus), how 'It' feeds off the "fear" from the children, and also how, once said fear is extracted, the children's souls are collected (the accumulation of power through ritual rape). If that shit wasn't enough, the whole child orgy thing in the book itself. Fuck Stephen King.

Let me tell you the strategic value of doing this.
People will be less likely to believe you now that these films exist. if you attempt to convince somebody that what you say is true they will immediately think that either you're making this up because you stole and extrapolated this idea from a pop culture film you've both seen e.g. mons inc., war of the worlds, dark angel. or they'll subconsciously dis-believe you because they've already been presented with a similar idea before, giving the mind the impression it has already come up with this before, and if the person hearing your theories feels they have already processed an idea similar to what you're telling them, their mind will instruct itself not to believe you, because if the listener can come up with such an idea, the theorist is just as likely to make such a thing up.

This is also the reason that Trump tweets about his button being bigger than rocket man's.

Link? I've seen the rumor about him filming some sessions but never heard your side of things